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  1. E

    What do i do ?

    I Have my level 3 in Engineering and have worked in maintenance (Fitter,mechanical,PPMs) for 3 years however, i have been planning to change careers for a while now. Due to the recent "Pandemic" it has allowed me to deliberate the path i want to take as i do not see a long career working night...
  2. T

    What can I do with a HNC Electrical Engineering

    My situation: I have completed a HNC in Electrical Engineering but do not currently work in a technical role. I would like to change to a more hands-on role or at least more technical role (or at least one with room for development). A role in electrical maintenance (industrial) would be ideal...
  3. T

    Advice for getting into BMS and automation engineering

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice. I’m currently an electrician working in commercial and industrial offices/factories etc butI’m looking to move forward and do something a bit more involved and test myself. I’ve been doing a bit of research and I like the look of...
  4. Electrokids

    Trainee I'am studying Electrical engineering major and Business major

    hi everybody, i'am new in here and the purpose of me joining this because i want to learn everything about electricity and mastering it. Electricity has been my passion since i'am a kid, i think i have electron current running on my blood haha. So right now i'm doing study in two different...
  5. M

    Trainee Installations, wiring, electrical engineering

    I wonder about how an electrican does a full electric installment in an apartment under construction.
  6. T


    Dual Fuel Smart Meter Engineer opportunities! FOR A TIER 1 CONTRACTOR £31,000- 34K basic 18 Duel fuel (or equivalent) meters to be installed on average per week. £10 bonus for the 19 & 20 duel fuel meter installation. £20 bonus for any over 20. £5,000 yearly bonus paid in 4 quarters based...
  7. S

    C&G 2339 Electrical Power Engineering. Training

    Hi. I'm a domestic electrician with about 8 years under my belt doing Domestic Electrics only. Lately I've decided that I'd like to do more training to work on power distribution. Overhead lines etc. I've seen some online courses with a few practical sessions for around £3500. I don't mind going...
  8. Dan

    New electrical engineering chat forum category now on

    Thought that whilst we have a few actual electrical engineers on the forum, I thought I'd try and attract some more. Not sure if it's actually any different to an electrician at the end of the day. Perhaps you can inform me? From a qualifications point of view, is an electrical engineer...
  9. J

    Mechanical Engineer and part time electrical installation course

    Hi All, Thanks for your time in advance. I'm currently working as a mechanical engineer, in which I did an apprenticeship years ago and achieved NVQ Level 3 (ONC). I'm not looking to change careers but would like to attend evening college classes in order to gain qualifications (possibly to...
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Interesting talk with DNO engineer

    Had the DNO out to check cut out, make a sheathed earth available today and pull fuse whilst I fit isolator. Got talking about pulling fuses and the seal fairy, he said Western Power normally just give you a dont be naughty talk and doesn't get why they dont just allow registered electricians to...
  11. C

    NVQ level 3 in engineering electrical maintenance

    Hi hi just looking for some advice I've just completed my nvq level 3 diploma in engineering electrical maintenance silly question but does that make me a maintenance electrician ?? And what can people recommend and me do do to further my career in electrical cheers
  12. albi

    engineers alarm manuals

    does any one have a link for engineers manuals regards in advance
  13. A

    Chasing into engineering brick

    Hi everyone, I need some advice about how to chase into engineering brick. Full story below. I've mounted a TV onto the wall, not my preference but long-story-short it's happening. I'm running the cables (HDMI and aerial etc) behind the wall but it's a solid wall. So, I've bought some square...
  14. JD6400

    Engineer54 where did he go ?

    Did anyone ever find out what happened to E54 , I think it was around April / May , about 4 or 5 years ago he just stopped overnight ! If I remember correctly Tony sort of indicated he knew something but never let on ? I actually miss the cantankerous old sod!? He was working in China at the...
  15. gazdkw82

    Electrical engineering. HND vs Degree

    Im interested in some further education. I am really interested in electrical engineering. The problem is I'm not sure if to go down the HND or degree route. I know a degree would look alot more impressive on a CV but I have some reservations on that because I think it may be too complicated...
  16. V


  17. O

    Fire alarm engineer insurance queries

    Hi there unsure where to ask so i have joined this forum hoping someone will know. I am currently employed by a large firm as a fire alarm engineer for the past 10 years mainly service and small works including emergency light service. I have completed many courses over the years and am Bafe...
  18. T

    Electrician training for degree engineers

    Hi, I have a foreign Hnd and a master degree in Electrical engineering as well as the 17th edition. I am hands on in electrical installation but without Uk installation experience. I have been working in the manufacturing industry for the past 2 years but my interest and strength is in...
  19. C

    Gas Engineer and competent electric cooker installer

    I'm a gas engineer working for a well known retailer. Spend all day Installing cooking/laundry. Electrical training is pretty poor on their part. Here to educate myself in best practice/regs. Pretty sure much of what they ask us to do electrics wise is beyond our competency.
  20. A

    Newly qualified electrical engineer help

    Hi, I'm new in London and I'm looking for jobs but not being successful. I'm wandering if there is something that I'm not aware about.. I have and electrical engineer bachelor's degree, I studied in an international university in Malaysia. . What would you recommend me to do? Thanks in advance
  21. S

    Electrical Engineering exam papers from 1920's and 30's

    Hi everyone, came across these old Electrical Engineering exam papers. Thought they may be of interest to somebody. Honestly how many can you get correct? They are incredibly difficult. Enjoy
  22. G

    City and guilds unit 308 electrical and electronic engineering sample paper

    Hello. I have an exam coming up shortly. Would anyone have a sample paper. It's the electrical and electronic diploma, unit 308. It's a written exam The course id is 2850-30 I can't seem to find any examples anywhere Thank you very much
  23. M

    Top electrician and top heating engineer

    Doing a periodic...previous certs show full re wire in old colour mains tails were obviously just tat they wanted rid of...only 16mm main earth jointed in the board But then...along comes the plumber/heating engineer and decides he'd rather be a comedian
  24. C

    What Qualifications Do I need to Become a CCTV Installer / Engineer?

    Hi there, as the title suggests I would like to complete a course in cctv installation with the long-term goal of becoming a sole trader and working for myself. I am aware that there could potentially be other aspects such as alarm and fire systems but at the moment I would appreciate any help...
  25. Paul Williamson

    New to this forum but an old electronics engineer

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and hope that I can help others as well as getting help myself. I'm a 17th edition installation sparks and waiting to complete an 18th edition. I was an electronics engineer back in the day, but things have progressed so fast, I don't know what info I have in...
  26. T

    Aritect CS350 Alarm installed by Oakpark Alarms - Engineer Code

    Hi All I have a Aritech Alarm installed by Oakpark Alarms who have ceased trading. Can someone please PM me the Engineer Codes? Thanks
  27. S

    HNC Electrical Engineering

    I'm looking for some first hand advice and opinions from anyone who has completed or is currently studying a HNC Level4. Thinking about making the leap as a few jobs I like the sound of ask for it. I've been qualified as a spark for a little while now and am getting a bit bored and would...
  28. S

    HNC Building Services Engineering / Elec & Elec

    Hi all. I have been trying to do some reading up on my options for possibly doing a HNC next year. I had originally looked at doing a HNC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering as it seemed the most logical step forwards from my current qualifications as follows Apprenticeship NVQ L3 2391...
  29. bigspark17

    Twinflex xpro engineering code.....

    Does anyone have the engineering acces code for this panel if you could post/pm me it would be amazing. Thanks
  30. ipf

    Don't you just love these specialised engineers.

    A bit of a problem with a 4 post car lift yesterday. I was in last week and tested it, two 20amp cartridge fuses blown, motor winding shot at. The machine needs no limit switch control, as it's done mechanically via an interlock, automatically operating a start button via a hand lever with...
  31. C

    Electrical Engineering ....

    Ive got a question in regards of electrical engineering and what steps I would need to take to get into that field. My current status is electrical and my experience only being domestic based, new build homes/lodges. There’s a few factory’s around my hometown and would like to go down the...
  32. bcm_spark

    Anyone work as a BT Power Engineer?

    Good evening chaps and chapesses, does anybody on here work for or know anyone who works for BT Power? BT as in the telecoms business. Just wondered what they are like to work for. Thanks
  33. PJElectricalSW

    New to forum, geeky electrical engineer alert!

    Hello Everyone My name is Pete, I am a time served electrician now specializing in the electronic controls sector and working for and underfloor and renewable heating company. Happy to help anyone with any heating/UFH/renewable technology questions, if i don't know I probably know someone that...
  34. A

    Is there a gas/heating engineer here? Quick question

    Is this an "energy certificate" which needs to be filled in by a gas engineer and sent to a council after boiler replacement is completed? If so, where should i put the sticker which was originally on the boiler?
  35. E

    Heating Engineer hasn’t been able to diagnose WB 30CDi stalling

    I have a Worcester Bosch 30CDi that only intermittently heats the house. To get it to do so when it stops, I sometimes can kick it into life by turning the room stat on and off rapidly, sometimes by turning the programmer on and off rapidly, and always by going up to the airing cupboard and...
  36. R

    IT engineer turned electrician

    Just found this site which looks like it has some helpful folks on board. I've been self employed in IT & audio systems for more years than I care to remember so I decided I needed to get out from behind the desk. Got a bundle of electrical quals now and looking to do more as I can afford...
  37. Rob Argent

    Security Systems Engineer

    Hello Ladies, Gentleman, Fellow Sparks, I'm Rob Argent, New to the site, Former 15th edition electrician now last 18 years Integrated Security Engineer (MD) for Comstation Security Systems. Im based in Mid Kent and want to be a valuable asset to your tool box with anything regarding Alarms -...
  38. MRBROWN33

    Electrical Heating Engineer

    Hello! I’ve been working as an Electrical Heating Engineer for the past 5 years for one of the biggest heating company’s in the UK. I’ve had over 25 years working as an Electrician and about 15 years of that was working on the commercial side of things. When comes to heating system, I’ve pretty...
  39. mwigham85

    HNC Electrical Engineering

    Hi Guys, Quick question, I’m starting my HNC in electrical engineering and I was wondering which are the optional modules to pick as there’s a few I would like to do and I don’t want to complete a HND so I need to pick carefully!! I would like to progress onto becoming an electrical contracts...
  40. S

    Question - British Gas engineer says there is a fault ?

    Firstly I don't know if I'm allowed here as I am not an electrician I have a question though.... Just had british gas out here to service my boiler He refused to carry out service because voltage stick glowed when he touched the casing on speaking with another gas engineer he tells me that as...
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