1. D

    Electrician advice please

    Hi all recently had smart meters fit, after the installation the technician couldn't get the sockets to turn on they just kept tripping. Turns out all the sockets in the house are on one RCD which I believe that's a problem in its self. But after 43 hours of no sockets in the house not working...
  2. mcsquare

    Electrician Electrician mate jobs

    hi guys: Looking to start working into commercial sites as a electrician mate / improver I have C&G 2365 level 2, and 3 Also got my ECS card electrical labourer London area preferably Thanks in advance
  3. Grangewood

    NAPIT Registered Electrician in England can I install in Jersey (Channel Isles) and Register work.

    I have been invited by a family member to Jersey, for a bit of a holiday whilst also installing 3 EV Chargers I am a qualified installer in England / Wales. I have checked to ensure my qualifications will allow me to conduct work in Jersey but cannot get a definitive answer. I obviously would...
  4. J

    USA Hiring an electrician - Etiquette

    When hiring an electrician is it considered bad etiquette to ask if it is ok for me to go to Home Depot myself to buy a part? I get it costs time nd money for an electrician to go to the store to pick up a part so there an upcharge. It would cost $30.00 for me to buy the part. I am being...
  5. M

    Shopfitting Electrician

    I’m looking for an experienced electrician to join our team. Must have transport tools, plant ideally. Work is nationwide for a high st chain and would require some staying away. £250- £275 a day, £50 digs allowance. Potentially a start in Redditch on 31/07/22. Please contact me if interested.
  6. D

    Refitting a bathroom and electrician claims I need a new mainboard

    Hi guys - I am fitting out a new bathroom and brought in a sparky to help out as I am terrified of electrics. Now the bathroom is being done for a friend on a budget who really can't afford £600 for a new mainboard but the sparky is insisting it should be done. Currently, the mainboard is an...
  7. J

    Electrician Looking for a Electrician London area

    Looking for an experienced Electrician to join our team we carry out small installs, ppm, testing and reactive works most work is commercial and based within the M25 corridor contact for more details
  8. Mattsparks

    Electrician in Lancashire/Yorks required please

    Although we are based in Shropshire we work around the country. This is a one off job, but can continue if we all get on. One of our electricians has just been rushed into hospital & what with holidays & COVID we are stuck for a spark to join one of our teams (doing nights) starting tomorrow...
  9. D

    Problem with a rewire

    Hi, I've had my house rewired, and the installation was done very badly. The electrician who was contracted to do it, has now said that he subcontracted the work out to someone who was qualified but not registered. After getting him back to fix a load of issues I then found out that he had also...
  10. F

    3 weeks later and the electrician still hasn't given me the EIC

    Hi, I would like some advice. I had a full rewire done 3 weeks ago and I am still chasing the electrician to issue the EIC. The electrician is registered with Napit and he is also on the Competent Person register. I have emailed + called him up multiple times, but he keeps making excuses. What...
  11. jaffa183

    Introduction of an aspiring Electrician

    Hi All Im Craig a 43year old Repair Technician with 17years exerience in this field, As electrics and electronics have always intrested me i decided to take the plunge and retrain to become an electrician so this is my story so far. I started my journey on the Trade Skills 4U step 1 which i...
  12. J

    UK What can and can't I do as an unregistered electrician trying to become registered?

    I've been working as a domestic electrician for 6+ years now alongside two NICEIC approved contractors and I hold my 1/2/3 City & Guilds NVQ, 18th edition and 2 million public liability. I started doing the odd side jobs a while back but my work seems to have snowballed to the point where I am...
  13. O

    Electrician (Rotherham, South Yorkshire)

    I'm currently working with a Rotherham based company to recruit an apprentice and a qualified electrician. Had 50+ applications for the apprentice opportunity but 0 for the electrician role. Any advice on where qualified electricians. that may be looking for a new opportunity. hang out, well...
  14. B

    Electrician wanted American voltage Kent UK

    I have a 5th wheel caravan. It has had a transformer fitted for UK electrics. The air con, microwave and fridge freezer have stopped working because they run off the lower voltage US electric box. I need an electrician who understands the American electrical system. The caravan is in Kent. Any...
  15. M

    Electrician Commercial Electrician Contractor

    Hi all. Some of you might remember seeing a similar post from me from earlier in the week. I couldn't amend it, so here goes with a little more detail, based on some feedback from forum members. We're an IoT startup and we're looking for some help. We're looking for commercial electrician...
  16. A

    looking for an electrician in Oxford/shire

    Hello, would someone please be able to recommend an electrician in Oxford/shire who is familiar with electrical wall storage heaters -could look and fix the broken ones I have at home? Any suggestions?
  17. Travis Baldwin

    Bristol Electrician recommendation

    Hello... I'm looking for a trustworthy electrician in Bristol to finish off work on on an electrical cabinet. From what I understand a RCD needs to be added for garden lighting and some of the fuses need to be upgraded to higher amperage. The fella who started the work has a surprise medical...
  18. J

    UK Best career path electrician data or fire and security

    Hi all I'm looking for some advice recently i left a data cable installer apprenticeship cat5 to cabs etc (was a one year course level 3 at the end) to pursue an apprenticeship in eletrics (standard 3 year am2 at the end course) recently I've seen and heard alot of conflicting statements about...
  19. HappyHippyDad

    What is your hourly rate as a self employed electrician?

    I do like chatting about prices! I thought I would start a poll to see 'roughly' what the average hourly rate is for self employed electricians? To keep it as simple as possible, forget about any 'first hour' rate you may or may not charge and just go for your rate after that. I realise this...
  20. J

    Electrician, Full time job available Newcastle upon Tyne area

    Im looking for a qualified electrician to join my team in and around the Newcastle area full time position. Job description Most of the work will be New build property's and EV Charge points training will be given for EV work where necessary. Required NVQ level 3 Inspection and testing...
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