1. E

    wire two 30 amp inlets into same bypass panel?

    Can I wire two 30 amp inlets into the same bypass circuit panel? I want to have an inside and outside inlet.
  2. B

    L-N short circuit MCB not tripping

    Hi all, I’m hoping you can shed some light on a problem I found. Please be gentle, I’m an industrial spark, not a domestic spark. I’ve been asked to look at a family members electrics as they are renovating a room. A cowboy spark has been in and messed the job up. I was asked to come in and...
  3. D

    Need dedicated circuit for water heater, range, dryer?

    Someone wants me to put a water heater(30 amps), range(40-50 amps) and dryer(30 amps) all on a single 60 amp circuit. I said that's a bad idea. They have a 100 amp main panel and all these devices would total 100 amps minimum. I am hesitant to run all these off the 100 amp service even with...
  4. jjustinia11

    Can I convert a 30amp sub panel to a regular 120 circuit?

    Hi All, I am new to the forum. I have a small 30 amp sub panel that once powered a green house, some lights and 1 regular 120-v outlet. We have since removed the greenhouse and it's associated wiring and now the sub panel is an eye sore and in an unsafe location as it is low, at outet...
  5. D

    UK domestic lighting circuit. - What the........

    About me. Fastidious about wiring. Degree in Mechanical Engineering, extremely good spanner monkey (rebuilt engines, gear boxes). BUT I know my limits and what I am allowed to do according to Part P of the UK building regs etc. Just been in the loft to do some tidying and found a right rats...
  6. I

    Dedicated circuit for immersion heater

    Hi, I know it's best practice to run an immersion on a dedicated circuit but am I OK with the following A new heat pump is being fitted and it has a wiring centre in the airing cupboard next to the cylinder, the wiring centre requires a 3A switched spur to power the circuit board a diverter...
  7. D

    Advice on using lighting circuit to power cctv (12v/3A)

    Hi All, so I have a outdoor cctv camera that you plug in - I'm thinking of attaching this to the soffit and going into the loft from there (very easy access). Can I just wire this into the lighting circuit, I've already done some work in the loft for various lights and an extractor fan so I...
  8. E

    Adding a dual appliance outlet plate to cooker circuit

    Hi, I want to add a 32a induction hob and 13a oven to my cooker circuit. I was going to make the current single outlet dual and then upgrade the MCB from 32a to 45a. See photos of current setup. Does this sound doable? Thanks Phil
  9. L

    Lighting circuit still live after breaker turned off

    Lighting circuit. 3 rooms. I turned the breaker off and in the last room of the circuit I checked the light switch to make sure lights didn’t come on. They didn’t. Anyway….the circuit still live at the fitting. The wire from the previous room loop. I then turned the rcb off on the side of...
  10. D

    Photocell and time clock on same circuit

    Hi all, As per title, I seem to see this quite a lot especially in new builds where a time clock and photocell are both wired intro the same circuit for communal lights. What is the logic behind this ? Surely it’s better to have just one or the other, as the photocell will not operate the...
  11. C

    GFCI Circuit with Dimmer Switch

    Recently renovated a covered back porch for a customer. Used 12/2 wire on a single 20 amp breaker. The first fixture was a gfci, then a switch (controls 2 ceiling fans), then another receptacle, then a long run to the other side of the porch, about 40 ft. Halfway across that run I spliced in a...
  12. K

    should I use THHN wire or NM rommanx wire?

    I used 1 inch emt conduit in the garage for 50 amp circuit for ev charger. I plan to use 4AWG wire. Please let me know which wire is est for passing through conuit, I also have less than 3 feet wire goes in the wall
  13. T

    Question about T&E and spotlights in my new build house.

    Hi, So I've just started to install some spotlights in a room in my house, and I always thought to use 1.5mm T&E so I've wired them all up and I've come to connect the main line in and noticed that it is 1.0 T&E. Am I okay to link the main line to my daisy chained spots on 1.5. Some more...
  14. MissingBeeGee

    UK Lights wired into central heating circuit ? Is this safe ?

    I recently moved into a flat to find that my top floor main light is wired into central heating circuit, along with bathroom towel rail . As a result the light only works if the immersion heater , boost or central heating is on ! Aside from being ridiculous and extremely inconvenient in summer...
  15. H

    EV Charging Circuit - Breaker Hot

    I installed a new 50 amp circuit to charge my EV. Some specifics on the circuit - 50 amp breaker, 6-2 ga copper wire (UFB because in the future I may place the charger outside and wanted flexibility), NEMA 6-50 plug, Grizzl-e charger at 40 amps. My question is on the breaker itself. I have a...
  16. Dartlec

    Sockets on a lighting circuit - C3 or C2?

    Fun EICR at an HMO today, which was installed new 5 years ago (not particularly well!) Lots of niggly things that I'll sort, but in the kitchen cupboards were two unswitched sockets which confused me for a while. Turns out they are connected to the lighting circuit, switched by their own...
  17. M

    Maximum cable length lighting circuit

    Been out the domestic game for a long time, but now having to rewire my own house. Was wondering what the maximum cable length would be for a 1.0mm lighting circuit with 100w of leds? Is the max cable length the ‘maximum’ length of r1+r2 from conumser unit - up and down switch drops - to the...
  18. A

    Will an RCD offer any protection in a building with NO earth circuit?

    I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and people die here regularly by electrocution. There is no earth wiring in the buildings, just live and neutral. I am a member of an expats forum and the question arises: Will using an RCD device offer any protection at all? I understand RCD's will go off with...
  19. M

    110v 20amp circuit using existing #8 Alu wiring to 40amp breaker.

    I am abandoning an oven/microwave location that has an existing 220v 40amp (4-wire) circuit. I am leaving the wiring in place. I want to use the new counter space for a built-in microwave oven and coffee station. Can I use one of the 110v circuits in the junction box for a 110v 20amp receptacle...
  20. pythonrsas

    220 Breaker / 110 Circuit

    Hello Experts, I had an electrician visit my place for some repairs and when looked at my recently installed main panel (photo attached) he said that the panel is not setup correctly. He said that 220V breakers are connected to 110V circuits within the house. Could someone explain what the...
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