1. TraineeMaintenanceSpark

    UK Can anyone help date this cable please?

    Hi guys, Whilst renewing my loft insulation I came across a few runs of very old cable. (Please see attached pictures). These cables are lead sheathed and looks to have a very brittle black insulation around the tinned copper or aluminium? The red and black is wrapped around each wire in like...
  2. sythai

    UFH pump help please.... ??

    Hi Guys Just seeing if anyone can help please. Does this pump come with plug in type/ pre flexed feed (hopefully that makes sense!) as cant see how to get inside to wire it up ? Where its located have zero room and struggling to get in and see properly (thanks plumbers !) Cheers Sy
  3. A

    Please help, I need advice to build a case

    I am in a bit of a pinch at the moment and trying to argue a massive amount of used of electricity with my provider which I find it hard to believe for my living circumstances. I am a single person who lives in a one bed flat and is out of the house from 9-5 during the week days, I am on an...
  4. C

    Advice please on a 220v receptacle

    Hello and thank you for accepting my request to join the forum! So, I have had a Miller 140 welder now for 5 years or better and it has suited me fairly...until now. I purchased a mini jet boat project and I need a welder that will handle aluminum welding better, a 220v unit is needed now. What...
  5. HappyHippyDad

    Some advice on infrared heaters please.

    Evening all 🙂 I have been asked to quote for installing infrared heating panels (smart) throughout a house. This will be a first for me and I thought I would talk it through on here. In total 5.8kW. Top floor is 2.7kW (3 panels and a towel panel) and ground floor is 3.1kW (4 panels). These are...
  6. D

    Help Please with PV/AC

    I have existing AC cable running from my garage to house which is 10m away, can I use this if I have Solar PV and inverter installed in garage
  7. Northernjay81

    Advice please regarding Electrics issues

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice by those in the know. Living in a rented property (sadly not cheap at all) and had so many issues within 4 months it's unbelievable. Was just looking for a quick bit of advice in relation the pictures attached. Been advised by a friend in the building industry...
  8. W

    What is this? Help please

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure I'm in the right place but I was wondering if anyone knew what that thing was (see picture)? It's on the wall above my immersion boiler and is connected only to a thermostat (but is not connected directly to the boiler). I'm a renter and never noticed it before and...
  9. OnlQQker

    Thoughts Would Be Appreciated Please?

  10. D

    Help with noises please

    Hi erm any ideas noises from the meter only when the electric shower is running
  11. H

    Please help DNOs KVA……??

    Hi all, I’m getting confused as to what the DNO are going to be installing as there main supply and as you all may be aware they tend to be a little shy at replying back. We have been told ukpn will be supplying us a maximum of 270kva to a block of 24 apartments. I am assuming this will be...
  12. S

    Recommendations for Insurers please?

    No claims in years and it's gone up! It was already too high but I had no time to search. I'd be grateful for your recommendations, you've been so helpful before
  13. D

    Electrician advice please

    Hi all recently had smart meters fit, after the installation the technician couldn't get the sockets to turn on they just kept tripping. Turns out all the sockets in the house are on one RCD which I believe that's a problem in its self. But after 43 hours of no sockets in the house not working...
  14. GBDamo

    Thoughts please, SWA vs T&E

    I have a TPN board that will feed 8-10 sub boards. The loads on each board are negligible 5-10 amps peak but mostly 1-2 amps. The distribution circuits will be fed in 6mm mostly for VD reasons but also to allow some selectivity on the OCPD(MCB) my dilemma is SWA or T&E. The route is 98% tray...
  15. Moley

    Can I have my money please

    Over the weekend I was looking at my savings and looking at how much I had left on my mortgage. I came to the conclusion that I would be better off chucking a big lump off the mortgage. I've got ISAs with two different places, Nationwide and Halifax. So, plan was to take a lump out of both...
  16. C

    What is your take on this please.

    1. New client contacts me and asks for an EICR. - Quote given and accepted, EICR performed, defects found, advice given. 2. Draft EICR issued as quotation accepted for remedial works, (Note:- If he had not accepted quotation, I would have issued a mastered EICR, and then A.N.Other could have...
  17. Mattsparks

    Electrician in Lancashire/Yorks required please

    Although we are based in Shropshire we work around the country. This is a one off job, but can continue if we all get on. One of our electricians has just been rushed into hospital & what with holidays & COVID we are stuck for a spark to join one of our teams (doing nights) starting tomorrow...
  18. S


  19. Ryan Helms

    Please Help DCDC Converter

    Hello I am currently building an Ebike and have been working on this for weeks my main wiring diagram is not in this picture but this is a simplified wiring diagram for a part that I am very confused on the DC to DC converter. Converter I am using- Now I am wondering if...
  20. R

    your thoughts please?

    I`ve just spoke to a lad in customer services at the nic about getting reregistered on the AC scheme to be told that I basically have to go back to college. I closed my company in 2019 and went to a firm and carried out commercial eicr work. I now want to start back on my own but cant get...
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