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Hi, I made a point of avoiding doing work for lettings agencies some time ago. The reason is history now and I'm thinking of getting "back into bed" with them. Interested to hear from those who regularly do work for them, particularly in relation to terms of business - e.g. do you typically invoice them after each job, do you apply a minimum charge, say for a simple lightswitch change? And generally, anything else to look out for?

Thanks in advance.


Hi polo1
I work for a number of agents looking after safety testing and repair needs. Eicr and Pat tests have a fixed price. Repairs have a minimum charge for first hour. Even for little fixes you have to cover travel, collecting and returning keys. They like fixed prices as they don't want to give their landlords any surprises. Most have agreements that any work under 100 pounds does not need landlords go ahead. I offer free visual checks of systems at change of tenancy on all systems I have done Eicr on. Surprising the little extras you can pick up from it. I invoice as I go. Be prompt with certificates, return keys quickly. Use a mobile phone with email. They love email. 30 days for payment is normal but I mostly get paid at end of each month. If you get messed about for payment, ditch them. They have the funds come in each month so there are few excuses.
" Prompt service deserves prompt payment "

Good luck.

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Thanks for this - appreciated. Any more thoughts/views?



I do work for a few around Liverpool and have no problems with them. Mainly for access control, communal tv and CCTV.

I charge a callout fee for the first hour which includes parts.

Invoice on 30 days.

Always get them to send you a job number for each job or an official works order. They send mine by email unless it is urgent then it's telephone.

Invoice the same day if possible.

Give them a copy do your terms and conditions including payment terms and state if you will charge interest and admin charges for late payment.

We quote for anything over a certain price and they send us a new order with details and cost.

Major works over a certain amount I ask for 40-60% up front and the remaining on completion.

Don't get me wrong there is the odd invoice that goes missing but it gets paid eventually.

On the other hand I have done work for other agency's and they have been awful to get paid off and don't like spending money.

You should know after the first few jobs and the first month what they will be like.
I work for a few letting agencys and they always want you to just get the job done at a lowest cost. The only thing is when you are adding to a circut for a £50 job and the consumer unit needs upgrading - make sure you let them know everything its going to cost then because the will arguee as much as the can
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