1. M

    R1+R2 TEST. Tester clicking over and over

    Have only recently gotten in to testing. Doing an R1+R2 on a lighting circuit but instead of producing a result my tester clicks over and over again. Any advice please? Thank you.
  2. cliffed

    EICR & IR Testing so many cables

    Just your thinking on this… Doing Remedials on a EICR … the DB is a old Wylex with MCB”S/RCD Its a 10 way… rammed packed with cabling,,,the Neutral/Earth connections are a nightmare to get at. The IR measurements are not good coming in around 0.154 MOhms. I'm hesitant in actually disconnecting...
  3. R

    Initial verification and testing

    Hi All I’m in charge of the maintenance (machinery and facilities) in a plastics manufacturing business. I have a ‘team’ of little old me and an apprentice! We have 7 (soon to be 12) injection moulding machines and 8 extrusion lines, so to say we are busy is an understatement. Anyway, enough of...
  4. sshdsilverado

    Testing sqD GFCI breaker

    Weekend sparker here, I have a sqd 2 pole 50amp GFCI breaker it was mounted out side in a service box, have not had a problem till now 3yrs old, it trips instantly when rest, with the breaker out of the box, I check resistance across the load side of the breaker from either load 1 to neutral or...
  5. punkin

    PAT testing a Ariston Andris under sink water heater

    Hi All I’ve come across this heater Ariston Andris Lux Undersink Water Heater 2kW 10Ltr - Screwfix - https://www.screwfix.com/p/ariston-andris-lux-undersink-water-heater-2kw-10ltr/3248g Its a plugin & I’m trying to PAT test it. It doesn’t say which class its is under (1 or 2) I would assume...
  6. J

    Trace heating cable - testing issues

    Hi , Wondered if anyone can help , i currently install and test Trace Heating Cable on Mechanical Pipework for Frost protection . Recently our Clients are asking for a recordable test that states cable lengh of the circuit and a test to determine if there is a fault in the cable. Currently using...
  7. A

    Am2 3 phase testing procedure

    Hi got my am2 Tomorow and not sure on how to test continuity for 3 phase circuits, like where to link out also for IR test aswell
  8. L

    I.R. testing existing circuits

    The accepted method of I.R. testing existing circuits has been to join L and N together and test to E, to protect against damaging any electronics that were inadvertently left in circuit. However ,with the increase of new types of circuits between L and E as a result of "intentional leakage"...
  9. Nexblue

    Brand New EV Charger - We need you for testing and more!

    Hi Everyone, After a long time of research and development, we are finally proud to launch our new smart EV Charger: The NexBlue Edge. Before we launch our new product officially, we would like to get professional electrician’s feedback on the installation and the usage, in order to be...
  10. _KaCe_

    Trouble shoot why a ground fault circuit breaker keeps tripping.

    I installed outdoor lighting and outlets. I finished this past year. I passed my inspection on April 2022. I was so pleased, BUT now the circuit the outlets are on has a problem... the circuit keeps tripping. Question 1: I was wondering if there's a way to test the circuit breaker itself? Then...
  11. M

    Testing a garden vac

    The vac is a Flymo EV650. It needed a new switch. I found several but all of these were either rated 8 amps or not at all, & the plus has a 13 A fuse. So I looked up the manual online. It says: " 1 mm2 cable 10 amps" and "it must have a 13 amp fuse". But surely I must not use a 13 amp fuse...
  12. H

    Testing PFC on a three phase board with 100 amp From the meters tails

    I’m currently doing some testing on some site temps I have a three phase trip system the tails from the head go into a 100 amp RCD which feeds a board I’m trying to do a pfc on the db but it comes up with 2 lead high which trips the RCD I tried on 2 lead low however came up with 20 amps which...
  13. D

    Changes to AM2 testing section causing more failures

    Has anyone else noticed that AM2 Testing now has 10 questions at the end and that they are a lot harder than pre-Sept22 AM2
  14. T

    Fault finding with a multimeter

    Hi, I’m just wondering what sort of readings I can expect for faults on a multimeter? I’ve only ever used a multifunction tester. What readings can I expect for a short cct fault or a polarity fault? I know that open cct will be 0L/1, cheers
  15. R

    Martindale HPAT400 opens with calibration screen

    Martindale HPAT400, previously working well, switches on with a calibration screen, not the testing screen, then turns off. Suggestions please?
  16. S

    DIY - Am I testing my EV charger RCBO correctly?

    Hi all, just a quick one to ask about an issue I'm having with my EV charger. I'll give a little background first but ultimately I want to know if I reached the correct conclusion or whether I'm actually doing something wrong with the testing? I had an EV charger installed a couple months back...
  17. R

    Issues with erroneous testing

    Hi folks. Im a RECI contractor based in Co Sligo, Ireland . I was doing erroneous testing on a domestic board which gave me readings between 90V- 190V-240V on each of all 6 Live circuits of the RCD group. Whilst testing for erroneous circuits, I had isolated the mcb I was testing and energised...
  18. Chivers

    SW/Bristol area Testing & Inspecting role 30K PA

    Hi, I work for a company that is currently interested in recruiting an Electrician to be based from home and cover the M32/M4/M48/M49/M5 corridors and other motorway areas in the South of England. 17th/18th Edition with some Testing knowledge is desirable. PM if interested and 'll send you a...
  19. R

    Do dimmers interfere with resistance testing

    I just built one of those steampunk pipe lamps. I was assembling and testing connections via resistance and a multi meter. Everything went well until I added the rotary dimmer switch. I lost all continuity. After some fussing, I loosely assembled the lamp and plugged it in. Don't worry I checked...
  20. D

    RCD polarity testing

    Hi, I've recently done a PAT course after the large company I work at discovered we have a Deltapat 3309 kit tucked away. I'm actually an automotive electrician maintaining the electric forklifts and pallet shuttle 'robots' at the factory but they decided to expand my skills which I appreciate...
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