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  1. D

    What brand are these terminals please?

    Not something I use often, but I've got to install additional terminals to I can link out to other enclosures... Stupidly I've left work and forgotten to note the brand, I won't be going back there before going to the wholesaler! Anyone recognise these? Are other brands push-in links normally...
  2. R

    Help with symbol please

    Im doing a design taks in 2365 level 3 and I came across this symbol. Its located in male and female changing room next to socket outlets. Im thinking its a double pole switched fuse, but I cannot confirm, since I cannot find this symbol anywhere on the internet. Can anyone help ? If the symbol...
  3. V

    Electrical advice please. Thank you.

    Hello, I would like electrical advice please. I recently started a new cleaning job. I have been asked to use a Shark Steamer. The floor I am cleaning is huge. Unfortunately the steam is not sufficient enough to clean the big space. The owner has asked me to chuck water on the floor to help the...
  4. banksy

    Connection advice please

    I'm replacing a fluroescent tube with an LED strip light. Photo shows the wires which connected to the old tube light (single one way switch). The new LED light has a short pre wired cable with live and neutral wires only. How do I connect the new LED light to the old wiring, retaining the same...
  5. R

    Makita 40v advice please

    Has anyone used Makita 40v tools? I’ve currently got Milwaukee but I’m having some warranty issues and a few battery issues. I’m thinking of giving Makita a try as I’ve never used them and they seems to get okay reviews.
  6. R

    Please tell me i'm not going mental and he's talking gibberish?

    This guy is trying to say that when the fuse is pulled, the supply to the fuse is still live and therefore it's dangerous.
  7. Marvo

    OAP Fall Alert Design Assistance Please

    This isn't really an electrical issue as such but I know you guys are pretty tech savvy and familiar with all the latest and greatest newfandangled gadets so I'd like some help coming up with a solution to a problem please. My dad is knocking on in years (90) and he lives alone in a two storey...
  8. P

    Please read discussion

    PLEASE tell me Im not mad.!!!!! Within a communal Garage block of 11x units, currently fed through a Communal supply, has taken it on himself to employ a sparky to run an independent SWA up and across his Garage flat roof and several other independently owned flat garage roofs to the the...
  9. H

    302 question help please

    A motor has a synchronous speed of 50rps and runs at 2850rpm when connected to a 230-volt 50Hz supply. Calculate: a) per unit slip b) percentage slip.
  10. S

    UK Refresh my memory please

    I qualified as an electrician using the C&G 2330 route back in 2012... I stayed in my current job which is non electrical so I spent 3.5 years for a peice of paper. A breif description of why i need a little help. I bought a 1930"s house that needs a fair bit of work including a rewire or...
  11. B

    Advice on training please

    Thank you accepting me on this group. Maybe I am a bit late, however I have been looking into becoming a Sparky. I have contacted Access Training and ERR education and I had a chat with ERR about a course for X amount and about 2 years Weekend training with online course and practical at some...
  12. T

    Which wire where please

    Hello sorry photos now attached! Which wire goes where please ? Thanks Tom
  13. M

    PATesting a kettle: Please advise

    This kettle is a Breville model VKJ367. This is one of these fancy kettles for hot drinks. Instead of tipping it & pouring out, it dribbles through a spout & you must place your cup underneath. It looks very handsome & passes a formal inspection. But it has several pieces of metal trim and some...
  14. TraineeMaintenanceSpark

    UK Can anyone help date this cable please?

    Hi guys, Whilst renewing my loft insulation I came across a few runs of very old cable. (Please see attached pictures). These cables are lead sheathed and looks to have a very brittle black insulation around the tinned copper or aluminium? The red and black is wrapped around each wire in like...
  15. sythai

    UFH pump help please.... ??

    Hi Guys Just seeing if anyone can help please. Does this pump come with plug in type/ pre flexed feed (hopefully that makes sense!) as cant see how to get inside to wire it up ? Where its located have zero room and struggling to get in and see properly (thanks plumbers !) Cheers Sy
  16. A

    Please help, I need advice to build a case

    I am in a bit of a pinch at the moment and trying to argue a massive amount of used of electricity with my provider which I find it hard to believe for my living circumstances. I am a single person who lives in a one bed flat and is out of the house from 9-5 during the week days, I am on an...
  17. C

    Advice please on a 220v receptacle

    Hello and thank you for accepting my request to join the forum! So, I have had a Miller 140 welder now for 5 years or better and it has suited me fairly...until now. I purchased a mini jet boat project and I need a welder that will handle aluminum welding better, a 220v unit is needed now. What...
  18. HappyHippyDad

    Some advice on infrared heaters please.

    Evening all 🙂 I have been asked to quote for installing infrared heating panels (smart) throughout a house. This will be a first for me and I thought I would talk it through on here. In total 5.8kW. Top floor is 2.7kW (3 panels and a towel panel) and ground floor is 3.1kW (4 panels). These are...
  19. D

    Help Please with PV/AC

    I have existing AC cable running from my garage to house which is 10m away, can I use this if I have Solar PV and inverter installed in garage
  20. Northernjay81

    Advice please regarding Electrics issues

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice by those in the know. Living in a rented property (sadly not cheap at all) and had so many issues within 4 months it's unbelievable. Was just looking for a quick bit of advice in relation the pictures attached. Been advised by a friend in the building industry...
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