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  1. B

    Can anyone recommend any good UV protected conduit for running network cable externally?

    Can anyone recommend any good UV protected conduit for runnign network cable externally? I plan on running around 10 cables (7mm diameter each) from the loft to the 2nd floor and ground floor, but the cables are orange and i'd like to hide them in some pvc black conduit. A lot of the stuff i've...
  2. S

    UK Advice needed! Ive been to see a job for garage power, the previous electrician has taken a 4mm on a 32amp B MCB protected by a 30mA RCD. But hasnt do

    Advice needed! Ive been to see a job for garage power, the previous electrician has taken a 4mm on a 32amp B MCB protected by a 30mA RCD. But hasnt done anything with, apart from the fact there is no protection and its T&E all straight forward. My ownly question is do i gland straight into a...
  3. T

    UK Bathroom lights not up rated or rcd protected

    Hi everyone just wondering what action everyone would take with this situation. I came to a house to look at a downlight that wasn't working above a bath it was not up rated and the circuit had no rcd protection being on an old wylex board with plug in mcb's. I told them that the fittings were...
  4. kingeri

    Domestic Surge protected FCU ...

    So I have been asked to provide surge protection to a group of sockets in a PC area within a house. The sockets (7 doubles) are presently supplied from an FCU off the ring final. An easy solution would be to replace the FCU with one with surge protection built in. Problem is, they don't seem...
  5. B

    Electrician Radial Adding socket into radial circuit protected by 32amp RCB

    Just after a bit of advice regarding the following. First up I am not electrically qualified and know limits of what I would and would not attempt but am electrically read. The situation is that I have a radial power circuit fed from the consumer board and protected by a 32amp RCB feeding 5...
  6. S

    When testing a circuit protected by RCBO, do you test at the DB or furtherst point

    Hi, I just have a few questions in regards to testing an RCBO circuit Is there a requirement to test at either the furthest point or the DB or is it down to the testers discretion. Do the test results differ? What tests on a circuit will trip the RCBO when you are away from the DB. Is it...
  7. spud1

    What if a circuits Max Zs is exceeded but the circuit is protected by an RCD?

    Just processing an EICR and noticed a couple of final circuits measured Zs values (fed from a sub distribution board) slightly exceed the Max permitted Zs values for the OCPDs that protect them. Obviously I will note this as a design flaw in the observations, but I just wondered, from the...
  8. Flanders

    63 amp 3 phase socket protected by a 30 amp fuse RCD?

    Carrying out and EICR on large factory and they have welding plug into 63 amp commando sockets but are protected by 30 amp BS 88 fuses. Now the regs states Socket outlets with a ratted current not exceeding 32 amp need RCD protection. 411.3.3 (i) Because the Socket it 63 amp I say it does...
  9. Soulcraft Electric

    Alterations to an installation with a 1980s (?) Wylex board protected by a single external RCD

    Just carried out a pre-work survey (older property and I wanted to check it over) for a client that wants a few extra sockets and other bits and bobs. The installation has a 5-way Wylex board (I’m guessing 1980s - white/cream plastic) which has had RCD protection added externally at some point -...
  10. M

    Fire alarms non rcd protected? 25 characters

    Hi guys Im curious as to how people wire in smoke and heat alarms in a domestic setting. I know you're allowed to put them with a regularly used lighting circuit or on their own circuit...but....does the circuit that has the alarms on need to be non rcd protected? Or is it a case of it...
  11. Strima

    Internet Security, are you protected?

    Security is not a dirty word Blackadder... Vibrator manufacturing company 'collected users' data' | Daily Mail Online - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5345659/Vibrator-manufacturing-company-collected-users-data.html I would have never thought hacking would be an issue for these...
  12. B

    10mm see protected by 60 switchfuse

    Hi, I'd planned to use 10mm see to supply an annex protected by a Wylex 60a switchfuse. Cable calls suggest that 10mm swa ref method d is good for 60a, even when using the 70deg tables. Instructions with the Wylex switchfuse state that termination are only good for 16 to 35mm cables...
  13. MerlinGremlin

    Do socket outlets in a Pub need to be RCD/RCBO protected!

    What are peoples thoughts on this, should socket outlets in the general public areas be RCD/RCBO protected? I believe they do and have put them down as a C2 on a recent EICR but recently got a phone call to say it's a C3!
  14. B

    EICR IR testing on whole installation with circuits protected by RCBOs

    EICR IR testing whole installation with circuits protected by RCBOs... Say it's a single phase consumer unit, plain main switch no RCCBs, all circuits protected by RCBOs, Is this method acceptable?.... L+N to earth only. Main switch off (safe isolation), all breakers on. Temp link...
  15. C

    schedule calculator apollo 500

    I'm using the inbuilt schedule calculator and get posed with the following options.# Enclosed or protected mains cabling exposed or unprotected mains cabling I guess enclosed means in conduit of some sort but I'm not sure about protected and unprotected mains cable seems a bit vague any ideas
  16. L

    Rcd or not

    Morning guys, Need some quick advise without having to look through the bible to find the answer. Installing a small 4 way unit into a domestic property to supply a new oven which requires 3 seperate supplies of 16amps. Does the new sub board im installing need to be rcd protected or not...
  17. K

    new user apprentice - batten holder/line conductor termination??

    Hi all, this is my first post on here. I have searched the web but cant find a straight forwards answer (or an answer at all) for this question which is part of my c&g course. - how is pvc insulation protected against high temperature in batten holder type fittings? and also - why do the...
  18. P

    Jacuzzi ... to 702 or not to 702 ...

    Recently been to a site with a 3month old hot tub install that had been done by another sparks, with the IP66 rotary isolator just 650mm from the edge of the Jacuzzi. It is possible to be partially immersed in the Jacuzzi and lean out to operate the isolator. Would you consider this acceptable...
  19. mhar

    GE RCD query

    Went to a property yesterday to do some odds and sods, replace the cu and do some remedials following a condition report customer obtained prior to purchasing the property. The cu is made by GE and was installed in 1997, half the board rcd protected and half not. One of the observations on the...
  20. B

    Cable in narrow space - how to fix it?

    10mm 2+e must run in a 30mm wide gap under floor between wall and joist. Must also be >50mm from surface or enclosed in earthed metal or impenetrable armour. The distance is only 1m. It is not possible to reach 50mm down the gap to fix nail/screw in cable clips. Would any of the following...
  21. B

    Domestic Air conditioning installation - supply options

    Hello, We are having 2 wall mounted split system air conditioners installed. These come supplied with a 13amp plug which will power both the internal and external units. I would like to wire these in for a more permanent and neat installation. Our consumer board only has a single "RCD...
  22. R

    Kitchen island sockets

    Hello. I have a new kitchen going in with a island in the middle. A 10mm t&e (protected by a 40A mcb) has been laid under kitchen floor for the hob that's going on it. No other cables can be run to it now. Trouble is I would now like two double sockets on it. Can this be done? I thought...
  23. D

    EICR code

    I'm doing a EICR on a caravan site. Came across 5 circuits each supplying about 13 16A socket outlets. All are protected by 63 A mcbs and all wired in 6mm twin armoured cable buried underground. The cable rating for the cable is 46A with the ref installed etc. Im undecided if I should code 3...
  24. Hellmooth

    Running new lighting circuit earth

    Hi quick question, got a newly wired lighting circuit that has had the earths chopped, would be easier for me to run a new earth alongside, is there a minimum size of earth if ran in singles and not protected by an outer sheath, got 4mm in my head but not sure where from!
  25. J

    copy of 16th ed- requirments for rcd protection

    has anyone got a link/pdf of the requirements for rcd protection in the 16th ed -more for socket outlets ***sorry if its 25-30 years old- it would be 15th ed right****
  26. S

    Garage Sockets

    Im looking to add 4 new sockets into a garage, there is no live sockets or anything to come off In the garage already so Im looking for something the otherside of the wall to come off of to get my live connection. I have located a socket indoors which already has two wires already going to it...
  27. Dave OCD

    Supply for Combi Boiler - RCD required ?

    Allright chaps I have to connect a new Combi this Saturday morning, intending to fit a 3 amp fused switched FCU and take the supply off a handy socket [about 2 feet away and on a RFC not a spur] The consumer unit is an old MEM with cartridge fuses and there's no RCD, [TNCS system with Ze of...
  28. N

    Domestic Everything RCD protected?

    Hi all, My understanding is that everything should be RCD protected now, as it is unlikely that all the criteria is met for it to not need RCD protection. I went to my friends house the other day and the consumer unit had a periodic inspection and test carried out by the local council last...
  29. D

    Domestic Armour cable ran to garage on 16a breaker

    Hi Everyone, I have armour cable running from my house to my garage in a new build, it is connected to 2.5 that connects to my consumer unit, can i put a socket before armour cable for my wifes new battery hoover without any adverse effects? its protected by a 16a breaker then runs to garage...
  30. M

    Domestic cooker tt no rcd

    hi extended a 32 amp cooker circuit, adding a cooker switch and outlet plate. extended as it is a 7kw range cooker now situated in fireplace. old cooker now not going to be used. problem is its on a 16th edition board and is on tt. the cooker and lighting are non rcd protected. ideal...
  31. S

    rcd or no rcd ?

    Does a 16 amp commando socket installed in swa in a warehouse need to be rcd protected ?
  32. B

    3kw Immersion blowing sfcu 13a fuse about once a month...any ideas?

    On dedicated 16amp mcb Wired in 2.5t&e to sfcu (13a fuse) then 2.5mm heat resistant flex. Fuse has popped twice in last 8 weeks etc. Element R 18ohms. all seems ok? Should I just swap sfcu for 20amp double pole switch? haven't clamped to measure the draw yet as didn't have it with me. Cheers
  33. F

    Economy 7 Testing

    OK, I've done a search for the above on the forum and I don't really think a definitive answer has been given, so I pose the question for discussion; how would you carry out live tests on an economy 7 circuit where you cannot gain night access? I pose the following: 1) For non RCD protected E7...
  34. N


    Quoting earlier today for extra light in bathroom, checked CU, lighting is not on RCD half of board. Pointed out issue to client and discussed it, i.e. bathroom lights need to be moved to RCD protected circuit or otherwise RCD protected if I am to do the work, client says "Oh, the electric...
  35. N

    Moving A Socket A Few Feet

    Client wants (indoor, domestic) socket moved a matter of a few feet, assuming cable is not to be buried in wall, would you say for regs compliance socket must be RCD protected? I know the answer is liable to be yes because it's adding a new socket and decommissioning the old, but just wanted to...
  36. H

    TT eicr code?

    Hi doing an eicr on a tt system, plastic board, bonding ok! It is a split 16th edition board with 80amp 100m/amp main switch which has the lighting, smokes and boiler on. On the other side is a 63amp 30m/amp rcd protecting sockets, cooker and shower. The Ra is 28 ohms. anyway my interpretation...
  37. E

    Domestic Adding a spur to an existing circuit on a BS3036 CU

    Hi there, I'm a newly trained electrician with limited experience and could really use some expert advice. I've searched through the forum about this but have only managed to confuse myself further. I have been asked to add a double socket to a living room ring circuit. My plan is to spur off...
  38. T

    Lighting fused down on 16amp radial

    Hi I've just got to the end of a job in which I installed a 2way RCD protected CCU supplying 1x50a shower circuit and 1x16a radial circuit which consists of a 13a switched fused spur (outside bathroom) for a 2kw bathroom blow heater. Typically now the job is finished the customer has decided...
  39. B

    circuits protected by 100ma

    Hi all What code would you all give for a eicr, where the domestic property circuits are protected by 100ma rcd main switch, myself it think c3
  40. S

    RCD protected ..

    On the coming job i have to do a new wiring on massive shop.Deal its between me and show owned.There its about 200 m2 place with shelf's where shoes and handbag have to display.+ reception + office + 3 toilets + shower .I don't have any problem to to this job but im not clear on the RCD...
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