1. pythonrsas

    220 Breaker / 110 Circuit

    Hello Experts, I had an electrician visit my place for some repairs and when looked at my recently installed main panel (photo attached) he said that the panel is not setup correctly. He said that 220V breakers are connected to 110V circuits within the house. Could someone explain what the...
  2. R

    UK Old cable in dwelling light circuit

    We are currently renovating an old house after recently moving in. Whilst purchasing the property we received written assurances that the original 1920/30s wiring had been fully upgraded and subsequently tested. After removing all of the downstairs ceilings, it is clear than new electric 2.5m2...
  3. D

    Thoughts on this new circuit design? anything wrong with this

  4. M

    Can a 220 circuit power a 110 outlet?

    Is it ok to run a 110 line off a 220 circuit? Specifically, I want to add a 110 outlet near my hot water heater and it would be convenient if I could use one of the hot wires along with the neutral and ground to create the circuit I should also mention that the 110 line will almost always be in...
  5. Bob Geldoff1234

    Boiler off lighting circuit?

    What is everyone's opinion on taking a combi boiler supply off the lighting circuit? I doubt the boiler would pull more than 300 watts and with all the led lamps being used on the lighting circuit,I doubt it would come to more than a couple of hundred watts.A 3 amp fuse in the boiler spur would...
  6. Raptor0014

    Passing another circuit through back box

    Had a bit of a ‘discussion’ today with another electrician. Basically found a light switch in which the radial cable for a socket directly below (but about 3ft lower) passed through. Other electrician said it was wrong and shouldn’t be done. My take was that it is, at best, a bit of bad...
  7. lozarus

    Testing when modifying a circuit

    Afternoon all. Bear with me on this one... Despite having been involved in the electrical industry for many years, I'm only just about to embark on 2391 - its more of a personal endeavour than anything, having been very interested in inspection & test for a long time (I know, not everybody's...
  8. OhhhMy

    Residual Circuit Current Breaker triggering. Why?

    Hi! I'm new here, so, please, be gentle... Decided to add some extra features to my old and simple barn's electric system to make it safer and measure the consumption. It's a three phase 230/400 volt line. The neutral, as far as I know, is grounded at the step-down transformer. I don't have a...
  9. gmdaly

    distribution circuit from house CU to adjoining Garage DB2 EIC details?

    Hi, I have completed a EIC for a garage DB2 with five final circuits (no problem there i think). But for the distribution circuit from house DB1 to Garage DB2 I have completed a second EIC for this alone. The questions I have for the distribution circuit alone are: 1) For the EIC 'particulars...
  10. Izak568

    How to investigate a circuit if some devices pull too much current?

    Hello, If one device is pulling too much current, what should I do? Thank you
  11. S

    New circuit in plastic consumer unit. Yes or no?

    I work with someone who really isn't happy installing new circuits into plastic consumer units. Sometimes he refuses to do it if the board in question isn't in a great state or if the existing wiring is spaghetti junction. Obviously the regs state that it's fine to add if the board conforms to...
  12. D

    208v heater doesn’t work

    I have a 208v circuit that reads 208v across the leads on my meter; but when I connect a baseboard heater rated for 208/240v that works elsewhere in the same house it doesn’t work. Appreciate any assistance!
  13. J

    Explain the process of Designing a Final circuit

    I have been given this assignment "the drawing below shows the floor plan of a small factory with the electrical symbols. Explain the process of designing the final electrical circuit that supplies all the elements 6 . The total length of the circuit is 25m. Any assumptions you have to make...
  14. rbbmcghee

    Low voltage in 120 circuit ?

    I have a voltage of 23v coming through a light socket in my house (There is a rely that is likely the cause but I’m not certain 1950s house) when I look up charts on how much energy it takes to power a light bulb it’s very low- or I’m not understanding something. I know the resistance on the...
  15. D

    Running new circuit to AC unit, please review my plan.

    Running a new circuit to an AC unit, making sure I'm on the right track. The attached chart has the information for this unit which is on column 4. Maximum overcurrent protection: 30 amps Minimum circuit ampacity: 19amps 240 volts It will be running across a rooftop in a pretty hot location...
  16. B

    Wiring LED Lighting Strips to Lighting Circuit

    Hi, I have bought a LED Lighting Strip (20 metres) to sit inside some Screwfix coving for my bedroom. Although it will be controlled by the remote control that came with the kit or the app, I would like to use one of the switches in a 1 gang/2 switch to turn it on and off at the wall before...
  17. P

    What purpose is a capacitor in a motor circuit?

    So basically, if I wanted to increase the voltage across say a motor winding I would need to add a capacitor in parallel?
  18. C

    Amendment 2 new circuit SPD?

    So I need to add a new circuit, I was going to do it to amendment 2.. Its a commercial property and will be adding a new circuit for a defibrillator cabinet and associated accessories (lights)... There is a decent enough 3 phase board in place, but there is no SPD.. Obviously if we add a new...
  19. C

    MCCB used as a final circuit supply

    Currently pricing a 250a Power upgrade for a small warehouse, the new 6 way 250a MCCB panel will essentially be used to supply x2 fuseboards however i want to have the MCCB panel also supply the larger plant as i want the MCCB panel to take the heavy loads as the client said he will never be...
  20. P

    Fitting 16A hardwired oven to 32A cooker circuit

    Hi all, I'm new on here.... I have an existing 32A cooker circuit with a wall switch with 13A plug hole.The manufacturer says the new oven is hardwired and is 16A. Can I just replace the breaker in the consumer unit with a 16A one and use the existing wiring? Current breaker is a Proteus...