1. X

    UK DC/DC Voltage Conversion

    Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of advice for my kids power wheel car. I have a 24v to 12v converter which I need to use for the steering motor as its still 12v. Currently the controller has 2 wires which connect to the steering motor, the polarity of the wires switches to turn either left of...
  2. D

    Advice re voltage converter!

    Afternoon all! I was wondering if there were any electricians here who could share some knowledge please 🙏🏼. I have a Ninja dual zone air fryer that I want to take abroad. The country I’m taking it to is running on 110V, whereas the air fryer is 2470W. Would a voltage converter 110V to 220V-...
  3. S

    Cheap Voltage and continuity tester?

    Hey guys I am still studying in college. I just need one to play around with. As I will be making my own boards at home. Can anyone recommend me one to use ? So I can start practicing how to do testing. Thanks
  4. R

    Determination of Wire Voltage Rating

    I am curious about voltage ratings on wire. I'm interested in 10-4 for a 25-foot cord that will be carrying 25 Amps at 240 volts. There are two voltage ratings for this wire on Amazon, 300 and 600. Would it be prudent to choose the 600-volt wire since the peak voltage of 240 is 339 volts? Or is...
  5. D

    Voltage sensor on Charger

    What does the voltage sensor do for our car charging point? protect from surge or dropping power?
  6. T

    Metal ceiling grid voltage

    100 volts on a metal ceiling grid when measuring from the Met to the ceiling grid Only when lighting circuit (led panels ) is on it goes away if the panels are disconnected from the drivers and left on Each panel has 25 volts from met to screws on the back they are class 2!! So the voltage...
  7. K

    voltage reading on the output AND input of the solar panel battery controller?

    any idea why do I get the same voltage reading on the output AND input of the solar panel battery controller?
  8. I

    High incoming supply voltage EV charger shutting down

    Hello, I have a EV charger that is reporting over voltage and is unable to charge. the charger will operate up to 253V The solar inverter reports voltages below 253V and when the solar is shutdown and isolated the incoming supply reports voltages in excess 248V consistently, peaking at 256V...
  9. L

    Car radio battery wire zero voltage ! but original car radio is working when connected. Why?!

    Hi everyone I am new in this forum and this is my first thread. Car model: Toyota echo 2004 sedan. I used a multimeter to test the car radio battery wire ( blue/yellow) when it was disconnected from the car radio, its reading was 0v. ( as shown in photo 1 ) before and after ignition, isn't it...
  10. KelvinGaliny

    Why live to ground voltage is only 0V (in a 220V AC power outlet, there is also electric shock)?

    Hello, my name is Kelvin. I'm a trainee hydraulic engineer in Indonesia. I apologize if this question has been answered before / if this question is too basic. So we have a problem with electric shock coming from an electric panel. This panel runs on 220V AC supply & is used to run an inverter...
  11. TonyandCheeny

    Strange voltage on earth wire

    Hi, I've got a light with a ceiling rose in the kitchen. While rectifying some faults in the house I came across to the light and measure Neutral to live: 240 volts (which is fine ofc) however when measuring earth to live I'm getting 150 volts. I have checked for any touched wires with my Fluke...
  12. Sparkgap

    Super low mains voltage, what works?

    Some months ago the transformer feeding my road had a HV phase loss with the result that my house was only getting about 85V. It was interesting seeing what stuff worked and what didn't: for example, 60W bulbs glowed, fluorescent lights didn't(!), some LED lamps worked, others didn't, and my DAB...
  13. J

    Voltage drop question

    I have a run of conduit 172ft from a 12x12 box which branches out to parking equipment with runs about 50ft from the box. My voltage drop calc requires me to run #10s to the 12x12 box. My question is from that box can I size down to the respected size of wire my machines need (#14awg) to branch...
  14. stopconsuming

    Domestic How can there be voltage on water pipes?

    Hi everyone, I need some help with an electrical issue I'm experiencing. I recently created a new circuit for an electric oven at my friend's place, and when I returned home, my friend called to say that the two water pipes connected to the boiler were smoking. When I arrived, I first measured...
  15. J

    What is the incoming Voltage Before and After the Service Fuse?

    I know that after the Henley Block which houses the Service Mains fuse, the Voltage is 230v If we was to remove the fuse and Measure the incoming Live wire, would the Voltage still be 230v?
  16. M

    Voltage drop sin phi

    Hi chaps, Been working though the electrical design guide and I'm stumped on reactive power. volt drop and the equations are easy enough but I have no idea where sin phi has come from or how they have calculated it at 0.6. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  17. E

    3ph solar inverter fault code - bus voltage unbalanced

    So my friend's inverter is not working and fault code says - bus voltage unbalanced. Has anyone come across with something like that? Inverter is 10 years old and install company doesn't exist anymore.
  18. J

    Trainee voltage experiment - Will it remain the same or change?

    If we have a single 100V Live coming in from the AC Transformer, at any point we measure its 100V If however we introduce loops, does this have any effect on voltage? What would be the voltage reading at the following points on the image Purple Pink Green Im wondering does it have any...
  19. T

    Insulated Terminal Voltage Ratings

    Hi, We are working on a Solar installation in the UK and have been asked to replace the string cable terminations, 6mm² yellow insulated ring terminals that are bolted to a common busbar. The reason stated is that the insulated terminals are not rated for the string voltages, 1000Vdc STC. Having...
  20. U

    Using Induced voltage

    don’t worry I’m not going to do this .. If I have a wire that is powering something like a house and lay or wrap another wire around it the wire laid beside it or wrapped around will show a voltage if connected to a test meter . If I did it to the positive wire prior to the meter in a house I...
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