1. R

    Need help from an auto electrician

    Hi guys, I am currently in the Philippines and with all the Islands locked down it is very difficult to get a good vehicle electrician. I have a 2009 Nissan Navara D40 and my issue is the headlights dipped beam doesnt work. I haven't owned the truck that long so I dont know the history. Ok, so...
  2. M

    Advice: flat below me is being rewired by unqualified electrician.

    Hello, Some advice please as I think that the flat below mine is being rewired by someone who isn’t qualified. The small basement flat below mine sold a few months ago. I know the property was in a bad state and the wiring and electrics go back to the 1970s. The new owner is attempting to...
  3. P

    Electrician Electrician wanted

    Electrician wanted for immediate start. Sunderland area. Ideally will be 18th edition qualified. Ability to work on own. Domestic eicr experience and a can-do attitude. Must be able to drive.
  4. P

    Hello from Sunderland.

    Hi. Thanks for the ad to the forum. Hopefully we can all help each other. I am an electrical Contractor based in Sunderland.
  5. freddo

    Qualified Electrician Wanted, Tiverton Devon

    My employer is currently looking to hire a qualified electrician to carry out domestic, commercial and light industrial work. If you are interested, contact me via PM and I'll send you contact information.
  6. Zaid...

    USA from EE to Electrician, good decision?

    Hi I worked 10 years in the Oil and Gas Industry (started overseas then continued last 5 years in USA), I was preparing and maintaining electrical tools and controlling panels (big specialized tools to measure rock properties) and supervise a crew to preform the measurement inside oil wells (up...
  7. M

    Electricians and Electricians Mates Wanted

    Qualified electricians and electricians mates wanted for large commercial project near Worksop. All interested parties must have up to date ECS/CSCS cards and own tools. Experience of cable ladder, cable tray, unistrut, SWA cable etc is essential. IPAF license would be preferable but not...
  8. J

    When do I start painting and call the electrician back for second fix?

    So my plasterers have nearly finished plastering. All new skim plaster on plasterboards. Now I know I have to wait a week before I start painting. I was wondering when do I call my electrician back? After I have painted the walls or before I paint them? Now the electrician has left a point...
  9. Matrick

    16th Edition era industrial electrician, am I still qualified?

    Hello all I joined the forum this evening and I am hoping that some of you wise folk can maybe share your thoughts if possible, that would be great! I served a MOD 4 year apprenticeship, then was kept on by the MOD and worked a further 4.5 years as an Industrial Electrician - but I haven't...
  10. A

    Older Trainee Electrician newcomer

    Hi all , Just joined the forum Just introducing myself 49 year old from St Albans ,been a Bacon Salesman until , I got made redundant in June after 23 years service . Thrown myself into pursuing being an electrician,went on a 16 day course , straight away ,enjoyed it ,really seriously...
  11. Z

    Trying to install TCP wifi switch.

    I recently bought a TCP wifi switch and tried to install it my self. Behind my room light switch i have 2 red and 1 one black wire. I tried putting one red in lin, one red in load 1 and black in N but unable to switch the switch on. i have tried every possible combination the wire might go but...
  12. M

    UK Hello, I am very interested in becoming an electrician, 22 years old, TradeSkills4U 2365 L2 and L3.

    Hello there. I am 22 and would like to become an electrician. While searching online, I found the TradeSkills4U L2&L3 2365 qualification, worth £7490. I know it will NOT make me a qualified electrician, but I am of the understanding that I need that qualification to get me through the door. Can...
  13. B

    Has my electrician done a bad job?

    hi all, Please help me work out whether my electrician has done a decent job or not. We're doing a home renovation and he has installed a mains isolator in the kitchen next to the main fuse, because we have put a new consumer unit in the utility area on the other side of the room. The...
  14. H

    Electrician Electrician Apprenticeship Ilford, London UK

    Hello I've just left School and i'm looking for a career as a Electrician. I'm going to start collage but i would realty like an apprenticeship with a company or a electrician...If anyone could offer any advice going about finding/approaching companies or know of a company or a electrician who...
  15. R

    What’s the best route to becoming an electrician?

    So I’m at a crossroads. I’m 21, and I’ve just applied for a college course but im worried at the end of it I will not be able to get a job as an electricians mate. And I’m worried on how long it will take. I was looking at the apprenticeship route, but it’ll leave me on £4.15 an hour and...
  16. J

    Dot Dab Plaster wall - 35mm box? Plasterer at odds with electrician

    As part of my spec I said that I wanted 35mm back boxes. The walls have been taken back to the brick and will be dot and dabbed with plasterboard and then skim finished. Electrician said that he can just screw the backbox onto the wall without digging into the brick because onces its dotted and...
  17. P

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Does a rewire have to have the electrical installation cert done by an NICEIC registered electrician ?

    Hi everyone first time asking on this so sorry if it’s been asked before. I’ve been asked to carry out a rewire in a private house and I’ve recently started my own company so I’m not registered with NICEIC or SELECT as I’m in Scotland. I’ve read conflicting reports that I can and can’t provide...
  18. Bob Geldoff1234

    UK Cowboy electrician

    This was installed by an "electrician" 4 months ago.Single RCD feeding 5 breakers for a two bedroom,two story house. The lady was charged £675 for this crap and was told she'd get a certificate,which no matter how much she rings them up,doesn't seem to be forth coming.I wonder why? It really...
  19. S

    Can I become an Auto Electrician without an engineering background ?

    Hello Everyone, My name is Sulaiman a mildly successful Sponsorship Sales person in my current life. I love cars, always have always will. I believe the future is electric vehicles. Can someone give me direction on what are the first steps I must take in order to reach my goal of opening up...
  20. Maji236

    U.S. Electrician looking to work in Scotland

    Greetings, I'm currently living in NY (way Upstate, above Albany). The wife & I are considering to take an extended stay to borders in Scotland. Obviously no time too soon because of COVID. We've visited for a few weeks at a time before & want to do a few months next time. Not being...
  21. P

    Buying A Consumer Unit For An Electrician?

    Good afternoon, I want to change a consumer unit for a new Schneider easy9 and all rcbos. ive got the power company installing an isolator next month so the board can be isolated. If i know what i want, is it better to buy for the electrician or get him to buy it? am i going to save much...
  22. M

    UK Looking for an electrician in Stratford E15

    Hi I'm looking for an electrician for a job in Stratford E15, I have an sockets MCB that has tripped and won't stay on, and takes out rcd. Nothing is plugged in, nothing is on.... would love it sorting asap Apologies in advance if I have posted in the wrong location..... I'm a newbie Many thanks...
  23. R

    What's the best course to take to train as a fully qualified electrician?

    Hi all, I'm hoping you can please give me some advice, I'm an adult career changer and looking to fully qualify as an electrician. Can you please advise on what course I would need to do? There are so many out there with different companies with mixed reviews. I would like to get working ASAP...
  24. P

    How would one get into becoming an electrician?

    This has been on my mind for a while. I've read about taking apprenticeships, but is it even possible to survive on that low a wage if you're not a teen living with parents?
  25. A

    Apprentices Looking for a apprentice for electrician in north london

    Hi i'm a 17 year old boy who wants to do an apprentice for electrician in London. I am based in north London so i would preferred to do my apprentice there however i would not mind to do my apprentice around the city.
  26. A

    Apprentices Hi my names Andrew and Im looking for an electrician to take me on as an apprentice or electrical mate in london

    I am currently working as a general laborer and have been for nearly a year and I am starting an electrical level 2 course which is 1 day at college this means I will need to find work for the other 4 days as an electrical mate or apprentice I am based in north London. I will attach my cv below...
  27. Plantman2000

    Shower MCB question after electrician installed new Consumer Unit

    Hello all. A few years ago we had a new kitchen installed and as part of those works we had an electrician in to install a new feed to this kitchen and a full new consumer unit as well. This is a metal CED branded unit with CED MCB's. We have two showers, one upstairs and one downstairs. The...
  28. R

    Possible AWOL electrician

    Evening, I am currently having some work carried out by an electrician. I am happy with the work etc but it is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of the spark. I hope it doesn't come to it, but what would happen in the event I need to employ another spark to finish off the works? He...
  29. M

    Apprentices Apprentice electrician

    Looking for an electrical apprenticeship based in and around Liverpool. I have been in college for the past two years and have passed my level 2 and level 3 diploma in electrical installation so I am looking to take the next step. Hoping to hear from you soon
  30. E

    UK Puzzled by electrician comments about earth fault.

    Hi, Our house has just had an electrical safety check by a qualified electrician. He said he had found an earth fault but was called away on another job and can't return for three weeks. Meantime, I am left wondering about his comments and would like to get a better understanding. He said we...
  31. C

    UK currently looking to get on and electrician course carnt pick which is best

    i am current looking join an electrician course ideally to get my gold card i am paying for the course my self so need as much information as possible to decided who to go with i have got it down to 2 providers at the moment 1-option skills birmingham nvq level 3 EAL this intails 8 week...
  32. P

    UK (UK) Would it be hard for a sex offender to become an electrician and keep a job?

    These are for charges relating to when I was young and dumb but I now have to register as a sex offender for life with an indefinite SHPO. I'm not seeking any forgiveness. I'm looking to become an electrician or something within the trades but I'm worrying whether I will have trouble finding...
  33. C

    Fast track electrician qualification for someone with a Masters in electronic & electrical engineering and 12 years experience

    I hope everyone is well. I know fast track courses are frowned upon but it would be great to have people's constructive thoughts/recommendations on a fast track electricians course for someone who has a masters in Electronic and electrical engineering and 12 years electronic design experience...
  34. A

    Electrician Looking for a chance into electrician

    Good afternoon all, I’m desperately looking for a way into getting a job as an electricians mate not then have the opportunity to get fully qualified. I’m 43 year old hard working individual who has lots of experience in electrical installations, cctv, burglar alarms, satellite tv including...
  35. K

    Becoming an Electrician

    Hello All, I am in my 30's and currently, work as a Maintenance Technician/Engineer and always have. My Apprenticeship was in Manufacturing Engineering, some of which included basic electrical knowledge/aspects, for multi-skilling... However, the majority was mechanical. Since my...
  36. M

    Electrician Mansfield

    Looking for an electrician in Mansfield for 6 weeks, please Pm me for details. Job starts next week, commercial project on days.
  37. D

    Electrician apprenticeship Liverpool

    Hi looking for an Apprenticeship as an electrician in the Liverpool area or close enough, eager to start a new trade and learn some new things along the way! Please message me if anyone has any slots opening up as I’m willing to do whatever it takes!
  38. T

    Approved Electrician - but been off the tools 10yrs

    Hi All, I was an approved electrician before I decided to get into the oil game - in a non-electrical role. I am more than likely going to be made redundant in the next month unless oil price goes back up and COVID-19 miraculously disappears. I’ve been away from being an electrician 10 years...
  39. M

    Electrician Electrician looking for work in the Banbury/Oxfordshire area.

    I have been working for an established company in Aylesbury for the last year and a half. The work was mainly domestic with a small amount of commercial work. I’m qualified to level 3 2365. I also have my 18th edition and ev charging qualification. I’m am competent in testing and using the...
  40. P

    New to UK. Wanted to become an electrician. What is the best path?

    I want to change careers used to run bars and nightclubs in USA, got older and now need a career change. I am new to London and am interested in becoming an electrician. I have no experience and no qualifications. I am also 38. I know that I am extremely late to the party. I have been trying...

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