1. S

    Current leaking from sealed electrical in water?

    I’m designing a light fixture for underwater lights and everything was going great until I checked for any current leakage. All I have is a multimeter but my meter is reading 90 vac when lights are powered. The bulbs are being supplied with around 120 to 135v and the reading I get from the water...
  2. Yanman

    Electrical test on D.O.L fed straight from main panel isolator

    Hello everyone i recently got a job on replacing a BMS panel in a plant room. the NEW panel i installed except the control side of the install also feeds the mains for a few gas boilers, immersion heaters and cylinders, pumps. etc. I am going to do the testing on that and i...
  3. sythai

    Electrical plans mark up: On site & In the office

    Hi Guys Couple of questions see what others do maybe 🤔📝 Been using pen/ paper for yonks when dealing with re-drawing plans, everything else I seem to be digital and want to go this way if poss. Question 1 (in the office).... is there any 'electrical themed software' thats easy to use that I...
  4. S

    Level 4 electrical design

    Hi does anyone know any center in London dose EAL level 4 electrical installation course ( design and verification)
  5. S

    What is something electrical engineers know that others don't?

    I am not a graduated electrical engineer, but I have currently completed my second year of Electrical Engineering and I am going to go to third year of Electrical Engineering.
  6. W

    Electrical outlet in bedroom

    Outlet in bedroom stopped working. Replaced receptical and breaker.... Power out of breaker is good but no power at outlet. We have an old house and I have no idea where or how to trace the wires in walls that are old plaster. I'm totally lost.
  7. G

    Electrical Clamp for small home projects

    This may be a stupid question, but I am trying to connect a resistor for battery home testing. The wire on the end of the risistors are short so they will not fit into the end of the clamp with a screw. I am looking for a clamp that you can tighten the rubber plastic cover so I can connect the...
  8. S

    Large electrical ufh install

    Hi all any advice welcome. Long story but at the last moment I have been asked to advise on the possibility of installing electric ufh in a large yoga room as bums are cold on the floor. Room is 90sqm but my thinking for easy install supplier does 12sqm mats so perimeter left out that is 2x...
  9. M

    Practical side of level 2 electrical installation

    Hi can anyone who has done the level 2 in electrical installation advise me on what practical work is undertaken on it? Does it go as far as wiring up fuse boards?
  10. S

    What can you do with Electrical, electronic product service, and installation engineer qualification

    Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the right section of the forum, and if not please forgive me. As the title says, what can you do with the Electrical, electronic product service, and installation engineer qualification? Struggling to find what sort of work I would be able to do with it? would it...
  11. M

    Industrial electrical engineer turning domestic

    I am currently 10+ years apprentice served industrial electrical engineer looking to do some domestic work, I currently hold level 3 2365 and 18th edition and currently working on my HNC in Electrical Engineering. I am doing to 2391-52 later this year. Is there anything that I am missing or...
  12. M

    Level 2 electrical installation course

    Is this course worthwhile doing to gain electrical knowledge? Has anyone studied it before? Level 2 electrical installation
  13. Saren2

    Changing my electrical panel

    Hi, I opened the electrical panel of my house because I need to connect my solar inverter to the panel and got served a spaghetti of an installation. Made by an electrician in the early 2000's. It's like he went out of this way to not respect any code or national legislation: 1,5 mm2 wires...
  14. W

    Optima Electrical Traning

    Hi, I am in search of doing my NVQ 2357 and was wondering if anyone had done their training with Optima NVQ Electrical Installation Course Level 3 — Optima Electrical Training - https://www.optima-ect.com/level3nvq any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. W


    Hi hs anyone done distance learning on this course if so could you tell me how it was deliverd i mean was it video where they explain or was it slides.
  16. ShockAbsorber

    What is another name for an electrical apprentice?

    Hi all, South African here, 10 year's experience in IBM RPG programming. I stumbled upon this forum looking for answers, but because of the dedication I see from the members I'd rather study around here a bit before asking something, so I learn properly. Definitely happy to make a mistake and...
  17. OnlQQker

    Where There's A Will There's A Way...

    Never seen a step ladder used in such a way before, lol
  18. C

    Hi, Looking to expand my electrical knowledge

    New member here. I have a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology so I have some background in electricity theory. I have been doing DIY residential electrical work for several years. Joined here to expand my electrical knowledge. Thanks for having me.
  19. R

    Is TRS electrical wire legal

    Is TRS legal now if you have an electrical inspection of a property?
  20. JoeMagin

    Selectivity at Static Caravan

    Hi all, Just a electrical student here, and on holiday at a caravan park so, of course, i go snooping about a bit for the electrics. I notice the caravan at the hook up is fed off a 30mA RCD and 32A MCB. The board within the caravan contains a 30mA RCD and a 32A ring. As im just learning I...
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