1. R

    New member introduction

    Hello all! DIYer in Maine, USA hoping to tap into the community resources and education of professionals to help me with my home projects in a safe and responsible manner.
  2. D

    Reasonable quotes for new-installation

    I am trying to quote a job, Small commercial kitchen/cafe/takeaway with a 3phase supply. New 3 phase board, supplying 7 new circuits, all single phase. 1 ring with 16 double sockets. 5 radial circuits for larger appliances 1 lighting circuit Most of it is being done in SWA Close to 100m of...
  3. autopsian

    Two lives in old fitting, one live in new fitting

    Hi, DIYer here, I'm replacing an old outdoor light. The old one had N, E, L and L1. The new one has N, E, L. I guess this is a common question, how do i wire up the 4 wires coming out of my wall to the 3 available in the new light fitting please? Attached is a pic of the old light fitting...
  4. W

    What cert is best for a new spd install?

    Brand new spd installed new tails, saying minor works is ok, I don’t believe so as tails are coming from metering supply via Henley blocks
  5. A

    Hi all, new member introduction

    Hi Everyone. New member here, retraining to do domestic electrical work. I've been reading through the forum for a while now so thought I'd join and get involved. I decided to retrain earlier this year to get away from the office environment and do something a bit more interesting and hands on...
  6. C

    Adding new sockets in kitchen

    Hello there, we are wanting two new double sockets in our kitchen, one will be below counter to accommodate gas hob and ovens ignition plugs (rated 3amp each) and one above the counter to have occasional use of the coffee machine (1700watts). For transparency we only have a washing machine in...
  7. M

    New to forum - Hey there!

    New kid on the block....well, not really.... 43 yr old re-trainee into the industry off the back of the 2357 level 3 knowledge units and a complete career change from software into electrical. Big hello from me :) Currently trying to line myself up with work to get the portfolio ticked off but...
  8. K

    Solar Panels New Inverter do I have to tell my electricity provider

    Hi I have a solar system on the feed in tarrif, my inverter is playing up, if i get a new one fitted will the FIT people be able to know if I have a new inverter, does a serial number get fed to the generation meter electronicaly. I have heard I have to inform my electricity provider if any work...
  9. S

    Curious fault after recent move

    Hi All Let me start by saying I have my 2365 level 3 but never worked in the industry so my knowledge is limited. My partner and I recently purchased and moved in to our first home Since moving in we've had a strange electrical issue and I'd appreciate some advice about what could be causing...
  10. OnlQQker

    New Song (Thoughts Please)

    I composed the music in Logic Pro 9 and added Monks chanting over the top. Does it work? The monks come from the link below and I did have to do a little pitch adjustment to make it fit 2:30 onwards in the vid
  11. lightingvilla

    Hello, I'm William Spear

    Hello, I'm William Spear an author of I've written many articles related to lighting on various websites and I'm very passionate about helping people on creating beautiful and functional living spaces.
  12. Vortigern

    New Tech books available now updated

    Just though I would post this as the books in the link have now been updated for amendment 2. I know some of you use these as your onsite guide etc. For those who are not familiar with these books they are really handy reference books for sparks and at £8 each a bargain! Not to be without on...
  13. M

    New member to the forum

    Greetings from the Sooner state. While not an electrician, I’ve worked under many and am an above average DIYer. Retired 3 years from OGE distribution engineering as a lead engineering tech and telecom tech. Most of my experience is with NESC on the supply side but dealt with the NEC and...
  14. W

    New website recomendations!

    Anybody had a new website done lately by someone they would happily recommend? Seems to be a saturation of choice online
  15. S

    Solar Panels supplying new build

    So...who has experience in this on here?? Not me for sure. Basically roughed in a new build for someone, was told he was haggling with the local authority over the price for putting power to his house, it's in the countryside. So I basically kept plodding on, got it all just about done, fitted...
  16. F

    New Transformer For Lamp

    Hi I need help in replacing the transformer on my favourite 😍 lamp… just doesn’t stay on for very long anymore ☹️ Would I be ok with a 2 amp as I can’t find a 1.66 amp? Need to wire it in to the on/off switch on the lamp rather than female/male adapters??? Any help/advice greatly...
  17. D

    Thoughts on this new circuit design? anything wrong with this

  18. HappyHippyDad

    New supply to garage. DNO have not fitted fuse.

    My customer has had a completely new supply installed to his garage. The DNO has not put a fuse in the cut out though. I'm guessing he needs to contact the DNO to discuss? I realise it would be very easy to pop a fuse in, but apart from this not being allowed, I also wouldn't know the size of...
  19. C

    Hi, Looking to expand my electrical knowledge

    New member here. I have a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology so I have some background in electricity theory. I have been doing DIY residential electrical work for several years. Joined here to expand my electrical knowledge. Thanks for having me.
  20. D

    Refitting a bathroom and electrician claims I need a new mainboard

    Hi guys - I am fitting out a new bathroom and brought in a sparky to help out as I am terrified of electrics. Now the bathroom is being done for a friend on a budget who really can't afford £600 for a new mainboard but the sparky is insisting it should be done. Currently, the mainboard is an...
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