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  1. Pete999

    Qualified Electrical Engineer

    What are the minimal Qualifications to become a qualified Electrical Engineer????
  2. J

    Electrical muscle stimulation

    Hello. I am a video game speedrunner. I got an idea. I would like to build a device to stimulate the muscles and assist in button mashing by inducing spasms. Does anyone know anything about this? Specifically what amperages/voltages/frequencies in what part of the arm will induce the desired...
  3. P

    The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020

    Good Evening All, I hope this is the correct forum, please do move if I have my neutral in the live / wires crossed. Thank you for your help with my HMO query. In return, you may be interested in the draft of The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations...
  4. C

    What electrical work can a non qualified person be asked to do in a school?

    My husband is a caretaker at a primary school. He does all jobs they ask him to do (sometimes without the training he is supposed to have first as for instance, he argued the gutter needed unblocking and walking up a ladder is common sense) as he likes to please. They have recently asked him...
  5. R

    Can I do electrical testing with c&g 2365?

    Hi all. I got my Level 3 2365 a year or so ago and an now trading as a self employed electrician. I did my 18th edition recently. I've have never been able to get straight answers on what an electrician needs to do certain tasks, maybe because of the 'competent person' definition, but I have a...
  6. Z

    What electrical DIY work is currently Allowed

    Hi just moved into a new house and need to replace the mains sockets, but would also like to add new ones. Have had difficulty on the internet ( trawling through so many American sites ) getting an answer to this question. Can I 1-replace existing ring mains sockets 2-install new ones to the...
  7. B

    Is electrical design and testing mandatory for temporary structures?

    Is electrical design and testing mandatory? Let me qualify this with "I know it is" The problem is I have a client who refuses to accept that any and all electrical systems need to be designed properly, installed, tested and commissioned according to the EAWR and BS 7671 and temporary...
  8. S

    offgrid electrical connection using generators and battery to run a house

    I have a chance that I might be able to purchase a rural site for my home(self-build). The problem is my limited budget and timeline( full house completion) does not allow for an over 2k euro connection for a basic electrical connection to run a household for parents and kids aged 2,6,8 I...
  9. J

    Best budget electrical brands ?

    Hi, When i first started out on my own to win work i used more of the budget stuff that was available to me from my wholesaler, after 6 months to a year i was then having to go back change light fittings etc because they were poor quality which wasnt great for my reputation even though i...
  10. F

    thoughts on these electrical compliance companys

    a well known electrical compliance company recently carried out an eicr on a pharmaceutical company which is a fair size and completed it in 3 days leaving bar codes on each distribution board facility's manager was well happy with the paper work he received, but my question is how are they...
  11. T

    Electrical installation/condition reports in editable PDF form ?

    Anyone tell me where I can get editable PDF's (or in Word) for installation /condition reports. I find the paper ones too small and fiddly to fill in. Any help would be appreciated
  12. T

    UK Advice needed please: Electrical set-up in 1950s/60s Maisonette - Potential Purchase

    Hi, I'd be very grateful for any advice/views available please on the electrical set-up in a ground-floor maisonette that we are in the early stages of purchasing, our offer having been accepted. We went to the property today to inspect a few things, and noticed a lot of electrical wires/boxes...
  13. mel hadfield


    I have a huge quantity of above cable to dispose of, warehouse clearance. I have it in 4 colours, Red, White, Blue and Green. In all I have 22 mini drum. The 1.00mm has 2000m in a mini drum and the 2.00mm has 1000m in a mini drum. If anybody interested in purchasing please get in touch and we...
  14. M

    Industrial EICR guide

    Hi guys, I undertake lots of different types of electrical installations and every now and again a customer asks for an EICR, I must admit I feel I'm actually good at testing but I don't really like it...mainly because of all the paperwork. I was wondering if anyone had any guides they use...
  15. Pretty Mouth

    Testing for electrical separation

    Hi all. I'm a member of a FB group for people trained through a particular training provider. Recently someone posted a query for testing for electrical separation for shaver sockets, and my ex trainer responded with the following method (cut n paste verbatim): you need to confirm separation...
  16. 5

    Reduction in electrical work

    I presently do domestic gas, plumbing and electrical work. I have worked out that 85% of my work is not electrical any more, and what I have been doing is not required to be registered. I only seem to get called out in my area to be asked to certify other non registered electricians work or...
  17. J

    Specialist Electrical Services

    Wire & Fiber UK brings a wealth of experience of specialist services, giving our new and existing clients the peace of mind when it comes to protecting their people, property and assets. We can deliver an array of technical installations including: Fire & Security - integrated or...
  18. L

    UK electrical helper looking for experience.

    Hello everyone , I have just completed a course that gives me the qualifications below: 18th edition wiring regs Portable appliance testing level 3 qcf Part P Domestic Installer Level 2 I have done some practical but not as much to call myself a sparky. I would like to know how to go...
  19. M

    Loop Impedance tester electrical circuit

    Hi A quick one I was wondering if anyone knows how a multifunction tester performs a loop impedance test. I understand how to perform a test and what the results of a loop impedance test give you in working out your PSCC and earth fault current. I use my Fluke multifunction tester every day at...
  20. I

    Electrical shower pipe connection

    Hi All, I've got a job coming up to replace electric shower. The old one has this pipe connection to water inlet upwards but the new shower has got be connected from left or right positions. Had any encountered similar scenarios before and how would you connect new shower to existing pipes. I...
  21. G

    Help in regards to electrical route.

    Hello so i have decided to change career as i need to do something more hands on and dynamic. I spoke to a few friends in different industries and electrical was always mentioned well. I would do the Level 2 and 3 through Not A Chance potentially. Though i understand this industry is massively...
  22. J

    Shed electrical supply

    I am going to help my father in law with getting power to his shed, but have very rarely done domestic electrical work, mainly industrial. Going the whole SWA straight from the DB to a new DB in the shed route isn’t really feasible due to distant location of DB and pricing of materials etc...
  23. J

    UK which electrical courses do i need??

    Hi my employer wants me to go on a electrical course so all electrical work is in-house. we are a large holiday park with over 300+ caravans with a mixture of fleet vans and privately owned also out buildings ie club house swimming pool.at the momment i do like for like and issue a minor works...
  24. J

    UK Hi I'm looking for some software to run my team, 10-15 employees

    Hi Guys, I have built my business up to a medium size and I'm now starting to have organisation issues regarding to many people on my digital Calendar, normally we use shared calendars and attach job sheet pdfs with is now simply to crowded. Does anyone use a software for managing there guys...
  25. S

    C&G 2339 Electrical Power Engineering. Training

    Hi. I'm a domestic electrician with about 8 years under my belt doing Domestic Electrics only. Lately I've decided that I'd like to do more training to work on power distribution. Overhead lines etc. I've seen some online courses with a few practical sessions for around £3500. I don't mind going...
  26. S

    electrical consumption of an air source heat pump, Ontario Canada

    Hi - No idea if I am writing in the right place. Please, I cannot get a straight answer when the temperature is 0- -20 Celsius - where can I find a chart of what normal KWhr consumption is? I think mine is using far too much electricity thanks
  27. Hellengeek

    What should someone do if they see their electrical socket sparking when inserting a power plug?

    What should someone do if they see their electrical socket sparking when inserting a power plug?
  28. L

    Electrical Trainer?Assessor?IQA needed

    Hi, We are a training organisation looking to start a new course and require people to cover these roles. It would be on a part time/evenings/weekend schedule soit could work alongside existing work. If you are interested or know anyone who might be, please give us a Private Message via the...
  29. K

    Hi I’m currently doing level 3 electrical installion I’m really struggling on the design of the hotel has anyone done this?

    Hi I’m currently doing level 3 electrical installion I’m really struggling on the design of the hotel has anyone done this?
  30. Lou

    (Pictures Thread): Poor Electricianmanship? Pictures of poor electrical installations you find on your travels

    Poor Electricianmanship? Pictures of poor installations you find on your travels. @Megawatt suggested this for codebreakers. I thought I'd throw it up in the main electrical forum for all to use. So this is a public thread, so please, no personal details of where the install is, and no naming...
  31. R

    Allowable electrical work by non-registered person

    In terms of the Part P regulations, am I as a DIYer (that is to say non-registered electrician), allowed to replace the dimmer module in a light switch myself and replace the transformer on low voltage lighting with a new one? I will not be installing any new equipment and neither will I be...
  32. A

    Looking for Electrical Improver Job

    Hello I have recently obtained my C&G Level 3 and ECS card and i’m currently looking to find some work. Called a few agencies but nothing as of yet, also applied on totaljobs etc but nothing. I’ve worked in domestics and a little in commercial but want to step foot in the field properly so I...
  33. J

    electrical back box install in a kitchen cabinet

    Hello Can please someone tell me if that (see pictures) is safe to do? That will be for the electrical hub. Thank you
  34. Dan

    Electrical Trainee Forum Group

    https://www.electriciansforums.net/group/new-electricians-trainees-too.3/info Add yourself, add fellow trainees, share info and experiences. Help each other out. :D
  35. Z

    Electrical assignment Help ??

    Good morning everyone. I have assignment now , but little difficult for me . Any technical tutor Can to help me , I pay . I send pictures now . Thank you .
  36. P

    Electrician Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.

    Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.
  37. K

    UK Self employed electrical improver

    Hi all, I recently qualified myself to City & Guilds Level 2 & 3, done 18th edition and found myself a job on site as a subcontractor. I’m told to invoice the business owner directly, and I’m self employed (registering with CIS tomorrow) but I need a better understanding of the tax as I always...
  38. U

    Apartment Underground Vault?

    Hello, I live in an apartment complex and there is this underground vault right by our bedroom and I was wondering if someone could tell me what it was?
  39. D

    UK Electrical oven installation

    Just purchased a new oven which has a 13amp fused plug attached. The kitchen has a cooker terminal which has 6mm cable coming from it. The existing oven has a 2.5mm flex (no plug). The hob is separate and also has a 2.5mm flex. Both oven and hob have been chocolate boxed to the 6mm cable - I did...
  40. R

    Newbie looking for electrical advice

    Hi everyone. First-time poster trying to get opinions. I'm by no means educated with the lingo and will try to explain everything to the best of my knowledge. I currently do maintenance at a drink restaurant and well been having issues with our ice machine GFI outlet. Before I replace the part...
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