1. B

    LED strip ceiling lights

    Hello all. I want to fit LED strip lights to the ceiling with 45 degree channeling and diffuser around my son’s room. As there are so many different types, brands, lengths, amps/volts, accessories etc I could use some advice from anyone who’s done this please and the most reliable site to order...
  2. W

    How do we sort this one?

    I've got a 3w LED fitting (shower light, and fan combined), but a replacement lamp flashes. Why? What can I do to get a new one to work ok? Thanks. Colin
  3. D

    26Watt PL CFL to LED

    I have looked a small office refurb where currently installed are recessed 2x 26w PL CFL's (about 50 in total). Client doesn't want to replace light fittings which might also mean some ceiling repairs so looking to just replace lamps with LED equivalent. Has anyone any recommendations for...
  4. olisones

    LED COB strip not lighting despite power

    Hi all. First post and wondering if someone can help. I have a single colour LED COB that I’m having issues with. The strip is to be controlled by a small Wi-Fi controller unit. Due to the positioning, I removed the connector and now have a positive and negotiable wire. These both show current...
  5. J

    What is the expected rate to replace 25 halogen downlights with LED ones?

    I'm homeowner and moved into a property which has 25 halogen downlights, I'm hoping to get an electrician to replace these with LED ones, what sort of cost am I looking at excluding the materials? Without needing to enlarge cutouts, I should be able to find something which fits in the existing...
  6. B

    LED Dimming unbalanced, bulbs flicker and pulse

    Evening guys! I have three of these bulbs on a ceiling light, controlled by a dimmer switch installed by an electrician: https://www.lampandlight.co.uk/e27-led-g95-golden-amber-filament-5w-200lm-1800k-3-step-dimmer Unfortunately there are a number of issues: - For 8/10’ths of the range of...
  7. James

    led downlighters help please

    Just popped round to a neighbours house, they have several of these in the kitchen that have failed https://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/products/4655073-10w-all-in-one-led-fire-rated-downlight can anyone suggest a direct replacement 6000k Daylight downlighter, preferably one that has the same plug...
  8. HappyHippyDad

    Which LED driver?......

    I'm not too sure which LED driver I can use to replace the one in the picture. It states max 21V, does this mean any thing less than that is ok? It also says DC 24V though, which has confused me. Would it be a constant current LED driver seeing as though thus one implies the voltage is...
  9. H

    Under cabinet led strip lighting connected to light switch

    Hi, I have replaced some under cabinet kitchen tube lamps with LED ones. I followed the same layout and just replaced the lights. Each light (4 in total) is wired to its own fuse box and operated by the kitchen light switch on the wall. As well as each light being connected to a fuse box...
  10. G

    18W electronic ballast for a LED lamp

    Hello gents I'm just after some clarification, I have a kitchen light fitting that uses a 2D 28W compact fluoresent lamp that I'd like to convert to a LED 2D lamp that I've bought because I thought it would work with the existing control gear. I realise now that I have a magnetic rather...
  11. MarianC

    Cano Round LED Bulkhead with PIR

    Hi Everyone I need a little advice please. I have bought a Coast Outdoor Led Bulkhead & PIR which states on the instructions that it can be fitted vertically and horizontally. It was fitted by the electrician horizontally, but unfortunately it appears that the PIR is looking directly down...
  12. A

    Replacing 12v GU4 downlighters with LED.

    In the bathroom we have a panel above the wash basin with 3 x 12v Halogen downlighters powered through a single transformer. I am looking to replace the halogens with LED equivalents with a 12v LED driver. I have removed the bezel and there is a very thin black plastic ring but I can see no...
  13. T

    Cable requirement for 240v LED 6w downlights?

    Hi Simple question I think - is there a specific cable requirement for connecting up 240v 6w LED downlights in a daisy chain extending the current lighting circuit? Probably going to have 6-12 lights running off 1 switch. Aware needs to be 3 core with earth to all lights - more the rating of...
  14. K

    Ideas on how to install SELV LED on wireless switch?

    Hi everyone I am going to install LED lightstrips in the garden which would be on the SELV and obviously it needs to be installed using stepping down transformer however the lights needs to be on wireless switch technology which would require another transformer to feed the stepdown...
  15. Bowmeat

    Workshop led lighting help

    Hi all , hopefully somebody on here can help me out, I recently went to change a led unit in a workshop , cut power ,changed led unit , then when I switch power back on it didn't work and also took the bank of 5 lights down with it , disconnected it and the bank still doesn't work, checked...
  16. B

    Installation help UK

    Hi folks, I just have a few quick wiring questions I could do with some help with please. I'm in the UK. Following advice on here and other places I'm changing a couple of rooms from 12v halogen gu5.3 to 230v LED light fittings. There currently is this round connector linked to the live &...
  17. H

    600x600 LED panel labour cost

    How much are people charging per 600x600 LED panel? This is only for labour as client is supplying fittings.
  18. nicebutdim

    LED Filament Lamps.

    There was a discussion some time back that wound its way to the subject of LED filament lamps - specifically those with fairly high output - but I can't seem to find it now. I'm trying to find B22 GLS lamps producing around 1000+ lumens, but it's proving difficult without paying considerable...
  19. L

    Matching led drivers

    Hi guys - I need to replace an LED driver for one of my downlights. I know how to make sure the bulb is compatible with the driver, but as I can’t find the exact same driver as those which connect to the other bulbs, I’m worried that it might perform differently to the others. My question...
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