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  1. Michaelp

    Press Switches and Labeling

    Dont have the switches yet but iam searching and looking for ways to label them too.These switches will be used on a plc system. Ideally will be press/push 4 gang or more and if there is a light background option would be nice. I have use some touch switches but find them not so reliable.If you...
  2. Spoon

    3 Circuits Into A Drive Cabinet.

    Hi people, Can you please help me out. I guy on site has sent back some marked up sketches of changes done on site. On is a change to some 3rd party grease systems we added. 2 off. Each system has its own dedicated breaker and circuit. What he has done, to stop them running all the time, is...
  3. M

    Domestic Galaxy 16 plus burglar alarm stuck in walk test mode?

    Hello Any thoughts appreciated on my problem with my Galaxy 16 plus burglar alarm. I recently powered it down, mains and battery, to do some decorating, as part of which I unscrewed 2 pirs, the control panel and the internal alarm box (not sure if this is the right term) to paint behind them...
  4. G

    12 volt timer

    Hi, I've just bought a small 12 volt digital timer to use as part of a lighting set up for some hen cabins. This particular one is a 16 amp YNAP model YP109A, there are lots for sale on the internet but most appear to be model CN101A which appears to be identical but only 10 amps I think. The...
  5. C

    little advice on a relay please :)

    i have a...
  6. K

    Fluke 1652c ZS test

    Hi guys how do you go about doing a ZS test with a fluke 1652c I know how to get the RE reading but it's coming out a bit strange, a bit of advice would be great.
  7. L

    Honeywell Galaxy S2 Full Set

    Hello I was at a clients yesterday to sort a Galaxy S2 as they had just moved in and had no idea how to use it and change codes ect... anyway, whilst showing them how to use it they was not that happy about the loud double beep that is produced from the internal speaker when it has set...
  8. R

    Accenta/Optima LED Double Knock Problem

    Hi, I am trying to set up double knock on some zones on my alarm but having a problem. In the manual, it says to press the BELL and then press SKIP and LEDs 1 and 2 should come on - which it doesnt, all i get is a long BEEP. What am i doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  9. E

    2 way columbus press switch

    Evening all, I fitted 2 columbus press switches today to control 3 lights. I wired as it explained in the diagram and they worked fine. But I found that if you push the either of the switches to turn the lights on and press the other one whilst the lights are still on then it shuts the lights...
  10. L

    Alarm Timer Setting

    Hello All, I have just been called out to a alarm system where the system does not set on a timer, you have to press the set key to make it set, it is an Accenta Mercury 6. Anyone know the engineer menu map for the timer setting, it also does not set the alarm off when the front door has been...
  11. L

    Metrel MI3100 or Fluke 1651B

    Use Metrel at college they seem fine, but quite like build quality of Fluke gear. Can't use the testmeter comparison chart as they don't seem to do Fluke but wondered what features I'd be losing in buying one over the other?? Advice would be great. Thanks
  12. A

    My Panel

    Im an electrical apprentise just about out of my time been working for 2 years now mainly as a mainternance engineer, but do lots of installs and panel building etc. Here is my latest Panel if any of you wonder how plywood cable drums are made (Well the Larger ones) this is how it is done. This...
  13. G

    Ze testing

    Can you use a fluke 1653B to carry out a Ze test and how
  14. rustynails

    Fluke Memory

    Is anyone able to tell me how the memory works on a Fluke tester. Does it store sets of results? Allowing you to work during the day doing 2 seperate jobs, then later in the evening do the paperwork without getting data mixed up.
  15. M

    Kewtech KT65 Calibration in Manchester?

    Hello i have just bought a KT65 on ebay for £260 which i think is a really good deal but the calibration has expired, does anyone know where i can get this done in Manchester for a reasonable price? Anyone got any views on this tester? Did i get a good deal? Cheers
  16. S

    megger 1552

    how would i conduct a pscc test on my 1552 meter any ideas ?
  17. D

    Confusion with prospective fault current test

    Hi guys, Been getting a bit of practice with my new Metrel MI3000. Most functions are fine, but I'm a little confused by the Z Loop impedance test. In the book, it shows the Line, Neutral and PE probes being connected to their respective terminals on the board. When I do this and press test...
  18. S

    ever solar

    hi any body help i have a ever solar eye wireless moniter can any body tell me a easy way to get it to communicate with solar bee so i can moniter my inverter i have allready spent hours on this any help much appreciated ps i seem to have followed instructions but no joy thankyou.
  19. R

    Fluke 6500 paramenter change for extension leads

    How do I change the set-up parameter for extensions leads so they are in limits?
  20. I

    RCD ramp test

    Hi, just tested a fuse board: 1*main switch lighting circuit lighting circuit smoke alarm circuit ----------------- 1*rcd Oven Sockets Sockets Sockets Security Alarm Water Heater ----------------- RCD failed 1x with ?400ms reading (megger MFT) performed the ramp test and the RCD tripped at...
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