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hello guys i used to be a maintenance electrician for a local council now im fully qualified to city and guilds and have an 18th edition update but i am not a test qualified, but what i want to know is do i have to do a R1 + R2 test and theres a few other tests i was told to do if i change a pendasnt or sw etc if this is true i can understand why so many electricians go out of the trade as its not worth the hastle
Hi Ivan, I just register the account in electrical2go, and then register the account in the forum. Can I also enjoy the 5% discount code of my account?

My email address is [email protected].

Thanks in advance.
Hi @snowman,

Your account has been updated.

5% discount will now be automatically applied at the checkout. Enjoy!

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Thank you!
Hey, congratulations! You've overtaken my esteemedness ratio (reaction score/posts) and now leading by 0.34%. ISTR when Dan was first testing the automatic esteemed tag threshold it got set to a value where I was the only member with it.

Anyway, best wishes and have a great holiday
Hi Buddy, I read one of your posts about becoming qualified and having the work you have undertaken on your own home assessed. I think I am about to start a very similar course to the one you mentioned you had completed and was thinking about doing the exact same thing myself. I am moving into a new property in Feb that needs a full rewire. How have you found the process?
earthing of lamps. multimeter on ohms. short leads together to prove ( should read close to zero. then 1 lead on earth pin of plug. other lead on metalwork of lamp. reading should be within 0.1 ohms of what you got with the leads shorted together.

Hello mate, not sure how much of an issue this one is for you but FYI I actually emailed a UKPN area engineer that I know last night to ask from the horses mouth. But, I'm now a bit confused as your profile says you're in Devon - that's Western Power, not UKPN?? I'm not far from you in Somerset, by the way.