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  1. D

    Decent source of online 18th edition training?

    Hello all Planning to do the 18th edition online. I could just batter loads of old papers on the head and then have an attempt ( I will do loads of old papers anyway as practice). But, it''s been an age since I did my 17th and I think I would be better off learning how I actually...
  2. T

    Daniel Training Ctr, NORWEB

    NORWEB had an electrical training centre in Chorley, Little Carr lane known as the Daniel Training Ctr. I understand it was built in the 1970's and demolished in 2010 (ish). It was an outstanding place of training covering everything from appliance repair to underground lead wipe joints and...
  3. S

    training in n.irland at 45

    Hi Im sure this has been asked a thousand times. I'm 45 and live in n.irleand and am want to start my late journey into becoming an electrician, i left school to become a mechanic for 15years then i trained to become a driving instructor which i enjoyed until covid hit then i was lucky enough to...
  4. B

    Advice on training please

    Thank you accepting me on this group. Maybe I am a bit late, however I have been looking into becoming a Sparky. I have contacted Access Training and ERR education and I had a chat with ERR about a course for X amount and about 2 years Weekend training with online course and practical at some...
  5. Scholes

    Training to be a sparky

    hi guys, I'm having trouble understanding a question in my course book. Q. "State the current ratings of the following ring final circuit components and accessories." 1. circuit protective device - 2. socket outlet - 3. fused connection unit -
  6. C

    Can anyone here recommend Access Training for electrician courses?

    Hi I am looking for reputable training providers near me in Oxford and have come across Access Training Centre in welwyn city hertfordshire which is not very far.They are offering Level 2 + Level 3 + NVQ 3 with Qualified Supervisor Status and Competent Scheme registration for around £5k which i...
  7. I

    Virtual Training / Fire Alarm Training

    Anyone ever took part in any of the virtual classroom training sold by the NICEIC? Interested in learning more about fire alarm systems and emergency lighting so figured they might be a good place to start. Is a fire alarm qualification similar to an electrical apprenticeships where you’d have...
  8. Lugsforbid

    Need some help to work out how to finish of my grades

    Hello I've been away from the industry for awhile and I've recently got back in to it again. I never finished off all my grades. I got both my 236 part 1 and 2, most of my nvq level 3 *I didn't finish my testing and inspection part and I have not done my am2. I've worked in the industry...
  9. D

    Free Wireless training for Electricians

    We are hosting a hands on technical session on Wireless for Electricians @ Parramatta (Sydney) on 15th of Feb staring @ 1:30pm, followed by drinks @ 4pm. Registrations: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi and Camera Issues for Electricians -...
  10. S

    Cctv companies training?

    Hi guys Iam currently studying for my level 1 electric installation . Which btw I am loving. I've always been decent with DIY. But also I have spent many years working / using computers, which is different i know. I understand software and hardware installation etc when it comes to PCs laptops...
  11. J

    Training route for Instrumentation & Control Technicians/ Engineers?

    Hi, Any C&I technicians/ engineers out there who can offer some advice on their training path/ the required training path for this industry? I currently hold a HNC in Instrumentation & Control Engineering and i've completed my Level 2 and 3 C&G 2365 qualifications. I initially wanted to go...
  12. S

    NAPIT Certification Scheme 18th edition training

    18th edition qualification. Hi NAPIT have suspended my registration until I get the 18th edition exam. Whats the easiest/cheapest way to do this? I thought I just needed the ammendment 2 but alas I need the full monty qualification. I don't want to sit in a classroom for 3 days. Anyone know...
  13. D

    Training to be a spark

    Hi, I'm looking to become a qualified electrician as it would help extremely in my current job as a Gas and AC engineer. I've been looking around and basically want to know what the best route for this is as I am working full time. I was looking at places like ableskills and tradeskills etc but...
  14. A

    Any Point in Domestic Installer course or any electrical training at 41 in 2022?

    As the title says. I'm really battling with figuring out the best route to electrical training (College level 2/3 v's DI), and to be honest - even though I'm really keen, I'm starting to get a bit disillusioned with the whole thing. I'm in a technical job currently and 41 so apprenticeship is...
  15. S

    AM2 pre training private course

    Hi, Does anyone teach pre AM2 type of exam course in London? With your rigs etc? Basically to get idea what it will be like. Thanks
  16. H

    UK Recommendations for reputable Online Centre providing the full 18th edition course with Exam

    Hi Can anyone recommend any reputable and cost effective online training centres in London which provide the 18th edition course including the exam? I’m based in East London and want to see what organisations are out there in London which provide this course. I’m looking for online...
  17. S

    Suitable Training for CCTV installers

    Hi First post so please be gentle ! I'm a 46 year old who is looking to start with IP based CCTV installations working for myself. I don't have any formal electrical training however do have IT / networking experience and also served a number of years in the Police. I'm just wondering is...
  18. Rogue Trainers - don't get taken for a ride - The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership

    Rogue Trainers - don't get taken for a ride - The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership

    Rogue Trainers - don't get taken for a ride - The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (1080p) The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP) delivers projects to support the industry's skills needs. We strive to maintain high standards of relevant, valued vocational training; inspire young...
  19. S

    Minimum training and supervised work for registraion with EWRB

    Hi everybody. A newbie here. So, please point to me if I am in the wrong room. I am really considering applying for registration with the EWRB in New Zealand. I am living in Melbourne at the moment but I have worked in Hong Kong for a long time. From what I understand so far, the process...
  20. needanotherjob

    Is it worth it or even possible to set up as an EV charge point installer?

    Looking for some candid advice. Covid has left my industry in tatters, I'm an Airline pilot. I still have a job, just, but for how much longer? I'm keen to get ahead of being skint and jobless and retrain/refresh my knowledge etc. Before pilot, I spent some time fitting kitchens and...
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