1. S

    Solar Panels supplying new build

    So...who has experience in this on here?? Not me for sure. Basically roughed in a new build for someone, was told he was haggling with the local authority over the price for putting power to his house, it's in the countryside. So I basically kept plodding on, got it all just about done, fitted...
  2. F

    New Transformer For Lamp

    Hi I need help in replacing the transformer on my favourite 😍 lamp… just doesn’t stay on for very long anymore ☹️ Would I be ok with a 2 amp as I can’t find a 1.66 amp? Need to wire it in to the on/off switch on the lamp rather than female/male adapters??? Any help/advice greatly...
  3. D

    Thoughts on this new circuit design? anything wrong with this

  4. HappyHippyDad

    New supply to garage. DNO have not fitted fuse.

    My customer has had a completely new supply installed to his garage. The DNO has not put a fuse in the cut out though. I'm guessing he needs to contact the DNO to discuss? I realise it would be very easy to pop a fuse in, but apart from this not being allowed, I also wouldn't know the size of...
  5. C

    Hi, Looking to expand my electrical knowledge

    New member here. I have a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology so I have some background in electricity theory. I have been doing DIY residential electrical work for several years. Joined here to expand my electrical knowledge. Thanks for having me.
  6. D

    Refitting a bathroom and electrician claims I need a new mainboard

    Hi guys - I am fitting out a new bathroom and brought in a sparky to help out as I am terrified of electrics. Now the bathroom is being done for a friend on a budget who really can't afford £600 for a new mainboard but the sparky is insisting it should be done. Currently, the mainboard is an...
  7. G

    Hardwiring a new appliance

    My washing machine in a cupboard in our bathroom is hardwired into a blank plate. I presume installing the new washing machine will be easy enough by cutting off the plug and stripping the wires and inserting? There is an earth lead leaving the blank plate and attached to the washing machine -...
  8. L

    Electric supply to new annex

    I'm converting my old garage into a two bedroom annex. At its nearest point it is approx 10m from main house. I plan it to be all electric, UFH, electric shower, electric hot water, cooker. Now, I think there are 2 ways of supplying power to the new annex: 1. Run 25mm SWA tails from henley...
  9. C

    Niceic new app love it or hate it

    Liking the Niceic app taking all the hard work out of remembering & doing the Cal’s, these youngsters have got it easy…well done Niceic are they finally getting into the real world, this is what we need & more
  10. Twincle

    Hi all, new member and enthusiast

    Here to say Hi from Byfleet, Surrey! I've retired from my last job at 52 and sitting on my laurels has me itching to get on with another job. I'm looking for working with my head and my hands and I have picked up a passion for doing electrics. I'm a keen DIY'er so have done smaller jobs...
  11. TSelec

    Hi All, New Member Here From The North West

    Hi, Thought i'd join the forum and maybe help those that need it. I'm an 18th Edition Electrical Technician working in the commercial/industrial sector Regards Troy
  12. C

    Connecting spotlights and new switch in a new room

    Hi all new here and hoping for some advice. I had added a new room to my house and want to add new spotlights and a new switch to the lighting circuit. My house is 1990's built in England UK, and looped in at the ceiling rose so the bedroom next door has 3 cables going to it. I would like to...
  13. nicnic66


    Hi all, this is my regs bundle eBay listing if anyone is looking for a bargain. I have the purchase receipt form the Napit store which I can provide on request.
  14. J

    New Consumer Unit Fireproof Stuffing Glands

    I recently had an electrician install a new consumer unit in my cellar. A second electrician, who is subcontracted by my bathroom fitter to carry out electrical work in the bathroom, has said that the cable entry to the fuseboard should be sealed with either fire resistant stuffing glands or...
  15. W

    Wiring a new D2 thermostat?

  16. Mike Johnson

    For Sale Aico Alarms All New in Box's

    Can't find my original listing, but have extra alarms added to the list: Now a bundle of seven. All new and never mounted. Item Description: One Ei3024 dated September 2032 One Ei3028 dated November 2031 Two Ei3028 dated August 2032 One Ei2110e dated Jan 2030 One Ei 3024 dated Jun 2031 One...
  17. D

    Running new circuit to AC unit, please review my plan.

    Running a new circuit to an AC unit, making sure I'm on the right track. The attached chart has the information for this unit which is on column 4. Maximum overcurrent protection: 30 amps Minimum circuit ampacity: 19amps 240 volts It will be running across a rooftop in a pretty hot location...
  18. 2

    This one's new to me... Your thoughts please gentlemen.

    So how about this metering setup anyone? I have never come across this setup before, and I wonder whether the client would be better off keeping it rather than persisting with his attempts to get a smart meter fitted because he's keen to monitor and reduce his bills.... that is I wonder how...
  19. Dartlec

    Crappy new LAP terminals

    Small job including light in a shed so I picked up a LAP LED oval bulkhead which I've used before as cheap and slightly cheerful. Only to discover that in their never ending journey to 'improve' their products they've 'upgraded' the terminals to these nasty things. Not only would flex not...
  20. m3770man

    This is the mess we got stuck with when we moved into our apartment.

    I want to put a new light up, but can't tell which wires go to the switch and which ones I even need for the new light, let alone which ones were originally what color.