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  1. D

    Looking for options for low profile surface mounted lights for a solid soffet over garage

    Currently struggling a bit to find suitable lights to fit above a garage door on the soffit. The soffit has a solid joist/beam directly above it so recessed lighting isn't an option, but the customer doesn't want anything too high profile - just wants ambient lighting for the front of the garage...
  2. J

    Anyone know of any manufactures of small recessed DB's or any other options?

    Hi all Have a job to replace 6 way recessed DB. Have looked extensively online but smallest can find is 10 way. Seems there's limited choice with these. Don't mind if have to chisel away abit to but need something preferably near the existing dimensions which are: Width 305, Height 180, Depth...
  3. F

    What brand is this panel?

    Can anyone identify the manufacturer of this panel? What type of breakers it takes? Slim breakers possible?
  4. Z

    Advice on Quotes for Wiring to Outbuilding - 2 options

    Hi, Need some advice with 3 questions (Diagram below) I am having a new 'Outbuilding' for storage which will be attached to the side of the house, replacing an existing 'Lean-To' and I need to decide on MDPE pipe for cables before the concrete is poured It will be insulated Timber frame on a...
  5. N

    Old NEMA 6-20 outlet options

    Hi, new to the forums. I live in a 1920s apartment, and we have an old outlet near our mantle that I believe is a NEMA 6-20 (photo attached). In the past, we used a 240v heater on it (though it cost a ton of money to run). Now, I'd like to either run a 230v window AC unit there, or convert the...
  6. D

    Need a deeper back box, what are my options?

    I've swapped out a traditional switch for a smart switch. As you can see, the back box is nice and full, there's no chance it'd fit and I don't fancy pushing my luck and squashing everything. I think there's breeze block right behind this box so I don't think chipping away for the additional...
  7. S

    cost effective options to heat a small temporary space.

    Hello I hope everyone and their families are ok at this time. During my own self-build (mostly diy) I have to build a small living space (in a garage) two-story for myself and my family of 5 for 1- 2 years before I finish the full-size house. it is temporary but will be approx 30sqm meters...
  8. S

    Options for external lights

    Hi all I’m planning on getting some garden lights installed but wanted to think about options (And potentially costs) before deciding way to go. Do you think following is a reasonable possibility? I currently have some wall mounted outside lights (switched from inside house) run from RCD...
  9. K

    Self employed electrician with no work due to covid19 what are my options

    Self employed electrician with no work due to corona virus. I’m a 1 man business carrying out work for private households mainly but due to cancellations I find myself with no work for foreseeable future. What are my options. Can I contact HMRC and say I’m no longer self employed and then apply...
  10. B

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme Qualified Marine Electrician, What are my options?

    Hello, I'm a qualified marine electrician, served my apprenticeship through the shipyards. I achieved an HNC in Electrical Engineering with a Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship in Marine Engineering (Electrical/Electronic Installation and Testing), also got my 18th Edition. I'm looking to leave the...
  11. R

    Hi guys I'm looking to start my training this year and am looking for some advice on the options i have open to me.

    Good evening ladies and gents, I'm an adult of 27 who is finally taking the plunge into the electrical industry, and from what i can see have a few options open to me and i'm not overly sure what ones would really set me off on the best start. I have recently applied for multiple...
  12. R

    UK Adding another DB

    Hi Just a quick one, I am a qualified electrician but i haven't been on the tools for a while and won't be doing the work but just trying to help a friend out. Basically they are having a new kitchen diner and they currently have gas hob and small single oven which are fed off the ring main...
  13. EricMark

    Hive software options?

    This is how I think one would need to wire Hive on the very old C Plan which has no tank thermostat, however I have been told on another forum the relay is not required, and it can be configured with software to switch pump and boiler with central heating and just boiler for domestic hot water...
  14. N

    What are my options next just got niceic Domestic installer

    Hi all just got my niceic Domestic installer assessment passed what should I do next. Ive only got my 2365 level 2. Passed the 18th edition and building regs exam for part p been working for some one for 18 years how hard is it now to go alone
  15. gazdkw82

    Fire detector options

    The fire alarm in the hallway is to sensitive when cooking. It's old and needs changing anyway. It's a mains voltage smoke alarm. I plan to replace it
  16. R

    Tool bag/pouch/ belt options?

    Hi guys, I’m currently doing quite a bit of work on a large boiler park, up and down to the gantrys quite often. What are people using to transport tools up and down with them? I’m sick of using a rope and pulley to lift my tool bag etc up. Thanks
  17. alban moffitt

    options for workshop supply

    just wondering what people would think would be the best way of doing this. i have got to provide a supply up to a workshop in a garden (about 80 mtrs from the house). it will run underground all the way and then in the subfloor of the house that is currently being worked on all the way to the db.
  18. T

    Joining 25mm SWA - two options?

    I was having a debate with my spark today about methods of joining above ground 3 core (E,L,N) 25mm SWA cable. We need to move the consumer unit and with it the meter tails (fused to 80A). This requires an extension of the tails as it is not possible to completely re-run them. He said that the...
  19. K

    Remote mains switching/control options?

    Hello there, I have a property located in a very rural area that's only partly occupied, its also rented out for short periods. I live 2 hours drive from the property and the issue I have is that people keep leaving electrical items switched on which of course poses a huge fire risk. It can be...
  20. Shammie

    Newbie - Qualified Maintenance Electrician looking for advice on career options

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I am a Maintenance Electrician on a gas plant and have been doing my current job for 7 years, I have just finished a HNC in Electrical Engineering this year and I am looking for a bit of a change. I didn't do the HNC for the purpose of moving on or changing career...
  21. 7

    Cooker circuit options

    Just finishing a rewire, customer not sure on hob and cooker at design stage so I went for 2 circuits with 6mm withe 2 32amp rcbo's. Hob and cooker 5 meters apart. Now induction hob and oven have arrived onsite and both suggest a 13amp supply is suffice. Should I downgrade the rcbo's to...
  22. SparkieMarky

    Options for Moving a CU

    Hi Folks, Be gentle with me it's my first post! And I can't stress highly enough this is purely a hypothetical question as I am genuinely interested in how others would approach this example. You have been asked to move a domestic CU from its current location to a new position. The CU...
  23. gazdkw82

    Shower RCD enclosure options

    Need to add an RCD to a shower installation. No options to add in the consumer unit so I'm going to add RCD via an enclosure but I'm struggling to find a nice small enclosure that is of a brand Iv actually heard. Most of them are chint, Europa and other brands....Wylex do a small 3 way ip65...
  24. G

    CCTV add on, options?

    Hi all, Haven't done CCTV but customer asked me to take this out for him on various cameras cameras are rusty has hell so was going to put it up at my home I'm asking if or what camera's will work with it also can I do it in CAT5. and can I connect to a app to me phone. Cheers Grand
  25. C

    2365 level 3 options thoughts on able skills

    hi everyone. I've recently finished 2365 level 2 going 1 day a week to a local college. I've just been informed that the college (and neighbouring colleges) will not be doing a day release level 3 as City and Guilds have changed the classroom hours to make it a 18 month - 2 year course. I'm a...
  26. Jason Philip

    Smart Home / Lighting Controls options

    Hi all, just curious as to know what are the preferred brands to use for smart home lighting packages. I use lutron and wattstopper in my job, these are both great but pretty pricy. but for residential re-wires, what brand can you recommend, good ones not junk. Thanks.
  27. R

    External HDMI options for splitting tv box

    Hi, I’ve got my virgin media box in one room with a TV (lounge) and would like to able to watch it on another tv (Kitchen) Is it possible to split the HDMI signal to watch on both TVS simultaneously? If possible I will need to run the cable outside along the wall (5m) then pop back behind...
  28. Gavin John Hyde

    training options for 18th starting to emerge

    Had an email from NICEIC, they are starting to give some thought for the 18th training. Where there is a profit and a way to extract more money from electricians you cna guarantee certsure will be involved somewhere. It looks like you can do the full course if you havent got a recent 17th ed. or...
  29. gazdkw82

    Single brick wall insulation options

    We have a small toilet downstairs that had signs of mould. I've decided to pull the plaster off. I'm glad I did because it was slightly damp in places. I think this is mainly because 1. It's a single brick room and 2. They just nailed the plasterboard to the brick leaving a gap of round 10 mm...
  30. C

    Uk power gave us these options

    I advised client call UK power networks Because they had a Ze of 500 ohms on a TN-S This is what they said to client “They advised that we contact an electrician to provide an independent local earth and RCD protection or a new PME service to provide satisfactory value of EFLI and test the...
  31. gazdkw82

    Wooden (laminate) underlay options

    Looking for some advice. We have chosen the laminate flooring we want to put down in our living room. However, the difficult bit is choosing the underlay. We have a void under our living room floor so we get quite a draft. Our next door neighbour has suggest the foil back underlay and tape it...
  32. the pict

    Boiler relay options

    A new. 10k boiler has been installed where there is an existing shower normally i use a RL1 voltage relay but is there perhaps a current sensing relay which can be used instead Pict
  33. S

    13A to 16A cooker options

    Hello all Advice required before I speak to an electrician. My oven is knackered so I am replacing it. It is a 13A type, but I am replacing with a 16A rated one that needs a dedicated circuit. We're going to be redoing the kitchen soon, but for the next few months until then I'd rather not have...
  34. V

    2365-305 C

    Fail first exam. Any suggestions what kind of material to study to pass next time. Maybe text books? I found swindon massive and spark website but exams there is with answers a b c d. 305 C is written exam. No answers are given. I think you can pass only with practice the exam with similar...
  35. C

    Seaward PrimeTest 350 Auto Options for IT Equipment

    I have a Seaward PrimeTest 350 and noticed these two options in the auto test menu: H) IT Equip CLI PE Current Which does these tests: Earth Continuity 0.10 Insulation 1.0 PE Conductor Current 3.50 I) IT Equip CLII Touch Current Insulation 2.0 Touch Current 0.25 Is this correct as I did not...
  36. D

    Economy 7 Board

    My Son has just moved into a flat with 2 storage heaters on economy 7. The CU is an older MK sentry one with 2 incomers fed from separate feeds from the meter, 1 permanent, 1 for economy 7. There are no RCDs which is not ideal. Options for rectifying that as I see it are: Replace current setup...
  37. I

    Light switch two on positions and an off for use with timer

    is there such a thing as a light switch that has two on positions and an off. I have a DIN mounted timer, controlling lights but would like to put a switch in between to either turn off the lights when the timer is activated OR turn the lights on when the timer is out of hours. see diagram thx
  38. happyhippydad

    moving a socket 50cm!!

    Customer wants a socket moved 50cm to the right. The wall is brick with socket fed from below (floorboards), channelled into wall. The 3 options I've given are: 1. Blanking plate on current socket and channel across. (cheapest option) 2. Take out cable from wall, under floorboards and channel...
  39. C

    Trying to get an earthing arrangement from the DNO

    Just called EON to find out the earthing arrangement of a commercial premises (not obvious whether TNS or TNCS). The lady didn't have a clue what I was talking about and said they could put a PME in if I wanted. I've not had to call before so am I being daft here? It is EON who should know this...
  40. A

    Testing the water

    Hi, I have currently been tinkering around in the house installng some new lights, even fitting a new light in the attic. I currently work in retail, which at the moment is taking some hits with the credit crunch. What I really am asking is your industry suffering from the ecomony problems...
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