1. M

    Electrical wire for electric shower

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I am asking about the electrical wire. I am in the process of working on the floor across the 1st floor and while the decking is exposed I want to run a wire for future power shower. What wire should I use? Thanks Best regards
  2. J

    How difficult is electrical engineering HNC?

    Hi everyone, I am a nearly fully qualified electrician (waiting on AM2S in March) qualified to level 3 electrotechnical 2357. Once qualified I am looking to continue learning in order to progress my career into automation, controls and electrical engineering. I would like to do the HNC, just...
  3. J

    Electricians Mate Looking for late-afternoon/ evening electrical mate position

    Hello, I'm looking for any late-afternoon/ evening electrician's mate jobs, ideally in commercial/ industrial. I have the C&G 2365 Level 2 and 3 and work full-time as a Controls & Instrumentation Technician (PLCs, 24V systems, relay logic etc). Based in Suffolk but happy for anywhere down...
  4. R

    Electrical Engineering Books

    I’m looking to buy some old Electrical Engineering books. Any recommendations?
  5. P

    Electrician Seeking employment as mate

    Hi, My name is Paul Burden and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I completed an electrical apprenticeship 5 years ago but failed the FICA on two silly things. I had a newborn son at the time whom I had to provide for and after failing my FICA, my employer let me go. I had to take a job away from...
  6. Peteredgar83

    Apprentices Mature electrical student, looking for apprenticeship, Merseyside.

    Mature electrical student, currently studying level 3 advanced NVQ, looking for adult apprenticeship or part time work while i finish level 3 course. 39 year old man, own transport, clean driving licence, own tools. Even happy to do odd days for free to gain experience. Thanks Peter
  7. J

    Electrician Looking for advice on different electrical roles.

    Hi, I’m currently working as an electrical maintenance technician for the RAF. Although the apprenticeship scheme was top class, working life post apprenticeship hasn’t been what I’d hope for in terms of work load. Some weeks you can go a full week without doing any trade specific work...
  8. N

    Highest electrical wages in Florida 2022?

    Moving to Jax FL and wanted to find the companies with highest wages for commercial work?
  9. pbrise

    Weird electrical fluctuations

    I am having a weird issue at my home that has been getting progressively worse over the past few months. It all started out with some specific circuits (not all of them) that would intermittently fluctuate their supply voltage (ie: Lights would flicker on and off) and would cause the devices on...
  10. P

    Need help to modify an electrical scheme for pumping recycled water

    Dear Forum, I recently joined this forum, and writing for the first time. I like DIY activities, both for hobbies both to fix and repair stuff in my house, but my knowledge into electrical field are very limited. Here the problem: I am doing a system for the recycle of rain water. Briefly, the...
  11. Lukaszbjj

    Electrical project for level 3

    Hi, Im in the process of doing my level 3 project for the hotel extension and Cafe pool so please check the attached screenshots maybe someone can explain to me what should I put in these 2 columns? They are really confusing to me as my calculation for IT was " it = in / Ca x Cg " but they...
  12. Gawain

    UK Electrical Improvers

    Probably been covered 1mil times but not finding what I'm looking for in the search bar. So, how much solo work should an electrical Improver (£2 over min wage) be doing? Would you have them doing problem solving, project managing, circuit designing, dB changes including supply isolation...
  13. Z

    Does colour appreciation deficiency affect if I can actually do electrical engineering

    I'm colour-blind and interested in electrical engineering. The website I'm using to apply for this course stated that if I had colour appreciation deficiency I have no chance in taking electrical engineering. I would like to know if this is true or not and whether I should still go through with...
  14. C

    Learning electrical motors

    Hi, I’m Not getting enough torque on startup to turn pump. Turns pump successfully maybe 1 in 6 times on startup and then fine at full speed. Currently connected in star as per plate, 400V. Ran from a three phase inverter. Should this be wired delta? Still very much learning.
  15. S

    Electrical certificate

    Hi all, I had a conservatory built four years ago and we have now decided to see the house. I asked the builder if I needed building regs and an electrical certificate for the 4 double sockets and electric Velux windows inside the conservatory. The builder said we don't as he took a feed from...
  16. murtazahashwani

    Murtaza Hashwani | What are the best electrical switches for residential purpose?

    Murtaza Hashwani | I Just Wanted To Know What are the best electrical switches for residential purpose? Which Is One of the very good brands for electrical switches Who meet the safety standards and have very good quality. If You Know Please Suggest Me Thank You!
  17. ramhad3

    Electrical issue, Outlets

    Here is my issues. Woke up this am, no power to TV and wall plugs. I used a RT210 Outlet tester and it came back as HOT/GRN REV. I checked all outlets on the circuit all said the same. I checked each outlet and was only getting 120V from HOT to GRN. Checked the breaker, it's putting out 120V I...
  18. G

    Advice on upgrading electrical cabling from house to carport/garage?

    Hi All, Newbie to the forum. I am planning to add solar power to my house and would like some advice regarding options with adding and inverter and/or EV charger to the garage/carport. The main switchboard is at the front of the house (townhouse) on the northern side, some 20m from the carport...
  19. MrGwythers

    Electrical certificates and Qs signiture.

    Hi guys I'm after some clarification on this, I am a gold car jib electrician but haven't done my testing and inspection but our supervisors are expecting us to carry out testing on certain jobs. I can test but the problem is as I don't have my testing and inpesction certificate as far as I'm...
  20. A

    Electrician Seeking electrical Job

    Hi, I am looking for work experience as an electrician mate. I have the 18th edition, Levels 2 & 3, Inspection and Testing, Part P, car and tools. I am based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. I have some domestic install property experience. I would appreciate it if you may have an opportunity for...
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