1. P

    Led trailer wiring help

    Hello. Recently I've purchased some led lights for my trailer. Secondhand no wiring guide. Led wire colours are white,black,red,yellow and green. I have standard 7 wire cable and socket from old lights. Any help would be appreciated
  2. CNCman

    LED Light Fixtures Needed

    I installed these round light fixtures in my office 23 years ago. After a few years the circular flourescent tubes went out and I replaced them. Those finally died and I bought these nifty LED replacements. They have 5 strong magnets on the back, I wired them in, stuck the magents to the back of...
  3. I

    Outside IP rated lightup LED tiles

    Hi (Im DIY - with an electrician to install), does anyone know a UK supplier of IP rated lightup LED tiles suitable for permanent outside use (dancefloor)? 600mm x 600mm. Thanks, Ian @ Wilby NN8 2UE
  4. B

    Bathroom LED Mirror Turns On Automatically After Power Cut

    Hi All I have recently had a new bathroom mirror installed with a built in LED and Demister that is turned on using a motion sensor. The mirror works perfectly, except when there is a power cut. When the power is restored, the mirror LED automatically turns on, this is not ideal if we are out...
  5. W

    LED bulb true wattage

    I am lighting my workshop with LED's. I had all 13W (1500 lumens) but wanted more light on the benches, so ordered some 23W, which is supposed to be 2500 Lumens, The 23W seemed only slightly brighter than the 13W, if at all, so I tested with a "Kill a Watt" meter. The 13 W showed a true 13...
  6. N

    Question about the little LED inside light switch 😎

    hello soooo...😅 i recently changed all the light switches in my house. now i saw a video that showed the 2 tiny wires inside the switch should be connected to the "in" and "out" thingies. BUT, before installation, i stick them in a power outlet (witch has a phase and a zero obviously 😎) and saw...
  7. Jeffersonelias

    Cns anyone please help with this French Nano LED table lamp?

    I would like to install a plug as the original one has been cut off. It has a black sleeved wire but also a non sleeved cable with no indication whether it is a live. Can you please advise which type of plug I need for this? Many thanks
  8. J

    Wide bezel adjustable LED GU10

    Does anyone know of a product similar to the Integral LED 70-100mm range (linked) that allows you to adjust the lamp direction? The client has a few that are shining onto paintings, but we would like to be consistent with the bezel size...
  9. littlespark

    Reliable LED floodlights

    The stately home I work with has asked me to repair a couple floodlights not working. Mounted very high up… I could hang over the roof and checked the lamp, which was ok… but noticed water behind the glass. Am building scaffold tomorrow to check the supply, although non-contact was indicating a...
  10. Popabear

    LED indicators I just fitted on my Suzuki drz400 2018 are not working correctly please help

    Hi all as mentioned I fitted two new stedi led indicators to my Suzuki 2018 drz400sm the front ones not stedi were fitted by the previous owner but seem to be running a little fast however the new rear ones would only flash twice then stop same every time I called the store and was told they...
  11. D

    LED lighting Mains and 12volt DC on same circuit

    Hello I have recently moved home and I looking to upgrade lighting across the house to LED. In the kitchen I have found that there is installed a mains powered lighting circuit which serves five LED lamps (surface mounted and recessed) Included within the same circuit is a junction box into...
  12. T

    LED pendant light charger

    Hi. I’ve got two pendant lights that currently run halogen lamps. One of the converters is broken so I’m planning to change both for LED lamps. Please could someone let me know what LED charger I need to buy for this. Ideally Amazon for quick delivery. Photos of the lights and the existing...
  13. H

    Replacement Light Tube - LED??

    Hey all, So this is probably a quick question. I have some under-cupboard kitchen light tubes that are old and have clearly blown at some point. Would like to replace them but have two questions: 1. In the attached photo, you can see the product identifiers, but an internet search doesn't bring...
  14. I

    USA Flickering LED room lights in a new house my son is having built.

    My son is having a new house built. The electrical wiring is almost complete but a problem has been detected. Some of the rooms LED lights flicker when lights in other rooms on other circuits are switched on or off. His electrician has not been able to find the problem. Some lights are on...
  15. S

    LED Tube light fitting

    Hello! Hope you’re all keeping well! I’m replacing a fluorescent tube light which had an electronic ballast fitting - I’ve ripped this out and plan on fitting an LED tube instead. There’s two wires coming out the either end fittings - do I just twist these together and put them in a block...
  16. HnyBear

    Battery Powered Led Strip Project - Need Help!

    I am trying to put some led light strips under the fenders of my fat tire E-bike. I’ve been looking at led light strips on Amazon, AliExpress and Alibaba for weeks. I’ve decided on, and please correct me if I’m wrong, SMD 5050 WS2812B 144 led per meter strips. I need 1 meter per fender. Many...
  17. M

    LED Driver replacement

    Hello everyone Would this driver be a suitable replacement to this one vvv? Not gonna lie, it gives me a headache already
  18. B

    Advance in LED tech?

  19. P

    Pool LED malfunction

    Not sure I'm posting in the right place but: We had a pool built. There are 5 LED waterfalls installed. The LED strips can toggle between 5 colors. The middle LED strip started malfunctioning. Initially the white color had a mild pink hue, now it only shows Green, Red, Blue. When choosing white...
  20. N

    G4 LED stay on after Dimmer is Switched Off

    The G4 110V 3W dimmable bulbs I purchased work with a dimmer. I can brighten them and dim them, but when I turn the dimmer off, the LED bulbs remain on (the same level as the lowest brightness). I am using a Lutron Maestro LED+ Dimmer. This style dimmer has tiny lights built into the switch so...
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