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hey up all, had a rescent site visit to a job in leeds regarding fire alarms, he mentioned about possibility of wiring in 4 core fp to these combined sounder/detector bases. only concerns ive got is that i dont do these everyday and dont wanna confuse me self doing it this way.

am i better just going for 2 core method? points or comments appreciated:D
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Its easy enough if you do a wee drawing before you start,it depends on how big the job is weather theres much difference in cost which ever way youj do it
good luck


Hi Rich,

Wiring in the combined strobe/sounder/sensor is a doddle. Just decide your colour for each fuction and away you go. If just a normal sensor or sounder are required in a specific location these can be used as well. Can save quite a bit of time on installation and a hell of a lot of P clips if you are surface mounting the cable.

Like Rum says there can be a substancial difference in cost of materials so on a smaller installation the time save may not compensate for the additional materials cost.

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cheers guys ill give it some thought today. have a nice day

Gazza D

You could also consider a 'savwire' alarm it uses one 2 core for both sounders and detection, but reverses polarity when in alarm so the sounders sound! You need special 'savwire' detector bases but you can use conventional sounders/beacons etc. If it is a small installation, that is the way I'd go.

I used to install fire alarms for Chubb, so I'm pretty good with these!


well better late than never......

I'am under the impression that multi circuits with a cable are not permitted?

hence 3 core common neg detection & bell circuits being in the past?

the only 4 core fp I see is for mall relays

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