1. O

    Strange fault we had yesterday

    I sorted the fault fairly quickly as it happens but only because I'd come across it once before and at the time a few people said it couldn't possibly happen they way I described it, but its happened twice now. Both jobs done by us, full re-wires. The first time was during the 16th edition...
  2. P

    Built in oven intermittent fault

    Hi there.We have a Hotpoint electric oven that has started to go wrong.It has a digital display for setting functions,but over the last few months,when we turn the oven on,normally the fan comes on quite strong ,the digital display shows red bars as the heat builds to it required temp.What is...
  3. B

    UK Odd Electrical Fault in bathroom between taps and tiled wall

    Hi there, I’m a new member to the forum and felt like I could do with some additional insight into a fault I came across on a call-out at the weekend. I was called to attend a domestic property where the tenant had mentioned getting a shock when touching a tiled wall and the bath taps. On...
  4. A

    Help needed again pls - Lighting fault tracing

    I need your help please once again in tracing a fault. Am DIY but not clueless. Converting former kitchen into 2 rooms: bathroom and laundry. The room had 24 cheapo ceiling spots, originally tungsten then 240v GU10 LEDs that I am replacing. Circuit spilt into two halves with two gang wall...
  5. ThatCompexDude

    PME fault after moving charger to 3TP board

    Evening all, I have a little conundrum I need to get resolved. I’ve moved an EV charger from a single phase board that was on a 40a breaker and no RCD protection, over to a different 3TP board, on a new 40a Type A RCBO (Single phase) The customer is now reporting that the charger has a PME...
  6. D

    Breaker keeps tripping, potential ground fault?

    Hi all. We have a 120v 20 amp circuit to an accessory dwelling with a run of about 75' of direct bury #12. The breaker keeps tripping even when there is nothing connected to the circuit. What I've done so far: Checked all connections in the circuit(outlets, etc) Then, disconnected the...
  7. littlespark

    Fire alarm panel. Don’t recognise fault code

    The big stately home I’ve been working in has an EMS 5096 alarm system with over 100 detectors and 3 (that I know of) panels. All detectors are battery powered and radio back to its closest panel. All panels are also radio linked together. They get the odd fault code which is usually a flat...
  8. buzzlightyear

    What is it on this fault

    This for an apprentice 32 amp mcb /63amp RCD 1) no power to the sockets 2) installation resistance all good. 3) contunuty good. 4) no loses conections. 5) mcb not tripped 6)rcd not tripped. 7) all mains on. What is it.
  9. G

    CDA Wine Cooler fault

    Hi, my CDA FWC303 wine fridge is knackered. The compressor doesn't start and I've traced it to the PTC which I plan to replace and have identified the required spare part. However, the thermal overload protector has a continuity reading of 3.2 ohms between terminals which although still pretty...
  10. littlespark

    Central locking fault

    Anyone know how to bypass central locking on this vehicle? Also, how to start it without a key? Asking for a friend. 🙂😂🤣
  11. A

    Fault on Ring final circuit

    Please advise what I should test / check next. My usual qualified electrician who did all of the work here is in Ireland for 4 weeks and not contactable. I need to fix this asap. Ring final circuit tripping. I am not clueless and I have some test gear. Can fully isolate the supply with an...
  12. S

    Oven fault tripping rcbo

    Hi All, Seeking some thoughts on my own Omega free standing 900mm oven. Over the past year the oven has been tripping the supplying RCBO unit. I have replaces the rear fan forced element and thermostat but the unit continues to trip rcbo. Does anyone have any other ideas on shot might cause the...
  13. timhoward

    Strange fault, any bright ideas?

    A silly fault in a circuit only 4m long is currently eluding me! This is ECIR remedials of a landlords supply in a block of flats. Circuit 2 = hall heater (just one). IR L+N > E of 1.23Mohms. It's a very short circuit. 1 - Cable from CU up to Controller FCU. (about 50cm) 2 - Cable from...
  14. K

    UK RCBO indicator , short circuit or earth fault.

    Anyone know of an RCBO manufacturer, apart from Chint,that includes an indicator in the RCBO to indicate if the trip is a earth fault or an overload.
  15. J

    Fault with trouser press or house?

    Hi I have a Corby 7700 trouser press it is a 220w model, 3 years 10 month old. On Friday it stopped working, so I took it to the garage ready for the tip. This morning I plugged it in, and it worked. I then Tried it in every socket in the house and nothing, the house has 4 circuits, a...
  16. G

    Fault finding weird issue

    Hi all, Gone to look at a intermittent ground floor sockets fault today, the RCBO was tripping at random times with no pattern. Nailed down a potential leg between 2 sockets ( 0.01 ohms on IR test) and temporarily replaced it to get the radial circuit (2.5mm on 20a B curve) to get it back on...
  17. samn420

    RCDs for fault protection in adibatic equasion

    Hi all Was looking in to the adibatic equasion as our company will not let us add on to a Ring circuit with 1mm cpc.. I want to give some evidence as to why it may not be an issue. My question is; If the circuit is protected by an rcd can I replace fault current in the adibatic equasion with...
  18. G

    VFD -under volt at source fault

    So earlier this year I obtained a large machine with a couple of 3 phase motors in it, and the rest single phase. I bought a VFD, correctly wired it up, and while the machine ran with some functions, it also reported "undervolt at source" I had bought a VFD with a maximum output of 380 volts...
  19. happysteve

    Omission of fault (and overload) protection for inverter

    I don't "do" solar, but I've been asked to comment on an aspect of a new domestic solar installation by others. There is no overload or fault protection, except for the service cut-out fuse (unknown size, assume 80A). TN-C-S. Installation is as follows (have only seen a photo of part of it...
  20. H

    Possible electric fault following rewire

    Hello all, We've had a rewire and our electrican is currently away on holiday so we're unable to ask them for advice. Please can I ask for your help with the fault. We had a full rewire including new consumer unit in the property and LED downlights installed (integrated slim line led variant)...


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