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  1. N

    UK AM2 assessment

    hi all : i am going to do AM2 assessment next week , i don't have any idea about it , could you please give me any tips especially risk assessment.
  2. J

    project Peugeot 308 Rear Window Regulator. Worked out 4 connesctions + - up down . But hesitates going up every inch or so? Any ideas please

    project Peugeot 308 Rear Window Regulator. Worked out 4 connesctions + - up down . But hesitates going up every inch or so? Any ideas please
  3. sythai

    Bit of puzzler 3way.... any ideas please

    Hi Guys Recently swapped over few faceplates. Some of them being a 3way lighting circuit. Customer mentioned today have slight issue, looks like I've got a wire the wrong way round ! when intermediate switch is in position 1, they 2x other switches don't activate the light. when intermediate...
  4. L

    Please Help, wiring a switch with a singular 3 core wire

    Hi, im having trouble. I want to wire up some outdoor lights through a smart home plug. They were previously connected to an analouge timer and after removing this ive found that there is one singular wire coming from the lights. this wire has neutral (blue) live (brown) and another black wire...
  5. DannyJS

    Job interview for prison spark. Advice please?

    Morning, I have an interview for a local prison, position is maintenance spark (mate/supporting the electrician). Anyone on here worked on electrics in a prison before? I am after any last minute advice on what types of electrics are involved? Any nuggets of knowledge that would help me...
  6. M

    UK Advice on outdoor circuit please

    Hi All, Appreciate some advice on an outdoor socket and lighting circuit please. I currently have an outdoor socket on my house, that i believe to be a spur from a 32A ring. I would like to extend this out to decking for some lights and sockets, and onward to a shed for a couple of lights and...
  7. sythai

    JIB card... after some advise please

    Hi Guys Thought I'd update my ECS Jib Gold card (not that I really need it these days), only expired in 2015! Looks like I'll have to do new application. Sorry if been asked before (and also being lazy, had quick scan of JIB website with no joy!) All I'd like to know is: I currently have...
  8. R

    Stairway LED advice please

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if I can get some advice on some stairway LED lights. These lights are approx 5 years ago and has all except for one has been failing. Upon closer inspection, I realise the entire housing is wired and the LED component is solder on. I was wondering if its possible to...
  9. H

    UK Please advise on connecting electricity from a house to a barn.

    I want to supply power from a let property to a nearby Barn (30 metres away). I will have a meter and separate fuse box in the house to supply the barn, but how can I ensure that the fuse box I fit in the barn will trip before the one in the house, so I don't need to disturb the tenants in case...
  10. M

    Clarification on gas bonding please

    Hi. Could someone please clarify bonding requirements for me please. I know requirements are to have a seperate 10mm earth bond conductor for water and gas or that these can be in one cable if looped between each other. I have been working in a couple of properties lately that are in residential...
  11. M

    Hi I have to draw a lighting circuit that has a time clock in.... I cannot find the official symbol for the drawing anywhere . Can you help please ?

    Hi I have to draw a lighting circuit that has a time clock in.... I cannot find the official symbol for the drawing anywhere . Can you help please ? Source URL: Lighting Forum - https://www.electriciansforums.net/forums/lighting-forum.95/
  12. M

    I have an old reddifusion switch on a wall which i want to remove but its still live..can anyone advise please

    How can I remove an old reddifusion switch from a wall which is still live..thanks
  13. M

    Help with capacitor replacement please

    Hello ive registered for some advice. My extractor for my workshop stopped and hummed When I turn it off and on it worked... Also when I tip it sideways it wont start but tilt it the right way again and it wil start. So I opened it up and I found this.. I guess the capacitor is on its way out...
  14. D

    Please please help me.

    I would like this 3 way switch wired up but have no idea how I took off a 2 way switch and fitted a 3 way switch in its place I have ran a new cable for the two down lights I'm trying to power. The other two old cables are powering a downstairs light and a top of the stairs light.
  15. D

    Safety relay circuit diagram for a robot cell. Please Help

    so i have been given this diagram and no explanation on what nay of it does, its for a safety relay for a robot cell it says this: 'Safety relays can made up of 3 relays (CR1-3) to ensure redundancy and cross monitoring, and can be applied to the following applications: ■ Emergency Stops ■...
  16. W

    Need help to access thermostat screws

    Hi, I have a Beko OTF22300x double oven and need to replace the thermostat in the a main oven. Problem is that I can't access the screws to remove the old thermostat from behind the control plate, as the plate seems to be made up of 2 panels which are really close and I can't separate them...
  17. sythai

    After some help please ;-)

    I can't seem to find where my old PM's are stored ? Could some one help me out please Thanks Sy
  18. M

    Please Help L3 Design Project Selv

    Hi, i'm currently doing my Level 3 design project and it's going to be tricky with the coronavirus and lack of contact with Tutor and other students. Its the Hotel Swimming pool one and I have to select luminaries for the cafe pool. I haven't chosen my luminaries but I'm thinking to do it all...
  19. P

    Advise please on a new re-wire

    Hi all, I would appreciate some proffessional advise on a recent re-wire my friend has had. Im not 100% up on regs for domestic property and also sure about workmanship practices but I know this is a bad job. I want to go back to the contractor but Im gathering some 'truths' first before I...
  20. C

    Help with wiring a light fixture please

    Hi, I had a working ceiling light fixture in a closet that was swapped out for a new LED light by a family member. The old fixture was working fine but unfortunately the wiring was not documented before it got disconnected and my family member ran into some issues figuring out how to connect...
  21. R

    UK Can you settle an argument please?

    Double insulated cable, 2nd layer is fibre( see attachment) I am working with a more experienced domestic Electrician today. The upstairs lighting circuit is wired in singles in the above cable. It is a neat job but no containment. My experience is almost all industrial. Is this acceptable? He...
  22. O

    Is it worth getting into the Electricians game in 2020?

    Hi guys Thanks for taking the time to read this. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum for this sort of topic, please point me in the right direction if that's the case. I'm looking for advice and opinions from people working as electricians or sparkies mates on whether or not in...
  23. FatAlan

    Observations please?

    Remote barn conversion? Largest SWA is incoming supply. Yet to establish where meter is :rolleyes: Getting a Ze at this point of about 58 Ohms.
  24. littlespark

    Comments please

    Went to price up a board change today from fuses to rcbo. Opened the outside meter box and saw this. The fuseboard is on the end of the 16mm twin and (unconnected) earth about 1m through the wall.
  25. S

    new switch help please

    here goes again , the top light was wired but the wires kept coming out as the terminal screws were knackered, now i’m really stuck cause i can’t wire it back up , this switch controls bathroom and top landing light and the downstairs has a 2 gang plus 1 2 way switch i’m truly knackered
  26. S

    3way 2 gang wiring help please

    help please made a really stupid mistake and can’t figure it out , i have a 2 gang light switch at the bottom of the stairs this controls upstairs and downstairs stairs light also downstairs is a 1 gang 2 way switch, upstairs there is a 2 gang switch that controls upstairs light plus bathroom...
  27. G

    where is battery located please, emergency lighting

    Hello, this emergency light does not come on when power is cut. There is a red light on when house has power, indicating power to the unit. The bulb works fine. I thought the battery may need changed. It has not been changed for a long time. How ever I can't see where the battery is. Is it...
  28. B

    Can someone advise what’s going on here please

    Hello, I am tiling our kitchen and needed to replace some plasterboard near 2 double sockets. The builders were a little enthusiastic with the plaster adhesive, resulting in a large bulge and wonky sockets 🤣. Anyway, lots of hacking later and I found the setup on the photo. I was expecting one...
  29. J

    Can someone please tell me how I can bypass this ?

    Is it possible to bypass this ? I know it is a bit rough looking. I think it was a latching 3 dpdt switch that was there. ( push in - on) I want to no how I can bypass this or make it always on. Any ideas on how I can make it work would help. Also please note * I do not need power to come...
  30. T

    Advice needed please: Upgrade factory supply from 100A/3ph to 400A/3ph

    Have a quote from UKPN - £10K (with us doing the trench and duct work on our property). Actually could be worse I know, but as the substation is literally across the road it is still quite pricey. UKPN refers to ICPs who can also do the work. Is it worth worth trying any of these, in which case...
  31. Baddegg

    Advice needed please..

    Got a smoke alarm in a flat I’m working in wired in a white round rigid solid 3 core cable,definitely not flex and fairly sure it’s not micc as the cores are insulated in red black and cpc sleeved green yellow, (although I’ve never used it) suspect hi tuff (nyy-j) but it’s white? Didnt take a...
  32. T


    Dual Fuel Smart Meter Engineer opportunities! FOR A TIER 1 CONTRACTOR £31,000- 34K basic 18 Duel fuel (or equivalent) meters to be installed on average per week. £10 bonus for the 19 & 20 duel fuel meter installation. £20 bonus for any over 20. £5,000 yearly bonus paid in 4 quarters based...
  33. H

    please help me indentify terminal of denso a/c amplifier

    please help me. i have a denso amplifie 077100-4030 but i can't indentify its terminal(i want to make a/c similator for our students) please help me /thanks
  34. D

    Please help! Horstmann radio telemeter series 2a

    Good evening all. I'm in desperate need in some help please. I recently changed a fuse board with a horstmann radio telemeter series 2a NU077-222, not realising that it is an economy 7 meter. I'm very confused into the connections of the other tails required to feed a separate fuse board for the...
  35. A

    Any Electrical improver jobs available please

    Hello I certified to Electrical installation 2365 level 2 &3 and l have obtained my 2391 Qualifications and l am struggling to find work as electrical mate/ improver . However l am due to do my AM2 and in order to start my NVQ3 l have to be employed and l am finding it hard to get into the...
  36. D

    Can anyone help please sockets stopped working and tripping fuse box

    Hi guys just joined as I've got a household emergency. Basically I've lost all plug sockets in 2 of my 3 bedrooms upstairs. I've unplugged everything from all sockets in the 2 affected rooms and have tried plugging one thing in and within a couple of minutes it's tripping the fuse box. I've...
  37. L

    UK Help on a switch over please

    Hi all, I’m new to this page but we have been working on a landlords rewire installation with a main MCCB panel in the basement a further six other MCCB panels located on different floors in a multi occupancy business centre. We are installing individual mains boards in each independent unit...
  38. B

    UK Wago 773 173 advice please

    I am currently using a strip connector to connect my cooker, hob and dishwasher to a radial circuit. This has come loose on a number of occasions and so I am considering replacing this setup with Wago 773-173 connectors. These can only facilitate 3 conductors but I have 4 to deal with . It has...
  39. M

    Cable Sizing for Oven...?? Please Help..!!

    Morning.... I was wondering if you guys could help me with this..?! I’m currently having my kitchen updated, including all new appliances... The oven, according to the manufacturers documentation has a rating of 4.2kw, which is 2.2kw or the oven and 2.2kw for the grill... The paperwork states...
  40. S

    Could anyone Tell me the legal distance a induction Hob has to be installed from a sink please my housing association says 12 inches , is this wrong ?

    Can anyone tell me the Legal distance a induction Hob has to be installed from a sink please, my housing association say they are going to install one 12 inches from my sink and I said this is wrong, also it is to be installed under my window which I have to lean over the hob to open the window...
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