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  1. L

    Wanted Looking for a copy of Electrician's Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - Electrical Regulations (2nd Edition) - ISBN:9781849197632

    I'm after a copy of this book but everywhere i'm looking I can't find a single copy (new) and am seeing listings for £200+ for used copies. I understand it's a discontinued book and that the publication of the 3rd Edition has been pushed back to 2020 due to Grenfell Tower tragedy, which is...
  2. S

    Electrical Wiring vs Plumbing

    Thanks to everyone for help with my last question - here's the next one!! Having our 1930's flat re-wired and re-plumbed. Floors and ceilings are concrete - so wires and pipes are all being chased into walls! Radiators are currently set very high and have asked for them to be lowered to a...
  3. Dan

    New electrical engineering chat forum category now on ElectriciansForums.net

    Thought that whilst we have a few actual electrical engineers on the forum, I thought I'd try and attract some more. Not sure if it's actually any different to an electrician at the end of the day. Perhaps you can inform me? From a qualifications point of view, is an electrical engineer...
  4. Risteard

    Spot the electrical crime

    Spot the electrical crime committed at approximately 8:45 in this video.
  5. A

    UK Domestic electrical

    Hi everyone I don’t really post things on here but here goes I’m a qualified spark and have recently passed my testing course I currently work for a company doing commercial and industrial but wouldn’t mind going into domestic but mainly new builds spoke to a few sparks and they all say it’s...
  6. P

    Introduction - MacLaren Electrical - Estimating Service

    Hello everyone, My name is Paul and I am a qualified electrician and electrical engineer based in Inverness, Scottish Highlands. My company, MacLaren Electrical, provide a third party electrical estimating service to contractors in Australia and the UK I will be using the forum to learn and...
  7. J

    Mechanical Engineer and part time electrical installation course

    Hi All, Thanks for your time in advance. I'm currently working as a mechanical engineer, in which I did an apprenticeship years ago and achieved NVQ Level 3 (ONC). I'm not looking to change careers but would like to attend evening college classes in order to gain qualifications (possibly to...
  8. J

    Electrical supply cable.

    Hello. Im in the process of making a cupboard for my consumer unit etc, and was wondering what the mains cable was wrapped in, and why. It looks like some sort of fabric. 1568748245
  9. D

    USA Curious homeowner ~ what kind of electrical cable is this?

    I have limited construction background, specifically residential framing & roofing. I have been on numerous job sites (and would NEVER attempt electrical work or repair of any kind) but am curious what kind of curly electrical cable this is and why it is used. I have not ever seen this sort of...
  10. P

    How do I mount an outdoor electrical box to line in mast?

    see pics (Please enter a message with more than 3 words )
  11. Dan

    On-Site Guide (BS 7671:2018) Electrical Regulations for the UK

    The On-Site Guide is an essential guide to BS 7671. It incorporates the extensive changes in BS 7671:2018, making this a vital guide for keeping up to date. It enables the competent electrician to deal with installations (up to 100 A, 3-phase) providing essential information in a convenient...
  12. Dan

    Sharing and providing electrical (or Gas Plumbing) advice online - Discussion thread

    So this has been posted in the following forum categories:- American Electrical Forum - https://www.electriciansforums.net/forums/american-electrical-forum.169/ Canadian Electrical Forum - https://www.electriciansforums.net/forums/canadian-electrical-forum.170/ Australian Electrical Forum -...
  13. Dan

    Australian Electricians Sharing Electrical Advice?

    IMPORTANT: Please note that nobody on this forum should be seeking or providing advice to people who are not competent in their field. If you live in a country where electrical advice is only to be shared between professional qualified electricians, then clearly you need to abide by those laws...
  14. Dan

    Providing and Sharing Electrical Advice in the USA

    IMPORTANT: Please note that nobody on this forum should be seeking or providing advice to people who are not competent in their field. If you live in a country where electrical advice is only to be shared between professional qualified electricians, then clearly you need to abide by those laws...
  15. G

    Do you think can be Electrical Layout diagrams automated?

    Hello everybody, Could you give me an opinion, if the automation of electrical plans can be possible? Because in practice every machine or industrial process has so many options. Here is a link, how should automation look like: Thanks, Gasper
  16. C

    Electrical Layout diagrams

    Afternoon, I need to create an electrical layout plan for a factory with around 30 DB’s. What software would be best to use, I have AutoCAD electrical but that seems more for electrical control panels etc. Currently I’m using AutoCAD and just drawing all the DB’s, but is there any free...
  17. Pete999

    Need some non electrical advice.

    A Lady friend of mine (Sister in Law before you all start) has a problem, next door is complaining about the smell of her cooking (it's a mid Terrace in Bath) Matey next door is a bit of a (Not a very nice Person if you get my drift) anyway I was down in Bath yesterday and checked out the cooker...
  18. Dan

    Please add your electrical business to our directory, it's free, and should get you calls coming in

    Please add your electrical business to our directory, it's free, and should get you calls coming in @Lou and I have been working on the electricians directory for a week or so now. And we're pretty much complete. We now need you guys and gals to add your businesses to it for us to tweak it some...
  19. A

    USA electrical box...does this exist?

    I need a particular kind of box and I'm not sure it exists (because of code I guess): It's a box that will go over wiring connections that have already been made.(wires have been twisted together and wirenuts are on) I want this so I don't have to dissassemble all the connections,put the wiring...
  20. Gary Moore

    Moving into Alarms, Door Access and CCTV

    Hello lads. Just want to ask how much learning is involved with moving into Alarms, CCTV an Door Access. I’ve done a lot of Fire for Protec Fire Detection, both addressable and Conventional, Vespa- Cirrus Pro, a little bit on PA systems etc. I basically have limited installation experience on...
  21. Dan

    Australian Electrical Advice Forum

    I've created this forum category titled Australian Electrical Advice Forum for those that visit the forum from Australia and wish to seek electrical advice from fellow Australians. Please create a new thread in the Australian Electrical Advice Forum if you have a question you'd like answering...
  22. Dan

    Canadian Electrical Advice Forum

    I've created this forum category titled Canadian Electrical Advice Forum for those that visit the forum from Canada and wish to seek electrical advice from fellow Canadians. Please create a new thread in the Canadian Electrical Advice Forum if you have a question you'd like answering. Anything...
  23. Dan

    American Electrical Advice Forum

    I've created this forum category titled American Electrical Advice Forum for those that visit the forum from America and wish to seek electrical advice from fellow Americans. Please create a new thread in the American Electrical Advice Forum if you have a question you'd like answering. Anything...
  24. A

    Wanted - Electrical Tester for ECR's in Middlesbrough

    Anyone up for a weeks work next week start 27/8/19 - give me a shout please. Andy
  25. S

    Electrician Looking for an experienced electrician to cover Electrical Reactive Maintenance in the London area

    We’re looking to recruit an electrician with background in reactive maintenance, primarily on the CIS scheme for a few months on a trial period before coming on Payroll. Excellent salary. Testing and Inspecting knowledge would be a bonus, must have a full UK Drivers License, Candidate will be...
  26. Lou

    Trainee NVQ 3 Electrical and AM2 Training Online

    NVQ 3 Electrical and AM2 Training Online with XS Training Ltd XS Training Ltd deliver this online and throughout the UK and we are the UK’s number one online training provider for the NVQ 3 Electrical Installation NVQ Level 3 Electrical Training Courses Online | XS Training -...
  27. L

    Electrical Test Certificate

    Good morning all, I have recently carried out a rewire on a one bedroom house and installed a new DB. As I am not part of a CPS I cannot complete an EIC for the install so was going to get someone who I know to do this for me. The property owner now has a cash buyer to but the house and is...
  28. H

    Plumbers doing electrical

    plumbing city & guilds to carry out basic electrical work. Is agency liability insurance valid for plumbers doing electrical work?
  29. C

    Electrical competence

    Evening folks, I'm in the process of starting a plumbing and heating business, for some fairly long winded and boring reasons I want to employ a couple of guys from the outset. Plumbers don't seem to bother with any sort of electrical competence, I'd quite like to stay out of jail so was...
  30. J

    Where to put sockets?

    As part of a kitchen refit I am trying to work out where to put the electrical sockets for my freestanding appliances. If I have the sockets directly behind the appliance then they will just out. If I have them in the unit next to the appliance, I will have to get the back of unit cut out. I...
  31. C

    Domestic 110v leaving electrical meter.

    Hi all, I recently done an EICR on a property. It had a few repairs, one of which was no RCD protection on sockets which could be used outside. Because I had carried out insulation resistance tests etc and knew everything was clear, I opted to just replace the main switch with an RCD main...
  32. H

    2009 Tahoe electrical issue!! Help please!

    I have a 2009 Tahoe with a 2.5amp parasitic electrical draw. So I pulled all the fuses and relays and put them back (but still didn’t find the parasitic draw source!). BUT when I restarted the Tahoe after replacing all fuses and relays... my dashboard lit up!!!... the ABS and Traction control...
  33. C

    Electrical Car Charging Pointsw

    I have 2 x 11 kw Porsche units to install. I have read through section 722 and couldnt clarify... 1. Anyone aware if theres a min/max distance from the unit the Rods should be installed? 2. Can you use 1 rod for 2 units? If using 2 would need to link the rods to illuminate any difference in...
  34. D

    Can someone help me with the electrical installation path

    So I went to college and got my City & Guilds 2365 level 3 electrical installation diploma, but what do I do next, I know I am meant to look for an apprenticeship but I remember my teacher saying something like you need to apply for an NVQ or some ECS thing, can someone explain the steps AFTER...
  35. Megawatt

    The big difference in the electric terminology and installation regulations and practice in each country!

    I’m from the US and I’m just trying to learn how UK does things and the terminology of what I call something verses what y’all call materials. I read some of this and I mostly don’t know what being said and I’ve been doing this for 32 years
  36. B

    An unusual electrical fault to find.

    I work in a large public services building near my home town and it consists of wiring that was done back in the 1950's (perhaps 12/13th Edition?) when the first buildings were erected using V.I.R. cables right up to the latest 18th Edition wiring that includes "phase matched UPS/IPS" systems...
  37. T

    Electrical Commissioning

    Hi all, is there any courses that would help get into the commissioning side of electrical and instrumentation systems ? I have worked on offshore and onshore plants and would like to get into commissioning side rather than doing construction all the time. I have been told to do test and...
  38. C

    Commercial nvq level 3

    Hi hi just looking for some advice I've just completed my nvq level 3 diploma in engineering electrical maintenance silly question but does that make me a maintenance electrician ?? And what can people recommend and me do do to further my career in electrical cheers
  39. S

    Help - Placement of electrical items in Bathroom

    My first posting and hope you guys can help. I am a householder in the process of planning a refurb of our bathroom (not DIY) and putting together a wish list of what we want to have in the bathroom. The intention is that once we have got a plan together, we will order and get it professionally...
  40. A

    Major domestic electrical problem

    Hi - looking for some expert help please. I recently had the following problem. Water heater digital timer burnt out, fridge/freezer, extractor fan and cooker hood all blown and will not restart (fuses all checked). It's the second time the water timer has burnt out in a matter of weeks - and...
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