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  1. littlespark

    Testing ip camera without the nvr

    One of my customers managed to fry the rj45 socket on a Lorex (cheap!) brand ip camera. No idea how, but the pins are cooked. He had purchased a new socket but needed someone else to repair. It’s an rj45 with a standard power jack on the side. Of course, the colours are all different.. so...
  2. J

    UK RCBO Testing

    Just wondering if someone could help provide an explanation as to why this might be the case when testing an RCBO. Testing the RCBO at the DB recorded a value of >300ms (test probes connected N&L load side, and E bar), yet when running the same test at a socket-outlet of the same RCBO tripped at...
  3. P

    Earth resistivity testing in wet ground

    Hi. The question is..... can saturated ground affect earth resistivity testing equipment? Some days there's an unacceptable earth reading, another day it'll be perfect. The only variable seems to be the weather - ie very wet. I've asked northern powergrid to convert to a PME system but they say...
  4. S

    Books to learn testing etc

    Hi As some of you will know . I'm studying level 2. I have the onsite guide. But does anyone know any books I can buy to help me understand testing etc better. Anything that will aid my learning. Thanks for any input.
  5. P

    UK Looking for testing experience (unpaid) East London and surrounding areas

    Hello fellow sparks, I’m looking to do my testing and inspection course which starts on the 30th of April, but I have not got much testing experience. My only source of learning is hitting the books and lots of YouTube videos which I learn a lot from but of course it’s not the same as hands on...
  6. Weezy

    Can you ‘N/A’ most of a Minor Works for a like for like replacement?

    Seeking advice, we have been replacing extractor fans for a local council and was originally told no ‘like for like’ replacement works needs a minor works certificate. Came into the office today to find they now want minor works certificates for about 250 fans we replaced. Now normally if...
  7. AngelLaHash

    UK 3rd Party Testing

    I got a TEXT message (i dont know them and i cant find out who they are from the phone number) "Hi speaking from Indeed Are you available to give electrical certification for a job at Melton Mowbray?" Guessing they have seen my CV online on Indeed and found my phone number and wated me to Sign...
  8. O

    UK electrical testing

    Hi All DALI lighting system distributes circuit via LCM's, for electrical test, do you stop at the LCM or light point. how do you carry out insulation test without damaging DALI equipment
  9. Carolina

    Testing ballasts/chokes

    Evening. Got my hands on a pair of choke ballasts to run fluorescent tubes a few days ago and I want to see if they're in good condition. If we're talking age these things are relics, manufactured in the USSR in 1964 and 1971 respectively, the guy who gave them to me said they were working...
  10. C

    PAT testing with no access to plugtop

    Hi, I carry out PAT testing on landlord appliances for letting agents in rented accommodation. Occasionally some of the items I cannot access the plugtop without issues e.g appliances on Lino floor where it is impossible to remove without damaging the floor, cooker hoods with units built...
  11. lozarus

    IR Testing & EIC

    In my line of work it's very rare that I ever have to change a DB. I'm largely in maintenance; occasionally have to add new circuits etc. so in respect to Testing this is all fairly straightforward to me. I was thinking about DB changes earlier and started to stumble when it came to IR Testing...
  12. N

    DIY testing washer/dryer AIO components, do I need a better multimeter

    Hello, I have an all-in-one washer/dryer unit and it is giving me error codes. I have the manual that describes how to test the various components on the control module, but the introduction to the Component Testing Procedures section has me a little confused. It seems to contradict itself by...
  13. A

    Hi all, I am currently doing my 2391-52 testing course

    Hi all, I am currently doing my 2391-52 testing course, can anyone recommend where I can find revision past paper or online revision sites for the online multiple choice exam
  14. Antares

    Testing RCBO x5 times

    Hello everyone, Is it necessary to test RCBO x5? Some say that you can’t even test at x5 times because it can damage RCBO. Others that you can, but we don’t put the result in testing sheets. I found a recommendation that it is advisable to test x5. Cheers
  15. gazdkw82

    Help testing small motor

    Friend of mines dryer machine has stopped working, 2 days out of warranty. I am trying to help theme out as money is tight for them however, I'm a little unsure my diagnosis is correct and I don't want them spending unnecessarily on replacement parts. The dryer is a Candy machine and has a...
  16. R

    PAT Testing fail query

    Hi, I perform annual PAT checks for my company (office and workshop). The Apollo 400 machine we use has recently gone for calibration and service and since it's come back, items which passed easily last year (Earth Continuity below 0.1ohm), are now not passing. I've now raised the earth...
  17. D

    Electric vehicle tester options

    Hi I'm just starting to fit EV chargers as part of our solar installs. Just looking at the tester options I currently have a Megger 1711 but this isn't suitable due to no DC RCD test. Does everyone end up buying a new MFT or am I missing something? cheers
  18. Jord001

    Huibolong HTV60C1 transformer

    Hi all, Im new to the forum and wanted to check something and maybe get some advice confirmation. Ive got halogen wall lights which use a Huibolong HTV60C1 transformer, one failed about 4 years ago and i got a replacement from savemylight.co.uk. I fitted it and it was all good. Another one of...
  19. davehaynes1

    Ignition switch testing help

    Hi guys. I posted yesterday about a suspected faulty starter motor.. I've had the starter out and cleaned everything up and all seems to be working well. Bench tests well everytime. And at a price of $2200 for a new starter motor I'm going to look elsewhere for the problem. My suspicion now lies...
  20. Chivers

    Thoughts on an EICR on this board prior to physical testing.

    Opinions on this Crabtree TP 10 way board? Got to test this next week after a quick recce on a clients site yesterday. Although probably electrically safe the RCCB is feeding everything including another board Fed via an SWA and some external services also in armoured to. Thing that bothers me...


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