1. T

    I'm New and I don't enjoy paying for things

    Hello. My name is Pete. I am from New York. I don't love New Haven style pizza all that much...
  2. L

    DNO fitted New Incomer etc . How long can we expect for supplier to fit new meter etc . ?

    DNO ripped out antique main incomer/breaker .The guy hated us and himself and everyone else by the end of the job ! . Client going to contact supplier and ask for new meter .Old consumer is beyond dangerous .So whole flat will be rewired etc .I just want to strap in a DP isolator and "garage...
  3. A

    New member to the forum

    Hi i am Anthony, 32 just joined the forum. Been an electrician for 16 years been qualified 12 years. Currently an electrical manager with a team of 16 electricians across the North of the UK
  4. B

    New supply to Combi Boiler

    Hi, I'm having a new boiler fitted in a new location. I need to provide power for the boiler which I'm looking to do myself. Boiler: Ideal Logic Max 35KW Combi I've researched the electric supply requirements from the manufacture (image below) My consumer unit has a spare Contactum 7106B 6A...
  5. P

    light switch old wiring help

    hi could some one please help me with the wires on this light switch please i need to change it to a new one any help would be apreciated thanks
  6. K

    UK Is a new circuit board required?

    Hello, in preparation for renting out our home we have requested an Electrical Certificate and our electrician is doing a few minor tidy up jobs before the inspection takes place. He has just advised that we should get our circuit board replaced as it is in a plastic casing. The board is on...
  7. L

    New cable thread/pull rod kit ?

    Any recommendation other than the CK kits ?? Tend to be 2.5mm or 6mm cables I use
  8. C

    Hullo from a new member.

    Thanks for allowing me to join this merry band of fellow Electrical friends. 60+ year old, heading into semi retirement (full retirement(ish)), but still keeping my hand in. Already enjoying reading the forums, and even at my age and experience, every day is a school day.
  9. L

    About meter room in new building

    Im in the proces of installing a meter room with 25 meters and riser. Allways i use communal area for cable route from each flats to meter room. On this building im forced to run throught one flats ceiling to reach dedicated place for meter room because i dont have no other choice.. Just to know...
  10. A

    New to the forum and just recently retired.

    I finished my Electrical Fitter/Mechanic Apprenticeship in late 1998 as a mature age student while working at an Electrical Distributor across our state here in Australia. Part of the practise was to work in each relevant section so: Streetlights/Underground Subdivisions/Service Truck/ Line...
  11. littlespark

    Recommendation for new tv

    Best part of the forum to ask? Gone away for a holiday, and come back to find the girls have bust my telly. (Could have been eldests bf, he’s got a habit of breaking stuff) It’s a decade old Samsung UE32F5000AK, nothing special, it’s just for Skyq watching in the evenings. There is sound, but...
  12. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme New Circuit - NO RCDs

    A client wants an outdoor socket installing on a new circuit. The current installation doesn't have any RCDs for the other circuits. I would put the new circuit on an RCBO but I'm concerned about signing off the installation with the other circuits not protected by RCD. Anyone know what the...
  13. C

    New upright freezer running frequently?

    Just purchased a new Beko FFP3579W Upright Freezer. It's been running for three days now and I believe the freezer maybe faulty. The freezer seems to be running too frequently. It runs for 22 minutes and then turns off for 24 minutes and then it's back on again doing this on/off cycle. This is...
  14. littlespark

    City's new range.... Reviews anyone?

    Been getting pestered by CEF about their new M2 range of accessories.. Doing a little rewire and might try them out. Has anyone used them yet? Ill be dealing with regualar square edge switches and sockets, with modular grid switches in the kitchen.... although they also have a slim range, im...
  15. Surewire23

    Hello from a new member

    Based in Rostrevor, N.Ireland and happy to connect with any local companies to build up connections. We offer residential, commercial and industrial electrical services across Newry and Mourne. (Further depending on the job types)
  16. M

    New here...hello and thanks for having me.

    Just a quick introduction. I'm Matt. From the UK. Some experience in electrics, specifically in areas like solar installations. But I am also here to learn.
  17. pstr8ahead

    New DIY Homeowner Saying Hi!

    Hey all! Just joined the forum today. I'll have a few questions as soon as I figure out what/how to ask. Planning some home decorating with my wife and got a few electrical projects on my mind. Please welcome me with open arms and don't bash too hard, but I can take it if needed. Thanks!
  18. L

    Hello From a New Forum Member

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and just wanted to say hi. I'm in Chicopee, MA, USA for reference. I am not an electrician currently and will likely never be a professional working electrician again. I did my time in high school as an electrical student in vocational, two work study jobs in...
  19. mgrandy38

    New to this forum, OiOi!

    Hi hopefully i learn alot while here. Ive been mostly doing car electrical stuffs but have advanced to pcb repairs while doing some house electrics. I contently read and am open to all advice. My best phrase in life is "If someone else can do it why cant I" My most recent success has been...
  20. Stoatally

    Another new retrainee introduction thread :-)

    Good afternoon. After 20+ years in technical training based around motor vehicle I want to retrain to be an electrician / electrical engineer. Currently reaching the end of my lelv 2 installation and just completed 18th edition. Applying for some apprenticeships, which resutls in some raised...
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