1. JimmyL

    Electrician Looking for work/employment/volunteering opportunity in Leeds

    Hi Everyone, I am Looking for an opportunity as an electricians mate in Leeds area. I have recently got my Level 2 C&G electrical installations, also have 7671 18th edition. I have my own basic tools, a driving licence and vehicle and an ECS Card. I would like to get some work experience before...
  2. Peteredgar83

    Newbie looking for help

    Hi all, im a newbie to the site, currently studying my level 3. I need to get access to the trainee forum but wont let me start a new thread, any ideas? Cheers.
  3. A

    electrician mate job

    Hi everyone, looking for work as an electrician mate in Brent, Barnet, north London and Central area in London. I've recently worked as a Labourer whilst doing my studies for a year trying to gain some site experience. I've been calling a lot of electricians sending emails out still no one...
  4. Adam_92

    Looking for a ferrule crimping tool

    I work on portable units and terminate a lot of 2.5mm and 1.5mm flex, so looking for advice on these.. the Legrand looks nice because of the ferrules on strips.. Thanks in advance Adam
  5. Highspark24/7

    Looking for electcal testing post

    Few years ago when I was just a lurker I came across a post about filling in an electrical test sheet with brilliant description of the schedule of inspection with looking to see if any one can find post so I can get my apprentice to look
  6. B

    Electricians Mate Looking for work Hants/Surrey

    Hi, just completed my 2365 levels 2 & 3 and I’ve got my BS7671 qualification. So I’m looking to start out as a mate to gain experience so I can complete my NVQ and work towards AM2. Based in Liphook in Hampshire on the Surrey / West Sussex border. I’ve got my own tools and transport and am keen...
  7. timhoward

    Best looking consumer unit?

    A question asked by a customer, when I explained the logistics involved in moving the current one. My mind went to Schneider Easy 9 but I thought I'd consult the wisdom of you fine bunch!
  8. HappyHippyDad

    Looking for 32mm conduit gland!!

    I don't think I have worked with 32mm conduit before. Always 25mm and 20mm. I want to contain 2 x 25mm tails and 1 x 16mm earth in some 32mm (rigid) plastic conduit. Where it comes out of the wall I would usually use a round conduit box. I cant find 32mm (plastic) round conduit boxes so I shall...
  9. Highspark24/7

    Looking for metal clad accessory's

    Hi all we are doing a domestic house that is an old log cabin type building and client wants galv conduit throughout we have and I am looking for a supplier of a full range of metal clad accessory's All switching is going to be wireless but will need some sort of grid switch for module
  10. J

    Electrician Looking for a Electrician London area

    Looking for an experienced Electrician to join our team we carry out small installs, ppm, testing and reactive works most work is commercial and based within the M25 corridor contact for more details
  11. S


  12. Jurassicsparky

    Remote control of water pump

    Hi, I'm designing a wireless switching system for a cattle water trough. I'm looking for a float switch which would send a wireless signal to a receiver 300m away next to the pump and bring the pump on when required. There is line of sight between the units. At the moment the pump is switched...
  13. T

    Looking for help/info about my troopy battery setup

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to 4x4's etc, so please go easy on me, just looking for some help/info. Some background: I have a 92 landcruiser troopy (75 series) with 100watt solar panel on the roof + dual battery redarc setup, I have an old style 45L engel fridge connected to the auxillary and a...
  14. J

    looking for pcb component

    Hello. I know its probably a long shot but i have this part [from a roberts radio] and the middle component got burned. anyone knows if said board is some general component which can be found individually? any info would be greatly apreciated
  15. M

    Looking for a job as a sub-contractor!

    I have tons of experience in commercial and residential electricity projects. if you got big project and need some help with a part of it. Pls do not hesitate to contact me. ill be more than happy to help you out
  16. Haroonhassan222

    Electricians Mate Looking for electrical work in london

    have just come of a site after completing 1 year as an electricians mate, i worked closely with different sparks learning the trade. thoroughly enjoyed my work on site and looking forward to getting back on. I have an EAL level 2 and 3 electrical installation certificate, 18th edition and an ecs...
  17. P

    Looking for an easy-to-understand explanation of 3 phase / 3 phase + N

    I have some questions about 3 phase. 1. Does the neutral come in with the supply as standard? 2. As most 3 phase equipment doesn't require an N, what are the circumstances where you need one? 3. When we do need one, why do we need one? 4. Am i right in presuming therefore that we'd mostly use...
  18. H

    Looking for advice please!

    Hello everyone, before i start digging into my issue I would like some advice from professionals on where I should begin. A while back I lost power to one of my circuits, I swapped the breaker to see if that was possibly the issue but it was not. When i have the breaker on as you can see in...
  19. M

    Mila are looking for Electricians accross the UK

    Mila are on the lookout for qualified electricians across the UK. We are about to go live with Amazon Home Services in all regions, meaning that any electrical item bought on the amazon website will offer installation services as well. Mila is the platofrom behind all of this connecting the...
  20. M

    Electricians Mate Looking for electrical improvers/mate job in London

    Hello, I am based in London and looking to get my feet through the doors in the field, as I am just finishing my qualifications for Level 3. Wondering if anyone knows who would give a chance to a hard-working and keen lad. Since I have one more week of exams, I am free and committed to work...
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