1. J

    Stumped my electrician

    Hi I wonder if I could get a few opinions, randomly half of my house shuts off or flickers, this included the stove, lights, fans, clocks etc, then a minute or two later it comes back on, but no breakers ever trip. I had an electrician out and he suggested a loose neutral but never actually...
  2. I

    Outside IP rated lightup LED tiles

    Hi (Im DIY - with an electrician to install), does anyone know a UK supplier of IP rated lightup LED tiles suitable for permanent outside use (dancefloor)? 600mm x 600mm. Thanks, Ian @ Wilby NN8 2UE
  3. saha572757

    Guidance to be an electrician

    Hello everyone, I am interested in pursuing a career in the electrical industry as an electrician. I have been looking at several vocational training centers around me and Learn Trade Skills is closest to where I live. I have been looking at several of their courses(Electrical Courses and...
  4. S

    Irish electrician moving to UK

    Hi all, I'm wondering if there is anyone one here that has or knows anything about working as an Electrician in the UK with Irish qualifications? I completed my apprenticeship in Ireland in 2008 and have worked in the industry ever since, been a foreman and ran my own business for 5 yrs and...
  5. B

    2-3 years to be a qualified Electrician?

    I've seen you can qualify as an electrician in around 2-3 years. But my local college says I have to do 2x level 2 city and guilds, plus a level 3 then an NVQ. So wouldn't that be around 4 years? I feel like I am wasting my time doing a foundation level 2 in electrical installation, is there...
  6. S

    Complaint and compensation regarding registered electrician and notified work

    Hi Did a call out yesterday afternoon. Isolated a section of the downstairs ring circuit in the new extension that had a L-E fault. Bit mysterious however the homeowner then began mentioning rats. Went next door and the neighbour showed us where he had blocked up some rat burrows right...
  7. Martyn Fletcher

    Electrician Experienced Electrician in East Essex

    I have been sparking on and off since 1980 and run a self employed business which has employed up to 8 people. Since the pandemic I have drawn down the business to just myself so I am looking to build relationships with anyone in the CO postcodes who can use my services. NAPIT registered...
  8. H

    Electrician Required

    Good morning, We are a small electrical company based in Bradford/Leeds and we are looking for any electricians or anyone who has some electrical experience. This would be on a self employed basis and could vary as and when they would be needed so would need to be flexible. We are part of the...
  9. J

    Scottish Electrician Advice

    Hello, I'm currently in Scotland and I am looking to retrain to be an Electrician. I was looking at going down to England and sitting my C&G 3 diploma (2365), Inspection and testing (2391-52), and 18th edition ( 2382-18). Once I have these what work I am actually allowed to carry out and...
  10. J

    Who Can Work as an Electrician?

    Hello! I am looking into avenues into entering the trade, but I feel like all the information I can find online is incredibly convoluted and complicated in regards to who and how to be a 'Qualified Electrician'. For instance, were I to complete the C&G 2365 NVQ level 3 Diploma/Am2 could I...
  11. I


    Calling all Electricians with Commercial, Industrial, Installation experience! Who we are: Located in Northamptonshire; Inpulze Electrical are national electrical experts with more than 30 years' industry experience. Covering all aspects of electrical work for commercial, industrial and...
  12. Dannybruff

    Devaluation of the Electrician

    2005 approved spark 10.84 ph- 390.24 pw 2023 approved spark 17.20 ph - 619.20 pw 2005 min wage 5.05 ph - 181.80 pw 2023 min wage 10.42 ph - 375.12 pw 2005 Min wage 46% percentage of sparks wage 2023 Min wage 60% percentage of sparks wage 60% Correction factor using 2005 minimum wage...
  13. R

    Greetings and felicitations from a semi-retired electrician.

    At 69 thought I would call it a day (did the same at 65 but spicing cables was preferable to cutting grass, hedges etc.) Now another year on I keep getting calls from old (as in ex not archaic) customers. Having left the NICEIC some time ago I have to be selective in what I undertake but it...
  14. J

    Western Australia licenced Electrician moving to the UK.

    Hey all, I searched for other threads of this but the threads seem to be a few years old. I'm a 36 year old Electrician from WA with 18 years experience within the large commercial, industrial and mining industry, I've also been a supervisor at times. The Wife and I are discussing the...
  15. K

    Electricians Mate Experienced electrician - SW London

    Hi All, I am a fairly experienced electrician in both installation and maintenance in both domestic and commercial environments (5 years). I am looking for a new role as an electrician's mate as I lack some core skills which keep holding me back from progressing. I'm looking for a company that...
  16. davmoly

    No response from electrician for a month - what to do?

    Hi, looking for advice from trade, as a customer. Electrician (MCS certified) has come 2nd December and wired in two home batteries and inverter (supplied by me) but currently the final connections are left off as it needs G99 approval before switch on. He said should be approved and done before...
  17. S

    Qualified electrician

    Hi guys, just want to know once you are a qualified electrician with the gold card, can you work for yourself doing domestic work or do you need to have inspection and testing 2391 and also be part of a body such as stroma or niceic or no is the gold card enough
  18. W

    Are short electrician courses good?

    Hi I’m a plasterer/ Renderer at the moment, 20years experience so no youngster, I’m thinking about re training to either aim for electrician or gas, what’s peoples thoughts on the short courses that’s available? And if they are good to go on? Any advice would be appreciated
  19. J

    How much should an independent electrician be paid as a sub-contractor?

    I'm just curious what an independent domestic electrician should be paid daily in the Midlands while being subbed jobs from another domestic company? I've been offered the odd filler day from another domestic company where ill be given a job with all the materials to completion but I've been...
  20. C

    Can an electrician change the Economy 7 timer in a smart meter?

    Hello, I am on Economy 7 and I have storage heaters and a hot water tank connected to a separate CU for my off-peak usage. The timer that switches to the off-peak circuit at night on my newly installed SMETS2 smart meter is wrong so I am being overcharged by 50% for my night appliances. The...
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