1. R

    Honeywell accenta gen4 alarm.

    My Alarm has went off randomly last couple of nights, when I enter into engineer mode to look through the menu options there is certain options that are missing. When I’m in engineer mode I get 0 = walk test 1= alarm test Then it’s goes to number 4= date and time And there is other ones...
  2. S


    Morning all, I’ve recently bought a new house with an old alarm system that didn’t work and was located in the downstairs toilet. I’ve rewired it and located The Alarm Panel in the first floor landing cupboard Going on the system are the following: Surface mounted contact to be fitted to the...
  3. B

    Settings on veritas r8 alarm

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum thread. I have installed myself a Texecom veritas alarm system. it’s either the r8 plus or excel, as it has a shared manual and no mention on the remote control panel. I initially was trying to change the part set bell delay, but concluded it’s not...
  4. P

    Wiring a Reason 8 bell box to a Galaxy dimensions alarm panel

    Hi chaps I have a Reason 8 bell box and I want to wore it to my galaxy dimensions alarm panel . Can anyone help me as the alarm panel has 4 connections - a picture of a bell ?and a Aux and a GND ? The Readin 8 has 5 connections. Can anyone advise me where to wire what . Thanks in advance guys ...
  5. T

    Gardtec 595 alarm issue

    My wifes been decorating and removed the cover of a pir sensor. Alarm went off as it should. However after replacing cover the alarm wont set and keypad displays check hall PIR. I have come across these snapped wires to what im guessing...
  6. S

    Alarm Panel Fault

    Hi All Wondering if someone can help. I've recently been receiving a fault with my Accenta G4 alarm Panel. All was previously working with it until one day its froze, so powered it down and back up and it's been stuck at "Accenta G4 RKP F131-01-111" on the screen and I am unable to do anything...
  7. N


    Hello all just wondered if anybody could help on this... I have a Pyronix alarm fitted with 2 room sensors and 2 door sensors. I've been working away and when got home the housing estate has put all new back doors in. My wife said the workers did not remove the shock sensor off the back door...
  8. happysteve

    Is there a standard battery for alarm system contol panels?

    (Domestic) I don't touch alarms, out of my area of expertise. However, while doing other electrical work, quite often I'll switch off the circuit (or board) and the alarm will go off, always due to the fact that the backup battery in the control panel is dead. Restore power, alarm stops. My...
  9. A

    Does sealing of a penetration of a exterior wall of a house need to be fire proof?

    I am running a conduit of cat5 inside, from basement of a house going through the exterior wall to a detached garage. I was just curious as someone in a home depot store had mentioned in order to seal the hole, made in the exterior wall of the house for the exterior electrical box, it needs to...
  10. N

    Can you hide a fire alarm panel in a commercial premises?

    Fire alarm panel currently installed in a high street premises signed off by building regs. Looking to install a stud partition in-front of all electrical services (including the fire panel) which are access via an unsecured hinged wall panel. Does this still meet regulations? Can anyone help...
  11. G

    Risco Lightsys 2 keeps triggering every morning

    I have a Lightsys 2 installed and it has been working fine for a few years. Two weeks ago it started triggering every morning around the same time (but not exactly it could be within 2-3 minutes different) at the same zone every time. Eventually I have disconnected the sensors (volume sensors)...
  12. driverman

    Existing Burglar Alarm High Wycombe Bucks

    Hi Guys. I'm not an alarm installer. Existing alarm system installed approx 20 years ago by me at Sisters. It's an old Electricity Board (later Square one) type System. It's not worked for a few years due to Fault displayed on end panel, therefore not used. PIR's led's work. LED's on outside...
  13. happyhippydad

    Smoke alarms and regulations.

    I am fitting a heat detector in a new kitchen. The rest of the house has battery smoke detectors. I have quoted to update all smoke detectors to mains powered and radio linked. However, is it only my new work that has to comply? In other words do I have to update all other alarms? I guess my...
  14. happyhippydad

    Can radio linked smoke alarms be on different circuits, including a ring?

    I have just been to look at a job were the builder has started the first fix as I was unable to be there. He has forgotten to put in a cable to the heat detector in the kitchen, partly my responsibility as I should have reminded him more fully. My plan is to have it radio linked to the hallway...
  15. A

    AFDD requirement and smoke alarms 18th ed

    Am I correct in thinking under the 18th edition for a new build property an AFDD is compulsory or is this not the case if risk assessed? I am still yet to complete my 18th ed. Also for new build properties is it still ok to hard wire smoke and fire detectors off lighting circuits under 18th...
  16. S

    Home Burglar Alarm / CCTV / Alexa

    Hi All, First post so please go easy... Having not installed an alarm system for the last 7 years (it was a wired system), the internet seems awash with wireless systems. Can anyone recommend a domestic system that is all of (if possible) the following: 1) Wired 2) Can incorporate CCTV 3)...
  17. B

    Domestic electric fires

    I recently purchased a Dimplex Yeo 20 electric fire, and I'm trying to find out what type of original bars are fitted. Dimpex went site is very poor so no luck there likewise with Amazon questions when raised after purchase from them. My question is are the Infra-red silicon elements advertised...
  18. L

    Wanted Looking for a copy of Electrician's Guide to Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - Electrical Regulations (2nd Edition) - ISBN:9781849197632

    I'm after a copy of this book but everywhere i'm looking I can't find a single copy (new) and am seeing listings for £200+ for used copies. I understand it's a discontinued book and that the publication of the 3rd Edition has been pushed back to 2020 due to Grenfell Tower tragedy, which is...
  19. D

    Fire alarm loop test

    How to perform this test and it's resulted meaning
  20. A

    fire rated LED light covers

    Am hoping you can help Following an integral garage conversion, I am after a couple of fire hoods to cover some LED ceiling spotlights. The lights are in a plaster boarded ceiling which has a garage roof void above (the room is part of an integral garage conversion). Lights are around 150mm dia...
  21. M

    Alarm system Arictech CD34 - mobile (SIM) alarm transmission

    Hello, I have an ARITECH alarm system CD 34 with currently an alarm transmission using fixed telephone line (RD6201) and voice extension (4 audio messages broadcast when the connection is established). Question: I would like to delete the fixed line (terrestrial) and use a SIM card transmission...
  22. Dan

    Smoke Alarms Not Waking Kids Up (Which smoke alarms will wake a child?)

    Smoke Alarms Not Waking Kids Up (Which smoke alarms will wake a child??) It seems that many high pitch smoke alarms wont wake up kids. #WakeUpCall They're trying out smoke alarms that use a human voice with a low pitch. It's on WatchDog right now. So does anybody have any experience with...
  23. N

    Grade D fire detection system annual certs?

    HMO property wants an annual periodic inspection cert for a grade D mains linked smoke alarm system. Far as I'm aware only installation and commisioning grade D fire detection system certs exists, and it's not actually recommended to give out annual periodics for these grade D smokes? Wiring...
  24. John Matrix

    Moving to Alarms, CCTV, Door access

    Hello lads. Just want to ask how much learning is involved with moving into Alarms, CCTV an Door Access. I’ve done a lot of Fire for Protec Fire Detection, both addressable and Conventional, Vespa- Cirrus Pro, a little bit on PA systems etc. I basically have limited installation experience on...
  25. B

    Which fire rated downlighters?

    Evening, Feeling really confused about fire rated downlighters. We need 26 for our extension which is part flat ceiling and part vaulted ceiling. It's a kitchen/diner/family room. Have received opposing advice. Builder says just use Screwfix LAP fixed integral LED downlights. One electrician...
  26. A

    Domestic Smoke Alarm Help

    I have interconnected smoke alarms. One started beeping. So I replaced batteries in all alarms. Still beeping. So I bought new alarms, replaced hardwired harnesses that came with alarms and all new batteries. Still beeping. All are showing green lights. I have hit test/reset buttons and still...
  27. J

    Universal car alarm help

    Hello guys I'm having a little trouble wiring up a siren to my universal central locking system I installed. It has an option for a siren for the alarm however it also activates the siren when locking and unlocking the car and it is extremely loud. Is there any way to get a lower tone when...
  28. D

    Alarm box decal

    Wanted bell box decal for my box any help guys please
  29. C

    Alarm code lost, reset required

    Hi, I have been asked by a landlord to reset an alarm system as the occupant has moved out and does not know the code. Ive never had to do this before so any help appreciated? Unsure what the alarm brand is yet wont know until I visit
  30. F

    Does anyone know what wires these are

    So I was installing something and accidentally cut the alarm wire going to the door sensor. It was two braided wires. Please see pics below. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  31. J

    Smoke Alarm

    Hi everyone, I apologise if this is a stupid question but I need help. Ok so yesterday I burnt the toast lol and the smoke alarm went on as it should do, my neighbour was here and said to just tap the Hush button and it will go off, so i did, and it did, for 30 seconds or so, and since then it...
  32. happyhippydad

    Is this a smoke alarm or sprinkler or both?

    As in the title, which is it? I'm carrying out an EICR and there is a circuit labelled 'smokes' but I am not used to seeing these in a domestic house. This is in a block of flats. Cheers all.
  33. albi

    engineers alarm manuals

    does any one have a link for engineers manuals regards in advance
  34. J

    L1 Smoke alarm / Fire alarm system

    Can anyone tell me - is there a difference between an L1 fire alarm system and an L1 smoke alarm system?
  35. B

    Alarm systems types

    Hi all, My boss has told me to set the system type of 2 smokes and a heat alarm as LD3+. Can anyone send me a link or reply with a description of what each grade of fire alarm system is? I always thought LD2 was smoke hall, smoke landing and heat alarm in kitchen, and LD3 was as above without...
  36. S

    Fire alarm installation

    Thinking of branching out into fire alarm systems as Iv been doing a lot of HMOs and Iv been having a contractor in to undertake this. What qualifications do I need to add this to my portfolio
  37. J

    New Texecom alarm box wiring help

    Hi, first time poster here, been on the plumbers forum for years but have a question about an alarm box that I need a pro to help with :) Got home yesterday and the alarm was going off, I hadn't armed it, got in and the tamper light was flashing, so reset the alarm, and the panel stopped...
  38. D

    Optima alarm system problem

    I have an Optima alarm which went off yesterday without any known reason when I have tried to reset it nothing at all is working. The internal battery hasn’t been replaced for a number of years, could it be that this needs replacing and if so, is that all? Thanks
  39. T

    smoke alarm wiring.

    went to change three smoke alarms today and found they were wired in 1.5 t&e useing the cpc as the interconect link wire. would you class this as a c1 / c2 i was thinking c1, any thoughts
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