1. O

    Dishwasher tripping RCD even when not running?

    Hi Every few weeks in the last 6 months the RCD has been tripping in my house. I narrowed it down to the kitchen because the RCD wouldn't reset if all sockets in the kitchen were on. If I turned them all off I could reset it, and if I slowly turned each socket back on one-by-one everything...
  2. L

    LED Lights Flash and go off - not tripping

    I've put some new post lamps outside, onto existing wiring. They are setup as follows Switch > L1 > L2 > L3 > L4 > L5 > L6. Cabling was already in and is concreted in so it wasn't really viable to replace. All 230V. The new lights are LED 6W instead of the old 60W halogens, so the draw should...
  3. Z

    UK Rccb tripping

    Hello, I have a machine that is only a 3ph motor 4kw with a delta inverter . When i turn off the machine from the plug the rccb (pfim 63/4/003) trips . What is the problem and what can i do about it. Thank you
  4. D

    UK Plug and play hot tub tripping the rcd. My cleverspa trips the rcd plug as soon as i plug it in.

    I have a clever spa portable spa and as soon as i plug it in the rcd plug trips. What rcd plug can i get to replace it. Is it the rcd plug thst is faulty?
  5. U

    Neff Oven tripping MCB

    My Neff double oven is tripping the MCB on the mains. This occurs when I switch on any function of the top oven. The model is U1744N (around 15 years old). The top oven has a double element at the top (grill and oven) with a second element under the casing at the bottom of the top oven. The...
  6. H

    Hotpoint Aquarius 900 WM61 keeps tripping out the mains can anyone help?

    I just put a wash into my machine 'Hotpoint Aquarius 900 WM61. It started OK then tripped the mains switch. I've checked the fuse in the plug that works.. I'm at a loss as there's a wash inside it with water. I'm just wondering what would be the best course of action? I've not had problems with...
  7. D

    RCD Tripping

    I’ve a new self build house that I’ve moved into prior to the lockdown in the UK. 100amp supply from Scottish power. Within my Consumer Unit I’ve an 80A RCD which is serving the following: B40 MCB (garage, not connected) B40 MCB (oven) B32 MCB (upstairs ring sockets) B32 MCB (outdoor and attic...
  8. P

    VFD tripping breaker

    hey guys had to replace the VFD on my lathe. running off 240v single phase to 3 phase to control the motor in delta config. i wired the new vfd up as per the last one, which is a different brand. hooked up active and neutral, then the ground to the chassis screw, when plugged in instantly trips...
  9. F

    Oven tripping RCD

    Evening all, the wife cleaned the oven yesterday (self clean setting) and is now tripping the RCD but only when it gets up to a higher temp. This has also occurred when using the top oven? I have conn checked the heating element (38 ohms) and the thermostat seems to work as light goes out when...
  10. Steve888

    Loss of mains without tripping any switch

    Hello Early in the morning I lost the mains without any signs of tripping. The mains fuses was OK The 100A switch was OK All RCBO ok The loads in the house very low maybe 100W. The smart meter was powered OK I had to switch off and back on again the 100A mains switch to bring the mains back...
  11. T

    Breaker tripping and rewiring question

    Hey guys new DIY user here. I am doing an evening course on Domestic Electrical Installatons but it is on hold now because of Covid. We got through some theory and just started with the fun part when the SHTF. Now in lockdown, I have time and a project on my hand but it is not going great so...
  12. W

    Connecting 2 neutral wires is tripping out

    Hi guys, I posted in here the other week and thought I'd figured out my mistake but now I've landed with another problem. I'm trying to replace 2 walls lights - like for like - the 2 lights are powered by a double switch in our living room. One switch controls 2 lights on one half of the room...
  13. S

    Tripping sauna

    I have an existing indoor sauna that hadn't been used for sometime (used plenty before though) and I recently cleared it out and renewed the room its housed in. When switching the sauna on it starts fine for 2 - 3 mins and then trips the RCD switch. So I read online very similar issues but none...
  14. albi

    RCBO tripping

    hello every one i have a problem. i have been called out to a commercial kitchen where the 16A b type RCBO keeps tripping when you turn off a 20A DP switch that controls two dimmers which in turn supplies 2 sets of heat lamps 300w x 5 halogen lamps and 250w x 5 inferred ES lamps. when the...
  15. B

    Main rcd tripping

    Hello, my contactum b8003/2 30mA RCD feeds about 6 MCBs for light and power. Nothing had changed but suddenly my dishwasher seems to be the common denominator in tripping the main rcd. However, if I turn off all other MCBS, it doesn't trip. Please help me with my logic. This makes me think that...
  16. B

    Max Tripping Time

    Would anyone know the max tripping time for this earth leakage device? I’m guessing 500ms it’s time delayed but I know that figure is for RCDs and RCBOs, I tested it at 560ms Thanks
  17. L

    UK RCBO intermittent tripping advise??

    Hi Guys Just installed a RCBO board to replace an old Wylex consumer unit that had Bs60898 MCB's fitted and an RCD main switch customer supposedly hadn't had problems in the past (not quite sure thats now true) when I carried out the EICR I found a problem on the outside garden lights, so...
  18. R

    RCD Tripping

    Hi, odd one this, I live in an old house and the wiring is confusing to say the least. I keep well away as rent and not my place to fiddle with it. Has anyone experienced the following? The house has several circuits as is split into a house and a small flat downstairs. Yesterday, some of the...
  19. G

    Fan oven keeps tripping circuit breaker - how to diagnose?

    I've a 10 yr old Neff combination oven (B6447N0GB /05) that failed recently, and I can't get a replacement component. I found a brand new oven - exactly the same model and revision - I thought I was sorted, but it arrived damaged :( So now I have two ovens, and hoping to make a working oven...
  20. D

    RCD Tripping

    So the garage is without an electrical supply, so I decided to install one. I laid about 20M of 2 core 2.5mm2 armoured cable and terminated it in the garage with a consumer unit. Added a metal clad double socket again supplied by 2.5mm2 - all mounted on a large sturdy wood board and encased...
  21. B


    Hi - for those that like a riddle. Washing machine (4.5 years old), suddenly tripped electrics, mid cycle. I manually emptied machine, opened door, removed washing, pulled out machine to access plug. Plug is fitted to an adapter (it has to to project past the outfall which is located...
  22. G

    Puzzling tripping issue

    Struggling to work this one out. My house downstair's electrics keep tripping: - only started after old meter was replaced with a smart meter; - always happens (bar perhaps one time) when the oven is heating up, will be on a minute or two so isn't instant, but it's before it reaches...
  23. F


  24. S

    UK Rcd tripping

    Hi I was called to a job where the rcd was tripping after a power cut. I have tested the circuits connected to it and all ok. I have tried turning the consumer unit off and on but rcd stays on. Would a power surge when power is re-energize cause this. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Steve
  25. S

    Diagnosing tripping RCD from septic tank pump

    Hi all, Quick question I have a bio tank pump that had been working fine up until today, it tripped the main rcd out. If i isolate the bio tank as it has its own radial I can reset the RCD. I disconnected the pump and still the same I disconnected the industrial connector and had the bare wires...
  26. J

    Flooring Tripping RCD

    I have fitted underfloor heating, using a WarmUp Wifi thermostat. When i turn it on, the RCD trips after 5 seconds on initial turn on. I have measured the following; Live - Neutral - 39 Ohm (expected for size of mats) Neutral - GND - >1M Live - GND - ~150k Now the L-G resistance of 150k seems...
  27. P

    Advice on RCD tripping

    I was called to a job with a light circuit fault tripping the RCD. There are numerous 12 volt downlights on the circuit so I did lives to CPC and got 0.3 Megs on an IR test. I switched off all MCBs controlled by the second RCD and there was no tripping from the faulty light circuit, but once...
  28. G

    UK RCD tripping out on plug circuit

    been living in this house for 8years after it was fully re-wired, today the kitchen plugs trip the RCD when any power is drawn (apart from the cooker CLOCK), all the appliances are fine, any socket that I use trips the RCD, any ideas
  29. T

    Main RCD Tripping & Not MCB

    DIY expert tried changing his own Consumer unit from an old 3036 re-wireable CU to a 18th Edition (100A main switch / 63A 30mA RCD / 7x MCBs) I was called out because he couldn't get his sockets (ring main) back on - NEITHER CAN I, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING I THINK... The Lines are terminated...
  30. H

    Downstairs sockets keep tripping

    Hiya, I am wondering if I could get some advice please? I know nothing electrical speak so I apologise lol For the past 2 days the downstairs sockets keep tripping. Lights all on everywhere and upstairs not effected. Only thing that goes is the sockets. Nothing new been plugged in, nothing...
  31. D

    UK Unusual Tripping RCB

    Hi, As a farmer I use an electronic fencer to keep animals contained in my field. The one I use simply plugs into a 230 volt supply and the two output cables connect to earth and fence consecutively. It’s been working fine for the last 12 months until yesterday when it tripped an RCB. There are...
  32. M

    Tripping and car charger

    Hi guys Been called to a doctors house know the type that have plenty of money but want to hold off on shelling out. Intermittent rcd tripping. Quite a dated installation, large house 17 circuits and all protected by a 30ma rcd. Went to ramp test and it tripped straight...
  33. J

    Why are my electrics intermittently tripping?

    Hi there - hoping for some advice, as I am literally clueless about electrics. Over the last week or so, our electrics have tripped a couple of times - before today, it was always middle of the night, so I assumed the thermostat or boiler kicking in. But then yesterday and today, it’s been more...
  34. S

    RCD tripping for bathroom heater

    I've installed an outdoor 2200W IR heater (also rated for bathrooms) in my bathroom which is connected to an outdoor IP66 rated switch and a non-latching RCD plug at the end of a 10m (2.5mm sq) artic flex outdoor cable. The last 2 times i measured, the heater worked for 17 and then 8 minutes...
  35. D

    Certsure testing type a rcd

    fluke 1653b tester. carrying earth loop test on type a rcd tripping
  36. P

    RCD tripping when E7 switches on

    Firstly i'll point out that i'm the property owner and the installer of the majority of the electrical fittings in the building, including Main & E7 DB's. now the history lesson... sorry, but it is relevant property is 230 years old, I have owned it for 42 years. it was semi derelict at...
  37. K

    UK RCD keep tripping.

    Hi All.. I have a 16mm 3 core swa feed a 9way split board in shed, 30m from incomer .. from the split board I have run a 10mm 3 core swa to 2 way board for hot tub. This has a 63amp rcd in it.. the other end at the split board is also a 63amp rcd on its own of one side of the split board.. this...
  38. C

    Tripping Shower

    I have a 9.5kw shower running from a 40 amp rcb. About 10 minutes after turning the shower off the rcb trips. This has only just started, the shower has been in since we moved in. There is no pull cord switch, or rocker switch for the shower. Any thoughts why this might be happening?
  39. T

    UK Fridge tripping RCD via one socket but not another

    Hi, We have a ten year old fridge-freezer plugged into an older socket (20 yrs plus I should think). It started tripping the RCD on the consumer unit. I assumed I needed a new fridge and, to avoid repeatedly rebooting all equipment on the circuit while I sourced one, I plugged it in via a...
  40. P

    Storage heater tripping

    I went to a call regarding a dimplex storage heater not coming on during economy 7 hours. I did the basic tests and the storage heater is on an old board with cartridge fuses, and the fuse was fine and the FCU switch was also okay. I connected the heater to a 13 amp plug and every time it was...
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