1. N

    House built in 1961 - rewire needed?

    Hi, we are looking at a house but it needs a significant amount of work. The house was built in 1961 and whilst it's been very well cared for it is also very original. We think that it will need to he rewired, given it had double glazing and central heating we didn't give the electrics a...
  2. MTerzi

    electric on all the copper plumbing in the house

    I wonder if theres any good experienced electrician out there that can help me in enfield EN2 area with a problem. Im getting light electric shocks from all the taps (copper plumbing) in the house when i stand barefoot. even when the the main fuse is switched off. The shocks are very mild. I had...
  3. J

    Fire compartments in a house

    Hi guys I just want some clarity on fire sealing, I know it’s meant to be done where we may need to penattrate a fire barrier to run a cable. My confusion exsists where we have an upstairs ring circuit with a fused spur down stairs. I know firerated downlighters must be used where a habitable...
  4. fourtytwo

    Moved house into a disaster zone

    Whew makes me wonder if a part P inspection should be part of the house move process! The house I have moved into is a nightmare, I thought isolating the lethal external wiring would do the trick but today I was stupid enough to start inspecting some suspicious power sockets around the...
  5. A

    UK PV Off grid setup getting a grid connection

    Just hoping to pick someones brain here: Customer has an existing off grid PV install to a barn He is now building a house on the site (this will include a fast EV charge point) He has a 3 phase grid supply available, with the intention of running/ exporting the barn on one phase. the house on...
  6. U

    Best way of supplying summer house

    Hi guys I am taking on a job of supplying/wiring a summer house which is in the process of being built. Consumer unit has no spare ways so my only option really is splitting the tails in the meter cupboard into a fused isolator to supply the SWA. However as far as I’m aware I am not allowed...
  7. M

    1940 CA house - why is it this way?

    Just bought a 1842 build house in California and wires are fabric insulated and in most junction boxes the input consists of 3 Hot wires and 1 neutral wire, while the same breaker controls all three hots. What is the purpose of brining 3 hots into all the junction boxes ?
  8. Neptune

    Garage electrics from main house

    We have a garage attached to the property and are having it converted to an office with a small toilet. Electrics will include, internal lights, an external light, a few sockets and a extractor fan. There is a cable coming into the garage currently from the house and is connected into the main...
  9. A

    Want to ad sub panel to outside house main disconnect panel

    m new here and want to learn. I have a project I want to tackle but if it is above my means I will call an electrician. I have a main disconnect panel on the outside of my house. I want to add from it a sub panel to feed my pool and shed and also an outlet. I did some searching but still not...
  10. J

    Do I have to fit RCD's in my 1930's house ?

    I recently bought a new gas cooker which has turned out to have 2 faults within the first 3 days. An engineer from the supplier was summoned to fix it but would not deal with it as my Distribution Board does not have any RCD's. There was no requirement of this when buying the cooker and now they...
  11. littlespark

    Generator back up for house

    Not so much an electrical question, but physically. Got a customer out in the sticks who’s suffered with powercuts frequently during the recent storms. Now, easy enough to fit a changeover switch, but in this case, the mains comes in in the centre of the house. Not a handy place to drill a hole...
  12. T

    Washing machine is tripping the house RCD

    Hi, Do you know why our washing machine is tripping the RCD? works for a bit, then the RCD trips......the other L-N breaker doesnt trip.
  13. T

    Garage supply runs from my neighbours house.....

    Hi, looking for some advice please, My garage electricity supply runs from my neighbours house, the supply has its own metre which i pay for ...recently he has threatened to turn the supply off.... I need to know, a) is this legal and b) how do i reroute the power from his house to a mains...
  14. G

    Main fuse re-locating from house to garage, what cable to take supply back into house

    Firstly, just to re-assure professionals here, all tie-in and testing on this project will be undertaken by a qualified electrician. This post is just to improve my understanding. We are preparing to have solar and wind power generation facilities at our home and the first phase of this is to...
  15. Y

    Need to update main line through house.

    I have a new combo meter box and 200A main shut off installed outside professionally. It has 4/0 service line coming into it and I have confirmation from the electric company that I am good for 200A service supplied to the house. Previously, there had been no main shut off. The new...
  16. T

    Radial or RFC for Summer house

    Hi. I will soon be wiring up my summer house. My plan is to run 10mm2 SWA from spare 50A breaker on my house consumer unit (approx 20m) to a 40A garage consumer unit with 6A MCB for 1.5mm2 lighting circuit and 32A for 2.5mm2 RFC. I plan to have 5 double sockets which will have heater, TV and...
  17. C

    Re wire estimate 4 bed house

    Hi, Thanks to anyone who reads this and offers any advice. Sold my house and the buyer requested an electrical inspection report which they paid for. House was built in the 1960s. In average condition but I felt the price reflected this. Report recommends a full new re wire (which I agree...
  18. B

    Neutral wire to the house fell

    Seeking advice. My neutral wire from the transformer fell during a storm. This is at a cottage and luckily I was there when it happened. The surge move around the house and popped light bulbs and the GFI's in the kitchen and bath basically exploded and popped a breaker in the panel. I turned...
  19. J

    Pricing Advice for House

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and sort of new to pricing my own work. Bit of background on me, I've been working as an electrician for a company based in Newcastle for about 5 years now, doing mainly commercial/industrial jobs. I have been asked numerous times by many people over the years to price...
  20. A

    3 phase supply in a 3 bed detached rural house

    If I install a new TPN system at home can I run x3 100amp Supplies from It, so I have x3 100amp Consumer units, 1 existing & 2 new ?.
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