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  1. A

    I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge on a 32amp breaker. Is it possible to have the fridge and a separate freezer connected to a double gang socke

    Hi guys, I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge which is on a 32amp circuit and also runs off a fcu. Is it possible to have the fridge and a separate freezer connected to the double gang socket ? So both appliances are sharing the socket . Thanks !
  2. R

    5amp Lighting circuit with no power

    I have a 5amp lighting circuit throughout my flat which should power a total of four 3-round pin outlets. The 5amp circuit also powers two smoke alarms (backed up by battery). It is my guess that the circuit also powers the lights under the cupboards in my kitchen. MCB switch is on. Cycling the...
  3. N

    How to change normal circuit for lighting to a light sensitive circuit?

    I have garden lights and lights on my fence that I would like to arrange for them to switch on automatically when the sun sets for security purposes. I currently have switches for all the lights on the fence and the garden lights are huge LED appliances that are also hooked up and switched on by...
  4. B

    Adding a 'spur' to a ring circuit.

    Hello All Possibly a silly question - can I add a 'spur' to a ring circuit at it's MCB in the CU, rather than cutting into the ring itself? I want to do this to add a power line adaptor to extend wifi coverage. Many thanks. Billio
  5. gazdkw82

    Voltage on light circuit when off

    Friend of mine has phoned. He needs my help because his lights in the hallway keep flashing dimly whilst in the off position. He has measured nominal voltage when the lights are turned on and 50v when the lights are turned off. I dont have much information to work with yet but thought I would...
  6. W

    Lighting circuit advice

    Hi. A customer would like an outdoor light fitted with no cables showing (usual thing!) Close to the location of the light is an extractor fan in the kitchen dinner. At first I thought great! I can come off the supply side of the isolator, boarded walls, fish some cables in job done. But...
  7. D

    Normal for a house alarm to be on upstairs lighting circuit?

    For a few weeks I've had my upstairs lighting circuit on and off at the board, not noticed anything. Last week my decorator buried some of the cables coming out of the alarm box (just above my fuse box/consumer unit). When I now switch on the upstairs lighting circuit, there's a red light on my...
  8. M

    UK Advice on outdoor circuit please

    Hi All, Appreciate some advice on an outdoor socket and lighting circuit please. I currently have an outdoor socket on my house, that i believe to be a spur from a 32A ring. I would like to extend this out to decking for some lights and sockets, and onward to a shed for a couple of lights and...
  9. D

    The breaker on the right trips after anything from 30 seconds to an hour. I have only two led lights on this circuit

    The breaker on the right trips after anything from 30 seconds to an hour. I have only two led lights on this circuit. Can anyone please help? Source URL: DIY Electrical Forum -
  10. I

    Open & Short circuit

    Evening all, I'm new to this so apologies in advance if I'm posting in the wrong threads. I'm an apprentice electrician. Due to the ongoing pandemic, my college assignments are currently being handed out online with very little communication and interaction from the tutors. I'm struggling with...
  11. S

    Rewiring Bungalow and circuit design for Kitchen.

    Hello, I am getting a bit bogged down with detail as I always try my best to meet every best practice but I am very out of practice as I have been working outside the industry for 15yrs. All help appreciated. I am refurbishing my small 2 bed bungalow and have some questions for all the experts...
  12. D

    Lighting circuit

    Hi All, WIth new reg is it a true that the every lighting circuit have to be protected by rcd ?
  13. D

    Wiring another light into the same circuit

    Hello, ive new to this forum and have a slightly above average knowledge of electrical. I currently have a wall sconce with an outlet just below it, both are controlled by the same switch. I want to move the light to the ceiling. I figured I would be able to run a wire to the he switch and then...
  14. G

    Outdoor Circuit?

    Firstly, please excuse the volume of posts. I’m finally getting round to all the jobs I’ve been promising the wife for in some cases years. i purchased a Knightsbridge IP663g outdoor switching box with the idea to run 2 small lighting circuits in my Bbq area approx 15 m from the house. The...
  15. J

    Light circuit mock up

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice/constructive criticism. Ive tried to mock up a 2 way light circuit and want to make sure its wired up correctly (see attached images) I've used 1mm Twin and earth & 3 core and earth. Please let me know your thoughts/concerns. Anything you see that needs...
  16. C

    Removing a switch component from a usb circuit board

    Hey guys, I have a set of lights that are USB powered. They have a push button switch. I would like to remove the switch component from the circuit board so that when I plug in the lights they come on automatically. Is this possible/safe to do? If so is it as simple are just soldering off...
  17. L

    radial circuit to power washing machine, dryer and dishwasher

    Now chaps, Will a radial circuit on a 20amp rcbo be enough to power a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and fridge freezer? At the moment the radial has a 2 gang to power 2 appliances and a 1 gang to power fridge freezer, possibility of spuring of this circuit to power an extra appliance...
  18. K

    Can anyway help with Radial circuit maximum floor area help?

    Hi everyone I am doing level3 design andI have a circuit to design but I have confusion with radia circuit maximum floor area to understand? I have a socket to feed on the design and floor area according to my knowledge is Length multiply width so in that case it exceeds 75 m square so I am...
  19. T

    Shower circuit design supplies

    Hi all Question regarding shower circuit designs. How so many times I see 6mm t&e cables supplying shower circuits on a 40amp MCB ? So for example if you were carrying out a EICR and you noticed a 6mm t&e cable on a 40amp MCB, 8.5kw/9kw shower would you put this down as a C3 or would you not...
  20. S

    UK Proteus FC005 circuit breaker switch hunt.

    I need to replace an old FC005 5amp fuse holding switch with snapped switch due to old plastic. Having trouble finding one and hope someone out there has a box of them somewhere I may be able to buy. If you could advise on what could replace it if not that would be great.
  21. M

    Hi I have to draw a lighting circuit that has a time clock in.... I cannot find the official symbol for the drawing anywhere . Can you help please ?

    Hi I have to draw a lighting circuit that has a time clock in.... I cannot find the official symbol for the drawing anywhere . Can you help please ? Source URL: Lighting Forum -
  22. Brainwash

    New light switch turns off power to circuit

    Hi all! I tried to replace toggle light switch for a rocker switch, but got no power from that breaker once it was flipped back on. So, I re-installed the old switch and everything works fine... until I flip the switch. This cuts power to everything on that circuit, (but, does not trip the...
  23. W

    7 core NYYJ cable to extend ring final circuit?

    Hi, Extending a ring final circuit off a socket in the kitchen through the wall into the shed on the other side. I already have 7 core NYYJ 2.5mm cable and I was wondering if I could use that to go through the wall to a J/B then connect to singles in conduit which would add about 4 meters in...
  24. D

    Safety relay circuit diagram for a robot cell. Please Help

    so i have been given this diagram and no explanation on what nay of it does, its for a safety relay for a robot cell it says this: 'Safety relays can made up of 3 relays (CR1-3) to ensure redundancy and cross monitoring, and can be applied to the following applications: ■ Emergency Stops ■...
  25. D

    Time relay control circuit

    Hello to everyone. I'm designing a control circuit. But I am having a problem somewhere. The time relay will output at a certain time and the lamp will turn on. But if I press the Stop button 1 time, I would like the lamp to permanently cut off the energy even though the timer continues to...
  26. M

    How do i calculate missing resistance readings in a parallel circuit using R1 and Rt

    Hi I am a current student studying to become an electrician and a question has thrown me. I'm wondering if someone could help, there is a question on one of my home work books. "complete the following table assuming the resistors are connected in parallel?" the example I will give is R1 is 120...
  27. J

    Open circuit on a ring main.

    Hi All! Officially losing my EF forum virginity with this one, and would greatly appreciate any help you guys could throw my way! Through Covid-19 and no work currently being undertaken, this would seem like the best opportunity to finish the portfolio for my qualification. I am a 3rd year...
  28. G

    Old Loop Circuit wiring to new light fitting

    I have a loop circuit in a 70's house and i am trying to fit a new light fitting to the old circit, i have wired it up so far so that the lights on the rest of the circuit work, but the one i am replacing doesnt work, please help, i have attached a image of the wires so far.
  29. D

    Draw a start/stop/retain relay control circuit for a 3 phase drill machine

    Hey, I'm just wonder if I can get some feedback on this drawing that I've made? any feedback will be very appreciated thanks in advance.
  30. N

    Adding outdoor light to existing circuit

    Hi, I simply want to add an outside light to an existing circuit in the garage. There is a single switch operating a ceiling light in the garage, would it be ok to change the single switch to a double switch to connect the outside light or is there a better way of doing that? Please let me...
  31. J

    Low IR on new radial circuit

    Hi All, I have a very mystifying problem on a very simple circuit. It is a new radial circuit for a garage power supply, it's wired in 2.5 T&E 16A MCB 30mA RCD. The cable goes directly from the dis board up the wall in trunking to the roof space where it is clipped to the joists before...
  32. L

    Industrial There is a one circuit (one voltage source), two phases and neutral, but there is an amps difference between Ph1 and Ph2 (minor 3A only).

    Hello Electricians, This is my first post and I'm glad to be one of this forum member. However, to clarify my question. I've a "Skin Effect Heating System", fed by 1240 V. The circuit is quit simple, Phase U, Neutral in the middle and Phase V. Phase U and Neutral feeding the heating cable#1...
  33. L

    Suitability of circuit accessories.

    Hi all, Hopefully this is being posted in the right place, apologies if not or if my question has been previously answered. I'm currently having a bit of a disagreement with my supervisor having carried out an inspection which is for all intents & purposes, a condition report on a living...
  34. H

    Short circuit bypasses mcb and trips submain mcb

    Good evening A cable was loose in a ceiling void causing a short circuit this didn't trip the 10 amp 6ka type b mcb but tripped the 50 amp type b 6ka mcb that supplied that board back at the mains. I am wondering why this occurred other than me thinking the local protection isn't very...
  35. J

    UK All lights in residential on one circuit?

    Good evening, I’m looking for some advice from experienced electricians please. Currently having some work carried out by a new sparky due to mine being on holiday. The work he is doing is to an ok standard, but the only thing which has caught my attention in he has placed all the lights, 9 in...
  36. M

    Short Circuit Line to Neutral where does the current go after the consumer unit?

    Short Circuit Line to Neutral where does the Current go after the consumer Unit? I assume it goes back to the Sub-Station where it is earthed but i'm trying to find this written in a official book etc but finding nothing. Thanks
  37. G

    Circuit for a gas solinoid valve

    How all, Doing a commercial kitchen with fans above the gas cookers , there is a solinoid gas value that opens the gas when the fans kick in, does this have to be wired on a dedicated circuit , there is a socket right next to it . Board is quite far away . Cheers Grand
  38. S

    monitor AORUS AD27QD - short circuit and tripped breaker.

    Hello. I had a good monitor AORUS AD27QD. Yesterday when i was sleep i left monitor on like always. When i woke in morning there was not power in house. Something tripped breaker/fuse. When i turn up breaker and power back in,monitor just refused to turn on. So monitor i guess tripped breaker...
  39. S

    Maximum Service voltage of ACBs(air circuit breakers) .

    Can we use a ACB rated for insulation level of 1000v, and 690 volt serivce voltage at, 800volt. For example ABB sace E1.2N , Can it be used at 800volt AC?
  40. R

    Short Circuit Fault On Honeywell Flex 100 alarm

    Hey, We are putting in a Honeywell flex alarm. It's all wired in (following the manual). The problem is that all the sensors are coming up as having a short circuit and I can't work out why. I've wired it up with my friend (who is an electrician) and we really can't work out the problem...
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