1. Highspark24/7

    Looking for electcal testing post

    Few years ago when I was just a lurker I came across a post about filling in an electrical test sheet with brilliant description of the schedule of inspection with looking to see if any one can find post so I can get my apprentice to look
  2. B

    G9 LED 240v lamp only lights when testing

    I have a ceiling light that uses G9 LED lamps. The lamps does not light when switched on. However, when I put my meter across the power supply to test if voltage is present the LED lights immediately. Once alight and the meter removed it stays alight until switched off. Switch it on again and...
  3. C

    Fire alarm loop testing

    Hi all Just a quick one. For a fire alarm loop addressable system. Fp200 1.5mm cpc 1.5mm To obtain R1+R2 would you treat the "loop" as a radial in effect and link brown and earth in connector then tester on other leg. Or would you treat it as a ring and figure of eight and can be tested...
  4. J

    Testing issues!! Dodgy 13 A socket contacts

    Completed a new install recently. 45a 10mm2 SWA Sub main (TT) to an outbuilding and 2 x final circuits- 32a Ring and 6a lighting, nice and simple. Customer might require additional circuits in the future, hence the 10mm2 SWA. Tested the Ring Circuit- end to end all good and as expected. Then...
  5. F

    Amperis relay testing, testing and verification

    Good morning, I recently decided to buy an Amperis AK-30 three-phase relay test equipment device and although I don't control it well yet, it seems good, since it is able to analyze all types of relays (current, voltage, frequency, power, impedance, harmonics, distance, ...) The truth is that...
  6. Neptune

    RCD Testing with Megger 1711

    I'd like some information on the RCD test features and process please. Firstly, does this only apply to sockets or lighting circuits too? Clearly both could be on the RCD With sockets, do we have to run the RCD tests (half, full, five times, ramp) at all sockets or is one socket adequate...
  7. D

    Where do you test from in phase rotation test on am2

    About to re sit testing section of am2. Am I required to test phase rotation at the incoming switch and also the 3 phase socket and motor. Just can't seem to find any clear instructions on what they expect on this test
  8. R

    Loop testing question

    Hi All Whilst carrying out some testing today I had the following messages on my Kewtech KT64DL. L - N >20ohms - this was on the ring on only one socket, all others tested fine. Could this be a faulty socket? n-pe hiv - this was on the upstairs lighting circuit. Was testing in the loft where I...
  9. lozarus

    Testing when modifying a circuit

    Afternoon all. Bear with me on this one... Despite having been involved in the electrical industry for many years, I'm only just about to embark on 2391 - its more of a personal endeavour than anything, having been very interested in inspection & test for a long time (I know, not everybody's...
  10. sythai

    Extract fan testing - LABC

    Hi Guys Can anyone help me on this please 😉 Just finished off recent new build.... LABC have requested: 1. F1 - The extract fans require testing. Please provide a copy of the extract fan test results for our file showing they achieve the minimum extraction rates as installed. Never been...
  11. G

    Can I complete a EICR with my qual

    Can I complete a EICR if I have a SCQF level 7 in the testing and inspection of low voltage installations.
  12. T

    Which testing software

    Which testing software does everyone use? We use to use FastTest (Amtech/Trimble) but since we have updated to MacBooks we can’t use it anymore I have tried iCertifi but can’t seem to get the hang of it, I really liked FastTest as the layout was good like your were filling a hand written...
  13. M

    Testing Feed and Load - 45A oven switch

    Hi. I got a new oven the other day and it was working fine. Last night, I swapped out the 45A wall switch for a brushed brass type one. The neon light lit up, the clock on the oven came on, job done. However, today I went to grill cheese on toast and the grill only got moderately warm. Its also...
  14. The apprentice

    TPN Isolator testing

    Hi there thanks in advance for the help iam still learning but soon to sit my trade test, on the booth picture number four is a TPN isolator I have to chose the correct fuses but on the testing this piece of equipment R1 R2 3 phases to earth record highest reading at end point I don’t need to...
  15. B

    Insulation resistance testing query

    Downstairs lighting is tripping rcd. Circuit has 4 chandeliers with multiple bulbs and led downlights in the bathroom. Can I just test IR on 250v setting between L,N & E and expect the same results as testing with 500v.
  16. D

    Prospective fault current testing

    hi, new to this forum and still training. During testing for prospective fault current at the point I get a bad reading, what ever that may be????, what possible situations would be causing and why? still trying to get my head round it... thanks Adam
  17. DMSecurity

    Testing a new Switched CCU

    Hi all, My first post here. I am a level 3 student, confident and competent. I have a job this afternoon that they have requested a minor works certificate for. I am only replacing an existing FCU for a switched FCU. I know all test procedures correctly and I have a brand new kewtech...
  18. D

    Minor works testing FCU

    Hi wondering if someone can advise me on something.. Im installing a few outdoor lights, will spur them off a ring via fused spur. question is when i’m testing do I take the max zs values of a 3/5a 1362 plug top fuse or zs at light fitting and use max zs for the mcb? Please explain in detail...
  19. R

    UK Fault with ring main

    I was testing a consumer unit before upgrading to current standards. (Old re wireable fuses) when testing one of the ring mains continuity i found 38v on the cpc with that circuit disconnected. After carrying out end to end tests on Line and neutral which came back fine. I found the voltage...
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