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Evening all ,I’m sure I saw on here recently a WYLEX mcb compatibilty chart showing what breakers fit which bus bars/boards. I’ve had a search and can’t find it, dont suppose the OP could bung it up again.

many thanks.
Looking for WYLEX MCB chart


Indeed I did - not sure on a chart - I did find one on here in an older post at the time of a job I had, but I have discovered from experience that the NHX breakers do NOT retrofit into an NSB board when using a bar type busbar - even though places like TLC claim they are direct replacement. (I bought the mcb from Toolstation because I needed it quickly)

It may be different if using the front terminal with the 'fork' bus bar, but in my case the breaker sat about 2mm too high and getting the front cover on was possible but tricky without a slight 'adjustment' with a knife. It was annoyingly close, but definitely not a retrofit.

It's possible it might have worked if I'd replaced all the breakers to the RCD, but I've had approval to replace the board when I get a moment anyway, so it will do till then.

It's put me off Wylex, though I've had similar issues with Contactum this year too - so generally not impressed with breaker manufacturers who change things for no good reason.

Wylex - Copy.jpg
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I toadly agree darlike the best way of matching up new breakers is to get a old board and see what fit , has for wydex
That keep up grading the consumers
So I don't fit them, but I have lots of spares for the future.

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