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Hi All am new to this site and am hoping some one can help.

I am in the process of changing a fuse board, on testing ze (disconnected earth from board connected neutral clamp to the N bar and phase tester to the incoming live)..........push the button and bleep bleep 'FUSE' comes up on the display can anyone help this is the first time I have seen it.
The tester is a dilog 9083p

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have you tried any zs tests? sounds to me like you have no power on the line or the earth is not connected to anything.


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I think thats telling you that a fuse has gone in your meter.


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Hi Vardymr2 thanks for the reply.
Have done all the zs tests which have come back fine. The earth reading is connected to the main earth cpc coming from the cable entering the house and the live reading is taken on the imput tail ends coming into the fuse board.


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Hi vardymr2 I think it might be the fuse as 'acat' posted cannot belive it and my assesment

for elecsa is next week.
Thanks for your help.
Lol Dooh

So did you try a zs after trying to get the Ze just to check that its not the meter?

If the tester is working fine? then id say its the main earth path. If you are getting Zs readings it could be using the gas or water bond as an earth path not the main earth.
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Update!!!!!!!!! I have just done a continuity test on the leads and all seems well (no open circuits) with the leads so cannot work out what going on


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Have the same tester
I assume you tested using three leads
Green lead must clamp to earth
Black to incoming Neutral (live side of isolator)
Red to incoming Live (live side of isolator)
Press Ze/Zs
Hope this helps


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Hi All Guess what! The Nic Test book diagram is wrong and it tells you to clamp the neutral clamop to the bar not the imput tail. Thanks everyone for your help its good to know that there is help out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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you said neutral to neutral bar- if main switch is off you have no neutral to test with, meters default for incorrect or missing connection is fuse.:)
try it again with neutral from incoming side of main switch.

(and lst us know):D

that post wasnt there when i started typing!
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I agree with liter if the main switch is off and you put the neutral on the bar it wont work it has to go on the incoming tails.

Good luck with elecsa is this your first assessment?


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Hi all,
I'm trying to fill in installation certs. is there an easy way to find out Ze and PSC by enquiry,other than the long winded phone calls to EDF etc. Didn't know if the info is on a web site somewhere !



quick answere is NO its a very long phone call with the answer will be ether " we dont have to suply an earth" or they will give you the maximum value allowed.

Eisiest way by far it to mesure yourself.


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Hi Guys
I have a Dilog 9083p MFT and was getting a "fuse " error on attempting Zs/Ze. I re-attached the fuse after checking it but found it only worked once, then went back to throwing the toys out of the pram. I then took some emery cloth (wet n dry or sandpaper) and cleaned the fuse's contacts at each end (not the clasps in the meter) removing what looked like a slight layer of varnish on the metal. Worked !
Try it - you can buy it - you can pay me next week :)

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