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Welcome to the new Electrician's Videos area on ElectriciansForums.net. Anybody is welcome to add electrical videos to this area providing they have and electrical nature and are family-friendly. We prefer electrical educational videos, how-to guides, tool-related videos. That kind of thing.

time lapse edit.mp4

time lapse edit.mp4

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Electrical Technology

Electrical Technology

  • Dan
  • Oct 24, 2019
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Electrcial Videos from Local Electricians - We need YOUR UPLOADS!!! -

You can upload videos direct drom your devices. If you are an electrician uploading videos already to YouTube, then please upload them to our forum too.

We also have no limits on space (we use amazon hosting) and we ban trolls, so you don't get that problem here like on YouTube videos.
We start this area off a month ago, so you can either embed your existing YouTube videos if that's easier. Feel free to link to your shops, websites, whatever it is you have. And we are even coming up with a revenue share scheme. Or would consider paying for the odd really good one. That kinda of stuff.

We also have Plumbing Videos section on our plumbing videos website, that need uploading to. And then Wall and Floor Tiling Tips Videos we need uploading to there too.

Please also checkout our blogs, we have the Electricians Blog too which is in it's 4th version and we keep breaking it. But it is online somewhere..

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