1. D

    Wiring lights, help heeded please

    Hello, simple question, I'm replacing a bedroom light, the replacement light has a very simple block L,N,E What wiring I have on the ceiling in the old block is 2 black wires connected to the Neutral, 3 x Green and Yellow wires connected to the Earth, these I can understand but what I'm not...
  2. A

    Please solve this SCR Current rating confusion!

    If SCR has 9000amps at 50hz non-repetitive current rating. What will be it's non-repetitive current rating for 35uS ?? Or Can we use this SCR for 3600amps / uS for 35uS ?
  3. J

    Any recommendations for a good quality Torque Screw driver set please?

    As above Thanks JB
  4. sythai

    Door intercom advice please

    Morning All I have 3 x new flats to price up and part of spec is door access (something would normally pass on to others.) Think it should be something I'm cable of of. Could anyone please recommend a decent reputable system (url link if poss) that will last and is relatively straight forward...
  5. J

    Can someone please clarify EICR rating of these downlights in terms of fire rating

    Hi All Am continuously getting failed EICR'S sent over to quote on remedials for non fire rated downlights. These are lights in question. I see they have exposed conductors so would personally probably code 2 but what would code be for fire rating they are low voltage if that even makes a...
  6. K

    UK Replacing Night Storage heaters - advice please

    I rent out a flat in a small west London block built in 1990s. 2 storage heaters installed around 2005 now have stuck or broken switches so I'm looking for advice about replacement. One has both night and a daytime part, but the other seems to be only wired to the night meter with no other power...
  7. A

    Can anyone identify the make/model of this storage heater please?

    Hi All, after a bit of help and wondered if anyone can tell me if they know the make/model of this storage heater. Recently purchased a property and this storage heater does not work, so looking for parts to fix it or may replace. There is no manufacturers make or serial numbers I can see on the...
  8. C

    Plug socket

    I have one of these in my house can it be converted to a plug socket please
  9. Mark Wright

    B&Q Pir light had it, less than a year - please recommend new pir

    I installed a B&Q pir light under a year ago and it's flickering the LEDs have had it, it's totally contained and the LEDs are hard wired, pretty peveed, can anyone recommend a good outdoor pir light, one that comes with a rubber flex is preferred Don't know what I.P rating and was probably...
  10. M

    Light switch does not turn off ceiling light. Please help.

    Replacing ceiling fan with light that never worked in home wirh sime led ceiling light without fan. Wires coming out of ceing are youre black, white, ground,, and red because of fan. The light has connections for just white, black, and ground. I tried capping red and connecting the rest like...
  11. Dan

    Sponsors Advertisements when browsing via Mobile? - Please help me

    Okay so around 67% of "hits" (not logged-in-users) on this website are on a mobile device. The sidebar has been there since 2006, for desktop computers (and it now works on a tablet if you have it in landscape view not portrait - but who does that?). So the sponsors weren't getting the views...
  12. T

    Hacked account. Please close and delete my account.

    Hacked account. Please close and delete my account
  13. GBDamo

    History lesson please!

    Found this today, anyone know it age and story? It looks solid enough but is it a concern?
  14. L

    a shove in the right direction please ! 2365 design project Q3

    Hi guys , hoping someone can help I was due to finish the 2365 course in April this year but with 2 weeks to go some virus came along ( you might have heard about it ? ) just back into the training centre and got the last science exam finished off with merit so quite a relief . unfortunately...
  15. K

    USA Connection above or below terminal screw plate

    Does a wire attaching to a screw terminal on a standard receptacle outlet go over or under the little brass movable plate, please? Thanks
  16. NellyManjaro

    Urgent Advice please

    OK so I've just come to a property to do an EICR... walking around I have found 4/5 C1s with regards to access to live cables... broken sockets and switches etc... there are kids in the house. We have an agreement with the landlords/lady's of the agency we are doing these tests for that we ring...
  17. Mark42

    Advice on designing an electrostatic-proof building please.

    I’m converting a steel Portacabin-type box into a lab for static-sensitive equipment and materials. If there are any ESD gurus on here, I’d appreciate any advice please! I’ve ripped out all the vinyl, floored it with aluminium treadplate, clad the walls in painted aluminium sheets, and left...
  18. Z

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to prove in a book that the highest x5 of an RCD test is sufficient please? It’s a question on my am2 testing. Thanks

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to prove in a book that the highest x5 of an RCD test is sufficient please? It’s a question on my am2 testing. Thanks I’m also struggling on how to check that my measure PFC at DB will trip the breakers in time. This question was a tick box on the exam so if anyone...
  19. M

    Guidence on some fault finding for am2 please

    Guidence on fault finding am2 please
  20. Z

    UK Am2 Help Please

    Hi, was wondering if anyone could help me please. just re sat my am2 testing exam but failed because i didn't verify my results correctly to the book and table when they ask on the question sheet through out the exam. i am hoping someone who has done it recently could point me in the right...