1. B

    Advice a reliable ip44 warm led light up to 1m

    Hi to all, can you please advice a reliable ip44 warm led light strip/batten up to 1m to be placed under "hanged" sink cabinet? thank you
  2. A

    Led strip light fault

    Hi Guys I've fitted 12m of LED strip light 9.6watt/meter which equates to 115w. I've used a 150w driver. The lights where checked before and after fitted OK but had not been on for a long period of time. They seem to be turning off by itself now having been left on for a longer time. If I turn...
  3. S

    Will the DEXTRA GROUP Impervia LUXT5249 PC EL fluorescent fittings take LED tubes?

    Hi. As per subject heading. We have a lot of these florrie fittings at our unit that we'd like to change to LED. The manufacturer - DEXTRA - claim that there are no LED tubes that can work in them, so we need complete new LED fittings. It would obviously be a lot less work if we could fit LED...
  4. Justyjust

    Led Downlights for celotex insulation

    I need some help locating suitable led downlights to be installed in rigid celotex, they are being installed in a flat roof but there is 70mm of insulation behind the plasterboard. Does anyone know Of any lights that can do directly into the insulation. Thanks
  5. M

    Wardrobe door sensor & LED lights

    Next week I'm starting to build a few built-in wardrobes for the bedrooms and I've hit a brick wall on the lightning element. Normally I run 1.5mm 2-core from a junction box to the different LED strip light locations, and then from the junction box to the LED driver and from there to a...
  6. A

    LED lights flickering and going out

    Hi all, just joined the forum, have a weird problem, wondering if I could get some ideas. We built our house about 6 years ago. The downstairs was professionally wired, I wired the upstairs, when I finished that part of the house. All our ceiling lights are LED's. A while back, one of the...
  7. A

    I need 12v LED help!

    Hey guys, I am stumped. I have some 12v rgb Led Lights which come with their own controller and you control the light via the phone app. They don't make such a light with voice command so I decided to buy another 12v LED controller that does have voice command. I have no idea why but lights...
  8. J

    LED ceiling lights - I'm baffled

    The customer has five small LED ceiling lights in their bathroom. Some of the lights stopped working. A previous electrician came and 'did some work' but could not resolve the matter. I've taken a look, and three lights have been removed. I assume these were the broken ones, and he took them to...
  9. S

    LED Strips wiring - various strips length to 2 drivers?

    Hi all, I got my place recently renovated with a cove light installed in my living room. The issue is that my contractor engaged with an electrician who didn't seem to know too much and got a bad result, so I'm looking at re-wiring by myself. The cove is roughly 3 x 3.7m. I have 2 x 80W 12V...
  10. H

    LED touch mirror - correct way to switch off?

    We have had two LED touch screen mirrors installed in our ensuite. You have a touch button on the mirror to switch off and change brightness and colour. It is intalled so there is a switch on the wall as well - both mirrors are on the same switch. Hoping someone can help settled a debate - I...
  11. B

    Replacing 2 x 4 flourescent troffers with LED units. Not sure about lumens/brightness.

    This in a kitchen/dining area of maybe a little over 200 sq. ft. (10 x 21ish). Presently have 4 flourescent troffers with standard 2 40w lamps each, mounted in the drop ceiling. Pic is attached. Want to convert over to LED troffers. I would not want any more brightness than I do now, and...
  12. martispyc

    The brightness of the U 64 LED Matrix Panel from AZ-Delivery

    Can you provide more information about the brightness/intensity of the U 64 LED Matrix Panel from AZ-Delivery? Specifically, what is the maximum brightness of the panel in nits, and how does this compare to other LED matrix panels on the market? Are there any factors that can affect the...
  13. F

    Automotive electrical wiring help LED bar

    Baja wiring harness LED light help. I've fitted a US Baja harness on my Australian FJ, but I need to replace the Baja harness switch setup so that I can comply with A.U requirements for forward facing L.E.Ds. Australian road law requires a forward-facing L.E.D can only come on when the...
  14. Z

    LED spot light glowing at night when switched off

    Hey all, I installed two LED SAL double spot lights (with no sensor) and the customer rang and said they are glowing at night when the switch is off. I looked in to it and i found the term ghosting. They are not two wayed but they are switched together. Has any one eles had this problem? What...
  15. R

    Cheapest/easiest way to replace these spot lights

    Hi I've just moved into a flat and it has old brass downlights in every room, I also think a lot of them are halogen and not led so keen to replace them all. Sorry if the pics aren't enough but based on the wiring I have, could I just buy new white led spring holders (not sure name!) and...
  16. EalingBadger

    Looking for "additional" functionality in PIR operated LED bulbs

    Driven by the recent colossal hikes in the cost of electricity I hit upon the wizard wheeze of replacing some of the existing LED bulbs in our own house with PIR triggered ones - especially in regularly but lightly trafficked areas such as the hall where we tend to turn on the lights and leave...
  17. aquariumsrcool

    led strips lighting for shelf

    hi im looking to solder solid-color led strips to one power supply for each color, in order to dim each color individually. this is reasonable right? if i were to split the white strip over 4 different shelves, and i don't want to connect the ends of each strip to the next one (cause it'll be...
  18. A

    Cornice LED strip lighting

    Hi Guys Never used LED strip lighting before. Customer wants the cornice strip lighting around bedroom so I can access loft space if required. Would i be correct in thinking I take the switched live from bedroom light switch to the driver (all done in loft) then drop down to connect to LED...
  19. K

    LED Driver alternative

    Hi, I wondered if anyone could advise on a suitable alternative to the following LED driver: Tried CEF, RS, and online but they can't get hold of the exact part.
  20. tetoncraftworks

    running LED christmas lights with a power supply instead of batteries

    i have an old motorola ac power supply and i want to convert my battery powered led christmas lights to an outlet. The power supply says Input 120v Output 4.0 vdc 350mA Will this work? The batteries box uses three 1.5 double AA's. Thanks
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