1. J

    New electrician in Merseyside

    Hello all I am an adult learner training to be an electrician based in Liverpool Merseyside, and I am taking my first steps into the industry. I am part qualified to level 2 standard already and have been training with one of the online colleges. It has been confusing to me how to go about...
  2. OutOfTheGame

    New outbuilding question.

    First post and I'm looking for some advice if someone would be so kind.....I am a qualified electrician but it's been a long time (17 years) I've been in management so be kind 🙃 I'm looking for some advice I have an outbuilding that I wish to run a cable to. The cable I ran is a new 16mm2 2...
  3. shanky887614

    For Sale Megger MIT30 30-kV High Voltage Resistance Insulation Tester 30kv. VAT Included

    Megger MIT30 30-kV High Voltage Resistance Insulation Tester 30kv. $1700 shipped PayPal F&F accepted only. In great condition, like new. Recently calibrated- valid till 23.05.2025 Comes exactly as pictured with standard leads, power cord and manual.
  4. ferg

    New van

    I'm doing my usual nonsense by obsessing about something months in advance. :D I'm due to change my van in January. I have a VW Transporter that I am more than happy with but it's a lease and has to go. Given the choice I'd just get another VW but it looks like the next Transporter is a Transit...
  5. timhoward

    Help please, new device to me

    This MCCB is in a distribution board in the consumer half of a substation at a school We've now tested everything downstream of this (and another 2 similar devices). My current understanding is that the maximum PSSC to operate this device a maximum of 3 times is 50% of the Icu, so 12.5kA ...
  6. T

    USA IBEW Non compete clause for retirees.

    Does anyone know if the pending new non compete laws affect IBEW retiree restrictions against working in the electrical industry?
  7. B

    New screwdrivers

    Just got these new drivers, the tips are slimmed down to fit RCBO's and solar switchgear but their still size 2 so dont snap blades a pozi and a philips version. CK calling them the modfathers
  8. O

    What should I do with a new crabtree loadstar board.

    Not sure whether I've asked this or not before but the long and short of it is a while ago I needed to fit a crabtree board at short notice and as I hate using my phone to order stuff I managed to click on the older Crabtree stock which had the AC RCD's in them. I didn't even notice until I'd...
  9. E

    Can’t find but on what defines a ‘new circuit’

    Hi, I previously read this but can’t find it. I have drilled some holes but haven’t found it yet. Before I instal the wires I thought I’d check nothing had changed but did not bookmark it. I’m installing 4 solar panels (max 18V DC or 21.6V DC open circuit) in parallel to a solar panel...
  10. Tommyp100

    UK New supply to granny annex

    Hi, need more advise as getting two different views from electricians. Ty Detached double garage 10m from house, split equally into garden room and garage on 32a supply from cu in house. Looking to convert into 30m2 granny annex with small kitchen (induction hob, single oven), shower room...
  11. LaidBackNinja

    New light fitting fault

    Morning Needing help regarding Ansell AARDRINA/DD1/SM3. I’ve installed 6 in one room, one being an emergency light fitting. All 5 standard fittings work fine. The green led flashes on the emergency fitting and when switched on the main light flashes on and off twice then stays off. Any advice...
  12. Lou

    Possible New Idea For Forum?

    So, I had a random idea last night about something new on the forum. It is more of a brainstorm at the moment but I wanted to ask you guys about it and see whether you thought it had legs. So, I was thinking of reviewing hotels that are used by contractors and creating a bit of a review forum...
  13. Dan

    ANNOUNCEMENT: New Moderator Assigned: Megawatt (Please congratulate!)

    ANNOUNCEMENT: New Moderator Assigned: @Megawatt (Please congratulate!) @Megawatt has been a forum member for a while now, he's an American chap and has been providing advice to electricians on the forum for a while, he's nice, and I thought it's time we added a new moderator. And ideally we...
  14. P

    New for old

    Good morning, I'm replacing a 2 gang, two-way switch, however the new doesn't match the old. Any ideas how they correspond?
  15. Bastet111

    New to forum

    Hello guys. I an newbie here. Lovely to be a part of such community. How are u?
  16. D

    New member

    Hi all new member here currently retraining to be an electrician 18 months in so far after being a plasterer since leaving school enjoying the journey 😎
  17. T

    Hello all, new member here

    Hi new member, retired, apprentice trained and HNC qualified post City and Guilds trade qualification.
  18. S

    New member posting and saying HI

    Hi there : I am just posting to introduce myself, stop lurking (!) and to thank the many sparks who so freely share their expertise on this great forum. I am in my 50's, based in the South West near Gloucester, and am approaching electrical work as a second career. I have my 18th regs...
  19. D

    Adding a new feed from a single light switch

    I have a single wall switch powering 1 light and I want to add a separate light and change to wall switch to a double to power them both separel;y, how do i do this please?
  20. Dan_Brown

    Earthing Services - new to forum

    Great to be joining such a supportive and interactive forum. Should anyone have any questions about my company or the products we sell just give me a shout!


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