1. P

    Low resistance fault replicated on a made up rig

    Possibly a daft one this lads but any insight welcome. Have set a dummy rig up at home and am trying to replicate a low resistance fault on a ring main. No prob getting off scale high and zero readings but anyone think of a way of creating a low but not zero reading.
  2. N

    Fire Alarm- Earth Fault on Loop (XP95)

    Hello, Would welcome any advice- We have an earth fault to a fire alarm loop, everything connected is XP95 and there are isolators in many bases and call points.. Is there a hints/tips way to find this, without having to gain access everywhere. Would splitting the loop, powering the half that...
  3. R

    Toyota Camry - intriguing fault with headlights

    2005 Camry. Yesterday the headlights started to play up with an interesting issue. When the ignition is on + the light switch on the steering is on, the low beams do not light up. However when the high beams are turned on, both the high and low lights are on. All or nothing it seems. I thought...
  4. h.abrar94

    How to calculate the resistance of steel armour under fault conditions 70 oC for CSA 95mm2

    Hi All, hope your all well. I was hoping if I can please get some advice in regards to SWA. In Particular using SWA as CPC. Cable size 95mm2 I have a table for SWA which shows various information, in the last two columns it shows the "resistance of steel armour under fault conditions at 70...
  5. mak

    Trainee AM2 ring fault-finding headache

    How would I pinpoint a fault on a ring circuit with very little resistances, and without any visual clues, only by measuring. Say I have a break in neutral between db and first socket. How would I go about fault finding it? 1. I will use low resistance ohmmeter. 2. I will find that rn is not a...
  6. mak

    Trainee Is there a max Zs for lighting circuits?

    I can't find anything related to this in the regs so I probably misunderstood the question. The way I see it the max Zs for any lighting circuit depends on the circuit breaker for that circuit. Say we have a lighting circuit with 100x36W ceiling lights which gives us a load of 16A, we choose the...
  7. B

    Solar PV insulation fault ABB aurora inverter.

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum so be nice! I used to install solar PV systems back when the tariffs were still good, and I've never had to go back to one of my old installs because of a fault, so I'm not too clued up with regards to fault finding on PV. A customer has recently called me out to...
  8. M

    Guidence on some fault finding for am2 please

    Guidence on fault finding am2 please
  9. littlespark

    Most obvious fault here

    First of all, sorry I didn’t take more photos. Been to a customer to price a job and had a look at his CU. Split RCD half and half. From this picture, it appears the left hand side rcd is off, although all the circuits are powered. so. First thought, faulty rcd. Says it’s off but contacts...
  10. S

    Earth Fault at 240V Single Phase System

    Hi... I am Shamsul from Malaysia I have a question regarding to earth fault current if occur inside 240V single phase customer house/building 1.May explain how the earth fault current flow route 2.If got local earthing was connected from ground to 11kV 3phase DEAD line, is it the fault current...
  11. jackhammerJIM

    UPS Fault

    Good evening all . I am hoping someone can shed some light on a reoccurring problem in a mains room we are working in . The problem being the UPS modules display a general wiring fault whenever the ATS switches from generator back to mains . So far the UPS manufacturer and generator company...
  12. B

    High Zs RCD for fault protection?

    Hi, kind of follow on from my last post, but my boss hasn’t explained very well hoping you guys can High Zs on circuit, Can you reply on an RCD for fault protection? He’s told me if the circuit is RCD then you can use that as fault protection, obviously you can’t meet disconnection times for...
  13. E

    UK Puzzled by electrician comments about earth fault.

    Hi, Our house has just had an electrical safety check by a qualified electrician. He said he had found an earth fault but was called away on another job and can't return for three weeks. Meantime, I am left wondering about his comments and would like to get a better understanding. He said we...
  14. bigspark17

    Submain rcd fault protection

    If a 2 core swa was run for a submain to an outbuilding with no extraneous parts in it, but the zdb reading was well over the maximum earth fault loop impedance. Could an rcd time delay be installed at supply end to cover the submain ie increasing its new maximum zs reading? Hope thats clear 🙈
  15. C

    Fault finding ring final RCBO

    Done a condition report on a old mains board, everything good apart from ring final, got 0.55 nn 33.7ll and 3.8 on ee, changed board to main switch and rcbos, carried out a full accessory swap on all sockets and fuse spares in house, found some bad practice, twisted lives, n and earth's, no...
  16. B

    Control Circuit Fault Finding

    I spent 22 years in the RAF as a ground electrician. Essentially there are about 3000 different types of ground equipment used to keep aircraft and airfields running ranging from specialist fire engines designed exclusively for the RAF, hydraulic rigs and specialist 200v/400Hz generators to run...
  17. E


    ok, iv a domestic house with a shed 50 mtrs away supplied via 3x10 SWA on a B32A MCB. fault has been occurring the last few days which is the MCB in house tripping. I arrive and open both boards and remove both PE and N conductors from terminals followed by IR testing and was getting very poor...
  18. I

    Lighting circuit fault

    Hi All, I've been doing first fix for bathroom (spotlights, towel heater, underfloor heating, fan, shaver socket). Fuseboard is quite old no RCD, I've convinced costumer to upgrade it. During my work I've checked voltage in bathroom light circuit and I had this: L to N 240v, L to E 60v, N to E...
  19. A

    Megger fault codes

    Does anyone know what the code erp is on a Megger 1721 ?
  20. J

    Calculating Fault Current...

    Hi all, quick question, hoping an easy one to answer. Just need to clarify this up in my own head. When calculating fault current from Zs, do I take Cmin into account? For example. Zs is 0.54 ohms So to find fault current I would calculate nominal voltage / Zs So 230 / 0.54 But, should I...
  21. D

    Commercial Hi there I’ve just purchased a Megger pat 150r and a fault code of err 8000 2030 has appeared can anybody help as nowhere open to get it looked at reg

    Hi there all I’ve got a Megger 150r pat tester and it’s stuck on an error code err 8000 2030 And no we’re is open to get it looked at Can anybody help as can’t seem to find fault codes on net Regards Dave
  22. R

    Outdoor t&e - EICR fault code?

    Hi all The subject says it all - there's a lot of outside exposed clipped t&e out there with all the attendant physical protection and UV issues. Question is - should it have a fault code on a report? I guess it would be a C3 at most, but should it feature at all? Cheers
  23. D

    Solar PV ground fault

    Hi guys. Got an issue with a DC string ... I am doing some DC testing and one of the strings is 0.5ohms (negative to earth). Positive is 29mohms and rising to earth. Now usually I would expect to find a crappy mc4 or a damaged cable but this time I am on a farm where all the cable is visible...
  24. Mark Wright

    Max Earth Fault Loop Impedance for OverCurrent Devices Before Amendment 3 and Now???

    Maximum Earth Fault Loop Impedance for OverCurrent Device was calculated 230/(MCB Rating*5) * Rule of Thumb is that correct? And how are they worked out now after Amendment 3?
  25. J

    Omnik Inverter throwing Relay Check Fail Fault

    Have a fault reading; Relay check fail. Done some research and replaced the x2 check relays with quality components. Still have the same fault sadly. Any thoughts ?
  26. happyhippydad

    This fault has me confused!

    I rather foolishly booked in a fault finding job in a 2 hour slot thinking I could solve it quickly, I couldn't! It has me confused, although I haven't let myself slow down yet and focus so you guys may point out something obvious. It is an intermittent tripping MCB on a 32A ring ciruit...
  27. M

    UK What sequence to do when doing fault finding (AM2)

    Hi everyone just to let everyone know that I did my AM2 last week and I only failed on the fault finding part. I was very confident before going into the fault finding test but I lost my way and the pressure got to me. I'm so chuffed that I pass everything else. Just to explain what the test...
  28. L

    411.8.3 Requirement for Fault Protection

    Where fault protection is provided by an RCD, the product of the rated residual operating current (IΔn) in amperes and the earth fault loop impedance in ohms shall not exceed 50 V.
  29. R

    Short Circuit Fault On Honeywell Flex 100 alarm

    Hey, We are putting in a Honeywell flex alarm. It's all wired in (following the manual). The problem is that all the sensors are coming up as having a short circuit and I can't work out why. I've wired it up with my friend (who is an electrician) and we really can't work out the problem...
  30. P

    The apollo advanced mx pro panel is showing an error that a smoke detector is faulty but it seems to be blinking properly.

    The detector is working properly. We have checked it physically. But the pannel is showing fault in that detector. Please give me a solution
  31. M

    Earth fault on a TN-S system

    So here is the situation 22kV/415V delta-star transformer with neutral point earthed on secondary Downstream breaker of transformer 630A with earth fault setting 0.2xIn @ 100ms This supplues a number of outgoing loads with respective 50A breakers which only have thermal and magnetic settings. An...
  32. samsingh

    Fault find (Electrical condition report) or (Electrical Installation certificate)

    Hi guys, I have carried out some testing on a existing domestic installation, I was finding a low IR Result on a lighting circuit. I identified and rectified the fault. I am going to carry on the with the testing on the weekend and will be doing the paperwork for my Testing on the install I just...
  33. Bobby34

    MFT1552 fault?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody has come across this fault before that I seem to be getting with my Megger MFT1552. When I measure the voltage it reads around 260V (iv tried it in a few different properties). Then if I switch it to the RCD auto test or any of the RCD individual tests it...
  34. Strima

    XVision HD Pro CCTV Fault

    I have a customer who has a XVision HD Pro CCTV system that now fails to boot. It's a few years old and I have cleaned a lot of dust out of the system. It will only get to 99% on the power up screen then dumps out and cycles through it's start up routine. I have replaced the MB button battery...
  35. S

    Havin random breaker fault issues with my home where random circuits trip breaker with no pattern .

    So bought my house in june . When i moved in I hooked ac window unit in my bedroom it tripped the afci breaker for that circuit so I temporarily ran extension cord from spare room to my bedroom to solve the issue . After a week i decided to try hook ac up normally again . Never tripped breaker...
  36. dlt27

    Time delayed rcd’s and fault protection

    Have been to a farm today that has a 100mA time delayed RCD main switch covering a DB that has MCB’s on majority of circuits ( less than 32A) and 30mA RCBO’s on sockets, lighting etc. What I was thinking was does this comply with regs as circuits less than 32A should disconnect in less than...
  37. S

    Strange N-E fault on armoured cable supply to sub-main

    I've installed a garage consumer unit sub-main to an outbuilding in 16mm 3 core armoured, the insulation tests all come back fine - +800Mohms on a 500 volt test but when I power up the installation I get 90 volts leaking to Earth from Neutral and i'm not sure why. The Garage RCD also doesn't...
  38. S

    Alarm Panel Fault

    Hi All Wondering if someone can help. I've recently been receiving a fault with my Accenta G4 alarm Panel. All was previously working with it until one day its froze, so powered it down and back up and it's been stuck at "Accenta G4 RKP F131-01-111" on the screen and I am unable to do anything...
  39. GBDamo

    Absolute Nightmare fault.

    Reported fault was RCD tripping. Another spark had been out and reported a Neutral fault on a ring circuit. As poewr could not be left off he removed the RCD (single RCD 7 way CU) and replaced it with a mains switch. When I arrived there were two "ring" circuits in the CU one on a B32 and one...
  40. bcm_spark

    110V DC Float Earth Ground Fault

    Good morning all, A 'ground fault' alarm came in over the weekend on the 110V charging system. We have two 110V fans currently running and I am suspecting that one is at fault but I can't turn it off yet to fault find. I say I suspect this as we have had to change them before because of low...
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