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  1. H

    UK Meter Exchange - What does my supplier want from an electrician?!

    I have been looking at replacing my current legacy meter to a more common Economy 7 one. I currently have a few storage heaters that are on the single CU with all other appliance in the house, and I have a single 5-port meter which controls the on/off for the heating circuit (alongside its duty...
  2. P

    Competent Persons Scheme and which is best.

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and as an electrician of 41 years circumstances are seeing me head in a different direction as far as work is concerned. Here is a list of questions (Sorry) Do you need test and inspect qualifications for competent persons scheme, although I have experience. My...
  3. B

    Question about apprentice electrician

    Hello, I'm living in Burnaby, B.C. I finished the electrical foundation program in BCIT that started on last Aug12 and ended on last Feb14. I already got the certificate for level1 apprenticeship. I was seeking job. However, I decided staying home rather than working outside due to covid-19...
  4. D

    New Zealand Work as an electrician in New Zealand?

    Hi there I am a qualified electrician working in scotland. Got all my qualifications from a recognised 4 year apprenticeship. Also got my 18th edition. Me and my girlfriend were wanting to go over to New Zealand and experience working abroad. How easy is it to get a job as an electrician in New...
  5. C

    UK Becoming an electrician

    I’m 20 and looking to train as an electrician but doing apprenticeship is impossible for me as I have a mortgage to pay for and a lot of other bills etc. I’ve been looking at short courses but I don’t believe they can train you to be a level 3 in 4 weeks so I’ve been looking at night school to...
  6. S

    Electrician trainees wanted

    Electrician trainees wanted in Banbury Oxfordshire. Please reply if interested. Qualified electrician will be considered.
  7. D

    Australia I am a qualified electrician working in Scotland. 27 years old, how easy is it to come to Australia and start working as an electrician?

    Hi there my name is david. I am a qualified electrician working in scotland. Up to date and got my 18th edition regulations qualification also. I work in domestic. Done house bashing 1st fix and 2nd fix for years and now mainly do contracts new kitchens. bathrooms and maintenance. How easy is it...
  8. R

    Route to Approved Electrician From Elec bias Maintenance Engineer

    Hi All, I hope this ok/right place to post. I’m currently a maintenance engineer in the food and beverage industry. I do help out a few qualified electrician mates every now and then when they are mad busy. We have spoke about the prospect of going into business together. So I have completed...
  9. C

    Don’t be an electrician

    Not much to do with this lockdown going on. So friend of a friend wants a Little job done; light in toilet area swapped with a sensor light. Shows me where it’s switched from in the hall a 2g switch ,the other switch does a light in the hall too. Ok,there’s are one cable @ the toilet light,so...
  10. H

    Looking to speak to / spend a week observing an experienced electrician in London

    Hi, I am looking to observe an experienced car electrician at work to understand more about the trade and the day-to-day needs and requirements. This is for a personal project. I will be out of the way and quiet most of the time but will ask a number of questions. If this is asking for too much...
  11. E

    What do i do ?

    I Have my level 3 in Engineering and have worked in maintenance (Fitter,mechanical,PPMs) for 3 years however, i have been planning to change careers for a while now. Due to the recent "Pandemic" it has allowed me to deliberate the path i want to take as i do not see a long career working night...
  12. E

    As a Maintenance Engineer were should i go from here ?

    I Have my level 3 in Engineering and have worked in maintenance (Fitter,mechanical,PPMs) for 3 years however, i have been planning to change careers for a while now. Due to the recent "Pandemic" it has allowed me to deliberate the path i want to take as i do not see a long career working night...
  13. A

    UK Qualified electrician to certify my work remotely?

    I currently have a free standing cooker hard wired into a single appliance outlet plate with a cut off switch nearby and a dedicated rcd in my CU (32amp rcd). I want to buy a built in hob and oven and then connect them to a dual appliance outlet plate using 10mm wiring. I’d look for a hob and...
  14. T

    Grading to be approved electrician

    Hi all If you are a electrician, what do you require to grade up to a approved electrician. I am based in Scotland and noticed on the sectt website that you have to do a distant learning course. Would carrying out the initial verification electrical course be adequate to be able to grade up to...
  15. N

    UK Drilled into a light cable.

    I have stupidly managed to drill into a light switch cable. I’m trying to keep cost down as much as I can. Would chasing them wall out ready help?
  16. O

    Electrician Training courses help!

    So at the moment Im working as an aircraft electrician and would like to do additional training to cover me for domestic/industrial work but Im having trouble figuring out what I need to do to achieve this. Im looking to get qualified so I can work self employed when not on the aircraft but also...
  17. J

    Career change at 23, electrician advice (Glasgow)?

    Hi everyone I have been reading threads on this site for a while now and thought I would get my bit in. I'm 23 years old and with the time off work due to the current situation it's gave me time to think of my career and where I actually want to be in years to come iv not long got a mortgage and...
  18. C

    Additional fused spur

    As a rank amateur at electrics I had hoped to have an electrician complete the mains connection to my low voltage garden lighting. Owing to the lockdown this isn’t possible so I’m going to have a go. Question - I already have a fused spur, fed from a double socket, to feed an outdoor garden...
  19. O

    Testing our own premises? In-house electrician..

    I work to a company in the seafood industry. We have in the teens of different premises. I am employed directly by the company and at the moment I maintain them all electrically and a third party company comes around and does all the inspection and testing work. The only reason for this other...
  20. G

    Need electrician advice - Replaced light switch successfully, but no power in other areas connected to same breaker panel switch

    Yesterday, I replaced a light switch (as I've done several times before). When I turned the breaker panel back on, the light was working - but now the other lights connected to that same breaker panel do not work. I re-checked all connections and reset the GFI (the outlet works) but no luck with...
  21. H

    How to find electrician job

    Hello, I'm writing this post for an advice. Thank you. So my name is Yani Hristov. I am from abroad- Bulgaria. Moved here 5 months ago, because of the opportunities that this country gives to young people. Currently I work as factory operative, but my goal is to work as an electrician. I have...
  22. K

    Self employed electrician with no work due to covid19 what are my options

    Self employed electrician with no work due to corona virus. I’m a 1 man business carrying out work for private households mainly but due to cancellations I find myself with no work for foreseeable future. What are my options. Can I contact HMRC and say I’m no longer self employed and then apply...
  23. P

    I am an electrician who is on the CIS scheme. I’ve been working for the same company for 20 years but am still classed as self employed.

    I’m part of the CIS scheme. Like many builders we are employed by everything but name (we are self employed). I’ve been working for the same company for over 20 years ( a very good company), they deduct tax from me at source. Today they took the very understandable decision to suspend all work...
  24. J

    Other electrician replaced RCBO with MCB

    Was called out to a car park where they had the lighting circuit tripping out. Fixed the issue by putting damaged cables in an IP rated box. However just realised that the electrician who came out before myself took out the RCBO and replaced it with an MCB in hope that it would stop tripping...
  25. J

    Mounting a sconce that requires a smaller than standard junction box

    I'm looking to purchase this sconce, though to my dismay it appears to need a smaller outlet box than standard: Bryant Sconce - Installation Instructions The electrician...
  26. O

    Is it worth getting into the Electricians game in 2020?

    Hi guys Thanks for taking the time to read this. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum for this sort of topic, please point me in the right direction if that's the case. I'm looking for advice and opinions from people working as electricians or sparkies mates on whether or not in...
  27. M

    UK Homeowner - advice on my electrician's status, with regards to Part P regulations

    We have had a rear extension built on our home, and our builder arranged the electrician for the electric work required. I have established that the Electrician and his helper (apprentice/junior) are from a country to the east of Europe and are not currently registered as UK electricians and do...
  28. B

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme Qualified Marine Electrician, What are my options?

    Hello, I'm a qualified marine electrician, served my apprenticeship through the shipyards. I achieved an HNC in Electrical Engineering with a Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship in Marine Engineering (Electrical/Electronic Installation and Testing), also got my 18th Edition. I'm looking to leave the...
  29. B

    I bought a mortgage the electrician have been paid completely and he refused to come and fix the fan extractors also certificate for rewiring of the

    The electrician that renovated my house mortgage rewiring of the whole house (3 bedrooms semi detached) have refused to come complete the work (fan extractors uncompleted ) and the certificate for heating system inclusive of new boiler fixed. He says it takes 8 weeks for it to come through the...
  30. D

    Can I become an electrician? Currently serving in military (army)

    Hi all, Currently serving in the Army, 9years. Looking at using my enhanced learning credits to use on fast track courses. I’m just trying to find out if I can actually get into the trade this route and if it will actually be worth my time. I don’t have time to spare, wife - mortgage - kids...
  31. Maciej Rysz

    Where to seek first job as fresh electrician

    Dear electricians I am studying to become full scope electrician and more. At this stage I have completed a domestic scope plus wiring regs BS7671 18th edition. That means I have all the certificates needed. My question is where to look for that first job. I do not have any experience so I am a...
  32. W

    Electrician Electrician required in and around Manchester.

    Electrician required in and around Manchester. Must have own van tools fully qualified with testing and ecs card. Self employed. Msg for more details
  33. C

    Hey i need help with general things with Electrician stuff.

    Hi guys, Im just wondering how i can get better at ohms law, any kind of suggestions on how i can get better at it? I find it hard to grasp, and if you guys have any good videos or articles (or explanations yourselves) that would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  34. W

    Where to qualify as electrician ?

    Hey . I have graduated from uni two years ago with sports degree .However , I want to do something completely different and become an electrician was always at the back of my mind .My question is where do I start ?i have been told that apprenticeships are best than going for private companies...
  35. J

    Apprentices Seeking training or apprenticeship

    Hi my name is Jack, i have recently decided to pursue a career as an electrician. I have chosen this due to several redundancies in a short amount of time. I am currently in my 1st year at Leeds Building College studying electrical installation. I am trying to find an individual in the York...
  36. C

    Electrical subcontractors, electrician mates or improvers required - Kent

    Looking for qualified electricians, mates/improvers. Immediate start, large commercial site in Kent. Must have own transport and tools. ECS/CSCS.
  37. S

    Electrician Liverpool Electrician looking for work

    I'm looking for full time work if anyone can help me out or knows of someone in need , I'm based in Liverpool with 20 years experience I have my own van and tools , power tools , ladders , testing equipment etc So ready for a start straight away I'm good at a wide range of installations and...
  38. HJC

    Next step for approved electrician

    Hi everyone I’m fully qualified as an electrician with jib gold card and 2391 etc. I am wondering what the next step to take in terms of qualifications. The only thing I don’t currently have is the 2396 design which I’m not too keen on getting as I’ve seen no opportunity’s requiring this...
  39. K

    Electrician Electrician in London

    Hello all. I am looking for a start with a decent crowd I'm London. South of the river preferably. What I really want is to get back into blocks of flats after time in commercial, but am open to commercial as well. I have a full tool kit, public liability, transport and gold card. My problem...
  40. S

    Electrician Electrician wanted for contracts in Manchester and Leicester

    Hi we are an facilities management company with contracts in Manchester and Leicester looking to add an electrician with some commercial background to our team good rates of pay full time or subcontracting available
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