1. W

    Cat5/cat6 cable tester

    Hello, I blew up my little network cable tester today, it was one like that, Philex Network Cable Tester - https://www.screwfix.com/p/philex-network-cable-tester/93219 I am looking to replace it with something a little better, thinking a few hundred clams, I dont want to go into the full on...
  2. C

    Velocity 7.5 tester bag

    I’m looking to sell this tester bag, used for a couple of months but doesn’t suit the type of work I’m doing. Very good condition and all straps/dividers included. £120
  3. HappyHippyDad

    Which voltage tester?

    I will start by apologising to @westward10 as he will have had to take time out to move this thread to the correct section. I am terrible at putting my threads in the right section and westward always moves them to the correct location. This time I did actually look... and look... and look...
  4. Highspark24/7

    UK Stand alone ev tester or attachment for mft

    Hi all looking to get into ev installing on both commercial and domestic soon and have been looking at an ev stand alone Megger tester as I have 4x fluke 1651 52c 53 53c also a Megger 1721 multi function testers. Would it possible to do a 12ma b type on half times would that do for the 6ma...
  5. S

    Seaward Nova PAT Tester

    Yay I am so happy I have finally fixed my Nova pat tester it failed with the error message of ( Internal Relay Fault ) well after some head scratching andFault finding it was discovered that the stupid NiCd battery had died and spat its guts out eating through several pcb tracks and ate a leg of...
  6. M

    Nearly electrocuted just after EICR — tester denies any responsibility

    I had the first EICR done on my flat last week, which failed with some C2s for having an older (2001) plastic consumer unit with no RCDs, but otherwise passed: A couple of days later I'm called to the property due to no hot water and find the electric boiler is dead. There's a connector block...
  7. D

    Old Tester , Think Tel uses one just like it :)

  8. I

    For Sale Megger 1553 multi tester unit in hard case

    Megger 1553 multifunctional tester complete with fittings and leads also calibration certificate included comes complete with case and various types of leads also a small voltage tester ansa sp1000 tester and leads very good condition selling due to exceptional circumstances so please make...
  9. K

    Why voltage is not increasing more than 2K in Megger MIT1525 Insulation tester?

    Hi Sir, I'm having a Megger MIT 1525 15KV insulation tester. During testing test voltage is not increasing more than 2KV. these is no physical damaged to the equipment. what could be the reason? pls advise. thank you...
  10. J

    Voltage tester question

    If you used a voltage tester to touch L-E does it allow the 230V to actually flow to earth or does it use a smarter means of calculating voltage without requiring a current to pass? In theory, could you damage a connected item downstream?
  11. ElectroChem

    RCD tester recommendations?

    Hi gents, after some product advice from those who do test-and-tag on a semi-regular basis. We've got a customer with an MCC where all the circuits are RCD protected but there is no neutral anywhere in the panel, it's 3P+E only. (I know this for a fact because I was the one pulling in the...
  12. S

    For Sale Megger MIT230 insulation tester

    Megger MIT230 insulation tester for sale only reason for sale is because it was replaced with multifunction tester. £150
  13. B

    Socket Tester Blown

    Hi, I've never used a socket tester before but I bought one because I wanted to install a new socket in the living room, it's a TIS brand one from tool station cost around £15. When I bought it home I thought I'd test it in a socket to see how it worked. However I plugged it into the same socket...
  14. E

    FLUKE 6500-2 PAT Tester ACCESS CODE

    Hi All. My company have a brand new and supposedly unused FLUKE 6500-2 appliance tester, which i am unable to get into the settings, due to the ACCESS CODE, not being 9999 as i assumed it would be. I have also tried reset code of 1785 which was also suggested. But this is also not working. I...
  15. R

    How to use a multimeter tester

    I am testing a 1948 Ford tractor coil. Specs call for resistance between 1.06-1.17 ohms. Using Southwire multitester that is unadjustable. When touching leads of tester together, tester reads .4 ohms. Testing the coil shows 1.1 ohms. Is the reading of the coil really 1.1 ohms or net of the...
  16. B

    Cheap Continuity tester?

    What values of resister and led would work in series with a cheap tone generator, and a 9V? Only needed to check unpowered wiring circuits for shorts.
  17. L

    Socket tester test

    Jesus that never went to plan !! Funny thing is .I ordered the winner via ebay (different brand name and cheaper ) yesterday .Shame it does not have a audible warning , which is stupid .But combined with my Robin one that does. I look forward to trying it .
  18. D

    A nice find (old tester(

  19. P

    Socket tester showing fault

    Hi, So I noticed a burned out socket, the wires also pretty burned, and back of socket was also, I replaced with a new socket. Put a socket tester on and it was showing a E fault on pretty much all down stairs sockets. BUT soons I put the oven plug back into its socket the socket tester then...
  20. nickstig

    What features are a must have on a multifunction tester?

    Hi all Im just starting out working part time with an electrician whilst studying for qualifications. My mentor mentioned that I should keep my eye out for a good second hand tester. But what features are essential and what are nice to haves? My mentor mainly works on domestic properties but...
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