electrical work

  1. A

    Electrician Looking for someone with electrical work experience, don't have to be license.

    Looking for someone to work 3-4 days a week, doing electrical work, don't have to be license, but experience is a must. Have your own tools and transportation please, Thank you...reach Hamid.. Assurance Electrical LLC 908-367-0593...
  2. M

    Electrician Transitioning from the Military to Electrical work

    I'm in the process of leaving the MOD after 8 years into something completely new! I'm Nottingham based and have completed Level 2365, awaiting the results of the 2365 Level 3, have my 18th Edition and have enrolled myself on the Level 3 NVQ. I'm looking for a full time job, have my own...
  3. Haroonhassan222

    Electricians Mate Looking for electrical work in london

    have just come of a site after completing 1 year as an electricians mate, i worked closely with different sparks learning the trade. thoroughly enjoyed my work on site and looking forward to getting back on. I have an EAL level 2 and 3 electrical installation certificate, 18th edition and an ecs...
  4. A

    Electrician Looking for electrical work in the Swansea area

    Hi, I'm looking for full time work in the Swansea area. I'm already capable of doing full rewires on my own to give you an idea of my knowledge and ability. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it! Thanks, Andrew
  5. L

    Charity looking for some electrical work in London for Community Space

    Hello, we are a small charity currently working on opening a community arts space near the Monument in the City of London. We have a really tiny budget and need some basic electrical work done in the space. Are there any electricians looking for experience or organisations who offer a pro bono/...
  6. K

    Electrical Work?

    Hi, I changed jobs half way through my final year of my Electrical Installation course back in 2001. Unfortunately, my new job meant I worked unsociable hours, which meant I wasn't able to qualify as I failed in attendance. I have however carried out many successful electrical installations...
  7. BrumElecEng

    Electrician Looking for Electrical work near Southeast Birmingham/Solihull

    Looking for work with an Electrician in the Southeast Birmingham/Solihull area. Got my 2382-18, 2393-10, 2391-52 (will finish my 2365-03 early next year) Want to build up a 2357-44 portfolio & learn how to be an Electricians Mate. Available most weekends and can do the occasional weekday...
  8. S

    Electrical installation work in West Midlands

    Job Description Domestic Installation Electricians - We are a large Energy Efficiency and Domestic Retrofit Installer undertaking various measures including Boiler Replacements, Loft Insulation and Under floor Insulation. We are looking for several fully qualified and approved electricians to...
  9. J

    Help with quote for electrical work

    Hi guys, We have a quote from our electrician that I just wanted some professional advice on... In our quote, some pendants and items such as thermostat were marked up as 'Client Supply' which is nice and clear. However all sockets / switches and downlight did not have this. Now everything is...
  10. M

    What's your most important items of equipment for electrical work ?

    18v Sds Voltstick IR tester
  11. Pete999

    The Pain of constant electrical work

    Sorry if this is in the wrong area, but for the older aged members , Tel and me included we have all heard of the usual painful problems, bad back knees etc. But recently I have noticed the pain in my right (yes I'M RIGHT HANDED) arms wrist shoulders due to I think of being right handed using...
  12. B

    Domestic Electrical work Glencoe help!

    Hi We have recently brought a 3 bed semi near glencoe and need some electrical work carried out, does anyone on here cover this area and able to help? Thank in advance Matt
  13. J

    Advice for getting into domestic electrical work with 18th and 2391-52?

    Hi Guys I am 19 years old and currently an automation maintenance engineer (3 year BTEC/NVQ LVL3 apprenticeship) at a large industrial firm and hold 18th edition wiring regs along with the C&G2391-52 certificate. I have always wanted to start up my own business due to all the perks it comes...
  14. A

    Kitchen electrical work

    I am looking for pro advice on kitchen electrical installation. Currently in the process of old kitchen being replaced, cancelled registered electrician that I had initially booked up after joiner handling the the job said he could get an electrician in sooner and get it signed off. Which I...
  15. Dan

    Electricians and Electrical Work During COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic (Public Weekly Thread)

    Electricians and Electrical Work During COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic (Public Weekly Thread) Firstly, Hi lads and ladies. Apologies it has been a while posting here. @Lou and I have been checking in every now and again to catch up with some things. I have 101 unread messages and 1,160...
  16. C

    UK Can I sign off electrical work

    A friend is converting his garage into an extra room in his house. Il be putting in a new ring and lighting circuit. I’m registered in Scotland with the SJIB as an installation Electrician with only the basic requirements: approved apprenticeship, 18th edition. Can I sign off the completion certs ?
  17. M

    Electrician Looking for Electrical work experience in or around Harlow, Essex

    Hi, Having completed C&G level 3 and AM2, I am looking for ongoing work experience in or around Harlow and am happy to do it unpaid. I do not have a van, only a car, but have my own tools and will buy more as required. I have completed the ECS exam and it is valid until November 2021, but...
  18. J

    Help with electrical work experience in Tyne and Wear.

    Coming to the end of a level 2 2365 course, starting the level 3 in September and like many others, I'm looking for work experience in Tyne and Wear. So if you can put up with a volunteer for while give me a shout. I have own transport and own basic tools. Source URL: The Welcome Forum -...
  19. A

    Any Electrical work experience available in Birmingham , West midlands area?

    I am looking to gain Electrical experience in the industry . I have completed my diploma level 3 2365 and will be completing my AM2 in summer time but l will require work experience to complete my NVQ and l am willing to work for free to gain work experience however if someone is willing to take...
  20. S

    After some advise about getting back into electrical work.

    Hi there, I’m looking & hoping to get back into electrical work after nearly 15 years doing something else. I’m 44 now, have I left it too late in life now ? Is my age likely to put potential employers off ? I went back to college in 2004/05 to retrain as an electrician, completed the NVQ...
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