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  1. A

    Electrician Looking for electrical sub-contractor - Brighton

    Required asap for price work. No of Workers: 2 Location: Brighton & Hove Description of Work: Installation of 230v operated, radio linked smoke, heat & CO2 detection in sheltered housing accommodation, linked to the warden call system. Worker Qualifications: 1. Qualified electrician able to...
  2. H

    I'm looking to identify an object in my roof

    This electrical item sits on top of the plaster from the roof. There is a humming noise coming from it, it puts out a lot of heat and sometimes things in the room below will vibrate. It's very strange I know. I am unable to get closer to it as I have been informed that there is no manhole on the...
  3. R

    Electricians Mate Looking for work around North-East area, willing to travel.

    Mate with site experience, 18th edition, ECS, 2365 own tools and transport looking for work around the North-East willing to travel. If interested message me for more info. Thanks
  4. P

    Electrician Looking for someone to rescue me

    Hi All, I am a IT trained person, with 25 years experience and 5 years as an apprentice Electrical Engineer. I though I would ask advice because I am desperate now. So the situation is my Job as an IT person is coming to an end. I have applied for a lot of Jobs had a few interviews. Been...
  5. J

    Electrician Electrician Mate - Looking for Work

    Hello, I have completed the BS7671:2018 (2022) and Part P recently. Currently aiming to complete the Level 3 Certificate In Installing, Testing & Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings and only have two assessments left to do - Portfolio and 1 Day Practical Exam. Recently...
  6. S

    Looking for improver work

    Hiall, I'm looking for electrical improver work in South East England. I have 2 years experience in commercial, industrial and domestic installation and testing. Have my own battery power and hand tools plus own transport. Have CIS card, ipaf and 18th edition.
  7. A

    Looking for Electrical improver jobs around London

    ECS EXPERIENCED WORKER CARD HOLDER Certification. C&G 2382-22 Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671:2018 603/3319/4 18th Edition City & Guilds 8202 Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma Electrical Installation City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 Diploma in Electrical...
  8. TBarton

    Industrial apprentice looking for domestic work experience

    Hi, I’m an industrial electrical engineer apprentice working at a wastewater treatment plant, I’ve been really enjoying the job which I’ve been doing for two years now. However, when I come out of my apprenticeship I feel like I won’t know anything about domestics such as chasing walls house...
  9. B

    Electricians Mate Looking to start a career as an electrician

    Hi My name is Bryn and I live in St Albans I have currently done the level 1 domestic course the level 2 city and guilds 2365, the city and guilds 2382 18th edition and am 1 exam away from completing my level 3 2365 diploma. I am applying for lots of jobs through agencies but not getting...
  10. Cankeredlamentations

    Electricians Mate Looking for additional experience Leeds (West Yorkshire)

    Afternoon all, Current situation is - Adult learner (I'm 38 in a few weeks) I have my Level 2&3 (obtained last September) started learning at college on an evening about 3 years back and went from there) My 18th Edition (obtained Jan this year) and have now obtained my ECS card (came...
  11. D

    Ireland Newbie looking for answer

    Hi everyone I have started a new venture as a coffee shop owner and have gone out and bought my machine . Unknown to me the shop unit is not kitted out for three phase . I told the owner of the shop and he said he is at his max and just use a 32 amp socket . This is riddles to me and I don’t...
  12. M

    Electricians Mate Looking for practical experience / mate position - anywhere in country considered

    Hello. My name is David and I am in the process of retraining to become an electrician, something I have wanted to do for a while. Finally I have done it, and have now completed most of the required qualifications, so am now looking for a position that will give me the practical experience and...
  13. C

    Electrician A friend of mine is looking for an AM2 Assessor - IG8

    A friend of mine is looking for an AM2 Assessor around IG8. or a fully qualified Gold Card Electrician and he can put you though your training courses to become an assessor
  14. SDMarshall

    New to forum - Im looking to change careers

    Just a quick introduction from me - I'm a 49 year old living in Essex - I have no electrical qualifications but Im looking into training options and wanted some advice on what route to take. Im looking to get into renewable installations in some shape or form but Im not rigid in my goals. I just...
  15. J

    Looking for IEE Certs in Easy to use Editable Word Format

    Hi Looking for EIC, EICR and MEIWC in editable word format please. I have them in editable PDF format, but, seems file is not very portable and clips some writing on some printers PCs etc. Just want to keep it simple and use MS word in a form (working tick boxes and text boxes that expand as...
  16. K

    Electrician Looking for job London

    Anyone looking for a new entry qualified Domestic electrical installer,Hold Initial verification and testing Level 3,18th edition BS7671 Level 3.Can cover SW LONDON and central London areas.Hold driving licence.No car,tools basics. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks !
  17. C

    Looking for advice on training

    I'm looking to re-train and get into the trade. I'm thinking of going with evening classes (2 evenings a week) to get the 2365 level 2&3 but this won't start until October this year. I have no formal training and was thinking in the meantime would it be worth my while contacting local firms and...
  18. MohammedKhan321

    Electricians Mate Any electricians looking for a mate?

    My name is Mohammed and I live in London (East Ham). I've nearly finished my L2 2365 C&G (passed the 10 hour practical build, just doing the health and safety assessments now) and wondering if anyone is willing to take me on as a mate or give me an opportunity to build up any experience? Got...
  19. jozefbehr

    Jozef BehrL Looking for co alarm

    Hello. Looking for recommendations on a co alarm. Usually use aico but client is not happy with the look of them. Old victorian house probably.
  20. A

    Electrician Looking for someone with electrical work experience, don't have to be license.

    Looking for someone to work 3-4 days a week, doing electrical work, don't have to be license, but experience is a must. Have your own tools and transportation please, Thank you...reach Hamid.. Assurance Electrical LLC 908-367-0593...
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