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  1. J

    If you drive a metal rod can you use it as a reference to measure voltage

    If I was to drive a metal rod in the ground and measure between live and the rod will I get a reading? ( I’m still studying)
  2. H

    altivar 71 output voltage

    hi guys hope you all doing good so here my question the input voltage of the VFD (altivar 71) is 400v but when start in mode run the output voltage is only 310v is it logic i think no i appreciate your cooperation an advance thanks
  3. M

    UK Voltage drop and design

    Evening everyone I've a few questions and it would be helpful if someone could answer them but also point me in the right direction for the answers so that I can mark the places for future reference. I've just fitted a small garage unit in a house to allow me to power 3 double sockets in the...
  4. gazdkw82

    Voltage on light circuit when off

    Friend of mine has phoned. He needs my help because his lights in the hallway keep flashing dimly whilst in the off position. He has measured nominal voltage when the lights are turned on and 50v when the lights are turned off. I dont have much information to work with yet but thought I would...
  5. B

    Cavity wall access from Loft to 2nd floor for low voltage cable.

    Hi guys, I know this is technially not a mains electrical question as it's regarding network cable (CAT7) rated for inwall installation. But my question follows the same theory. I'm looking at dropping a few network cables from the gable end of my wall in the loft down into a room on the 2nd...
  6. W

    Socket voltage for a 120v appliance

    Hi, quick question. My wife had a small kiln installed by an electrician some time back. The kilns setup or needs are 15amp/120v. The outlet was damaged and I'm switching it out, but i only have a outlet that is 20amp/250v. Is it safe for the kiln to be plugged into that outlet? My understanding...
  7. M

    USB Voltage out of fused box

    I'm looking to run an led light directly from mains power. I currently have a socket with phone charger plugged in to power it. But it looks ugly and sticks out. I'd like to chop the plug off and wire it directly into a fused box. Any advice on what I'd need for this? 12v fused socket? Or do I...
  8. W

    Solar irradiance goes up voltage goes down...

    Newbie here, my company has recently taken over a solar site and I have been tasked with fixing the inverter which is a Schneider Zantrex GT500. Support from Schneider has been poor. Anyway, after troubleshooting the AC breaker failure, determined that the under voltage coil was bad so I sent it...
  9. J

    Trailing edge versus low voltage

    I'm an electrician but know jack about LED lighting. Buying my first home and thought that this is a could time to learn, but seems a little more complex than I first thought. So the plan was just to use 230v dimmable LEDs (Luceco EFTE45BS30) with trailing edge dimmers. But then the more high...
  10. J

    Voltage Drop Design Current?

    When calculating voltage drop and using the formula mV/A/m x Design Current x length / 1000 = v Do I use the design current value after rating factors have been applied? Thanks again for any help.
  11. R

    Mains or Low voltage garden lighting?

    Hi I am currently remodelling my garden and going to be installing some decking lights, spike lights and up/down lights on my fence. I just wondered what were peoples opinions on using either 12v or mains powered lights Was looking at switching it using the quinetic wireless switch Could...
  12. J

    Voltage drop.

    Can someone clear up a few points for me please. With voltage drop when the voltage is decreased by a % will the current increase to make up for the loss in voltage to give us the same output? And the more current we draw the greater the volt drop? Thank you
  13. D

    E39 530i touring - Nav fuse stray voltage on earth side - battery drain

    I have recently traced what I think is probably causing my battery drain to fuse 56 in the boot of my touring which is one of the navigation fuses. I thought could just pull the fuse to stop the drain as I never use the sat nav anyway but its had some other consequences. When I pull the fuse...
  14. J

    Zs values and 50v

    Hi all I’m doing some work on my NVQ and came across this on the internet. Can someone explain this picture to me and if it is correct.
  15. T

    Voltage drop under load

    Hi, has anyone encountered a similar fault... TN-C-S supply with old wylex fusebox. Last night, customer experienced total power loss whilst in the shower (electric), nothing tripped and no fuses blown. Customer pulled out fuses to check them and then replaced them all but could only get some...
  16. R

    High voltage

    Called out to a problem in a remote rural property, TNCS 100a single phase supply, overhead lines. Testing after sorting the issue my MFT flashed up a voltage of 265v L-N . Thinking the MFT was playing up I re-tested with a multi meter and got the same result. UKPN called and attended later in...
  17. D

    air conditioner high-low voltage error

    Hello friends. My air conditioner gives E6 error. It gives High / Low voltage error in the user manual. But when I measure the incoming energy, it's 220V. reading. I am uploading a few photos below. There is no energy in cable number 5 in the first picture. Does it have to be? The air...
  18. L

    Industrial There is a one circuit (one voltage source), two phases and neutral, but there is an amps difference between Ph1 and Ph2 (minor 3A only).

    Hello Electricians, This is my first post and I'm glad to be one of this forum member. However, to clarify my question. I've a "Skin Effect Heating System", fed by 1240 V. The circuit is quit simple, Phase U, Neutral in the middle and Phase V. Phase U and Neutral feeding the heating cable#1...
  19. J

    Voltage on ungrounded PC case, is it normal?

    Hello So my ungrounded PC case have some potential/voltage on it. Of course when i ground the case there's no voltage reading. But my question is -is it normal for an ungrounded PC case to have voltage? I mean PC power supply, should not pass 12V on the case, it should be isolated, right? No...
  20. P

    Reducing voltage

    Hi Everyone. A customer of mine has a house sewerage system which includes an aeration pump. It is only low wattage - maybe 50 watts and rated at 220 to 240 volts. However it keeps cutting out after about 20 minutes due to an internal thermal switch. The unit is brand new. When I measured the...
  21. C

    One Outlet Low Voltage

    Hoping for advice that isn't "check each outlet" but if need be, I will... Bought a house a few years back (1960's build). Home inspector advised all outlets worked fine after testing each one. Randomly, one decided to stop working. I recently started replacing outlets in the house and figured...
  22. S

    Inverter waiting but plenty of voltage so what is missing

    I have 2 arrays on 2 SMA inverters. One is 500v single string and the other is paralleled 2 x 300v strings. I have just lost one of my arrays via SMA 2500. It is lit but no power generation. I replaced with spare Steca which would not work as it needs more PV voltage so I had to swop over the...
  23. F

    3 phase motor dropping voltage with load.

    I have a 10 HP -230 volt 3 phase hydraulic press brake. I just installed a new 40 HP rotary converter panel with used WEG motor. The problem i am having is the volts going into the press during a load is dropping from 245 to 195-200 volt. Which means i'm loosing power of the hydraulic system...
  24. diced carrots

    L-E reversed and low voltage on RFC

    Trainee here so it's likely I've got my wires crossed! I've got a small unoccupied rental property which had a rewirable fuseboard which my work colleague (fully qualified spark) and I replaced the other day with an 8 way RCBO board, surge protected. He did the board change while I replaced...
  25. Lucien Nunes

    What's your definition of 'ghost voltage' ?

    I don't like the term 'ghost voltage' a.k.a. 'phantom voltage*' much, not least because it's rather loosely defined and probably means different things to different people. I also suspect that quite a few people use the term without really understanding what it is they are referring to. My...
  26. S

    Maximum Service voltage of ACBs(air circuit breakers) .

    Can we use a ACB rated for insulation level of 1000v, and 690 volt serivce voltage at, 800volt. For example ABB sace E1.2N , Can it be used at 800volt AC?
  27. S

    How to check voltage on heat press.

    My heat press stopped working and have been quoted £130 for a new control board but obviously they can't be sure this is the issue. How do I check that the press is receiving power. I have a multimeter available but its knowing where to take the readings. I have changed the fuse and cable...
  28. D

    Lighting cct voltage has dropped from nominal 240v to 138v

    Hi all, last week I decided to start painting the inside of the house and began in the kitchen. So to paint the ceiling, I lowered all LED downlights and left them prised using the spring loaded mechanism allowing to paint under the gimbals, so no weight was placed on the wiring whatsoever...
  29. dokkan1080

    Voltage drop

    Today I saw a swa 2.5mm run from a consumer unit to a garage shed about 45m (eyeballed it) from a 16amp breaker.... to a double socket then a fused spur to a led light fixture. Voltage drop would be : 15X16X45/1000 =10.8volts which complies but I guess its pretty close with power circuits...
  30. M

    USA Variable voltage 220v Appliance (Type I) to 110v (Type B) socket,

    Hello everybody, I am not an electrician or anything of the sort, but figured that this would be the best place to ask my question. I have a 220v heating appliance with a Chinese Type I plug. The appliance has a volatge regulator knob that allows voltage to be varied anywhere between 0v and...
  31. J

    UK Switch

    I have a switch that is with a rating voltage of AC 250V/ 1A – can I use this to turn a standard desk light that is plugged in to the mains??
  32. T

    Feeling dumb megger and voltage indicators

    At a light in my home, I have a voltage tester with two probs and a multifunction tester borrowed from work The voltage Indicators shows continuity and beeps between live and neutral But then multifunction set to continuity shows greater than 1000ohms What am I doing wrong xD
  33. Christopher Parkinson

    How to test for correct voltage (diy)

    (DIY) Hi, I suspect that I'm not getting the correct 230v in my premises. How likely is it that voltage supply could be less than 230v? What equipment would I need to test it?
  34. B

    UK Running conduit in walls to knockout boxes for low voltage cables?

    Background I'm running some low voltage cable (e.g. CAT6A data cable; coax cable; HDMI cable and speaker cable) to a number of rooms of the house and would like advice on the best way to do this to avoid plastering the cables into the walls - to give me flexibility to remove / pull new cables...
  35. F

    "Dumb" Voltage optimisers

    Called out today to fluorescent lights flashing on and off. Only 207v at fittings. after abit of a head scratch. Turns out they have had solar PV recently installed, a voltage optimiser was fitted at same time. Found the optimiser, it had 3 outputs 10% 8% and 6% reductions, originally installed...
  36. H

    Bathroom light voltage dropped in voltage?

    I thought my light died in the groundfloor bathroom. New bulb didn't work so thought the fitting was dead. I decided to take the opportunity to replace with an LED light but that won't work. I had a pull switch, 240v bc light fitting and extractor fan. The voltage across the switch live and...
  37. C

    Calculating Voltage Drop

    How is voltage drop of a circuit normally calculated in the UK? And why are wires 16mm2 and under listed as a single unit, but 25mm2 and over in R, X and Z? How do I work with Z?
  38. J

    UK Voltage in the cpc

    So had a call out last night to a house late night the lights had all tripped. Had 2 lighting circuits in one breaker one with a dead short on it and the other is fine. While i was there I also discovered there was 110v in one leg only of a cpc serving a final ring circuit but its not tripping...
  39. S

    Nest voltage question on Transformer

    Hello all, I'm in the UK and I'm looking to fit a 'Hello Nest' Doorbell. In the setup instructions it includes the attached screen shot (nest-screenshot.png), asking what the Voltage and Power rating are on your transformer. My current doorbell is mains powered, (see other attached file...
  40. H

    120v 400w Metal Hallide HID Light running on 100v line?

    So I'm trying to run this 400w HID light in Japan (which has 100v output) but the ballast for the light is rated for 120v-240v. I want to know if the light will still operate, albeit at lower output, or if there is risk of damaging the light.
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