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  1. D

    UK rewiring a house

    is it normal to rewire an entire house and use the existing sockets and light switches, or would it be better practice to use the new regs 450mm and 1200? also is it normal to chase the wiring for sockets all the way up the wall rather than chase below and under the flooring, even if it means...
  2. JK-Electrical

    UK Five-bed £1.3m home for sale plastered in plug sockets leaves house hunters feeling ‘ill’

    :eek: WTF? Bizarre to say the least.
  3. J

    UK Do I need to change to an 18th edition board when rewiring a house?

    Hi We are having a complete rewire of our house and also new wiring to the two-story extension that is being built. The Sparky has said we need to change our board to a metal cased 18th edition board. Our board is only 7 years old and has plenty of headroom for adding more devices. See...
  4. A

    Rose circuit bedroom wiring mayhem, 3 blacks dosnt work!!!

    After purchace of three debanhams lights and sucessfull fitting of 2 the third has caused me some unrest due to an ensuite bathroom within the circuit. 1) Presented with three reds and three blacks i wired the three reds togther. Wire 2 blacks into a sucessfull bedroom switch leaving one...
  5. Jordansenior

    UK One light working in the whole house

    Hi, I tried to put a dimmer switch in. There was a little crackling and the light was flickering. I put the old light fighting back on and now the light I was working on is the only one that works in the whole house. I have checked the fuse box and all the other electric things are working...
  6. W

    What is this please its in the house i have just bought

    Can anyone please tell me what this Is? One wire runs a light, the other runs a forget extension, one looks to run to the box in the wall which I presume maybe earth, one is blank and it is all plugged into the wall. Can this just be unplugged,the box removed from the wall
  7. Pete999

    My Mums house had these jobbies

  8. S

    House has PV & batteries - how much to add extra battery?

    Hello. Sis has just looked at a house with a possible view to purchase. It has just had 30 PV panels fitted along with one battery, and this is used to run the fully electric CH 'wet' system. (This has only been installed for 1 month, so owners have little idea of how effective it is going to...
  9. JanCDav

    Purchased a house with PV

    Hi all I'm after a bit of advice I've recently purchased a house with a PV Array which was installed in 2015 and I have a copy of the MCS certificate. it is owned by me outright without any FIT connected to it. How can i maximise the utilisation of the electricity it generates as I really don't...
  10. Martyn Campbell

    Domestic Power to top of garden from house

    Hi, We have a well at the top of the Garden approximately 80 metres away. I would like to run some cabling underground approximately 6 metres and then along the bottom of my fence/wall the rest of the distance. At the well I am powering a 700W water pump which will be connected to an external...
  11. mattg4321

    Rewiring a 2 bed house to be rented out - SPD required?

    As per the title, if you were rewiring a small house to be rented out would you, or should you fit an SPD? Doing one soon and been screwed down on price a bit further than we would like ideally. However we have a quiet few weeks until a couple of bigger jobs start and it's local and empty...
  12. Jbol1985

    House consumer unit to garage consumer unit

    Hi all I’m planning to install a consumer unit in my garage. The unit will eventually power a 32amp hot tub, 2 double sockets and a small lighting circuit. The distance from the house CU to garage CU will be about 10m. I plan to run single cables through 20mm steel conduit under my concrete...
  13. Gakure

    Summer House Submain

    Evening, may I pick you brain guys? I have wired a summer house about 30m away from the main board. I have used 32A at DB1 (not RCD protect) and 6mm² 3core SWA, where I have connected both black and sheath (sleeved) at both end as CPC. In the Summer house I have used shed consumer unit 1xRCD and...
  14. telectrix

    1 or 2 mates required - house rewire. end of May

    as title. quoting a job. as long as I get it , I will need 1 or 2 mates with some experience of house rewires, end of this month. job is close to Jct. 20 M6. any takers?
  15. C

    house to shed getting 3core swa round bend of house.

    So I have a job to provide power to a cabin in a back garden.. Will be 3core 6mm SWA through back garden, consumer unit is at the front of the house, there is no way to dig the cable round to the back of the house as its a terraced house with a pathway to the back garden so will need to be run...
  16. P

    Trunking in house (18th edition)

    I admit to not taking too much notice of the 18th edition changes as I only took my 18th exam last week (no excuses I am not a good spark like most on here). I have a flat to do that needs the lighting circuit rewired, but being the ceilings are like concrete and the owners don't want major...
  17. P

    Socket height in summer house

    Hi everybody I would like some advice on the height sockets in a summer house am I right to say they need to be 450mm from ground cheers Paul
  18. A

    House rewired - Is this safe?

    Good morning, Hope this is in the correct place and would really appreciate some advice. I had the house fully rewired in October 2017. No problems since. The electric switch for the cooker started making violent crackling sounds yesterday and the cooker is now unresponsive and I obviously...
  19. M

    Domestic House supply questions

    Hi all, Got a bit of a query with my mains supply where it enters the house. Its in an empty room that i'd like to either fit a bathroom in (as in my picture) or a toilet and wash basin. Would I need to have this DNO fuse etc moved or can it be boxed in with a water sealed access hatch? All I've...
  20. R

    Supply to summer house TT system

    Hi all , this is my first post , i’m a qualified electrician but I spend my whole time sub contracting to a factory installing and moving machinery so i’m a bit out of touch ( although taking the 18th on may 3rd ) with domestic work! A friend has asked for a supply to his summer house so I took...
  21. Myady1

    Hello can you help me fix my house?

    I dont know much about electrics. Here is the issue. Electric tripping (not blowing) consistently after about 1.5 hrs. We narrowed it down to one of the fuzes on the box. When we turn that off the rest is fine. We have unplugged everything systematically from that line to try and find out...
  22. M

    Re-wiring a house where Glis Glis (rodents) are an issue

    Hey guys, So there's a house that needs a re-wire after it burnt down. The most probable cause is glis glis chewing the cables. I've previously had to rewire a house with the same rodent issue and did it in FP as the metal sheathing would hopefully stop the rodents chewing through the cable...
  23. B

    CAT6 points in house

    Looking at putting some CAT6 points around the house for various TVs, Xbox’s, Laptops, all I have at the minute is a Sky Hub (router) what would be best way to do this? Never done Data before am I looking for Patch panels, TP-link? Just looking for best way thanks
  24. alban moffitt

    CU height in old house

    i am doing some work on a fairly old house, the current cu is in a cupboard about 500mm above the ground. what are the thoughts on changing the height? can i leave it at the same height as it complied at the time of installation or does this not apply? thanks for any guidance
  25. G

    Domestic REWIRING Small 3 bed house.

    My grandson is confused by conflicting information given by contractors quoting to rewire his house, which is a small 3 bed semi. The incoming mains and meter are located at the front of the property (external meter cupboard). The consumer unit is located in the kitchen at the rear of the...
  26. M

    Understanding the electricity supply to my house (pole, underground cable, meter box, etc...)

    Partly cos I like to know everything... Partly because I'm a geek... And partly because we're going to have some electrical work done on the house which has made me curious.... I'd like to know more about the feed to my house... The power lines come to us through the garden and reach a pole...
  27. G

    Motor control for chicken house

    Hi All, Due to unforseen circumstances I have inherited a chicken farmer as a customer. He has just taken on another free range egg unit and wishes to install motorised 'pop holes' so that he can remotely open and close the doors for the chickens via a GSM module.(there are also push buttons in...
  28. E

    Domestic House Rewire Advice Needed

    Hello New to the forum and looking for some advice. I have purchased a house that requires a full rewire as it has old rubber wiring, spurs on spurs and a 13-amp socket drawing current of a light fitting! I've had some professional electricians round to discuss what's need and provide quotes...
  29. happyhippydad

    Increasing Zs readings on a ring as I progress through the house.

    I have just fitted a new consumer unit into a house which previously just had a fuse box BS3036 with no RCD protection. Whilst doing the testing the Zs readings were not as expected. They are around 1Ω throughout the house but at one socket they are 3.7Ω. The customer states this was the socket...
  30. F

    Fixing a TWO Hub HIVE system (in a single house)

    Over the course of getting the full house replumbed, a combination of our sparky and plumber have fitted a hive installation. The installation consists of two hubs, one which controls hot water and downstairs heating, the second controls the upstairs heating (over two floors). Each hub has its...
  31. J

    internal house hallway, 2 way lighting, customer wants to retain 2 way light switches but add aPIR

    Hi Guys, customer's house hall has 2 way light switched circuit, I have been asked to add a separate PIR to the existing light circuit to allow the lights to come on when PIR is activated, he wants to retain the existing 2 way switches as overall on/ off control when required independent of...
  32. J

    CU Cable Bunching..?

    Hi, Quick question that has been baffling me, I have seen many CUs whereby the cables enter shared entry points. Does this not mean the cables are now bunched according to the regs? And this all cables should have been calculated with the capacity drop? Or is a CU entry just a bit pedantic for...
  33. S

    3 Phase Meter - house move

    Hi all, just moved into our new house (old in age)with economy 7 and am looking to put in a basic energy monitor but am wondering if I have a 3 phase meter....does this mean I have 3 live inputs, one neutral and earth? Would I therefore need to have 3 clips for the energy monitor around each...
  34. R

    Trace wire through my house

    Hi, I am removing my room thermostats as i'm going "smart heating" and need to trace the wire from the room stat downstairs back to the heating control in a cupboard upstairs so it can be removed from the circuit. I'm thinking all i need is a simple tone generator / wire tracer like the ones...
  35. 1

    12v lighting for my house powered by my van

    hello all is this possible???? I drive a van around all day, I want to use the van to charge up a 110ah Agm battery, I then want to use this battery to power up a 12v led lighting circuit in my house. I also want to use the 240v supply as a back up to the same lighting circuit, with some sort...
  36. D

    Light up Front of House - Allowed Cables/Cable Runs

    I want to wire the "typical" up/down lights half way up the front of a house to light it up in several places. The house is going to be fully K Rendered after wiring it. 1. Can I run the wires across the walls down the front of the house as it is going to be rendered and these cables wont be...
  37. D

    Run Electric Supply to new build garage from 16 amp new build house CU

    I am planning to run a power to the garage from a 16 amps RDC from house CU in a new build. I want a power a twin socket, an internal light, and a floodlight. There is a power feed to a junction box on the outside of the house from a CU. My plan is to install a power supply as per the attached...


    I often work alongside a small team of other trades on flats and house refurbishments for private owners, however on a slightly bigger project than usual, I've been asked to provide a temporary builders board in a large house that is to be converted into four flats. The existing supply into the...
  39. H

    Older house loft insulation and cables

    Hi, Wish to increase loft insulation from 100 to 300mm. At present lighting and power cables are clipped direct to ceiling joists barely covered by insulation. The depth of insulation planned will cover these cables and I seek a solution. Thanks.
  40. W

    summer house supply thoughts

    been asked to price a socket to a Summer house , throwing it out their for any views which may help me decide my course of action , Ideally i would like to get back to the Consumer unit , but its virtually impossible without major structural upset , and can not go external from it either due to...
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