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  1. S

    Pyronix Enforcer PGM output

    Hello Does anyone know how to program the PGM output to be on when the alarm is set. I want to use it to drive a relay to stop a roller shutter door opening when the alarm is set. software is V09.53d Thanks
  2. N


    Hello all just wondered if anybody could help on this... I have a Pyronix alarm fitted with 2 room sensors and 2 door sensors. I've been working away and when got home the housing estate has put all new back doors in. My wife said the workers did not remove the shock sensor off the back door...
  3. D

    Domestic Pyronix door sensor help

    Hi guys, hoping for a bit of help. I just installed a Pyronix Enforcer 10 alarm system. I've installed a contact sensor on the front door. I thought I had configured it correctly: the panel has learned it and then I've set it to '7' i.e., "last exit". Problem is that it works fine on exit, but...
  4. Rajen

    Pyronix Enforcer wireless low battery message

    Hi, I have a Pyronix Enforcer v9.13 panel. Recently, the panel has been making random alerts (when the system is unarmed) that the bell box battery is low. A few hours later in the logs, there is also a message stating that the 'wireless battery restore' - when no change has actually been...
  5. T

    Pyronix Euro 46 master code

    Dear All, I wanted to reach out to the community and ask for some assistance. I have a Pyronix Euro 46 and I can't remember the master/user codes although I have the engineer code. Is there a way I can reset the master/user codes with the engineer code? Thank you for your feedback. T
  6. E

    PYRONIX ENFORCER House alarm

    Hi I wonder if someone could help. My home has a Pyronix Enforcer installed. I purchased a door contact/shock but I'm struggling to get the shock part to learn on the system. I wonder if someone can give better direction that the paperwork that comes with it. Thanks in advance Ela
  7. T

    New Pyronix Enforcer Wifi

    Hi, been looking at the new enforcer wifi alarm kits and was wondering if anyone knew what the score was if you didn't keep paying for the server access? I assume that you just loose the smart functionality and cameras, but otherwise the alarm works as normal? And if you have a PTSN or GSM...
  8. R

    Best wireless house alarm

    Hi been asked to add alarm onto rewire of 3 bed house, what's a good wireless system at moment, looking at maybe visonic powermax or pyronix enforcer what's the best Thanks
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