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  1. rolyberkin

    SON Floodlight advice please.

    Unbeliveably I have never come across a dead son floodlight, have a client who has about 6 which are not working, not sure what power the lamps are yet yet as it was too wet today to get the ladder off the van!;-) Thinking ahead in peoples experience is it worth changing the bulbs for an LED...
  2. S

    UK Please help me trainee needing to wire something

    hope you can make this out,
  3. C

    I have recently moved to Bulgaria.

    I have recently moved to Bulgaria to live. I want to work to help fund my small holding. I have found a country with little regulations. My electrical experience was on trains air conditioning. I’ve always done my own homes electrical stuff, I’m not a complete novice. It has been over 20 years...
  4. E

    Can anyone help me identify the 3 speed coloring of my cooker hood connection. Please look at the photos

    Hi Can someone help me please? I got a new cookerhood motor and I know the color coding for different speeds. But I need to find out the existing speed color coding to to connect to it. Could someone look at the photos and tell me which color is which? Its a 3 speed setting. Thanks in advance.
  5. P

    Opinions please - leaking service head

    I went to a customers house to give a quote for a new consumer unit, and noticed the leak from incoming supplier. I advised the customer to contact her electricity provider who would resolve it, and hopefully upgrade the earth. Lady emailed me today to say UK power netwroks came and gave it...
  6. J

    Wet UFH overheating - advice please

    We have a wet UFH system in an extension that has installed 10 years and we have had no issues with till now, there are 2 separate UFH systems and manifolds for upstairs and downstairs. We have gas CH with radiators in the rest of the house. Suddenly the UFH in the upstairs part is running...
  7. sythai

    Need some advice please... cable pull

    Evening All Not done many bigger cable pulls for yonks (mainly domestic for last 10years.) Just after a few pointers please 😉 We’ve got to get couple of SWA from DB and up the garden: 1x16mm 3core and 1x2.5mm 12core. Builders put in 100mm corrigated duct, around 30 metres. Duct finishes...
  8. S

    Domestic Laos - no earths, no RCDs... advice please

    Hi everyone! :) I've just recently moved to Laos PDR and was shocked (no pun intended) to find that the whole house has no earth wire (i.e only Live and Neutral) going to all sockets and appliances... to top it all off also no RCD's... its completely ridiculous. I am not an electrician and...
  9. A

    Can you put a150w bulb into a 250w floodlight fitting please?

    I know the 250w halogen bulb is bigger. But can you buy a longer 150w one to fit please?
  10. Dan

    New Navigation Menu - Can you test it out please??

    The forum still isn't quite there yet. One part that needed addressing was the menu. Now you'll see how big the forum actually is when you're looking for just one forum category out of the lot. Lol I've tried to filter out the least used ones. And make the important common ones higher up (so...
  11. The_apprentice2.0

    What lamp is this please??

    Hi All, My mate text me this picture asking what lamp this is? as I'm predominantly on the Industrial/ maintenance side and don't have access to a time machine .... I haven't got a clue. If there's anywhere to find out its gotta be on here, I've been lurking long enough to know that by now...
  12. D

    Help needed please

    Hi all, new here and seeking help. I am only a DIY dad so excuse me if I dont know technical terms. I'm in process of changing lights in kitchen, we have two. The first went fine just the live, neutral and earth, which is what I'm used to. The second however appears to be a loop for the double...
  13. Lucien Nunes

    Please can I have a 30 amp supply?

    As you will see from my avatar flag, I have left the country of happy socket-outlets (Denmark) in favour of the East and I'm now in that last bastion of the good old British 5A plug... India. The widespread use of low-rated S/O's (they are typically rated 10A here) means that many small final...
  14. J

    Advice needed on outside lighting please.

    Hi, I’m looking at doing some outside lighting around the garden. I will have SWA running 4m underground from the garage to a weatherproof box on my fencepost. Could I use hi tuff cable from that weatherproof box to the lights clipped direct along the back of the fence? How hard is it to...
  15. J

    UK LED light help please :)

    Hello all, Hope someone can help please I have had a batten light installed and the electrician has threaded a 1.5mm twin and earth cable through it to power a second light after it, so basically there is the feed cable and another cable that has been threaded in one end and straight out the...
  16. T

    Help with wiring a light fixture please!

    Hey guys would appreciate some help wiring a new light fixture. It has two separate switches that control it. The way the wires are exactly lt how it looked when I took down the old fixture. Please see the attached picture. Thank you!
  17. Dan

    FIXRADIO Tradesperson of the Year 2019 - Please nominate yourself (quickly!) or let us know if you already have!

    FIXRADIO are looking for 20 nominations for their Electricians Category So please do nominate yourself (we can't nominate on your behalf, we haven't the time, and love you all the same we couldn't pick just 20 ;) but I'm sure other people can nominate on your behalf if you want to nominate each...
  18. C

    Please identify this isolator

    Come to carry out some works on this property. This isolator is between the DNO Head and Meter. Full set up picture also included. Old TT System now convered to PME. Cheers
  19. N

    Advice please- changing from overhead lines to installer

    Due to a change in my circumstances I want to requalify as a domestic installer and don’t know if it’s worth paying to do a crammer course (installation and test, part p and 18th edition) in a hope to get a electricians mate or trainee electrician job so I can learn the ropes and get properly...
  20. D

    You can't spur more than one fcu from any socket...?

    Ok guys been asked help mate out but i think he has done his install wrong but as misplace my regs book cant find exact regulations he contravines. Scenario is this big boiler room and pre existing metal clad sockets in ring final circuit. 32 Amp protection. He has added 6 FCU metal clad...
  21. dlt27

    Please help my head is fried from open earths

    Thanks in advance. Carried out test on a socket circuit today and found open circuit on cpc’s and lives. Sorted out lives, but earths are driving me crazy. I’ve done all the obvious like connected one earth and then testing sockets etc etc. In the end after disconnecting everything from earth...
  22. Dan

    Please add your electrical business to our directory, it's free, and should get you calls coming in

    Please add your electrical business to our directory, it's free, and should get you calls coming in @Lou and I have been working on the electricians directory for a week or so now. And we're pretty much complete. We now need you guys and gals to add your businesses to it for us to tweak it some...
  23. DeanoRN

    Inspection and testing 2391-52 advice please.

    Hi all, Im taking the course in 6 weeks for my work, can anyone offer some advice on what sort of stuff to revise, obviously testing/results etc what about fault finding etc? what sort of questions do they ask in the exam? is there a written part? any advice for that? and the practical exam...
  24. Jason Philip

    Industrial Automation vs. Construction - career advice please

    Currently working as a control system technician focusing on installing wiring on conveyors and control panels, get 12.5 p/h and lots of work away from home. Have previously done residential / commercial & industrial installation electrician jobs. Am torn wether to go back to construction, for...
  25. T

    Any LED Experts Here?

    Hi all, it is some time since I visited this site, but here I am looking for some guidance. When I last worked seriously on electronics they were all glass valves, so I know nothing. I tried to convert a LED work light to infra-red by removing the bright white lights and fitting IR lights at...
  26. U

    Where to start..

    Hi, I recently decided on a career move and am looking for any sound advice on getting the correct accreditation for becoming a qualified electrician domestic & commercial. I have no experience whatsoever and am thinking that i will be self-employed as I have Have owned various businesses in...
  27. high voltage

    Help needed please

    I’ve just completed wiring this packing machine from single to three phase and all is good but can anyone tell me how to load the film to make the bags I’m stumped and need to go home now any pointers would be appreciated Thanks in advance for even giving it a thought
  28. static zap

    Using Search - Please help

    I know short searches ,yield to many results , but have often "forgotten" 1 key phrase ,and end up using an alternate .... That often seems to "Break" the search of something that I know exists , (amplifying frustration) Are there any NOT options like ebay . (they use the - ( -ve sign) )...
  29. H

    2009 Tahoe electrical issue!! Help please!

    I have a 2009 Tahoe with a 2.5amp parasitic electrical draw. So I pulled all the fuses and relays and put them back (but still didn’t find the parasitic draw source!). BUT when I restarted the Tahoe after replacing all fuses and relays... my dashboard lit up!!!... the ABS and Traction control...
  30. D

    Advice needed please for replacement inverter

    I have 16 245w (declared capacity 3.84kW) panels on a south facing unshaded roof on the south coast of England producing around 4200 kW-h a year for the last 7.5 years; I have had two inverters fail in that time, the first replaced under warranty (both Mastervolt SunMaster). I have no schematic...
  31. C

    Power to tail light problem

    One of my tail lights remains on permanently. When l switch it on it turns off. The other tail light works as it should. Can someone please help?
  32. James

    Forum Ratings your thoughts please

    if there was to be any sort of indication on your profile or posts as to how good your recent advice had been, how would you like it to be decided.
  33. P

    Help please with wiring

    Good night to all I need a bit of help with wiring to led weatherproof light fixtures. I bought them today and none of the 2 is lighting up. So here what I did I place the red wire to live, black wire to neutral and ground wire to ground like I normally do with fluorescent lights but they are...
  34. K

    Motor connection to 220v

    I have a two value capacitor motor from china photos will includes i believe there country runs 220 standard single phase and I am in USA Sn: it did spark accidently when i hit black wire on another wire and kinda started Thank you
  35. W

    Domestic What would you advise here?

    Hi, long time lurker, first time poster. Friend has asked me to help him upgrade his garden outhouse wiring to make it safer. Without seeing the job I said that an 18th ed-complaint RCD garage consumer unit should do the trick. However, I went round to the house tonight and had a quick look at...
  36. K

    Intermittent Ring fault! Any advice please.

    Hello all, I was hoping for some advice on this ring fault I have come across. It has been intermittent for about 2 months now. It is a converted church to a children and family centre. Installation is within 10-15 years. TN-C-S supply. The fault is on a 32A type C RCBO 30ma which supplys 12...
  37. W

    What is this please its in the house i have just bought

    Can anyone please tell me what this Is? One wire runs a light, the other runs a forget extension, one looks to run to the box in the wall which I presume maybe earth, one is blank and it is all plugged into the wall. Can this just be unplugged,the box removed from the wall
  38. G

    Recommendations please

    Hi all can any one advise on decent set of ratchet crimps please
  39. MarkySparky1962

    Definitive answer please - EICR

    Morning All Please can someone provide me a definitive answer to matters pertaining EICR As a NICEIC Domestic Installer I hold C&G 2392, 2393, and my 18th Ed. I’m keen for this thread not to descend into a 5 day pay as you go wonder v 90 years on the tools indented apprentices how very dare...
  40. M

    Critical Feedback recent Consumer unit install Please.

    Hi, I would like to know how I could improve on this board. All opinions welcome.
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