1. littlespark

    best firestick

    for "experimentation" only... what is the best model of firestick to get to install kodi on? Should just get the best one available?60 quid or whatever it is? Have used kodi on my laptop, xbox one and originally a raspberry pi.... but everything fails, or is too slow to use on a daily basis...
  2. C

    Best earth leakage clamp meter

    Hi all I want to get a good and reliable earth leakage clamp meter, been looking at the megger DCM305E which looks good but was wondering what other peoples opinions are? I don’t mind spending the money on a good one rather than getting a cheap one and getting inaccurate readings or no longevity.
  3. C

    Best certification software

    Hi all I was wondering what everyone’s preferred certification software is , I’ve been having a go with easy cert and NAPIT fast test 2
  4. telectrix


    hI, I am back with apologies for my prolonged absence ( I haven't got a sick note as my GP wanted £35 for do one). Had a couple of heath issues ; still got a load of pain, mostly back and legs. Anyway, on a lighter note, early hours of Tuesday morning, one of our mutts ( Willow ) gave birth to...
  5. J

    What the best bag/ pouch/ bucket?

    I’m just trying to find out which tool, bag, bucket, would be best for a young trainee electrician. He hasn’t got many tools yet and we struggle to pay for it all, which veto pro would be best to start small and cheapest please? Thanks
  6. C

    Best method to calculate 4 core SWA current rating for two pairs of 1PH line conductors

    Hi, I have a Victron Multiplus-II 5kVA inverter/charger with Pylontech US5000 batteries installed in my house along with a 6.8kWp PV array and associated charge controllers. This installation has full DNO G99 approval and was installed to BS7671 and has been running great for about 18 months...
  7. H

    What’s the best breed for someone’s first dog?

    What’s the best breed for someone’s first dog?
  8. Tech732

    What's the best way to learn Electrical engineering?

    Hi everyone I work as an electrician in industrial facilities, and I have been studying mechanical engineering for a long time, but I would like to learn electrical engineering. Can someone give me advice on the best path to take? Thank you
  9. S

    What is the best wall chaser?

    I’ve got a makita wall chaser. What is the best one. Mainly 20mm chases.
  10. R

    Advice on the best EV chargers

    I am an NICEIC contractor but I have never installed an Electric vehicle charger. I have watched all of the relevant NICEIC webinars (The wire) on the subject and familiarised my self with all of the regulations etc and my next step is to enroll on some of the manufacturers online courses. I am...
  11. yung_kio

    UK Best trade for job security.

    Hi, I am 17 years old and my main goal was to become an electrician. But I have been hearing from people that becoming a gas safety technician is better or renewable energy. I don't want to make the wrong choice. I just want to get into a trade where there is always work available and good...
  12. N

    Best practice earthing metal plates and/or back boxes - fly lead or not?

    Hello everyone, Following on from my previous post where I received advice on taking a spur off a 40a feed (thank you). I performed the work today, installing a surface fixed metal faceplate and back box. When terminating to create the spur (tight fit into terminals with both 6mm and 2.5mm!)...
  13. 2

    EV chargers best for install?

    Hi, sorry if this has already been discussed or is in the wrong place. Im wondering if anyone has come across a domestic EV charger where the ct wires in via a cat 5/6 directly into the charge point. So to avoid addition hardware etc? Seems to be a few installs where they want to install a...
  14. Tommy10toes

    Best way to install a very tiny light

    Hello, Behind a tiny door in our under stairs cupboard we’d like to build a miniature room in which a little light would come on when the door is opened. The door is about 12cm high No power so needs to be battery operated. I thought about those PIR USB LED lights for cupboards which would...
  15. O

    Best 3 phase board and a question

    What are people fitting in the 3 phase range just lately, I've had a scan at various makes and it seems to be a ---- up between Hager and Wylex at the minute, both are / were decent makes and the RCBO's are reasonably price, things like Merlin are way too dear for the RCBO's. Also am I right in...
  16. W

    Can someone recommend me the best RGB LED Strips for my bedroom?

    I am renovating my 6m x 7.6m bedroom, I want to have some LEDs to go around the ceiling and then some around my desk and shelves. Can someone recommend which retailer has the highest-quality LEDs?
  17. O

    Best certification software

    Its time I bit the bullet and got some proper certification software, I've used my own forms for ages now which I spend pre-filling everything in to use as a template and I could fill a domestic cert in in about 10 minutes. However all the forms have changed layout now and people are begining to...
  18. A

    What’s the best way to finish my qualification?

    I am currently employed as an Electricians mate but am looking to finally get my certs. I quit my apprenticeship 3 years ago, only being an exam and NVQ away from being able to sit the AM2. I’m attempting to get my previous exam results from my old college and wanting to continue from where I...
  19. S

    Best external LED strips

    Hi guys Looking for the best brand or supplier for LED striplight It need to be IP rated with a length of 7.6m and a leader of 3m. It's going to be mounted on Soffit boards illuminating down over Bi-Fold doors Probs need 24v Cheers
  20. B

    Best Illuminated Mirror

    What is the best system for illuminating a bathroom mirror? I installed one such mirror recently. I will have to replace it, not only because the isolating transformer is permanently buzzing, but the light it gives is also useless. Alternative mirror illumination systems I am aware of are an...


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