1. S


    Hi, me again :) NICEIC prices per certificate are going up, can you recommend anywhere else to buy them please?
  2. G

    Recommend for a reasonable priced laser

    Any recommend for a reasonable priced laser
  3. yung_kio

    What courses do you recommend an aspiring electrician should take?

    17 years old from UK. I am looking for an apprenticeship and thought I'd get into a course in the meantime. Can you recommend me some courses under £100 that'll help me cv?
  4. W

    Can someone recommend me the best RGB LED Strips for my bedroom?

    I am renovating my 6m x 7.6m bedroom, I want to have some LEDs to go around the ceiling and then some around my desk and shelves. Can someone recommend which retailer has the highest-quality LEDs?
  5. C

    Can anyone here recommend Access Training for electrician courses?

    Hi I am looking for reputable training providers near me in Oxford and have come across Access Training Centre in welwyn city hertfordshire which is not very far.They are offering Level 2 + Level 3 + NVQ 3 with Qualified Supervisor Status and Competent Scheme registration for around £5k which i...
  6. J

    Anyone recommend a good rachet conduit threader

    Anyone recommend a good make of rachet conduit threader for 20 and 25mm galv.
  7. HappyHippyDad

    Which electric heater would you recommend?

    A customer wants me to fit an electric heater with timer control integral to it. There seems to be really cheap ones (screwfix) ranging up to £100's, so it's a bit difficult to make a choice. Is there anything wrong with the cheaper ones? They seem to have reasonable reviews on screwfix. This...
  8. 1Justin

    EV chargers load curtailment & remote Ct. Recommend me a brand?

    Can anyone recommend an EV charger brand/type with load curtailment (throttling) which is easy to interface by manufacturers design, with a remote Ct clamp (via radio link)? Situation as follows: Customer in 18c manor house converted to flats, living third floor. Supply head is ~ 35M away with...
  9. O

    Recommend a surge protected extension lead

    Need a new surge protected extension, trying to avoid the merde on Amazon, can anyone recommend something decent? Have a belkin but they have used 5 one way clutch screws in the base to thwart repairability so they are off my list sadly...
  10. Dali748

    What type of electrical panel would you recommend to install?

    Hi, I have a condo where I need to update/replace my electrical panel based on an electrician's diagnosis. He stated that due to the panel being old with loose breakers this is causing my dryer to not get enough power to operate properly and can lead to other issues down the road with breakers...
  11. buzzlightyear

    recommend design software.

    any body recommend design soft ware regarding calculations from diversity to loading .me is sick working out loading on bits of paper .
  12. N

    Does anyone recommend a CCTV system?

    I've been seeing on social media the past few weeks that there have been a few attempted break-ins to people's property. Does anyone recommend a certain type of CCTV?
  13. J

    Can anyone recommend a good free cad app

    Looking for a decent free cad app if anyone can recomend any
  14. T

    What tool backpack does the forum recommend?

    Guys and gals, I am looking for a tool bag now that I have gotten all my basic hand tools. I do a lot of moving around on site, up and down stairs etc. I do not want a toolbox because they are awkward and are a pain in the rear to put into a site box at the end of the day. I am looking for...
  15. Michael J

    CU recommend max height

    Doing a complete rewire on a domestic property. The client is adamant that he wants the consumer unit flush to the ceiling not complying with the 1350-1450mm requirement. I have shown him Approved Document M but he’s having none of it. What would you do in this situation?
  16. G

    Recommend dimmable constant voltage driver for a LED strip

    Hi, can anyone recommend a dimmable constant voltage driver for a LED strip and any suppliers? Many thanks
  17. Mark Wright

    B&Q Pir light had it, less than a year - please recommend new pir

    I installed a B&Q pir light under a year ago and it's flickering the LEDs have had it, it's totally contained and the LEDs are hard wired, pretty peveed, can anyone recommend a good outdoor pir light, one that comes with a rubber flex is preferred Don't know what I.P rating and was probably...
  18. Kingers

    80A DP mains isolator

    What would you recommend as an 80A DP mains isolator switch? Background: My DNO fitted a 100A cut-out fuse on 16mm2 service cables, despite their own published policy requiring 25mm2 service cables for such a fuse rating. (At least, the fuse carrier is labelled 100A). So, they are coming out...
  19. A

    Hiya, can anybody recommend any decent 12v/24v drive over light fittings please for an upcoming driveway job? Ta

    Hiya, can anybody recommend any decent 12v/24v drive over light fittings please for an upcoming driveway job? Ta
  20. M

    Rewiring an old Harley. What connectors would you recommend to join more than one wire together to a single pin?

    (UK). I am renovating a 1988 HD 1200 XLH Sportster. The previous owners have butchered the wiring so I am rewiring it by hand. There are a few places in the wiring where a single cable needs to connect to two others. An example is from the fusebox. The output for the Accessories 15a fuse needs...


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