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  1. D

    Adding a new feed from a single light switch

    I have a single wall switch powering 1 light and I want to add a separate light and change to wall switch to a double to power them both separel;y, how do i do this please?
  2. Dan_Brown

    Earthing Services - new to forum

    Great to be joining such a supportive and interactive forum. Should anyone have any questions about my company or the products we sell just give me a shout!
  3. D

    Hello from a new member.

    Home owner, novice DIY'er, eager to learn from everyone!
  4. I

    New T&E cable...

    Seen a couple of videos with Doncaster cables now producuing a T&E with the CPC already sleeved so no need to fit our own. I also read somewhere that this will soon become the norm and will have to be installed to comply with the regs instead of the regular cable. Any truth in that?
  5. J

    New member to the forum

    Hi all, new to the forum. currently doing my NVQ LVL 2 in electrical and hoping to move onto LVL 3. Been browsing the forum and finding a lot of useful information.
  6. D

    The 'New' Rubber

    Hello Everyone. I'm surprised this subject does not get much attention. 'The elephant in the room' I refer to is the 'new rubber'. On new appliances I buy the flex / cable sheathing is far stiffer than stuff I bought say 10 years ago. Also the so-called 'rubberised' extension sockets are...
  7. T

    New Member saying hello :)

    Hi that was all, just saying hello as I got a nudge to do so via email 😂🤣
  8. G

    New member saying hello

    New member saying hello to everyone.. going for my AM2 on Monday.. hopefully going to pass 1st time... Garry A
  9. elektrologospatra

    symbols vs celenec ?

    where will i find new electrical symbols vs celenec ?
  10. timhoward

    The new-ish ProjectEV Apex range

    I'm fitting one of the Apex 7S units on Friday. I'd avoided the original range after a couple of bad experiences but I figured a new model might be better. I thought I'd list some differences I've noticed so far when compared to the original range: 1 - Even though the connections looks the...
  11. S

    New kitchen, multi switches

    Hi all. So I'm designing my new kitchen and trying to plan where things will go. I currently have a 6 switch panel for the appliances (hob, cooker hood, washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher and fridge/freezer). I was wondering... are these regulation to have these switches? Half of the...
  12. Dan

    Happy New Year 2024 from Electricians Forums!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024 FROM ELECTRICIANS FORUMS! Do you have any new year resolutions? I'm thinking:- Get Fitter (give it 30 days) Drive slower (couple of days)
  13. ZeroZero

    What is wrong with my new TV ariel Installation plz?

    I am in UK and have just built a summerhouse and inside is a large LG flatscreen TV. I purchased an aluminium pole, ran the cable out and up (within the pole, I hope this does not matter) and attached it to the ariel. It's only picking up three channels. The cable has preformed F type...
  14. S

    Does it matter what wattage my new oven is?

    My Lamona oven has broke so I’m replacing it with a new one. Does it matter that the new one I’m wanting to get is 2.8kw compared to the current one at 2.4kw? Is it still safe to have or do I have to get one at the same power or lower?
  15. S

    New Member with Questions (DIY)

    retired homeowner DIY in Washington state. New to me home, would like to ask a few questions
  16. ryanhcafc

    Old colours mixed with new colours

    Wouldn't normally note this as an observation on a report but feel I need to. The way the building has been wired is all circuits on L1 have been wired in old red, L2 old Yellow, L3 old blue, however as stuff has been added it's now got new colours. The property is currently empty awaiting new...
  17. W

    New to the forum Hello

    Hi All, I have just joined from the West of England looking for advice and guidance and hope i can give the same in return.
  18. littlespark

    Worth a try to fix this? New screen just?

    Got this advertised locally, don’t know if it’s worth a punt.
  19. B

    Fitting new Cooker hood

    Hi My Kitchen has never had a cooker hood installed. Where the new hood is going to be situated is some distance from any of the outlets in the kitchen ring main. However there is a cable coming out of the wall near where the hood is going that was originally intended for one of a pair of wall...
  20. S

    New Member,Hammond,la.

    Hi sll, my name is shawn,and i am a framing carpenter by trade but i wear many hats,unfortunatly electricians hat has never been.I recently purchased an older home( built in 1936) that i am remodeling and bringing into this century.There are many things im going to need expert opinion on,as I am...
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