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  1. A

    UK I need some guidance from a professional electrician......

    I would like to consult with experienced electricians about the cooperation relationship between electricians and brands. For example, if I install a Zano brand dimmer, would I receive a commission from Zano? Or are there similar cooperation methods? Is this a topic that can be openly discussed?
  2. Lou

    Stoke-on-Trent College Electrician and Electrical Courses Feedback Thread.

    Stoke-on-Trent College provide Electrical and Electrician courses for school leavers and mature students with both full and part time tiling courses available to enrol on to. The cost of these courses can vary and it is important to enrol onto the one that matches your experience so you learn at...
  3. AlexanderSmi123

    Unreasonably high invoice bill from an electrician

    Good afternoon everyone, I am Alex and I'm new here. I am posting this to ask for advice with how I should approach this situation. We called in an electrician, and as confirmed in writing by messages, the original request was to change the socket covers and change lightbulbs through the flat...
  4. W

    UK Landlord Trying to Deduct Deposit for Unnecessary Electrician Test.

    Hi everyone, I recently moved out of my rented property, and as expected, my landlord is attempting to withhold a significant portion of my deposit. One of the charges she's insisting on is £300 for an electrician to conduct an EICR test. Here's the situation: I'm a qualified electrician, and...
  5. B

    I Need Work Level 3 electrician completing NVQ level 3 looking for job opportunities

    I am seeking a job as an electricians mate / improver / labourer around South Yorkshire. I am based in Doncaster, i have a uk full driving licence and own van. I have completed: Level 3 Certificate in the Building, Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings, Level 3 Requirements of...
  6. E

    Electrician Jobs Electriv

    Looking for time served electricians ideally with testing experience for mainly commercial work. Vehicle provided, pension the more skilled the more pay. Working 95% of the time in greater Manchester.
  7. C

    Do you need to sit 2391-52 if you have sat your ACA and are now an approved electrician

    Hi all, do I need to sit my 2391-52 if I have already passed my ACA and became an Approved electrician?
  8. Mworks89

    How many Downlights can an electrician install in a day?

    Hi I have an electrician over and he took over from an incompetent builder. The builder already installed the wiring but the electrician told me that he will need to test the electrical wiring that was done in my extension, which I thought was fair. I wanted to know how long would it take to...
  9. AngelLaHash

    Title : Electrician

    know a guy who has a Degree in Electrical and Power Engineering (non British degree), and Wiring Regs BS7671:2018 and he has gone Self Employed Electrician i understand he has a AQP ECS card with Electrical & Power Engineering (white card) Do the Likes of NICEIC/Stroma/Napit come out and...
  10. B

    I'm unsure if I should become an electrician.

    I'm unsure if I should be an electrician or maybe another trade is better. I have basically completed my first year of a foundation in electrical installation. Basically the course is a bit of a mess. One problem is the tutor has gone ahead and started teaching us 2nd year things, such as...
  11. B

    UK Trust a trader and checkatrade.

    I am looking to register as an electrician with trust a trader. What are yours thoughts are they any good ? And what about checkatrade ?
  12. P

    Starting up as a sole trader electrician

    Hello fellow sparks, I’ve decided to go out on my own. Recently bought a little van and trying to get myself set up whilst keeping my costs as low as possible. I haven’t really got work (not been putting myself out there yet) but I’m not too worried about not getting work as I can always jump...
  13. BodgeJob

    I Need Work Newly Qualified Electrician

    Hi everyone, Sorry, I won't take much of your time. To cut a long story short, I am newly qualified and have domestic installation/commercial maintenance experience, but I am set on becoming a commercial installation electrician. I am just wondering what the best option would be for me, in...
  14. yung_kio

    What courses do you recommend an aspiring electrician should take?

    17 years old from UK. I am looking for an apprenticeship and thought I'd get into a course in the meantime. Can you recommend me some courses under £100 that'll help me cv?
  15. DPG

    Lego electrician!

    This is pretty cool. I'm sure @littlespark will like it. I've no affiliation with it at all, I just happened to see it when I was perusing...
  16. J

    Hired electrician subcontracted work

    Good morning. Quick question, We hired a registered electrician to carry out an EICR, but after some searching it appears he subcontracted it out to a freelancer who isn't registered with any scheme? To simplify, we hired from the parent business, who appear to have hired an electrician who...
  17. Y

    What additional trade/qualifications for an electrician?

    Hi all, I’m currently doing an electrical installation & maintenance apprenticeship (EAL) and wanted to know what additional qualifications you think would go well with it? (Heating, plastering etc) I will probably do an evening course for the second trade. Thanks
  18. J

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Criteria to become registered as an experienced electrician?

    I have been working as an electrician under an NICEIC Approved Contractor for the past 10 years. I have my C&G2365 level 1/2/3 (acquired before 2021) and my 18th edition but I have started to carry out my own work on the side over the years so I plan to become self employed eventually and want...
  19. B

    I Need Work Technical electrician Spanish student erasmus+

    Good Morning, My name is Jorge I’m 29 years old and a Spanish electrical technician student at “IES San Marcos” technical college in Tenerife. I am finishing my two-year programme and now need to find a work placement for the period of 16th March until 19th May 2024, to develop my knowledge and...
  20. H

    Electrician Jobs Looking for a qualified electrician with a passion for teaching

    Due to demand, we need a qualified electrician who would like to teach. Suitable for all ages with a passion and patience, to pass on knowledge to both young and old. We are based in Stratford, London. We deliver City and Guilds qualifications and a lot will be familiar with quals 7202,2365 and...


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