1. N

    There was mirror with led lights,with no switch for the light from the power source .can rocker switch be use (240v Ac power soutet

    There was mirror with led lights,with no switch for the light from the power source .can rocker switch be use (240v Ac power source)
  2. P

    LED Strip RGBW - How to split for parallel wiring?

    I'm looking to install some LED lighting strips to light some display shelving. It will consist of one driver going to a controller which will then be split into 8 x 1m length strips. I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea on how to split the power from the controller to each strip i.e...
  3. T

    LED Lights starting to flash

    Hi , I installed led downlights in a new build house about 3 months ago. They are not gu10 but the kind where the lamp is part of the fitting. Saxby Orbitalpro cct 1p65 9Watt to be precice. In the last month or so i have had to change 6 of them as they started flashing on and off .I replaced...
  4. J

    Flashing LED Bulb in combined extractor unit

    Hello, I have recently had a Led downright/ extractor fan combination unit installed. After approx 10 mins the light begins to flash intermittently (as attached). The bulb installed is a 3 watt bulb. I swapped this out to a 4 watt bulb and the flashing increased. The electrician whom installed...
  5. N

    Fire rated LED profile

    Hi, I am new in this forum thanks for adding me. I did try to use search option with not much luck. I work at Heathrow as an electrical guy but have not much domestic experience. Builders building my loft extension and not clear the ceiling roof must be fire rated or not. My property is in...
  6. G

    USA LED bulb safety

    Hi all. We're going to be replacing some edison bulbs in our patio with LED lights. I'm not very familiar with safety when it comes to LED's. This article from LED Lights Unlimited was pretty good about checking the bulbs and wiring, but I'm interested in knowing how they'll do outside this...
  7. sythai

    Which LED panels...?

    Morning all.... Just seeing which LED panels you Guys recommend please? We've got an office to replace x24 existing 600X600 modular (4x18w.) Need something simple to fit and with decent warranty 5years+ and that will also give out a brighter light than what they currently have. Thanks very...
  8. P

    Lights in led bathroom cabinet not working. Any idea what to do

    Led Lights in bathroom cabinet not working, any idea what to do
  9. Marcus Vaughan

    Can anyone recommend a cutable mains voltage LED tape?

    As above really. I've been trying to source a length of mains voltage LED tape to fit behind a purlin, not being keen to try and hide a transformer/driver for 12/24v. Distance is 4.5m but everything I have found at mains voltage is cut by the metre. I know I can do better than that because I...
  10. K

    halogen spotlights to LED downlights

    Hi everyone :) I'm new to this forum and looking for some advise. (By the way im not a professional, just a DIY'er with some experience working on electrics for DIY projects etc) In the bathroom im changing my current Halogen spotlights to new LED down lights. The current Halogen lights are...
  11. Monty101

    DIY help required for newby - pull cord LED light fitting to old wiring 🙏

    Hi there 👋, Apols in advance if this has been done to death😳!!! (I know it has but I can't seem to fathom out a similar set-up having searched through this forum and others). I have an old wiring system in my house and wanted to fit a new LED light in the downstairs loo. I have attached pics...
  12. D

    Led light on 24/7

    I have a hallway led light that’s on 24/7 there is no switch to the light it’s wired in to be permanently on, I assume as a night light. is it safe to be on 24/7.
  13. S

    Ceiling grid panels which drop below the ceiling grid

    I am replacing in ceiling grid lights with LED panels, but the metal tiles drop below the grid rather than inside it, so the LED panels will be semi-recessed I don't think the client is going to be happy about this so I was wondering if there is a light which drops below the grid by 10mm to keep...
  14. O

    LED lights have stopped working in filament fitting but have not blown

    Hi there, I've had LED bulbs in a filament fitting for the last year where they've worked fine. Suddenly they've stopped working but the bulbs themselves have not blown and filament light bulbs work in the filament fitting. I would rather use LEDs so can anyone suggest what the issue might be...
  15. EricMark

    Is there a protocol like 5 - 20 mW for LED bulbs?

    The LED bulb needs to pass a small amount of current without lighting, be it because of inductance or capacitance of the fed cables, or to drive the electronics for electronic switches, I had assumed if the bulb states dimmable then it will allow more to pass without flashing than one which is...
  16. H

    12 volt LED flashing when off.

    LED lamp flashes every 10-15 seconds when switched off. The lamp is in a bathroom in circuit with a timed overrun extract fan. I understand that the cause can be induced voltage, or bleed off from the electronic switch in the fan timer. Is there a simple solution to this?
  17. E

    LED lightstrip earth

    Hi, I've got an Innr 4m light strip I'm running up my stairs, I bought an aluminium diffuser to run it in but I'm getting a very slight buzz/vibration on the aluminium when I run my fingertip along it like it's not earthed (no shocks or tingling). The light has 1 of those thin 2 core power...
  18. A

    fire rated LED light covers

    Am hoping you can help Following an integral garage conversion, I am after a couple of fire hoods to cover some LED ceiling spotlights. The lights are in a plaster boarded ceiling which has a garage roof void above (the room is part of an integral garage conversion). Lights are around 150mm dia...
  19. Darren Evans

    Buzzing dimmer and LED lamps

    Morning chaps! Advice needed please. Is there a tried and tested combination of manufacturer(s) for reducing the annoying buzz from dimmer connected (dimmable!) LED lamps? In the particular example I am having right now, I have 5 lamps on one dimmer switch, 3x ES and 2x SES. One or more of...
  20. T

    LED conversion '99 Lincoln

    I am not a professional...I am a DIY senior. I want to convert my '99 Lincoln Continental from the OEM halogens to LEDs. I previously converted my '05 Ford van by swapping out the flasher control relay and all LEDs worked perfectly. Since the Lincoln flasher unit is buried under the dash, I am...
  21. S

    Best LED Downlighter for bathroom with white tiles

    Hi All, We've moved into a new build property and our bathroom, which has glossy white with a hint of grey speckle Porclenosa tiles, is looking a bit dull which I believe is the result of the downlighters. We have 3 x 7.9W, 38 degrees, 3000K downlighters in the bathroom and they seem to be...
  22. J

    UK LED light help please :)

    Hello all, Hope someone can help please I have had a batten light installed and the electrician has threaded a 1.5mm twin and earth cable through it to power a second light after it, so basically there is the feed cable and another cable that has been threaded in one end and straight out the...
  23. P

    Need Advice on Single LED Purchase

    Hello, absolute noob in LEDs and plugs/connectors. I need to buy a single, small LED that connects to the connector shown in the picture below. A 3.3V battery powers that plug. I'm looking for the brightest LED available that can be connected to this connector, or maybe two small LEDs if they...
  24. C

    USA Fluorescent to LED conversion tombstone removal

    I have about 30 4 bulb 4ft shop lights that I want to convert from fluorescent to LED. I need to swap the tombstones from shunted to unshunted on one side to do this. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove the metal tab that the tombstones anchor in to. There are no tabs on it to...
  25. J

    Led spotlight question

    First of all, I am trying to learn basics of LED tech strictly as a challenge, so I'm starting with basics. I've gotten several LED devices. First one is non working LED spotlight. . Going to try to fix it. Checked power supply. 110 in, measured dc v out of power supply is 167. Yes, 167...
  26. Leesparkykent

    LED PIR flood with override

    Any one have any recommendations? Don’t really want one where you have to flick on and off multiple times to override.
  27. B

    LED Gu10s to replace Halogen lamps not working

    Hi, In the past I've replaced MR16 halogen spots with LEDs and had issues getting them to work. I understand this is driver related. This time, I'm having problems switching GU10s halogen with LED. I can't understand this as my understanding is there will not be a driver involved and this...
  28. A

    LED Lights - Transformer and Lights getting very hot

    Hi All Help... I have a strip of SMD 5050 LED lights - plugged in to a 12v transformer - and both (the LEDs and Transformer) get very very hot to touch. They take about an hour to slowly get up to the high temp - and sit there at that high temperature. The strip has been cut from a 5m length -...
  29. Dan

    InStyle LED Introduction Video - LED Lighting by the experts

    InStyle LED Introduction Video @john watts
  30. the pict

    T8 to LED & emergency

    Bit of advice I have converted T8 etc florries to LED in the past no probs, but will there be an issue with a fitting with an emer pack, I ordered the ballast type in error from TLC, so need to get clever as I want a trial run on site to see if LED will work out in a hotel kitchen
  31. M

    Candle Led powered art by 5v cord ?

    Hi I have a led candle with 24 color remote I purchased off eBay. I took apart removed the insides it used 3 aaa batteries 1.5v each . I then took a cell phone charger 5v and attached it ! It worked ! Ant the application I used it on has worked the last 6 years and still works ! I feel safe but...
  32. M

    BC led, around 3500k?

    Got one of those awkward customers. 3000k is too yellow, 4000k is too white. Has anyone seen anything in the middle? To go in standard BC fitting pendants and put out about 800lm, and dimmable. A search round my usual go-to's (CEF, QVS, TLC, Screwfix, Amazon) has been unsuccessful.
  33. naylorpd

    Domestic Finding replacement LED driver

    I have in LED light which has stopped working. It's well-travelled, made in China, bought in Azerbaijan and installed in the UK. I assume the problem is with the LED driver, picture included. Made by Guo Xin, model GX-F36x1W for which an internet search reveals...nothing! So how do I find a...
  34. T

    Any LED Experts Here?

    Hi all, it is some time since I visited this site, but here I am looking for some guidance. When I last worked seriously on electronics they were all glass valves, so I know nothing. I tried to convert a LED work light to infra-red by removing the bright white lights and fitting IR lights at...
  35. W

    Golf 42W E14 Halogen to LED

    Guys One further question. In the conservatory, I have three wall lights which has E14 42W Golf Halogen bulbs. Can I replace these straight with LED E14 (say 6W) 4000K bright bulbs?
  36. J

    SMD LED porch spots all started flickering at same time

    Hi hoping someone can help me... I have 3 SMD LED spotlights in my porch & all 3 started flickering yesterday- I have an on/off switch no dimmer & they had been working fine for over a year... Originally bought from B&Q but no longer sell them Why would all 3 start flickering at the same time? &...
  37. G

    Led bathroom mirror flickering

    Hi , ive just had a homecom led bathroom mirror hard wired to my old shaver socket, it came with a 3 pin plug which was removed , it was fine for first 30 mins but then began flickering. It has a on off switch so doesnt need to be on permanently. Can any one give me any solution thanks in advance
  38. J

    LED strips, which ones to use ...

    Hi all, I have been installing a lot of LED strip lights in various different places for clients, but I am struggling to find a good quality setup. Currently the ones I have been using come with a plug top and smal RGB reciever etc, but in my eyes this isn’t very (electrician friendly) and is...
  39. The apprentice

    ansell LED lights

    ansell high bay LED x 9 250 watt each b16 or c 16 ? breaker
  40. P

    Wiring a led tombstone

    How do i wire a led tombstone for a single bulb led fixture. The tombstone have space for 4 wires. Does it matter which I put the wires into?
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