1. Gavin John Hyde

    NAPIT leads website? another scam or decent?

    Saw this online and it seems NAPIT are setting up a job leads service and then charging its members for them. not sure how well this will work and if it does then i expect certsure to quickly muscle in on the action and use the NICEIC brand to get some of the market share and money being made...
  2. Pete999

    Who amongst the membership loves a decent Chinese?

    I was working in Beijing many moons ago for an ex Pat, asked me where I would like to eat tonight? well I had my fair share of Chinese taKaways, so I replied, an ethnic Chinese eatery. Well after about 45 mIns of bone shaking travel, we arrived at one of our workers Homes, what a meal that was...
  3. C

    Decent RJ45 connectors

    Morning, what are an easy to use RJ45 connector? Struggling with the ones we have. Thanks.
  4. L

    What's the going rate for a decent plasterer daily rate?

    Hi, I got my house that needs skimming. 2 guy's have come out to quote job. According to them job should take 5 days. Price one guy quoted for just labour is obscene. More than an electrician. 1400 for hallways both upstairs and downstairs. Knocked down to 1100. 10×14ft bedroom, without...
  5. D

    Decent LED Floods with or without PIR

    Does anyone know of quality external LED floods/PIR floods in the 10-30w range that will last? Everything I fit I have to go back to. Our CEF used to supply Deluce, now Challenger. Lately it's no exaggeration to say I'm spending several hours a week going back to this crap at my own expense...
  6. O

    "decent" generic Fuse Board circuit labels

    I can be a bit OCD when it comes to labeling up changes and/or replacement fuseboards - and the labels supplied never seem to have what I need Can anyone suggest suppliers of labels? Thanks
  7. paul291277

    Decent Wireless Switch

    Any recommendations for a decent wireless switch? I need to fit an external light for someone that is to be located next to their front door. They have a light switch on the inside of the door and was thinking it would be easier to use the switch wire to provide line/neutral to the external...
  8. Ian1981

    Decent Laser levels recommendations

    Hi all looking for recommendations on good efficient and reasonably priced laser levels as I’m sick of using time consuming string lines. Thanks.
  9. paul291277

    Can anyone recommend a decent step/cone drill/kit?

    Title says it all, preferably up to 32mm or more
  10. Benchaffey

    Recommendations for a decent sds

    Evening guys, After a decent sds for drilling core holes, gone through a fair few recently and need something a bit more manly! Thanks!
  11. Pete999

    P.P.E. anyonegot a Decent PPE outlet in their area (not intended to be an advert)

    Had a look around my local store yesterday, some very god deals on wor wear, safety equipment, and you get free chocky bars even if you don't buy anything, well worth a visit if you have an outlet near you BACCA is the name
  12. J

    torque drivers

    Afternoon Had my annual niceic assessment today (only DI mind) Showed him a rewire I done few months back- literally had nothing to 'pick at' only thing he said is when I was un-screwing the mcb to get end to end reading- I just used a normal screw drive- and I should be using a torque one...
  13. C


    Hello guys I have a new house installation job coming up in which Lutron series 4 has been specified. If anyone has any experience with this system is it really as plug and play as the manufacturer says? Looks like quite an interesting Job, I am quite familiar with commercial systems like...
  14. Eryrwyn

    2394/95 Courses in West Midlands

    Hi I am looking to do my Inspection and Testing 2394/2395 in the West Midlands area. Could anyone recommend a decent college or training centre for this course. Many thanks, Dave
  15. O

    Megger MFT 1730 Calibration Fail

    Hi, just got a bit of a shock this morning, turns out my Megger has failed calibration and needs to go back to Megger for a "fixed price" repair charge of £426.24 (inc VAT) and that's before it gets re calibrated!! I had a feeling that it might still be in warranty but after checking found out...
  16. A

    price work rewires

    hey guys just want to ask are those one day rewires worth it in terms of money...they seem pretty good to be honest.. yes i know ur a tool and the rest of it. but like 550 for 1 bed could be split like this 2 sparks 250 each mate/labourer 50 quid and the job can be done in one...
  17. M

    Good sub contracting price work firms

    Evening guys, I'm not sure if this is has been done before because I don't come on here all the time so I hope it doesn't annoy anyone but here goes anyway.... I thought it might be helpful to a lot of sparks on here if there were some kind of list of decent firms that dish out decent sub...
  18. D

    Decent homes price work

    Hi all. I've been given a call today about going self employed for a decent homes contractor. I'm working for a company doing the same thing at the mo. Does anyone have any idea on what is a good rate for the kitchen and bathroom rewires in the Essex Suffolk area. I'd just like to get an idea...
  19. O

    Domestic Looking for some C Type 20A MK RCBOs - Anyone having a clear out?

    So adding a couple of circuits to the garage/workshop (socket radial either side) but having an issue locating some 20A MK C Type RCBOs at a decent non RRP price (I ain't paying £30 odd quid each - yes for my own garage I'm a cheap git :P ) (sockets are for compressor / other stuff with decent...
  20. Tiny Spark

    Work Gloves

    As above, Can anyone recommend a decent set of work gloves? I suffer from bad dermatitis and Excema and just need some decent gloves to protect my hands a bit. No rubber or latex though as they make it worse. Cheers all.
  21. imago

    Drilling stone walls?

    I have a full rewire to do on a stone (blue dolerite) terrace in Wales. Aside from the obvious (blood, sweat, tears, lots of masonry bits etc) are there any drill bits in particular that are better than others for this stuff? There won't be much chasing required fortunately, as careful...
  22. timo1

    Error on Megger 1553...

    My too clever for its own good Megger 1553 MFT is flashing E15 and >1000 on each setting upon start up. Does anyone know if this is terminal? I have spoken to Megger who just say that as it is out of warranty (2008) it will cost £289 plus the dreaded which makes it too expensive to fix. Does...
  23. Robertbaker63

    goliath 250 worklight ballast

    my goliath 250 worklight stopped working, its a 55w 4 pin 2d lamp the ballast has blown, does anyone know where to get a replacement, if i search the original model - a visonator VEB155TC all i get is links to Taiwan sites many thanks to anyone who can help me
  24. P

    REC 250w Panels

    Afternoon all, Just a quickie to see if any of you guys know of any good deals out there for REC 245W / REC 250W panels Cheers
  25. Dan

    LED Downlighters - Any good?

    My downlighters keep blowing. Apparently LED's last a lot longer. Any good or what? Don't fancy replacing them all if they're just going to pop or whatever too.
  26. C

    Hand dryer

    Hi guys, wondered if anyone could be so kind as to recommend a decent hand dryer suitable for domestic use? Customer currently has 3 small ones fitted in his property but they are pretty useless, ie insufficient drying time making them pointless. Looking for something reasonably fast without...
  27. J

    Texacom Bell box image

    Does any one have a texacom bell box image lying about on there comp with a decent resolution i need one for some flyers all the images on the net are too low apparently cheers.
  28. S

    segens discount policy

    Hi People quick question regarding there policy. I spent over 100000k in a month with them but they only gave me a discount of 2% and i was told they only do it on a monthly basis, Is this correct as it makes a bigger difference to the bottom line.
  29. C

    what socket can i fit 3 old 2.5 stranded cables into?

    swapped a single socket to a double for a friend , however it has 3 2.5mm stranded cables at it and i cant terminate them into new socket as the hole aint big enough on the click socket, does anyone know what brand it is that has 2 holes for all 3 terminations to be made or have any other...
  30. L

    What drill?

    Hey all, Im a training to become a fully quilified sparks and i wanted to know what drill type do i go for. Mainly for domestic purpose. So general drilling, chaseing. The main question i have, would be how important would a cordless or corded choice be. In a domestic situation, how...
  31. H


    Hi guys, I am still a trainee electrician working for a commercial firm, been in industry for 2 years, have level 2 & 3, recently passed 17th, and I am 2/3 of the way through my NVQ. I have a lack of domestic experience and always come here for advice. I jhave recently turned down 2 jobs for...
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