1. newfutile

    Mixing of circuit breakers

    It's all coming out anyway so it's an acedemic question. Would a Bill consumer unit be comparable with Eaton breakers? An Eaton main switch and mcbs are installed so height differences won't be a problem. I'm changing it for full rcbo with spd board anyway.
  2. Michaelwgroves

    Boiler circuit 16A MCB

    I'm following a spark who used an existing Panel Heater circuit, for new gas boiler circuit 6 months ago. The panel heaters were removed, so it's now a dedicated boiler circuit. I'm doing an EICR. I've found a number of faults; 1. No grommet in Consumer unit knock out, used for gas bonding (It's...
  3. S

    Add extra 13A sockets to Cooker circuit.

    There is a severe lack of sockets in our kitchen. We have a cooker control switch with a single socket in it, but no cooker connected. Would it be possible to run extra 13A sockets off the cooker control circuit? If so, would this need to be done by an electrician to be complient with regs...
  4. Rebwar

    Circuit Summary and load calculations, L3 design project

    Hi Could someone check my answers in the page aploaded please? I'm not sure about my answers according the notes number 1 to 4 and also the stated circuits. Thanks
  5. V

    Adding a socket to a garage circuit.

    Hi everyone, I've got a garage with a circuit that looks like this: I believe it's a radial circuit coming out of the MCB with a current rating of 20A. It goes in to a switch containing a 5A fuse (fused spur?). It then has two wires coming from it: one for a bulb, and the other for a socket...
  6. timhoward

    4mm shower circuit 8.5kw shower

    At a bread and butter job, loose socket, socket not working, change two lights. Sticking out rather like a sore thumb was this (I removed the wire to check size): I finished the other work, then said could I have a look at the shower as I've got a concern. It was 8.5kw shower. 6 sq mm cable at...
  7. T

    Capacitor in AC circuit

    I have a question about a school circuit called a capacitor in an AC circuit. The capacitor is connected directly to the AC source and the phase shift is measured, which should be 90° voltage to current. My question is whether this phase shift will be 90° in every case or this also depends on...
  8. joshimoto

    UK Wiring new Hob / Cooker into circuit

    Hi folks, DIYer here, hoping for some advice before most likely calling in a spark. I'm looking to wire in new cooker and hob (separate units). Max draw 3.5kW and 7kW respectively. I believe the circuit is radial from consumer unit (32A RCD) to 45A DP switch plus socket. Have done diversity...
  9. Q

    Switching and isolation for cooker and hob on same circuit

    Evening all, I'm upgrading my kitchen electrics replacing the current gas hob for an induction hob. The oven was previously plugged into the kitchen ring. My thoughts are that with diversity and the fact both the oven and hob are on 13amp plugs or rated at less than that, then they could go on...
  10. Moley

    Anyone got a circuit diagram for a Megger OTS 60PB oil dielectric breakdown tester?

    Bit of a long shot but has anyone got a circuit diagram for a Megger Foster OTS 60PB oil breakdown tester. Ours has gone 'breasts skyward' and I'm trying to fault find. It'll go through its self test but as soon as it tries a HV test it resets. Even at just 1kV it resets as if you've turned it...
  11. SEGOVIA123

    Garage and House Circuits—problems with circuit breaker tripping in Garage

    Hi My main feed comes into the garage, feeds into the meter and then out to another box with a 60AMP fuse then into the house consumer unit. There are tails feeding the consumer unit in the garage, which up until recently didn't have any RCD protection. As part of a recent...
  12. nicebutdim

    Circuit numbering confusion?

    Just watched this and can't argue with his logic, but I'm yet to see a board numbered in this way... Anyone do this?
  13. C

    Canada How can i have power flowing in a circuit where 1 item works but rest of chain does not?

    There is power flowing. I have checked with multimeter. One light on the line works..even replaced the switch it is connected to. Rest of line still down. Been down for months since a large storm although no indications of lightening strike. Replaced breaker on dice. On Tuesday power...
  14. lozarus

    Melted my brain thinking about EIC for a circuit on a submain...

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section - appreciate it's more of an educational question. That said I have 2391 - but the classroom environment is very different to out there in the field and I'm only really starting out in my inspection & testing journey - so please understand if this seems...
  15. P

    Length of a 20 amp circuit run

    Hi there. I am a DIYer and am located in Ontario, Canada. I would like to put in a dedicated 20 amp circuit into my attached garage for my 15 amp table saw. The circuit will only have one tool on it at a time (the lights and existing outlets are on their own 15 amp circuits and will be left in...
  16. B

    UK SMEG Opera A3 120cm after 15 mins trips circuit breaker

    Hi guys, 5 year old SMEG Opera A3 120cm Dual Oven. Small Oven RHS... Works perfectly OK... Large Oven LHS.... After 15 mins trips the RCD on Consumer Unit. Replaced circular element at rear. Replaced large element on top. Problem still exists. Any advice... Tank you in Advance....
  17. brongochungus

    Cooker circuit tripping out with no appliances on it. Not immediately tripping.

    Even if the cooker and the plug is turned off it still trips after about an hour. It doesn't immediately trip out but it usually always turns back off after an hour or two, it doesn't immediately trip out. Do you think I need a new plug? Can a device plugged into another circuit trip a different...
  18. P

    Is 8awg ok to use for a branch circuit (30amp leg) ?

    I wanted to ask if 8awg (stranded) was safe to use for residential? I am wanting to run a branch circuit from my main panel to the garage (about 15ft away) into subpanel. Actually it's a 70amp Eaton 2circuit loadcenter. I dont have anymore room in my current Main panel so Ive read on here how...
  19. W

    USA GFCI in Closet keep tripping, found it was tied to overhead lighting circuit. Normal?

    Hello all! Newer house, original owner(Florida). no change to electrical system. Just found there was an outlet (GFCI) in the closet so I wanted to put a paper shredder in there but it didn't work because the GFCI was tripped. Would not reset so I changed it out, new GFCI will not set either. IN...
  20. Steve10001

    Circuit breaker weirdness.

    So yesterday one of tge circuit breakers tripped and wouldn't turn back on. Removed it completely and it still tripped even with no power. .bought a new one today and installed it, however, if I flip to switch all the way up ti the On position, it only gives out 3v. If I move the switch...
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