1. I

    EICR Failed - Open circuit / No continuity

    Hi, I had an EICR done and it failed on one item which was a C2 and that was in our utility room. From what I was told there is an open circuit and no continuity. It took a long while but after questions asked, it was ascertained that the previous owner had an old boiler in the utility room...
  2. E

    Can’t find but on what defines a ‘new circuit’

    Hi, I previously read this but can’t find it. I have drilled some holes but haven’t found it yet. Before I instal the wires I thought I’d check nothing had changed but did not bookmark it. I’m installing 4 solar panels (max 18V DC or 21.6V DC open circuit) in parallel to a solar panel...
  3. N

    Need Help with wiring circuit for lights

    Good Morning need some advice please. Yesterday went to change a light fitting in hallway. There are two ceiling lights in the hall controlled by 2 switches at opposite ends of the hall. On removing one light there was the remains of a ceiling rose under the fitting. I noted the position of the...
  4. Spike1947

    Adding another circuit !

    Have a 63A RCD 5 Way box, with a 45A MCB, feds by 16mm2 tails, this in then feeding into a isolator via 10mm2 T&E, that then supplies the feed to a 6.5KW heater that is used prob once a month for 10 min intervals max. Question: I have a spare 63A RCB + 20A MCB box, Can I take another feed...
  5. dgstrange

    Legality of using a lighting circuit to power an observatory?

    I have a lighting circuit cable (1mm) powering a telescope (12 volts) in an observatory total draw 84 watts drawn from a transformer. There is a 6 amp fuse in the consumer unit. This was installed in 1998 by a qualified electrician. Is this still legal or should it be upgraded? Thanks
  6. 2

    Lighting circuit advice please!!!

    Hello all. So I am sure the expertise on this forum will be able to decode this very easily. But it has completely baffled me. I'm in training so forgive the ignorance. Doing a bit of dead testing on a lighting circuit downstairs. Came across this at a light fitting. Appears that the colours...
  7. R

    Pump wired in 2.5mm on a shower circuit 10mm on Type B 40 acceptable ?

    Good evening all, I’m currently part way through my apprenticeship and we are working on IB, IN, IZ and IT and volt drop today. And it got me thinking I have seen a circumstance at work, where: A shower has been wired in 10mm T+E on a 40A breaker. But then from the shower isolator switch a 2.5mm...
  8. S

    RV Park branch circuit feeder size

    I am working on a RV Park and I have a question. I plan on installing 4/0 quadraplex AL URD cable to 10 pedestals on a 200 amp circuit and downsizing the wire to 2/0 Quadraplex AL URD cable for the last 4 pedestals. I have calculated voltage drop and everything is below 4%. Table 310.16 says...
  9. S

    40a circuit breaker6mm t+e

    I have had my kitchen rewired and plastered. I have had a 6mm t+e on a dedicated 32a circuit for a 60cm electric cooker. In hindsight, had i known at the time, i would have asked for a10mm cable to future proof the installation. The cables run from the consumer unit in the attached garage, into...
  10. TheCountSpark123

    If you can't split a circuit?

    I am a retired electrician and I've been out of the game for a while. My son asked me a question the other day and I wasn't too sure how to answer it so thought you lot might. He wants to use rails to supply 5 modules, each module will have 40 small actuators that operate at 24VDC at 0.9As...
  11. gergex

    Losing power to whole house, not tripping circuit breaker?

    Hi, recently moved into 30 year old home. We were renovating it for a few months and didn't notice this issue. 3-4 times over last month the power has gone out to the entire home, without flipping any circuits. When we've been home for it (twice) it has only lasted a few seconds. I'm yet to ask...
  12. P

    Can I add PIV to lighting circuit with no RCD protection?

    As I've mainly done site work and moved into domestic recently, I'm a bit rusty on stuff like this, but if I'm adding a loft PIV unit to an existing lighting circuit via an unswitched fused spur, if the lighting circuit has no RCD protection am I allowed to install it? Same question for if...
  13. L

    Occasional tripping x one light circuit. But is a double feed the issue?

    DIY query Have narrowed down the source of an occasional trip to one light circuit which is a varilight v-pro master dimmer slave set up. This is one of 5 LED, low total wattage light circuits connected to one 6A RCBO breaker (so the issue could be a short or a ground leak). Zero problems...
  14. A

    Fault on Ring final circuit

    Please advise what I should test / check next. My usual qualified electrician who did all of the work here is in Ireland for 4 weeks and not contactable. I need to fix this asap. Ring final circuit tripping. I am not clueless and I have some test gear. Can fully isolate the supply with an...
  15. M

    Single Pole 50 Amp Circuit Serving for Electrical Dryer, Powers and Many Others

    Hi everyone. The title should sound crazy enough, but it's what happening in my 72-years old home we've purchased 2 years ago. I found the crazy wiring when I was just troubleshooting on a lighting which has been flickering, and finally completely failed recently. I recognized the lighting is...
  16. B

    Cooker circuit sanity check please.

    Hi, Just been scratching my head about this one and wonder if I've missed anything. A few weeks ago I installed a new circuit for a 3kw oven and a 950W microwave. Ran the circuit in 6mm T&E clipped direct on a 40A RCBO. Customer has reported that on maybe three or four occasions the RCBO...
  17. Sammy123

    Problems with off-peak circuit on Economy 7 - any help appreciated!

    Hi, So I'm trying to understand what's going on with my off-peak electricity supply, as something's wrong with it and I'm trying to determine if it's the responsibility of my energy supplier or I need to get an electrician out to take a look. Here are some pics: I live in a flat...
  18. pnutttz

    How can I add a candle flicker LED to my static LED circuit?

    Hi everyone. I should start by saying I'm not sure I'm in the right place here (this isn't a householder issue - I'm making a Ghostbusters backpack for my son!), and that I have no knowledge at all of electrical circuits. I have a simple circuit with 3aaa batteries powering a string of static...
  19. J

    Industrial lighting circuit

    Hi guys I have some industrial lighting circuits to wire in a workshop and was after some fresh ideas/suggestions as to how i could best do this. Have done a few of these before and in the past i have sometimes run radials in SWA cable to single gang socket outlets. The High Bay LED lighting...
  20. S

    Room lost power without tripping circuit breaker.

    We have one room that seems to have lost most of its power last night. One of the outlets in the rooms has a power strip plugged in that powers the tv and video games, but we flip it off when not in use to save power. Last night, when I flipped the power strip on, the entire room lost power, but...


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