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  1. G

    Accepted onto EAL Dip Electrical Installations L2

    Hi all, After some great discusions and advice from a number of members in my welcome 1st post. I signed up and enrolled (yesterday) for the EAL Diploma in Electrical Installations Level 2 College route in Gwent, 2 evening per week 5.30-9pm (yesterday was enrollement). 50 miles round trip...
  2. M

    Electrical faceplate change regs

    Hi Any you guys out there who are clued up maintenance eg faulty socket, sw etc change not new properties intalls in properties done around 1974 is there a requirement now that they be tested eg loop test, R1 +R2. insulation resistance test about 6 or 7 test in all for just one items seems...
  3. J

    Electrical Shower issue

    Hello all, We have an electric shower in our bathroom. Since we have moved in I've noticed that when turning it on sometimes the lights in the flat (which are all on dimmers) reduce their output very slightly. My understanding is that this isnt completely abnormal but over the last few days...
  4. D

    Looking for electrical improver

    Looking for electrical improver in Ilford area 3-4 weeks work commercial job first and second fix works must have valid ecs/cscs card
  5. V

    2360 electrical certification

    Hi hope someone can help , I did my 2360 parts 1&2 between 1998 & 2001 I have the following part 1 units Electrical installation theory part 1 assignments- pass Electrical installation theory part 1basic installation practices and technology pass Associated electronics technology - pass I...
  6. GBDamo

    Interesting electrical things wot I have found on site

    Don't know if we have a running thread? Saw this for the first time today? Anyone fitted any?
  7. P

    Electrician Electrical Improver seeking work in South London

    Good morning all, I'm an electrical improver based in Bromley, South London and am looking for work in the surrounding area. I've got: 2365 Level 2 & 3 BS7671 18th Edition Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering Own tools Full PPE ECS card Attached is a copy of my CV and if you have any...
  8. L

    Recently completed C&G L2 + L3 Electrical Install Diploma

    I'm currently looking for a Labourer/mate role however in the meantime I'm keen to get experience so what basic domestic service could I offer? I was thinking of leafleting locally offering upgrades on plug sockets. Any input would be much appreciated.
  9. F

    Electrician Electrical services in Glasgow and Edinburg - FIX LTD

    Are you looking for an electrical services in Lanarkshire? Best electricians in Glasgow, Edinburg, and their surrounding. FIX LTD provides high-quality services since 13 years. If you need more information please message us for details.
  10. F

    Electrical Service

    Have very old meter coming into my cottage. I need to replace the meter. There are many meters at Home Depot. How do I choose the right meter and meter pan? I have a 240 Vrms service @ 100amperes. Thank you. Fred
  11. P

    Electrician North Yorkshire Electrical Level 2 & 3 Student now looking for work

    Hi Guys, I am York based mature student who recently passed my college courses in Electrical Installation level 2 & 3 and my inspection & testing Also have PAT testing qualification and looking at doing my 18th edition in September. I am looking at for an electricians mate job, Apprenticeship...
  12. J

    Electrical relays

    Hi, Just wanted to ask just for knowledge purposes, a question regarding automatic power disconnection. Im due to start working on a porter cabin site, one of the things they want us to do is put a system in place where for example if a kettle is switched on, the power to the cooler is...
  13. P

    Electrical substation located near the house - advice needed

    Hi, I've got a problem and hoping to get some advice. There is an ongoing development on the back of my house. The Developer built an electrical substation house literally 1m behind my fence - in a straight line with my windows. The total distance between the substation & my house is 14m...
  14. V

    Electrical plugs and breaker questions

    Hey everyone! New to these forums. Looking to get advice on the best option to resolve this: I have a 50A 6 gauge wire (with an un-used neutral) coming to my detached garage from my main panel that powers an electric car charger via a 6-50R. The car charger only takes 20A but due to the 6-50...
  15. Lister1987

    Electrical Accidents that 'helped' change the wiring regulations?

    A post on a thread by @pc1966 got me pondering (post mentioned the Emma Shaw case), what other electrical accidents, fatalities, near misses that given rise to the regulations changing?
  16. D

    UK Are there any good electrical calculation and practical books?

    Just wondering if anyone has come across any simplified books containing good information on electrical calculations and good practice installation guides. Mainly aimed at apprentices or low level to medium level installations domestic or industrial? Thanks in advance
  17. P

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Does a rewire have to have the electrical installation cert done by an NICEIC registered electrician ?

    Hi everyone first time asking on this so sorry if it’s been asked before. I’ve been asked to carry out a rewire in a private house and I’ve recently started my own company so I’m not registered with NICEIC or SELECT as I’m in Scotland. I’ve read conflicting reports that I can and can’t provide...
  18. C

    UK Electrical Qualifications ECS Card

    Hi all sorry long post Looking for some advice. I've just been made redundant. Starting to get back to applying for jobs and everyone is looking for NVQ Level 3, with ECS gold card as a preference. I started my apprenticeship in 1996, obtained these qualifications along the way 2391 Level...
  19. electricwizard

    Electrical Installation Course & Maths

    Hello all, I have enrolled on an Electrical Installation Level 2 course. I've formerly worked in more academic fields, but I haven't used any sort of advanced mathematics in years, such as algebra, trigonometry, or transpositions in nearly a decade. I guess I'm asking for peace of mind as I am...
  20. S

    UK Electrical

    Hi All can any one Help advice. On my fuse board i have a 15amp fuse marked immersion heater.(not used) From this cable i would like to run a RCD fused spur for 150w underfloor heating. A fused spur for a shower pump and a 13 amp socket. Can this be done and what size fuse would need at fuse...
  21. A

    Anyone has the Level 2 & 3 Textbook for Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures) ?

    Hi everyone, I need to see the modules contained in the books of level 2 and 3. I would be very grateful if someone could send some photos with the units that each one contains (at tbe beggining of the books). I guess there won´t be more than 3 or 4 pages for each book. The books are the next...
  22. G

    Tiny electrical jolt from shower head.

    Does anyone know the most likely cause of a tiny electrical nip while standing in a (non-electric) shower and touching any metal parts like the showerhead . Could it be a lack of bonding issue or a faulty appliance within the home or do you know! and best way to solve or find or fix(trace).
  23. J

    Wanted Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 4th Edition (4th Edt) (Electrical Regulations)

    Hi all I am taking the Niceic Pat course on Monday 3rd August, unless it's cancelled due to the current pandemic I am awaiting an answer. As it may be postponed I'm loathe to buy new copy of the the 4th edition with the 5th edition being released shortly. Does anyone have a copy they no...
  24. A

    UK What are the names of these electrical parts and where can I buy them?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. These parts are modifications for a portable turntable, and I'm looking to save some money by gathering the parts myself.
  25. SJD

    "Safety Electrical Connection" metal labels

    Does anyone know a source of just the metal labels that are attached at earth clamps? Every time I need to replace a missing label, I'm taking a label from a new clamp, and throwing the clamp away, which seems a bit wasteful. I'd love to buy a bag/box of 50 or 100 of the metal labels.
  26. happyhippydad

    Recycling electrical items you remove?

    I'm a little confused about what can get recycled with regards electrical items, especially downlights, but generally all item... outside lights, old sockets/switches etc etc. Do you just put all the items in the electrical bins at the recycling centre? I get the feeling this is just for more...
  27. S

    Level 2 electrical advice nsw australia

    Hi, recently completed my cert lll gap training. From the uk and been in Australia for two years. I am just asking for any advice as I would like to get some further Experience and knowledge of qualifications I will need or the best advice in gaining the skills. Thanks in advance
  28. A

    Apprentices Looking for a apprentice for electrician in north london

    Hi i'm a 17 year old boy who wants to do an apprentice for electrician in London. I am based in north London so i would preferred to do my apprentice there however i would not mind to do my apprentice around the city.
  29. A

    Apprentices Hi my names Andrew and Im looking for an electrician to take me on as an apprentice or electrical mate in london

    I am currently working as a general laborer and have been for nearly a year and I am starting an electrical level 2 course which is 1 day at college this means I will need to find work for the other 4 days as an electrical mate or apprentice I am based in north London. I will attach my cv below...
  30. Dan

    Electricians and Electrical Work During COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic (Public Weekly Thread)

    Electricians and Electrical Work During COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic (Public Weekly Thread) Firstly, Hi lads and ladies. Apologies it has been a while posting here. @Lou and I have been checking in every now and again to catch up with some things. I have 101 unread messages and 1,160...
  31. W

    UK Do I need a Minor Works or Electrical Installation Report?

    Hi guys just looking for a bit of clarification. Im about to start a job in a kitchen thats being renovated and theres a couple of electrical alterations. A new cooker + hob replaced like for like, and an old switched spur on a radial circuit that controlled a heater is being made into a single...
  32. T

    Electrical Test Certificate Signatures

    Hi all Question regarding electrical test certificate signatures section. I have noticed that on test certs now that they have 3 sections for signatures. 1 - for design 2 - for install 3 - for inspect now if you are working to drawings that were supplied to you by a building firm or a main...
  33. A

    Hi All I'm an electrical engineer student from Indonesia. Wish you could help me to answer some questions

    Do you know what these symbols stand for?
  34. M

    Apprentices Apprentice electrician

    Looking for an electrical apprenticeship based in and around Liverpool. I have been in college for the past two years and have passed my level 2 and level 3 diploma in electrical installation so I am looking to take the next step. Hoping to hear from you soon
  35. N

    Electrician Seeking Electrical improver/trainee role in S.E London

    Hello everyone! I am currently applying for electrical trainee / improver roles in south east London. Ideally full-time with a firm doing domestic, commercial and industrial, so I can gain as much experience as possible. I have recently gained my DEI certificate, BS7671 18th Edition, and ECS...
  36. S

    Advice on Wiring DIY Camper, Curious on Wire Guage Needed

    To start, I am an extreme novice to electrical and trying my best to learn. If I am posting this in the wrong place (looking for novice advice), please let me know where to go. I have not bought anything and am very open to counter-recommendations if you have them. I was thinking of using 12 or...
  37. D

    HNC Level 4

    Where is the best electrical engineering online HNC Level 4 course that you have taken?
  38. Dan

    CJR Electrical - really poor workmanship video

    lol we get a mention at about 1:20 View: CJR Electrical Seems to have an issue or two. CJR Electrical
  39. C

    Electrical outlet off switch

    Hello. So I bought (my first) house two years ago. The basement is not finished and I rarely use it. I bought a freezer for the basement and thought it did not work because, I just discovered it, everytime I turn off the light switch it shuts off the electric outlet too!!! I would like that the...
  40. K

    Who can fix electrical equipment at work

    I am a cleaner and the neutral pin on my hoover plug got damaged. I don't yet know who fixed it but it looks like they have put a new cord on as it is a sealed plug. They have also took the oat test ticket off the old plug and stuck it on the new one. Would an electrician have to have done the...
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