1. S

    QCells equipment - opinions please

    Has anyone good or bad experiences with Qcells equipment and do they do a single phase inverter larger than 4.6? Looking at: Q.HOME CORE H4 batteries and Q.VOLT inverter
  2. Dan

    ANNOUNCEMENT: New Moderator Assigned: Megawatt (Please congratulate!)

    ANNOUNCEMENT: New Moderator Assigned: @Megawatt (Please congratulate!) @Megawatt has been a forum member for a while now, he's an American chap and has been providing advice to electricians on the forum for a while, he's nice, and I thought it's time we added a new moderator. And ideally we...
  3. D

    Please dont delete me

    Hi all Just posting to avoid being wiped off the system. Hopefully one day I'll have something to say and can start making a few posts of my own. This forum's been a great source of info/advice in my time as a sparky in UK and now Australia. Cheers
  4. C

    Qualified Electricians Please!

    Morning all, Is there a qualified electrician on here who is willing to sign a NVQ pack for me to start my NVQ, please? Much thanks in advance! Charles
  5. Screamer

    Help please 2365 question.

    Hello everyone, I will be completing my 2365 diploma level 3 soon and I have an opportunity to go and do the 2393 level 3 & 2392 level 2 as well. Would this be a waste of time and money or should I do them anyway? Kind regards.
  6. Phill104

    Settle an argument please.

    I have an EV charger installed by a local firm. The install looks nice and tidy but with only a 2 meter run from the board you could hardly expect anything else. In the board was a 40amp mcb. This was connected with 6mm EV ultra cable. Rated at 58 amp and only passing through the wall through a...
  7. A

    please help me with my battery problem

    hello guys i have a (3-6v dc motor), (DC Motor PWM Speed Controller 3V 6V 12V 24V 35V), (3.7v 1200mah rechargeable battery) and a (Charging / discharging circuit MH-CD42 for batteries with 5V output). Everything looks to be working fine it spins and everything but when i put force on the motors...
  8. J

    Blender/mixer circuit breaker Advice please

    Hi everyone, 1st post here. I'm a DIYer looking for some advise please. I've got a blender/mixer from India which has decided to pack up. I've narrowed the problem down to a circuit breaker (thermal overload protection switch) I'm not able to find a match on Google or on screwfix, does anybody...
  9. D

    What brand are these terminals please?

    Not something I use often, but I've got to install additional terminals to I can link out to other enclosures... Stupidly I've left work and forgotten to note the brand, I won't be going back there before going to the wholesaler! Anyone recognise these? Are other brands push-in links normally...
  10. Q

    Wiring heater and thermostat advice please

    Hi - we have an inline heater for a vent system that appears to always be on. I believe the electrician may have wired it incorrectly with only a 2 core wire from thermostat to heater control board. Please find attached wiring diagram and photos of the heater control board and the thermostat...
  11. R

    Help with symbol please

    Im doing a design taks in 2365 level 3 and I came across this symbol. Its located in male and female changing room next to socket outlets. Im thinking its a double pole switched fuse, but I cannot confirm, since I cannot find this symbol anywhere on the internet. Can anyone help ? If the symbol...
  12. V

    Electrical advice please. Thank you.

    Hello, I would like electrical advice please. I recently started a new cleaning job. I have been asked to use a Shark Steamer. The floor I am cleaning is huge. Unfortunately the steam is not sufficient enough to clean the big space. The owner has asked me to chuck water on the floor to help the...
  13. V

    Advice on New Consumer Unit Change Please?

    Hi Everyone, Last year arranged for my mother's and my consumer units to be changed by the same electrician who is NICEIC registered. Both jobs were not completed for various reasons, I have been trying to arrange for them to be completed over the last two months. At my home the oven began...
  14. banksy

    Connection advice please

    I'm replacing a fluroescent tube with an LED strip light. Photo shows the wires which connected to the old tube light (single one way switch). The new LED light has a short pre wired cable with live and neutral wires only. How do I connect the new LED light to the old wiring, retaining the same...
  15. D

    Advice on Isolator Switches needed please

    Hi, I have received conflicting advice about Main Isolator Switches and would appreciate forum member's help to plan a way ahead. Looking to the future I might need a 7.4kW/32A charging point and the garage isolator is only 60A. 1. Recently, during a kitchen refurb, double pole Mains...
  16. R

    Makita 40v advice please

    Has anyone used Makita 40v tools? I’ve currently got Milwaukee but I’m having some warranty issues and a few battery issues. I’m thinking of giving Makita a try as I’ve never used them and they seems to get okay reviews.
  17. R

    Please tell me i'm not going mental and he's talking gibberish?

    This guy is trying to say that when the fuse is pulled, the supply to the fuse is still live and therefore it's dangerous.
  18. C

    Need A Guide Price For A Project Please

    Guide price guys if possible. Got a client that needs around 15mts 3 core SWA installing via YT4, Cleats (50/50 split), 3L (9mts) 100x50 trunking, 6 DSO in the 100x50 (with inserts), MCB for existing board, New garage board, 2x 4' LED slimline in one room controlled via 2G2W (in 100x50), LED...
  19. Marvo

    OAP Fall Alert Design Assistance Please

    This isn't really an electrical issue as such but I know you guys are pretty tech savvy and familiar with all the latest and greatest newfandangled gadets so I'd like some help coming up with a solution to a problem please. My dad is knocking on in years (90) and he lives alone in a two storey...
  20. caitlin00

    Please advise, Ampy Automation payment meter

    Hi all, not too sure if this is the right place to post, but at a bit of a loss here! i live in a block if flats, and about half an hour ago, heard a pop sound, and then all the electricity went off. I am on the prepayment meter that is shown below, which is handled by a live in caretaker. He...


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