1. R

    Advice for DIY Strip LED

    I want to do some strip LED lighting around the house. I recently bought 5m Grovee strip LED (£20 amazon) and I am impressed with the choice of colours/white available with it, but it is expensive. I and have some left over and want to figure out how I can use this without the Grovee...
  2. K

    Creating a USB-powered 5V vanity mirror

    I’m in the process of creating a jewelry box in solid oak, where the lid of the box acts as a mirror. I’m exploring the possibility of adding LED lighting into the mirror the same way it's done with a lot of other vanity mirrors...
  3. E

    LED Strip audio driver

    Hi, I made a comparison of Led drivers that react to music. I wasn't satisfied with the commercial ones, so the middle one is designed by myself. The self-made middle one reacts to audio frequency and volume. The other ones react to volume only. What do you think?
  4. multimarcus

    5v 60A Power Supply for LED Panels — Choosing good cable size

    Hello everyone! I would like to power 8 LED RGB panels, each takes 5v input and according to the datasheet 20W. (I take every consumes about 4A x 8 approx 32A) I have a Power Supply from Meanwell. It has a single output of 5v and 60A, I could also opt for a slightly smaller one, 40A if better...
  5. R

    Help Needed For Flickering LED with Dimmer switch

    Hi, I recently bought some LED ceiling lights and installed it. It is operated by a 3-way switch, one of which is a dimmer switch( 6674-P0W - https://www.leviton.com/en/products/6674-p0w). The lights kept flickering when I turned them on. When the slider is in the low range, the lights would...
  6. Kamikase

    need an expert opinion on this connection

    Hi All, I am trying to understand what is going on with my under the cupboard led lights. This connection was already like this when I bought the house where for some reason one light is working fine where but the other 2 lights have the same 4 leds working fine (the other 15 lit up but not as...
  7. G

    Recommend dimmable constant voltage driver for a LED strip

    Hi, can anyone recommend a dimmable constant voltage driver for a LED strip and any suppliers? Many thanks
  8. N

    On-off rocker switch with wall mounted LED controller

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and working on a van conversion - I also dabble in guitar pedals! I have a wall mounted LED controller hooked up to my down-lights. I'd like to be able to turn the circuit on/off at another location in the vehicle (i.e. to make a 2 way circuit). Is it possible to add...
  9. J

    UK Got an Outside lighting joint box with swa Cables and an led 750ma Cable outgoing,anyone got any experience good or bad of WAGOBOX IP68 capsule JB ?

    Anyone used them wagobox capsules for swa Cables? I’ve got an external lighting job with semi hidden joints wanted and the capsule top flush with the grass.
  10. F

    Taillight running light issue

    Hey guys, I have a 2013 genesis coupe and a couple weeks ago the running light on the driver side taillight stopped working. Every other light works including the brake lights which I think use the same led’s. Today I went to go pick up a new assembly but when i plugged it in It still doesn’t...
  11. S

    What type of G9 (LED) bulbs to buy for a dimmer switch (dimmer function no longer working)

    Hi, I am replacing some bulbs in my parents' lounge ceiling light to G9 5W (LED) bulbs. It was originally operated by dimmer switch, but the dimmer function no longer works, so am unsure whether to buy dimmable or non dimmable bulbs. Advice gratefully received, many thanks.
  12. suffolkspark

    Pir led flood with overide core

    Hi all, I need a decent quality PIR LED flood. Both JCC and KSR have the stupid double flick of the switch method for overide. I need one that has the good old fashioned perm live input aswell as switched! Any brands that 100% have this capability? Only needs be approx 20watt cool white pref
  13. D

    Is it safe to use 10mm flexi conduit for single circuit cable run, less than 3m, mounted in ceiling, 2 LED domestic lighting points?

    Trying to replace a single run, approx 3M with no bends, of a single 1.5mm twin & earth cable between 2 lighting points in a domestic space. Cable to be mounted IN the ceiling & plastered over. Both points to carry an LED light fitting so minimal current. Is it safe to use 10mm conduit? BS7671...
  14. S

    ADVICE: Is there a way to control an LED light temperature after marked

    Hello, and thanks for your help in advance. For a client's minor renovation, they purchased this fixture: View...
  15. C

    Where on Earth sells 10m RGBWW LED strips (preferably smart enabled)??

    I can't for the life of me find anywhere that sells 10m RGBWW led strips that don't cost an arm and a leg. I can find lots of 5m options, would it be just as simple as getting two 5m reels and a doubly powerful power supply then soldering the reels together? Why does smart capability seem to...
  16. T

    Wiring a 6" chandelier for LED

    I have been working on a chandelier design for a month now in 3d builder and will be printing it, now the wiring part comes into play because this particular chandelier requires 36 lights in the design. It will be 5 tiered and 3 of the middle tiers will be lights the top and bottom tiers will...
  17. Q

    Led ceiling Lights - one light Flickers when other is switched ON

    Hi, In my room 2 Led round ceiling lights are installed, week ago both were fine, but now when I turn on both lights, one starts flickering, even their emitting light is getting low... Is it switch problem or LEDs needs replacement?
  18. J

    Led lights dimming

    Evening everyone. i am an approved electrician but have come across a problem i have never seen before. been doing a private job. Off of one switch is 8 led downlights and 2led floodlights with a combined wattage of 100W. the problem is that if i turn both switches on the lights run but dim...
  19. F

    DIY advice- led driver/socket adapter

    Hello, I’m looking to replace some old square ceiling recessed lighting with some LEDs. I’m wondering if I can wire the included driver in to a socket adapter to utilize the box currently there, or if I have to remove the socket and direct wire it. The former is much easier, but as I’m quite...
  20. S

    Power off - LED Floodligt Still illuminated

    Switch off. MCB off. What's occoring with this security light. Admittedly dim, but still illuminated with seemingly no wiggly amps.