1. C

    Best euro converter plug for wood burning hot tub ?

    Hi what external waterproof socket will allow for the use of 2 SC3P euro 2 pin to uk 3 pin convertors? I've tried the flip up versions but they won't even fit in due to the tapering of the housing - let alone let the waterproof lid shut! (I tried LAP, 2G & MK) I need to run LEDs ( 10w / 240v...
  2. J

    1 gang to 2 gang Converter - how does it work?

    Hi all, how does this work? Does each edge of the face plate just sit over the wall? 1589826658
  3. G

    Phase converter

    Hi needing to purchase a single phase to three phase converter to run this motor what would you recommend? Thankyou
  4. robertl

    3 phase Rotary Converter Build questions

    Hi All, I am just about ready in my new workshop to buy and start using the 3 phase equipment i will need for my business. The biggest of which will be the press brake rated at 12.5kw max. There will be a few other units but smaller - around the 1 to 3kw rating range, so with that i am looking...
  5. telectrix

    digital to analogue converter?

    OK, here's the problem.i have a test monitor for CCTV . works great, saves loads of time having a hand held monitor up on the ladder to adjust cameras. now i find that the buggers have done what they did with TV. (my 3" casio TV now useless). likewise my £150 monitor, because it's analogue...
  6. M

    Downlight hole converter

    Has anyone come across a downlight converter plate that is universal and accepts adjustable LED downlights? I most likely going to need to change some old 4" - 5" spot downlighters in the next week and while I can find plenty of hole converter kits they all seem to be brand specific and all...
  7. WillWX

    4 gang converter socket.. opinions..

    I have a job coming up within a small office, where they’d simply like to turn a double socket into 2 x double sockets next to desks, for computers/phones etc. I have been shown these, but not sure how I feel about them, so thought I’d see what the opinion is on here.. 1 Gang To 4 Gang...
  8. Lucien Nunes

    Motor starter / static phase converter repair

    We've had a few threads about phase converters recently. Here's one I repaired on Monday. It's a little box that takes in single-phase 230V and feeds a 3-phase motor wired for 230V delta. It includes a manual 'soft' starter and overload relay. Unlike the units in the other threads, this one...
  9. SJD

    Single to three phase converter

    One of my customers has a single phase to three phase converter, to power a 3-phase pump. The converter is a rotary type, quite noisy, and recently has been prone to breaking down (three times so far this year). So they are looking for a static or "digital" converter replacement, 230V to 400V...
  10. Dray

    single to 3 phase inverter

    Hi all. I need some direction to supplying power to an electric boiler that requires 3 phase. boiler output is 36kw. I have had a bit of a search on tinterweb and only motor supplies seem to be coming up. I'm assuming that the boiler has Three heaters and each needs it's own phase. If any of you...
  11. Spoon

    .pro to .dwg converter

    We have some old Elcad schematics (.pro format) that we could do with converting to .dwg format. We no longer have a licence for the Elcad. Does anyone know of a good converter.
  12. B

    Domestic AC converter for battery powered lights

    I was looking at my battery powered Christmas tree lights and was getting a little fed up with constantly changing/looking for the appropriate batteries (3 x 1.5 volt AA, in this case) I then came up with the idea of using an AC Converter Adapter to DC 4.5V 1A Power Supply. I guess that will...
  13. J

    Electrician Three Phase Rotary Converter Install with Sockets

    Not a 'commercial' job as such but given that three phase is involved I feel it belongs in this section. In my semi-professional cabinet making workshop I have a 32A consumer unit. For a range of three phase machinery I have acquired a Transwave Rotary Converter (RT4) which requires a 25A...
  14. rolyberkin

    Single to double back box converter

  15. Benzo

    Step Down converter needed?

    Hi, I've just bought these speakers: Specs - Giga Sound Systems MX-F830B | Samsung Home Audio - (1,000 Watts). I was advised by the seller that I need to use a step down converter to use this device safely. I wanted to know if this...
  16. dlt27

    Phase converter problems

    Hi, thanks in advance to anyone who can help. I have been asked to install a 22kw transwave phase converter. I have been told it needs a 120a single phase supply and it can run a 3 phase board supplying various 3 phase machines. I phoned and asked what the size of cable would be needed for the...
  17. H

    Single to 3 phase converter

    Hi All, I'm after a little help/advise from anyone who has any knownledge or experience in a single to 3-phase inverters. My scenario: We're in the final process of finishing a care home rewire, they have a 3-phase lift being installed. Everything's in place and been ran etc... UK power...
  18. dlt27

    Rotary Phase Converter

    Thanks in advance for any info... I have been asked to quote to install electrics to a small workshop. At the moment there is a 100A single phase supply, however the client said he is having a rotary phase converter installed to supply a 3 phase board(is balancing of the loads across phases...
  19. R

    Using a Ryobi battery charger from the US in the UK

    Hi, I just received a brand new Ryobi hand vac as a gift from the US. What is the best way to charge the 18V Lithium battery that powers this? The charger says Input: 120V~ 60Hz 7W Output: 18V 250mA I bought a Maplin Voltage converter 240V to 110V 45W but I'm not sure if that will work, since...
  20. O

    LARGE down light adaptor plates

    OK.... I have a customer with 2 x very old Phillips "downlights" - the holes in the ceiling are about 140mm in diameter and I need to locate a "cost effective" solution so that GU10 LED's can be fitted. Suggestions please Thanks
  21. J

    Novice needs advice: Using a lower wattage voltage converter

    I think I have received some bad advice from electricians and want to ask here. I was ignorant and did not consider the specs of a Vitamix kitchen blender before plugging it into a 300-watt voltage converter. However, both the blender and the converter worked fine for many events and continue to...
  22. E

    LED downlight to fit existing large cutout

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows of an LED downlight that fits an 80-90mm cutout, the existing 12v halogens have melted so I am replacing with LED, have had a good look on hte internet and asked Cities and they weren't conclusive! Does anyone know where to get hold of some for around £50? Thanks
  23. S

    3 phase

    hi there i am starting my own company and i have just bought a new tyre machine my unit has single phase but the machine is 3 phase with 4 wires black blue brown yellow and green on the side of motor it has v-220/380 now can i use this in my unit and if so how do i go by doing it please help as...
  24. R

    US UK voltage converter question

    Hi all, I have a hand blender from the US (I am in the UK) and a 100w voltage converter. If the power rating of the blender is more than 100w (I don't know what it is) would it blow the converter or the hand blender? Or cause a fire or some other catastrophy? Thanks very much! Ron Hi...
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