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  1. gazdkw82

    Help testing small motor

    Friend of mines dryer machine has stopped working, 2 days out of warranty. I am trying to help theme out as money is tight for them however, I'm a little unsure my diagnosis is correct and I don't want them spending unnecessarily on replacement parts. The dryer is a Candy machine and has a...
  2. R

    PAT Testing fail query

    Hi, I perform annual PAT checks for my company (office and workshop). The Apollo 400 machine we use has recently gone for calibration and service and since it's come back, items which passed easily last year (Earth Continuity below 0.1ohm), are now not passing. I've now raised the earth...
  3. D

    Electric vehicle tester options

    Hi I'm just starting to fit EV chargers as part of our solar installs. Just looking at the tester options I currently have a Megger 1711 but this isn't suitable due to no DC RCD test. Does everyone end up buying a new MFT or am I missing something? cheers
  4. Jord001

    Huibolong HTV60C1 transformer

    Hi all, Im new to the forum and wanted to check something and maybe get some advice confirmation. Ive got halogen wall lights which use a Huibolong HTV60C1 transformer, one failed about 4 years ago and i got a replacement from savemylight.co.uk. I fitted it and it was all good. Another one of...
  5. davehaynes1

    Ignition switch testing help

    Hi guys. I posted yesterday about a suspected faulty starter motor.. I've had the starter out and cleaned everything up and all seems to be working well. Bench tests well everytime. And at a price of $2200 for a new starter motor I'm going to look elsewhere for the problem. My suspicion now lies...
  6. Chivers

    Thoughts on an EICR on this board prior to physical testing.

    Opinions on this Crabtree TP 10 way board? Got to test this next week after a quick recce on a clients site yesterday. Although probably electrically safe the RCCB is feeding everything including another board Fed via an SWA and some external services also in armoured to. Thing that bothers me...
  7. F

    UK RDC-DD testing EVCP ?

    How many of you that install EV have a tester that can test integral RDC-DD devices ? I’m starting to get a more enquiries but don’t know the consensus on this
  8. D

    Insulation testing problems

    Hi all, if I’m getting an insulation reading of 0.03 across N & L on a lighting circuit what would cause this? Neutral earth, live earth, are in the acceptable realms.
  9. R

    BS EN 60204 Machinery testing

    Hi all, I am an electrician working for a OEM machinery manufacturer based in Germany, we are the local hub that is now taking over the installation of the machines in the UK, the machines are liquid filling, packing and palletizing. So on to my question, as I understand it the machines...
  10. B

    Fluke 1662 live testing

    Morning everyone I’ve recently bought a fluke 1662 as my megger 1741 broke on a site last week. Does the fluke have the same capability as the megger or do you just have to take the lead resistance off after the test ?
  11. Wes1112

    Fire & EM Lighting testing requirement advice

    Hi, just looking for some advice, Do you need any governing body to be able to do Fire alarm & EM testing? Im awaiting my NIC or Napit but im hoping to secure a little contract doing these (ive done hundreds sub contracting) Thank you!
  12. impish15

    Testing on internal light circuit

    Hi I know I have to do more testing but I just want to see if there is something I’m missing. Customer said light fitting in the loft was crushed causing the breaker to trip. I thought easy fault to rectify which was very naive of me. I arrived disconnected the damaged switch which was in...
  13. M

    Technical question for IR testing

    So I’m an apprentice and I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the science behind this because the electricians who have said it have been quite vague and not properly explained. Recently testing L-E for a circuit which was 0.02 ohms and the electrician said I will have to remove...
  14. king185

    Continuity / Ohms testing help / Short ?

    Hi, I would love some help understanding an issue I’m having on a 16mm SWA cable running from the CU in my house to the CU in the shed. I believe there is a problem with the cable (possibly between E and N), and I have used a multi-meter to do some checks on the CU (shed side) and below you will...
  15. S

    Testing the wiring in an outdoor circuit

    Forgive me if this is easy to search - I was not able to find anything obvious here or on YouTube. I've got an outdoor circuit that has failed. Specifically, one outlet failed and then the second one went about a year later, with no trip of the breaker. How do I test the wiring to make sure it...
  16. S

    IR testing steel conduit on 1st fix?

    Hi everyone, I'm nearly on my AM2 test and really enjoy the industrial side of things so I thought I'd learn by asking. I recently came across this note about IR testing PRIOR to connection? Can someone just explain how you would test if there was steel conduit and the earthing arrangement...
  17. S

    Insulation Resistance Testing Am2 - requires to be tested twice

    Hi, I'm a little confused confused is someone can shine some light on the amendment 2 way of doing IR. I know you have to do one 1st fix at 500V DC and then final one at 250V DC when all cables. What I'm confused about is GN3 states: "...sometimes these cables are terminated without further...
  18. T

    Testing donated electrics for charity

    I was thinking about getting qualified to do this for a charity. I already do the necessary stuff to put the electrical donations into the shop floor. They are charged too much for this service under contract. I need insurance, certificate, kit, cards..and I will be funding it. I've had a look...
  19. R

    Electrical Testing Agencies in the UK?

    Hi I am a sparkie based in London. I am trying to shift from installation and maintenance to Testing. I did not use my 2391 for a number of years, but eventually decided to make a move to Testing. I tried to search the internet, but there is no info on any Employment Agencies hiring mostly...
  20. S

    Testing with String Boxes and Combiner Boxes

    Hi Guys, Currently on a 3MW Solar farm job and will soon be coming up to the testing stage of the project. My question is, where do you do your test? There are String boxes at the end of every row, with isolators inside them for local isolation. There are then duct grade single core cables that...
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