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circuit breaker

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    Problems with circuit breaker tripping

    I have a circuit on my back patio that keeps tripping periodically. No apparent reason, it just trips when nothing is on
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    UK How to repair switch with no circuit breaker?

    Hi, I live in a house that has been converted into three flats. Each flat has a circuit breaker box, but there doesn't appear to be one for the communal lights. We have an issue with the communal lights being permanently on (because of a faulty timer switch). Is it normal for there to be no...
  3. K

    Can anyway help with Radial circuit maximum floor area help?

    Hi everyone I am doing level3 design andI have a circuit to design but I have confusion with radia circuit maximum floor area to understand? I have a socket to feed on the design and floor area according to my knowledge is Length multiply width so in that case it exceeds 75 m square so I am...
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    UK Proteus FC005 circuit breaker switch hunt.

    I need to replace an old FC005 5amp fuse holding switch with snapped switch due to old plastic. Having trouble finding one and hope someone out there has a box of them somewhere I may be able to buy. If you could advise on what could replace it if not that would be great.
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    Fan oven keeps tripping circuit breaker - how to diagnose?

    I've a 10 yr old Neff combination oven (B6447N0GB /05) that failed recently, and I can't get a replacement component. I found a brand new oven - exactly the same model and revision - I thought I was sorted, but it arrived damaged :( So now I have two ovens, and hoping to make a working oven...
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    What's wrong with this circuit breaker box?

    It might be easier to list the few things right with it. I have noted what appears to be burnt or frayed hot wires. I have only seen the pictures provided but this looks less than professional to me. The house is 1957 construction and may have aluminum wiring (probable cause for the burnt...
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    multiple circuits stopped getting power same time, replaced all, still no power??

    video explaining/showing problem View: this is a eaton cutler hammer circuit breaker. The house was built in 1969 but the breaker was upgraded to this eaton 9 years ago when i bought it. House uses mostly older outlets that are 2 prong, not 3 prong. HOuse does...
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    Updating 1982 Pre-fab building with fuses & no grounding

    Hello, I have a flat/apartment in a building as described in the subject. I am wondering what to do about the current and additional outlets to have them be safe for kids. The options: -Replace fuse box with circuit breakers -Run ground wiring and connect it to neutral at the junction boxes...
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