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  1. B

    Does flex cable need to have boot lace connections

    A mate I work with says flex cable has to have a boot lace crimp on
  2. R

    Advice on best method to run a cable for power in Garden

    I’m looking for the best method to run a cable from the CCU from the Garage to the 30ma RCD in the Garden. I am going to order some HiTuff rather than SWA as I can’t get the paving slabs and stones up. Also I’m not sure about drilling into the concrete posts. I have attached some photos for...
  3. J

    Running Network cable next to power cable?

    So the electrician made a hole in the outside wall to run the cable for the floodlights and in the same hole he threaded through the CAT 6 cable (shielded outdoor cable) for the POE camera. Is this safe as I always thought you do not run network cable in the same conduit as electrical cables?
  4. D

    Domestic Coax Cable Insulation Damaged, Copper visible, Cable can't be easily replaced I think

    Hi, I'd really appreciate your help. This is in Europe. I have no electrical knowledge and very little construction/DIY knowledge. I know electricians / cable-provider-technicians can measure coax signal strength at the outlet with a specialized device. A cable is damaged right down by the...
  5. S

    Crimping question for Wires inside extension cable

    Hi all, I'm not an electrician by any stretch, but I do try to do the odd job in my studio. And shortening extension cables is something i need to do once in a while. When taking the plug off one recently, I saw these tiny crimps that were used. And I can't for the life of me figure out how to...
  6. Vortigern

    Burying 2.5mm ring circuit cable under concrete floor in flexi conduit

    What is your view about such an installation technique? Asked to finish extension wiring and the installer has snaked wire all over the floor in white flexi. They intend to put an island in and this could easily lead to damaged cables. The other wiring for lights etc. is abysmal like a massive...
  7. O

    Slim wire needed for cluster pendant

    Hi, I need some advice, I'm creating a cluster pendant with about 8 cables and G9 bulbs. I've been told I don't need an earth as the shades won't be metal, but if I google 2 core flex everything I find is around 6mm diameter or more. Is there anything slimmer I can use, even if that means having...
  8. H

    How to setup new breaker from an extension cable

    Guys so my parents built me my own room in the backyard that is seperate from the main house (we have almost an acre of land) when we moved into our new house this past year but the person who built it micky moused the wiring and just made an extension cable that connects from my room to an...
  9. L

    Drilled through kitchen light cable repaired with crimps now none of my lights work up or downstairs

    My son was moving a cupboard for me & deliberately went diagonal from light switch to avoid cable. Then no bang or flash of light he just stopped & said I’ve went through a cable. After seeking advice on how to repair, we attempted to use cable crimps. Turned the power back on & not only did my...
  10. D

    What cable / conduit for a spur from the ring main?

    Hi everyone, I’m about to build some cupboards, (tomorrow!) but need to ensure that a suitable cable is left behind them and threaded through the adjacent wall for a socket that I want fitted in the future - on the other side of that wall. (Work is happening in many stages). I’m not attempting...
  11. J

    Has anyone come across this type of cable for a submain.

    hello I did an EICR today on a flat probably about 10 years old. everything fine except the usual C3s for non rcd protected circuits and for plastic boards etc. my question is has anyone come across the type of cable I found going from 80mcb near cut out to con unit in the flat. at first I...
  12. J

    Ethernet cable - twisted or solid core?

    I have provisionally mapped out my network - the broadband will be coming in from the front hallway and from there it will be connected to the switch and other IT gear in the top shelf of the storage cupboard on the first floor. Now I cannot decide whether to go with solid core or twisted core...
  13. A

    Australia choosing cable voltage rating

    Hi, for a single phase LV installation, how do you determine whether to use 450V/750V or 0.6/1kV cable. Thanks
  14. captaincaveman

    Best way to redirect a cable

    Hi Gorgeous people. Hope you are all well and surviving! Just curious to others views on redircting an oven cable which has to move (so it will not be over the hob) but with no access to the above floor where it comes down from (which is a tiled bathroom). Ideally the new switch wants to go on...
  15. S

    Armoured cable

    Hi All. Can you help. I have a Driveway light fitted to a Junction box fitted to armoured cable with gland goes underground comes into house under stairs, but Not connected. How would this be connected with on/off switch and so i could have some sort of timer. Thank you for help.
  16. P

    Tv sockets and tv cable access

    Hello guys still waiting on confirmation of a rewire I've posted a few questions for, this is another question I’ve got in mind, fairly simple. The front reception will have a tv going on the wall on the chimney stack. Just wanted to know how many sockets do you guys put in for this? I was...
  17. C

    Running cable in sandstone wall

    I’ve got some exterior lights to install on a sandstone house, it’s quite quaint and old Has anyone got any ideas for running cables? I don’t really want to use armour or conduit as it’s too industrial looking.
  18. I

    Armoured cable & T&E

    Hi All, I have a job to install 6mm supply to a small outbuilding. Ideally i would run SWA all the way from Meter box(im taking it from Henley block) to the outbuilding, but not in this case. Cable will have to go through the kitchen area. So im thinking to have 6mm t&e in trunking, it's only...
  19. C

    UK Metal clad cable entry

    Hi all, level 3 qualified sparky here, just getting back into it after some time out. So, what is considered best practice these days when installing a metal clad consumer unit. Are all these Fancy Dan cable glands actually required or are they just another money spinner. I've found if you...
  20. A

    Adding outside socket to existing cable?

    Hello, I have an outside cable going from the house to a shed can I cut and splice a outside socket into it? Socket will go on the back of the shed
  21. davesparks

    EICR aluminium armoured cable

    I'm doing another EICR, I still don't like doing them, and still seem to attract the weird/unusual/uncommon stuff. This time I'm faced with aluminium armoured cables. My question is, does anyone have datasheets, or could anyone point me in the right direction for finding information on these...
  22. T

    Can I use 1.5mm cable for 240v inlet to consumer unit in my campervan, and then to a double socket?

    Just wondering if it’s better to upgrade my cable to 2.5mm while I’m only so far into my project?
  23. P

    SWA to external flexible cable

    I'm looking at adding an electric lock to our driveway gates The lock runs on 12v from a lock control module and I can pull an additional length of 1.5mm SWA through the underground conduit from the garage and terminate it into an IP65+ Wiska box using a 20S storm gland - that's all pretty...
  24. D

    Am I ok to put a switch here?

    My plan is to but a switch above the bathroom door to isolate the extractor fan. In cutting out a part of the stud wall for the backbox I've noticed it has what google is telling me is 'paramount board' behind it. Is it ok to cut away the small amount necessary to get this back box in and feed...
  25. X

    Is it okay to run some heating cable up the wall behind a mirror?

    I'm looking at installing Ecoflex loose cable under the floor in my bathroom. I'm also going to be installing a large mirror, running the length of one wall, which I'd also like to heat to stop it misting up. I understand it hasn't been designed with that in mind, but would there be any...
  26. 1

    Armoured cable size 1.5

    Hello all , In the garden there is 1.5 3 core armoured cable running from the exterior wall to an outside socket , the power is from a socket inside the house (on the interior of the same wall) I know the sockets are wired in 2.5 but why is the armoured 1.5 ? Thanks
  27. K

    Incoming supply cable disconnected?

    Hi We’re currently having drainage Installed in our back garden, when the guys digging up concrete next to house came across what looks like a lead covered cable. They followed it along by digging up the area around it, until it entered a brick in the house, this is where the cable ends (see...
  28. S

    Can I avoid applying correction factor (Ci) when cable tray passes through a concrete wall?

    Hi This is about a design problem in an assignment. A cable basket containing several circuits passes horizontally through an internal concrete wall (100mm) and into a ceiling void where it provides lighting throughout the building. I'm trying to size the cables for the circuits and I'd...
  29. M

    Removing Old Cable TV Wires From House Exterior:

    I have what I think is old cable TV wires on the exterior of my house. I am hoping that someone from this forum can confirm from these photos that that is what I am looking at. I know for sure that they are not my Verizon Fios wires. Thank you in advance :)
  30. L

    Cooker cable size

    I am not an electrician but consider myself to be very knowledgeable in installation works. Lately however, I have come across a problem when carrying out work at my home. I have supplied my cooker circuit in 1.5mm cable as stated in the 18th edition but have since had issues with my sockets...
  31. S

    Armoured Cable Calculations

    Hmmm, Could anybody tell me which table I use for calculating armoured cable sizes in the on-site guide? I'm self teaching and failing :-(
  32. D

    Cable protection

    Morning all. Just a quick one. I've put several sets of cameras in a retirement complex in what can euphemistically described as a rough area. I've used Nylock to secure the connections. However, these are bungalows and I am worried about the short cables exposed before they enter the...
  33. Z

    UK Cable routing central heating wiring centre

    Spaghetti wiring using lots of terminal blocks. Wish to move to Wago mbox. Cable entries too small for cables so need to wire into back of box. All cables are either surface mounted or free running across cupboard. Need to raise Wago away from wall as I don’t really want to bury cables in the...
  34. M

    Cable segregation?

    What are the requirements for cable segregation? The factory I’m carrying out work in just now has Ladder rack containing SWA and cat 6 data cables which are lying on top. Also another cable tray which has Fp-200 fire alarm cable and SWA on it. lastly should all the above now be supported with...
  35. Andy78

    Cable prices.....

    ....are set to rise. My wholesaler confirmed today that next week will likely see a good bump upwards in prices across the board although he doesn't know of what magnitude.
  36. Azizinum

    Do cable quality matters for my issue?

    Hello guys, i recently bought a monitor for my computer and the power cord/cable came with it is "type F to c5" and where i live the plug i need is "type G to c5", should i just buy any "type G to c5" and plug it into my monitor ? or do cables have different fuse and thin cable diffrences...
  37. P

    Can I join 6mm and 2.5mm cable in radial circuit

    Hi all, I’m new to this forum so please bear with me. I live in a bungalow and would like to repurpose an unused shower cable to supply one new double socket. The radial shower circuit cable is 6mm and protected by a 40A mcb. My plan is to connect the 6mm cable to a length of 2.5mm cable which...
  38. A

    Cat 6 Cable for Sky q

    Hi, I'm building a new house, and have a BT duct pipe in place. For now, Im going to use BT broadband from my family's house which is approx 100m away. I intend to run a cable through the duct pipe, so I can plug into their BT broadband router for internet and so we can get SKY Q TV. Is a...
  39. B

    1.5mm CPC on 6mm Cable

    Come across an old Installation with 1.5mm CPC on a 6mm Live conductors whilst doing an EICR. Not seen many of these, in everyones opinion perfectly acceptable if all R1 and R2, IR, Measured ZS test check out ok?
  40. F

    Cable size to electric shower

    I have a customer whose electric shower has stopped working. It has previously been working fine for a couple of years. No problems before hand, no faults on the board or tripping out. upon inspection it looks like the supply cable is undersized. He’s asked me if this would have caused the...
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