1. M

    Voltage spike causing strange readings?

    Hi guys, Our client called us out to assess a fault in one of their buildings today, it turns out that certain circuits (those with fixed electronic equipment within them) are now acting as if there is no load and the neutral wires back at the board are now showing 230V to earth. Could a...
  2. D

    Panel voltage differences on same MPP tracker.

    Hi all, This may is a little odd and may take some getting your head around but here goes... I measured around half the load current on two DC strings , even though the AC and DC mains were isolated. There was a voltage difference between two strings . ( around 75vdc between String 6 and the...
  3. G

    which voltage proving unit?

    i need to purchase a voltage proving unit - i have seen Megger MPU690, Martindale PD690, and Socket and See SP400, and Fluke but difficult to compare, will need sometimes to work on 3-phase so 440+volts needed. and with the automatic ramping, is there any way to stop the 400-690v for lower...
  4. A

    Induced voltage.

    Hi Just replaced a bathroom extractor fan. I didn't alter any wiring. Both old & new have live & switched live. Trouble is, once activated, the fan won't turn off. Vent axia say there's an induced voltage. Not enough to switch fan but enough to keep it running. Sure enough, there seems to be...
  5. D

    Voltage and Continuity Tester Recommendations

    Hi all, Firstly I am new to the forum, so will start by saying hi. I work as an electricians mate, and am joining the forum to gain experience. I am looking to purchase a decent voltage and continuity tester that complies with GS38. The two I have considered so far are the Kewtech KT1780 and...
  6. T

    Induced voltage on neutral wire

    Hi everyone, When checking my consumer unit voltages with the full board off, I stumbled across something head scratching. Measuring the feed from the DNO, L-N I read 242.3 V. Measuring L-E I measured 242.3 V and N-E I measured a steady 30 mV. When measuring the live side of the main of the...
  7. J

    Voltage Optimiser Inspection

    Hi i've been asked to look into an existing voltage optimiser unit, and provide feedback on it whether or not it needs to be replaced. Is there anything i should particularly look out for? Customer also wants the info on size and type i assume this info will be on the VO?
  8. H

    Voltage drop help please

    all currently working towards my 2391 c&g I&T . I know how to calculate v.d. but the mock test I found online seems a bit out of date or I'm potentially doing something wrong. Here comes de Q. Voltage drop of a single-phase distribution circuit supplying a power distribution board in a remote...
  9. R

    Current flow in neutral but no voltage ?

    Having a challenge understanding the concept behind why when you measure across line and neutral (live circuit) using voltage indicators we have voltage reading of 230V single phase. If there is current flow in the neutral why is it termed as 0V ? On that basis, second question - If I tested...
  10. N

    Extremely low voltage on 120v line

    Extremely low voltage on 120v line Hi, I’m not an electrician but my home has 20 amp breaker that has only one outdoor outlet on it with a GFCI. I had a low voltage lighting transformer as the only thing plugged into this outlet and I noticed that the lights were off and not coming on. I...
  11. Miguel Esteban-Perez

    Straight connections for Medium Voltage.

    Good Afternoon everyone Do you know any UK based company which sells straight connections between Medium voltage transformers ( 3500 and 630 kvas) for 240 mm2 cable with a normal voltage of 24 KV (Um). If so , please PM me Many thanks in advantage. Regards
  12. X

    UK DC/DC Voltage Conversion

    Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of advice for my kids power wheel car. I have a 24v to 12v converter which I need to use for the steering motor as its still 12v. Currently the controller has 2 wires which connect to the steering motor, the polarity of the wires switches to turn either left of...
  13. D

    Advice re voltage converter!

    Afternoon all! I was wondering if there were any electricians here who could share some knowledge please 🙏🏼. I have a Ninja dual zone air fryer that I want to take abroad. The country I’m taking it to is running on 110V, whereas the air fryer is 2470W. Would a voltage converter 110V to 220V-...
  14. S

    Cheap Voltage and continuity tester?

    Hey guys I am still studying in college. I just need one to play around with. As I will be making my own boards at home. Can anyone recommend me one to use ? So I can start practicing how to do testing. Thanks
  15. R

    Determination of Wire Voltage Rating

    I am curious about voltage ratings on wire. I'm interested in 10-4 for a 25-foot cord that will be carrying 25 Amps at 240 volts. There are two voltage ratings for this wire on Amazon, 300 and 600. Would it be prudent to choose the 600-volt wire since the peak voltage of 240 is 339 volts? Or is...
  16. D

    Measuring Voltage Drop - With or without Load?

    I am sending power to some 5v led lights about 50ft from the transformer. I was going to use some CAT6 direct Burial cable that I kept after a contractor accidently cut it (I replaced the wire as I did not want to do an underground splice). So I plan to use 1.5 pairs (three conductors) for Pos...
  17. Shafiq Azmi

    Why MCB and Fuse cant protect Voltage Surge?

    Hi Everyone, I got some Power Module damaged cause by Voltage Surge. My device protected by 25A MCB and Fuse. Why my device still damage although its already have the protection? Any other way to prevent this from happening again?
  18. D

    Voltage sensor on Charger

    What does the voltage sensor do for our car charging point? protect from surge or dropping power?
  19. F

    Low Voltage Dimmer Help

    I recently purchased these pathway lights: https://a.co/d/f08tuaE After installing them I realized they're too bright, so I installed one of these dimmers: https://a.co/d/3tf17Su The dimmer doesn't dim the lights very much. They go from extremely bright to very bright. They are on a 14v...
  20. T

    Metal ceiling grid voltage

    100 volts on a metal ceiling grid when measuring from the Met to the ceiling grid Only when lighting circuit (led panels ) is on it goes away if the panels are disconnected from the drivers and left on Each panel has 25 volts from met to screws on the back they are class 2!! So the voltage...


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