1. H

    Dumb questions about PEN fault and solution

    Sorry if these questions are dumb, but I thought I'd ask you guys as I'm brand new to this field. I was watching this video from John Ward and had a few questions about it. 1. In a TN-C-S system, if there was a PEN fault before the service head, the current would go through the protective...
  2. P

    11kv pole loop fault, over voltage ?

    Hi first post, I'm a pretty well experienced electrician of 15 years now working solely in Agricultural electrical We have a lot of voltage sensitive equipment on our farms which run auto ventilation and alarms ect Today we had a huge bang from the 11kv pole transformer on one of our sites...
  3. S

    Solar Install developed fault

    I have a 12 panel array … BenQ 330W panels, Solar Edge Micro-controllers and Inverter. On Solar Edge App, shows 1 panel as not generating any output. Panels & Solar Edge kit all under warranty but installation company has ceased trading … what’s my best approach, get an experienced PV...
  4. timhoward

    Kitchen fitters.....

    No photo's as customer is already in dispute with kitchen fitter and was very strict about it! I went to look at what would be involved to add a missing dishwasher point in a brand new kitchen. House is TT. Kitchen is on a B16 radial. Hob and Cooker are on their own circuit. It's only sockets...
  5. S

    Classification of RCD - for Additional protection only or Fault protection?

    I would appreciate some opinions on the following situation... I have been asked to comment on an EICR for a local community resource (church hall used by various groups of all ages). During an EICR on the TN-C-S installation the testing of a ring final circuit gave R1+R2 and Zs(db) values that...
  6. HappyHippyDad

    Fault find or rewire?

    Just spent 4 hours tracing out a lighting circuit to try and find a fault. I came across a switch that was switching the neutral. This threw me as I was getting 230V on the S/L (to earth) at the light when I switched the light off!!! I then realised the Neutral was being switched, which I...
  7. M

    Earth to Neutral 2 ohm with Multimeter cable disconnected from switch board.

    Earth to Neutral 2 ohm with Multimeter on alighting cct. The cable disconnected from the switchboard. I am new here and appreciate everyone looking at this post. I come from an Industrial Electrical background and would like advice on fault finding. My house has 1 lighting RCD. There seems to be...
  8. S

    Kitchen LED Strip Light Fault

    Hello, We moved into our house 2 years ago and until recently the kitchen lights worked fine. The LED strip lights are on a dimmer switch, when pressed (full power selected) the LEDs come on briefly and then go off. On investigation the LED strips are driven by an Aurora driver (this model...
  9. S

    Hi, question on Fault finding L-E

    Hi all, what appliances could show really low ir results between L-E? And give a Kohm reading instead of ohms reading L-E? Thanks
  10. S

    Zs and Ze - both called 'Earth Fault Loop Impedence'?

    Can someone explain this to me? The regs book calls Zs 'Earth Fault Loop Impedence' and the On-Site Guide calls Ze 'Earth Fault Loop Impedence'.
  11. L

    Freezer fault has me stumped. Hotpoint FFUL2023

    I experienced the common issue of the condenser frosting up so the air can't circulate around the freezer or up into the fridge so it all gets warm. I defosted the condenser as it was solid ice and it all got cold and was fine for a week or so but has frosted up again. The defrost heater was...
  12. W

    GARO PME fault device, resetting

    Hello, Just had a client call saying EVCP was not working. It is supplied via a 'G6EV40PME' from what he was saying it looks like this cut out the supply, I cant remember if this device is self resetting when the voltage monitored is within range or if you have to reset the device by tripping...
  13. The apprentice

    Fault on ring circuit (weird)

    Hi there was called to a job with fault finding on a ring 120v on one socket 190 on the other the guy had been doing some work in the kitchen by removing a socket and joint it straight through now it leaves the board as a radial so I had taken one socket of getting voltage on the earth and when...
  14. F

    Solar PV inverter fault

    Hello I have a 3.5KW solar PV system, that is around12 years old, which has developed an issue. The Inverter is an Onmnik 4K, when I power up the system it starts doing some internal checks and the display shows a counter "Checking180s", which then proceeds to count down. This counter never...
  15. A

    Arc Fault Protection

    Hi Everyone, question. Have furnace in basement (nothing else in basement besides electrical panels - not finished basement). Inspector is saying furnace is required to be on arc fault breaker. Per NEC 210.12, I completely disagree. Any input would be most appreciated. Thanks
  16. W

    Intermittent Tripping Rcd fault

    Feel like I’m posting on here every week for advice :) is a reading of 0.18 megaohms between neutral and earth enough to trip and RCD. Sent to an intermittent Rcd tripping, everything else seems clear bar this one cable. As always nothing tripping while I was there. Ramp tested the RCD and 15ma...
  17. K

    Price for fault finding? ££

    What do people charge for fault finding for a domestic customer?
  18. W

    Fault on lighting circuit

    All CPCs on upstairs and downstairs lights were live due to the cpc of upstairs being disconnected from earth bar. I was getting 230v between cpc and neutral at the light, the 2 circuits are separate and the rcd never tripped, anyone had this before or know why this would happen
  19. A

    Anyone ever had a L to N fault in a brand new socket

    I have just spent about 6 hours in a freezing cold building tracing a continuity fault between L and CPC in a ring final circuit in an outbuilding. Not yet commissioned. This has 8 pairs of Hager SS flush double sockets in it (ie 16 sockets) above a quartz counter, and 4 double sockets beneath...
  20. R

    UK Fault with ring main

    I was testing a consumer unit before upgrading to current standards. (Old re wireable fuses) when testing one of the ring mains continuity i found 38v on the cpc with that circuit disconnected. After carrying out end to end tests on Line and neutral which came back fine. I found the voltage...