1. A

    Chasing into engineering brick

    Hi everyone, I need some advice about how to chase into engineering brick. Full story below. I've mounted a TV onto the wall, not my preference but long-story-short it's happening. I'm running the cables (HDMI and aerial etc) behind the wall but it's a solid wall. So, I've bought some square...
  2. gazdkw82

    Electrical engineering. HND vs Degree

    Im interested in some further education. I am really interested in electrical engineering. The problem is I'm not sure if to go down the HND or degree route. I know a degree would look alot more impressive on a CV but I have some reservations on that because I think it may be too complicated...
  3. S

    Electrical Engineering exam papers from 1920's and 30's

    Hi everyone, came across these old Electrical Engineering exam papers. Thought they may be of interest to somebody. Honestly how many can you get correct? They are incredibly difficult. Enjoy
  4. G

    City and guilds unit 308 electrical and electronic engineering sample paper

    Hello. I have an exam coming up shortly. Would anyone have a sample paper. It's the electrical and electronic diploma, unit 308. It's a written exam The course id is 2850-30 I can't seem to find any examples anywhere Thank you very much
  5. S

    HNC Electrical Engineering

    I'm looking for some first hand advice and opinions from anyone who has completed or is currently studying a HNC Level4. Thinking about making the leap as a few jobs I like the sound of ask for it. I've been qualified as a spark for a little while now and am getting a bit bored and would...
  6. S

    HNC Building Services Engineering / Elec & Elec

    Hi all. I have been trying to do some reading up on my options for possibly doing a HNC next year. I had originally looked at doing a HNC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering as it seemed the most logical step forwards from my current qualifications as follows Apprenticeship NVQ L3 2391...
  7. bigspark17

    Twinflex xpro engineering code.....

    Does anyone have the engineering acces code for this panel if you could post/pm me it would be amazing. Thanks
  8. S

    Perpetual Energy and how you would make it usable?

    Hey there all :) I'm new here to this forum site and I have looked around but cannot seem to find this being discussed anywhere on this forum site particularly. I had some questions around this particular topic and was wondering if the fine folk of this great forum would be able to assist me...
  9. Aaron t

    Level 3 nvq extended diploma in electrical/electronic engineering (manufacturing control systems equ

    Hi can anyone help i have just completed an advanced apprenticeship in Level 3 electrical/electronic i have gained a level 3 btec diploma and Level 3 nvq extended diploma in electrical/electronic engineering (manufacturing control systems equipment) i also have my level 3 in electrical...
  10. Ironbones

    Give me your opinion C&G Level 3 or HNC/HND Electrical Electronic Engineering - give me both barrels

    Hi All I have gone through past post on this, but I want some input so give me both barrels. I am a full qualified heating engineer (gas and oil certified), I worked as a commissioning engineer for large biomass boilers (up to 2MW) these systems are heavily automated, I did this until I was...
  11. R

    will a Level 6 course in Electronic/electrical engineering help me get an apprenticeship

    Hi i am 20 years old currently studying electronic/electrical engineering at college and will finish the course in june, i am applying for different electrician apprenticeships but there are not many on offer, none of the apprenticeships list my course as an advantage and i know the work i cover...
  12. Dan

    Electrical Engineering Forum

    Do you guys think a dedicated electrical engineering forum category could be handy?
  13. G

    Considering a career change

    Hello I am a new member here thinking changing career. I was wondering if you guys here would have any advice. I have a Bsc(Hons) in Marine Science and I've been working in fish farming and research for a few years now. I'm bored of looking after fish though and want to move into the...
  14. B

    Advice on becoming a Chartered Engineer

    Hi All Just seeing if anyone on here knew or has experienced becoming a chartered engineer from being a fully qualified spark. Not really sure which is best, degree or diploma route? Any advice is welcomed thanks
  15. S

    Sutton Power Engineering

    Hi fellow members, Sutton Power Engineering has vast experience in electrical engineering and manufacturing of diesel and LPG genberators, providing complete power solutions for industry including generator control, monitoring, installation and maintenance.
  16. E

    From Maintenance to Installation query...

    Hello Guys & Dolls, I'm currently Maintenance qualified with an NVQ3 Electrical Maintenance, accompanied by 17th Ed and soon-to-be Inspecting and Testing. I'm looking to generally vary myself as an Electrician and open a few more doors by going down the Installation route. My question to you...
  17. Archy Styrigg

    Free Books

    Got this by email today, apparently I've used it before; downloaded a couple, no adverse effects noticed so far ... Engineering books | Learn about technology
  18. L

    Domestic Can I sign off my own work? New 2014 laws?

    Can I sign off my own work when carrying out electrical installations? I am currently employed as an Electrical Maintenance Engineer and work with everything from 33/11kv transformers right down to installing a new light. I work with everything from switchgear, busbars, motors, VSD's...
  19. R

    BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Electronic Engineering

    Hi all, I understand this is a forum primarily for electricians, but I have searched the forum and seen that some people have already mentioned the btec level 3 electronic engineering certificate, and was hoping that someone could provide some feedback on the course. I am looking for get...
  20. Z

    Computer Science Engineering Students will Concentrate on :

    Hello Friends, Computer Science Engineering Students will Concentrate on : 1. The following billion clients 2. Convenience 3. PC Science Fundamentals 4. Presentation aptitudes 5. Economics