1. I

    Seeking advice on getting side jobs as an Electrical Engineer for Buildings

    I am an experienced electrical engineer consultant in building services, and I am looking to expand my professional horizons by taking on side jobs during weekends or bidding on new projects. With 5 years of industry experience under my belt, I feel confident in my abilities to deliver excellent...
  2. G

    Crooked Electrical Box

    HVAC company installed new outdoor heat pump and said I also needed new indoor air handler. When attaching the new air handler the old wire was too short. Instead of installing a new wire they took the electrical circuit box and moved it so the wire could reach the new air handler. And now I am...
  3. Rooster

    Motorcaravan, recreational electrical quals?

    Please could someone advise me as to what kind of minimum qualification/s do I need to sign off Campervan electrics? I have been self employed fitting/converting vans since 2017. Before that, I have worked for the Police and for a firm building emergency vehicles. This includes command vehicles...
  4. L

    32A Wago clips for an electrical socket spur?

    Hi! I've got a couple of 32A Wago clips. Creating a spur socket from a ring circuit with these is quite easy, but I wanted to know if it's advised from a safety standpoint? When wiring an electrical socket, having these as opposed to having multiple cables going into the holes in the socket...
  5. D

    Other Electrical experience in Manchester

    Hi everybody! I am certified but looking for experience to gain ECS card. Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6-8 hours voluntary work. Please call 0770 20 80 226. Regards Dimi
  6. PattD98

    Is an electrical fitter a electrical trade?

    I am an electrical fitter by trade, my EA says an electrical trade person should get paid more, but offers a higher rate of pay for an electrical license, just wondering if an electrical fitter is recognised as an electrical trade
  7. ajrammin

    summer assignment for electrical level 3

    Good morning all I have a summer assignment that I need to have ready before the 4th of September and I have 4 tasks that I have yet to complete. task 2 of my assignment is to list and explain all the steps required to carry out dead testing, what instrument is needed, and its setting and...
  8. R

    UK Random electrical issue after new extension

    Hello, I’ve got an issue driving me crazy and can’t get anyone to figure it out as it’s not their issue. We had a new extension, single rear, double side. Side has utility, downstairs toilet and a bedroom above. Rear has extended kitchen, all of it is on its own wiring. Except the oven which...
  9. J

    Where to sell electrical equipment, tools & cables

    My Dad was a self employed electrician for 50 odd years. He sadly passed away in November and we have so much electrical & pluming stuff we don't know what to do with it. There's all types of cables, some still boxed or unused reels, and loads of tools, switches - you name it he had it. Any...
  10. V

    Electrical advice please. Thank you.

    Hello, I would like electrical advice please. I recently started a new cleaning job. I have been asked to use a Shark Steamer. The floor I am cleaning is huge. Unfortunately the steam is not sufficient enough to clean the big space. The owner has asked me to chuck water on the floor to help the...
  11. juanf8388

    Electrical service ampacity

    I need to calculate the service ampacity of a building. The wire is 250MCM (copper). 3 wires coming in. These wires provides power to 6 - 60amp panels. Anyone can help me to determine the service ampacity? What i know is the 250mcm wire can hold up to 290amps.
  12. LeeH

    Electrical Duty Holder

    Started this course yesterday, down in Kent. Anybody else done it? How did it impact your role at work?
  13. I

    USA Electrical car hookup question

    I am thinking of getting an Electric vehicle. The only way for it to be realistic is to home charge. The problem, I have a fuse box no breakers. Do I have to upgrade my electrical box or can I add a 240V outlet as is? This is a 2 family home, the girl upstairs has a 240V to run her stove (I...
  14. DilogGroup

    Electrical Wholesaler Award - Voting closes today I think

    Voting closes for the Electrical wholesaler awards today if you didn't already know... You can vote on their website until midnight I think. There's a bunch of great candidates this year but you know who's the best, wink wink
  15. T

    I want to become an electricians mate, how do I do this?

    I have recently completed my HNC in electrical engineering at college and I am looking to get a job as an electricians mate. what do I need to do to get there? Do I need to do a citb test? Do I need an ecs card instead of a cscs card? or are they the same ? Sorry for all the questions.
  16. R

    Electrical Testing Agencies in the UK?

    Hi I am a sparkie based in London. I am trying to shift from installation and maintenance to Testing. I did not use my 2391 for a number of years, but eventually decided to make a move to Testing. I tried to search the internet, but there is no info on any Employment Agencies hiring mostly...
  17. L

    electrical condition report

    Hi everyone Ive just had an electrical condition report conducted on a mixed-use property, and I am extremely surprised that after the last report 5 years ago (also report was carried out on flat independently on 11/11/2021) - were both tests passed, so many issues have now been listed Is it...
  18. HappyHippyDad

    What electrical tests to do when someone has a flood?

    I am never quite sure if I am doing too little or too much when someone has a flood and I am called in. The most recent example is a chap has had fairly major flood damage to ceilings, carpets etc and it has poured through certain ceiling pendants and downlights. Advice on the net states that...
  19. B

    General Electrical Knowledge

    Is there any good websites to assist with general electrical knowledge? Currently based doing sales but looking to get back on the tools
  20. UKMeterman

    MI6 are looking for Electrical and HVAC tecnicans

    MI6 are looking for Electrical and HVAC tecnicans, base office Milton Keynes Vacancies - Recruitment Services - https://recruitmentservices.applicationtrack.com/vx/lang-en-GB/mobile-0/appcentre-2/brand-2/candidate/jobboard/vacancy/2?adhoc_referrer=567479616
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