1. H

    Testing PFC on a three phase board with 100 amp From the meters tails

    I’m currently doing some testing on some site temps I have a three phase trip system the tails from the head go into a 100 amp RCD which feeds a board I’m trying to do a pfc on the db but it comes up with 2 lead high which trips the RCD I tried on 2 lead low however came up with 20 amps which...
  2. D

    Changes to AM2 testing section causing more failures

    Has anyone else noticed that AM2 Testing now has 10 questions at the end and that they are a lot harder than pre-Sept22 AM2
  3. T

    Fault finding with a multimeter

    Hi, I’m just wondering what sort of readings I can expect for faults on a multimeter? I’ve only ever used a multifunction tester. What readings can I expect for a short cct fault or a polarity fault? I know that open cct will be 0L/1, cheers
  4. R

    Martindale HPAT400 opens with calibration screen

    Martindale HPAT400, previously working well, switches on with a calibration screen, not the testing screen, then turns off. Suggestions please?
  5. S

    DIY - Am I testing my EV charger RCBO correctly?

    Hi all, just a quick one to ask about an issue I'm having with my EV charger. I'll give a little background first but ultimately I want to know if I reached the correct conclusion or whether I'm actually doing something wrong with the testing? I had an EV charger installed a couple months back...
  6. R

    Issues with erroneous testing

    Hi folks. Im a RECI contractor based in Co Sligo, Ireland . I was doing erroneous testing on a domestic board which gave me readings between 90V- 190V-240V on each of all 6 Live circuits of the RCD group. Whilst testing for erroneous circuits, I had isolated the mcb I was testing and energised...
  7. Chivers

    SW/Bristol area Testing & Inspecting role 30K PA

    Hi, I work for a company that is currently interested in recruiting an Electrician to be based from home and cover the M32/M4/M48/M49/M5 corridors and other motorway areas in the South of England. 17th/18th Edition with some Testing knowledge is desirable. PM if interested and 'll send you a...
  8. R

    Do dimmers interfere with resistance testing

    I just built one of those steampunk pipe lamps. I was assembling and testing connections via resistance and a multi meter. Everything went well until I added the rotary dimmer switch. I lost all continuity. After some fussing, I loosely assembled the lamp and plugged it in. Don't worry I checked...
  9. D

    RCD polarity testing

    Hi, I've recently done a PAT course after the large company I work at discovered we have a Deltapat 3309 kit tucked away. I'm actually an automotive electrician maintaining the electric forklifts and pallet shuttle 'robots' at the factory but they decided to expand my skills which I appreciate...
  10. B

    In need of a Tester to rent for installation testing

    Hello, I am living in Belin, Germany I am a qualified Electrcian from New Zealand and am in need of an insulation resistance tester/multi funktion tester. I am a bit skint at the moment because of unforseen circumstances and cant really afford one just yet as i dont practice electrical that...
  11. C

    IR testing - Checking my logic

    Did a check on a ring circuit, due to board having to remain live I did it at a socket.. Was an RCBO, had checked RCD side and all tested ok, when I did IR live and neutral to cpc I got 0Mohms, when I did resistance test got a very low reading 0. something. Now I knew that there was something...
  12. electricals27

    UK Is Fixed Wire Testing Essential?

    I was just wondering whether Fixed Wire Testing is essential or not. Thank you😀
  13. SGTipple

    What platform is best for ocasional testing?

    Hey Guys Nice to meet you all 😊 I have a question regarding inspection & testing… I hold a current JIB card along with my 2391 qualification, I’m in employment with a further education college but was thinking of getting out to do the odd test here and there. I don’t really want to jump...
  14. D

    TV class for testing

    Sorry if this thread is in the wrong section, I was always led to believe that a TV was class 1 for PAT testing, however the TV has a metal earth pin and I thought appliances with a metal earth pin were class 1
  15. Highspark24/7

    Looking for electcal testing post

    Few years ago when I was just a lurker I came across a post about filling in an electrical test sheet with brilliant description of the schedule of inspection with looking to see if any one can find post so I can get my apprentice to look
  16. B

    G9 LED 240v lamp only lights when testing

    I have a ceiling light that uses G9 LED lamps. The lamps does not light when switched on. However, when I put my meter across the power supply to test if voltage is present the LED lights immediately. Once alight and the meter removed it stays alight until switched off. Switch it on again and...
  17. C

    Fire alarm loop testing

    Hi all Just a quick one. For a fire alarm loop addressable system. Fp200 1.5mm cpc 1.5mm To obtain R1+R2 would you treat the "loop" as a radial in effect and link brown and earth in connector then tester on other leg. Or would you treat it as a ring and figure of eight and can be tested...
  18. J

    Testing issues!! Dodgy 13 A socket contacts

    Completed a new install recently. 45a 10mm2 SWA Sub main (TT) to an outbuilding and 2 x final circuits- 32a Ring and 6a lighting, nice and simple. Customer might require additional circuits in the future, hence the 10mm2 SWA. Tested the Ring Circuit- end to end all good and as expected. Then...
  19. F

    Amperis relay testing, testing and verification

    Good morning, I recently decided to buy an Amperis AK-30 three-phase relay test equipment device and although I don't control it well yet, it seems good, since it is able to analyze all types of relays (current, voltage, frequency, power, impedance, harmonics, distance, ...) The truth is that...
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