1. HandySparks

    Crabtree Instinct Range

    Has anybody installed the new Instinct accessories from Crabtree? I like the look of them and they have some nice features for ease of installation. Proper cage clamp terminals (does any other manufacturer offer this?) and lined-up terminals. How do you find them to install and where are you...
  2. F

    Crabtree starbreaker AFDD's

    Just a quick heads up to anyone installing the 2 module combined devices. The device consists of a starbreaker RCBO with a Siemens AFDD tacked on the left side with manufacturer fitted links from the RCBO output to the incoming terminals on the AFDD. On a number of the ones I fitted recently the...
  3. J

    Testing Crabtree Boards

    Hello all, I'm curious. Crabtree boards with their moduler click in busbar system. Does anyone have a trick to linking the busbar and the earth for continuity testing at all?
  4. NDG Elecs

    Crabtree Starbreaker config.

    Hi folks. Wanting to do some work on a lighting circuit. Need to change to 30mA protection, currently 100mA S type... I know the Starbreaker boards can be configured differently with their busbars, but how! See piccy. Is there anyway to introduce another 30mA rccb onto this board, maybe moving...
  5. B

    Crabtree starbreaker (shower install)

    So further on from my last post regarding shower, not been there yet, it’s for my nan, these star breakers as you can see in picture, the RCD protecting 4 circuits, to protect the shower can I just take the 40A out already and move everything over 1 including RCD I’m sure there the ones that...
  6. T

    Removed these from a mains change today

    Evening all Picked out these bad boys from a few board changes the other day. Not sure if they are worth keeping?
  7. coolsparx

    Old Crabtree Starbeaker MCB Compatibility

    Does anyone know if the current Crabtree 61/B32 Starbreaker 32A SP 6kA Type B MCB will fit the old board pictured?
  8. Marcus Vaughan

    Crabtree RCCB not tripping -help!

    Hi all. So the Crabtree old style in my hand failed the I delta n test (times 1). But passed the 5 times test. So I have replaced it with the one in the board. Supposedly reconditioned - and that’s failing both tests but mechanical works. I am wondering if I am missing something here with my...
  9. Alrebcon180

    Dangerous upgrade to crabtree rcbo's

    Has anyone installed the new compact rcbo from crabtree and noticed a flaw that they have introduced that doesn't exist on the older larger model starbreaker rcbo.. The basics of it are that the new compact rcbo when plugged into the busbar in a circumstance that many will come across where you...
  10. telectrix

    crabtree breakers. what fits?

    need 5 MCBs, single phase, but to fit in a 3 phase board. the existing ones are crabtree 6HSO. are the polestar,loadstar or what? they are not starbreaker types. busbar connection is a screw termilal.
  11. M

    Crabtree rccb 80a 30ma old type

    wanted, anyone got one please?
  12. Empire

    Crabtree f-60 tp&n circuit breaker bs# and short circuit capacity

    Morning All, Having spent many years gleaning information from you all as a non member I've finally needed to join because, try as I might, I just can't find the answer to this puzzle, so here goes. I've just installed, replaced really, a TP sub board that's being fed from a Crabtree 60A STD...
  13. L

    For sale: Crabtree rccb 80A 30mA

    Lots available... Make sensible offer. Post or collection available. Also have loads of RCDs.
  14. C

    Crabtree RCCB and ZS testing

    Hello All, After a bit of help regards ZS testing on a Crabtree Starbreaker board. Have replaced 2 lengths of dado trunking in our office block at work and the measured ZS is coming out much higher than the calculated value. Section 1 - calculated 0.5 ohms, measured 1.92 ohms. Section 2 -...
  15. O

    Old Crabtree RCCB replacement?

    Hi, does anyone know off hand if any of the newer Crabtree RCDs will fit this board? Need to replace it & can only find the 100ma ones. Thanks
  16. I

    Crabtree c50 code 2 or not

    Hi testing today and my colleague came out with c50s are a code 2 from now on ,have i missed a post or publication saying this thanks
  17. W

    crabtree c50 3 phase mcb

    This may not be possible , but does anyone know of any newer type mcb that can change the above , they are getting harder and harder to get hold of and i was wondering if any new breakers can swap them to look better and give easier availability as time gos by . thank you
  18. sythai

    Converting Crabtree Starbreaker

    Evening All Have a job causing me some issues. Random tripping on Starbreaker CU with RCD main switch. Is it possible with Starbreaker to swap over the RCD for 100A DP main switch and then I can put in Crabtree RCBOs? I really hope so, but know what Crabtree is like not very installer...
  19. C

    Crabtree Grid Switch new vs old

    Hi I have checked other threads cant seem to find the answer I'm looking for. I need to change a 2way switch module on an old crabtree grid yoke. If I was to buy a new crabtree 2way switch would it fit the old yoke. The customer doesn't want to change the whole thing as his whole house...
  20. westward10

    Clipsal rcbo.

    Tested a Crabtree Polestar board today full of Sector rcbos, tested many of these boards and never seen this. The only Crabtree devices were two mcbs but the Sector devices are identical to Crabtree devices. Out of the nineteen four failed which is something you don't get with Crabtree rcbos...
  21. D

    Dado trunking

    Hi , does anyone know which brand this is ?
  22. happyhippydad

    Does anyone know where to get RCBO's for this... Steeple?

    I've found one 32A RCBO (double way), but I know you can get single way Steeple RCBO's as I've seen them, but I just cant see them anymore!! Does anyone know where to find RCBO's that will fit this Consumer Unit? I need x3 32A and x1 6A... I have spent quite a while looking! Ebay has the x1...
  23. N

    Switches Brands

    I'm currently in the process of a house refurb and next on my to-do list is light switches and wall sockets. I've narrowed it down to two brands which are MK & Crabtree and Screwfix stock both at reasonable prices. Which brand shall I go for? - Nathan
  24. E

    4 Pole RCD/TD replacement

    Hi can anyone tell me if a Protek 4pole RCD incomer will fit a Crabtree loadstar 3 phase panel as an incomer please?
  25. H

    faulty Crabtree MCB

    Anyone ever came across one of these MCB's not resetting?
  26. N

    Crabtree RCBO's

    Selling some Starbreaker RCBO's i no longer have any use for £12 each. The link below is to the listing on eBay. Crabtree Starbreaker RCBO Type B Various Amp (6A,16A,32A,40A) NEW (61/B10630) | eBay
  27. gazzamikes

    Good proximity alarm system

    Evening all, I am looking for a good security system with proximity on the key pad, needs to be able to accept two key pads. What's best to look for? Thanks!
  28. B

    Shower pull cord burning out

    I have been called back to a job where the pull cord is yet again not working. This is the sencond time they have had this fault.. Take the fitting down and the whole inside is a melted mess.. Now the shower is a 8.5kw fed on 10mm twin and earth on a 32a mcb. Install method B, I have tested R1...
  29. L

    dol starter wiring 3 phase motor

    Guys can anybody help with some dol starter wiring?, I'm not great at 3 phase motors I'm wiring a bottle crusher , it came with a eaton mem 28ADS1X dol, it says 230v coil but the plug to the motor is 3phase and earth The mem dol is knackered and the guy who gave it to my mate supplied a...
  30. S

    Fuse Identification

    Doing some work on a flat. Moving a light. What fuse type is in the picture. There is no marking on the fuse. Thanks.
  31. telectrix

    wylex NB40 wanted

    as title. has anyone got one of these lying about that i could purchase? needed for a cooker upgrade. been rewired in 10mm as per supplier's recommendation ( christ knows why). running on a NB30 untill i can get the 40A.
  32. O

    Domestic Toolstation Sockets?

    Asked by the folks to add some double sockets to what will be a guest room and replace the existing sockets so they match. Not really fussed about looks as the room will be rarely used and at most a couple of lamps and a radio might be plugged in, along with the usual vacuum cleaner usage etc...
  33. a-z electrics

    Domestic Illuminated light switches

    Hi, I have broached this subject before out of interest but have lost the thread - i now have a requirement to replace a normal light switch with some sort of neon or illumination to indicate its on.. there is no neutral at the switch so a DP indicated switch etc is not on. It will be a big...
  34. happyhippydad

    Rcbo for SB6000 series?

    One of my first jobs and I'm asking you guys, not a good start!! My neighbour has asked me to install 2 new sockets spurred from a ring (from seperate sockets). CU is an old tenby board which has crabtree MCB's from the SB6000 range. I do not want to install RCD sockets at £30-£40 a go. So how...
  35. O

    RCBO for this CU?

    Being lazy (yes I know) but I'm so, so busy at the mo! Need to find a 6A RCBO to fit this board, can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks......
  36. J

    Crabtree breakers required

    Can anyone help me locate a supplier of the above mentioned make. Many thanks
  37. G

    Exploding socket

    Went down to help a friend today put some sockets in his office,small ring main with 8 twins on it.All wired in and do all the dead tests IR R1 R2 Polarity etc,power it up and plug in to do a Zs try one socket,good reading move on to another again good reading move on to the third,plug in switch...
  38. S

    Domestic HELP! 2 way 2G dimmer with downlight!

    Hi All Apologies if it is a basic question and has been discussed here before. We are putting new spot lights in our bedroom and I am in the middle of buying all the stuff we need, we are putting 9 lights for the bedroom, GU10 240V with 50W lamps, outer 6 will work on 1 dimmer and inner 3...
  39. V

    Large Quantity of Wylex & Crabtree RCBOs

    Excess stock for sale after moving on to new job... All brand new and boxed: 28 x Wylex NHXSBS1C06 6 Amp Type C RCBO (6kA) 16 x Wylex NHXSBS1C16 16 Amp Type C RCBO (6kA) 5 x Crabtree Starbreaker 61/C10630 6A Type C RCBO (6kA) 12 x Crabtree Starbreaker 61/C11630 16A Type C RCBO (6kA) 6 x...
  40. sythai

    Dont you just love RCDs !!

    I'm after a crabtree starbreaker D6 MCB.... any ideas please ? Tried a few wholesalers that I use with no joy Cheers Sy Not sure whats going on with the title of my post - "Dont you just love RCDs!!" (was a previous posts title) Should read "Crabtree Starbreaker MCB"
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