1. M

    Experienced electrical worker from HK, want to know more about the AM2E

    Hi all, I am an experienced electrical worker from HK with grade B0 and H0. Want to know more about the AM2E scheme and another certificate. Thx🙏
  2. OnlQQker

    How Conductive Are The Metals Used To Make Electrical Fittings?

    I'm just studying electrical conductivity and struggling to find out which metals are used in sockets/plugs/switches and the main fuse etc. I always thought these were brass, but I'm not so certain after reading the link below. Would they use the most conductive metals available, and could...
  3. J

    Electrical safety - testing and liability

    I know I’m very health and safety conscious and electrical safety has always got me thinking with various sparks saying different things in regards to what they do and do not do. I also appreciate I am an over thinker on this subject. I will also admit having only been almost 2 years qualified...
  4. OnlQQker

    I Wasn't Going To Post This As I Didn't Want To Appear Half Mad But... Electrical Mice?

    So there I am up an aluminium step ladder with padded feet. And I'm helping my son's best friend to put insulation in his loft whilst pulling the electrical cables up above it. A 1.5mm t/e light switch cable, (2 metres / 78") in length went over to a small cupboard bayonet fitting, I could...
  5. Senpai Ruku

    DIY Electrical Install for Shed

    Current setup: there is 4mm Double Insulated armoured cable running from the kitchen to shed's location. In the kitchen this cable is connected to ait's own "cooker" isolator switch, which is then connected to the cooker ring main. This is on a 40A MCB in a dual RCD consumer unit. Unfortunately...
  6. dgreer27

    An unusual problem for a DIYer

    I have an unusual problem and need some help. I've never run into this issue but any help would be appreciated. We have two dwellings on one service. The first is a mobile home and the second is an old shop that has been converted into a dwelling. It is a 200 amp service. The issue is that...
  7. S

    Straight swap of electrical rose for new bathroom light. Light now stays on constantly. Why?

    Before: After: Hey guys I’m new here and really scratching my head on this. Bought a new light and had to change the ceiling rose to accommodate. Took a pic of the old rose, made sure to follow the connections in the picture in the new terminal block, and now the light stays on constantly...
  8. Mickael


    Hey guys - I am in the process of buying a flat, and just got the electrical installation report. Seeking for feedback on the following: - THE FIXED WIRING IS IN FAIR CONDITION FOR ITS AGE. THE PROPERTY DOES NOT FULLY COMPLY WITH BS:7671 AS AMENDED DUE TO THE CODES LISTED ON PAGE 2. THE PROPERTY...
  9. gmdaly

    filling/completing a risk assessment

    Dear All, I have an upcoming LCL Level 3 Certificate in Installing, Testing and Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings – Assessment 8. Amongst other things I understand that I will have to complete a risk assessment on the fly. Not too sure about this bit. Can anyone point...
  10. D

    French Electrical certifications

    I wonder if you can help me, i am being sent an 'electrician' to do some very basic work for me in a data comms room in France, the main work he will be doing is connecting PDU's into the under floor power supply, his certification is H0-B0-H0V, what does that mean, is he an electrician that...
  11. J

    Excessive Electrical Bill

    Hi, I always receive high electrical bills average £180/month, I have monitored usage, switched appliances off, reduced usage by not using appliances; i.e. dishwasher. Nothing I do seems to reduce the amount of the electric bill. I have switched supplier, always make sure tariff is discounted...
  12. J

    Electrical problem with Grundfos macerator

    I have a grundfos sololift 2 wc1 macerator that isn't working. It's about 3 years old. When the toilet flushes the bowl just fills up but the motor does not kick in. There is power going to the unit, The macerator motor/pump turns freely. I took the motor apart in the hope that there may be...
  13. Kristian95

    Electrical heater died on me - Workaround does it work?

    Hey there. I got a question. My heater just died and the only real way to fix it is to get a new thermostat but sadly I cant find the modell at all. Now my question is I got a workaround but before I do so id like to ask if it will work. There are 2 cables going to the thermostat. One is going...
  14. T

    Electrical safe zone for vaulted ceiling

    I'm renovating a property and vaulting a kitchen ceiling to gain more head height. The floor will be a slab which is yet to be laid. Would it be better to run the cables for sockets down from the top of the wall where it meets the pitch of the ceiling or up from the floor slab (from within...
  15. D

    Electrician Electrical Trainer/Assessor full time Glasgow area

    Position available now for both full time and part time Electrical Trainers/Assessors to join the Team at our busy Training Centre in Paisley. If you have experience in electrical training and would like to join a well established dynamic Business then contact us on 0141 889 4516 or send your...
  16. G

    Welcome sponsors to Electrical forum

    welcome and congratulations, Mastertrade .
  17. A

    Looking for Electrical Partners in Birmingham

    Hi Everyone, If anyone is local in the Birmingham/Solihull region, could they let me know of any top electrical services clients, I am looking to do work for these types of companies and so to get a head's up on potential clients will be great for me! Kind Regards, Alex
  18. L

    Protruding electrical box

    I have an electrical box where one side is protruding about 1/3 of an inch away from the wall. How can I get the protruding side pushed back in?
  19. G

    Will an HNC in electrical engineering count towards an adult trainee apprenticeship

    Will an HNC in electrical engineering count towards an adult trainee apprenticeship, IE would it allow me to skip some of the college theory exams due to having passed a higher level of theory? Just wondering as I might have the chance at a adult trainee apprenticeship but already have a HNC in...
  20. D

    electrical enclosures

    hi guys. when you mount din rails into electrical enclosures ; does the screw show from behind the panel? does EVERY electrical enclosure come with a seperate rear plate spaced out where you can secure din rails into without screws bolts showing from externally. Thank you.