1. M

    Type A rcd in series or change at the board

    I am to install a car charger that states a type A RVD is to be installed. Can this be put in the garage from the non rcd side of the board or is it better to change the RCD on the board and use that side. I assume it makes no difference
  2. Malcolm

    Compatible Series E RCD

    HI. Is anyone able to let me know if there is a compatible 80A RCD for a Series E board? I have tried the tinternet for a replacement but coming up short. Thanks For any help.
  3. D

    Attaching battery balancer to battery series

    I have two batteries in a series. The balancer has a black, white, and red cable. I understand where the black and red go, but don't understand where the white "pole" goes. It is only a single cable. Do I need to attach a splitter to it, or do I just attach it to one of the terminals in the...
  4. A032701

    Series E MCB Compatibility

    Evening All, Anyone know which major manufactures are compatible with the old GE series E mcb style? Thanks in advance.
  5. D

    Putting batteries in series to inverter

    I have the following batteries I need to connect to this inverter: I need to set the two batteries up in a series. I watched a few videos, and see you should attach the positive terminal first, then...
  6. Pastory

    (basic question) why is current the same in series connection.

    (basic question) why is current the same in series connection. An explanation in 3d video would be very helpful
  7. P

    2 single phase meters in series

    I maintain the electrical installation for an old building that is converted into flats. The DNO only owns the transformer and we have a single electricity meter for the whole site. All of the switchgear is ours and the flats have submeters that are also ours (the management company that own the...
  8. littlespark

    Star Wars TV series on Disney

    I've been thinking about this since Wednesday. In the latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett, there were so many call backs, easter eggs, little details going back to the cartoons and the films... From a Naboo ship, characters from the other series, the Mandalorian... The Jedi training...
  9. S

    Aico 3000 series smoke alarms,audio link.

    Just checking if this mains/rechargable unit can be used without the audio link module as my CEF catalogue does not make it clear.I just want to link 2 smokes with the wireless base to keep the cost down. Thanks for any advice, Regards,S
  10. M

    RCDs in series and garden power

    I wired a new circuit in my garden last year. One thing I wasn't sure of but figured it can't be much of an issue was having two rcds on the same circuit. So from the consumer unit I have a 2.5mm ring to a Wiska box outside. That then is a roughly 5 metre piece of 4mm swa into the shed consumer...
  11. Saks facilities

    LSI lightron Inc. series STF

    In need of a replacement lens for a LSI Lightron Inc. Series STF recessed, 4 tube, fluorescent fixture. LSI was bought out a while back and are mainly LED fixtures now. Even the rep. I was working with from the company was not able to find anything like it.
  12. C

    Hi guys, has anyone got a fix for clipsal saturn series mech on a 2 way light staying dim when off?

    I have run new cables, segregated the SDI cable running back, so the LED will switch independently and have also installed a capacitor, since I was informed that would be a fix but it bursts light. The picture shows bottom mech with the switch on and bottom mech with the switch off. Thanks so...
  13. M

    Latching relay chattering. Is it possible to use a set of NC contacts in series with the it's own coil? Or would the coil drop back out as soon as it

    Can you supply a latching coil through it's own set of NC contacts? Or would it try to drop out as soon as it tries to pull in.
  14. D

    WS2812B led strips, Series or parallel?

    I have tried to find info on connecting WS2812B led strips Dat/signal line without any luck. I wondered if it was ok to connect the dat/signal line in parallel to 2 existing led strips from the controller or does it have to be in series?
  15. O

    LED Lights wired in series

    I am installing recessed LED lights wired in series. My question is, the last light in the series will not have a ground to connect to...what is the solution?
  16. Mr Ziggy

    Issues with wiring up a dimmer and switch for LED downlights in series

    Hi all I am a newbie from Australia to this great forum. I need some advise with wiring up a dimmer and switch for my LED Down lights in series. I have run a mock up from the extension cord with some success. But still have issues. The dimmer instructions diagram indicates one red...
  17. Pretty Mouth

    Series arcing causing MCB to trip

    I recently fixed a fault on a lighting circuit. The fault became apparent after some work I had carried out - I rewired part of the circuit for an ensuite refit, plus some additions to other circuits supplied by the same CU. I needed to provide RCD protection to the circuits that I had worked...
  18. Risteard

    Ei Electronics/Aico 3000 series

    There doesn't appear to be an ionisation detector available for the Ei Electronics (Aico) 3000 series alarm range. Or does anyone know of one? Basically there was a house which was a HMO at one time, but was converted to a single family rented property. For some reason the fire alarm panel was...
  19. JBW175

    Xbox Series X

    Just wondered if any of you gamers' have got your hands on the new Xbox or PS5 yet? if so, what they like?
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