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  1. happyhippydad

    Struggling to find a class 2 light that looks anything like this.....

    As in the title... The customer has no earthing on lights and wants to change from pendants to something different. It's in the kitchen. She bought some class 1 lights that looked a little like these Does anyone know where I can get a class 2 light that is at least a little like the above...
  2. D

    Electrics came back on without doing anything

    All electrics in the garage went out. It was caused by a heater fan I had one for a hour or so. It is a very very old heater fan. I presume it's got a fault. Anyhow there is a board in the garage and also a board in the house. The house lights were fine and nothing tripped out. The garage...
  3. O

    Anyone know anything about Super Subbie?

    Hi, I'm new to here, but just wondering if anyone knows anything about Super Subbie? Saw their advert on TV the other night and I'd like some new way to look for work without the bad rep of checkatrade etc. Any thoughts?
  4. G

    At the cinema, you learnt anything yet?!!

    How's everyone enjoying this waste of time?
  5. Vortigern

    Maplins closing down, anything to return???

    So a £140 graphics card has failed under guarantee. Maplins where I got it from will not refund it. They say email head office. Have done so and the email gets returned saying their server is not accepting emails. So for the past week and sending say a dozen times, no dice. Any bright ideas? No...
  6. Bob Geldoff1234

    Cloud flare not doing anything.

    Can we get rid of Cloud Flare because it ain't working against the Chinese posters.Having to wait 5 seconds every time to access the site is getting a bit much and seeing as it's not working I cannot see the point of having it. Get rid I say.
  7. happyhippydad

    Blimey, never seen anything like this before!

    I was asked by a friend to connect up some lights in their store room. You can make out the cable on the ceiling coming out of the conduit ready to be connected to one of the CU's. This is what I came across. I said 'No'! :)
  8. P

    Why do I need anything more than a Neon?

    Looking for a little help from members here... First I should say I am not a Spark, but have a telecoms back ground and I was taught a little about electrics during my apprenticeship along time ago. I am looking for a reliable of testing domestic circuits are dead before doing any work on...
  9. P

    Do car adverts tell you anything about the car?

    Is it me or are car adverts a waste of time? Now I find all adverts pretty insulting, but the latest car adverts seem to go along the lines of 'do a posy sport and get sweaty and dirty, jump in a very ordinary looking car and drive off quite quickly, making sure you go through a puddle'. Another...
  10. P

    House Rewire - Anything Missing?

    Hi, Any advice on this would be appreciated. I am planning on getting our new 1960’s house rewired which is not something I have done before. One requirement is my other half wants lots of light, our old place was too dark! We plan on moving a couple of doors/walls slightly so a change from...
  11. Vortigern

    Had to post this! Part II notice anything odd???

    Yeh just been working on the situation at the local Chinese Takeaway, what a difference a day can make. Notice anything unusual mmmm? N.B. It is a work in progress.
  12. Vortigern

    Electrical certificate from a decade ago anything wrong with it?

    Hi again :cool: So my Son sent me the attached file as the cert for electrical work and there appears to be something missing or was it so different then? This if for a house he is about to purchase.
  13. Vortigern

    What would you say to DNO about the following...if anything?

    So asked to attend tripping RCD whenever cooker is plugged in. That bit was very simple, gas cooker with igniter plugged into extension. Soaked extension lead (fridge defrosted all over it and condensation from pots and pans etc.) removed it and plugged direct in to socket problem solved. I was...
  14. S

    Grants for advertising?

    I got a text message the other day, advertising "GRANTS with NO FEES" (their capitalisation) for marketting costs, from "BizFund". Anyone know if this is real or a scam? Seems too good to be true.
  15. S

    Help with commercial PV install

    I have installed several domestic 3 and 4kW PV systems over the last five or six years and a few 10KW systems but i dont have experience with larger commercial installs. I have now been asked by a previous customer to provide an estimate to install a 30kW system on his factory. He has already...
  16. Leader

    What would you have and why?

    So my partner and I have possibly lost our minds and bought and old chapel which, all being well, we'll start to convert in 2 or 3 months. I want it to be all singing and dancing in terms of lighting/audio/etc but I also want it to be unobtrusive. I don't have any experience working in high...
  17. M

    The 'you don't need to change it socket'

    Hi guys First off I'm not a qualified spark yet I'm a mature level 3 apprentice, however I thought you might like to see a socket I was greeted with in the house I recently purchased. I purchased it from the in laws and the socket in question was in a room I was going to use for my children...
  18. billyblade

    Impact driver accessories

    Hi fellas, I work for a leading power tool accessory manufacturer who specialise in accessories for electrical installation. We are looking at expanding our range of impact driver accessories and wondered if there was anything you guys would be really interested in? We already market...
  19. Dan

    Did he leave anything out or advice, reviews and feedback

    Did he leave anything out or advice reviews and feedback 2017 Was just watching this video and even though this guys tiling is spot on IMO, i cant help think he didn't do his wet room exactly as i would. I see when he taped his corners, he didnt use the... Did he leave anything out or Are...
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