1. S

    USA Bog down on circuit but pick up on other

    I live in a duplex with an old Murray split bus panel. The issues I'm having atm are I have stove top but no digital oven controls. My dryer will just hum and dim lights. And my washer, fridge, microwave, and toaster will all bug down if I try to use them and dim the lights. But on another...
  2. Vortigern

    Burying 2.5mm ring circuit cable under concrete floor in flexi conduit

    What is your view about such an installation technique? Asked to finish extension wiring and the installer has snaked wire all over the floor in white flexi. They intend to put an island in and this could easily lead to damaged cables. The other wiring for lights etc. is abysmal like a massive...
  3. D

    UK Are blue through crimps allowed on ring circuit.

    I'm a trainee electrician and I was working with a qualified electrician extending a 32A ring circuit and we were using 2.5mm single conductors (CPC was 2.5mm aswell) going through PVC conduit and then going through steel trucking. And to connect the old ring conductors with the new extended...
  4. J

    Coding for a Ring Final Circuit 1.5/1mm

    Afternoon all, A quick EICR question. I have found a Ring Final Circuit that has been run in 1.5/1mm twin and earth. It is RCD protected and OCPD is a 16a type B MCB. All testing has come back as expected for a Ring final that has been installed in 1.5/1mm and the measured Zs is well within max...
  5. T

    Reusing old shower circuit to supply bathroom electrics?

    Reusing old shower circuit to supply bathroom electrics? Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. So this is potential plan, Working on the property and there is a consumer unit with all RCBO’s, But the entire lighting for the three bedroomed house is on one RCBO. Going to be installing new...
  6. B

    Trainee Question RFC circuit ??

    Hi new to this site. I am a trainee electrician and have been trying to get some info on ring final circuits. My parents have had there kitchen done, well new worktop and doors all spray painted. They have installed a new larder unit and they are looking to plug in micro/oven/grill in the...
  7. dokkan1080

    Zs and circuit length

    if you have the ze and know the length of a circuit can you calculate the zs ? Ze : 0.24 Circuit length : 100m 1.5mm cable twin
  8. D

    Joys of "Park" homes - Can an RCD be described as "Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker" ?

    Seems to be my month for finding odd bodges by supposed professionals. Installing an external socket in a shed today at a park home (non-mobile home) and find this label on the consumer unit: and this behind the door: It looks like the CU was installed at the factory and then shipped with...
  9. Vortigern

    A new type of ring circuit???

    About to embark on wiring an extension and cursory examination threw up the above. Have not as yet poked inside. Anyone seen this arrangement before? Can I believe what my eyes seem to be saying to me?
  10. mak

    Trainee Is there a max Zs for lighting circuits?

    I can't find anything related to this in the regs so I probably misunderstood the question. The way I see it the max Zs for any lighting circuit depends on the circuit breaker for that circuit. Say we have a lighting circuit with 100x36W ceiling lights which gives us a load of 16A, we choose the...
  11. H

    40 amp range circuit.

    I have an un-used 40 amp range circuit and I want to use it as a temporary 2X120 Volts 20 Amps circuits using a 3X12 gauge wire. I'll be using the wall range connector. Do I have to change the 40 A breaker to 2 one pole 20 amp breaker or can I keep the 40 amp 2 pole breaker. Thanks
  12. T

    “Phantom” Short on radial circuit

    Hi, I’ve been recently working on a living trailer for a friend, when they have the supplies connected (240VAC 16A) they have nuisance tripping on the RCD. I’ve traced through and found an outside waterproof socket to be at fault, short circuit between live and earth. Removed the socket and...
  13. mak

    Trainee Insulation resistance test on a ring final circuit

    Might be trivial question. My understanding is that we test on either leg of the ring since both legs make up a radial, but some say they test both legs at once, i.e. LL to NN, it would make sense if the other leg is not insulated since this is a live test, but I don't see why not if the other...
  14. A

    2.5mm SPUR ON 6MM Socket Circuit

    Hello I hope you are well, I have a 6mm socket radial with two sockets on the circuit, the circuit Protected by a 32A MCB is it okay to spur clipped direct to one double socket, thanks Andi
  15. M

    Suitable MCB for Radial Circuit?

    Hi all, I am installing a Radial A2 circuit which by rule it should have an MCB of 32Amps, but when I reference the table 4D1A using reference method A or B, current are 26 and 32A respectivitly.. So the question is why we go for a 32A mcb and not 25A one? Thanks
  16. A

    125A D Type MCB keeps tripping on a heater element circuit, i changed the MCBs to 100A C Type and it has not tripped again. I dont know why?

    I changed 3 x 125A fuses for 3 x 125A D type MCBs (ABB). They held for a day and then two started tripping, we didn't have any spare 125A, so we fitted 100A C type and the issue has disappeared, can anyone shed any light on this for me please?
  17. R

    Problems with circuit breaker tripping

    I have a circuit on my back patio that keeps tripping periodically. No apparent reason, it just trips when nothing is on
  18. S

    Difference between dead short and short circuit

    Hi looking for some help about faults and symptoms and difference between short circuit, dead short, and overcurrent to know which fault you have. Is short circuit line and and neutral fault dead short zero resistance and a tripped breaker And overcurrent to much current in circuit causing...
  19. W

    Cooker circuit on kitchen ring

    Hi new to this..go easy on me. Times just out, just want to know what your take on this is. Friends wanting to get their house tested, but I’ve noticed his cooker comes off the kitchen ring, would his test fails because of this?? Like a said I’ve just past my test so not 100% sure on this, I’m...
  20. N

    Short circuit

    HELLO i had an short circuit in my house!neutral to live short circuit! the 30a old mcb is tripped but the 1361 13a fuse in the plug did not disconected! why did not disconnect 13a 1361 fuse sooner then 30a mcb? I tested the fuse in the plug still good, so the short circuit did not reach to...
  21. H

    20A circuit

    I just bought a spa which can be connected on a 120V/15A circuit. Can I use a 20A breaker if my wire to the outside box is 10 gauge and the outlet is of 20A FFT thanks
  22. Mike Bingham

    Removal of old bathroom circuit.

    Do you have to provide part p notification for removal of a circuit in a bathroom ?
  23. T

    Cooker circuit used as kitchen sockets radial

    Hi all,I found a 6mm “cooker” circuit feeding 4 sockets in the kitchen as a radial. R1+R2 tests fine and Zs is low. Can’t see where they are jointed but it goes from 6mm to 2.5mm. If everything tests fine, can’t see a problem leaving it as is. Will have to downsize the mcb as it’s currently on a...
  24. C

    Blowing breaker

    I have a very small circuit in my house. Probably 8 outlets 6 lights. The breaker for this circuit has a direct short somewhere. It didn't start this way. At first it would stay energized for a couple of minutes then trip. The more I reset it the shorter it would last. Now it trips immediately...
  25. A

    Too much on one circuit?

    Hello, Is one circuit for kitchen sockets enough, the circuit will include, 1xfrigde freezer, 1xextractor hood, 1x13a induction hob 1xwashing machine and 1xdishwasher then just usual sockets for kettle, microwave and toaster etc.
  26. P

    Can I join 6mm and 2.5mm cable in radial circuit

    Hi all, I’m new to this forum so please bear with me. I live in a bungalow and would like to repurpose an unused shower cable to supply one new double socket. The radial shower circuit cable is 6mm and protected by a 40A mcb. My plan is to connect the 6mm cable to a length of 2.5mm cable which...
  27. E

    r1 + r2 No Reading, Open Circuit!

    Hi All, Busy doing an EICR and on 2 of the Socket Rings for the dead test I get the following results: Step 1: End to End (0.32 ohm r1, N ) & (r2 = 0.51 ohm) Step 2: r1 to N 35.6 ohm Step 3: r1 to r2 no reading At first I thought maybe I was testing the wrong r2 in/out but I traced the cable...
  28. T

    Lighting circuit

    Hello, I need a bit of help. Could anyone tell me how to wire a light circuit with 3 switches and 3 lights. All 3 switches to control all 3 lights which is not a problem. Then switch 2 (2gang) to control only light 2, and switch 3 (2 gang) to control only light 3? I can not figure it out?
  29. B

    Control Circuit Fault Finding

    I spent 22 years in the RAF as a ground electrician. Essentially there are about 3000 different types of ground equipment used to keep aircraft and airfields running ranging from specialist fire engines designed exclusively for the RAF, hydraulic rigs and specialist 200v/400Hz generators to run...
  30. I

    Socket & See Circuit Finder

    Hey guys! Been a spark for years and never really bothered with Fora, but thought i would give it a try! Anyway, i am starting to do a lot of work in a commercial business and they have a three phase DB, that is a little on the old side. With that, a lot of the labelling is either non...
  31. Pretty Mouth

    Max circuit length for LEDs powered by constant current driver.

    Hi all. Constant current LED lighting is a new concept to me. Not that difficult to get the head around, but I cannot find an answer to the following question: How do I determine the maximum length of a ELV LED lighting circuit powered by a constant current driver? For a constant voltage ELV...
  32. M

    need help with dead gfci

    Hi. My outlet is dead. I need some help with checking the wiring in a gang box. Please see the pics. The switch on the left works. One of the other switches may control an unused ceiling light or the gfci outlet. I tried resetting the gfci. There are 2 gang boxes. I started with the bottom...
  33. A

    Haunted circuit

    This started about two months ago. I went into my master bathroom, turned on the lights, and they immediately went off. Tried the switch a couple of times, nothing. The hall bathroom is on the same circuit along with a wall outlet in the master bedroom and the hall light. I tried all of them...
  34. Y

    New Kitchen - Double oven circuit questions.

    Good even, I am having a new kitchen installed and i just wanna double check a few things, having spoken to a few sparkys at work i seem to have the just of it, however im looking for clarity before getting quotes. Back ground. The kitchen is a complete rewire so that it will now have its...
  35. T

    UK How to repair switch with no circuit breaker?

    Hi, I live in a house that has been converted into three flats. Each flat has a circuit breaker box, but there doesn't appear to be one for the communal lights. We have an issue with the communal lights being permanently on (because of a faulty timer switch). Is it normal for there to be no...
  36. mak

    Trainee Couple of questions, r1r2, Zs and polarity

    On a ring main we test r1r2 at every outlet since there is no end of the circuit and every test should return same-ish figure unless there is a loose connection or socket is on a spur, right? What about the the radial circuit? Other than to check polarity is there a point to test anywhere other...
  37. T

    Does anyone use single circuit certificates?

    Hi all, just about to do the paperwork for a new RFC at an HMO. Its a while since I've done any paperwork as I've been doing a lot of subbying for the last 12 months. I use electraform and have just seen these single circuit certificates (SCC). Do any of you guys use these, or do you just fill...
  38. C

    Lamona HJA4620 Oven tripping circuit

    Hi, first post here ... I have a Lamona HJA4620 oven that keeps tripping the circuit when I try using the main oven. The oven is hard-wired to a dedicated circuit. The top oven works well but the main bigger oven trips the circuit after about 5-10 mins heating. Initially, I thought the problem...
  39. J

    Circuit Design...

    Hi there, Just hoping something can clear another small item up for me at all. When designing a circuit and looking at cable length for a Ring Final, would you consider the length used in the R1+R2 formula to be the length of the full ring or just half the ring? For example, if I have a ring...
  40. O

    UK Thermal breaker to derate circuit?

    Hi chaps and chapettes, I have a buried 6mm SWA 32a radial circuit powering a single 32a commando/ceeform, i'm looking to add a 16a ceeform for convenience. Can I use a thermal-magnetic breaker to derate to 16a. There isn't space for a 2 way CU so would this be my best option? Thanks.
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