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Hi Folks,

Some feed back to an idea I have would be much appreciated.

I will soon be coming to the end of my 6 week course with Technique Training and am starting to think about how I can now start to actually learn the job as I do appreciate that experience is a key element to this proffession, and although people have mixed views on the whole intensive course issue it's certainly benificial to try and find a job having gained a basic understanding and some qualifactions rather than having neither prior experience or qualifactions/understanding.

Having already read many threads that dipict a situation of doom and gloom when trying to overcome the 'experience over qualifaction barrier' I would be interested to hear your thoughts and possible experiences of an idea I've had in order to try and approach this hurdle from a slightly different angle.

My idea is to set up as being self-employed and sub contract as a mate or labourer on an ad-hoc basis as when required by any of the local firms or independants. This means that they have a service to call upon when they have a large work load but are not obligated to actually employ you on a full time basis. For me, I get to work with a number of different people which will hopefully give me greater understanding and experience.

Has anybody done something similar and if so then what sort of success have you achieved?

If you are running your own company/sole trader would you consider using somebody on an ad-hoc basis?

All comments, both positive and negative will be greatley appreciated as I can use this along with feedback from some local investigations that I'm going to conduct to assess the validity of my idea.

Many Thanks.

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keep that attitude and you will learn fast my friend

i dont agree with the intensive courses

but i did pass my driving test 3 days after i turned 17

and i might add was an excellent driver maybe on a par with stirling moss or the like
untill i crashed 3 1/2 days after my test

am i being positive or negative here??? erm i dont know im just being...... look at the time:eek:


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As regards using people on an ad hoc basis, I think that's what agencies are generally for. They have a stock of sparkies with minimum 16th edition and are experienced to some extent in the trade available for short term and short notice contracts. I think you'd be up against them. However, if you have a casual working relationship with various companies it might work.

But if you want to pay the bills, you are probably going to be better off trying to get in as an improver/mate. I'm sure you have thought of contacting everyone locally in the phone book, plus bigger companies.

When I started out, I had part 1 and was looking for a job. I did get offered several at just above minimum wage, but held out for more and struck lucky. I think you need to get a foothold in the trade to gain experience, and that might mean taking on a lowish paid job. But it's probably going to be a LOT easier to get a better job on the back of some experience and already being employed in the trade, so it's got to be worth making sacrifices for over the short term.

Although you need to contact everybody, I do wonder if bigger companies are able to accomodate trainees a little better than small companies. For example, our company has a contract rewiring council houses for the local authority and as part of the contract they have to have an apprentice working on the contract. We also have mates of various ages who have progressed through the ranks (including me) because the boss prefers older family men to "daft teenagers" thinking they will be more reliable.

It's certainly worth taking a look at companies that do work for local authorities, as that sort of work isn't everybody's cup of tea.

Best of luck, and hope you find something
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