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  1. L

    Changing halogen downlights to LED - GU10 or GU5.3?

    I have 10+ halogen downlights in the house. They are 12v GU5.3 (MR16) with transformers. They have been in over 20 years and various parts are looking scruffy and even perishing, so I am going to change over to LED while renovating. Are there any technical or safety considerations in going to...
  2. I

    Remove Halogen Dimmer to use lamp with LED

    Hi there, I was going to remove the dimmer and transformator from my halogen lamp so I could use it with LED bulbs (not dimmable). However, when I opened the little electronics box I overwhelmed. I would appreciate some advice as to how to proceed with my plans. The lamp holds 2 separately...
  3. A

    Unable to use timer with LED lamp (possible to bypass switch?)

    Hi, I’ll start off by saying I’m not qualified but have done some electrical work before and do the odd bit of DIY where I can. I have an LED lamp that I would like to use with a plug in timer and it turns off fine. The problem is when it turns back on power goes to the built in switch (see...
  4. B

    LED power supply blowing LED controller

    Hi, I bought an LED bundle online. It comprises of; LED AC to DC psu 12A 15V LED controller wifi 15m LED strip (5m x 3) 3 way splitter When ever I plug the LED controller to the psu it blows, circuit board fried on the controller. The controller input read 5-24V. I have used a multimeter...
  5. T

    USA led replacement issues.

    I am in maintenance at a factory. I have been replacing the mercury vapor lights with 2' by 2' led lights. I replaced one today, on the circuit, there was already an led the mercury vapor and a fluorescent. the led was working. the vapor was not. the fluorescent was flickering. when I plugged it...
  6. A

    LED lighting replaced Halogen (GU10)

    Hi I wonder if you can help In a rented property the kitchen has around 10 GU 10 halogen lights the tenant decided to replace these lights with new GU 10 lights And these days as you can only easily source LED GU10 Bulbs I’m almost certain the tenant has replaced the halogen lights with LED...
  7. A

    I have bought led truck rear lights, the brake/parking light have 4 wires blue,green, black and red

    The led parking/brake light have 4 wires, black for earth, red for parking, blue for brake and green for flash light. The two lights brake and flash wont work if red wire not connected, so you must switch on park light to get brake light or flash light. What would be the solution to make brake...
  8. C

    High Quality MR16 color changing LED

    I'm struggling to find a high quality MR16 LED bulb that can change to almost any color. What is making this rough, is that I want one that will shine a warm 2700k white that isn't littered with other colors. All the bulbs I've seen or the one I bought already, the white is not white. It's...
  9. J

    Light fitting.

    Hey guys. I've fitted 3 LED chandeliers with no issues. Doing the 4th and having a big issue. Everytime I switch it off, the breaker trips. This one has 2 mains connections coming into the light as opposed to just one with the others. Any ideas?
  10. X

    Does anyone know where i could get a led strip light set up that is powered by a force sensitive resistor/weight sensor?

    Ultimately for my project im making a lamp which will be powered by the weight of an object. So i want to power the whole led strip lighting solely through placing an object on the weight sensor pad. If anyone knows where i could buy a setup like this or how i could go about making it myself...
  11. M

    Animating LED Strip

    Hi New to LEDs, curious to how you’d go about getting LEDs on a strip to flash one after the other. Small strip, 3-5 LEDs. Ideally with a minimal amount of components. (Ive got a small area to work with) Thanks
  12. T

    Led panels in false ceilings

    Hi can any one tell me if led panels or led recessed lights in a false ceiling need fire hoods? Massive void above false ceiling to ro the roof School premises manager
  13. R

    Change standard batten light to 3no LED spots

    Morning, First post... apologies...! Currently got 2no LED batten-style lights in my garage, all wired in by a sparky about 6 months ago. 1 serves the front of the garage, the other the rear (and the garage is divided by a partial stud wall). The rear half ceiling insulated and boarded over...
  14. King Mustard

    Can I use a dimmable LED bulb in this table lamp?

    We have just bought this dimmable (three-stage) lamp. The descriptions states: "Bulbs required 1 x golfball SES small edison eco halogen bulb" Do you think it has to be an E14 dimmable "eco halogen" bulb? Or do you think I can I get an E14 dimmable LED bulb?
  15. P

    LED light, switching /earth issue

    Hi, I have an LED landing light, which has 9 G9 LED bulbs. The unit has two switches, one upstairs and one downstairs. Ive found that when the upstairs switch is in the closed circuit position, but the light is off due to the downstairs switch being in the open position, there is still a very...
  16. C


    Hi guys went up the loft to smell burning coming from the led down lighters and found the old ring saftey transformer melted, ordered new AURORA 12V 1-25W LED DRIVER, every time i try wiring it up the bulbs are very faint, when i probe the driver im getting 240v but nothing coming out also light...
  17. C

    LED fitting blowing after several days???

    Hi, i recently fitted 2 Searchlight LED globe pendant fittings in a property, straight forward job just a switch wire, neutral and earth in the fitting. Each controlled by a separate switch A day after fitting them both the customer told me that one of the fittings had blown and tripped the...
  18. R

    Lap led flood lights weak

    I recently fitted 3 x lap led flood lights . I changed the original halogen flood light and continued to the second and then the third light from the same source. I wired the flood lights with 1.5 armour cable (brown black grey) Using the grey as the earth . Then the main feed had 4 wires...
  19. mel hadfield

    For Sale 6 off LED DRIVER Mean Well ELG-75-24DA, /DALI 75W

    Left over stock, all brand new unused in boxes. Looking for £150 job lot. £10 postage or can be collected Description: ELG-75 series is a 75W AC/DC LED driver featuring the dual mode constant voltage and constant current output. ELG-75 operates from 100~305VAC and offers models with different...
  20. T

    LED Lighting with PIR Sensor

    We are installing LED 180W High Bay lights. Most areas have 2, there is 1 with 3 and 1 with 4 so most are 360W, 1 is 540W and 1 is 720W. The PIR sensor we got said it could switch 2300W but after opening the box, it says max LED load is 100W. Why is this? Will the PIS be okay or will we need to...
  21. John Brown

    sharing the DIY LED light bottle

    My wife bought some long and short LED fairy string lights for Christmas decorations. We will decorate them on curtains and Christmas trees. Yesterday, my wife did a DIY handicraft with LED string lights, a baby bottle, and cotton. It is very easy to do. She is very happy to share the steps...
  22. F

    UK Retrofit Led lamps

    Im quoting a job where they want retro fitting led lamps into some 6ft fluorescent fittings, access is a pain so couldnt really get up to them to inspect them, i believe they are T12 magnetic ballast fittings. The problem comes with the emergency fittings, what are people doing when it comes...
  23. E


    Can anyone recommend LED lighting for a garage workshop. They have wall mounted HPS Floodlights at the moment & when the 3 phase compressor cuts in, most go out & restart after a while. I have fitted some LED ones in the past that they have supplied, which failed in 2years or less. I was...
  24. N

    LED batton connected to a fused plug

    Hi ive bought an LED strip light to replace and ‘old fashioned’ one which is in my loft. The existing is wired via a fused plug to a socket in the loft the new light is double insulated and unlike the old one doesnt need an earth. Am i ok still connecting it to a fused plug with maybe a 3 amp...
  25. A

    Led lamp still glowing

    Good morning. I’m a apprentice electrician and I have done a job in my house changing a light. It’s a loop in system. I’ve put led G7 lamps in the new light however when I turn it off the lights still have a slight glow on them. I understand that this could die to leakage but is there anything...
  26. J

    Which led pir floodlight?

    We need to install two floodlights outdoors in a very exposed position, they are also inaccessible and need a big scaffolding job to span a small river to fit/maintain them. So we need some that are reliable! Can anyone recommend any - we know that there is always a possibility of a failure...
  27. S

    LED Transformer

    I have 2 separate LED Strips as pelmet lighting in the kitchen. One is about 50w the other 25w. I have a 100w transformer which came with no instruction. It has 2 outputs on the 12v side. See picture. Do I use one of these outputs for each of the strip lights. Or do I use just one of the...
  28. A

    poor light quality from Click integrated LED downlight

    I've just fitted five Click Interceptor Pico downlight in the lounge to replace Click MR16 fittings but the light is very flat compared to tungsten, the angle is far more than the 90º quoted so the light spills everywhere. What are people's views on these integrated LED downlight as I'm thinking...
  29. CCinPA`cr

    USA LED Flame-bulb >>> X-10 (In)compatibility?

    A Holiday emergency! 🎄 I purchased LED flame-bulbs:fire: for my outside light-fixtures. But instead of "flickering"... ⚡ They just pulse on/off. 💡 I'm thinking the problem may be caused by the X-10 :link: switches that control the bulbs? Help? 🆘
  30. C

    UK RAK Resort LED Mirror with Demister Pad and Shaver Socket

    Hello, I have just bought a flat and in it is the above named mirror in the bathroom. Only problem is that the light isn’t working! When we looked around the lights worked, I know that the electric was turned off throughout the flat until the day we moved in. I have one in each of the...
  31. L

    LED Lights - electric fire - where to get parts

    Hi all. I am trying to repair a wall mounted electric fire ( glass fronted type with pebbles along the bottom ) Fire itself is working, ie heating Ok and the fan works. Problem is the lights which give the flicker effect have stopped working properly, there are three lights which are on...
  32. C

    LED Flicker

    Hi guys, I have 2 wall lights connected in parallel to a dimmer switch. I've fitted 2 dimmable LED's which seem to work OK, however sometimes when dimmed they occasionally flicker. I've noticed that if I unscrew one of the LED's the remaining one never flickers under any circumstances. Why do...
  33. T

    Adding LED Lights for Wardrobe

    I am wanting to add some LED lights into my wardrobe shelving. I have seen a few around but I am not sure if they will work to my needs. Basically, each shelf is quite dark and it’s hard to see things clearly, so I want to add lighting to each of them. What I am looking for is when I open the...
  34. P

    Added additional LED down/up lighter and now RCD trips after about hour?

    I am a DIY house renovator. I have 5 outside lights connected to a switch in the hall. Power from the switch goes up the 2 core + earth to the first light, then all of the other 4 lights are daisy chained to each other. (Have 2 cables coming out of each light except the last one) all worked fine...
  35. B

    Honeywell Accenta G4 Mini with LED Keypad

    Hi, could do with some help please. I installed a Accenta G4 Mini alarm system with x3 LED keypads about 4 years ago which has been working fine. About 2 months ago the garage keypad speaker stopped working however the keypad still worked fine for setting/unsettling. About 1 week ago another...
  36. S

    Silicone led diffuser

    Hey all, is there such a thing as a smoked/tinted silicone led light strip defuser or tubing? I can only find white and clear.
  37. S

    LED dimmer problem

    Hi guys I ran Into a problem the other day on a job and was looking for some advice. A client I was doing work for had 19 x Mr16 halogen downlights installed. 5 work of 1 x dimmer and 14 work of another dimmer / 2way switch. As half the transformers were faulty I cut them out and installed 5W...
  38. J

    LED Downlights randomly turn off then back on

    Hi We had an extension a few months ago and had some LED downlights installed in two areas. Four LED downlights in the Dining room and six LED downlights in the extended area. One end there is a three way switch linking the existing kitchen lights to the dining room and new extension...
  39. C

    DIY Advice - Bathroom lights

    I have 3 LED lights in my bathroom ceiling, and when the cord is pulled these flicker and stay off, or occasionally turn on normally (10% of the time). Having spoken to an electrician I know, I replaced the lamps, however this hasn't helped. Each lamp is attached to it's own transformer - see...
  40. J

    Convert LED ceiling light to plug in

    Hi. I’m looking to convert an LED ceiling light to a mains plug in. Done this a few times with regular bulb holders, but not sure how to wire the three identical cables coming off the five bulb holders. Any ideas? Thanks
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