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  1. M

    Bathroom electrical works

    I put some news lights in a bathroom and new extractor fan. Did the tests and filled out form. A couple of days later another electrician came in and changed the fuse board and rewired the lighting circuit the bathroom was on connecting new feeds to a joint box I put in. All my readings are now...
  2. J

    Electrician Electrical Improver London

    3 years experience with commercial and domestic Available asap
  3. jencekj

    Just introducing myself

    Just an introduction. I'm James and am based in Sydney. I have an Electrical Engineering background and am heavily involved in DIY electrical work.
  4. T

    What's the best way to learn Electrical engineering?

    Hi everyone I work as an electrician in industrial facilities, and I have been studying mechanical engineering for a long time, but I would like to learn electrical engineering. Can someone give me advice on the best path to take? Thank you
  5. elektrologospatra

    symbols vs celenec ?

    where will i find new electrical symbols vs celenec ?
  6. FelimDoyle

    Do the forums cover electrical systems in the UK, Ireland and EU countries?

    Do the forums cover electrical systems in the UK, Ireland and EU countries or are they only for US/Canada/North America?
  7. B

    Home generator inlet box install with two 200 amp electrical panels.

    I am interested in having a home generator that would provide power to my home when the power is out during hurricane season, etc. I have 2 electrical panels in my garage that are 200 amps each. I purchased a 13,000/10,000 watt predator generator. I would like to use an interlock rather than a...
  8. O

    UK electrical testing

    Hi All DALI lighting system distributes circuit via LCM's, for electrical test, do you stop at the LCM or light point. how do you carry out insulation test without damaging DALI equipment
  9. A

    Electrical apprentice

    Hi I live in Sheffield and I am currently on the first year of an electrical installation course at college and would really like to gain an apprenticeship. Is there anyone on this forum who would be willing to take me on or point me in the right direction. I am happy to provide my cv.
  10. Mike Johnson

    Car and bike electrical problems.

    We seem to be getting quite a few posts on electrical problems on cars and bike's, are we being referred too by auto electricians on other sites, or is this a new section we are encouraging? Just a question.
  11. swg2787

    Electrical anomoly in 04 Subaru Legacy

    I'll try to make this quick... A month ago the taillights all went out, checked the fuse it was blown and replaced it. A couple day later they went out again but this time fuse wasn't blown. Checked a bunch of fuses and they looked good, then emergency brake light on the display dash was coming...
  12. J

    HNC Electrical engineering advice

    Hi everyone Just looking for some advice and guidance on approaching my HNC in electrical engineering and bridging units. How did other people deal with it? Have you used any extra help online e.g tutors, help with written assignments Any good books you used? More the help the better, as...
  13. A

    Electrician Looking for electrical sub-contractor - Brighton

    Required asap for price work. No of Workers: 2 Location: Brighton & Hove Description of Work: Installation of 230v operated, radio linked smoke, heat & CO2 detection in sheltered housing accommodation, linked to the warden call system. Worker Qualifications: 1. Qualified electrician able to...
  14. J

    Wanted Wanted Any Free Electrical Installation Materials Available? Near Bath, Somerset

    Hi, I am involved in a local charity which is fundraising to restore a local pub into a community hub (and also a pub). The pub which is The Hop Pole in Limpley Stoke is in the middle of the village and it's been closed for about 4 years but the local community have raised enough money to buy it...
  15. S

    What is this box to the left of my electrical meter?

    Hi all, Very much a novice when it comes to electrics. Anyway, we're getting an EV chargepoint installed, but before we do, I was wondering what exactly is the small box to the left of the electric meter in this picture? It is connected to the meter and then is also connected to the consumer box.
  16. H

    UK Finished level 3 electrical installation at college and unsure on what’s next.

    Hi all, I completed my level 2 2365 installation and my level 3 8202 advanced technical diploma in electrical installation and I’m unsure on what’s next. I couldn’t find an apprenticeship so I just decided to do some sub contracting work for a company, I just need some advice on what I should do...
  17. Ian Jackson

    Electrical connector?

    Hi My washing machine has stopped working, found this not connected inside. The wire going into was broken where it goes into this connector. Was attached to the filter. Could anyone tell me the name of it, where to get one and how to connect it? Many thanks Ian
  18. M

    Single Pole 50 Amp Circuit Serving for Electrical Dryer, Powers and Many Others

    Hi everyone. The title should sound crazy enough, but it's what happening in my 72-years old home we've purchased 2 years ago. I found the crazy wiring when I was just troubleshooting on a lighting which has been flickering, and finally completely failed recently. I recognized the lighting is...
  19. R

    rewiring 1970's electricals

    Hi all, Just to be clear, I'm not looking for advice on upgrading but rather just clarification of our existing setup. We need to upgrade the electrical panels on our recently purchased property in France, but before we get somebody in who's native tongue is not our own I was hoping to gain a...
  20. nedwards9820

    electrical isolation of undersink water heater

    I have taken delivery of an undersink water heater. It is fitted with an RCD on the electrical supply cable which terminates with a euro-plug. I am planning to cut the plug off and hardwire it to a switched fused spur. There is a curious electrical isolation connection that is supposed to be...
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