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  1. T

    -DIY- Powering a 3 volt LED from a 4.5V supply

    Hello, I'm wanting to power 1 x 3v led from a 4.5v power supply and 2 x 1.5v leds from another 4.5v supply. Can anyone advise what resistor I have to install on each one. Using an online calculator I'm getting 82 Ohm on a calculator. is that correct? Is there anything else I need to take into...
  2. T

    Installing LED low-voltage wire in kitchen cabinets

    I have LEDs under wall cabinets and in the bases of plinths to provide floor lighting. All looks good until you look inside or under the units. The required 12v drivers (power units - 240 to 12v) are free to float around and the very small twin flex to the LEDs themselves is difficult to fix and...
  3. R

    Advice on installing LED strip lighting

    Hi guys, DIYer here hoping for some help and advice. I am redoing my kitchen and plan to put a 5m strip of LED lighting below the units above the plinth. I want to make this dimmable and connect it with lighting cable to a 3 way light switch (along with existing wall light and undercupboard...
  4. C

    Mcb tripping on led lights

    Finished a refit of 7 x 200watt led lights to existing circuit. The orignal circuit had 120 watts per light,so 140 watts x 7...say 1kw. These are 1.4 kw,so not really loading the circuit. There are other lights on the circuit,it’s a 10amp b type MCb.protecting it. The lights are working, &...
  5. J

    LED strip lighting

    Im after some LED strip lighting for a garden project but I'm getting lost in a sea LED strip lights everywhere, prices seem to range from a few hundred to over £1000 for the kit i require, can anyone recommend a reputable seller? Thanks
  6. B

    USA T12 fluorescent to LED conversion help

    Looking for help converting T12 fluorescents to LED. Have a bunch of these in my basement and wanted to confirm the correct type of LED tube to get - single or double ended. Each fixture has 4 of the 4 ft T12s and 2 ballasts. Hopefully the pictures help. 1595423521 My preference is to remove...
  7. S

    DALI compatible LED driver and LED strip.

    Good evening all, I have a job to do fitting multiple sections of dimmable LED strip to be controlled by a DALI lighting system. Can anyone recommend LED drivers and strip that are DALI compatible? I would be grateful for any guidance/assistance. Thank you
  8. C

    Power injection in to addressable LED strip lights

    Hi, new member here seeking a bit of advice. I want to run 4 x 5 meter addressable RGB LED stips around my living room skirting to form a continuous 20 meter strip -don't judge me lol. The LEDS will be controlled by a NodeMCU flashed with WLED and powered by a 5V 12A 60W psu. All 4 strips will...
  9. R

    Halogen vs. LED loads

    Hi Forum ; Need some explanation. I have an old over-the-range extractor fan with two GU10 Halogen lights that I want to replace with two GU10 LEDs. Connecting the two LEDs work fine in the low and medium power settings but, on the high power setting, they both flicker and turn off. However--and...
  10. L

    LED driver for my boards

    Hey and thanks for reading, I'm in the middle of purchasing three of these boards (each draws 135 watts, so 405 watts total) but am struggling with all of the Meanwell 480w options. Can't quite wrap my head around anything other than the wattage and would appreciate hearing from someone with...
  11. J

    Dimmer switches for 24v LED tape lights

    Hi All Am on a job tomorrow and while there customer wants me to investigate newly installed 24v LED tape lights that keep flashing on and off. These are on a wall mounted dimmer. If tape lights and transformers are both dimmable which apparently they are this suggests problem is with the...
  12. D

    What battery and what LED will work best to maintain constant brightness for 10 hours?

    Hi there, Just to say I apologise for my lack of basic knowledge, this is something I am interested in learning more on! Anyway I am looking to build a UV emitting light system that shines continuously for 10 hours at least, compromising of an LED, a battery and a resistor I guess. The goal is...
  13. S

    LED COnversion Help

    My kitchen has recessed fluorescent fixtures (36" T12's) in deep soffits around the ceiling . One group has (2) two lamp fixtures on a switch. The second group has (3) two lamp fixtures on a switch. The heat buildup over the years has ruined the plexi covers and caused the ballasts to drip tar...
  14. T

    Power LED string lights with base socket adapter?

    Hello forums, Total novice here! I want to make sure I'm doing the right and safe thing when installing outdoor string lights. The specifications to these lights are included here: The issue I am having is how do I power them? I would like to be able to flick the backyard patio switch to turn...
  15. T

    Dual white led strip spdt switch

    I am looking to install some 12v led strip lighting in my touring caravan. I want the option of warm white or cool white. Is it possible to not have faf of a controller and remote etc but wire in an on/off/on switch to select between the 2 white colour options. I could run 2 lengths of led strip...
  16. B

    LED lights in a cold roof/loft conversion

    Hi all, im a retired sparky and a bit out of touch with the regulations. building control will allow me to put LED/downlights in my cold-roof, providing I do not cut all the way through the 125mm of loft insulation/cellotex. and leave at least 25mm insulation 'behind' the light-if this makes...
  17. LewisM

    LED Downlights Cut into joists

    Hello, I replaced some halogen down lights that had been fitted for about 15 years with some GU10s with LED Lamps in them I notices that three of them where cut into the joists a tad and had pipes hard up against them, do you think this is reason to move them or just leave as be, the old...
  18. J

    Voltage drop on rgb LED strip

    Hi! I’ve installed an rgb strip light to a friends house with a dropped ceiling and I did expect some voltage drop but not as bad as it is, the problem I have is 1. I have ran 2X 2 core 0.75mm2 cable from the carcass unit where all the sockets and less driver is in, into the wall and comes up...
  19. E

    UK Can I swap halogen downlighter GU10 bulbs with 4w LED ones?

    I have 12 x 40w halogen downlighters in our kitchen ceiling which I want to replace with 4w LED equivalent. Can they be a straight swap? Will there be an issue with the transformer/voltage? The light switch is standard type. If I wanted to upgrade the switch to a dimmer type (and the new LED...
  20. P

    Enlite LED panels 600 x 600 Suitability

    Hi, I’m looking to fit up to 40 Enlite EN-BLP6060/40 36 W 600x600mm backlit LED panel 4000K lights in a general office with computer screens. Having not fitted many panel lights in the past, can anybody tell me whether these are a good choice to fit as regards light levels and glare problems on...
  21. S

    1 CCT LED strip controller by 2 independent controllers

    Hi guys, I have a problem that I can´t solve with my lack of electrician knowledge. I have a situation, where I have one temperature changing 12V LED strip and I need to controll it from two different spots. To be exact, that CCT strip is behind my bed and I´d like to put one controller on each...
  22. J

    UK Halogen to Led

    Hi guys. I have a question out of curiosity if anyone can help. I'm looking to change over halogen downlights to LED gu10 lamp holders. Is it just a case of removing old transformers and connecting to new lamp holder and earthing? Any advice would be great
  23. Markyd

    Domestic Help needed finding low voltage led lamps

    Hi everyone..Help needed finding some low voltage led lamps that will run off of a 12 volt transformer not a driver,as the previous so called sparky has made all the transformers impossible to get at without tearing the ceiling apart. Any recommendations will be appreciated,
  24. J

    Maximum LED load on a Lutron Maestro Pro Dimmer

    I have Maestro Pro dimmers throughout my home. I have remodeled the kitchen and want to upgrade the lighting. I desire to put 15 10-watt led can lights on one Maestro Pro led dimmer. The Lutron representatives say "no problem" but I would like to make sure that is the case before I run all...
  25. M

    GU10 LED on 12V DC

    I have garden LED light running fine through a transformer.. LED Driver Adapter AC 220 -240V To DC 12V Transformer But am now trying to add a new downlight with a GU10 LED bulb, however the bulbs are not lighting, looking at the bulb box it asks for 220-240 AC I am struggling to find a GU10...
  26. D

    Downlight and LED tape opinions

    Hi All, I'm looking for peoples opinions on down lights, what are peoples preferred - Warm white Colour changeable Large beam angle I'm also interested in what LED tape you are using, ideally tape that can go at 90 degrees. All to be fire rated. TIA Dunk
  27. G

    Which is more efficient, 120 or 240? MVolt Exterior LED

    I am installing a new Lithonia LED exterior security light to replace a metal halide light. The existing wiring is 240v. The new light is multi-voltage (120-277v), 42W, .35-.15A . Would you stick with the 240v or convert to 120v? I'm not sure if there are any real efficiencies with either...
  28. A

    led bathroom mirror is hot when not on

    led bathroom mirror is very warm when not on (in the centre) this is turned on by waving your hand underneath it everything works ok , but it warm hours after use ?
  29. C

    LED Swapping colours when switched on/off

    Hi Good morning, i have just replaced 2 old dowlighters with LED ones, however, one is bright white and one is soft white(like a glow), the other problem is they swap over when switched on/off at the switch? any help greatly appreciated.
  30. W

    LED Swapout

    Hi Guys, had an operation recently so I’m off work for a little while. Started a little project on something that has been bugging me but was never important enough to do anything about, but I now have the down time and need to fight boredom until I can get back to work. I have these fans here...
  31. E


    In the past have bought cheap led recessed fittings as per photo attached. As you can see they come with an led driver. They are v cheap and I have been pleased with most I have bought. So I decided to look at upmarket ones. V-TAC, whose gear I think is good do some but they cost at least three...
  32. A

    [HELP] LED strip with Sonoff switch

    Hi all Need advice on my current LED light setup with Sonoff switch. Can I check if the Sonoff switch should be connected as highlighted in the picture? TIA.
  33. E

    UK LED batten light flickering

    I’ve installed an LED batten into a bathroom with an extractor fan and a PIR switch (no neutral). The lamp flickers when the power is off. The fam switches off after the overrun time and the light switches off too but continues to flicker. Can anyone help please ?
  34. K

    Chandilier G4 capsule bulbs Halogen and Led problem.

    Hello, I was hoping to get an idea of what's wrong with my light before paying for someone to come out and tell me that I just need to buy a different bulb. I have a Veniecien 5 light chandelier from next that need 5 x 20 W 12 volt G4 capsule bulbs. The instructions do not specify LED or...
  35. E

    MR16 RGB led 5w bulb enclosed fixture

    Looking for recommendations for an affordable MR16 12vac 5w RGB led bulb for an enclosed fixture. I am installing fixtures in my pool cage in my lanai. I will need 10 bulbs.
  36. S

    LED bulbs on even when switched off at wall

    Hi all, I recently bought and moved into a house and set about changing all the halogen bulbs with 4W non-dimmable LED bulbs. Upon doing so I discovered that when I switch the bathroom lights off at the wall, instead of going off they just become about half as bright as they are with the wall...
  37. L

    LED Lights Flash and go off - not tripping

    I've put some new post lamps outside, onto existing wiring. They are setup as follows Switch > L1 > L2 > L3 > L4 > L5 > L6. Cabling was already in and is concreted in so it wasn't really viable to replace. All 230V. The new lights are LED 6W instead of the old 60W halogens, so the draw should...
  38. S

    Outdoor Led strip light

    Hi all I’m new here. I’ve just installed 25m of ip68 led strip lights round my garden. 8w per meter. They came on just a plug top. Installed it all then plugged in brilliant. Just what we wanted. Now I’ve cut the plug off and gone through a photocell. But now when they come on at dusk they...
  39. A

    Led batten wiring

    Hi, what type/size of wire will I need for 6 36W led batten lights in my garage? Would 2 core 0.75mm round flex wire be ok?
  40. T

    Need help matching power supply to LED project.

    Hello, I am an artist in Portland Oregon and I need to power an array of 3 watt cob leds (9-12vdc 260-280ma) They need to be strung in strands of 8 (12 total strands) 96 total leds. I would like to run them a little underpowered to reduce the heat and...
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