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  1. Dan

    Testing Something

    Testing Something Testing 1567723946 Testing testing testing
  2. GBDamo

    IEC Leads and PA testing.

    I dont usually do PA testing, or whetever the hell it's called these days, but have come across a few occasions where EU two pin IEC leads have been used with a travel adapter. In the majority of cases it's class II equipment being powerd but today I found this set up being used for a class I...
  3. K

    Trainee AM2 testing

    Hi everyone, a few questions here Ze: In the AM2 is it just a 2hi test between L1 - Earth, L2 - Earth and L3 - Earth. Then take the highest reading out the three? and while doing that take the PEFC reading at the same time? after reconnecting the Main earth would I record my test result...
  4. DeanoRN

    Inspection and testing 2391-52 advice please.

    Hi all, Im taking the course in 6 weeks for my work, can anyone offer some advice on what sort of stuff to revise, obviously testing/results etc what about fault finding etc? what sort of questions do they ask in the exam? is there a written part? any advice for that? and the practical exam...
  5. H

    New CU change and testing

    Good morning all. So, when doing a CU change and installing some new circuits to it would you test all circuits on the new CU or just those additions? I tested all but interested in others views, thoughts and advice.
  6. A

    Testing ACBs during Periodic inspection

    Hello everyone! Has anyone been asked to test the main building incomers like ACBs as part of Periodic Inspection? If yes, do you give this part of the work to 3rd party? and what is the process and how you verify the report? some of my bigger clients are asking for this test to be done. Thanks...
  7. T

    Testing during a consumer unit change

    Evening all When doing a consumer unit change, how much dept do you all go into? Do you treat it like an EICR with 20% ish and spot checking? Normally we do end to end, r1 or r2 and IR test once the old board is off and Zs when the new board is on. We try and find end of the line on each...
  8. P

    Electrical testers required urgently to carry out Eicr testing in stevenage and essex long contract

    Looking for electrical testers to carry out EICR testing in stevenage and Essex areas, high volume of works, price work, Applicants must be fully qualified, 2391 , must have own tools and transport
  9. gazdkw82

    PAT testing - suitably skilled

    All electrician's within my works have been carrying out PAT testing on numerous appliances and extension cables for a while now as directed by our supervisors. Only a few lads have done the PAT testing course many years ago and we are unsure if you have to have taken the PAT course or is an...
  10. C

    Testing 300mA RCD with Megger 1552

    Hi, am I right in thinking that a Megger 1552 can’t test RCD’s at more than 1000mA? Therefore a 5x test on s 300mA RCD can’t happen?
  11. J

    EAL or C&G Inspection and Testing?

    Evening fella's, I'll soon be enrolling on the inspection and testing course but ensure which is best. Both EAL and C&G are recognised and both offer the same end result. They are also both the same price although the structure of the eal course is better with the exams. Does anyone know of a...
  12. R

    Testing Smart Homes

    Evening All, I have been asked to test a newly built smart home. This place has the works! Everything from the heating, lighting, alarms, music etc is controlled (by Loxone). I feel a bit overwhelmed about this and was wondering if anyone had any experience doing this? I believe the lights are...
  13. M

    Car battery testing

    Have a car battery and wantedto know if it was any good. Got my fluke tester and set it to volts and put it across positive and negative...first battery had 0 volts and the second battery had 6 volts. Did i test these properly?
  14. B

    Testing with a CU change

    Working with a spark, now when we change a CU no new circuits just old for new, We do all end to ends on rings, IR tests and Zs making sure all the new protective devices that disconnection times are met, would you do R1+R2? If we do a CU change and add new circuits we do R1+R2 on the new...
  15. J

    What tests for new radial circuit

    Job is to install one or two new sockets in a commercial premises. Possibly on a new radial circuit or an extension to ring. If extension on a ring them a Minor electrical certificate is required together with all relevant testing. However if a new radial circuit is the way a full EIC...
  16. gazdkw82

    RCD testing - metrel MI3000

    Been noticing that when I run an auto RCD test I sometimes get a failure on the x1 and sometimes x1/2. However when performing the tests individually everything is fine. Has anyone had these issues?
  17. GBDamo

    Testing compact electronic ballasts

    Currently in the process of changing lamps, all 32w GX24p-3. Every one has had to have the ballast changed. New lamps in, not working. New ballast in working. Ive phoned the ballast supplier and they report there are no lamp incompatibility issues. The customer is pushing back on cost, as...
  18. B

    Testing pyro 2L2.5 cpc size

    When testing 2L2.5 & 2L4 pyro what size should be recorded for the cpc when using the outer sheath?
  19. bcm_spark

    Busbar Ductor Testing

    Now I haven't done a lot of this and it's been 9 years since I last did it. We have a big bus bar section to test with numerous joints. Now the fella I am working with wants to link out let's say L1 and L2 and then put the test leads across L1 and L2 at the other end and take a reading!! I...
  20. T

    Testing after a consumer unit change

    Had to change 40 consumer units the other day in a hostel/hotel/b&b and it come to the testing stage I spoke to the NICEIC who said you need to test circuits for " safety only ". He said doing a global IR test (testing each individual circuit if less than 1M), and earth fault loop, RCD and...
  21. N

    Norman Electrical Testing

    Norman Electrical Testing. 19 years in the electrical contracting industry, mainly industrial but also commercial and domestic installations. Based at Ickleton, Saffron Walden, Essex. Hobbies include Dog Walks, Carpet Bowls and Boxing. Looking to join forum discussions relating to electrical...
  22. N

    Testing Electricity Meters

    I have been asked by the owner of a caravan site to go round and check all the meters onsite to make sure they are working properly. Has anybody been asked to do this before? What is the best way to test them? I was thinking to plug something in which has a big load and watch the numbers going...
  23. R

    Testing an Old motor for restoration ?

    I have acquired an old British Thompson Houston 1/3 HP BKS 2410 single phase motor on a pillar drill, it needs new bearings before I can test run it, my question is can I use a multi meter to check the windings and find out if its a go-er at this stage and worth restoring ? If so how ?
  24. S

    Electrician electrician needed for earth testing

    I'm moving into a property in thornley county Durham i need an electrician to first do an earth resistance check and then check other electrics as time goes by as I'm putting in a new kitchen and other items rough price for someone to come out and check and give further advice.
  25. C

    One day PAT testing course, I need revision material?

    I’m going on a one day pat testing course soon and I can’t seem to find any revision online. Can anyone help point me to the right direction or put up any of there own material which can help? Thanks
  26. PJH2903

    Domestic Asbestos testing advice sought

    I am in the process of quoting for a full house rewire in a 1930’s 2 up 2 down property, currently unoccupied. Having been in the loft and generally looking round the property it is obvious no work has been done in a long time (lath and plaster ceilings, VIR cable etc). I have completed the...
  27. C

    Asbestos testing......

    Hi, wondering if we should get something tested to see if they are asbestos. Currently they (wall tiles) are considered as being, but life would be easier if they definitely weren’t and we were able to drill them. What sort of cost is getting them tested? Thanks.
  28. C

    Is PAT testing worth it?

    Hi all, I currently work for a company but looking to go self employed in a couple years (When ive got a mortgage!) and someone has just asked me if i do pat testing, i said no as i dont have the pat tester but it got me thinking. How lucrative is it? Is it worth the investment in the pat...
  29. jonnyb

    Testing kit bag/case- recommendations please

    Hi Chaps, Need a new bag/case for testing equipment, this would include multifunction, volt tester and proving unit, labels, leads, socket testers, label printer etc etc. Looking for something padded but robust enough to be thrown around the van. Had a look at options but wanted to know what...
  30. spamwize2

    IR testing through transformer

    Hi all need some help, I've got a panel to test 400vac to transformer but after step down 110vac, do i megger it all at 1000v or just ignore transformer and megger at 250vac?
  31. D

    Industrial Inspection and Testing

    Is it against the law put the installation into service without inspection and testing ?
  32. J

    Testing an Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on the results I got from testing a 1000VA UPS in use in a small business. With the permission of the owner I had switched-off and disconnected the PC it was intended to protect. Firstly, it passed all tests except the differential leakage test. Is it normal for...
  33. kenny maccuish

    Testing kit add ons for a newbie tester

    Hi guys my company is planning on sending me on a course to carry out testing in the near future. So my question is what bits of equipment would be handy to add to a testing kit i am to put together other than a MFT. Thanks in advance
  34. D

    Intel NUC's and PAT Testing

    Hi all - I've been given the task of PAT testing a new office that our company is setting up, and they have a number of Intel NUC's that use a 19v psu. Looking at what I'm going to be in for - I'm unsure as to how these items should be tested. They're a mix of a desktop and a laptop I guess -...
  35. N

    Earth Continuity Testing

    As part of my new job, we are required to test existing DC Power Racks for Telecoms. We are told to carry out a earth continuity test, then a IR test, then a ELI test. I may be getting a little complacent the older I get, but surely Earth Continuity is slightly OTT? I mean, we're proving an...
  36. A

    Megger 1552 rcd type testing

    Hi guys, just wondering with new regs and use of different types of rcd, I noticed on my bosses megger 1700 series tester there is scope for changing between different types of rcd for example type a and type ac On my megger 1552 I can change between ac and DC but wondering if this is...
  37. rolyberkin

    RCBO Test data - 40 milliseconds

    Okay may be a thick question but I have an RCD tripping on 5 x test 180 at 40ms. Pass or fail? GN3 says must not exceed 40ms BBB says within 40ms My tester says computer says no. To be honest I am recommending it be changed anyway but it will be a call back on a new build for another spark so...
  38. N

    Testing whilst quoting?

    Little discussion with my boss regarding when quoting for say an extra socket to be installed. My idea was test the existing circuit on quotation to confirm existing circuit is a complete ring and do the Zs at the socket I’m coming off. His reply was just quote job, do the job then test...
  39. N

    IR testing on CU upgrade

    On an eicr we can write LIM for L-N testing and do a test with L-N connected to earth if there's too many electronics to unplug. What about on an EIC when only doing something like a CU upgrade? Can't do the IR test between L-N with too many things to unplug and we can't write LIM on EIC in...
  40. C

    Zdb testing on busbars

    Hello All, New assembly line going in at factory I work at. All single phase assembly stations with lights and sockets or screens and tooling etc. All our existing lines are supplied via local distribution boards but this new line is having a Zucchini 3 phase overhead busbar installed. When...
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