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  1. S

    Recommend Solar PV cable

    Can you recommend a reliable brand for solar cables at 6mm?
  2. stuarth

    Domestic recommend wireless room thermostat & programer

    Looking for a wireless room thermostat & programer for a customer that is not worried about smart controls but rather ease of use and reliability, what would you recommend that won't break their bank?
  3. SJM1995

    Trainee Recommend a fast track C&G 2365 Training Provider

    Can anyone recommend a training provider to get C&G Level 2 and Level 3 2365 Qualifications in South-East London/ Kent area? Ideally looking for a provider that can do the course full time in the space of 16 weeks~. I've seen the likes of AbleSkills who offer this course, but are currently...
  4. D

    Recommend - Cable Shears / Cutters

    I am after a new pair of cable shears for chomping meter tails and thick twin and earth. I have had some ITL ones and NWS ones in the past But fancy a change ….
  5. 1Justin

    Recommend a IP65 consumer unit please.

    Could someone recommend me a 7 unit wide (minimum) IP65 consumer unit? Plastic is OK, - it's for a horticultural site in a polytunnel. I find Garo, Protek, any others? (Looks like I'll have to populate it anyway with A.N. Other breakers and parts). I want want robust enough to take several...
  6. M

    Armeg acceler recommend

    What other views on these holecutter . Bought a pack a 3 about a month a go and have used them for the first time this week and have to say , one of the best buys of late . Very pricey but such a clean cut and very strange using a impact drill on steel.
  7. cgfw201

    Recommend me a collar for this lampshade

    Hi guys, Wife bought a fancy new lampshade the other day, but it doesn't sit right on the base we have for it. I know nothing about these things, is anyone able to tell me what I need to buy based on this picture?
  8. Andy5678

    Can anyone recommend a good lamp post key

    as the title. Tried cheap ones and a bacho multi type one wich is now broken. They always break or don’t fit correctly. It’s the triangular ones mostly that I see.
  9. happyhippydad

    Which tool belt would you recommend?

    I have never really seen the need for as tool belt, but recently I have been up the tall ladder a few times and have had to go up and d own a number of times so it's time for a belt. The only prerequisites are that it has a holder for a hammer! Cheers all.
  10. Stephen Hossack

    New to the forum. Can anyone recommend a electrical agency around the London area

    Hello I’m Steve, new to the forum. I’m looking at getting back into the electical trade. I did c+g 2361, 2362 years ago. I’ve recently got my ECS card. Have done lots of bits and pieces in the past, and am now working as a gas main layer. I’ve had enough, and want to become a electrician. From...
  11. P

    Anyone Recommend A Good Brand Of Saber Saw Blade?

    Just wondering if anybody has any recommendation for metal blades for a Bosch cordless 12V saw? I know Bosch drill bits are very good so was wondering whether to go with their blades or is there anything better...They will be primarily be used for cutting copper water pipe and maybe 1" steel...
  12. P

    Can any one recommend a reliable gas fire

    Thinking of replacing electric fire with gas one, electric ok but noisy, one of these fancy fan heaters. Last gas fire was always going wrong, so was wondering if any one could recommend one that is reliable, or more to the point, which ones aren't reliable! Not after anything fancy, but Valor...
  13. diyterry

    Can anyone recommend a good Cctv system

    Can anyone recommend a good CCTV system that can be accessed from a pc or phone.
  14. J

    Recommend a product please

    As a noob i dont even know the words, so i´ll have to explain... I´ve got a new bit of land with 3 buildings. The mains and meter are by the entrance gate. I´d like to put a box next to the meter that simply has 3 switches, so i can turn off completely each building in turn. (each building...
  15. S

    Can anyone recommend MFT calibration service centre in the north east

    Hi All - as per the title, any recommendations in the north east as I don't really want to send the tester via courier ! thanks
  16. C

    Can anyone recommend a mid range multimeter

    Hi Guys, I'm currently looking at purchasing a multimeter but browsing online the price varies from under £10 to hundreds. Can anyone recommend a decent multimeter around £50 - £60 or would I need to fork out £100 plus? Your experienced advise will be much appreciated.
  17. Gudoldtom

    Can anyone recommend any screwdriver sets??

    Hi I am looking to get together a set of tools. Can anyone recommend any good screwdriver sets for under £100? Or what to look for in a decent set & how much I should be paying (domestic installations only)? Many thanks
  18. paul291277

    Can anyone recommend a decent step/cone drill/kit?

    Title says it all, preferably up to 32mm or more
  19. K

    Recommend ECS card exam location in London

    Hello, everyone. I am interesting where in London I can go to take ECS card exam. Please recommend me some place. Thank in advance.
  20. S


    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a contact / number to arrange to do an Am2 somehow? Got my level 2/ 3 but never finished portfolio on nvq due to my company going bust so had to sort college out myself, I've got 5 years experience being qualified just never needed my gold card because of...