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  1. Dan

    Have you ever / would you ever; Work for an Electrical Supplier / Electrical Wholesaler

    Have you ever / would you ever; Work for an Electrical Supplier / Electrical Wholesaler - POLLTIME! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH FRIENDS VIA FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK GROUPS, OTHER FORUMS ETC WE WILL BE PUSHING THIS HARD FOR A FEW MONTHS. Please join in and help make the thread have lots of long...
  2. Dan

    Submit your work in this thread and we will feature it!

    Submit your best work to this thread, with a short description, and a link to either profile or website (say which one, we'll sort the link) and we will feature you in our news blog, and on our www.electriciansforums.co.uk domain homepage. Thanks in advance. :)
  3. L

    Emergancy work flow

    Hi Everyone, My first post here, just a simple question. I currently get all of my work through word of mouth and contracts that I have secured, all of this work is the basic 9-5 stuff with a few call from customers with issues that have come from recommendations. However I am looked to...
  4. apreen

    UK Looking for voluntary work for experience

    Hi, I am just wondering if there is anybody out there interested in allowing me to do a little voluntary work with your company to gain a little more electrical experience. I was working for a company in cannock second fixing modular prison units with CU’s, showers, water heaters, HVAC...
  5. Adamstc222

    I Need Work Looking for electrical work in Northamptonshire area

    I have recently completed my Level 2 & 3 in Electrical Installations & hold an ECS card, I'm struggling to find a way into the industry I though self funding my training would help but still seem to be stuck at a dead end of applying for jobs and not hearing back, If anyone has any advice or any...
  6. 1

    I finished a job months ago , now the customer says somethings not working. Do I charge ?

    So a few months back I fitted an outside socket , the customer has messaged me saying it doesn’t work and I need to come and fix it etc. do I charge ? As it was all working fine when I left. Thanks
  7. S

    Effective methods to generate work going from employed to start up

    Hi So after working for a company i have decided to go self employed and start my own business. people on checkatrade my builder and rated people are quoting so low the work isnt actually worth it plus the fees its basically working for a company again. What are the classic methods of...
  8. B

    I Need Work Level 3 electrician completing NVQ level 3 looking for job opportunities

    I am seeking a job as an electricians mate / improver / labourer around South Yorkshire. I am based in Doncaster, i have a uk full driving licence and own van. I have completed: Level 3 Certificate in the Building, Regulations for Electrical Installations in Dwellings, Level 3 Requirements of...
  9. Dan

    TilersForums.co.uk back online doing a job

    And then it'll continue transferring to the .com, www.tilersforums.co.uk Just need a link and a nudge and it should kick in by the time school is back. Have a read of it lol you'll get what's going on. Doesn't take me long kill competition usually. (He says crossed fingers)
  10. HappyHippyDad

    Napit.. Do you still choose the job, or do they?

    On the Napit certification page there is a little tick box, saying something along the lines of ' I consent to this job being used for my assessment '. Does this mean Napit makes its own choice, from that list, or do we still choose which job is used for the assessment?
  11. S

    I Need Work Any weekend work for someone who’s in the military?

    Currently serving in the Royal Engineers and doing my level 3 DAO electrician course, i’m looking for weekend work (domestic/ commercial) around the devon/Somerset area to gain experience working as an electrician to help with my AM2 and when i decide to leave the army, as i want to be an...
  12. L

    Anyone around hackney : Job sorting out poor light connections in loft .

    I am stuck on another job for next 2 months . Friend has maybe 14 max down lighters and maybe 2 pendant points . Wiring in loft space is a bit "meh`" with a few melted cable connector blocs etc . probably needs new LED down lighters (GU10's ) and the cable runs sorted out . Let me know if...
  13. M

    tool recommendations for containment work

    Hello everyone. What tool would I need if I were to work on a construction site doing containments? Thank you
  14. jencekj

    Just introducing myself

    Just an introduction. I'm James and am based in Sydney. I have an Electrical Engineering background and am heavily involved in DIY electrical work.
  15. P

    Work in Maryport

    Hi guys I’ve got a job in Maryport and need a hand. Is anyone local to there available?
  16. lozarus

    Private Jobs whilst Employed

    Looking for a bit of advice from the wider audience / those who may have done similar before. I entered the game a bit later / in a non conventional manner, so deciding what I can and can't do isn't as black and white as if I'd done apprenticeship route. I work as a Maintenance Electrician in...
  17. M

    Electrician Jobs Electricians mate Work in Harrow

    Hi guys I am renovating flat in Harrow on the hill I need electrician mate to work to work second fix I need handy man with paint experience I need painter Please pass details to any one looking for work starting Tuesday This work for 1 week, After that starting in pinner for 4 weeks work...
  18. JasonB

    How to source Sub Contract Work

    Hi all, Is there companies or people out there that can help source sub contract work as im not sure where to start. I know you get recruitment companies to help you getting PAYE work places but i really want to get some sub contract work but didnt know if there is somewhere you can get a heads...
  19. yung_kio

    UK Best trade for job security.

    Hi, I am 17 years old and my main goal was to become an electrician. But I have been hearing from people that becoming a gas safety technician is better or renewable energy. I don't want to make the wrong choice. I just want to get into a trade where there is always work available and good...
  20. Allytech

    UK Rewire - One Job or Two?

    In a property with two consumer units one for the ring main etc., and the other for the 1970s storage heaters (storage heater CU looks like it’s from the 80s when the board was first split, I believe) - can someone tell me if when asking for a quote to rewire, would the storage heaters and their...


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