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  1. timhoward

    Strange fault, any bright ideas?

    A silly fault in a circuit only 4m long is currently eluding me! This is ECIR remedials of a landlords supply in a block of flats. Circuit 2 = hall heater (just one). IR L+N > E of 1.23Mohms. It's a very short circuit. 1 - Cable from CU up to Controller FCU. (about 50cm) 2 - Cable from...
  2. K

    UK RCBO indicator , short circuit or earth fault.

    Anyone know of an RCBO manufacturer, apart from Chint,that includes an indicator in the RCBO to indicate if the trip is a earth fault or an overload.
  3. J

    Fault with trouser press or house?

    Hi I have a Corby 7700 trouser press it is a 220w model, 3 years 10 month old. On Friday it stopped working, so I took it to the garage ready for the tip. This morning I plugged it in, and it worked. I then Tried it in every socket in the house and nothing, the house has 4 circuits, a...
  4. G

    Fault finding weird issue

    Hi all, Gone to look at a intermittent ground floor sockets fault today, the RCBO was tripping at random times with no pattern. Nailed down a potential leg between 2 sockets ( 0.01 ohms on IR test) and temporarily replaced it to get the radial circuit (2.5mm on 20a B curve) to get it back on...
  5. samn420

    RCDs for fault protection in adibatic equasion

    Hi all Was looking in to the adibatic equasion as our company will not let us add on to a Ring circuit with 1mm cpc.. I want to give some evidence as to why it may not be an issue. My question is; If the circuit is protected by an rcd can I replace fault current in the adibatic equasion with...
  6. G

    VFD -under volt at source fault

    So earlier this year I obtained a large machine with a couple of 3 phase motors in it, and the rest single phase. I bought a VFD, correctly wired it up, and while the machine ran with some functions, it also reported "undervolt at source" I had bought a VFD with a maximum output of 380 volts...
  7. happysteve

    Omission of fault (and overload) protection for inverter

    I don't "do" solar, but I've been asked to comment on an aspect of a new domestic solar installation by others. There is no overload or fault protection, except for the service cut-out fuse (unknown size, assume 80A). TN-C-S. Installation is as follows (have only seen a photo of part of it...
  8. S

    Domestic PEN Fault Detection on Whole Install?

    Hi All, I understand the requirement for PEN fault detection on EV chargers for TN-C-S installs (or to place an earth rod). However, when I was looking for something else entirely I came across this single-phase 100A PEN fault detector. What would be the use case for this? Would you ever need...
  9. S

    Light circuit fault. 230v on l and n no light working

    Hi There is a lighting circuit fault in a property with the downstairs lighting circuit. I have tested the voltage and there is 230v on both line and neutral conductors going to the light pendnat although the pendant (any pendant) isnt showing light . no changes have been made to the lighting...
  10. MrGwythers

    Ev charger rccb fault

    Hello can anyone shed some light on this fault, we have a supply into 63A 100ma rccbs that feed matte for ev chargers. The rccbs keep losing a phase the first one lost L1 on rccb outgoing side, we've replaced that one now another 3 out of 5 rccb have lost L2 on all 3 faulty rccbs the first rccb...
  11. JimLongDone

    EICR - Shallow Back Box Depth a Fault?

    Hello, My house has 25mm back boxes throughout, but I’ve noticed the previous owner has installed sockets and switches that seem to suggest/specify 35mm minimum. The sockets and switches do still fit flush on the wall, just that it is incredibly tight behind so the wiring has been routed...
  12. Lainan01

    Trainee How does fault current loop? "Earth Fault Loop"

    Confused as to what the earth fault loop is. I'm aware it's the path that fault current takes (Line-Earth) but how many times does fault current "loop"?
  13. CopiamElectrical

    Ring circuit fault, High RN

    Hey there, Sorry I’ve just joined up. I’m a qualified electrician/Electrical engineer. Recently sat my 2391-52. My question is I had a fault which I couldn’t find or rectify during a periodic test that I carried out yesterday (tenant property) occupied. Circuit: Ground Floor Socket 32A...
  14. ADelectrical

    Weird?! Neutral-earth fault

    Hi was recently at a property and was installing a Solar PV system. was doing my testing and i came across a weird result when doing the insulation resistance stage. testing between Neutral and earth I got a dead short. so split the circuit and narrowed it down to a 1ft long length of cable...
  15. K

    Does anyone know what RCD fault he is talking about

    Hi Basically I have visited a youtube link of another electrician and he is talking about how many electricians find RCD fault very hard to resolve and he mentioned it takes less than 3 minutes using the method he mentioned but not completely hence its really puzzling me so if anyone could...
  16. B

    N/E fault IR=0 - RCD won’t hold

    Hi all, After some options/opinions on fault finding N/E fault on ring final as fairly newish to being out alone. Customer wants to upgrade from rewirable CU to RCBO so fairly old wiring but no signs of cable breakdown or anything totally messy on inspection. This circuit basically holds...
  17. M

    N-E fault bank holiday ruined

    Hi all , after some opinions on N-E fault or ring main. After chasing this fault and ruining my bank holiday weekend , ring main IR readings as follows L-E >999 L-N>999 N-E>0.98Mohm I have narrowed it down to a cable spurred from ring main , astonishingly the 3no. Cables in the twin...
  18. Lainan01

    Trainee Real life examples of RCD fault

    What’s a real life example of an imbalance between live and neutral? For example, a faulty tumble dryer can trip a RCD on a split board - so I would assume there is an imbalance because of the difference in the magnetic flux between the Live and Neutral coils. But what would be the actual...
  19. HappyHippyDad

    Is 0.15M ohms N - E a fault on a cooker?

    Further to my other thread about the connected neutral. I have decided to write (politely) to the rather difficult customer and explain that I was right to indicate that the cooker was potentially dangerous. However, I thought I better check to see if it actually is! I found my results and the...
  20. D

    Industrial LV fault tripping HV ring main unit

    Hi all, I have been on a site repairing damage caused by travellers collecting copper for the last week. We have found and replaced cabling to get the site up and running. Power has been on for a few days but today the 11KV ring main unit tripped. This feeds a transformer attached to the main...
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