1. fes786

    I Need Work Looking for a job north east

    Hi Im looking for a job or anyone who can help me complete my nvq portfolio I have the following: C&g 2365 level 2 & 3 18th edition C&g 2391-52 inspection and testing Full clean uk driving license I have experience in domestic full house rewires in vacant properties I have experience wiring and...
  2. R

    UK Looking for advice

    Hey all, I'm brand new to this world, im currently studying with TPA college to become an electrician just wondering if anyone has any advice for a complete beginner.
  3. Adamstc222

    I Need Work Looking for electrical work in Northamptonshire area

    I have recently completed my Level 2 & 3 in Electrical Installations & hold an ECS card, I'm struggling to find a way into the industry I though self funding my training would help but still seem to be stuck at a dead end of applying for jobs and not hearing back, If anyone has any advice or any...
  4. M

    Looking for a 350ma 6w Driver

    So as the title states and this turned out to be harder than it sounds task, been trying to find a driver for an LED fixture I have that came without a driver. It requires 350ma at 6w and 17v. I cant find the exact driver with these exact specs but wondering if 300ma will work or if 8 watts will...
  5. T

    I Need Work looking for an apprenticeship

    I am desperately looking for an apprenticeship job in Leeds. I have started my level 1 city and guilds at access training they promised to find me work and didn't. I have since been told this was not the right path to choose. I really want to get into the industry but can not find any way in so...
  6. A

    Electrician Jobs Looking for electrical sub-contractor - Brighton

    Required asap for price work. No of Workers: 2 Location: Brighton & Hove Description of Work: Installation of 230v operated, radio linked smoke, heat & CO2 detection in sheltered housing accommodation, linked to the warden call system. Worker Qualifications: 1. Qualified electrician able to...
  7. R

    I Need Work Looking for work

    Hi, I am looking for work or to work with a qualified electrician who is patient or is willing to have a helper who can become just as good in a short time; I have experience in the electrical field, working more in the electrical infrastructure: electric car charging stations, street lighting...
  8. K

    I Need Work Looking for an apprenticeship in west London

    Hello I am looking for an apprenticeship as an electrician. I live in west london area ( Ealing /Harrow). Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  9. J

    I Need Work Looking for weekend PLC/ industrial controls call-out work

    Hello, I'm interested in working PLC/ industrial controls weekend call-out work for any companies who need it. I'm based in the south of England. Primarily I work with Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLCs. Thanks, Josh
  10. H

    Electrician Jobs Looking for a qualified electrician with a passion for teaching

    Due to demand, we need a qualified electrician who would like to teach. Suitable for all ages with a passion and patience, to pass on knowledge to both young and old. We are based in Stratford, London. We deliver City and Guilds qualifications and a lot will be familiar with quals 7202,2365 and...
  11. C

    Electrician Jobs looking for a rewire team and/or electricians mate in leicester and doncaster

    looking for a rewire team, mainly in leicester but with occasional jobs in notts and doncaster also looking for an electricians mate in leicester to bolster our existing rewire team. some experience of rewiring would be preferred full time roles on the books available or can be sub-contract
  12. P

    I Need Work Looking to get more experience.

    Hello! I am looking for a company to allow me to get more electrical experience. I am mid 30’s, ex military officer and currently training on the adults electricians course. I have already passed my 18th Edition & Building Reg’s/Part P exams. I am waiting to attend the Test & Inspection course...
  13. H

    I'm looking to identify an object in my roof

    This electrical item sits on top of the plaster from the roof. There is a humming noise coming from it, it puts out a lot of heat and sometimes things in the room below will vibrate. It's very strange I know. I am unable to get closer to it as I have been informed that there is no manhole on the...
  14. strider6

    I Need Work Looking for work around South West London

    Hi there, This might be a bit of a long shot, but doesn't hurt to try. I'm based in South West London (Richmond/Twickenham) and I'm about 7 weeks into my C&G 2365 L2 course (602 exam soon) at the moment. I have some past commercial and residential site experience (~1yr) and have my own hand &...
  15. A

    Electrician Jobs Looking for a new role? Electricians in Hampshire

    Antac are looking for an Electrician to join the team, specialising in commercial installations across Hampshire. The role involves small projects such as installing additional sockets, to more substantial tasks like upgrading distribution boards and office renovations. Additionally, you will...
  16. P

    I Need Work Looking for Electrical Apprenticeship/Mate Opportunity in the South East & London

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working towards getting qualified as an electrician and am hoping to get my foot in the door with an apprenticeship or mate position soon. (side note: I'm 28, not a school leaver). I don't have previous professional experience yet, but I took a job as a self-employed...
  17. R

    I Need Work Looking for work around North-East area, willing to travel.

    Mate with site experience, 18th edition, ECS, 2365 own tools and transport looking for work around the North-East willing to travel. If interested message me for more info. Thanks
  18. P

    I Need Work Looking for someone to rescue me

    Hi All, I am a IT trained person, with 25 years experience and 5 years as an apprentice Electrical Engineer. I though I would ask advice because I am desperate now. So the situation is my Job as an IT person is coming to an end. I have applied for a lot of Jobs had a few interviews. Been...
  19. J

    I Need Work Electrician Mate - Looking for Work

    Hello, I have completed the BS7671:2018 (2022) and Part P recently. Currently aiming to complete the Level 3 Certificate In Installing, Testing & Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings and only have two assessments left to do - Portfolio and 1 Day Practical Exam. Recently...
  20. S

    I Need Work Looking for improver work

    Hiall, I'm looking for electrical improver work in South East England. I have 2 years experience in commercial, industrial and domestic installation and testing. Have my own battery power and hand tools plus own transport. Have CIS card, ipaf and 18th edition.


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