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  1. J

    TV wiring for 9x new build flats

    Afternoon Just so I can agree with the builder- can I get advise on following. What wiring I need per flat to allow for sky and standard tv aerial So per TV position in each flat (average flat 3x TV positions- 2x WF100 cables to flats utility cupboard- so if 3x TVs- there will be 6x WF100S...
  2. J

    New Member dropping by to say hello...

    Hi everyone, just joined the the forum and thought I’d introduce myself and say a little about my background. I’ve been a Marine Engineer for the last 20 years after joining the army at 16 as an apprentice and was a chief engineer on a major army landing craft (before they got sold off)...
  3. M

    UK Newbie

    New to the group many thanks, I'm about to take the am2 later this year any advice would be grateful cheers
  4. H

    New from Lincoln

    Hi All, Not an electrician but have been an electronics engineer all my life. Retired in March this year at 60 and have now decided to start my own. Portable Appliance Testing business not to make a fortune but for time management to keep myself occupied especially during winter months. Thanks...
  5. Dan

    Test New Reactions (Likes) Here! - Suggestions welcome

    Hi peeps. Thanks to those who subscribed, we have been able to get the customised reactions system sooner than I'd planned. Feel free to test on my post. And if some people can reply, even with some (family-friendly!!) jibberish, you can all test a few different reactions on various posts to...
  6. T

    UK New Lathe in the Workshop

    Over the summer we had some single phase workshop gear removed, and in it's place was delivered a second-hand 3-phase lathe. At first I was going to drop in a new circuit, as naturally, the single-phase circuit that exists is useless. However, this new lathe is going right next to another lathe...
  7. P

    new timer switch

    Hi I have 3 light switches in a single box. 1 switch controls the hallway lights, the 2nd switch controls the garage inside lights and the 3rd switch controls the outside lights. I would like to replace the outside light switch with a timer switch. The switch I will take out has 2 black wires...
  8. Electrical2go

    UK NEW Super Rod SRFERRET Multi-Purpose Wireless Inspection Camera and Cable Pulling Tool added to our end of Season Sale

    Super Rod Ferret Multi-Purpose Wireless Inspection Camera and Cable Pulling Tool Click here to visit Electrical2Go Now - Don't forget to PM us for your exclusive 5% discount code (for Forum members only) The Cable Ferret is a Small lightweight IP67 Rechargeable USB charged wireless 720p camera...
  9. J

    Quality new install

    Fed up with finding rubbish like this in new builds. By a NICEIC Approved Contractor
  10. henrypj

    Hi, just to look for something new!

    Find this forum and see if there is something interest me!
  11. Dan

    New badge for American members

    @Megawatt is the first to get it. Thanks again for being a member here. :) Click on his name at the start of his post to see the tags.
  12. justcurioustwo

    A new energy source-maybe--maybe-not

    I am bringing this drawing back into the discussion just to ask one last question. In the drawing there are twelve (12) buckets on the right side. Just for discussion each bucket has a lifting force of 100-foot pounds. 12 buckets times 100 = 1200-foot pounds of lifting force. 1200-foot pounds of...
  13. Dan

    USA I've created some new forum categories, we're not a UK-only forum anymore

    As you're already aware, we're not hosted on a .uk domain name anymore. We are now ElectriciansForums.net (that's .net). I've created some forum categories to match where we are getting traffic from:- American Electrical Forum Canadian Electrical Forum Australian Electrical Forum When we were...
  14. B

    New to the forum

    Been on the sister plumbing forum for ages so thought why not join the electricians one also. One can glean so much useful info by belonging to forums, there is always somebody out there who knows the answer. My kids describe me as " an old fart", aren't kids just wonderful! Been round the block...
  15. D

    New screwies

    So after being pretty much a CK man since the get go , I recently treated my self to a set a bahco ergo screwdrivers (the ones with the black grip) I must say I am very pleased with them and not too expensive either Nice rubber grip and the blades seem pretty strong
  16. T

    New UK Power Supply - Unbelievable quote

    I've been looking in to upgrading the mains supply to a large house that has since been split into 4 flats and add a new ryefield board etc. UK Power have confirmed we have a cable right outside in the footpath that can be used no problem. UK Power have also confirmed that we will have to dig...
  17. R

    New Member

    Hi All, Im new to the forum. I served my time as an apprentice and joined the armed forces in 1987. Worked in many varied jobs, didn't much like crawling around in lofts and breathing glass fibres in, so have finished up designing mechanical systems. I'm looking at having Solar PV/Battery...
  18. L

    New Liquid Battery

    I want to know what people think this battery will do in the market. New residential liquid storage battery (not lithium-ion) 12 kwh storage 3 kw continuous wattage, no peak 12 year warranty at 90% capacity No moving parts Environmentally friendly Physically safe 4' x 3' x 2' size $7,000...
  19. 0

    Domestic New exposed brick wall

    Hi, We are in the middle of building our kitchen extension, we have decided to have an exposed internal brick wall constructed as we have some excellent brick spare. The external block wall is up and before we put up the internal brick wall we were going to install the cables for...
  20. Dan

    New search engine is in place

    So a couple of people have mentioned to me before now that the standard MySQL search system we have on the forum isn't up to much. It's partly due to the size of the content it's searching, and partly just due to it being a basic search system. Now we are running Elasticsearch which is the...
  21. H

    Help with getting a new job (Trainee)

    Hello all. I am currently seeking work with a different company as my current employer is using me as cheap labour and I am learning nothing. I find myself not even doing electrical work most days which as you can imagine is very annoying. Why is it so hard to find a new job?! I have just...
  22. P

    Domestic New electric supply - ADMDs in kVA - kVA load required

    Hi I'm applying for a new electric supply. UK Power Networks have requested an accurate breakdown of the "required kVA load". ALL ELECTRIC 2 BED FLAT. I have worked out my requirements as below in watts, but am struggling to convert to the "ADMDs in kVA" they require. Lights: 280w Sockets...
  23. V

    New old boy!

    Hi, joined the forum as I have been in the industry for 55 years, and this sort of thing wasn't available then (neither were desk-top computers), I am registered with Stroma at present having been with NICEIC and NAPIT when I stared doing domestic work in 1995. Up to then I had been a free-lance...
  24. H

    New CU change and testing

    Good morning all. So, when doing a CU change and installing some new circuits to it would you test all circuits on the new CU or just those additions? I tested all but interested in others views, thoughts and advice.
  25. E

    Time for a new Electricians' union?

    Is it time a skilled trade like ours started our own union? Not part of Unite, not Unison, or any of the other other general unions but something that only accepts skilled C&G qualified sparks into membership?
  26. C

    Domestic Consumer unit - new location

    Got a consumer unit which needs sticking on a sub main and moving due to current location meaning all the cables will need to go in the cavity and also it’s not most practical place presently. Moving it inside but can’t decide on best place for it, either just inside by street door in a...
  27. Spoon

    Terms and Conditions Discussion

    Ok, I have just re-read the T&C. Looks like we are no longer allowed to post pics from the regs as they are not copyright to us and are not our own work. No more posting 'safe zones' or anything else. I presume the same is for quoting the regs?
  28. G

    Domestic New control panel required or not?

    Hello folks I'm after some advice with my domestic property control box. I'm not an electrician, I'd kill myself wiring a plug, so I called in the professionals who on entry to my house stated my control panel was obsolete and wouldn't be safe to keep, (it's 12 years old). Normal looking panel...
  29. D

    Hello all new member

    Ho guys fitting new fan in my en suite im more of factory maintenance guy than houses but think more than competent do most things. Am i right in thinking the isolator for the fan is to stop fan coming on during maintenance and by local means easily accessible. What im really asking can i put...
  30. T

    Commercial New DB (additional)

    Hi all, Apologies it's been a while since I was last here, hope you are all well. One of my summer jobs is to move a computer room, and it's going to require an additional 3 circuits to power the computers. The board nearest this room has an old 3-phase memshield 1 board that is at capacity...
  31. N

    Advise on a new 4 wire ceramic cooker hob

    I have just bought a new cooker hob which has 4 wires however my connection points only has 3 connectors do I connect 2 of these wires together in order for it to function properly or would I need to buy a new connection point with 4 pins on. I will more than likely have to get an electrician in...
  32. P

    New kitchen electrical safety question

    I've just had a new kitchen fitted and the installer came out several months ago before work was due to start and checked out what needed doing and at that time he never advised me that I needed extra power plugs. He started the work last week and advised me that I would need to purchase a 5...
  33. C

    New consumer unit installation

    I have just installed a new consumer unit in a fairly old house. There were some recently added circuit and some original circuits. The original wiring is very short and there were joints in the old consumer unit using connector blocks. What is generally accepted practice in a situation like this?
  34. dc-electrix

    New DNO Supply help sizing

    Hi all, I have become involved in getting a new supply laid into a block of flats. It was originally a house and was subdivided into flats >20yrs ago. Whoever did this used the existing 100A incomer and had 6x 80A BS1361 DNO fuses fitted which feed 4mm MICC submains. How the DNO p,ut 80A fuses...
  35. R

    Industrial Single phase power all thats avaiable for new workshop build

    Hello Everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advice on a new workshop, i'll explain. I am planning on building a metal / woodworking workshop (mainly aluminium and stainless steel) for boat work, refurbishment and boat building. I am a marine engineer to trade and i am planning on...
  36. B

    1 new socket in garage and 2 lights - Help if possible

    Hello, I am looking at adding one new socket to my garage and two wall lights. I have a plan of attack and would like the advice of the professionals if at all possible ?. There is an existing socket in the garage which is part of the ground floor socket ring circuit. The existing ring circuit...
  37. A

    New build sparkies

    I when into the electrical wholesalers today and it is mostly frequented with sparkies that work for local electrical contractors that do new homes (Barratts, Persimmon etc) and I got talking to one of them regarding 18th edition and clipping cables in attached garages (the type that has open...
  38. J

    New Texecom alarm box wiring help

    Hi, first time poster here, been on the plumbers forum for years but have a question about an alarm box that I need a pro to help with :) Got home yesterday and the alarm was going off, I hadn't armed it, got in and the tamper light was flashing, so reset the alarm, and the panel stopped...
  39. J

    What should i expect when wiring new build housing?

    So I start a new job tomorrow and my first job is first fixing a load of new builds, the thing is, os that I've never worked on new builds before, so what should I expect, I.e, are boxes going to need chasing in? Am I going to have to drill through the joists for cable routes etc, I know every...
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