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  1. F

    New Electric Pan Installation

    I need to replace the electric pan on my cottage. Old pan not to spec. I probably need a 150A/200A and 240V pan. Looking for advice on what pan (product number) I should buy from home depot. The old pan (ancient) measures 7 1/4" wide to 14 1/2" high. I know the feed wire I need (Southwire SE...
  2. B

    New to Forum

    Hi, I'm a 72 years old electronic engineer (BSEE, MSEE, PE) living in New Zealand. Have had a 5.3Kw solar array on the roof of our house for two years and learned a fair amount about maximizing the available energy. Currently working on an intelligent controller to automatically switch loads...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    New smart meters to turn off supply remotely

    Just been told about a proposal by some companies to allow them to turn off your power without notice or compensation if the grid is under strain. If they haven't learnt already from the smart meter shambles that its best to leave alone they now want to mess it up again. In theory if too many...
  4. T

    UK Adding new light from existing one-gang switch

    Hi all, Thanks for the help in my previous thread, I got things working well in the end: As to my new question, I have the following one-gang switch in my kitchen/diner which powers an outdoor PIR/LED floodlight: So this has a twin+earth and a 3 core+earth cable - I'm guessing the...
  5. N

    Hi everyone, new to the forum

    Hi all, just a quick hello as new to the forum
  6. N

    What are the changes to PAT- new 5th Edition CoP

    Hello, We have a load of PAT testing coming up,... unfortunately. I'm aware that we have now moved from the 4th Edition to the 5th Edition of the code of practice (September). Has much changed?
  7. D

    UK BS88 fuse board on a new installations

    I was wondering, are BS88 fuse boards still used on some new installations especially industrial and even commercial. And if so would that be ok with the regulations or not because its not retrospective. I know they are quite outdated and its hard to find a electrical wholesaler selling BS88...
  8. ETradesmen

    New build - DNO fuse size

    Good morning one and all, I have a new build coming up (Hertfordshire) and was wondering what size fuse the supplier install now? The reason why I’m asking is because a sub main is required due to the client not wanting the CU near the meter. thanks,
  9. Alan McMaster

    Designing a new dump rinser on a budget

    Need some advice on designing a dump rinse controller. We work on a budget and its bare minimum, our equipment is outdated and needs refreshed, alas we dont have the money to do it. So I was hoping a bargain basement solution may be the way forward. A PLC would be best, unfortunately we dont...
  10. Mark Wright

    B&Q Pir light had it, less than a year - please recommend new pir

    I installed a B&Q pir light under a year ago and it's flickering the LEDs have had it, it's totally contained and the LEDs are hard wired, pretty peveed, can anyone recommend a good outdoor pir light, one that comes with a rubber flex is preferred Don't know what I.P rating and was probably...
  11. F

    A new smart meter is tripping RCD for 7 hours every night & I have a theory

    Hi guys I have this problem that I've been trying to figure out all week. On friday I had a 5 tail economy 7 smart meter installed and every night at 2 am the RCD trips and you cant reset it until 9 am so the problem is obviously to do with the off peak supply coming on. Theres only 1 rcd for...
  12. H

    How to setup new breaker from an extension cable

    Guys so my parents built me my own room in the backyard that is seperate from the main house (we have almost an acre of land) when we moved into our new house this past year but the person who built it micky moused the wiring and just made an extension cable that connects from my room to an...
  13. Vortigern

    A new type of ring circuit???

    About to embark on wiring an extension and cursory examination threw up the above. Have not as yet poked inside. Anyone seen this arrangement before? Can I believe what my eyes seem to be saying to me?
  14. Lou

    Welcome to the new Bar and Grill for Americans Only - :) First drink is on us

    Welcome to the rebranding of the Americans-only forum. The Bar and Grill. First drink is on us. There should be around 670 members with access to here now. So let's get this place going. No Brit's are allowed. Unless they're staff of course.
  15. T

    IR testing on new build

    Hi all testing of new build house. When carrying out IR testing on circuits unplugged all equipment and took down smoke alarms. As there was a lot of lights connected with lamps and installed in twin and earth. I put live and neutral together and tested to Earth. IR test was starting off low but...
  16. spud1

    What are the requirements for interfacing a new gas supply with a commercial buildings fire alarm system ?

    Hi Im working in a staffed residential home (for severe learning difficulties/disabilities residents) they have a new onsite tanked gas supply being installed to supply two domestic sized gas boilers in seperate locations, which will replace the existing big oil fired boiler. I need to clarify...
  17. D

    UK Click mode switches and new grid system are great

    First try using the new Click Mode switches today, and I love the way that every light switch is automatically a grid switch. That means you can buy a light switch and change the modules to whatever you like. I was fitting an outside light and was able to swap out one of the switches on a two...
  18. K


    Hi I’ve just bought a new waveguide for my microwave and it has arrived bent, is it still safe to use? TIa
  19. N

    I need some advice on wiring in my new 90cm hob with 2 live wires

    I bought a new hob as we are fitting a new kitchen, we got all the other new appliances wired in, but the hob is a bit more complicated, it has 2 live wires then 1 negative and 1 earth, the wire coming out of the socket where it needs wired into where my old cooker was installed only has 1 live...
  20. Franad

    New member willing to talk anything electric

    Hi all, lovely to be here! I'm a newly qualified domestic installer looking for tips and advice in the wonderful world of electrics. I've already asked a question regarding MFT choices (I think I have finally decided to go Megger!) to which I had a great response so thank you already. I can...
  21. H

    New member

    Hello ;) Thought I'd better get my backside in gear and get introducing myself on here, I'm a self employed cctv, security, home automation and av engineer.
  22. C

    New member & want to seek advice

    Hi everyone, I am currently living in HK. I am going to apply the working visa next year and would like to become an electrician in UK (probably living in Manchester). I have no related experiences and skills in this field. As I did some researches, I would like to seek advice about how to...
  23. H

    What notification/certification is required for new Garage/Workshop

    My dad is knocking down his old out buildings, garage and small workshop, and having a new all in one built with a second storey to be utilised for storage area. The electrical supply and cable will be the same as was used for the original buildings which was fitted approx 20 years ago coming...
  24. OnlQQker

    So I Went Around My New Mates House For A Coffee...

    He was in the middle of decorating his new house, I only met him a couple of months ago and he seems like a really nice chap. Anyway in the lounge one of the electrical socket face plates had been unscrewed from the wall for decorating. The house is 1920's and the wiring looked brand new in...
  25. P

    How to connect old audio phone to new video entry panel ?

    Hello Can any one explain please how to connect Audio intercom phone ? Would it be possible?
  26. P

    How to connect my audio intercom phone to the new Home Video Intercom System ?

    Hello Can any one explain please how to connect Audio intercom phone ? Would it be possible or I need to buy video interface .
  27. Plantman2000

    Shower MCB question after electrician installed new Consumer Unit

    Hello all. A few years ago we had a new kitchen installed and as part of those works we had an electrician in to install a new feed to this kitchen and a full new consumer unit as well. This is a metal CED branded unit with CED MCB's. We have two showers, one upstairs and one downstairs. The...
  28. happyhippydad

    The new wago boxes 221-4

    I was just wondering if anyone new if the wago 221's when used with the correct wago box (221-4 see link WAGOBOX 221-4 Junction Box 108 x 39 x 44mm - are maintenance free? The toolstation site says they are but I can't find it on...
  29. N

    New Circuits from a shed DB

    Hi guys, I'd appreciate the opportunity to pick your brains a bit, and make sure I'm on the right track, please. (Will also be talking to my course tutor) I'm currently studying for my NVQ lvl 3, and an opportunity has come up for me to do work which may be good for my portfolio. I'm a...
  30. P

    New here

    Hi guys ;) Would like to apologise in advance to all the probably obvious questions I will ask so thank you.
  31. D

    For anyone interested in Eicrs , the Nag & his new wife are at it...

  32. S

    New Induction Hob

    Hi, I'm replacing an old electric oven with an induction hob. There's an existing cooker 45A cooker switch running on 6mm cable which they've wired up to a standard socket and a plug on the oven. My new hob is rated at 7.3kw and it states to use specific cables for heat safety. I'm looking at...
  33. P

    Can I join 6mm and 2.5mm cable in radial circuit

    Hi all, I’m new to this forum so please bear with me. I live in a bungalow and would like to repurpose an unused shower cable to supply one new double socket. The radial shower circuit cable is 6mm and protected by a 40A mcb. My plan is to connect the 6mm cable to a length of 2.5mm cable which...
  34. Wilko

    Domestic Properly priced EICR is good value

    Evening All I’m doing a few EIRCs for the rental market and I thought I’d share my recent experience. I was asked to inspect a 2 BR flat, just on 5 yrs old. The flat is in excellent condition, it has always been rented and has the original EIC and the most recent gas safety cert. Both...
  35. K

    Rcd tripping from new 3hp tablesaw

    I have a 40amp trip on my main consumer unit feeding my workshop where I have another consumer unit with 1x6 amp 2x16 amp and 1x32amp trips. I've replaced my old 3hp tablesaw that was run from a 13 amp plug on the 32amp ring with a new 3hp one that is plugged into a 16amp socket through a 20amp...
  36. S

    Hello, I need a new cooker, I would like the supplier to fit it as well, but they will only fit if it is safe to do so, is it possible to tell from a

    Hello all, I need a new cooker, the supplier will only fit it if it's safe to do so, is it possible to tell if it's safe to fit from my photo? Many thanks
  37. T

    UK MICC/Pyro wiring - new DB needed for EICR?

    Hi, Hope someone may be able to help with some advice. I have a 2 bed flat From 1960s with MICC/Pyro wiring (see photos of distribution board). The flat is now to be rented out as bought a house with wife so will need An EICR. I haven't had the EICR completed yet (and am aware this will...
  38. Mark42

    The new Landlords' EICR requirements. The law says that everything must now be to 18th Edition!

    Many will by now have heard of the new requirements for private landlords, enacted under Statutory Instrument 2020 No. 312, known as ‘The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020.’ All new tenancies, and all existing tenancies from 1 April 2021, must...
  39. Andy78

    New bush tool

    Looks neat and a lot lower profile than a standard socket.
  40. J

    Why neutral and hot reversed only when a/c is turned on?

    I have tenants that have 3 fairly new small a/c units all the same and when any of them are turned on my tester reads hot & neutral reversed. The 15 amp circuit that feeds these units has no ground wire. Is this normal or could these a/c units be wired wrong from the factory?
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