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  1. C

    UK LED Xmas Tree Light Transformer Replacement

    Hi, DIY’er here. I need a replacement transformer but can’t find the exact model required anywhere. It is Golden Power GP-SW120DC0700(UK) Input/Pri - 220V-240V - 50/60Hz Output/Sec - 12V - 700mA 8.4W Please can anyone help or suggest an alternative model that may work. Thank you
  2. V

    Led floodlight to exsisting 4 core flex

    Am fitting a new pir led floodlight . The exsisting light is connected to 4 core round flexible cable, core colours green/yellow, blue, brown and black . Should i use the green/yellow , blue and brown and just terminate the black Many thanks
  3. W

    Bathroom led strip query

    Had to remove a led strip from a bathroom today because it’s getting tiled, now the led strip that was there was low voltage but didn’t have anything covering it. I’ve seen the wee aluminium profile things before, is this something that the led strip should be fitted in when in a bathroom? It...
  4. D

    LED Downlight Dims Intermittently

    Hi, I have an a single LED (240v Robust Fixed, LAP GU10 LAD 250 Lm 4w) downlight which is going through a squence (after being on for a while), I ran a lap timer for an example of the behaviour : Dim for 16 secs Fully on for 2 mins 13 Secs Dim for 16 secs Fully on for 2 mins 11 secs...
  5. N

    LED mirror has double insulated symbol & earth wire - what are your thoughts?

    I recently bought a bathroom mirror with LED & Bluetooth speakers (from Amazon). There is a double isolated symbol on the back of the mirror yet there is also an earth wire connection. Is this unusual and should it be a cause of concern? It has not been installed yet - just wondering what your...
  6. S

    What LED floodlights are people using?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a couple of PIR floodlights to replace old halogen ones, probably around the 50W mark would provide sufficient lighting, so just wondering if anyone is able to recommend some brands that will last and aren't too expensive either, so when they inevitably stop working...
  7. Dan Holder

    LED Flicker Issue, New one for me!

    Done a job yesterday, remove old 12v halogens and replace with mains, gu10 downlights. Fitted some LED gu10's no issues. Got a call today saying they are all flickering. The flicker isn't too major, but it is obvious that it is happening (if that makes sense). Changed a couple of the LED's for...
  8. R

    DIY LED setup sanity-check

    We are in the process of renovating our house, and would like to setup led strip-lighting throughout. of the options, this seems most attractive: 12v 120W constant voltage driver powering a bus that routes to each room (optionally 24v 240W, but I think I'll just get two drivers, two busses if...
  9. T

    Fitting an LED Spot into a loft hatch?

    I'm looking to consider asking my electrician to fit one extra LED flush-fit spot in loft hatch so it matches the rows in the ceiling to a total of 9 (3 rows of 3). He's concerned that it won't be safe and I totally get this, but is there a way to install this with some form of strong, flexible...
  10. T

    Flickering LED Spots Why?

    I have purchased spotlights as below, but they are flickering when I dimmed them down to around 15-20%. We have installed 8 x ALUSSO LED Recessed Ceiling Lights, 7W 580LM LED Downlights Dimmable, 30MM Ultra Slim Round Black Spotlights https://amzn.eu/d/6MQuB9Z We are using this dimmer which...
  11. T

    can I use fresh water to complete a led light circuit?

    hello all. I am trying to add led strip lights to my boat trailer. I have marine grade submersible lights. I will have them running parallel to the bunks to aid in night loading. I know I am over thinking this but I would like to add a device that sense water and then sends power to the led...
  12. Shoes70

    Issue with 12v wire LED conversion from halogen

    I purchased a house that has a really cool 12v halogen setup where two wires are suspended across the ceiling in two different locations, and each of which carries four 50W halogen bulbs. Each has a separate driver and dimmer. I first replaced the halogen bulbs with 8w LEDs, and they worked...
  13. W

    LED Ceiling Light Pulsing

    Hello, I've installed a Monsoon Extractor Fan kit today, all is up and running and everything is working with the exception of the LED. When I switch my lights on the other bathroom lights are working fine but the LED supplied with the fan is pulsing. If you fiddle with the bulb then it stops...
  14. L

    UK - Changing G9 Halogen Bulbs to G9 LED

    Good Morning, I've used this forum for advice many times but this is my first time posting so I hope that this community can help! We're renovating a house and we are looking at replacing all of our existing G9 halogen bulbs in various light fittings with G9 LED's for the obvious reasons...
  15. J

    Updating SMD LED from white to red

    Hello. I’ve been racking my brain all day with this. Here is my situation and question: I have some OEM ambient lights in my vehicle. They are all white, but I want to switch to red LEDs. I determined the are 3528 SMD LEDs, but the rest of the specs are what I need help with. NOTE: My...
  16. H

    100w-150w LED flood light

    I want to buy two of the above for my property. I am on a budget. The property can get battered by driving rain, finding an outdoor LED flood lights isn't the issue but access for maintenance will be. No matter where I look the failure rate for LED flood lights is alarming brand or no brand...
  17. E

    LED Dimmer headaches

    I really need help with this puzzler. First - I am moderately 'skilled' in day-to-day basic wiring. My puzzle: I am trying to replace a single-pole toggle with a dimmer to a recently installed chandelier (4 led candelabra-based bulbs, 5w each, stated on box to be dimmable). The toggle worked...
  18. J

    R7S LED retrofit not working

    Hi all, I am trying to replace my halogen wall uplights (230W, 240V, R7S, 114mm) with LED but so far no luck. I've tried both of the below LEDs but they do not illuminate when the switch is turned on. The halogen bulbs work just fine. Am I missing something? Philips CorePro 17.5W 118mm Dimmable...
  19. 0

    Help modifying simple LED neon sign board

    Good morning guys, I bought this neon sign for my cinema room to put above my arcade machines. I have the cinema controlled by Google voice command so that when I want to watch a movie I say the command and everything downstairs turns on ready. This neon sign has a dimmer inline and it seems...
  20. A

    LED headlight problem

    I can’t get the headlight main beam indicator on my dashboard to work with LED H4 headlight bulbs. The voltage on the return wire is less than 5v - seems the LEDs suck all the power. Even tried using a 6v to 12v DC step up connector but that doesn’t seem to make any difference (maybe a defunct...
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