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  1. Charlie_

    Training Courses Worth it? Anybody done that course? Or any other recommendations please
  2. G

    Old git still training

    Hi guys hope everyone is good Wonder if anyone can offer any advice on the 7232 course if use done the course or any advice about it please ? I've got a reasonable amount of experience and can carry out majority of testing and done electrical work for several years of which I normally have...
  3. R

    Looking for advice, want to change career.

    Hi All. So i am 30 years old and thinking to change my career. At this moment i am working for a builders merchant as a manager and earning 28k, but I really want to change my career. Thinking to lear electrician trade, but not sure how to start and where to start. I have a family and i need...
  4. 1

    Trainee Next step with regards to training . .

    Evening folks, I am new to this group, but hoping it will aid me in the route to go down next. A small bit about myself, I joined the military straight from school, but have now decided I need a change. Mainly for family reasons, my little one is 3, and I have been away just under half of his...
  5. SJM1995

    Trainee Recommend a fast track C&G 2365 Training Provider

    Can anyone recommend a training provider to get C&G Level 2 and Level 3 2365 Qualifications in South-East London/ Kent area? Ideally looking for a provider that can do the course full time in the space of 16 weeks~. I've seen the likes of AbleSkills who offer this course, but are currently...
  6. SJM1995

    Trainee Access Training Center

    Hi, Has anyone used or gone through training/ qualification with Access Training Centers? They appear to offer condensed courses (8-12 Weeks) that can get you certified as a domestic/ commercial electrician. On their website they mention City and Guild certifications, but don’t list the...
  7. essex

    What additional training have you done?

    So lately I have been finding the day job mundane. So to counter this I have been looking at ways to keep me interested. We do a lot of emergency lighting works so put myself on an emergency lighting course for design and maintenance. Very good course. This week I have done fire alarm...
  8. F

    Best Course for Training

    Can anyone please tell me what is the best course for training as an electrician? I would like to train in London and do the course full time and as quickly as possible.
  9. T

    Electrician training for degree engineers

    Hi, I have a foreign Hnd and a master degree in Electrical engineering as well as the 17th edition. I am hands on in electrical installation but without Uk installation experience. I have been working in the manufacturing industry for the past 2 years but my interest and strength is in...
  10. M

    Cheap labour in offer in exchange for basic training in electrical installation

    Mature adult wanting to gain some on job experience. Willing to work as part time labour for any electricians in and around the SE-SW London, I would happily accept a £60 day rate for any one willing to show me the ropes. I’m enrolling into college in September for my level 1. I understand...
  11. 4

    Trainee South Wales Electrical Training

    Did my 18th Edition and Level 3 Combined Inspection & Testing with these guys. I cannot praise this training provider highly enough. They were fantastic to train with. Their Instructors are first rate, they are helpful beyond belief, and are always able to give you the correct answer. I also...
  12. 4

    Trainee Recent Experience of a "Training" Provider

    Thought this might be of interest and use to anyone looking to undertake the various short training courses. So here is my recent experience - note I am HV trained, looking to move to domestic/small commercial Week 1 Monday Arrive at 08:00 as directed. Time seems to be for the convenience of...
  13. J

    Training in Preston Lancs

    Morning all new on here looking for some advice on 2391 training in Lancashire I live in Preston and trying to find weekend course for 2391 seems non existent any help would be much appreciated cheers guys
  14. Nitram

    Further Training.........

    After a change of direction in 2000 I decided to get qualified as a sparks.. I got my CG 2360 pt 1&2 and 17th and from that point have been working as a mate for agencies at first, afterwards I worked as a sub to a couple of firms (with a fully qualified sparky or under a qualified superviser)...
  15. G

    new trades career training course pre attendance exam

    hello i am doing the electricians course and have done the test four times online and have failed them. i now have the paper version and it still doesnt make much sense. has anyone on here done the course and can help in any way ? thanks in advance
  16. Sprouty

    Newbie looking for training advice please

    Hi folks, New recruit here looking to get into the industry. I'm 33 and currently trucking around the globe. Had enough of it now and it's definitely time for a change. Looking for some advice regarding training, unfortunately the college route wont work for me as I need to be earning ,i can...
  17. J

    xs training help me please

    Hello everyone. I'm registered in XS TRAINING to do Level 3 in Electrotechnical Services Experienced Worker . I'm 18years electrician. 15 years in EUROPE and i'm working in London Electrician. I need help becouse my english language is not very good . Thank
  18. C

    Access training Cardiff electrical course, is it worth doing?

    Hi I was hoping someone people on here could give me some advice on a electrical course with access training. I’ve seen mixed reviews but would like to hear from someone who has done the course. Has anyone done this course or know if it’s any good? And I’ve been told by them that after...
  19. R

    IPAF Training - Advice

    So I have been looking at jobs, and most now require IPAF (around £240) which at the moment I don't have. I have seen a company in Liverpool called Adapt Training: IPAF 1a, 1b, 3a, 3b MEWP Operator Training - Has anyone used...
  20. J

    Delivering PAT training to internal staff

    Hi, My company are looking to have some PAT training delivered to some of our facilities staff and before I look to sign off on this I was wondering if there is any qualifications I would need to deliver the course (the one I have been forwarded is not accrediated but the learner would get a...