1. W

    Help Please! Need a little help with notifying DNO!

    Hi all Just about to carry out my first EV charger install at the end of the month and im filling out the DNO notification form Im just stuck on the section about 'has this service capacity been verified by the DNO?' I have undertaken a load survey and all in we are at about 80A so above the...
  2. littlespark

    Help with tables and graphs please

    I would ask my daughter, but she’s on study leave for exams. Basically I want a graph that will compare readings from 3 different electric meters. I want to graph the difference between each reading, not a gradually increasing line. I’m trying to compare what my hot tub consumes, compared...
  3. M

    Need some advice please

    I have 3 double sockets all fed from separate 32 AMP EACH . The distance is 2m from the board and the cable is in 25mm metal conduit. I have used 4mm single core cable for each socket . I’m told I need to upgrade this to 6mm single core . Why is 4mm not big enough ?? (reason it’s single is so...
  4. R

    3 phase sub main…help please??

    Hi All I’m in a bit of a quandary at work and need a couple of things clearing up if poss. I’m the maintenance manager/spark/fitter/skivvy/everything else that needs doing man 🙄 in a plastics factory and I’ve got to provide a supply for a new machine. The current set up is a 90mm SWA protected...
  5. K

    can anyone identify this cable type please

    at first glance i thought it was volcanized rubber but it is tough like PVC and the sheath is much bigger than the cores they are loose inside
  6. H

    Looking for advice please!

    Hello everyone, before i start digging into my issue I would like some advice from professionals on where I should begin. A while back I lost power to one of my circuits, I swapped the breaker to see if that was possibly the issue but it was not. When i have the breaker on as you can see in...
  7. sythai

    After you thoughts on this tap positioning/ vs electrics please ?

    Hi Guys After you thoughts on this tap positioning/ vs electrics please ? (not the isolators/ mini DB being in a cupboard) Did a kitchen refurb here a little while ago and have come back to this little surprise 🚰! Tap now in adjacent part of cupboard, is sectioned off though. (For their...
  8. P

    Advice Please - Outdoor LED Spot Lights

    Pattpa69 DIY Today at 10:04 AM I am trying to daisy chain some outdoor LED lights. If I split the main power cable the first light comes on but none of the rest light up, really frustrating me as I have daisy chainEd lights in a previous home with no issues. The lights I am using are double...
  9. D

    Wiring advice please.

    Hi, Can anyone advise how these cables would be wired into the socket please. How a grey,black,brown & blue would go into a brown & blue socket ? Its an induction hob. Any help please.
  10. A

    Help please on a sub consumer unit fed from RCBO

    Long time lurker so this may be my first question. I am a qualified electrical engineer, but in aeronautics not domestic installations, and I may therefore ask silly questions. We have purchased a property that is unfinished, and where the electrician went bust before the installation was...
  11. D

    Advice about safety please.

    I am not an electrician but I am after a bit of advice. Would Ibe correct in thinking that a vehicle hook-up lead, used to keep the cooling units running when vans are parked up at its home base, should have the cable clamp on a plug should be on to the outer insulation and not onto the...
  12. robd

    Getting new MFTs any recommendations please

    Hi All, Have decided to replace my Megger 1553 MFTs after 12 years, batteries don't last long and there are a few foibles with them and I've had enough so criteria as follows: Must have rechargable battery pack Needs to be able to test A type RCD test facility Not bothered about linking up to...
  13. R

    Ufh contactor wiring advice please

    Evening all, Doing a bit of forward planning for an extension with possible electric ufh. i Have worked out room will need 25m2 split between 2 matts 15 and a 10. 150w per square meter matts. I work out as about 16.3 amps in total. Only one stat so a contractorwill have to be fitted.. if...
  14. S

    failed EICR, please can you advice

    Hi . I have a EICR that has failed . Can anyone please advice if some of the suggestions on there are legal requirements or not as there was an EICR on the property in 2014 and there was no problem with some of the things recommended in this report. For example : 1. -Remove & install new LED...
  15. C

    Help understanding AC motor diagram please

    hi can I anyone help me understand wiring one of these l, also what capacitor needed. I want to use with a speed controller. To be used on DIY reeling machine Any other tips thanks in advance.
  16. pirate

    Cable type, please...

    Is this PILC? Found today, running along an external wall, with some all-round band for extra support... Always interested in odd cables, so please let me know!
  17. PeterM11

    Can someone please help with baffling problem with my lights on Audi A6?

    Hi there I wonder if you can help me please? I have a problem with the drivers side rear lights on my (2007) Audi A6. (includes taillight, reverse light, brake light and indicator.) All other lights are working perfectly. I am baffled because – when I’m stationary – before setting off – all of...
  18. Rockingit

    UPS recommendations please

    I'm going to need to make some 'temporary' UPS systems next year - I'll have to find possibly some rack mount units that can live in an outdoor cabinet, probably I guess with a fan involved too for ventilation. Only need to be 3kVA, nothing 'clever', no computers to link to or anything like...
  19. h.abrar94

    Could someone please clarify for me what is meant by the term "Method of seperation"

    Hi I'm soon to take the City & Guild 2396 course. Upon reading the examiner report in particular December 2016 and June 2017 in the section "Verification" it states the following December - 2016 "Majority of candidates were unable to explain the correct method of verifying Separation despite...
  20. A

    Double socket help please

    Two wires have disconnected when I moved a double switch for painting. Any ideas where they go please? I guess the live at the top goes into the com but no idea where the live at the bottom should be connected. I’m a complete novice so don’t want to do something that may be dangerous!