1. Weezy

    UK Exceeding the max Ze in this situation still be considered to comply?

    If the max Ze for Tncs is 0.35 but you had a 1361 60amp fused isolator before the c.u with the 1361 having a max Zs of 0.56 (from the 80% chart) if the recorded reading at the c.u was let’s say 0.47 ohms would that now be considered to comply? i can’t see why it wouldn’t.
  2. N

    Testing sheet explaining test procedure for am2!

    I had people reply to a old thread and the attachments disappeared so thought I’d post these sheets that helped me a couple years ago the two pieces of paper explaining tests top to bottom simple but worked for me still got them in me van😂 Attachment pics
  3. D

    Is it ok to do insulation resistance test on RCBO at 500v?

    I know you are not supposed to do a insulation test on circuits that are protected by an RCD at 500v because it may damage the electronic components inside the RCD so that's why you switch the RCD off before you test the individual circuits, however, what if the circuits are all protected by...
  4. A

    Testing bus bars

    Good morning everyone, Is testing bus bars part of fixed wiring test? if yes, how do we test them? for example, shall we check the connections on both sides? continuity test or torque test,..etc? ( in my project, it is running from LV panel to floor main DB)
  5. A

    IR testing on power cables

    Good morning, to carry out IR testing for armoured power cables in man panels ( pls see below image), do you remove the cable from circuit breakers on both ends or we can test them as it is?( by putting the probes on the cable lug or circuit breaker screw, depends the type of connection)
  6. D

    Medical Equipment Testing????

    Hi I was at a hospital testing and the blood pressure machine only has a AC adapter and iec lead , so why cant you just use a seaward 500 to pat test , why do you need to be medical pat machine? also same for Bed unit , you can get a class 1 test off it , and some are class 2 but both can...
  7. A


    I have the following qualifications, C&G 2365 Level 3 and 17th Edition completed in July 2014. I have worked in installations for the last six years and had all work signed off by my boss. I would like to think about going for the C&G testing certificate 2391-52. Little unclear about what I...
  8. A

    Rcd testing

    hi guys just looking for some advice. Trying to test an a type 100a rcd type a with a megger 1552 and testing on ac the tests pass but on switching to dc on x5 tests it is saying it is over 40ms. Am I missing something? Or would it be a raulty rcd?
  9. B

    Charity requires premises inspection/certification in Alconbury, Huntindonshire

    A charity I assist requires an inspection, test and certification of the fixed wiring in its recently refurbished premises on the old Alconbury Airfield site in Huntingdonshire. There is a new 3 phase main switch and distribution board into which mostly existing circuits have been connected, and...
  10. A

    Testing high level lighting circuits

    Good morning everyone, I have been asked to do the initial verification on a newly completed building. so all the light fittings have been installed, false ceilings have been closed off,..etc. what is your suggestion for testing the lighting circuits?( continuity, IR tests) some of them are at...
  11. W

    Testing requirements after GPO replacement in a caravan.

    Im not so much up to date with Australian standards in regards to domestic installations. I know about testing requirements after a full installation and I know that there is an actual as 3001 for caravans but I just want to check what testing would be required after say an caravan aircon...
  12. B

    IR testing on new build

    Hi all testing of new build house. When carrying out IR testing on circuits unplugged all equipment and took down smoke alarms. As there was a lot of lights connected with lamps and installed in twin and earth. I put live and neutral together and tested to Earth. IR test was starting off low but...
  13. C

    Earth loop testing in Europe

    Hi, I have a Martindale EZ165 and have used it previously to do basic earth loop test on sockets in the UK. I want to carry out the same operation in italy- it's a rural house on a TT system, I want to know if the approximate Zs reading is below 200 ohms and that the sockets are all correctly...
  14. Auto Technician

    Testing DPF's and CDPF's

    I hear many views of people who believe that DPF's and CDPF's fitted to their vehicles are a problem and many people resort to removing them, or more commonly cutting them open to remove the internal materials and then remapping the system. This comes across to me as being very expensive and can...
  15. J

    Wanted Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 4th Edition (4th Edt) (Electrical Regulations)

    Hi all I am taking the Niceic Pat course on Monday 3rd August, unless it's cancelled due to the current pandemic I am awaiting an answer. As it may be postponed I'm loathe to buy new copy of the the 4th edition with the 5th edition being released shortly. Does anyone have a copy they no...
  16. Z

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to prove in a book that the highest x5 of an RCD test is sufficient please? It’s a question on my am2 testing. Thanks

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to prove in a book that the highest x5 of an RCD test is sufficient please? It’s a question on my am2 testing. Thanks I’m also struggling on how to check that my measure PFC at DB will trip the breakers in time. This question was a tick box on the exam so if anyone...
  17. F

    EICR Testing with 2 way Radios & RCBOs

    Currently doing testing on an old building, with concrete walls everywhere, circuit finder dosnt work. So using 2 way Radios, but they are opening the Protective RCBOs! Using Motorla, has anybody else had this issue? Does anybody know of a 2 way Radio that will not open the RCBO? Tia
  18. D

    Best MFT for EV charge point testing

    This may have been asked before but what is the best all round MFT that also does EV charge point testing? I am looking at the Megger 1741+ but also believe the Metrel testers are also good?
  19. OiNath

    PAT testing stored equipment

    Hi all, I've never posted in any sort of forum before, but this time... I cannot find answers anywhere. I need to know if items that are in indefinite storage still need PAT testing. I'm the maintenance man at an animal rescue centre, we have alot of equipment in storage e.g. heat mats...
  20. T

    Bit confused here, IR testing.

    Hi all, this is probably a daft question to most of you. At training centre I have started dead testing. When I get to the 3 point IR test on a single circuit should I switch off the breaker for that circuit .Hopefully I am correct in removing any lamps on a lighting circuit and turned switches...