1. S

    Can anyine identify this electrical line type and load rated for?

    attached image of a line i dug out to find feeding a 100Amp subpanel (25 years and no issues I'm told). I can't make it out and am hoping someone experienced might be able to identify it and confirm if it is indeed the right wire type to handle the load. It's a 100Amp main subpanel switch, with...
  2. R

    Can you identify this?

    So, my oldest son moved out yesterday into an apartment complex and he asked me what a particular outlet was. There were several of them throughout the apartment and they were all located on the wall about a foot from the ceiling. I thought it might be some sort of smoke sensor, but they also...
  3. M

    Can anyone identify this part?

    Hi, I'm trying to fix an old battery pack that won't charge and I'm pretty sure this part is the culprit (when testing with a multimeter this part is breaking the circuit). I'm guessing it's a resistor? Could anyone please direct me to a replacement of the correct type? The second picture is...
  4. L

    Can anybody identify what bulb i need for this fitting?

    Sorry if this isn't what this forums for but I'm at a loss and any help would be greatly appreciated, can anybody identify what bulb i need for this fitting? It's an outdoor light if that's any help,
  5. E

    Help to identify this wall switch

    Hi! The house was built in 1978. There is a wall switch of a style and function I cannot identify. The switch is like a rocker switch but it goes in both directions and springs back to level again. One is in a bathroom and the other in a den.
  6. dmitry1

    help to identify contact

    i have a contact (for power) that goes into ARINC-600 connector, it has only two color bands, i am having problem identifying its part number...., if someone recognizes it please let me know 1) type: contact. color band: red, orange 2) type: contact. color band: blue, orange these go into...
  7. D

    Help identify 7 pin relay

    Hi, I am new here. I am a farmer in the Highlands of Scotland working on an electrical fault in an old Massey Ferguson 390T tractor made in 1992. I think the fault may be in a relay. This is a 7 pin solid state relay labeled "warning light dimmer" on the circuit diagram (see below). The Lucas...
  8. dnjr

    Can anyone identify this SDS tool and where to buy it

    Dear all Borrowed this tool on site today and want to buy one It fits onto an SDS drill, set it on hammer and it cuts out for metal back boxes It measures 75mm x 35mm. I’ve searched everywhere I can think of but can’t find it Anyone know ?
  9. E

    Can anyone help me identify the 3 speed coloring of my cooker hood connection. Please look at the photos

    Hi Can someone help me please? I got a new cookerhood motor and I know the color coding for different speeds. But I need to find out the existing speed color coding to to connect to it. Could someone look at the photos and tell me which color is which? Its a 3 speed setting. Thanks in advance.
  10. R

    Industrial Plug. Can't identify

    Hi All, i'm trying to identify this plug,it looks industrial and for the heavy machinery. So far google search doesn't help. I have only picture in my hand. Please those who ever have seen something like this, help me to identify what is this.
  11. Prytaneion

    John Bercow

    As he can't identify neutral, do you think HoC Speaker John Bercow should be banned from being an electrician?
  12. V

    Identify this bathroom extractor fan?

    I have a bathroom extractor fan that has gone bad, so I need to replace it. If possible, I would like to just replace the motor, rather than opening up the ceiling to put in a whole new enclosure. The problem is, I don't know how to find a replacement. Maybe someone here can identify this beast...
  13. C

    Please identify this isolator

    Come to carry out some works on this property. This isolator is between the DNO Head and Meter. Full set up picture also included. Old TT System now convered to PME. Cheers
  14. M

    Trying To Identify Wires

    Putting in a new garage sub panel, but none of the wires pulled to the garage were marked. There are three #8 wires, 2 hot and a neutral. The hots are on a 2 pole breaker. If I turn the breaker on and test for voltage, the neutral should not be hot. My question is, can I remove one of the...
  15. L

    Domestic Identify this head unit

    Hi guys Came to do the testing on small bathroom lighting job today and I was confronted with this old piece of scrap iron. I’ve never come across one of these before, so I’m asking you guys for confirmation of what I think what it is I’m looking for the type and BS number and amperage, so I...
  16. Lucien Nunes

    What kind of motor is this?

    Interesting old machine still in use. I've talked about similar motors before but not this type AFAIK. To the trained eye, the shape of this one is a giveaway, from which you can identify its maker and the technology it uses, and probably say something about the available electrical supply. In...
  17. J

    Can anyone identify this 3W LED light?

    Hi. Can anyone tell me what this light is? It's in my kitchen lights and needs to be replaced. Thanks.
  18. H

    Identify +KEY Key-on power

    Hi I posted this question yesterday but it appears to have disappeared. I'm trying to find +KEY in a 15 way Tyco auto connector. Unfortunately the circuit diagram cable colours do not match those in the connector. Also the pin number for +KEY shown is not correct. I know that there are several...
  19. R

    Can anyone identify this consumer unit

    Any idea what make this consumer unit is please.
  20. K

    Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower Fault - Identify Part

    Hi All I have an issue with my shower and I suspect it's the solenoid. The original fault is that the shower either wouldn't switch on at all, or it very briefly powers on, see video I removed the front panel and as you can see below, manually pressing the plastic arm starts the water...
  21. V

    Can anyone help to identify this starter motor?

    11tooth, M35J body , not sure what it fits.
  22. Jay89

    Please help identify

    Hi, I need to get a replacement for this grid module. Does anyone know the brand? Thanks J
  23. B


    Exposed by recent gas mains replacement, Also exposed were the old tram lines. The cable looks all armour and no conductors? Could it possibly be an part of an "earthing system" for the tram tracks/lines?
  24. R

    Dangerous mains - Please help me identify this

    Hi All, I'm living in a pretty dangerous situation - Please can you help? A few months ago, the electricity in my first/second floor flat blew out, as did my neighbours. It turns out that there was a fault in a mains component under the stairs. I had to get an electrician out late at night...
  25. robd

    Can anyone identify these

    Hi all, If anyone could identify these downlights I'd be grateful. Obviously they look like a fire rated, integrated LED fitting, just not a brand I'd usually use. Customer would like some more in a house he's just bought. Many thanks
  26. A

    Help Identify this Bulb please

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help identify this bulb, it's from a compact tractor which has four of them in the front lights. It looks a bit like H11 but I don't think the lugs look quite correct. They don't give the impression of being anything like 55W either. Shot from the end to try and...
  27. mel hadfield

    can anyone identify this fitting please?

    I need to buy a quantity of these fittings but so far haven't been able to identify it, can anyone help.
  28. polo1

    Can anyone identify the model no. of this timer.....

    Looking for user instructions & can’t visit the site in the near future.
  29. M

    Can anyone help me identify what battery I need?

    Hi all, I'm trying to get this old doorbell working. I bought some C batteries but they were too short for the slot. In the attached photo you'll see the exposed slot. The cover was lost a while ago so I have no brand name to go on. I bent the contacts inwards to fit the C batteries but they...
  30. Electron

    Can anyone identify this?

    Working on a refurbishment of an early 1980's flat and found this in the kitchen. Yellow conduit is plastic, so it could be gas. Does anyone know what it is?
  31. R

    Identify this wire from 1960 semi-detached house

    Hi All, Just brought a 1960 semi-detached house, and the front bedroom has this wire running along the wall. Does anybody know what it could be? Electrics are still original 1960.
  32. M

    Inverter went pop, can you identify this film capacitor?

    Hi all. I recently had a 300w inverter go pop and I'd really like to try to repair it if possible (it's a valuable part of a solar energy system). Upon first inspection, the big metallized polypropylene film capacitor right next to the AC output has burnt. I've no idea if there is any further...
  33. O

    Identify this product / model

    Hi All, can anyone give me the model number for this: Its an IR switch control for an outside light Thanks
  34. J

    wiring for bathroom extractor

    Hello, so Ive got a cable that was removed from the old extractor, it is a grey cable wich has grey/black/brown. The new extractor takes a live and neutral. Wiring is recent, within the last 10 years. What do I do? I know I should get someone in, but don't have the ££, so hoping you can...
  35. D

    EICR help!!

    Hi Guys, need a a bit of advice. I was carrying out an EICR yesterday and when I came to test CU the fuse ways (12 of them) only had 5 of them labelled. The others were blank so I had no idea of what circuit the mcb's belong to. I tested IR on all circuits and all came back fine. how do I...
  36. M

    2394/95 Practical Element

    Has anyone done the new 2394/95 practical and how does it compare too the old 2391?
  37. S

    Any ideas what this type of roof tile is actually called?

    Hi All, Relatively new to the forum but have been reading lots of your posts regarding the state of the industry and supplier issues with interest!!! I need to order a roofing system for the roof as shown below, but are struggling to identify the type of tile. Any ideas?:53::53::53: Many...
  38. H

    Sleeving of switched live

    Hello all I been reading a couple of differnt articles, when using twin brown as switch wire. The permenant live must be identifed so different to the switched live. If this is the case would you use a different colour sleeve or maybe tag it. Or would you just use twin & earth and sleeve the...
  39. A

    Ring Main Testing

    Sorry, not another ring main issue i hear you say guidance note 3 and the on-site guide are clear enough. However. I have a collegue who insists on doing the three steps of ring main testing from a socket outlet as its easier to find and get at the ends of the conductors as opposed to raking...
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