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  1. T

    Looking at moving to New Zealand - qualis likely an issue

    Hi guys I’m looking at moving to New Zealand as soon as Covid allows and just have a few questions regarding required qualifications to work in NZ... I work in events (temporary power solutions). Until recently I wasn’t qualified as it isn’t technically required to carry out this work as I’m...
  2. M

    Can one 15 amp lead run two 15 amp power points

    Running from house to a van home to power van there is two 15 amp points .I was hoping to run from a single power point a 15 amp lead with a double plug 15 amp extension lead..Will I need a 30 amp lead or will i require a electrician to install something at the main box from my house
  3. J

    Looking for good quality tool belt

    As above. I had an ancient leather one from the days when battery drills had yelllow thermal cut outs on the side... looking to upgrade. C&k one looks good. Any other suggestions please? thanks john
  4. J

    Looking for recommended voltage tester with phase rotation test on it

    Hi Am looking for the above, with bag and tester confirmation box. Any recommendations please as there are a lot to choose from. Thank you. John
  5. S

    Electricians Mate Looking for volunteer 2 days Thursday and Friday

    I completed my Level 2 and 3 City & Guilds 2330 in Electrical Installations and 18 édition, Pat testing I Trying to get experience . Based in West London . Can you help Will work for experience only Unpaid Electrician mate , Assistant I got ECS card and IPAF I am available 2 days a week...
  6. Dartlec

    Looking for options for low profile surface mounted lights for a solid soffet over garage

    Currently struggling a bit to find suitable lights to fit above a garage door on the soffit. The soffit has a solid joist/beam directly above it so recessed lighting isn't an option, but the customer doesn't want anything too high profile - just wants ambient lighting for the front of the garage...
  7. D

    Looking for electrical improver

    Looking for electrical improver in Ilford area 3-4 weeks work commercial job first and second fix works must have valid ecs/cscs card
  8. J

    Electrician Looking for weekend industrial work

    Hello, I'm 24 years old, and I work full-time, Monday to Friday, as a plant technician in a waste processing plant (I have been there for almost 2 years). I'm currently enrolled on the City & Guilds level 2 electrical installations diploma and will start the level 3 after finishing the level...
  9. P

    Looking for someone to give me work experience or sponsor for an apprenticeship?

    Hi I am located in Blackburn lancashire. I am currently studying level 2 diploma in electrical installation. I have been told I need to either do a week work experience with and electrician or company to pass my course. or have a sponsor for an apprenticeship. if anyone can help me it...
  10. C

    Looking for the name of a part that a switch plugs into

    Hi all, Recently my gas stovetop's ignition button started malfunctioning. So of course, I took it apart and found a replacement. So the button seems to have two flat pins that plug into a plastic box with some plate inside. The other end of the plastic box ends with two holes for the cables...
  11. A

    Apprentices Apprenticeship looking for employment in London

    Hi my name is Aldo. I am currently looking for someone to employ me as an apprentice for electrician. I am based in London, north and i am willing to go anywhere in London and i am willing to do plumbing if there is no electrician.
  12. J

    Starting my own company, looking for some friendly advice

    Hi All, I've joined today because I'm after some advice from people in the field about what requirements are necessary and what maybe considered a luxury or not worth the cost, in regard to doing industrial electrical work. My partner and I have started our company, consulting industrial...
  13. P

    Apprentices looking for an apprenticeship

    Hello, My name is Paul and I'm looking for an apprenticeship in electrical preferably domestic. I'm based in Gosport happy to work in areas close to me and happy to travel and work away from home if needed. Very keen to learn always been of the of trades I wanted to do as it's so valuable. I'm...
  14. Pete999

    In your opimions what is the meanest looking post WW2 jet fighter?

    Having been up in one My choice is the McDonnel Douglas F4 Phanton, gives me the Heeby Jeebies just looking at it, whats your choices?
  15. B

    Noob looking for MFT and other bits of test equipment

    Hi. I'm looking to buy My First Multifunction Tester, a voltage indicator and a proving unit. Do you have any advice or links to special offers, bundles, etc? I'll be doing domestic EICRs, fault finding and remedial work (all domestic). TIA :) Edit: My budget is £800 all in
  16. H

    Electrician Mate looking for work in Swindon area to 1hr out

    C&G Level 3 CSCS 1 year experience, new builds (1st & 2nd fix), rewires, small works & site work, some test & inspec. Willing to relocate. Please PM me for email address for discussion, cheers. :D
  17. C

    New member & want to seek advice

    Hi everyone, I am currently living in HK. I am going to apply the working visa next year and would like to become an electrician in UK (probably living in Manchester). I have no related experiences and skills in this field. As I did some researches, I would like to seek advice about how to...
  18. Maji236

    U.S. Electrician looking to work in Scotland

    Greetings, I'm currently living in NY (way Upstate, above Albany). The wife & I are considering to take an extended stay to borders in Scotland. Obviously no time too soon because of COVID. We've visited for a few weeks at a time before & want to do a few months next time. Not being...
  19. M

    UK Looking for an electrician in Stratford E15

    Hi I'm looking for an electrician for a job in Stratford E15, I have an sockets MCB that has tripped and won't stay on, and takes out rcd. Nothing is plugged in, nothing is on.... would love it sorting asap Apologies in advance if I have posted in the wrong location..... I'm a newbie Many thanks...
  20. James.B

    Looking to install a 3ph supply for 2 x 6kW fryer in a commercial kitchen. I've done calcs but would appreciate a second opinion, details att in photo

    Hi everyone, I've looked at a job to install a circuit for a 2x 6kW fryer in a commercial kitchen and would really appreciate a second opinion on my calcs, attached in photos. Many thanks in advance.
  21. bigspark17

    Van lease, looking to contract hire

    Im looking to contract hire a new vivaro probably on a 3yr contract, im just wondering thoose of you who have leased do you have any advice? Im happy with the costing Vat mileage ect but worry about the costs should it (probably will) have a bump or scratch?! Getting quoted around £240+v with...
  22. T

    looking for best step / cone cutter for using on 18th edition consumer units

    Hi all, i,m looking for recommendations on a reliable tough step /cone cutter for using on 18th edition boards ?, i'm sick of hole saws rattling round and making a mess , your guidance would be greatly appreciated ! cheers fellow sparky's.
  23. A

    Apprentices Looking for a apprentice for electrician in north london

    Hi i'm a 17 year old boy who wants to do an apprentice for electrician in London. I am based in north London so i would preferred to do my apprentice there however i would not mind to do my apprentice around the city.
  24. A

    Apprentices Hi my names Andrew and Im looking for an electrician to take me on as an apprentice or electrical mate in london

    I am currently working as a general laborer and have been for nearly a year and I am starting an electrical level 2 course which is 1 day at college this means I will need to find work for the other 4 days as an electrical mate or apprentice I am based in north London. I will attach my cv below...
  25. C

    Looking for a VFD with good scaling for display.

    Evening, I currently use Rexroth VFD´s, but the scaling options are a bit sparse. Basically it has a multiplier that you can set from 0.1 to 100. For example on a pillar drill I added one to, I wanted the display to show RPM, but as the motor is geared down (for example 12:1), you only get...
  26. W

    Just joined

    Howdy all. Just joined here and looking forward to some interesting discussions. I'm sure I'll have some questions and hopefully I can contribute a bit too.
  27. M

    Looking for a 12v RGB multi zone Controller.

    Needs to be at least 4 zones and 7 amps per channel. Thanks!!
  28. M

    Apprentices Apprentice electrician

    Looking for an electrical apprenticeship based in and around Liverpool. I have been in college for the past two years and have passed my level 2 and level 3 diploma in electrical installation so I am looking to take the next step. Hoping to hear from you soon
  29. 8

    Electrician Looking for a Trainee BMS position

    Hi. Thought I'd post to see if I can make contact with someone in the BMS industry. I'm an electrical tester who is looking to get into the BMS sector. I've tried and tried to get a trainee position, but seem to get pipped at the post and get nowhere! I am very serious about becoming an...
  30. C

    UK currently looking to get on and electrician course carnt pick which is best

    i am current looking join an electrician course ideally to get my gold card i am paying for the course my self so need as much information as possible to decided who to go with i have got it down to 2 providers at the moment 1-option skills birmingham nvq level 3 EAL this intails 8 week...
  31. 8

    Looking to become a trainee BMS engineer

    Hi. Thought I'd post to see if I can make contact with someone in the BMS industry. I'm an electrical tester who is looking to get into the BMS sector. I've tried and tried to get a trainee position, but seem to get pipped at the post and get nowhere! I am very serious about becoming an...
  32. A

    Electrician Looking for a chance into electrician

    Good afternoon all, I’m desperately looking for a way into getting a job as an electricians mate not then have the opportunity to get fully qualified. I’m 43 year old hard working individual who has lots of experience in electrical installations, cctv, burglar alarms, satellite tv including...
  33. D

    Apprentices Looking for an apprenticeship in South Yorkshire, want to put in the ultimate graft to get where I want to be.

    Looking for an apprenticeship in South Yorkshire and want to put in the ultimate graft.
  34. E

    Hi Guys, I would firstly like to introduce myself. Name is Edmond Noonan. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

    To those who whose s electricity supply is TNC-S, what are the requirements regarding the resistance of the homeowners earth rod (stake or mesh).?
  35. jc71292

    Electrician Looking for work as a Mate - Improver - Apprenticeship --- Lincolnshire

    Hello Guys, I'm 27 and looking to get work as an improver / mate so that I can complete the NVQ. I have the City and Guilds Level 2 and 3 in Electrical Installations as well as the 18th edition. Prior to the pandemic I managed to work with a local electrician for just over a month, but...
  36. J

    Electrician Looking for work in the Ellesmere Port and Cheshire area

    Looking for work around the Ellesmere Port, Cheshire area Currently doing a level 2 night course and would like to get a foot in in the industry. Hard working and really keen to learn all aspects of the electrical industry. Any contact would be great
  37. D

    Electrician Looking for Electrical Improver looking for work, C&G L2+L3, 18th, ECS, Birmingham.

    Seeking work in Birmingham area
  38. C

    Electricians Mate looking for work in the electical industry to gian experience grimsby and surrounding areas

    looking for work in the electrical indstusry to gain working experience, i have completed level 2 and almost done level 3
  39. A

    Electrician Looking for work in East london / Essex

    Hi people Hope you're all well. Currently looking for work around East London/Essex. I'm willing to travel a fair bit. I have my own tools, transport, ECS, IPAF and 2yrs experience on the tools. People I've worked with have always given me positive feedback. Im a very quick learner...
  40. M

    Electrician Electrician looking for work in the Banbury/Oxfordshire area.

    I have been working for an established company in Aylesbury for the last year and a half. The work was mainly domestic with a small amount of commercial work. I’m qualified to level 3 2365. I also have my 18th edition and ev charging qualification. I’m am competent in testing and using the...