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  1. T

    How would you do earth continuity on ring circuit in two core MICC cable?

    How would you do earth continuity on ring circuit in two core MICC cable?
  2. P

    Shared immersion heater circuit?

    Hello, everyone I want to install a second unvented hot water cylinder. The existing (indirect) dhw cylinder has a backup immersion heater on a dedicated circuit with a timer. The immersion is timed to come on overnight, but usually does nothing as the boiler keeps the water hot enough so the...
  3. S

    1mm single around lighting circuit

    Just carrying out a EICR . Lightning circuit has a separate what looks to be 1mm single around all points. This has no mechanical protection so should be 4mm. Coding this has a C3. installation is still safe for continued use. Bit I’m struggling with is what section the C3 should fall under. If...
  4. OnlQQker

    Live To The Lights Or Switch (Lighting Circuit)

    So an electrician on a job I was working on took the live lighting cable to the switches and then off to the lights. This was the first time I'd seen this and he said it made it much easier to add more lights to the cable plus tap into it if somebody wanted to put in a 2 gang for an outside...
  5. N

    Same Circuit for Hob and Double Oven

    Hi, We’re having a new kitchen fitted, with a separate hob and double oven. The Hob is 6.4kW and the oven is 4.2kW totalling 10.6kW. Would the below set up be ok for this? Consumer Unit with 50A MCB, 10mm T+E to 45A Cooker Switch (approx 13 metres), 10mm T+E to Dual Appliance Outlet (Scolmore...
  6. B

    Light Circuit incorporating WiFi switch and mechanical switch

    I'm a DIYer with some electrical knowledge. My questions relate to the attached diagram. Firstly, is the principle sound? Secondly, does the neutral at the feed end of the WiFi switch need to be connected to anything and, if so, where?
  7. I

    Radial circuit from 20A MCB

    Not sure if this is possible but just putting it out there... Current Situation Need to tidy up some of the mess in the garage from the previous owner of the house. Wires going all over the place. Additionally, all of the upstairs lights, the garage light and an external light are all radial...
  8. B

    Circuit help

    Hi guys can someone please help?
  9. S

    No Volts on Branch Circuit

    Hello all, As a member of various other Forums I understand that after reading the “guidance sticky” (done!) I should use search to see if others have shared my situation. Gonna pass on that last step (the Auto-search on my question was a nice touch) and get right to it. I have a small shed...
  10. B

    Correct switches for 2 way pendant + bedside lamp circuits?

    Hi. First post here. Background I have a relative who is an electrician and is about to re-wire our home as a favour. I said that I will order and pay for all of the parts - so that they are here in on-site when he arrives to begin work. I have already ordered a Hager consumer unit; the 10...
  11. M

    (UK) What's wrong with my lighting circuit?

    Hello all, I recently redecorated my living room which meant stripping off the wallpaper. While doing so, some moisture got into the living room light switch (it's a 2-way). I took off the switch plate to dry it out but noticed a wire seemed to be unconnected. I'm assuming this black wire...
  12. M

    Failed lighting circuit

    Looking for advice, please! Converting MR16s with transformer to GU16 lamp holders wired into mains. Done it several time before without problems but this time when converting five downlights in kitchen, the whole circuit stopped working. During process the second bulb (halogen) did blow when I...
  13. T

    UK switch using water

    I want to use water to switch on a 12 volt buzzer in my car. A container with 2 contacts, when water is added the circuit is made and the buzzer sounds. Is this possible ,practical. Your help will be appreciated
  14. D

    Lighting circuit for added storey

    I am adding an upper storey to my existing two storey house. It would certainly make sense to put the additional lighting circuit on its own mcb at the CU but is that a Part P requirement?
  15. W

    What type of circuit breakers can I add to my panel?

    Hi everyone - I appreciate your time/opinion on this: I'm lucky enough to have a 200 amp electrical panel with a lot of open spots for new circuits/circuit breakers. I have an unfinished area in the basement that I'm wanting to make into my shop and it currently doesn't have any outlets. I...
  16. L

    UK Testing

    On a continuity test on existing lighting circuit, do all bulbs have to be removed, what if there is to many or some can’t be reached. Trainee Electrician
  17. J

    Cooker and Hob help

    Afternoon all Been asked to connect up cooker and Hob. Guy only has one 32amp cooker supply in 6mm. Has isolation point and connection point at low level Spec for cooker is 2.4KW but has 13 amp plug fitted. So from that i read it as this cannot be connected up to 6mm connection point and has...
  18. C

    Lights and sockets on the same circuit

    Ring mains aside, why aren't lights and sockets on the same circuit in the residential UK? And why so rare in Europe? In the US its typical for 15 and 20 amp 120 volt circuits to feed both lights and outlets. Exception is the Kitchen counter top and washing machine- those must have their own...
  19. Spike1947

    Light circuit from 16A Radial

    Hi Scenerio : a JB that feeds a couple of lights ! , (nothing else) in a small Barn Building ( storage use only ) , it is fed via a SWA 2.5mm2 from a 63A RCCB , CU via a 16A mcb ( feeding 2 double sockets ) in the main storage barn shed , there is no isolator in the small barn , I am wanting...
  20. M

    Loop Impedance tester electrical circuit

    Hi A quick one I was wondering if anyone knows how a multifunction tester performs a loop impedance test. I understand how to perform a test and what the results of a loop impedance test give you in working out your PSCC and earth fault current. I use my Fluke multifunction tester every day at...
  21. M

    Downlight circuit switch

    Some advice please: I have 6 x GU5.3 low voltage down lights controlled from a single switch in my office. Each down light has its own transformer. I want to ask an electrician to add a 240v double spot light with its own switch at the end of the existing daisy chain as per the attached...
  22. C

    How do i calculate the total resistance in a series-parallel circuit?

    Hey, I'm an electrical engineer in training and i was wondering how you could calculate the total resistance in a series-parallel circuit? I attached a picture of what it looks like. If it's to any help resistor 1 is 2, r2 is 3, r3 is 4, r4 is 5 and r5 is 6 Ohm. Thanks for any help
  23. G

    UK RCD tripping out on plug circuit

    been living in this house for 8years after it was fully re-wired, today the kitchen plugs trip the RCD when any power is drawn (apart from the cooker CLOCK), all the appliances are fine, any socket that I use trips the RCD, any ideas
  24. C

    Short circuit compliance on high Zs readings

    Would you divide the 5.13 ohms by 4. I personally don’t think so. Also the R1 /Rn short circuit resistances are different from the usual R1 /R2 measurements. Found those in an electrical book by,that man. The Zs on this circuit was above the permitted figure,so just had a play around to see if...
  25. samsingh

    UK Am2 - Ring final circuit

    Hi, I've sat my am2 practical today. I have a question about the ring final circuit hopefully there is someone who can relate. Is it crucial to wire the ring final a certain way? Ive bought 2 legs out, one goes into my closest socket which went down a bit of conduit and the other leg goes to...
  26. M

    Cooker circuit advice.

    currently doing a re wire waiting for the kitchen spec. Customer has planned for a halogen hob in an island which will get its own supply however he’s also after 2 single ovens stacked on top of each other on the opposite side of the room. It’s likely that both ovens will be on together so I...
  27. R

    Help with adding a circuit breaker

    I finished framing my bathroom and wired an outlet and switch. I want to connect a 20 amp circuit breaker to the panel. I know the black hot wire is connected to the circuit breaker and it snaps into the panel. Does the ground and nuetral wire connect to the bar on the left? I see there is a mix...
  28. R

    Advice on wiring into an existing single light, 2 switch circuit

    Good evening guys, New to this forum but seeking some advice if possible. I am in the process on installing downlight in my bedroom as the single light is just not enough to cover the room, and am hoping to daisy chain them together. My current set up is a single light fitting with 2 switches...
  29. D

    Can anyone explain this reading (suspected open circuit)

    Alright troops ! First post here ! Any one come over this situation before ! Yesterday i connected an existing feed for cooker good into socket but it wasn’t working when I turned on! I tested between live and earth (240v) between live and neutral (12v ) and neutral and earth (0 volt ) I...
  30. C

    PIR parallel to Switch makes short circuit

    Hi, I have lighting in the bathroom plus an extractor fan. There is one switch for the lights and one switch higher up for the fan. I installed a PIR in the bathroom and wnated it to turn both lighting and the fan in parallel to the switch. I fed the PIR from the fan's permanent F and took the...
  31. C

    UK Wago’s on circuit

    Apologies if this sounds like a stupid question, lol it has no purpose other than curiosity. but usually on a radial or ring, both usually the cable coming into the socket and going out each wire is paired up and terminated into 1 terminal on the faceplate. so both lives in L, neutrals in N...
  32. H

    Test results, lighting circuit

    Evening all. I’m struggling al little bit; doing a light installation (extra outdoor light). Upon undoing existing fixing I found there’s no CPC. Seems no CPC on any of the lights (even though there’s an earth in the DB). So, how would I get my R1 and Rn readings? I’m proper stuck so any help or...
  33. A

    Rose circuit bedroom wiring mayhem, 3 blacks dosnt work!!!

    After purchace of three debanhams lights and sucessfull fitting of 2 the third has caused me some unrest due to an ensuite bathroom within the circuit. 1) Presented with three reds and three blacks i wired the three reds togther. Wire 2 blacks into a sucessfull bedroom switch leaving one...
  34. L

    Guide to make test board... similar to colleges powered by ring circuit

    Afternoon chaps, is there a guide anywhere on this forum to make a test board similar to what you would use in college? I need to re-train myself, get some practice in testing circuits. Any appreciated. Thanks.
  35. P

    UK Extending/breaking into ring final circuit

    I need to install some extra sockets in a kitchen. It's a single story ex-commercial kitchen. All the wiring is in singles in steel trunking in the loft space, with drops through steel conduit to the various sockets and switches. I want to install an additional 6 sockets under the worktop for...
  36. M

    Powerline adapter on lighting circuit.

    Hi. I am a diyer and very new to anything electrical. I was hoping to put a new outdoor ip camera up outside the house. At the side of my house I have a boiler room that has a light and switch inside it. This light is fed off the light ring at the breaker as I tested it before hand. My plan...
  37. haptism

    Lighting circuit what to do

    This is a new one on me and not so sure how to tackle it. The customer is extending 3 bedrooms, ive quoted to install new lighting circuit for these rooms. The existing circuit for the upstairs lighting does not have an earth and due to its routing it will need extending to fit round the shape...
  38. G

    4mm & 6mm one circuit

    needed a 10.0mm for a air source heat pump at a property, one of the lads run a 6mm in for it, then plumber said he needed a so he ran a 4mm in aswell,lol, is this acceptable and whats the best way to terminate if i can use both, a bit miffed cheers grand
  39. B

    Broken CPC on Lighting Circuit

    First time posting so hope this is correct place? Been checking out a Customers Premises and all is good apart from 1 lighting circuit that feeds a bedroom and office. A CPC has been run but has been damaged/broken/cut somewhere en route to first light switch. (proved by using wander lead)...
  40. M

    Secondary Transformer Circuit Breaker

    Hi, I'm just curious about what will happen if I use an MCB lower than the calculated current rating. I have a 1kVA 220v stepdown to 110V transformer, calculated downstream MCB current rating would be 11.3625 if i'm right I multiplied the secondary current to 125%? what will happen if I use a...
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