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  1. J

    Industrial lighting circuit

    Hi guys I have some industrial lighting circuits to wire in a workshop and was after some fresh ideas/suggestions as to how i could best do this. Have done a few of these before and in the past i have sometimes run radials in SWA cable to single gang socket outlets. The High Bay LED lighting...
  2. G

    RCBO tripping 2 way circuit

    Since DB upgrade 2 way top stair light is tripping rcbo, it has a separate N&E to the feed supplying it im assuming this is the reason?
  3. PCBWay

    PCBWay Plug-In for KiCad

    Send your layout to PCBWay for instant production with just one click. Have you ever thought that when you complete the design on KiCad, you can place an order on pcbway with just one click? Now this idea is finally achieved. When you click PCBWay Plug-in button on Kicad, we will export...
  4. V

    1mm attached to a 20A circuit

    Hi all EICR today on a ground floor flat .. 1 issue .. At the consumer unit there was a 1mm core with its yellow (sleeved brown) in a 20A radial circuit mcb ( socket circuit ) and the blue in with its neutral. When I disconnected it I found it was attached elsewhere to this circuit .. not in a...
  5. mattgriff88

    Can I remove switch to leave circuit permanently on?

    Hi, I have recently moved in to a house where there is a switch outside the bathroom that controls the power to the shaver socket. Never seen this before and every other shaver socket I have seen is permanently on. Can I safely remove this switch so the power to the shaver socket is always...
  6. R

    DPDT switching branch circuit from one breaker to another?

    I’m planning a 240V welder circuit in a detached garage with a 100A sub panel. For the 160A or 180A output welders I’m looking at, the conductor can be #10, and a 30A breaker is probably OK, but a 40 would help the duty cycle. Conductor must handle welder's 1eff rating, breaker can be up to...
  7. S

    Shower circuit tripping

    Shower circuit (40a mcb 10mm cable 8.5kw shower ) tripping after 5 mins RESET trips after 2 mins...changed shower /cable /isolator still tripping I'm stumped
  8. impish15

    Testing on internal light circuit

    Hi I know I have to do more testing but I just want to see if there is something I’m missing. Customer said light fitting in the loft was crushed causing the breaker to trip. I thought easy fault to rectify which was very naive of me. I arrived disconnected the damaged switch which was in...
  9. hcanning2012

    Convert 50A to 20A circuit.

    Hi, I've a 50A circuit (looks like 6 gauge wire - see image) that used to service an old hot tub and I want to convert it to 20A 12/2 to service a garden shed instead. Add a light and outlet. I'm not an electrician. I've a panel outside where the hot tub was with 2x 50A fuses. Wondering how to...
  10. W

    Capacitor in loom - why?

    Hi Gurus, I found a capacitor/condensor in the wiring loom of a motorcycle. It's connected between the switched power circuit and earth. It has a broken connection that looks like it broke many years ago (rusty) but the bike runs perfectly well. I was wondering if anyone knew the purpose of such...
  11. K

    UK Is a new circuit board required?

    Hello, in preparation for renting out our home we have requested an Electrical Certificate and our electrician is doing a few minor tidy up jobs before the inspection takes place. He has just advised that we should get our circuit board replaced as it is in a plastic casing. The board is on...
  12. S

    Light circuit fault. 230v on l and n no light working

    Hi There is a lighting circuit fault in a property with the downstairs lighting circuit. I have tested the voltage and there is 230v on both line and neutral conductors going to the light pendnat although the pendant (any pendant) isnt showing light . no changes have been made to the lighting...
  13. L

    No earth in lighting circuit

    Hi, Just interested in learning what others do when faced with an old lighting installation where there is no earth and you’re installing a metal class 1 light fitting. I would assume you would have to run an earth in? Also, with class 2 fittings, is it the box where the cables are terminated...
  14. A

    Help with Readings on circuit

    Hi Can anyone clear up or explain in a bit more detail what could potentially be causing the results I have. I have just tested a 32a ring main wired in 2.5mm twin on B32 Rcbo. There are 8 sockets on the ring and all are in plastic dado trunking in 2 offices. The readings I have are: L-L= 0.76...
  15. oscarelectrics

    Does a circuit board with an SPD protect against internal surges?

    Hello! I'm struggling to find an answer to this question online. I'm new here btw - I'm a DIYer with a physics degree Currently when my fridge motor turns off, I get a transient voltage spike on other devices plugged into the same circuit (i.e. an internal surge) If I upgraded my circuit...
  16. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme New Circuit - NO RCDs

    A client wants an outdoor socket installing on a new circuit. The current installation doesn't have any RCDs for the other circuits. I would put the new circuit on an RCBO but I'm concerned about signing off the installation with the other circuits not protected by RCD. Anyone know what the...
  17. J

    Kitchen rewire - old ring main - new radial

    Hello, Last year I had some electrical work completed in my house (New CU, SWA for garage, downlights) I informed the electrician that I will be renovating the kitching at some point so he ran a new kitchen radial circuit for sockets and hob and oven circuit. These are on seperate RCBOs, which...
  18. D

    Lights flickering on one circuit

    Hi everyone. I live in an older home that still has a few circuits with aluminum wiring. One of these is a lights-only circuit that contains 6 switches. All connections appear to be fine. Proper connectors and antioxidant were used for joining aluminum wires and pig-tailing copper to some of the...
  19. MrKaris

    Kitchen circuit wiring question. newbie DIY. #help

    Hello. I am new to wiring and could use some help getting this circuit wired in the kitchen . I am trying to get the source power to the GFCI and then through a switch to have the garbage disposal protected by the GFCI. I also have a switch that I would like in for the above sink light. Lastly...
  20. T

    Testing a multi point lighting circuit

    Hi Im an apprentice and just wanted to clarify domestic style wiring since i work industrial and don't deal with conventional wiring. in college and the AM2 the only exposure to testing lighting is of a single point that may be switched either one way 2 way or intermediate. that doesn't worry me...
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