1. A

    LED/Ceiling Fan conflict

    I have three 6" LED wafers and a ceiling fan on the same circuit/switch. I wanted to control them separately, so I installed GOVEE smart lights ((H601A) figuring I could leave the switch turned on and control the lights from my phone and the fan with a remote control. The fan line comes off the...
  2. C

    UK LED T8 lights

    Having done the numbers I modified my 5 x 4ft double batens in the workshop to take LED tubes T8 22W. After less than a couple of years, 50% have failed. They flash annoyingly just like the old tubes and then give up altogether. Has anyone else had the same experience. One theory is they...
  3. S

    Led Driver Help Needed Please

    Hi Good day I have a problem and hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction. I'm a guy who like DIY and bought 10 Led Strip Light the make is Bridgelux BXEB-L1190U-40E3000-C-C3 Is the part number It uses 38.2vdc per strip needs to be run @700ma. so the wattage comes out to...
  4. L

    DIY Halogen to LED Standard Lamp

    DIY Hi to you all and thank you for allowing me to post on your forum and for taking the time to look. I haven’t been able to find the answer anywhere. Hopefully the pictures will help they are in order and show my old lamp that I like to use to read and sew by when the light is poor. I would be...
  5. L

    Any led sensor lights that do not detect through glass?

    Recently fitted gamma led motion sensor ceiling lights outside my windowed front door in a shared hallway (4 flats) are being triggered from the flat inside. Are lights available that do not detect through glass (and also have emergency battery back-up)?
  6. littlespark

    LED tape. Good suppliers?

    A few years ago i fitted some plain warm white LED tape, inside an alu profile around a customers bedroom. Sourced from YESSS at the time... around 16m, on a 150W psu. The same people are now asking for another room to be done... but im getting nowhere asking either of my local wholesalers for...
  7. J

    How to wire led light

    Chinese to uk ?
  8. T

    Have I gone over the top with Lighting ?

    Hi All, I am currently in the process of building an extension and I need to purchase some led downlights for my kitchen but unsure how many I should buy as the last thing I want to do is for my kitchen to look like an Airport runway. Is there a formula of some sort to work out how many...
  9. _q12x_

    How to make a 20 LED chaser with 4017 ?

    How to make a 20 LED chaser with 4017 ? But only 1 led at a time and counting from 0 to 20.
  10. G

    Led tape driver

    Hello, Does anyone know of a Driver for led tape that can adjust the brightness on the driver itself by turning a screw etc ? Just need something I can adjust to the correct level and then leave behind a panel and just switch off and on with a lightswitch .
  11. N

    Running LED bar in series

    Hey all, I'm not sure if I'm over thinking this, but I can't seem to find the answer to what I believe should be a simple question. I picked up two 12VDC 5W 108 LED light bars. I'll be attaching both to the same power supply. My question is can I run them in series? Each light has a switch, as...
  12. oosti_1

    12v Solar camp light setup

    Hello, I'm new to this and I'm looking for someone to review my wiring diagram. I'm not sure if I need a fuse block because I'm using an XTM branded kit that includes 4 LED light strips. They advertise that this can connect directly to a battery with alligator clips. XTM 4 Bar Light Kit -...
  13. I

    Driving LED Chip

    Hi everyone, I would like to use LED chips for DIY projects, to power them I would start from 12V drivers for LED strips. For some chips it is necessary to convert the 12v to 3 or 6v. Could you recommend some products that are easily available online? If not, someone can advise me where to...
  14. R

    Connect Led fixture 2 wires, to ceiling light with 4 wires.

    I have 2 lights connected to 1 switch. I installed a led light fixture on one light, it had one red wire and one black wires. It was easy to match the wires to the led light fixture. The 2nd light has 2 red and 2 black. Because the 2 lights are wired together. How do I put a led light fixture on...
  15. P

    Can I mix Fluorescent and LED ?

    I have three Aurora Fluorescent linkable (linked) under cabinet 'strip' lights (c.21cm each) under the kitchen cabinets and over the sink area (but not directly above) put in by the builders in 2006 when it was built. The middle Aurora strip light has failed and needs replacing - the Aurora...
  16. R

    Italian LED Floodlight Moisture Issue

    I'm from Sri Lanka. We have installed LED Floodlights from two different Italian Brands (I can mention the names if wanted) on two different sports grounds. Both fixtures are IP66 protected. Yet, both types had the issue of retaining water (mostly moisture) inside the LED compartment. This led...
  17. C

    Anything to consider replacing below-cupboard kitchen LED lights?

    We bought a house with an array of broken (some cosmetic issues, some functional) downlights under cupboards in our kitchen. The bulb seem to be integrated into long wires and tracing them back up it seems there's a bunch of what I presume LED drivers on top of the cupboards. Should I be...
  18. D

    LED replacement for 90v E27 frosted/pearl glass bulb

    Hi all. Slightly out of the ordinary, but I'm looking to replacing between 60 to 100 standard size E27 bulbs with LED equivalent. The catch is the LED must run at 90v, rather than 230v. "Why?" you ask, these bulbs are used in heritage diesel-electric pulled coaches and we're looking to 1)...
  19. G

    Fixing recessed LED ceiling profile in place

    Hi, want to installed some LED strips in the ceiling and wanted to know how the recessed LED profile is fixed in place and stop the plasterboard from cracking or sagging when it is running parrallel to the ceiling joists. Has anyone done this? Thanks
  20. J

    Dimmer Switch - LED

    our dimmer switch stopped working after 7 years so went to replace it at the weekend. When I opened it up, the black wire was in the common slot and the red wire was in L1 which i thought odd because i thought it needed to be the other way around. Anyway as it had worked for so long that way...


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