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What the hell is this main fuse?

Hi All

On a job this morning doing an EICR. As you will see from photos main live conductor showing signs of burning out at termination. Checked tightness of termination and main switch all seemed fine. I thought I would check main fuse rating to see rating of this. Supply is tncs with 16mm...

Earthing Arrangement

Can anyone help, i had a new combi boiler fitted last year and they used mainly plastic fittings to make there connections, i have attached a photo below my question is where should my 10mm earth bond go , the incoming water pipe is made of lead, do i simply bond the 10mm earth to the incoming...

Bit of puzzler 3way.... any ideas please

Hi Guys

Recently swapped over few faceplates. Some of them being a 3way lighting circuit.

Customer mentioned today have slight issue, looks like I've got a wire the wrong way round !

  • when intermediate switch is in position 1, they 2x other switches don't activate the light.
  • when...

Selectivity on concealed sub main supply

EICR: I’ve come across 30mA RCD supplying a consumer unit via a 63A MCB and 16mm T&E. connected via an isolator to the cutout PME. (Ground floor, outside meter cab on wall)

The T&E is concealed up the stairwell behind /within plaster into a 1st floor flat above a shop and into the CU so...

6mm water bonding on PME

Hi all, I imagine that this has been asked a few times, but here goes. A customer who is selling their house has been on looking to change the consumer unit. Getting to the gas isnt a problem but the water is impossible without desctruction of some sort. Concrete floors, and the stopcock is on...

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SANS 61024-1 1990 SANS 61024-1
Protection of structures against lightning
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