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  1. A

    Disabled toilet alarm

    Hi I’m installing a disabled toilet alarm and they need an extra beacon in the office about 100mt away. Has anyone got any suggestions as to what cable to use for this longer run
  2. C

    Veritas R8 6 beeps unset

    Hi all, Requesting your help please! I know this is an old system but has been working amazingly for 7 years! I had an engineer out who done a reset apparently however it hasn’t cured my fault! When the system is not activated the main control box beeps every 30 minutes or so three times...
  3. V

    Veritas R8 alarm set not working

    Hi, I have a veritas R8 alarm and corresponding keypad. Recently a powercut caused one of my keypads to stop working. I replaced the battery in the main alarm unit and after a reset the keypad started working but everytime I try to set the full or part alarm, the keypad seems to go into a walk...
  4. C

    Shut AC supply down to dolar via NO fire alarm IOU

    Hello People Our Enphase solar system needs to have the AC supply shut down via the fire alarm contactors local input output unit that has NO & NC volt free contacts. Is there a kit i can buy or should i just buy a DB with a 4 pole contactor etc? how would you do this Bevause its an enpahse...
  5. H

    Home alarm first fix wire requirements

    Hi all, I currently have a Pyronix Enforcer V10 Wireless alarm system. I have some shock/contacts on windows, doors, PIRs, and an external siren. It's fine for now, and the batteries last ages. The main complaint is a terrible external PIR which is disabled due to endless false alarms. I'm...
  6. O

    C-TEC fire alarm compatibility

    Hi, I need to extend a fire alarm, the panel is a CTEC CFP 2 zone one and currently it has a couple of apollo alarm sense sounder bases/heads on it. I fitted 2 extra normal (non-sounder) alarm sense bases and alarm sense heads but the panel is showing a fault on that zone, the fault clears if I...
  7. M

    Texecom Veritas alarm Tamper light

    Hi, just wondering if anyone could help me. I’ve just installed a texecom Veritas alarm in my garage at home and can’t seem to get rid of the tamper light at all. At first I was getting red lights on all my zones Aswell as tamper. I then linked out all zones which got rid of the red zone...
  8. jozefbehr

    Jozef BehrL Looking for co alarm

    Hello. Looking for recommendations on a co alarm. Usually use aico but client is not happy with the look of them. Old victorian house probably.
  9. W

    Smallest co alarm for period house

    Hello. Looking for recommendations on a co alarm. Usually use aico but client is not happy with the look of them. Old victorian house probably need 8 of them. A few dead bodies would be preferable to an aico ei208 on the ceiling
  10. K

    Alarm is Tripping New Consumer Unit

    Hello all I hope you are well. I had a new Alarm Panel installed in January and all was working well until I got a new Consumer Unit installed Last Week which has RCBOs. The previous Unit was just a Fuse Box. The Alarm Panel is on its own Circuit connected via a Fused Spur. The RCBO for the...
  11. B

    Texecom veritas alarm

    Hi I’ve recently installed a texecom veritus excel alarm system but having an issue with the sounder not going off when triggered by the pir I’ve only got one pir wired in to the control panel and the other 7 zones are linked through. When I try and do a walk through test the pir isn’t being...
  12. A

    Smallest alarm bell box available

    Hello, Just wondering if there is such thing as a small size bell box for alarm? Not much info comes up on Google and they all seem pretty much the same size. I suppose size isn't critical on a house and they look like a deterrent. Asking as I want to install one on a boat and not a huge...
  13. T

    do alarm sounders go bad?

    At some point the sounder on my home security system stopped working (everything else is still working fine). I know how to troubleshoot it, but it's in a crawlspace and I want to have as much information as possible before I go back down there. Is it possible/likely that the sounder just...
  14. N

    Accenta alarm pir cable colours

    My pir cables are red+ Black - Yellow blue alarm or relay Yellow green tamper However one has different colours Blue Blue white Orange Orange white Brown Brown white Can anyone tell me what these should be
  15. pirate

    Just a wee take on wiring power circuits and alarm circuits in a garage

    I thought I would take a few minutes to give my recent experience in wiring a large garage for power and an alarm circuit. This relates to clipped direct for all cables, using Linian clips. A laser round the garage, drilling the 6mm holes. clipping the 2.5mm to the brickwork all went very well...
  16. Pretty Mouth

    Heat alarm needed in kitchen?

    Bungalow, existing property, owner occupied. Front door opens into hallway. Kitchen is separated from the hallway by a door. Kitchen also has a external door leading to garden. If installing to minimum building regs requirements (Grade D2 Category LD3), does the kitchen need a heat alarm...
  17. Y

    Alarm System Risco Group Wisdom

    Hello! I ve been moved into a new house in which my previous owner doesnt remember his code The alarm system is from wisdom group Risco I would like to know if i could bypass the previous code and type a new one or if its possible to reset to default If none of these can happen please let me...
  18. Manny1

    Optima XM alarm panel

    I have an old Optima XM alarm system in my house in which has worked fine for over 20 years. Recently when I was trying to set the alarm to go out, the buttons on the keypad were bleeping as I was trying to set the alarm, but the alarm wasn't setting. A little later I would try again and...
  19. S

    Honeywell Alarm Accenta G4 alternative

    Hi, Im an electrician but have been installing the odd alarms for some of my customers too. Used to use the Honeywell Accenta G4 with the dialler facility etc with no problems. However it seems Honeywell have discontinued this easy to install system. Could anyone recommended a replacement...
  20. banny07

    UK Heat Alarm in the Kitchen

    Hi guys. I am wiring a kitchen extension and planning to install seprate CU for this. I have two questions if you guys help me finding answers. 1) do I need to install spd for this cu . existing cu doesn't have any. 2)There is no smoke alarm in the property and the owner is not interested to...
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