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  1. D

    Set screw for ground wire stuck in breaker box

    I am a DIY'r. The last house I was in I tore down almost the entire house, room by room, to bare studs. Then rewired, reinsulated, drywalled, etc. We had the power lines buried and ran into a different part of the house when we had our basement replaced. I installed the new breaker box and...
  2. M

    20V to ground

    Hi, I'm on vacation in Panama and got a minor electrical shock twice toughing the oven. Strangely now I can't reproduce it. In the power outlet the tension to ground is 20V against both power cables. Between them it's 112V. What's wrong with the ground? Can that be the reason for the shock?
  3. G

    Under ground service to weather head or service head.

    What is common practice when hooking Armoured cable to a weather head. Do I need a aluminum weather head or is a threaded PVC one ok? Do I use a weather head with threads so my teck connector can screw straight I need ground bushings at both ends? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,
  4. C

    Possible bad ground in detached garage

    I have a hybrid vehicle, and I've use a Clipper Creek charger to plug it in for the last 2 or 3 years. A few days ago it was fine, and I unplugged to run an errand. When I came home, though, the charger was flashing on both "Power Fault" and "Charging Fault". After some research, this "usually"...
  5. 1

    Electrician messed up ground connections ?

    I had an electrician wire a hot tub . And from what I see the did not ground it properly. Or will this work how they did it with the ground? And they didn't use 6 gauge copper wire they twisted a couple together ?
  6. H

    Ground rod and EMI issue

    Hi guys. Im from Denmark. I just signed up in here, and I have a question about how to test my ground rod. I dont have any electrical experience, but im really trying to learn. so please bare over with me.. Well I have a cnc plasma projekt that I have problems with. The problem Is when i...
  7. SparkySy

    aemc ground resistance tester 3705

    Hi to the knowledgeable collective, I recently was given one of these clamp meters for helping a friend out, however upon researching its uses it looks like it's for testing ground spike or plate resistance. Has anyone used one of these and do you have any guidance in their use? I found the user...
  8. H

    Understaning 'Active at ground' (D+)

    In another thread I asked for advice on identifying +KEY in a Fiat Tyco connector socket. I notice that the circuit diagram for the connector also shows a pin for "Active at ground D+" Does that mean at that pin there is 12v present when the engine is running 0v when not running. OR does does...
  9. B

    Caravan electric box from ground

    Is there a reg for how high a caravan box should be from the ground?
  10. B

    Ground floor lighting trips out mcb

    Hi everyone, My first post but straight in with a couple of issues. I'll start with a 6amp MCB that keeps tripping out relating to ground floor lights. For your info: There is 10 x 3w led recessed lights in Kitchen, 8 x 3w led recessed lights ,plus a main central Led light (approx 100watt...
  11. happysteve

    Low IR to earth (with no CPC)

    Here's an interesting one... :) Amongst other things, was asked to replace a 1G exterior socket with a 2G. Did some basic checks before I started, including IR (L+N to E) on the RCBO-protected socket RFC. ~0.26MΩ, uh oh. Sigh theatrically, ponders a day of unplugging everything then splitting...
  12. O

    MF smoke detector installation for ground floor

    Hi All, Moving inappropriate ground floor smoke detector installation from hall corner to middle of ceiling. Original wiring is OMGrade under flooring above (currently lifted); JB (not MF) feeding mains and interlink via even nastier chocbox housing plastic screw connector box. Just about...
  13. robd

    Cable duct for under ground SWA

    Afternoon all, On an extension job, customer wants a cable run to a pond which is 70m from the house, for oxygenation and some lights. There are quite a bit of groundworks going in including all the drains which will be running downhill to said pond and are being dug currently. Builders want...
  14. M

    Ground Lights in paving / tiling

    Hi team, I'm after some installation advice. I am a spark, city & guilds 2365 L2 & L3, AM2 next month and just starting out on my own over the last few months. I've been asked by a customer to install some uplighters / walk over lights in a conservatory. The floor hasn't been laid yet, but is...
  15. L

    Capping ducting above ground?

    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster. I'm running a new supply to my garage, 6mm2 armoured over a 14m run. Most of this will be underground, and will be in 50mm ducting. I can't find much information on how best to cap/terminate/seal the end of the ducting once it emerges above ground...
  16. J

    Can incoming mains run above ground under suspended floor?

    Hi all. I'm looking for some expert advice on the above. I am having an extension built and the footings are a raft slab which can be built/poured under the existing incoming mains cable (it's in a black pipe approx 50mm dia). There will be a suspended floor approximately 100mm above the...
  17. C

    208Y/120 3P 4 wire 200 amp service ground/ neutral help

    I'm installing my own 208Y/120 3P 4 wire 200 amp service for my shop in lake ariel, PA. I have a few questions regarding the Neutral and the ground. So let me get things up to speed. This is a Brand new service installation. My poco is installing a new pole and a transformer for me after I pass...
  18. M

    Outdoor ground level footpath lights

    I've been asked to install some ground level footpath lights for 150 metres in a recreation ground. Anyone know a source of suitable lights? It seems that LV is out of the question and I've seen some dome shaped rubberised lights somewhere. Grateful for any information from experienced fitters...
  19. M

    Domestic mild tingling in certain scenarios

    Maybe I can pick the brains of some of you who actually understand electrical stuff - this is over my head and I am keen to identify the problem asap. I initially thought I'd identified a problem with my guitar amp. Last night, when plugged in and playing through the amp connected to the mains...
  20. Amar

    2 Bed Ground floor maisonette

    Hi folks, I have been asked to rewire a couples ground floor 2 bed maisonette, purely because they want a load of extra sockets, new 10mm shower supply, mains smokes/heat, new kitchen layout and spot lights etc. Which is fine but all the ceilings and floor and walls are concrete. My idea was...
  21. J

    reasonable priced ground lights

    had a look at collingwood- but there 130quid online UK Electrical Supplies - something closer to this but dimmerable: Mini Recessed Walk-Over LED Light IP65 - White -...
  22. N

    Outdoor socket flush with the ground in the garden

    Is there a problem with installing an outdoor IP65 socket flush with the ground, fed via SWA cable? Are there any regs or issues I should be aware of besides the usual when installing outdoor socket on a wall? Of course, I have to make sure it's in a location where it may not easily be...
  23. G


    the house i am due to rewire has floorboards on the ground floor, can i rewire the sockets from underneath the same as you would the first floor ? are we permitted to drill out as normal ? tia
  24. loz

    Checking a borrowed neutral

    changing a fuse board today, house wired in the 60s with the landing light on the ground floor lighting circuit. Tested at 250v ins res between the neutral of the 1st floor lights and the neutral of the ground floor lights. Result was 0.04meg ohm. Flick switch for landing light and the reading...
  25. G

    Man cave earthing

    hi all I've got a man cave to get a supply to the earthing at the house is TNS, the man cave is steel frame, no spare ways in the house cu, it's a 30m run from meter to man cave, would you suggest a tt install or can I use the TNS, tt would be a pain to get the rods in ground as walls are...
  26. L

    Horn wire steering wheel

    Hi all I am very confuaed trying to fix my horn I have an omp aftermarket wheel which has a red connector attached to the Hub metal bit and available as spade connector to connet to the horn button Then the horn has two tabs for spade connectors which are ground and positive Ground is making...
  27. L

    Garden Lighting

    Morning Lads Hope everyones having a nice break over the hols, i have been caught relaxing too much and strong armed into completing the endless list of already active jobs. After replacing the abortion of a CU under the stairs to a fancy, hager-high integrity 17th ed to accommodate an rcbo for...
  28. K

    Very old cut out info

    Came across this recently. Looks like 30s, 40s maybe. Does anybody have any info, Bs number, kA values...
  29. M

    I need help with wiring, please!

    Hi guy, I have a project to do and I am a little bit stuck. So, the problem sounds like this: I need to connect a cable with 4 wires (power, data+, data-, gnd) with a 6 output pins to get pwr, smclk, smb, 2 more pins and the ground. Could someone advice me with his, a little bit? I would...
  30. M

    Sub-main install urgent question

    Hi Everyone Looking for you knowledgeable people to help me out with question about the routing of sub-mains. UKPowerNetworks are soon to install a new 3-phase supply to an external meter box. This will supply two separately owned maisonettes (shared Freehold) - one on ground floor and the...
  31. F

    Outside lights

    Hi, I've put some under ground lights in a restaurant with outside seating. The lights are in the ground but there is a kirb all the way around then some shale then a wall. I have come from armoured cable into a weather proof box. into a light sensor. then into a galvonised t box. this first t...
  32. C

    Review and Critique My Off Grid House Plans Please

    Hi All New here...just discovered forum after posting this elsewhere but probably better advise here Please be kind.....Ive done as much reading as I can and I although I find most of the calculations and formulas impossible, I've ran through most online calculators and now have the following...
  33. D

    Best Way To Ground Rf Energy From Ethernet Network

    I'm not an electrician, but I am looking for some advise on the best way to drain a shielded CAT6A ethernet network in a UK house built in 1989. I need to drain the RF energy at one end. I have finished installing in excess of 500m of CAT6A and every cable save for one goes to two CAT6A patch...
  34. a-z electrics

    mains tails via swa

    What advice can you give concerning running a 3 metre run of mains tails under ground from the meter head to a new CU in a newbuild property (barn conversion)? and what size would you say? I'm assuming at this stage the earthing will be tncs. The requirement is 100A and I see in the TLC...
  35. R

    Problem with new garage sub panel

    I get really fed up posting questions on forums and having people "answer" me who have no clue what they're talking about, so I came here to ask the pros!!!................. After having great success a few years ago wiring my girlfriend's storage shed for 220, I now have my own house and ran...
  36. J

    Plug-in Solar Power Stations

    Hi there. Interested to know what anyone thinks about these plug-in solar power stations which are coming onto the market. These things are wired (via a Switched Fused Connection Unit) into the mains power supply. This system dispenses with the feed-in tariff and can apparently be installed...
  37. J

    Kipor Sinemaster generator earth

    I have the above 3.0 kVA generator to power a caravan and I am unsure about the earthing requirements. After reading the manual and the HSE guidance I am of the opinion that it is a floating earth and an external earth rod is not necessary. If anyone knows any different or has any advice, it...
  38. S

    DNO upgrade

    how easy / difficult is it to get DNO to upgrade from 60A to 100A main cut out im in swansea so swalec (i think)
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