1. Michael J

    Third Party Certification in Wales???

    I have just gone through Part P (Wales) and if I'm reading it properly you can only issue EICR as a Third Party. Anybody else come across this?
  2. J

    I'm Joe dirt and I'm here to party

    Hey The names Joe I am a American apprentice who is just trying to see how you Ukers operate. Nice to meet y'all
  3. buzzlightyear

    bumped van ,claimed from thired party

    couple of weeks a go ,got bumped from behind .insurance sent me a text .we have assessment for the damaged back doors ,because the damaged and because of the cost wade against van .but it drivable but at loss. they claiming from the third party for the van .
  4. S

    How can I become a third party inspector?

    I have a technical bachelors degree and I have done a material inspection training course and I would like to become a third party inspector, however, I am unsure about how to go about it.
  5. T

    Party wall agreements are blank cheques for your neighbours to spend your money.

    I do not really expect any replies, just a little rant, a voice in the wilderness. I shelved the idea of going into my loft coversion today. The neighbours have legitimate concerns regards all sorts. The cost of appointing surveyors is such that we have decided we will have to move if we want a...
  6. D

    CPC Size & Max Permitted Zs

    Looking through our periodic certificate that was completed by a 3rd party, I've got a few queries that hopefully someone on here can clarify. We've got a Schneider Prisma switchboard (S3/MSP 3.1) fed from 11kV/400V Transformer. - What is meant by MW for cpc size of 2/TP and 13/TP? - Is there...
  7. M

    Certifying existing works

    Hi, I was called to a job where the customer asked me to undertake an EICR and Boiler safety check (Yes, I am gas safe registered as well). When I arrived I found a fairly new boiler and a 17th ed Split load CU (not AMD 3 standard), I questioned why he wanted it all tested as it was all fairly...
  8. Rosco

    Boiler spur location

    Good morning guys and girls I have attended a kitchen rewire this morning to test a install buy a 3rd party. The boiler spur is directly above the draining board I'm quite sure this shouldn't be the case. I've been told by the installer that "it's fine it's rcd protected" is this just waffle to...
  9. GMES

    Staff Parties

    So have any of the bosses on here got the task of sorting anything out for their lads for an Xmas bash and if so what have you got planned. I've got three lads and upto now it looks like our bash is going to be: Paint balling in the morning Go Karting after Possibly finishing with the Bowling...
  10. C

    Minor Works Certificates

    Hi, The NICEIC just told me I should not be issuing Minor Works Certificates for work carried out by the house owner but inspected and tested by me (NICEIC registered). I'm a bit surprised. So is that right no-one is allowed to run their own cables and connect their own sockets without...
  11. Hellmooth

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Sold my soul to the Niceic

    As the title suggests, I have started the process of registering with the NIC, £540 worse off so far, let the fun begin!
  12. D

    Periodic Testing

    I was asked today if i would do the testing for someone (ie no qualifications did the work off their own skills) CU Change, adding a few sockets and Lights fixed (before i get any more questions on that, thats all i know) I said there was 3rd Party but not many people do that and seem unwilling...
  13. C

    finished and Passed AM2 today was pretty intense ... feels good.. Sept 2015

    Finished and passed my AM2 today... Finshed it at 3pm had result via email at 8pm... Feels good. The forum helped me with elements so im happy to add any tips i may have picked up for people who are looking.. I thought it was a good and adequate exercise... i understand the frustration with...
  14. R

    Testing and comissioning

    Hi all, so I have been working for an electrical company for several years now and every test we do Is covered by our employer under the nic eic. I have also acquired private work mainly family and friends, my question is how do I go about testing and certificating? being nvq level 3...
  15. T

    van insurance drive other cars

    hi does anyone know what van insurance company insure to drive other cars like the do on car insurance. thanks
  16. L

    Plug sockets on a party wall

    Hi, I am planning a house refurb and would like to have a number of new plug sockets on the party wall for the TV, Sky, DVD etc. so about six double sockets plus the socket for TV aerial and BT socket, instead of using a plug extension. My house is a 10 years old terrace house (so I have...
  17. D

    Do you have to be registered with a third party certification scheme

    Hi I'm Darren and I'm hoping to become a domestic electrician possibly self employed In the future I have been told by someone that In order to be a domestic installer I need to be registered with a third party certification scheme such as the NICEIC I was just wondering if this is true...
  18. A

    The agreed process for signing off third party work....

    According to a recent article in PE magazine. The installer appoints a registered third party certifier. The scope of the work to be inspected is agreed and the work starts. Within 5 days of completion, the third party certifier returns to inspect and test. and issues........wait for...
  19. Redvanman

    Signing off others work

    Does any one know, now that they have dumbed down Part P, if you have to register to sign off someone else's work or if you are already a member of a scheme you can just do it. Plus what certificate do you use because if you haven't installed it surely you can't use a EIC. Maybe a EICR? thanks chaps
  20. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme thinking of jacking in the niceic

    my notifable work is getting less and less, even more so with latest changes, so i am thinking i would be better off just jacking the nic and getting another spark to sign off work that needs part P its not just the money, it would save the hassle of yearly assesments, etc i am going to start...
  21. P

    cost of EICR

    With the changes to part p, I was wondering what you registered lads charge for a EICR. This is relating to a rewire ill be completing myself. Just wondering if its better me going down this route instead of LABC. If I'm honest I'd rather give my pennies too another spark than the council, they...
  22. A

    NAPIT Certification Scheme napit membership

    I'm looking to register with napit as they seem to be the cheapest( not always better I know) but as I don't get a lot of my own stuff find it hard to warrant paying nic prices, any napit members or ex with positive/negative info?
  23. D

    Anyone interested in Pirate Parties?

    Hey, so there have been so many discussions about the Pirate parties in Northern Europe - they mostly say they represent the interests of internet users. E.g. they are for the free use of internet and very popular in Germany at the moment. What do you guys think of them?
  24. dansk

    Van insurance

    Sorry if its in the wrong forum - Lads & Lass's who is the best value van insurance? my renewal seems to be expensive.
  25. The Solar King

    MCS 001 Clause 8

    This looks fun. It comes into effect on December 1st: To Quote: "A contract for the sale and installation of a system shall be entered into only between an MCS certified Company and a Customer. An MCS certified Company may carry out work under subcontract to another MCS certified Company in...
  26. E

    Possitioning sockets on Party Wall (advice required)

    Hi, was wondering what guys thought to this? im about to carry out first fixing a extension, its a terraced house, if you look out the back door the neighbours either side have extensions which extend out 5m, the builder has started a extension which basically bricks up 5 meters out and uses...
  27. U

    Elecsa assesment!

    had elecsa assesment yesterday and passed with flying colours.................thanks to all who gave advice on ir test issues...................just disconnected the world and tested at 500 v and tests came out as expected..............took me ages, but wanted assesment to be spot...
  28. M

    part p testing

    hi all This may have been asked before but to test third party work ie test and inspect not periodics which is the best trade group napit ?:confused: cheers
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