1. T

    Which testing software

    Which testing software does everyone use? We use to use FastTest (Amtech/Trimble) but since we have updated to MacBooks we can’t use it anymore I have tried iCertifi but can’t seem to get the hang of it, I really liked FastTest as the layout was good like your were filling a hand written...
  2. M

    Testing Feed and Load - 45A oven switch

    Hi. I got a new oven the other day and it was working fine. Last night, I swapped out the 45A wall switch for a brushed brass type one. The neon light lit up, the clock on the oven came on, job done. However, today I went to grill cheese on toast and the grill only got moderately warm. Its also...
  3. The apprentice

    TPN Isolator testing

    Hi there thanks in advance for the help iam still learning but soon to sit my trade test, on the booth picture number four is a TPN isolator I have to chose the correct fuses but on the testing this piece of equipment R1 R2 3 phases to earth record highest reading at end point I don’t need to...
  4. B

    Insulation resistance testing query

    Downstairs lighting is tripping rcd. Circuit has 4 chandeliers with multiple bulbs and led downlights in the bathroom. Can I just test IR on 250v setting between L,N & E and expect the same results as testing with 500v.
  5. D

    Prospective fault current testing

    hi, new to this forum and still training. During testing for prospective fault current at the point I get a bad reading, what ever that may be????, what possible situations would be causing and why? still trying to get my head round it... thanks Adam
  6. DMSecurity

    Testing a new Switched CCU

    Hi all, My first post here. I am a level 3 student, confident and competent. I have a job this afternoon that they have requested a minor works certificate for. I am only replacing an existing FCU for a switched FCU. I know all test procedures correctly and I have a brand new kewtech...
  7. D

    Minor works testing FCU

    Hi wondering if someone can advise me on something.. Im installing a few outdoor lights, will spur them off a ring via fused spur. question is when i’m testing do I take the max zs values of a 3/5a 1362 plug top fuse or zs at light fitting and use max zs for the mcb? Please explain in detail...
  8. R

    UK Fault with ring main

    I was testing a consumer unit before upgrading to current standards. (Old re wireable fuses) when testing one of the ring mains continuity i found 38v on the cpc with that circuit disconnected. After carrying out end to end tests on Line and neutral which came back fine. I found the voltage...
  9. J

    Global Insulation Resistance Testing at CU

    Evening all, as I’m preparing for my Inspection and Testing exam, I wonder if you might put me straight on something please? When performing a global insulation resistance test at the CU, I would link the L busbar to the N bar then afterwards to the E bar. I understand that the circuit...
  10. aceofspades

    Testing Hand dryers prior to purchase

    Hello sparks, I'm looking for some advice as to see how I can wire up and test hand dryers prior to purchase. As they're generally unwired, without a plug connected. I have some basic electric screwdrivers from TLC as well as an electric tester and some basic strip pliers from TLC. I'm familiar...
  11. Need_more_wago's

    DALI Emergency Lighting Automated testing via a control system

    Hey, with regards to DALI Emergency Lighting Automated testing via a control system, does anyone know how best to overcome a fitting that is reporting... 'Duration test max. delay exceeded' This is preventing the DALI EM fitting from carrying out its requested 3-hour Duration test. Batteries...
  12. E

    EICR testing and inspection

    Before anyone asks I am a qualified spark.. been off the tools for years and getting back into it.. In regards to EICR’s it’s been a while.. Acceptable to add R1 R2 to Ze for ZS or do you all test all 3 anyway? I know it’s not acceptable to ZS and take off ZE to get R1 R2..
  13. G

    Car charge point testing

    Hi, To those who are already installing EV charge points, do you test as you would any other radial circuit, or do you have a specific EV point tester or EVSE adaptor for your MFT? what additional testing do these provide, and is using them in order to meet manufacturers instructions as I don't...
  14. S

    AM2 global IR testing

    When doing the IR testing in the AM2 is it acceptable to carry out a global IR test? Or each circuit individually?
  15. M

    Couple of testing questions ?

    Apologies gone a bit rusty on this stuff: 1) (Max) Resistance of protective conductor: An Installation with a sub-board all pvc wiring Is the max protective conductor resistance = the resistance of the protective conductor on the submain + the highest resistance CPC on the sub-board Above...
  16. N

    Electrician Inspection & Testing

    Hi everyone. I work in the industry already and do not need a job. I am just currently doing my NVQ and cannot complete the units of testing and inspection and fault diagnosis. I was wondering if anyone near Dagenham or London (travelling isn’t an issue) Could let me tag along with them for a...
  17. BiddeldyBwah

    Get 18th, Get testing and inspection, go to work?

    Sat contemplating life as normal and started thinking about this. Anyone can do the 18th and the testing and inspection qualifications. So is it not theoretically possible to do those and simply specialise in testing and inspection? I mean why go through installation courses etc if you can...
  18. J

    Electrician Testing experience Surrey area

    Hi guys I’m wondering if anyone can help. I currently work in industrial maintenance but am looking to get more testing experience as I completed the 2391 and 2392 back in July 2017 and due to the limited amount of testing I do I’d like to gain some more experience (evening weekend preferably...
  19. F

    EICR unsatisfactory but was the report/ testing carried out also unsatisfactory?

    Hi, hopefully, you can help me by giving some guidance over the EICR which has failed for my rented property. It was carried out by an electrician who is supplied via the managing agency. The first contact I had was an email that stated the EICR had failed and some remedial work was required...
  20. A

    GFCI testing at ungrounded receptacles

    I have installed a GFCI breaker the main panel which feeds a circuit that serves two bedrooms. This was done so I could replace all the old non grounded two prong receptacles with standard three prong receptacles. There is no ground in the circuit wiring. My dilemma is, how do I test the GFCI...