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  1. A


    I have the following qualifications, C&G 2365 Level 3 and 17th Edition completed in July 2014. I have worked in installations for the last six years and had all work signed off by my boss. I would like to think about going for the C&G testing certificate 2391-52. Little unclear about what I...
  2. A

    Rcd testing

    hi guys just looking for some advice. Trying to test an a type 100a rcd type a with a megger 1552 and testing on ac the tests pass but on switching to dc on x5 tests it is saying it is over 40ms. Am I missing something? Or would it be a raulty rcd?
  3. B

    Charity requires premises inspection/certification in Alconbury, Huntindonshire

    A charity I assist requires an inspection, test and certification of the fixed wiring in its recently refurbished premises on the old Alconbury Airfield site in Huntingdonshire. There is a new 3 phase main switch and distribution board into which mostly existing circuits have been connected, and...
  4. A

    Testing high level lighting circuits

    Good morning everyone, I have been asked to do the initial verification on a newly completed building. so all the light fittings have been installed, false ceilings have been closed off,..etc. what is your suggestion for testing the lighting circuits?( continuity, IR tests) some of them are at...
  5. W

    Testing requirements after GPO replacement in a caravan.

    Im not so much up to date with Australian standards in regards to domestic installations. I know about testing requirements after a full installation and I know that there is an actual as 3001 for caravans but I just want to check what testing would be required after say an caravan aircon...
  6. T

    IR testing on new build

    Hi all testing of new build house. When carrying out IR testing on circuits unplugged all equipment and took down smoke alarms. As there was a lot of lights connected with lamps and installed in twin and earth. I put live and neutral together and tested to Earth. IR test was starting off low but...
  7. C

    Earth loop testing in Europe

    Hi, I have a Martindale EZ165 and have used it previously to do basic earth loop test on sockets in the UK. I want to carry out the same operation in italy- it's a rural house on a TT system, I want to know if the approximate Zs reading is below 200 ohms and that the sockets are all correctly...
  8. Auto Technician

    Testing DPF's and CDPF's

    I hear many views of people who believe that DPF's and CDPF's fitted to their vehicles are a problem and many people resort to removing them, or more commonly cutting them open to remove the internal materials and then remapping the system. This comes across to me as being very expensive and can...
  9. J

    Wanted Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 4th Edition (4th Edt) (Electrical Regulations)

    Hi all I am taking the Niceic Pat course on Monday 3rd August, unless it's cancelled due to the current pandemic I am awaiting an answer. As it may be postponed I'm loathe to buy new copy of the the 4th edition with the 5th edition being released shortly. Does anyone have a copy they no...
  10. Z

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to prove in a book that the highest x5 of an RCD test is sufficient please? It’s a question on my am2 testing. Thanks

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to prove in a book that the highest x5 of an RCD test is sufficient please? It’s a question on my am2 testing. Thanks I’m also struggling on how to check that my measure PFC at DB will trip the breakers in time. This question was a tick box on the exam so if anyone...
  11. F

    EICR Testing with 2 way Radios & RCBOs

    Currently doing testing on an old building, with concrete walls everywhere, circuit finder dosnt work. So using 2 way Radios, but they are opening the Protective RCBOs! Using Motorla, has anybody else had this issue? Does anybody know of a 2 way Radio that will not open the RCBO? Tia
  12. D

    Best MFT for EV charge point testing

    This may have been asked before but what is the best all round MFT that also does EV charge point testing? I am looking at the Megger 1741+ but also believe the Metrel testers are also good?
  13. OiNath

    PAT testing stored equipment

    Hi all, I've never posted in any sort of forum before, but this time... I cannot find answers anywhere. I need to know if items that are in indefinite storage still need PAT testing. I'm the maintenance man at an animal rescue centre, we have alot of equipment in storage e.g. heat mats...
  14. T

    Bit confused here, IR testing.

    Hi all, this is probably a daft question to most of you. At training centre I have started dead testing. When I get to the 3 point IR test on a single circuit should I switch off the breaker for that circuit .Hopefully I am correct in removing any lamps on a lighting circuit and turned switches...
  15. D

    Testing Ze when you cannot disconnect the bonding?

    I was recently watching John Ward's video series on Electrical Installation Testing. In the part where he discusses measuring Ze, he states that you only test the earth connection to the cut-out and need to disconnect it from the bonding and the CU to do this correctly. In his example diagram he...
  16. T

    18th Edition testing software/forms for iPad

    Hi all I'm sure like everyone, EICR's are going mental and I'm looking to buy and iPad to do the forms on. I've asked some people IRL about which software works well on iPad and wanted to ask you guys. What can people recommend? What looks good and works well? Ta!
  17. M

    Testing small Hmo smoke alarms

    I’ve been asked to inspect a bunch of small Hmo LD2 smoke alarm systems by a landlord which certificates are best for this?(I am a 1 man band mainly domestic installer )any advice would’ve appreciated ,thanks
  18. C

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Pat Tester and testing help please

    Hi all, new to this forum and could do with some advice re Pat Testing. As the new law relating to EICR's to the private rented sector is coming up, I'm getting calls from my clients about the inspections but now they are also starting to enquire about having PAT testing done. I'm fully...
  19. E

    Pat testing business setup

    Hi i been looking at starting a pat test business, there is a course i can do that follows the iet 4th edition and certificate test at completion , if i want to do tests in places such as care homes and other businesses , will these ask for a qualified electrician or a city of guilds qualified...
  20. J

    in service inspection and testing 5th edition

    Does anyone know off hand when the 5th edition is supposed to come out, with the lockdown I can't get an official response. The draft "in service inspection and testing 5th edition" was out late last year for comments, and as I haven't got a copy of that, I don't have the timescales that were...
  21. I

    Open & Short circuit

    Evening all, I'm new to this so apologies in advance if I'm posting in the wrong threads. I'm an apprentice electrician. Due to the ongoing pandemic, my college assignments are currently being handed out online with very little communication and interaction from the tutors. I'm struggling with...
  22. S

    Inspection And Testing 2391

    Hi Guys and Girls Just checking if you have completed the level 3 NVQ and the AM2 does this make you a qualified spark and are you able to sign off work EICR Reports without doing the inspection and testing course or do you need this course aswell ?? Sorry if this question has been asked...
  23. J

    PAT testing 32A cable

    We have some 32A extension leads that range from 5m to 20m, I'm struggling to find what the acceptable values are for the resistence test. The PAT tester has a built in calculator, but that only goes up to 4mm cable, this is using 6mm. Where can I find the information I need to get the pass...
  24. J

    Supp bonding needed with RCD + testing supp bonding

    Hello there all, I'm a fairly newly qualified electrician and have been doing more and more EICRs lately, if someone could actually trawl through my long question and answer it then I shall be eternally grateful I have tested 3 electrical installations in the last week with no RCD devices, all...
  25. G

    Best EV charging testing unit?

    Hi Guys, Completed an EV charging course a few months back. Looking to explore that growing corner of the market. My Megger 1720 multi function tester packed up recently. Always pretty happy with my Megger, but I'm looking to get a tester that has integrated EV testing and comes with its own EV...
  26. J

    NICEIC Certification Scheme PAT testing with NICEIC

    Hi there. As I understand NAPIT approved contractors automatically are able to carry out PAT testing with there yearly subscription. Do NICEIC approved contractors get the same benefit? I'm currently just a domestic installer and would have to pay an extra £450+VAT per a year for PAT testing!!
  27. Gavin John Hyde

    New MFT and testing EV Chargers, spds etc

    Need to look at a new MFT in due course as I currently have a kt64dl which whilst it works fine, is a doddle to use I have to use a chunky rolec charge check for testing EV Chargers. I see the new Metrel 3152 has a bolt on to test the chargers. Not sure if the EV testing part works fully with...
  28. A

    couple of PAT testing questions

    Hi Everyone, I have recently bought a UNI-T PAT tester ( UT528) and have few questions: It is mentioned in the handbook, to limit the earth continuity test for some appliances such as TV between 20 and 200 mA. When I check the UNI-T operation manual, it is mentioned the test current for earth...
  29. P

    My RCD won't reset after testing

    my RCD's wont reset after testing. I have 6 RCD in my fuse box all in a row (and only 4 MCB - which doesn't seem usual). After pressing the test button, the RCD triggers. The RCD won't however allow itself to be reset. I have tried resetting with all the MCB turned off as well as all...
  30. T

    JIB and testing

    Hi all Needing some info on testing of electrical installations. When I finished my 4year apprenticeship. I had carried out test and inspection also through out the apprenticeship and had to carry this out on my final exam. Now for me to sign off a electrical installation do I have to have...
  31. O

    Testing our own premises? In-house electrician..

    I work to a company in the seafood industry. We have in the teens of different premises. I am employed directly by the company and at the moment I maintain them all electrically and a third party company comes around and does all the inspection and testing work. The only reason for this other...
  32. Baddegg

    Sod testing behind him!
  33. CokeCanBrad

    UK Three phase testing PFC

    am i correct in thinking for determining the PFC, you can do a PEFC test aand PSCC test and which ever one is highest you can double and choose to be your PFC also is it true for 3 phase that PSCC Is usually always higher? Ive seen some people croc on to the earth and croc onto the neutral and...
  34. 1

    UK Electrical Testing

    Hello, does anyone know of an, online, electrical installation testing simulator, please? Electrical testing as relates to dead and live testing of circuits for the electrical contracting industry.
  35. B

    What would you do testing?

    Looking for some advice, doing more work industrial after only ever doing domestic, now this job for instance added x2 32amp commando sockets in kitchen for appliances from kitchen DB, so EIC for example, now these sites are nightmare to ever get access into mains room would you just use kitchen...
  36. EricMark

    Domestic inspection and testing what is required? England-Wales

    When I bought my house we had it inspected before buying to highlight faults, so the inspection and testing done by RICS Chartered Surveyor and the report made. This clearly covered more than the electrics, but it did refer to the electrical installation so included a type of electrical...
  37. R

    Electrak/floortrack testing

    Hi quick question. When obtaining test results on an electrak system. Do you obtain results from the connection of the electrak and treat all items of equipment plugged in as portable appliances??. It seems like it would be difficult to achieve disconnection results if you are testing at...
  38. J

    Advice around testing of mobile units

    Hi All, New poster here!! after some advice surrounding testing of mobile units... I have had to rewire 7 Ice Cream Units (static ones that are used at Theme Parks), as they were originally from Spain, and nothing in them conformed with our current regs (Gotta love them Europeans!) Ive...
  39. G

    Insulation Resistance Testing

    Should I remove all the loads when testing between live and neutral?
  40. bigash

    18th Edition tester or not?

    I’m looking to get registered with the compétant persons scheme. I’m looking at testers and wondering if it’s worth the extra money to get a tester that tests b type RCDs. would the scheme pénalise me for not having an 18th fully compliant tester? wondering on what people’s views are.
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