1. B

    Joining 16 or 25mm Earth Cable

    Hi any recomendations for products which I can use to join Two 16mm Earth cables. Going in a Fairly inaccesable place so trying to avoid Screw based products. Need to move an bonding cable for Copper pipe as boiler been relocated
  2. A

    Domestic 3 pin cable for fluorescent fitting

    Hi Does anyone know the name of this 3 pin connection and where I can find one. It’s for a t5 fluorescent fitting but can’t seem to find the cable anywhere online. Thanks
  3. K

    What size cable is this?

    Can anyone tell by just looking what size cable this is ? It’s not written on the grey outer armour
  4. S

    How would I power 3 GU10 LEDs from one plug (power cable)

    Just need some help on how exactly to setup the wiring for this
  5. C

    Thermal insulation covering cable

    I'm doing a garage conversion. 70mm insulation on block then an inch gap battened on top, then 35mm insulating board. Where's best for the cable to go in terms of derating etc... Cheers.
  6. T

    How to work out the total design load to find my swa cable size

    Hi all I am having trouble trying to work out the total load and swa cable size. I have 10 circuits in a outhouse 40 meters from the mains power supply 1 x lighting with 10 lights, 1 x lighting with 10 lights. 1 x 2.5mm radial for 2 heaters, 1 x 2.5mm radial for heater. 3 x 2.5mm socket rings...
  7. M

    Armoured cable size

    Hi, having a granny a erected in my garden and doing a lot of the the work myself. Looking to run a armoured cable feed into the anex so it's already for electrician to eventually wire up my question is as follows. Works out as 25m run I'll need from where sse feed in is to fuse box location...
  8. O

    Best network cable

    Hi all! Just wanted to get everyones opinion on the best CAT5 & CAT6 cable which you’ve used on jobs. I have been using VueNet Cat5e and really like it, not had any problems and is at a decent price. Let me know what you think :smiley:
  9. J

    Cable size

    Hi, Looking for advice, Doing a new build in a rural location and I’m having to run a mains electricity 500m to the nearest meter. Had a couple of quotes so far but there vary massively in price. The first quote the electrician was going to use 16mm cable which even I thought would be too...
  10. M

    Service Cable to sub panel theory question.

    Going to be running a sub panel underground 100+- ft to new steel building will be running a 2-2-2-2 Aluminum SER Cable. (Planning n 100amp svc even thought I doubt I will EVER need it.) If the #2 SER Cable is 2 (+) 1 (-) 1(g) Why am I running a ground all the way back to the panel...
  11. M

    Is all CT100 aerial cable me equal? What's best for external?

    Hi all I want to replace the aerial cable in my house as the old stuff is... old! And it has several joins along the way. In the first instance the run from aerial to TV will be around 20 metres. I remember when I looked into it years ago that CT100 is the best stuff to get. So just looking...
  12. D

    ceiling light/fan cable

    will be fitting a new ceiling light/fan, can I use the twin and earth lighting cable already fitted, ore will I have to fit 2.5 twin and earth cable. the specifications are fan 42w. lights 3x40w, total 162w. many thanks for any help/advice.
  13. H

    Run new 32 amp cable to kitchen.

    I am getting an electrician in to fit a new consumer unit to provide an extra 32 amp cable/supply for a new cooker. I cant see how the electrician would be able to get a new cable from the garage where the consumer unit is located to the kitchen. Is it common for electricians to not be able to...
  14. happyhippydad

    Cable size and how to earth this system?

    Morning.... I have a friend of a friend who is just looking for some advice regarding his 12V solar set up. It's a metal shed approx 5m x 3m. My 2 questions are: 1. Does the cable joining each of the 5 batteries have to be 50mm as well as the cable from battery to 3kW inverter? I'm sure it...
  15. Flash

    CCTV cable drop

    Can any one point me in the right direction, I've been asked to quote for power supply only for 5-6 cctv cameras the distance of the cable is 1500 metres and have been told a maximum of 30 amps, doing cable drop calculations I'm coming out at over 95mm swa??? I must be doing something wrong? my...
  16. K

    On small jobs charging for cable

    Hi all I was just wondering how every charges for cable on a small job? Let me give you and example, you are asked to replace 4 down lights, but one 1 of them you fined that the cable is to short so you replace that cable back to the next downlight, Normally i would just charge for sundries £20...
  17. S

    4mm solar cable for sale

    We have a number of 100m drums of solar cable for sale, we have a couple of larger ones as well - possibly 1000m. They are left over from various jobs. But we have no need for them any more as no longer doing solar. 100m drums - £20. Available from our Sheffield warehouse. We also have...
  18. S

    Sleeving 3 phase cable to single phase cable

    Could someone help me understand what is cable sleeving? Can we sleeve a 3 phase cable to single phase cable? Is this as per any regs? BS 7671? Could you send me some pictures of the same if you have..
  19. M

    Sy cable

    k guys needs some advice, We have an event on tomorrow and we been asked to run 100m of 4mm sy cable to power up the event. Now I know have mixed options but can this be done or should it be run in SWA cable?? The cable will be protected by 32amp in a splitter box Cheers guys
  20. LightGEN

    Screened PV cable.

    Has anyone come across screened PV cable? As a personal interest I have an amateur radio licence. My own PV system (inverter) generates switching noise, which radiates from the DC loops on the roof, causing interference to HF radio reception. I've improved things substantially by installing a...