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  1. C

    Need help with new light switch

    Ok. I removed a dimmer to put a regular switch in. Installing a new ceiling fan and light. They have the power from box going to light, then switch, then to an outlet below the switch. The switch never controlled the outlet, just light. So can I just use a 4way to keep the flow going to the...
  2. J

    Double to single light switch

    Good morning all. I am new to the forum and hoping someone can help with a query i have. Currently i have a double light switch which operates two separate lights at each end of my kitchen. I would like to change the light switch to a single allowing me to turn on/off both lights at the same...
  3. R

    Domestic With new laws/Regulations coming into affect for The rental market!!

    hi new to the forum this may have been asked already not too sure would just like to get some opinions on the following, with new rental laws coming into to play from 1st of July this year, (2020) stating that a property needs to be up to current 18th edition standards. Now this I understand is...
  4. A

    Hi guys new to electrical but I was wondering how can I feed off a jacuzzi to supply lighting and sockets for a summer house

    Hi guys New to electrical but I was wondering how to feed off a jacuzzi to supply lighting and sockets for a summer house, has a outside rotary isolator switch thanks
  5. K

    New member

    Hi all, I joined this forum as a DIYer, I have a house which has some weird and (not so)wonderful things going on with the electrics. I intend on doing some of the rewiring myself with it being signed off by a colleague who is a competent and experienced sparks once complete. I am a keen...
  6. S

    New member

    Hello everyone, Currently coming to the end of my level 2 city and guilds 2365, still a long way to go but looking forward to learning and getting into something I have always had an interest in. Also bagged myself some work experience which is invaluable.
  7. R

    New Hammer

    I’m looking to purchase a new hammer due to my old one breaking. I’ve seen Wiha do an electricians hammer but I don’t know what they are like. Any recommendations? I do like the Dewalt one.
  8. E

    New member

    Hi all new member here saying hello
  9. darkwood

    New MFT - opinions

    Well I thought it was time to get a new MFT as the old one was 20yrs plus it got nicked too.. After a peruse and some tinterweb research I have opted for a Megger 1741 and it has arrived and first impression are pleasing, just wondered if anyone else has this particular model and what they...
  10. Les Macaulay

    Inspection of wiring to new industrial dish washer

    Inspected a final circuit for a new dishwasher of the commercial type, rated at 4.3 kW, about 50M from the D/B. Final connection joint to the appliance flex comprises connector block in a dry wall box with lid lying on floor of commercial kitchen. C1, C2 or C3? Isolating switch on opposite...
  11. N

    New to forum from Gateshead, ex rigs

    Hi all, Just joined the forum to read up about peoples experiences of changing career at later life. I'm 47 and have been working on the rigs for the past 25 years, in a position that I would say is 50% technical and 50% physical, but just been made redundant recently. I've been toying with...
  12. sythai

    Nest Smokes (heat?)

    Hi Guys Just seeing if anyone knows for definite if Nest have a heat capability or not yet? Have a new build coming up which obviously needs smokes & heat ? And they have specified Nest throughout. I'm thinking not possible yet and doubt very much they'd be a way of linking into an Aico heat...
  13. T

    EIC’s in new builds

    Hi guys , So i’ve been offered some work by a local reputable builder on a site of new builds local to me , some of which involves carrying out EIC’s once completed . My query is that am I ok to complete the certs even on properties I haven’t worked in ? I can see the install at all stages...
  14. Nightmer

    UK Earthing a vintage brass lamp to the lamp base

    I have a couple of old metal/brass lamps to which adding an earthed lampholder would be tricky (either the entry for 3 wires is VERY small or the lamp holder is integral to the lamp and is original). All of these lamps have a screw within the base which appear to be for an earth wire - is this...
  15. D

    New Zealand Work as an electrician in New Zealand?

    Hi there I am a qualified electrician working in scotland. Got all my qualifications from a recognised 4 year apprenticeship. Also got my 18th edition. Me and my girlfriend were wanting to go over to New Zealand and experience working abroad. How easy is it to get a job as an electrician in New...
  16. L

    Replacing ceiling rose with new lighting

    Bought a new light fitting from amazon to replace an old hanging single bulb from a ceiling rose, but I cant get my head around how to wire it for the switch. Looking at the old fitting it appears to be the last in the chain so there's no loop out, but the new fitting just has a simple...
  17. S

    New build query for Scottish based electricians

    Been asked to carry out the electrics in a new build for someone I know. Although I’m a qualified electrician I’m not registered with Select or a similar body, I know it is advised to use someone from one of these bodies to carry out work & sign it off but where would I stand legally if I just...
  18. D

    Hi from New York! Dpelito here. Hope to learn and input help as well.

    Hi from New York! Dpelito here. Hope to learn and input help as well. Source URL: The Welcome Forum -
  19. A

    New Consumer Unit

    Hi. I'm new on here. I'm not an electrician. I'm just seeking some advice. I hope this is the correct section. My parents have just had a new consumer unit fitted. The electrician is NAPIT registered. He didn't leave an installation certificate. When I phoned him and asked about this he...
  20. 4

    The home we own has 4 exterior light. We bought new fixtures to replace the original outside lights. It appears three of the fixtures have recessed ol

    What type of dremel oscillating blade should I use top notch out a recess in house brick, for a 31/2" electrical box?
  21. bigspark17

    New ipad, but which one?

    Just about to upgrade my ipad and unsure which model to go for, the ipad pro seems really good but it is alot of money, would the ipad air be as good? What have you guys got? Thanks
  22. D

    New Member

    hi I'm Duderz new member here from UK JIB approved spark with Compex etc just checking in
  23. D

    new cooker 5 years ago still in packaging

    5yr old cooker brand new still in packaging, been sat in the kitchen. Will it be safe to connect and use it now?
  24. A

    UK Qualified electrician to certify my work remotely?

    I currently have a free standing cooker hard wired into a single appliance outlet plate with a cut off switch nearby and a dedicated rcd in my CU (32amp rcd). I want to buy a built in hob and oven and then connect them to a dual appliance outlet plate using 10mm wiring. I’d look for a hob and...
  25. N

    Trimble fast test - new laptop

    Hi there, I've got trimble fast test and looks like my laptop is starting to make that decline to the kaput stage of its life. Seeing as I've time on my hands I was going to buy a new laptop and transfer all my info over before it lies down on me completely. Do any of you know would I need...
  26. T

    New Member

    Greetings to all the Brethren from sunny Glasgow
  27. F

    How to Wire a new vintage lamp holder

    Hey all I just bought a new vintage lamp holder from eBay, I assumed that because it has a metal casing that it would need a 3 core wire cable, but it doesn’t seem to have a place for the earth wire. I’ll add some photos, could someone please help to whether I need the earth wire and if so where...
  28. M

    UK New Sub Board for aircon

    Hi all, Little about me. new to the forum and new to the industry. I have been a data engineer for 2 years specialising in fibre but I always wanted to go into power so I committed to it and paid for the course. I have completed my level 2 and unfortunately my level 3 has been delayed due to...
  29. Alexander

    New to the forum

    Simply a motorbike guy who's totally itching to do a cost affective EV conversion on motorcycles,, ahead of the trend... EV motorcycles do exist but ar few and expensive. If more people take the challenge and do EV conversions product usage should become noticeable and perhaps will drive...
  30. B

    New to the forum hoping for some guidance

    Hello EF, Lurker for a while, 1st time poster. Looking forward to some helpful replies. Thanks, BR.
  31. Gavin John Hyde

    New MFT and testing EV Chargers, spds etc

    Need to look at a new MFT in due course as I currently have a kt64dl which whilst it works fine, is a doddle to use I have to use a chunky rolec charge check for testing EV Chargers. I see the new Metrel 3152 has a bolt on to test the chargers. Not sure if the EV testing part works fully with...
  32. D

    Hi Everyone.

    New to this forum platform. Looking forward to reading all of the opinions on the anything but straight forward industry that we are all part of. Stay safe. (Part 4 :)
  33. Brainwash

    New light switch turns off power to circuit

    Hi all! I tried to replace toggle light switch for a rocker switch, but got no power from that breaker once it was flipped back on. So, I re-installed the old switch and everything works fine... until I flip the switch. This cuts power to everything on that circuit, (but, does not trip the...
  34. S

    UK DIY- advice on extending wiring into new shed

    Hi all, DIY here :) First off let me just say it is advice I am after as I am fully aware that I will probably need an electrician to complete the job. My question is how much I can do myself up to a point. So many years ago I built a shed at the top of the garden ( approx 30m away from garage)...
  35. G

    Old Loop Circuit wiring to new light fitting

    I have a loop circuit in a 70's house and i am trying to fit a new light fitting to the old circit, i have wired it up so far so that the lights on the rest of the circuit work, but the one i am replacing doesnt work, please help, i have attached a image of the wires so far.
  36. R

    2780kw ovens

    My cooker was wired to a 13a socket in the space behind the oven in a Persimmon new build, wooden construction. Some idiot cut the insulation back and reduced the strands in order to connect it, The fuse heated up. The 15 amp cable arced away but the fuse is still intact. Surely this is not to...
  37. steamboatwilly

    Two new Wylex RCDs both failed tests

    Folks, A bit baffled (not difficult) ... added a light switch in a rental this week (empty property so no social distancing issues) and checked the RCD before I signed off. It was a Wylex 80a 30mA and it failed all tests (inc. ramp) so I like-for-like replaced it. The new one also failed all...
  38. J

    Fitting a new Cooker Hood, moving the supply socket, and chased cables

    We have had a new cooker hood delivered, we needed to unbox it and get it hung to free up space. The new hood is a different design to the old one, and when mounted at the min. height above the hob, it covers the existing supply socket (hidden behind the hood's chimney). So, the supply socket...
  39. E

    Covid 19 - New hospital being built Manchester 40 electricians need

    Doctor friend sent me this, can anyone help? Hi Everyone, 40 FULLY QUALIFIED ELECTRICIANS needed for Monday start at Excel to build the new Nightingale hospital, £20ph, min 9rs per day, spread the word and give [email protected] or [email protected]
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