1. timhoward

    Quinetic Grid options / 25mm box?

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether any/all of the Quinetic grid switch modules fit in a 25mm back box? It "looks" just about ok. But if it definitely doesn't it would be nice to know!
  2. D

    Electric vehicle tester options

    Hi I'm just starting to fit EV chargers as part of our solar installs. Just looking at the tester options I currently have a Megger 1711 but this isn't suitable due to no DC RCD test. Does everyone end up buying a new MFT or am I missing something? cheers
  3. PetesEV

    EV Charger installed in the garage see options

    I may have posted this before but not sure if it made it in. I want to install an EV Charger in my garage. The panel is two stories up and the floor between the garage and the 1st floor is 8" concrete. I can use an elevator shaft which is accessible behind the panel on the 2nd floor, however, I...
  4. I

    Danfoss FC51 lack of power options in configuration

    Hi all. I have a Danfoss FC51 vfd. When I go to the menu 1-20, only appears the options from 8 to 11, which corresponds to a 1.1kW to 3kW. I have tested directly in the local console and also with the MCT10 software, there are only the options from 8 to 11 available I have a motor of 700W, but I...
  5. O

    UK EE Degree Level 6 Options

    I'm nearing the end of the 2nd year of my degree and now have a choice on which modules I would like to do for next year. I'm based in the North of England and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions (and reasonings) as to which ones would be the most beneficial for me to take due to my...
  6. C

    Gas to electric options

    Just under 2 years ago my central HVAC died. I wanted to go with a heat pump because the only appliance in the whole house that used natural gas was\is the furnace, so I only use gas in the winter but get charged a "Delivery fee" every month even if I use zero gas. This fee has been increasing...
  7. J

    Strimmer Battery Options

    Hi, I'm looking to get a battery strimmer given I need to use it to tidy an allotment where there is no power supply. Hoping someone can help me understand the best battery set up to get. I've tried to research it to understand myself but stuggling, apologies if it's obvious. I'm looking at the...
  8. F

    Adding additional flood / security lights - wiring options

    Hi I have an existing flood light, powered via a three core & earth (1.5mm) and it's switched. I want to add two more lights, one for the side and one for the front. I will be using PVC conduit and junction boxes to run the cables. Out of the two plans, which is the better one? One cable out...
  9. 5

    Options for a dinosaur

    Hi ,I’ve been an electrician for 42 years, worked all over the world. Domestic commercial and industrial. Wired up entire factories, units shops etc obviously 3 phase. Just turned 64 so less than 2 years left before pension. I keep getting offered more and more domestic work but as I let my part...
  10. M

    What export options are there currently?

    Hi guys, I can fit 15kwh worth of solar panels on my roof space, and i'm debating if I should either export to off set my electric bills or go off grid. The roof is on a commercial building but we only have single phase supply. So is it wothwhile exporting compared to going off grid? what are...
  11. littlespark

    Options for UPS not for computers

    Background. Existing customer, the one with the German built kit home. He has a detached double garage. 2x electric garage door openers that can be opened inside or with a key switch outside. There is no other doors into the garage. There is a manual way to open the doors but only from the...
  12. Jessey

    What do i need for a diy electric go-kart? (cheapest options)

    i ask this because i wanted to make a electric go-kart and i dont know how and i have a little money to spent.
  13. D

    24VDC Battery Back up - with 2 x 12VDC - 100Ah Batteries - monitor and charge options.

    24VDC Battery Back up - with 2 x 12VDC - 100Ah Batteries - monitor and charge options. 2 x 100AH deep cycle batteries - wired in series. Can I use 2 x 12vdc trickle chargers to keep them charge? Can the 12vdc chargers be connected permanently while connected in series? What can I use to...
  14. K

    UK Energy monitor options for new Distribution Panel?

    I need to put in a new distribution panel for under floor (electric) heating. Are there decent energy monitoring devices I can put into the distribution panel so I can keep track of costs? (especially given the soaring energy costs) Ideally something I can view on my phone/tablet. Thanks
  15. nicebutdim

    Options for electric heating?

    I know litte about the best means of heating a home using electricty so want to ask on behalf of a relative who has floated the idea of oil filled radiators on individual timers or new storage heaters. House currently has storage heaters downstairs and nothing upstairs. Storage heaters are to...
  16. therealnwc

    Advice/Product options for RF lighting issue

    Hi guys, Bare with me, hope this makes sense.... I have 3 separate mains (240v) lighting circuits in my kitchen all going back to a 3 way 1G wall switch plate. 1st switch operates 1 set of ceiling LED's, 2nd switch operates single ceiling light over table, the 3rd switch operates downlights on...
  17. S

    Motor options for electric tug

    Hi Everyone I'm sorry if this is not in the right area. I am building my own small house, I need some help moving materials around the site, I like the electric tug type design in the pic attached. I am able to design and fabricate my own custom version. I want a off the shelf low torque...
  18. Jon Dance

    UK Gas pipe bonding: permissible options

    Hi guys I’ve seen people state in forums that it is permissible to bond a gas pipe as a continuation of the bonding of the rising water mains. Can anyone supply proof/documentation/official guidelines etc., where this is explicitly stated. Below is an image of what I am planning. My gas safe...
  19. B

    I goofed, what are my options?

    Long story short, I forgot to mark where my cables were prior to installing laminate. I accidently skimmed the side of a cable for one of the electric heating pads under the laminate when drilling a hole in the laminate for closet doors. Right now, I'd rather have the heating pad working than...
  20. M

    Led light options

    Hi guys I'm doing my ceiling lights and would love to hear your thoughts I'm torn between smart LEDS that you can merge with you phone etc , although how practical is that? Eg in the middle every night I just want on and off I don't want you to be in 15 different colours e.t.c. OR The LEDs...


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