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  1. M

    Where can I find these electric socket ?

    Hello, Im renovating my flat and I can’t find a new cover for this plug. How is this called ? Where can I find it ? thanks a lot, Merlin
  2. S

    Can anyine identify this electrical line type and load rated for?

    attached image of a line i dug out to find feeding a 100Amp subpanel (25 years and no issues I'm told). I can't make it out and am hoping someone experienced might be able to identify it and confirm if it is indeed the right wire type to handle the load. It's a 100Amp main subpanel switch, with...
  3. C

    UK Can I sign off electrical work

    A friend is converting his garage into an extra room in his house. Il be putting in a new ring and lighting circuit. I’m registered in Scotland with the SJIB as an installation Electrician with only the basic requirements: approved apprenticeship, 18th edition. Can I sign off the completion certs ?
  4. L

    Electrician Electrical improver looking for work Essex

    Hi all, I'm a 33 year old electrical improver based in Harlow, looking for work in the Essex area. I've done my C&G level 2 and 3 aswell as the 18th Edition. I also have an ECS card. Experience in domestic (void and occupied) doing 1st/2nd fixes. Ideally looking for something permanent so...
  5. U

    Canada Plug Microwave Into Electrical Outlet On Kelvinator Range?

    Hello, I have an old Kelvinator range with a regular outlet built into the dial face. I'm unsure of the model or how old it is, but I do see a date written on it from 1996. I am wondering if I can safely plug a Sanyo EM-806TW 1300w microwave into it? A diagram of the Kelvinator's circuitry was...
  6. DannyJS

    Electricians Mate Electrical Improver Looking for Work - Greater Manchester

    Looking to pick up work as an Improver, based near Manchester Airport, available now. Mainly domestic experience, some commercial, working with 2 local firms but not getting enough work and I am used to working overtime so keen to make more contacts and find more work. Punctual, polite...
  7. M

    Just saying hello!

    Hi all, I’m a trained telecom engineer, the old stuff with moving parts, relays and electromagnets! My interest now is domestic electrics. I’ve recently converted our garage into living accommodation and it’s been fun doing that. I had the job independently approved which was very satisfying as...
  8. N

    Question about electrical wiring in the ceiling

    Hello, I decided to tackle a leaky skylight replacement in my living room. It's an acrylic bubble 18" square and it was installed when the house was built in '86. To make thing more complicated for myself, I purchased skylights that are 45 3/4" by 22 1/2" (wife wanted larger skylights). I...
  9. T

    I am currently studying level 3 electrical installation

    I was hoping thered would be someone that would see this that is a bit better on theory then i am.
  10. Brainwash

    Gas Fireplace switch not connected to Electrical Panel?

    Hi all I want to replace the switch that turns on/off the gas fireplace and cannot find a breaker that would shut off the power to the switch. I thinks it's a stand alone switch to the fireplace. Is this correct? Is it safe to disconnect and replace? Thx!
  11. C

    Advice for using Future Skills International when applying for Australian Electrical Licence

    Hi Can anyone who is currently going through the process of getting their electrical licence with future skills international or anyone has already done it please advise me. I am currently at the stage of writing out the description of what work i have done for each employer and i have...
  12. C

    Advice for using Future Skills International when applying for Australian Electrical Licence

    Hi Can anyone who is currently going through the process of getting their electrical licence with future skills international or anyone has already done it please advise me. I am currently at the stage of writing out the description of what work i have done for each employer and i have...
  13. K

    What software to use to make a detailed electrical plan?

    Hello, I am building my own house, and doing the electrical work too, but before I seal the walls and forget what my wiring looked like I want to make a wiring plan, but a detailed one so that in a few years time anyone living here can open them and know exactly where the wires are in each wall...
  14. K

    Electrical Apprenticeship Stoke-On-Trent

    I am looking for an Electrical Apprenticeship in Stoke-On-Trent. I have completed level 1 & 2 Electrical Installation. Any help would be appreciated?
  15. G

    Electrical system design 615 level 3 help!!!

    Hello everyone I am doing my level 3 electrical system design project 615 and I need some help with design current etc. at the moment all the colleges are closed so i am unable to find any help from teachers. i would really appreciate if someone show me the right path how to calculate it.
  16. N

    UK How useful is a level 2 in electrical installations going to be in my situation?

    So I've been wanting to enter the electrical trade for quite some time, I'll try and keep my query as brief and as straightforward as possible : I'm 32 years old with no formal electrical qualifications, or industry experience. I'm essentially from an academic background, I've previously been...
  17. D

    Trainee Level 3 Electrical Design Project

    Hi guys hope you are all doing well & keeping safe. So I've recently started my design project assignment on the hotel extension. My question is how would be the correct way of handing in the project? Is anyone using a software programme to draw it? If so could could i get some advice on this...
  18. U

    Big Increase in Electrical Power for Electric Furnace

    Hello; I have a confounding problem with my electrical power consumption at my cottage north of Toronto. I completely close up the cottage for the winter, only leaving the electric furnace on in the basement, with the basement mounted thermostat set to its lowest setting (ie. about 40 oF)...
  19. T

    What can I do with a HNC Electrical Engineering

    My situation: I have completed a HNC in Electrical Engineering but do not currently work in a technical role. I would like to change to a more hands-on role or at least more technical role (or at least one with room for development). A role in electrical maintenance (industrial) would be ideal...
  20. J

    electrical window wiring/control

    Doing a rewire of a kitchen where the exisiting electric windows are remaining The previous controller/connections was cut out and thrown away with the builders demo! Never really had to connect up a electric window before- I have extended the 2x 2core cables the go to the 2 windows- with a...
  21. L

    Electrical help

    You I have 3 wires coming to my electrical pannel i have 2 hots a uncoated silver wire n another wire. None of which r hooked up to pannel yet. I know the 2 hots go to main breaker n then the silver wire goes to ground but there is no common. White wire. Now i have the box wired to where the bar...
  22. Z

    Electrical priciple assignment

    Hi ,I hope everyone is ok self isolation . My head is hurts now . i need to little advice or help for some question my assignment please . 1D,2G,H,I and 5-6. 1585840706
  23. Electrokids

    Trainee I'am studying Electrical engineering major and Business major

    hi everybody, i'am new in here and the purpose of me joining this because i want to learn everything about electricity and mastering it. Electricity has been my passion since i'am a kid, i think i have electron current running on my blood haha. So right now i'm doing study in two different...
  24. OnlQQker

    50 to 100 MICRO amperes (Everything Seems To Be Electrical)

    50 to 100 MICRO amperes? Would that be the same amount from say a watch battery or something? Just studying from the link below as night time isolation is all the time I have at the moment and I know their are some highly intelligent peeps around here that could put this in layman terms...
  25. J

    Faulty electrical socket

    I have an electrical socket that hasn't worked since we moved into our unit (4 years ago). I finally decided to take a look and see what was going on. The outlet has a very low voltage coming into it... about 4V according to my multi-meter. I tested the wires coming into the outlet box and I...
  26. R

    Car (mazda 3 2010) wont crank/start and I think is a electrical problem

    I used a fuse tester and this whole area on the photo seems dead. What could possibly be the problem?
  27. Lister1987

    Electrical Students & Studying

    Noticed this thread was missing so figured I'd make one. Those currently studying and those recently finished; if you have resources, pdfs, links, or anything that can help students study from home, throw them up here. If youre studying at home, let is know what you're up to and we'll try and...
  28. I

    Electrical Input for Digital Piano

    I just moved back from the USA with a digital grand piano. The sticker near the plug input has 130v so I was looking to install a transformer. I opened up the lid and the transformer inside has the attached sticker so I assume its good to plug straight in but want to confirm with other...
  29. 1

    UK Electrical Testing

    Hello, does anyone know of an, online, electrical installation testing simulator, please? Electrical testing as relates to dead and live testing of circuits for the electrical contracting industry.
  30. gazdkw82

    Electrical drawings/schematics/diagrams

    My training from september onwards does not look likely to happen now (for this year at least) I feel very inexperienced with drawings, diagrams and general electrical control wiring schematics etc. Is there any books that anyone can reccomend that covers these in basic and slighter greater...
  31. T

    anybody know what this old vintage electrical item is ?

    does anyone know what this is ? info on tag seems to say : amalgamated -------- ( australia ) sydney nsw .. and the number seems to be , maybe : b54392 ?
  32. E

    Electrical Level 3 help!

    I have come across this question that has stumped me. Could anyone offer me and advice regarding the question. Thanks! What are the sources of technical and functional information?
  33. S

    Electrical layout

    Can someone help me with the layout of the electrical?
  34. R

    Broken Immersion heater Element or electrical wiring problem?

    Hi there, DIY'er here I have an immersion heater that is not heating up water during the night on the cheap rate. The booster switch "top element" still works fine, but I can't work out if the bottom element is broken or there is something wrong with the supply of electricity to the element...
  35. D

    Looking for a replacement electrical panel cover 12 space its driving me batty

    I have a small condo and the panel cover broke off the load center/box (i think thats what you call it) It looks like this one...
  36. Sydney27

    Electrician Electrical Improver Seeking work Reading Berkshire

    Hello I'm an Electrical Improver with 10+ years experience looking for work in the Reading area. I do commercial and industrial the last year I did an Amazon centre, office refits, nhs Radiotherapy suite, Screwfix new build, Pet food factory, Data centre, Pharmaceutical factory, Mercedes car...
  37. L

    Electrical Apprenticeship required

    Hi, currently undertaking level 2 Electrical Installations at chichester college, looking for an apprenticeship for my level 3 and further. If any companies have an opportunity for me to progress in my chosen career, please contact. Thank you Luke
  38. J

    Electricians Mate Electrical Improver / Mate based in Watford looking for work

    Hi, I am a 25 yr old electrical improver / mate with 3 years experience in new builds (inc. hospital, Intu Watford expansion, university accommodation) looking for work in the Watford area or within around 30 -ish minutes of travel. I have an ECS card, 18th ed., IPAF, and NVQ level 3...
  39. T

    Electrical Pump Advise sought for DIY

    Hi guys, newbie here, please go easy! I've got a query regarding an existing installation on a pumping station pump issue, which I'm hoping you can help with. Our house is off mains sewage, and as such we have a sewage treatment plant, and a pumping station. In the pumping station we have 2...
  40. OnlQQker

    Electrical Cable, Buying And Testing..Does Anybody Else...

    Test the rolls of cable before they use them? It all started a good few years ago now when I ran some lighting cable and the electrician came in to connect it up on the first house I had purchased in 1986. The cable had a short in it and I then spent the next few hours having to run it all...
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