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  1. D

    Waste of armoured cable or good practice...

    In this video it shows a new cable being installed up to a new Outdoor socket than a Second new cable leg ran all the way back (same direction) to the original point... see video View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bz_poiQqxFw I can’t help thinking that using 2 armoured cables was...
  2. P

    Different core size connections

    Hi forum, I’m planning some garden lighting and would like to try an minimise the amount of cable I’m using. I have a number of different lights/circuits in one area of the garden so was planning to run a multi core cable to a convenient place then make connections from there. All the lights...
  3. M

    Ahoy there! As a former submariner I'm used to working in confined spaces but has anyone successfully fitted 10mm cable, 45A switch, 1gang backbox!

    Switch will be in stud wall; cable currently running horizontally....looks like I may need to pull some slack through to run cables through top and bottom of backbox...or strip back sheath and bring through back of plastic box using a 25mm grommet. The 45A switch wiil be in a kitchen for an...
  4. J

    Length of cable

    Does the length of cable de rate the cable as it creates a greater resistance and as a result heats up the cable reducing its current carrying capacities?
  5. D

    Cable ratings - constant load?

    For argument sake, lets say a cable is rated at 100A clipped direct, ambient temp 30 deg. Does this mean it can take a constant load of 100A in those conditions or is the rating based on cyclic current? The reason I ask is on a recent install, following current cable guidelines we fitted a 35mm...
  6. mattg4321

    Lead sheathed telephone cable

    Just found this on a job today. Lead sheathed. Telephone cable? Never seen this before. Anyone?
  7. happyhippydad

    Which cable stripping tool for scrap?

    @gaz101 's thread got me thinking about stripping all my scrap cables rather than taking them in for weighing with all the insulation on. The cable I have is nearly all 1mm-6mm. I realise many of you feel it is not worth the time stripping the smaller cables but I would be quite happy spending...
  8. M

    Consumer unit Cable entry advice ??

    Hi all, I am installing an additional consumer unit in a garage to supply a pool pump, pool lights and garage sockets. Customer wants cables to be clipped direct. Could I use a 25mm Rubber packed gland at each board for a 10mm T&E? Would rather use trunking but customer does not want.
  9. nicnic66

    Single Cable calculation for hot tub?

    Can anyone enlighten me on why my max Zs for this cable calc is so high? What am I missing?
  10. J

    Splitting aerial cable to supply another room

    Evening all Customer asked me if she can have an additional aerial point for her bedroom. Thing is her property is ground floor of two story house so no real possibility of access to loft to run new cable via amplifier. She currently has tv point in living room have contemplated splitting this...
  11. M

    Outdoor pir lights

    I have one outdoor light with a pir, can I just add another pir light to the same switch and run the cable to that one ?
  12. S

    Bosch GMS 120 Cable Detector

    Hi Everybody Has anybody on here any experience of using a Bosch GMS 120 cable detector? The scenario I have is that I am working on a stone built cottage ,plastered with sand and cement which I guess was rewired 30 + years ago where all the cables have been plastered into the walls and not...
  13. T

    UK Hotel extension cable calculations

    So I've calculated my hotel lighting and 1 circuit has an (ib) of 0.33a and I put a 6a breaker on it (in) then got my (iz) 5.8a which is suppose to be equal to (in) or greater right but it's not so what should I do to change this. By the way my (ca) is 1.03 my (cg, ci, cf,) are all 1. Please...
  14. R

    Cable Stapler for Alarm and Cat5e Cable.

    Can anyone recommend a decent cable stapler. The lads in work use the Rapid ones, but I don’t like them. I’ve used a Tacwise one which is okay. But I’ve seen an Arrow and Dewalt one. But if anyone could help that would be great.
  15. B

    Can anyone recommend any good UV protected conduit for running network cable externally?

    Can anyone recommend any good UV protected conduit for runnign network cable externally? I plan on running around 10 cables (7mm diameter each) from the loft to the 2nd floor and ground floor, but the cables are orange and i'd like to hide them in some pvc black conduit. A lot of the stuff i've...
  16. B

    Cavity wall access from Loft to 2nd floor for low voltage cable.

    Hi guys, I know this is technially not a mains electrical question as it's regarding network cable (CAT7) rated for inwall installation. But my question follows the same theory. I'm looking at dropping a few network cables from the gable end of my wall in the loft down into a room on the 2nd...
  17. M

    Armoured Cable seems to have no earth

    I have been helping my dad in the garage and we have an armoured cable with 4 wires. Red - Live Yellow - live via a switch Black - neutral Blue - is just taped at the end these were connected to an old garage consumer unit. There does not seem to be a earth wire? Testing with a light : Red...
  18. T

    Can a Non POE device be powered using a CAT6 cable using POE splitters and Injectors?

    Can I power a Non PoE device using a CAT6 cable and use it with a PoE splitter or Injector
  19. F

    what type of armoured cable for outside sockets & lights

    hi all, i was directed to this forum by my neighbor seeking some advice and help at present, I'm having my front garden dug out so I can make a driveway for my mobility car. i was wondering, one day I will be getting an electric car, so if I have opportunity to lay cable now before they put...
  20. S

    Intex Spa - No earth wire in power cable?!?!

    Hi I have an intex inflatable spa and the moulded plug is hot to touch after running it for a few hours. I tried it in different sockets but it still gets hot so assume its the plug thats the issue. I cut the old plug off to attach a new one but there is only live and neutral wires. Is this...
  21. S

    Cable size changes over distance

    I’m intrigued by cable size calculations for my garden. The distance from my consumer unit at the front of the house to the garden is 14m (20m cable route). Garden is 34m long to the front of a shed. There will be other sockets, lighting, irrigation control used in the garden as well. I am...
  22. M

    Industrial MV cable

    I have two questions; 1. Can we provide MV Cables manhole inside a living room? 2. Can we pass MV Cables under toilet area? Need description/clarification with respect to standards/codes on these.
  23. W

    Burying Selv cable

    Hi, I hear the regs for burying cables don't apply to SELV cables anymore? Is that right? Are there any requirements for buried SELV cables now? Yellow tape, minimum depth, mechanical protection? I'm shielding at home for 12 weeks and don't have access to my regs book otherwise ild check...
  24. C

    Cable Glands - CMP Vs EATON

    EATON cable glands comes with many sealing ranges for the same gland size, Eaton gland selection chart (attached), Where as CMP glands comes with one sealing range for the same gland size, CMP gland selection chart attached. Why do EATON have many sealing ranges for the same gland size...
  25. P

    UK Cooker hood

    I've got a cooker hood extractor, it only has a live and neutral cable, I've only got a single socket to install it. Can I put a 13A plug on the end of it?
  26. A

    Cable for Power to Garage

    Detached garage at the bottom of the garden which had power (due to presence of some old bakelite switches and sockets), but appears to now be dead (will get this checked to confirm, but let's assume it is for the purposes of this question). At some point in the next year or two the garage will...
  27. J

    PAT testing 32A cable

    We have some 32A extension leads that range from 5m to 20m, I'm struggling to find what the acceptable values are for the resistence test. The PAT tester has a built in calculator, but that only goes up to 4mm cable, this is using 6mm. Where can I find the information I need to get the pass...
  28. A

    UK Stange cable type - rewire?

    Hi all, hope everyones well during this strange time! I went to a flat today (50s build ish) to do a visual/basic check with the aim to advise on the condition, rectify the obvious and get things to a standard where it would pass a condition report and be safe to let. Apart from some obvious...
  29. E

    3 phase supply to garage cable spec

    Hi - first post, so I hope I get the tone right. I do pay professionals to do the work, but have a technical background and like to understand what's being proposed and why. My house has a 3 phase supply. Everything in the house runs off a single phase. We've just had a 7kW car charging point...
  30. J

    UK 1mm cable to carry 13a

    My towel heater used to go into a 13a fused switch, which then went into a junction box fixed inside a backbox on the wall. Since re-fitting the bathroom, in order to move the towel radiator, I ran a 1 meter length of 1mm twin+earth cable behind the drywall from the junction box into the new...
  31. D

    Tried endlessly to fish a cable down a soffit, can it be ran along the fascia instead?

    As title suggests, I've tried and tried to get my cable rods down the soffit to run a cable from one spotlight to the next, can't get through because of support beams etc. in the way. I know it'd be ideal to house the cable inside the soffit but taking the fascia and soffit off would be a big...
  32. J

    outdoor light cable

    Hi i had an seperate circuit put around the house for outside wall lights with its own mcb. I told him where i wanted to eventually fit the lights (wall lanterns around 3 meter of ground level) he drilled the holes for the cable to pass through to the outside on each light location and also ran...
  33. N

    SWA cable between light fittings

    Hi All. I am having my house rendered soon, before that I want to put cabling in for around 6 wall lights around the outside of the house (something like those GU10 up and down lights you see so often), obviously I want the cable hidden beneath the render however the cable won't go in...
  34. M

    Cable trays in domestic installation

    Having house rewired, and thinking of making use of 600mm wide horizontal galvanised cable tray secured between joists in ceiling. Can the cables simply be layed in the tray or do the regs. require that each cable is secured to the tray & what sort of fixings are allowed?
  35. S

    4mm or 6mm cable

    Hi I am having a job done on my wiring. I have had one electrician say that it is a 4mm cable that needs replacing to a 6mm cable and another electrician say it's a 6mm cable that doesnt need replacing can anyone help as I am now confused who to do the job ? Thanks
  36. N

    UK Drilled into a light cable.

    I have stupidly managed to drill into a light switch cable. I’m trying to keep cost down as much as I can. Would chasing them wall out ready help?
  37. OnlQQker

    4 x 2.5mm = 10mm (Just Thinking Out Loud)

    So there I am trying to get to sleep at 2am this morning when a thought popped into my head. (I'm one exciting person to be with :tearsofjoy:) Not that I am thinking of doing it, ever done it or seen it done, I will still ask the question as otherwise I will be up again all night trying to work...
  38. M

    6mm Armoured Cable

    Hello there. I have a garage with existing 6mm square armoured cable running to it which was installed by a professional from a fused spur in the kitchen. I am moving this supply to my shed at the end of the garden because I am knocking the garage down so was just going to join the supply and...
  39. M

    Hi there, and am hoping someone can help

    Hi there. This is my first post ever on here so please point me in the right direction I am looking at some advice on 6mm squared armoured cable? Source URL: The Welcome Forum - https://www.electriciansforums.net/forums/the-welcome-forum.19/
  40. S

    Using SY cable in a fixed installation

    Hi, got a job that’s coming up which involves putting electricity to a wagon that’s half way down a field from someone’s house. They want it so it’s like a caravan, so they can disconnect the power lead whenever they want and move the wagon around. There’s only 2 circuits in the wagon; 4 lights...
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