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  1. D

    UK Looking for a back box sds sort of chisel

    Does any one know the name of this sds chisel in the photo I've had it a while but cannot find another or what it's called, it's great for doing neat back box cuts in brick
  2. Johnsty32

    UK Looking for work - Electricians Jobs in Newcastle - Electrical work in Newcastle

    Hello everyone 👌🏻 I’m from Newcastle and looking for work at the minute any help would be really appreciated thanks 👍🏻
  3. P

    Looking for a Mate or Trainee position in Reading

    Hi guys I’m looking for a start with a firm preferably full time .. I have completed 2365 Level 2 and just started the Level 3 at college doing night classes.. eager to get into the industry and get my hands dirty.. I have passed the ECS Test and have a driving license and a bag of tools ...
  4. P

    UK Looking for work as a mate or trainee in Reading

    Hi all I’m looking for a firm in or around Reading to take me on as a mate or trainee .. I’ve passed my Level 2 2365 and am starting Level 3 tonight at college .. I have passed ecs test, I have a full uk driving license, a lot of hand tools and building up my power tools.. any help would be much...
  5. H

    Looking for work

    Morning all. Been doing electrical work part time and now (after career change) full time for two and a half years. Really enjoy domestic work, got my 18th, 2392, 2393 and 2377 and registered with STROMA. Got my own transport and all my own tools (hand tools, power tools and MFT). Really keen...
  6. Gary Tollison

    Newly qualified sparky looking for work.

    Hello :) As the title says, I’m in the market for work. I have level 3 diploma in electrical installations BS7671 17th edition 2391 - certificates pending AM2 will be done soon. Is anyone willing, or know anyone willing to take a chance on a kiwi with little practical experience? I’m willing to...
  7. B

    Looking for safety advice regarding cooker

    Hi. I pulled out my cooker today to clean under it and i noticed what looks like a scorch mark. I've never noticed it before and just want to be sure it doesn't spell trouble. I've attached a pic. Thanks for any advice.
  8. K

    Looking for an appretice, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

    Hi all, We are a small but established and growing company in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Im looking to identify a candidate for an apprenticeship. ideally a level 2 or 3 or 2 going into 3. C&G 2357 etc looking for work. If you are able to think for yourself and can live without your phone in your...
  9. T

    Kitchen installer expanding.

    Hi guys, chances are I might get flamed for this but what the hell.... :p I currently run a kitchen design and installation business and the electrical side is problematic for us, we subcontract so depend on various people across our area however, at times this makes quoting for jobs difficult...
  10. P

    Mate / Trainee looking for a start in Reading or surrounding area

    I’ve passed my 2365 level 2 and starting Level 3 in September at Guildford College .. looking for a start with someone if there’s anything available .. I have transport and most tools.. doing my ECS test on the 20th August .. I’m a hard grafter and looking for something permanent preferably ...
  11. S

    Northwest Electrician looking for work

    I'm looking for full time work if anyone can help me out or knows if someone in need , I'm based in Liverpool I have my own van and tools , power tools , ladders , testing equipment etc So ready for a start straight away I'm good at a wide range of installations and testing , And have...
  12. J

    MANCHESTER - Looking for work; Electrician mate/improver vacancy wanted.

    I'm currently searching for a mate/improver position. I have industrial and domestic experience as well as possessing 18th edition, ECS/JIB, asbestos awareness, domestic installer cert, near completion of NVQ L3. I'm also open to maintenance, service engineer, domestic electricians mate...
  13. R

    Looking for a Trainee/Adult Apprenticeship role.

    With me having no luck looking for Electrical work as a Mate or Improver. I have decided to maybe look at a Trainee or Apprentice role. The pay does not bother me, I am just after the experience. As I am looking to do my NVQ. But would rather be working in the industry. I have my own car, so...
  14. M

    Electrician Improver Looking for work in London

    Hi I am 45 yrs old electrician Improver with excellent experience looking for work in London and available for Immediate Start. (edited by staff, please contact member via forum)
  15. C

    Looking for some info on working abroad.

    Hi guys, Starting to get some itchy feet here in the UK and thinking that maybe it's time to move abroad with the family. Not entirely set on a place. I like the look of Australia, Canada, Cyprus or maybe one of the canary islands. Question is.. Can any of you point me in the right...
  16. LPelectrical

    Looking for Electrician/Experienced Improver in Surrey area

    Evening, We’re a small team of 2 based in Surrey and looking for some help for mainly Domestic projects. We work on New build properties as well as Refurbishment Installation work. Also, a small amount of EV Installs. Own tools and transport preferred. Please message or call/text on 07944...
  17. L

    Introductions: Looking to get back into the trade.

    Hello everyone. I qualified as an electrician in 2003 but only worked for a few years before doing a bit of travelling. One thing led to another and I never worked as a sparky again. I am currently taking steps to get my gold card (just passed the ecs h&s and have the 18th ed course in 2...
  18. C

    Domestic Looking for work in Bristol

    Hi everyone. My name's Callum and I'm 30 years old. I've just moved to Bristol and I'm looking for work. I've got my own van and tools with my level 2&3 Diploma and 18th Edition. Available for an immediate start. If you're busy please don't hesitate to PM me.
  19. C

    Looking for Solar Inspection form s and tests after an installation was done

    Looking for Solar Inspection form s and tests after an installation was done
  20. The Sword

    For Sale [North]: Allen Bradley kit if anyone is looking for some. (UPDATE)

    I have : 2x Allen Bradley Micrologix 1200 1762L24BWA Used once, Excellent cond. 2x Allen Bradley AIC+ 1761-NET-AIC Used once, Excellent cond. 1x Allen Bradley Panelview C600 (t6t) colour touchscreen HMI Used once, Excellent cond. 2x Allen Bradley 1761-CBL-AP00 Connecting Cable Used once...
  21. J

    Anyone looking for a Sparky's mate?

    I don't suppose anyone knows of anyone looking for a Sparky's mate at all? Starting level 2 and 3 course soon, have worked as a labourer in the past, just eager to get some experience whilst learning. Currently working full time in sales, I'm 28 and hopefully making the career switch in the next...
  22. R

    Looking for work as an Electrical Improver/Mate

    I am currently looking for work as an Electrical Improver/Mate in and around the North West. I am willing to travel as long as digs are paid. Level 2 City & Guilds 2365 – Distinction Currently Studying Level 3 City & Guilds 2365 ECS Labourer Card & ECS H&S Exam passed with Certificate as proof...
  23. F

    Sparks mate looking for work in Essex

    Hello guys Looking for work in essex area. Im 33 years old looking for sparks mate job. I have pretty much all tools and own transport. Hard working and looking to work alongside electrician that will take me on. Been working since i was 13 and looking for full time work. Please let me know if...
  24. S

    Looking for work North West

    Looking for commercial/industrial work in the northwest. Looking to complete nvq, so eager to learn and push on
  25. S

    Trainee Looking for work (Stoke-on-Trent)

    Hi, I’m currently enrolled in the city & guilds 2357 course with 1 year left to completion. I would like to know if anyone is willing to hire a trainee in the stoke-on-Trent area? I have several months of experience working with an electrician (part time) & will need some employment to help...
  26. C

    Trainee Looking for Experience - Birmingham Area

    Hi Currently I'm working in a warehouse as an order packer which is amazingly exciting :rolleyes:. I'm looking for on-site experience as an electrician's mate around the Birmingham area. I've completed my levels 2 & 3 at college and obtained my ECS card along the way. I'll be looking to get my...
  27. S

    Looking for sparks West Yorks

    Sparks required for job in Huddersfield. Commercial refurb, 4 weeks work. Mainly 2nd fix. Power, lighting & EM lighting, fire alarm, CCTV. Plenty of hours available. PM for more info’ Thank you
  28. E

    Trusted Trader / Bark / MyBuilder / CheckaTrade in a new area

    Hi All, I have just moved to a new area, am self employed. Just wondering if anyone has had success advertising with Trusted Trader/Bark/MyBuilder/CheckaTrade etc?
  29. S


    Small family business which has taken on some large contracts (11 floor hotel in London and new build flats and houses) Looking for experienced electricians to run jobs and up and coming electricians looking to learn and earn Very fair day rates and potential opportunity for price works on...
  30. Jason94

    Trainee Looking to change careers.

    Hello all, I'm currently a HGV driver but it's not something I want to continue to do. I enjoy learning new things and expanding my knowledge which my current job doesn't have. I have always been interested in becoming a electrician and now at 25 I feel like it's now or never to actually...
  31. L

    New guy, looking for contacts.

    Hi everyone, I’ve been registered on here for a few years but never really used the site, thought I’d say hi! Interested in working abroad if anyone has any thoughts, specifically the Middle East.
  32. Matt

    Trainee Electricians mate from London looking for experience

    Hello everyone, I would like to get some experience in installing containment, ladder rack or tray work. I don't expect renumeration - will work for experience. I am available one, two days a week or for the odd job you might have. Can not do more as I need to keep my regular job. Weekend...
  33. DeanoRN

    Improver looking for work (midlands)

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has any opportunities available for an improver, i have all my hand tools/ drills etc..i have my 18th edition level 3 electrical installation from south and city collage Birmingham, also have my IPAF 3A-3B and ECS Card I'm currently working as a subby in hospitals...
  34. S

    New member looking for career change

    hi there just introducing myself. I’m 28 and currently looking for a career change to become an electrician. Going to get access to the trainee forum. I’m based in Glasgow any advice on where to start would be very much appreciated Thanks Steven
  35. Mr brown

    Looking for a trainee electrician or improver

    Looking for a trainee electrician or improver for mainly domestic and some commercial work in London. Ideally someone who is at college currently or has qualified and is based in north London area Enfield Please contact if interested.
  36. j1mbodrea

    In the west London area, looking for work as my last company is too far away

    Based in Hammersmith and looking for work ????
  37. R

    Looking for advice, want to change career.

    Hi All. So i am 30 years old and thinking to change my career. At this moment i am working for a builders merchant as a manager and earning 28k, but I really want to change my career. Thinking to lear electrician trade, but not sure how to start and where to start. I have a family and i need...
  38. G

    Are you currently ooking for a job??

    Gs tech elec Ltd are currently looking for a qualified electrician /improver /trainee/ apprentice. Based in Plymouth or Exeter. If you're interested. Send me a Cv/ email. [email protected] Cheers Greg
  39. S

    Looking for work, anything considered London and greater London, kent areas

    I'm looking for work, cis, agency, other. JIB Approved, pasma, IPAF, 2391, 2380. Industrial, Commercial security, access control , data anything. British spark, also with Australian A grade license and open registration cables license. I've seen it and done it. Oh and chuck in a cert 4 in rail...
  40. FoxySparky

    Sparks Mate Looking for Work Hertfordshire

    Alright Lads, I'm a 30 year old Sparks Mate based in Hertford, with C&G Level 3, 17th edition (training for 18th), and 6 years experience in both industrial and Domestic. Looking for full time work. I am training for my Test and inspection course, and hope to start and complete my NVQ within...
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