1. J

    New Semi-Professional Member, Hi!

    Hi All, I am a practicing live event Lighting & Power Tech working mostly in Manchester working on temporary power installations. I am also, at the request of some of my clients, taking classes one day per week at a college. I am training in 18th edition, inspection and testing as well as...
  2. A

    New member from Newport Pagnell.

    Hi All! I'm Al, I'm a sound, Lighting and Event's Engineer. Most of my electrical work is in temporary power distribution, but I build distros and panels too. Considered formally training as an electrician, but frankly, I hate twin and earth!
  3. J

    Is new cu required for new oven install?

    An electrician has recently quoted to replace our old oven. He says that the new oven has different power requirements and he needs to replace the consumer unit to make this lower and avoid burning out our new oven within weeks! The cu was new in 2015 so I am concerned that it now needs...
  4. F

    Hello. New member Intro.

    New member. My Dad built houses (the whole thing - frame - electrical - plumbing - HVAC, etc) ). His kids were born with a hammer in their hands. I do most of my own repairs, but usually know when to back off and call in the pros, especially when it's electrical.
  5. HereOnBiz

    Rewiring this mess to a new mess?

    Hello! I'm a bit stuck with this. I'm trying to replace this switch as it's old and it doesn't work with LED lights, with this new one. Can anyone advise on how to connect this up as I'm a bit lost, specifically with the grey wires? Any help would be greatly appreciated, plus I'll look like a...
  6. D

    Vlog Ripping the NIC a new one

    Not sure who these 2 are , presumably they are / were sparks They absolutely slaughter the NIC for allowing sub-standard Sh!t work. But they kind of miss the point of the NIC. Its not to police its members ensuring they all do a Rolls Royce job , its just to ensure that the members are...
  7. B

    Fitting new downlights

    Hello folks, Just looking for a little guidance please. I am sure that this is something that many of you have come across before. I am replacing the four existing downlights in the upstairs bedroom of our bungalow and am fitting Loceco LED units. I have run into a problem inasmuch that...
  8. Hamsquad

    Hello All, I am new to the forum and thought I would introduce myself.

    Hi everyone, I am Hamsquad. New to the forum working as a controls engineer but do abit of everything. heard this is where I need to come to learn more about everything electrical!!!
  9. S

    Hi Guys, im new to the forum and looking forward to reading some of the questions and advice.

    Hi Guys, im new to the forum and looking forward to reading some of the questions and advice. . I have been asked to install a safety device / relay system to an existing domestic property 4Kw solar system, so if there’s a main supply power cut to the property, we want the solar panels to trip...
  10. K

    TT issues with new house

    We have just moved into a house built in the 90's. So, I'm a retired electrician and was confused by the 4 x TT rods all connected within a metre of each other on one side on the house. I dont have any expensive test kit any more, but when I connected an electric fence energiser to the house...
  11. _q12x_

    Happy holidays for the new year 2023

    A special: - Happy holidays for the new year 2023 to mister @marconi and to all it's UK friends who participated in my discussions and helped along the way.
  12. N

    Wiring Question Chandelier

    I have a new 15 arm chandelier, each arm has 2 lights which use G9 LED bulbs (3W equivalent). Each arm also has four wires coming into the base of the chandelier. My question is what is the best way to wire/bundle all 60 wires so they hook up to the hot and neutral safely. There are 30 wires...
  13. C

    no oven for xmas :-( new 16amp oven on onto old 20amp breaker.???

    Hi there My old oven broke just in time for xmas😭😭😭 (murphys law) Ive picked up a new one which is rated at 16amp. The old oven came off an independent circuit. 20amp breaker with 6mm from board to isolator and 6mm to rear of oven. Is this just a case of just hardwiring it in or is it a bigger...
  14. D

    New cooker chimney hood

    Good afternoon, Sorry for the long post but can find answers to my questions anywhere. I’m want to replace my old cooker hood for a new one. There is an fcu at the worktop level and [email protected] running behind the tiles into a round junction box above the extractor. The old extractor is just wired...
  15. S

    UK Running a couple new sockets from mains

    Hi everyone Just looking for a little advise on if my plan to run this spur is okay I’ve drawn a diagram in hopes to make my expiation simpler The MS square is the main socket which has not been tampered with The F is a 13 amp fuse spur And the S are the additional sockets which I plan to...
  16. R

    New member introduction

    Hello all! DIYer in Maine, USA hoping to tap into the community resources and education of professionals to help me with my home projects in a safe and responsible manner.
  17. D

    Reasonable quotes for new-installation

    I am trying to quote a job, Small commercial kitchen/cafe/takeaway with a 3phase supply. New 3 phase board, supplying 7 new circuits, all single phase. 1 ring with 16 double sockets. 5 radial circuits for larger appliances 1 lighting circuit Most of it is being done in SWA Close to 100m of...
  18. autopsian

    Two lives in old fitting, one live in new fitting

    Hi, DIYer here, I'm replacing an old outdoor light. The old one had N, E, L and L1. The new one has N, E, L. I guess this is a common question, how do i wire up the 4 wires coming out of my wall to the 3 available in the new light fitting please? Attached is a pic of the old light fitting...
  19. W

    What cert is best for a new spd install?

    Brand new spd installed new tails, saying minor works is ok, I don’t believe so as tails are coming from metering supply via Henley blocks
  20. A

    Hi all, new member introduction

    Hi Everyone. New member here, retraining to do domestic electrical work. I've been reading through the forum for a while now so thought I'd join and get involved. I decided to retrain earlier this year to get away from the office environment and do something a bit more interesting and hands on...
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