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  1. M

    Critical Feedback recent Consumer unit install Please.

    Hi, I would like to know how I could improve on this board. All opinions welcome.
  2. PJH2903

    MICC/PYRO advice please

    Been to a quote for a job this morning. Customer has just bought the house and wanted me to quote to replace/move an old fuse board as there were 2 in the house. On looking at the job it appears that the old unit in the kitchen is being fed from the newer unit under the stairs in MICC/Pyro, the...
  3. PJH2903

    Downlights lath and plaster ceiling advice please

    Been asked to put a load of downlights into a lath and plaster ceiling. Done plasterboard but not lath and plaster. Is it easy enough to do or will it be a right pain?
  4. buzzlightyear

    please please dan could you

    please please dan, could you fix a panic button or a optimistic button love and kiss buzz xxxxx
  5. rolyberkin

    Anyone know the switch manufacturer please?

    Hi Does anyone know who makes, this to save me a journey please? Thanks
  6. Pete999

    Can anyone help me with sort of plumbing problem, please.

    I had a new bathroom fitted about 4 years ago, very nice and there weren't any electrical woks, now that's out of the way, down to my dilemma, the curved glass shower screen has a seal on the bottom, which unfortunately has, due to constant use, decided to fall apart. Now before you all start, I...
  7. D

    Issue with sockets/appliances help needed please

    Hi, first post here, I've got an issue with my home electrics and need a bit of advice as to what may be causing it please. Bear with me as I know very little about electrics, anything more than wiring a plug or changing light fittings and sockets is beyond me. So the issue is with appliances...
  8. J

    Ring off a ring ! Help please

    Hi, I know you can’t put a ring off a ring, you should join a cable in the back box of a socket, take it to your new socket, then continue the ring until you get back to your original socket But I don’t know the reasoning why you can’t make a figure of 8 ring main if you like, Could someone...
  9. H

    Please don’t shoot me. Static caravan and a metal shed.

    Ok. Static caravan....... The site supply arrangement is apparently TNS and the static caravan uses this for its earth. (I will check with the DNO that it is aTNS arrangement.) There are three MCBs in the static caravan CU, one of which directly supplies to a solitary double socket inside a...
  10. D

    Help please - Is this acceptable?

    Hi, I am currently doing a small kitchen. It needs to be wired, however the elctricians can't do it for a while, so what im thinking about doing is chasing out the walls and putting in 25mm round conduit, then plastering over it, so when the electrical work can be done they can just push the...
  11. A

    Nest heat link help please

    Could someone please help me on the wiring: I have oil central heating and am looking to remove my programmer and replace with a nest thermostat, just need help wiring the heat link. Please see attached pictures Thanks
  12. G

    Domestic Rfc for a newby confirmation please guys

    Hi guys still studying hoping to take exams this year at aged 54 Question is when doing continuity of rfc to confirm if a ring is complete . Is they a table/chart for maximum ohms readings allowed etc I understand how to do the test etc and figure of 8 so hopefully just some confirmation. Tia guys
  13. J

    Domestic Unknown Wire Found - Help Please

    Hi Everyone,. My wife has asked me to tidy up our airing cupboard, which is next to the bathroom... Pipe boxing in and a paint job... Nothing too serious... I'm a complete novice but should be able to manage this... When I've looked at it today there appears to be a Green electrical wire...
  14. M

    Solic 200 info please

    I have fitted a solic 200 hot water diverter and am interested to know how it provides power to a 3kw immersion heater when only 750 watts is available from the panels. If the remainder comes from the grid then the savings are minimal unless the sun is at full power and producing in excess of...
  15. robd

    Din rail enclosure advice please

    Morning all Just looked at a job where the consumer unit is moving, can't move the legs without a great deal of upheaval so looking at using an enclosure to extend the legs through the wall to the new position. I would like to use an enclosure with a dinrail and dinrail connectors, there are 6...
  16. C

    Double Two Way Switch Wiring Advice Please

    Right. My Son wanted me to change his light switches which generally isn't too much of an issue, until I came to replace the double rocker double two way switch at the bottom of the stairs. Just to clarify, one switch is for the stairs, and one for the lounge lighting. Both of which are two way...
  17. Cornish1984

    The city and guilds 2391-52 or the eal version. Help please

    Hi I haven't posted for a while. But any information on the following would be appreciated. Thankyou Hi I am in for my level 3 inspection exam and may be dyslexic. I really want to go for the 2391-52 but my tutor is asking me to go for the eal version. Could any 1 in the group advise me what...
  18. T

    Help needed for buying the right 16a plug please!

    Hello, I'm putting a PA system in a pub and the mains trips easily so I need to use the blue 16a wall socket. Last time I bought a 13a socket-to-16a plug but it was slightly too small and didn't fit - the end of the plug is 41 mm in diameter, and the socket diameter of the inner ring where the...
  19. B

    Wiring advice please

    Some wiring advice please, only apprentice starting to connect lights more so want to learn Feed in and out 3 Gang Switch Switch 1 2 Way Spots Switch 2 LED undercupboard tape Switch 3 Plinth Feed in - L to L1, N to Wago Switch 1 - 3 core between switches Black Is Com on both Brown is L1 on...
  20. S

    Garden electrics, advice and possible work please

    Hi guys, I need to run some power in my garden. Depending on what’s required I might be looking for an electrician to do the work. The cable run is about 30m and I want around 4 double sockets along it. The questions are, Can I spur it from an existing internal socket? Keeping the spur on the...
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