1. S

    Voltage optimizers any good?

    Hi. Are they any good and how do they work? Do they lower the voltage across the board? If so what about appliances that use more than 220v? Thanks Spynage
  2. K

    How does Touch voltage work without RCD protection

    Hi everyone I asked my assessor about touch voltage and he was not keen on explaining properly and gave me a rough answer which made me think probably he was not sure himself or was hiding it. basically my understanding is afcourse that how 30mA RCD works to limit touch voltage to 50V is by...
  3. P

    11kv pole loop fault, over voltage ?

    Hi first post, I'm a pretty well experienced electrician of 15 years now working solely in Agricultural electrical We have a lot of voltage sensitive equipment on our farms which run auto ventilation and alarms ect Today we had a huge bang from the 11kv pole transformer on one of our sites...
  4. S

    USA Aerator voltage questions

    Hi everybody, we are currently renting a aerator system from Culligan and we have been trying to replace it with a unit we purchased that was used, but I have some questions about how to setup due to different pump voltages. The current system consists of the outlets shown below which are both...
  5. G

    What is this small voltage between spa water and natural earth ground?

    I've noticed a strange voltage reading between the water in my spa and natural earth ground. The reading varies between .35VAC and .7VAC. My wife noticed a small shock from the water after inserting her finger in the spa while standing outside the spa. I tested the GFCI and it is working...
  6. T

    Trimming voltage.

    Client of mine has himself about 195w of RGBW LED strip and a controller rated at 288w (24v) 😆 What's the easiest way to bring it in line, stick a 0.1 ohm resistor in line? Do all 4 elements of RGBW strip ever get used at the same time?
  7. Knight499

    Voltage Stick Advice

    Hi Guys Im looking to purchase a new voltage stick…would appreciate any input/recommendations on the best one to buy? What do you guys use? Thanks
  8. S

    Fluke voltage testers turning noise off?

    After some scoundrels robbed all my stuff I have had to get a new voltage tester. Two in fact. A fluke t150 and a a fluke t110. But unlike the ones I had these don't seem to have the ability to turn off the annoying bleeper. I have tried holding the light button for two seconds but it's no good...
  9. rbbmcghee

    Low voltage in 120 circuit ?

    I have a voltage of 23v coming through a light socket in my house (There is a rely that is likely the cause but I’m not certain 1950s house) when I look up charts on how much energy it takes to power a light bulb it’s very low- or I’m not understanding something. I know the resistance on the...
  10. S

    High Voltage advice (11KV)

    Hey all, looking for a bit of industrial electrical advice, I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment, the company I work for are pressuring me to work on HV (11KV) against my will. They put me through a 4 day AP (approved person HV) course and as I was the only person who...
  11. D

    115vac line tests with proper voltage, powers a low watt bulb but will not run a drill.

    I have a 115vac line that tests with proper voltage and will power a low watt bulb but will not run a drill etc... Line from main panel to barn is 10-3 copper on a 30amp breaker. Sub panel has two 20amp breakers one for lights and one for plugs. Wire was run 30 years ago and ran a vacuum...
  12. Brqchi

    Can voltage transformer and frequency inverter replace frequency converter?

    Hi. I live in Kurdistan(iraq). I bought these four devices from the United States: @BLENDER: 120V, 50/60Hz, 12A @food dehydrator: 115V,50/60Hz,600W @food dehydrator: 110V, 60Hz, 1500W @Vacuum sealer: 120V, 60Hz, 1.06A As you know Iraq's power is 230V-50Hz, So I have to change the voltage...
  13. HappyHippyDad

    Which voltage tester?

    I will start by apologising to @westward10 as he will have had to take time out to move this thread to the correct section. I am terrible at putting my threads in the right section and westward always moves them to the correct location. This time I did actually look... and look... and look...
  14. Alireza1201

    Prevent an AC controlled SCR from turning off at zero voltage of AC wave.

    Hi guys, I have used the following image circuit to control the load. AS you see the SCRs are controlled by AC signal and The opto-triac is always ON. If the load is a resistor, When the AC signal is positive the current passes through the SCR1 and when it's negative it passes through the SCR2...
  15. Alireza1201

    Maximum output voltage of a relay

    Hi every one. I have a NC relay with the below features which is written on the relay: Input voltage:12V dc Output switching voltage: 220V ac Output switching current: 5 amp Can I use this relay for a 400V ac, 0.1 amp Output case? Can the relay stand up to this high voltage? Thanks
  16. B

    Electrician wanted American voltage Kent UK

    I have a 5th wheel caravan. It has had a transformer fitted for UK electrics. The air con, microwave and fridge freezer have stopped working because they run off the lower voltage US electric box. I need an electrician who understands the American electrical system. The caravan is in Kent. Any...
  17. M

    Different AC voltage in multicore cable

    I wanna control (reduce) the speed on my AC duct fan by inserting a variac between the mains and the duct fan. The duct fan is currently connected to the mains (230v) in a junction box close to where I wanna install the variac (3 meters). The variac has 4 connection-pins: L - mains N - mains...
  18. C

    UK Earth to Live Voltage - 206v

    I've been fault finding an issue in a domestic property, the situation is as follows... RCD spur that is protecting outside sockets, This spur is on the downstairs 32A ring, the sockets directly on the ring pass RCD tripping test. The cables coming into the spur won't trip when tested...
  19. HEXx99

    USA 208 Voltage too low for machine

    I ran 208 v power to a rottler em69p cnc machine. it calls for 208/240 v 3 phase. 60amp rottler em69 installation manual everything is wired using 3 #6 hot and #8 ground to 6/4 SO cord drop to the machine . inside the machine again the wiring is 3 #6 and #8. I checked voltages and got 208-209v...
  20. Z

    AC / DC voltage drops across Diode

    I am unable to find voltage drop of normal silicon diode(0.7v) on Voltmeters during Proteus Simulation. Also we consider 0.7v drop of diode equivalent to DC Source of 0.7v but DC voltmeter is not showing any output and AC Voltmeter shows around 5 volts drop across diode instead of 0.7V.Kindly...
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