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  1. S

    Outdoor Led strip light

    Hi all I’m new here. I’ve just installed 25m of ip68 led strip lights round my garden. 8w per meter. They came on just a plug top. Installed it all then plugged in brilliant. Just what we wanted. Now I’ve cut the plug off and gone through a photocell. But now when they come on at dusk they...
  2. A

    Led batten wiring

    Hi, what type/size of wire will I need for 6 36W led batten lights in my garage? Would 2 core 0.75mm round flex wire be ok?
  3. T

    Need help matching power supply to LED project.

    Hello, I am an artist in Portland Oregon and I need to power an array of 3 watt cob leds (9-12vdc 260-280ma) https://www.ebay.com/itm/311651957952 They need to be strung in strands of 8 (12 total strands) 96 total leds. I would like to run them a little underpowered to reduce the heat and...
  4. D

    Led floods

    My parents want their front , side and back old pir flood lights changing , they are full of rust and all the paint has peeling off. As I have time on my hands i Might as well crack on and change them. It’s a job thats been on the back burner for months. led floods seem to range from 10£ right...
  5. B

    LED sequential strip in car, problem!

    Hi everyone, I am a noobie playing around with the car. It makes me so happy to take things apart but with no knowledge I most of the times struggle to put it back together lol. Anyway, decided to instal a strip inside my headlight. I hooked it up into standard H4 turn signal cables and the...
  6. G

    LED flex Strip lights fixings?

    Hi quick question, I need to removed some LED tape lights I fitted under my kitchen cabinets a while ago in order to fit some profiles. The adhesive they originally came with is not sticky enough to reattach them. Does anyone have any suggestions what to use? Thanks in advance Graeme
  7. O

    240v DC! led strip lights

    A client asked me to fit some LED strip lights, 1m long, easy enough, they bought them, probably on Amazon, 3 pin plug with 6 inches of wire and then a very small plastic enclosure about the size of a switch, then another 6 inches of wire directly into the strip lighting. I needed to extend the...
  8. M

    Wiring an LED light bar to the h4 high beam wire

    Hey guys! This may seem like a dumb question to ask, I’m new to all of this and am trying to learn for myself and am stuck! So on the previous car I owned I wired up my light bar to the positive and ground cable connecting to my high beam wires, this worked fine! I know I’m meant to have a...
  9. F

    Building - 12v LED Motorcycle Rear Tail/Brake Light

    Hi guys! Hoping you can help me. I'm making a custom 12v motorcycle brake light. I'm at the stage where I need an LED board/unit that does both tail and brake lights. I haven't finished machining the light housing yet as I need to know the board dimensions. I'm a motorcycle mechanic by trade...
  10. D

    The breaker on the right trips after anything from 30 seconds to an hour. I have only two led lights on this circuit

    The breaker on the right trips after anything from 30 seconds to an hour. I have only two led lights on this circuit. Can anyone please help? Source URL: DIY Electrical Forum - https://www.electriciansforums.net/forums/diy-electrical-forum.64/
  11. G

    How to wire a beer pump with LED lights

    Hi, I have got my hands on some beer pumps, the come with LED lights built in but Im not sure on how to power them, wires from the LED going into what looks liske a black box with capacitors in it then another purple and orange wire coming out of that to where id supply it, is it as...
  12. D

    Flashing LED emergencies

    Hi all changed over some old 2D emergencies 11 in total for LED. They are controlled from some time lag switches on a communal staircase. But as soon as I powered up the lights all flash randomly. Had it before when one has flashed and just changed when to an incandescent but never had them all...
  13. M

    Confirm Wiring and LED Driver Compatibility?

    Hello, I desire to power (4) 300W LED COBs simultaneously via a single 120v AC plug. Each COB has their own 300W driver. The driver is AC input and DC output. It is a constant current driver. Here's the spec sheet of the driver. I assume I would be using the H-AB, which provides a DC voltage...
  14. G

    DIY upgrade lights to LED in room converted to office

    I rent an old property so need to minimise any changes to it. My office is a large room (6m x 7m) with a single bayonet pendant light socket which eats thru 100W bulbs and as I get older I'm finding that there is insufficient light. So I purchased some LED light panels to install over my desk...
  15. R

    Stairway LED advice please

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if I can get some advice on some stairway LED lights. These lights are approx 5 years ago and has all except for one has been failing. Upon closer inspection, I realise the entire housing is wired and the LED component is solder on. I was wondering if its possible to...
  16. N

    Motion triggered battery powered dimmable COB LED light

    My view on life, in any field, is not to produce more but to consume less. Everybody told me this is a very eccentric weird mentality. Perhaps they are right. Nevertheless I have to build my project to make a highly efficient, extremely low drain, motion triggered 12V battery powered dimmable...
  17. T


    Hi guys, Im looking at fitting a floodlight in my back garden. It is a 30w LED with PIR sensor (bought from Toolstation). Ideally, I want the PIR to work incase of any intruders in my gardeb, but also I want to be able to leave it on permanently with switch operation. I therefore need help on...
  18. V

    LED bathroom mirror won’t stay on

    Could anyone advise what’s going on here? My best guess is a faulty switch in the mirror itself but how can I diagnose that? Elegance LED mirror - wired into lighting circuit through a 3A fused spur.
  19. M

    Sourcing Right Components for Custom COB LED Lighting Fixture

    Hello! I am hoping to learn more about powering LEDs for a custom panel I am designing.. I am not re-inventing the wheel here, but am simply after a lot of output :) My design will be for the Film/Lighting industry where Color accuracy is important as well as flicker free appearance on...
  20. D

    External LED tape termination

    Hi All, Were currently having a rear extention being built, after we will be having our garden landscaped. Our garden is on two levels, the steps and retaining wall will be made of timber sleepers with the top one having a slight overhang and I'd like to put led lights on the underside. I've...
  21. dogbob

    How to connect IP65 LED flood to wall box

    I'm looking at installing an imported IP65 LED floodlight with CE rating on the back of my house. I guess that IP65 + CE makes them relatively safe. This one has a cable gland and 0.5 meter vinyl jacket cable coming out of the back. Here's a photo of the back of this light, from the dealer's...
  22. M

    LED light strip with motion sensor for bathroom mirror backlight

    Hi, We are doing a bathroom renovation and I can't find a light or a mirror with light that I like. I would like to buy a simple mirror that suits the style I am going for with a wooden frame, and then mount that mirror on a MDF background slight smaller than the mirror. I would like that MDf...
  23. E

    Insulation resistance check on LED fittings

    Hi, Do I need to disconnect LED fluorescent fittings when doing an insulation resistance check? Thanks
  24. M

    Best under cabinet led strip lights

    Hi guys Doing my kitchen and want to put the led strips under the cabinets and also the kick boards. Any recommendations for any? The one for the kick boards would need to fit round a u shape so would ideally be flexible to bend round. Cheers guys
  25. F

    UK Led downlighting goes off when job switched on ?

    Hi all, I’ve changed a board and then some time later went back to replace a dimmer that had failed. I’ve got 17 fixed led down lights on a switch which I swapped out feed from a 6a on a split rcd with the induction job on the same rcd on its own 32a. With the down lights on, switching on the...
  26. F

    LED Equivalent of 400W sodium

    I have a riding ring(for horses) that has a number of 400W sodium bulbs.One needs replacing so I want to replace with LED. Color does not matter. What equivalent would I need and what type of fixtures for flood lighting? Thanks Fred
  27. Fish Pond Led.wmv

    Fish Pond Led.wmv

    LED 12v 5 metre waterproof with choice of colour/fades and sound activation. The sandstone is 20 quid a tonne and can be picked up from Leighton Buzzard sand pits in a van/car. Though you will need a sledge hammer to break off the good bits. I used half a tonne! Pond liner is self repairing and...
  28. K

    Issue with having all LED spotlights in bathroom, 2 must remain Halogen

    Hi, I have 6 spotlights in my bathroom, when I moved into the house 4 years ago I replaced all 6 with LEDs but they wouldn't work, turns out I could only get the lights to stay on if 2 Halogen bulbs remained (1 on each end of the bathroom). Recently one of the 2 Halogen bulbs has died and now...
  29. A

    LED bulbs flickering with time lag switch

    I live in a condominium with a staircase lit by 9 LED bulbs of 10-11 w each. The bulbs are controlled by a time lag switch produced by Hager Electro, with 3-wire connection. Several months ago the lights started flickering, or even fading for several seconds and then going up again, in the timer...
  30. M

    Swapping out fluorescent lights for LED in kitchen

    I’m hoping to replace my mains-wired under kitchen cabinet fluorescent light fittings with some LED strip light units and need some advice please. The current lighting system consists of a mains cable running into a fused switch on top of one of the kitchen cabinets (photo 1). This then feeds...
  31. N

    LED flickers when off

    I am using a miniature IP68 LED downlight in an alcove inside the shower, connected to a 6-circuit lighting controller (Crestron, but made by Lutron), which controls the bedroom and bathroom lights. The light works fine, but when set to off, unless all circuits are off it flickers....ie if I...
  32. C

    LED Lighting

    Hi,Im just a fresher as design engineer. While browsing, I read that 330ohms resistor has to be placed parallel across an LED light, can someone tell me if it is necessary and why?
  33. W

    Led power

    Hi, if I have 3 led strip lights on 3 separate led drivers and I’m taking power from a double gang socket will I need 3 switch fuse spurs. can it be done on one switch fuse spur. thanks
  34. S

    USA Novice in need of LED soldering advice.

    Hello All and thanks in advance for any suggestions or recommendations. I'm never soldered anything a day in my life so I'm reaching out for some help. I need to build some LED strip lights that I will be recessing in floating shelf channel. I'll need to run about 4 feet of wire from each cut...
  35. J

    Recommend me a LED downlight for this room

    Below is a photo of the kitchen in my new build house. It will have 900mm high worktops in a U shape at the end of the room. Can you recommend me a good quality LED downlight? As you will see the ceiling is high so I guess I will need something with a bit of power and a decent beam. My...
  36. dlt27

    LED Strip lighting supply cable

    Hi all, probably being really thick so apologies if I am! Just wondered why led strip comes with such a thin supply cable? For eg 10m x 9.6w = 96w \ 12v = 8 A. So ideally not accounting for volt drop etc a minimum of 1.0mm csa needed. Why does most led strip come with a supply cable of maximum...
  37. W

    Led driver for lifx strip

    Hello first time poster here. I have purchased some lifx led strips that are powered by a 3 pin plug. I am wanting these to be permanently wired to a driver for a more cleaner clutter free look. can anyone recommend the right transformer for this strip please.
  38. P

    UltraSlim Led Panel 6W

    Hello, Can I connect 10 of them lights in 1 circuit?
  39. J

    Dimmers - what goes with what?

    Hi. Buying light fittings was easy last time I had to do it (years ago). Now renovating and want all lights on dimmers. Electrician has wired first fix already. Now I need to choose the right light fittings/bulbs/types of dimmer switches. I'll have a mixture of recessed spots, wall lights and a...
  40. C

    Replace MR16 with GU10 LED - Help with Lamp fitting??

    I'm about to change 40 x MR16/G5.3 fittings, do away with transformers and replace with mains GU10 Lamp holders double insulated and GU10 LEDs. I hoped to keep the existing Lamp fittings but was concerned as label states G5.3 12v 50w max.Is it safe to use GU10 LED in these fittings?
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