1. M

    UK Isolated, noise-free electrical ground

    Has anyone come across this before - The LC/TQ electrical outlets must have an isolated, noise-free electrical ground that is connected to the main earth ground for the facility. Noise-free typically mean Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) more than 3% is not acceptable. Distance of 80m, so do I...
  2. D

    Electrician/Electrical Engineer in Poole/Dorset area

    I've completed my city and guilds 2330 level 3 and went on to complete a HND in electrical engineering in 2019. But still struggling to find any employment in electrical work, from applying with indeed. I'm still at the catch 22 of finding experience, have all the tools ready for a job, just...
  3. Lou

    Stoke-on-Trent College Electrician and Electrical Courses Feedback Thread.

    Stoke-on-Trent College provide Electrical and Electrician courses for school leavers and mature students with both full and part time tiling courses available to enrol on to. The cost of these courses can vary and it is important to enrol onto the one that matches your experience so you learn at...
  4. Dan

    Have you ever / would you ever; Work for an Electrical Supplier / Electrical Wholesaler

    Have you ever / would you ever; Work for an Electrical Supplier / Electrical Wholesaler - POLLTIME! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH FRIENDS VIA FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK GROUPS, OTHER FORUMS ETC WE WILL BE PUSHING THIS HARD FOR A FEW MONTHS. Please join in and help make the thread have lots of long...
  5. Adamstc222

    I Need Work Looking for electrical work in Northamptonshire area

    I have recently completed my Level 2 & 3 in Electrical Installations & hold an ECS card, I'm struggling to find a way into the industry I though self funding my training would help but still seem to be stuck at a dead end of applying for jobs and not hearing back, If anyone has any advice or any...
  6. S

    Outdoor electrical socket

    Hi, I replaced an outdoor electrical socket recently with a 2 gang, BG socket which has LED lights to show when it is switched on. Since then I can’t get it to work. The LED lights come on so it definitely getting power. But both 3 pin plug sockets refuse to work. I have read and re-read the...
  7. B

    UK Odd Electrical Fault in bathroom between taps and tiled wall

    Hi there, I’m a new member to the forum and felt like I could do with some additional insight into a fault I came across on a call-out at the weekend. I was called to attend a domestic property where the tenant had mentioned getting a shock when touching a tiled wall and the bath taps. On...
  8. C

    Design project electrical

    Hi has anyone completed the cafe block design project and had it fully marked and signed off as i’m very stuck on mine would love to talk to someone to see if they can send me theirs to help would be super greatful thanks👍
  9. Lou

    Helpful Forum Links For Americans

    We have got some other sections of the forum that I thought might be useful to you guys! They are for all countries but we have new tags that you can select before your title to mark it as USA. So please get involved all over the forum! Electrical Tools Electrical Engineering Lighting Forum...
  10. C

    Apartment complex lights not working or pool pump system. Novice maintenance man

    Apartment complex lights not working or pool pump system. Novice maintenance man with very little experience in electrical, and my job is on the line
  11. Lou

    CityElectricSupply.com Reviews And Feedback

    CityElectricalSupply.com (CES) are an electrical supplier across the United States with over 550 branches coast to coast. Here in the UK we know them as CEF - a familiar name in the trade. With plenty of stores and fast shipping they can get your orders fulfilled quickly so you can spend...
  12. S

    Electrical and capacitor help please

    Hi all, New to the forum. I have been asked to look at this for one of our guys who's had an issue onsite after some electrical works had been carried out, after some advice and potential causes and remedies please. Long story short. Asked for a socket to be installed inside a depot only...
  13. M

    Bathroom electrical works

    I put some news lights in a bathroom and new extractor fan. Did the tests and filled out form. A couple of days later another electrician came in and changed the fuse board and rewired the lighting circuit the bathroom was on connecting new feeds to a joint box I put in. All my readings are now...
  14. J

    I Need Work Electrical Improver London

    3 years experience with commercial and domestic Available asap
  15. jencekj

    Just introducing myself

    Just an introduction. I'm James and am based in Sydney. I have an Electrical Engineering background and am heavily involved in DIY electrical work.
  16. Tech732

    What's the best way to learn Electrical engineering?

    Hi everyone I work as an electrician in industrial facilities, and I have been studying mechanical engineering for a long time, but I would like to learn electrical engineering. Can someone give me advice on the best path to take? Thank you
  17. elektrologospatra

    symbols vs celenec ?

    where will i find new electrical symbols vs celenec ?
  18. FelimDoyle

    Do the forums cover electrical systems in the UK, Ireland and EU countries?

    Do the forums cover electrical systems in the UK, Ireland and EU countries or are they only for US/Canada/North America?
  19. B

    Home generator inlet box install with two 200 amp electrical panels.

    I am interested in having a home generator that would provide power to my home when the power is out during hurricane season, etc. I have 2 electrical panels in my garage that are 200 amps each. I purchased a 13,000/10,000 watt predator generator. I would like to use an interlock rather than a...
  20. O

    UK electrical testing

    Hi All DALI lighting system distributes circuit via LCM's, for electrical test, do you stop at the LCM or light point. how do you carry out insulation test without damaging DALI equipment


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