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  1. gazisthebest

    What is this box in my house

    I have a box in my bedroom, it's next to the mains which leads outside, u side there are green grounding wires, basically green wires, and there's a big metal plate. I keep getting shocks in my bedroom
  2. J

    Fault with trouser press or house?

    Hi I have a Corby 7700 trouser press it is a 220w model, 3 years 10 month old. On Friday it stopped working, so I took it to the garage ready for the tip. This morning I plugged it in, and it worked. I then Tried it in every socket in the house and nothing, the house has 4 circuits, a...
  3. trey0471

    Possessed house (Electrical flickering/strobing)

    We are having issues with our electrical system. In the garage, dining room, kitchen, one of two bathrooms, master bedroom and the front yard light post the lights and all electrical sockets will go all out Poltergeist on us. Lots of flashing, strobing and very few instances of total power loss...
  4. G

    power from kiosk to house

    Hi I have a customer who has a kiosk with 100 amp cut out fuse supplied from UK power, he needs to bring the power 178 meters to his house, He has asked the question if he puts in more kiosks with 100amp switch fuse in then out can he use 25mm SWA as long as there is no volt drop between 1st...
  5. N

    Power to summer house

    Hi all, I recently moved to an older property that had a run down garage. We had this removed and a summer house put up in its place. The old garage had a supply run from the main CU on a 15a circuit. It looks to be run in 2.5mm 2 core SWA. It’s roughly 15m in length from the house CU to the...
  6. RobsRepairs

    Thanks for the welcome .. encountered improper house wiring several times when repairing stairlifts

    This is a great forum! Am a stairlift, electric scooter, electric wheelchair, repair guy. Also fix broken parts. Also use electricity to multiply tree growth and fruit production. Also use currects for my health e.g. heal myself as Dr. Tennant teaches. Also use electrolysis to make my own...
  7. B

    Buying a new house - is this too much for a domestic supply?

    Evening, I’ve just put an offer on a house without thinking too much of the electrics. It currently has 2 electric showers and an electric oven. If we buy it I’d like 2 x 16A commando sockets installed in the garage so I can run my air compressor (2.2kW) and MIG welder. I calculated that the...
  8. T

    Flickering power to half the house

    Hello everyone! I'll start by saying an electrician is going to be called on this one, but I'm so curious as to what might be going on I just wanted to pick some brains. About 6 months ago, we started getting a little flicker in the all the lights in the house. Nothing big, and didn't think much...
  9. O

    DIY house restoration

    We have bought a house in France and the electrics are shocking? Bet you have never heard that before! Hope you all are helpful and sympathetic to our cause.
  10. D

    House to annexe cabling question

    Hi all. Looking to buy a house where the rear of the house is the rear boundary, onto council owned land (a footpath). I want to build a new garage with living accommodation above around 20m in front of the house. The house consumer unit is right at the back of the house, in the middle of the...
  11. W

    Smallest co alarm for period house

    Hello. Looking for recommendations on a co alarm. Usually use aico but client is not happy with the look of them. Old victorian house probably need 8 of them. A few dead bodies would be preferable to an aico ei208 on the ceiling
  12. K

    TT issues with new house

    We have just moved into a house built in the 90's. So, I'm a retired electrician and was confused by the 4 x TT rods all connected within a metre of each other on one side on the house. I dont have any expensive test kit any more, but when I connected an electric fence energiser to the house...
  13. D

    Vehicle to load - supply a house

    Hi guys I was recently ask by a customer if/how his house could be supplied by his electric car. He wants to charge the car at night on low rate and use the car to power the house during the day. The car has a Vehicle to Load facility and can supply mains voltage a.c. To power any ac device, he...
  14. G

    Advice on upgrading electrical cabling from house to carport/garage?

    Hi All, Newbie to the forum. I am planning to add solar power to my house and would like some advice regarding options with adding and inverter and/or EV charger to the garage/carport. The main switchboard is at the front of the house (townhouse) on the northern side, some 20m from the carport...
  15. P

    Hi I am a house owner in Wales.

    I have a ideal 24 combi in attic. last year during very cold nights the frost stat would kick in and heat the whole house , just because the attic was cold. i had a pipe stst fitted a week or two back by a plumber and every day / night since the CH is coming on / going off. so the pipe stat...
  16. N

    House built in 1961 - rewire needed?

    Hi, we are looking at a house but it needs a significant amount of work. The house was built in 1961 and whilst it's been very well cared for it is also very original. We think that it will need to he rewired, given it had double glazing and central heating we didn't give the electrics a...
  17. MTerzi

    electric on all the copper plumbing in the house

    I wonder if theres any good experienced electrician out there that can help me in enfield EN2 area with a problem. Im getting light electric shocks from all the taps (copper plumbing) in the house when i stand barefoot. even when the the main fuse is switched off. The shocks are very mild. I had...
  18. J

    Fire compartments in a house

    Hi guys I just want some clarity on fire sealing, I know it’s meant to be done where we may need to penattrate a fire barrier to run a cable. My confusion exsists where we have an upstairs ring circuit with a fused spur down stairs. I know firerated downlighters must be used where a habitable...
  19. fourtytwo

    Moved house into a disaster zone

    Whew makes me wonder if a part P inspection should be part of the house move process! The house I have moved into is a nightmare, I thought isolating the lethal external wiring would do the trick but today I was stupid enough to start inspecting some suspicious power sockets around the...
  20. A

    UK PV Off grid setup getting a grid connection

    Just hoping to pick someones brain here: Customer has an existing off grid PV install to a barn He is now building a house on the site (this will include a fast EV charge point) He has a 3 phase grid supply available, with the intention of running/ exporting the barn on one phase. the house on...
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