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  1. A

    Megger fault codes

    Does anyone know what the code erp is on a Megger 1721 ?
  2. J

    Calculating Fault Current...

    Hi all, quick question, hoping an easy one to answer. Just need to clarify this up in my own head. When calculating fault current from Zs, do I take Cmin into account? For example. Zs is 0.54 ohms So to find fault current I would calculate nominal voltage / Zs So 230 / 0.54 But, should I...
  3. D

    Commercial Hi there I’ve just purchased a Megger pat 150r and a fault code of err 8000 2030 has appeared can anybody help as nowhere open to get it looked at reg

    Hi there all I’ve got a Megger 150r pat tester and it’s stuck on an error code err 8000 2030 And no we’re is open to get it looked at Can anybody help as can’t seem to find fault codes on net Regards Dave
  4. R

    Outdoor t&e - EICR fault code?

    Hi all The subject says it all - there's a lot of outside exposed clipped t&e out there with all the attendant physical protection and UV issues. Question is - should it have a fault code on a report? I guess it would be a C3 at most, but should it feature at all? Cheers
  5. D

    Solar PV ground fault

    Hi guys. Got an issue with a DC string ... I am doing some DC testing and one of the strings is 0.5ohms (negative to earth). Positive is 29mohms and rising to earth. Now usually I would expect to find a crappy mc4 or a damaged cable but this time I am on a farm where all the cable is visible...
  6. M

    Max Earth Fault Loop Impedance for OverCurrent Devices Before Amendment 3 and Now???

    Maximum Earth Fault Loop Impedance for OverCurrent Device was calculated 230/(MCB Rating*5) * Rule of Thumb is that correct? And how are they worked out now after Amendment 3?
  7. J

    Omnik Inverter throwing Relay Check Fail Fault

    Have a fault reading; Relay check fail. Done some research and replaced the x2 check relays with quality components. Still have the same fault sadly. Any thoughts ?
  8. happyhippydad

    This fault has me confused!

    I rather foolishly booked in a fault finding job in a 2 hour slot thinking I could solve it quickly, I couldn't! It has me confused, although I haven't let myself slow down yet and focus so you guys may point out something obvious. It is an intermittent tripping MCB on a 32A ring ciruit...
  9. M

    UK What sequence to do when doing fault finding (AM2)

    Hi everyone just to let everyone know that I did my AM2 last week and I only failed on the fault finding part. I was very confident before going into the fault finding test but I lost my way and the pressure got to me. I'm so chuffed that I pass everything else. Just to explain what the test...
  10. L

    411.8.3 Requirement for Fault Protection

    Where fault protection is provided by an RCD, the product of the rated residual operating current (IΔn) in amperes and the earth fault loop impedance in ohms shall not exceed 50 V.
  11. R

    Short Circuit Fault On Honeywell Flex 100 alarm

    Hey, We are putting in a Honeywell flex alarm. It's all wired in (following the manual). The problem is that all the sensors are coming up as having a short circuit and I can't work out why. I've wired it up with my friend (who is an electrician) and we really can't work out the problem...
  12. P

    The apollo advanced mx pro panel is showing an error that a smoke detector is faulty but it seems to be blinking properly.

    The detector is working properly. We have checked it physically. But the pannel is showing fault in that detector. Please give me a solution
  13. M

    Earth fault on a TN-S system

    So here is the situation 22kV/415V delta-star transformer with neutral point earthed on secondary Downstream breaker of transformer 630A with earth fault setting 0.2xIn @ 100ms This supplues a number of outgoing loads with respective 50A breakers which only have thermal and magnetic settings. An...
  14. samsingh

    Fault find (Electrical condition report) or (Electrical Installation certificate)

    Hi guys, I have carried out some testing on a existing domestic installation, I was finding a low IR Result on a lighting circuit. I identified and rectified the fault. I am going to carry on the with the testing on the weekend and will be doing the paperwork for my Testing on the install I just...
  15. Bobby34

    MFT1552 fault?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody has come across this fault before that I seem to be getting with my Megger MFT1552. When I measure the voltage it reads around 260V (iv tried it in a few different properties). Then if I switch it to the RCD auto test or any of the RCD individual tests it...
  16. Strima

    XVision HD Pro CCTV Fault

    I have a customer who has a XVision HD Pro CCTV system that now fails to boot. It's a few years old and I have cleaned a lot of dust out of the system. It will only get to 99% on the power up screen then dumps out and cycles through it's start up routine. I have replaced the MB button battery...
  17. S

    Havin random breaker fault issues with my home where random circuits trip breaker with no pattern .

    So bought my house in june . When i moved in I hooked ac window unit in my bedroom it tripped the afci breaker for that circuit so I temporarily ran extension cord from spare room to my bedroom to solve the issue . After a week i decided to try hook ac up normally again . Never tripped breaker...
  18. dlt27

    Time delayed rcd’s and fault protection

    Have been to a farm today that has a 100mA time delayed RCD main switch covering a DB that has MCB’s on majority of circuits ( less than 32A) and 30mA RCBO’s on sockets, lighting etc. What I was thinking was does this comply with regs as circuits less than 32A should disconnect in less than...
  19. S

    Strange N-E fault on armoured cable supply to sub-main

    I've installed a garage consumer unit sub-main to an outbuilding in 16mm 3 core armoured, the insulation tests all come back fine - +800Mohms on a 500 volt test but when I power up the installation I get 90 volts leaking to Earth from Neutral and i'm not sure why. The Garage RCD also doesn't...
  20. S

    Alarm Panel Fault

    Hi All Wondering if someone can help. I've recently been receiving a fault with my Accenta G4 alarm Panel. All was previously working with it until one day its froze, so powered it down and back up and it's been stuck at "Accenta G4 RKP F131-01-111" on the screen and I am unable to do anything...
  21. GBDamo

    Absolute Nightmare fault.

    Reported fault was RCD tripping. Another spark had been out and reported a Neutral fault on a ring circuit. As poewr could not be left off he removed the RCD (single RCD 7 way CU) and replaced it with a mains switch. When I arrived there were two "ring" circuits in the CU one on a B32 and one...
  22. bcm_spark

    110V DC Float Earth Ground Fault

    Good morning all, A 'ground fault' alarm came in over the weekend on the 110V charging system. We have two 110V fans currently running and I am suspecting that one is at fault but I can't turn it off yet to fault find. I say I suspect this as we have had to change them before because of low...
  23. littlespark

    Possible fault with motorized valve

    I've been phoned by a customer who says his central heating pump is running almost constantly, whether his heating is on or not. (oil fired Worcester system boiler) Its not my usual area of expertise, but im thinking its possibly the motorised valve sticking and not releasing the switch that...
  24. I

    How is this possible

    Hi all, I got that really weird issue with my internet router/line. I tried everything I could, replaced modem, providers everyone diagnosed the broadband line from every angle. But issue still happening, my internet goes down every few hours. But now I know the problem is somehow with my...
  25. G

    UK AM2 Fault Finding

    Hi guys, got my AM2 fault finding Resit on Monday and have a question. How would I check for reverse polarity? If I test say from the board L N or E to say a switched spur if I put one probe on the board side L then the other probe on the spur N and I get a reading, surely that means the fault...
  26. D

    Earth/Neutral fault..Help Needed!!

    Probably going to get slated for not knowing/doing something wrong but here goes!! So, been asked to do a board change for a customer, when I turned up they explained that had had a new PME done a few weeks ago, when I mentioned that their house wasn't earthed the customer said that the...
  27. Zdb

    Enlite LED downlight fault 🔥

    I came across these images on the Facebook group ECUK and thought I would share them with you guys. The sparky said that these are in his own house that he put in. Quite worrying actually as Elite are my go to make/model and I've also put them in my house.
  28. T

    Wasted Spark Coil Pack Fault

    Hi Everyone I recently had a coil pack fail highlighted by a misfire on cylinder 1. I took out the plug, turned over the engine and sure enough no spark on cylinder 1. I then checked the spark on cylinder 2 and it was perfect so i swapped the plug and lead on cylinder 1 and 2. The fault stayed...
  29. Baddegg

    Fault finding easier in the dark!

    Fault in lighting circuit, started poking about in the loft in the dark and managed to find it....:tearsofjoy:....
  30. A

    Earth Fault Loop Impedance Test for lighting circuits

    Hello guys, Do you do Earth fault loop impedance test for lighting circuits during periodic inspection ? do you measure it at the lighting point? what is the percentage of lights you test? Thanks alot in advance
  31. S

    Help finding fault after a short Circuit( Com with Neutral )

    Hi there Im reaching out here as I have given up trying and couldn't find a local electrician to help today . so the issue . after painting the wall I was try to fit the light switch back into the wall and somehow the com cable touched the metal surround on the wall. the lighting RCBO...
  32. G

    Regulation 434.5.2 - Time a conductor can withstand fault current

    Can anyone help me clarify the formula in regulation 434.5.2, the time a conductor can withstand a fault current without sustaining damage. t=k2 x S2 / I2 The regulation states I is the effective fault current. Does effective fault current mean the prospective short circuit current/...
  33. kenny maccuish

    Found during fault finding

    Hi guys just wanted to ask if there are any Irish electricians here that can tell me whether these examples of making off SWA are accepted in Ireland. Just had to fault find a light not working in a garden and opened up a couple of manholes to find PVC 4x4 waterproof boxes with SWA going into...
  34. C

    EDF meter change fault

    Hello guys EDF came out to a flat and attempted to replace the meter. I have been called out to investigate there comments which are “unsafe to remove meter, possible borrowed neutral, voltage at meter even with fuse removed (dropped neutral test)” First off i am currently on site, I removed...
  35. T

    Domestic How to locate earth leakage wiring fault [Home wiring].

    Hello Everyone, I am from India. Things were good [seemed to be good] with temporary electric connection [single phase, 230v] to our new house. Now when we are organizing electrical wiring, dividing phases, installing ELCB, the problem started occuring. Now the electricity connection is of 3...
  36. GBDamo

    Intermittent fault finding.

    Was called to a commercial lighting issue on Friday where the circuit had tripped, RCBO protected. On arrival reset the RCBO and all held, three lights weren't working, two were lamps and one had a black scorched ballast, replaced this and all works. The circuit has eight lights, two PIRs a...
  37. B

    An unusual electrical fault to find.

    I work in a large public services building near my home town and it consists of wiring that was done back in the 1950's (perhaps 12/13th Edition?) when the first buildings were erected using V.I.R. cables right up to the latest 18th Edition wiring that includes "phase matched UPS/IPS" systems...
  38. F

    O/P fault on 046 in Esser IQ 8 control FACP.

    Hello, my Esser IQ8 control FACP is displaying an O/P fault 046. I have tried to see if its a zone or an address or a device. Still havent been able to rectify the fault. And what's the meaning of the O/P fault. Please anyone help. I have been on this for two dats now. All troubleshooting is not...
  39. F

    System fault on panel 001 short/ circuit

    Please how do i start to check for system fault on panel short circuit. I was able to solve this problem before but now it's taking like forever and am getting frustrated please help. I am working on a Esser IQ 8000 control FACP.
  40. C

    Belling Oven fault

    Hello All, I never have a great deal of luck when it comes to domestic appliances! We have a Belling fan oven which when the temperature dial is turned up, immediately blows the 13amp plug fuse, trips the MCB and takes out the RCD for good measure. I was assuming U/S element so have removed...
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