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  1. Z

    Replacement of old honeywell thermostat with mc6 wifi thermostat

    Hi Guys, Hopefully you can help? I just wanted to get some advice on the wiring of the new MC6 WIFI thermostat? I have attached a picture of what I am replacing and the wiring diagram of the new Thermostat. Please also see recorded voltage readings I have taken. Current Honeywell Stat :=...
  2. D

    Can an oven thermostat probe (thermal bulb?) with a broken spot on the casing be repaired?

    I am replacing a thermostat on a wall oven and can only find used parts due to the age of the oven (1960's Frigidaire Flair). The used thermostat has a probe that goes into the oven and the casing or covering that covers the capillary tube has a break in it that exposes the capillary tubing. Can...
  3. A

    Replacing Drayton Thermostat with Digital - Wiring Check

    My drayton thermostat (3-wire) stopped clicking so decided to buy a wifi digital thermostat. Digital thermostat dry contact is not wired to the live within the unit unlike the drayton. Can someone confirm my jumper cable position is correct? (i.e. does it matter which side of the dry contact...
  4. R

    Help required please re PRT-E thermostat wiring symbol (difference between models and compatibility)

    Hi all, firstly I’m not in anyway qualified to do any electrical work but was just hoping for a quick piece of help In regard to trying to find a replacement for my non-functioning Uponor PRT-E digital thermostat which controls our underfloor heating. The model in question, the PRT-E is generic...
  5. W

    Need help to access thermostat screws

    Hi, I have a Beko OTF22300x double oven and need to replace the thermostat in the a main oven. Problem is that I can't access the screws to remove the old thermostat from behind the control plate, as the plate seems to be made up of 2 panels which are really close and I can't separate them...
  6. Vortigern

    Can't link my heat link component of the E-Nest to thermostat

    Reset my thermostat today from my iphone. The link to the thermostat was fine. Then the bit where it tries to link to the heat link will not link to it. I have tried resetting the heat link and got the blue light. I have tried new batteries. I have tried bringing the thermostat within two meters...
  7. S

    ESi RF Programmable Room Thermostat. ESRTP4RF

    Hi everyone, I have the above controller and want to install it on a Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 838H boiler, the programmer instructions are vague to say the least but there appears to be 2 options. Method 1 live link pin 1 of the controller receiver and use a single wire to connector X1 connection...
  8. R

    How to shut off 120v baseboard heater? Double pole wall mount thermostat? Single pole wall switch before heater with onboard single pole therm?

    I've planned a 20A circuit serving a tiny half-bath in a workshop. The circuit will contain a few LED ceiling lights, a receptacle (not for tools) and a 350 or 400W 120V baseboard heater. So it would not be convenient to shut off the heater via the main panel. When I'm not working during the...
  9. D

    Warm-up MStat change out help

    Hello I recently had a Warm-up underfloor heating system installed, but due to a breakdown in communication. I ended up with the basic Mstat controls units rather than something digital/programmable. The MStat comes with NTC5K sensor and for some daft reason the rest of their thermostats use...
  10. C

    Nest learning thermostat

    Hi, I went to a job yesterday to install 2 x nest smart thermostats on an S plan system with 2 heating zones. when I took the cover off the wiring centre the cables from the central heating zones, cylinder stat and hot water were pre made plugs that clip into the circuit board as opposed to...
  11. EricMark

    Why do I have a wall thermostat? is there nothing better?

    In a way I know the answer, wall thermostat turns heating off when we have warm weather, but I look at the PC and it shows me the target and current in each room from the electronic TRV heads, and I thing if it can tell me when room is cold why can't it be connected to boiler and switch it on...
  12. C

    Programmable thermostat Danfoss wiring

    Hi guys. I have a question about wiring scheme and how to wire my heating floor thermostat. I have this scheme and correct me if I am wrong but I have to connect floor mat wires with L load and N load holders and true live and neutral with L and N, right? And how do I connect two sensors, it...
  13. V

    Help figuring out this line voltage thermostat setup

    Hi, I bought a house that has a garage that was converted to an office by the previous homeowner, and it is separate from the main house. I suspect that they did some of the work themselves. The office has two baseboard electric heaters, and also an electric heater that blows hot air. Somehow...
  14. J

    UK Replacing underfloor thermostat with warmup 4ie thermostat

    Hi All This is my first post. I am very novice around home diy electrical work. I can replace sockets and light switches and hold degree in computer science. I recently purchased a new thermostat for my underfloor heating in the kitchen (warmup 4ie). It is to replace an old thermostat. I...
  15. C

    UK Thermostat in shed to turn on/off 500w plugged heater

    Hi, I would like to put a thermostat in my shed to turn on/off a 500w plugged in electric heater. I would like the thermostat to be remote. I would appreciate any thoughts on solutions from someone who has done something similar? Thanks, Chris
  16. W

    Water heater thermostat

    So i have been having to odd problem when i used my electric boost for the hot water in my own house, sometimes it would not control the temperature correctly and effectively turn into a kettle. I don't use it too often so its never been a priority. My plan was to get a new thermostat tomorrow...
  17. R

    Neff oven thermostat - 4 spade/ 2 spade

    hi all. the thermostat in my neff fan oven (u17m42n0) seems to have gone. the part in the oven is neff 55.17069.080 but seems to have been phased out for 55.17069.210. problem is; the new model is only 2 spade connectors whilst the old one is 4 spades on 2 double connectors - with grey +...
  18. M

    Connecting a thermostat to an existing boiler

    Hi everyone. Im new here and I apologise if this has already been asked. I am trying to connect my thermostat to my existing combi boiler. The thermostat is under the boiler and has 4 core wire coming out of it. The gas engineer who came out to service the boiler said that it can't be...
  19. H

    Heat mat programmable thermostat

    Hi everyone wondering if any one can help point me indirection I have a heat mat installed with a ntc5k sensor and client is looking for a new programmable thermostat most ones I found are ntc10k (warm up mat)I found a website where the manufacturer can adjust to suit floor sensor but can't...
  20. M

    Underfloor heating separate thermostat

    we have a conventional heating system and underfloor heating recently installed by the builders plumber - it’s all wired up (pump, valve, thermostat receiver etc..) but both the electrician and builder seem to be at odds with the connection at the boiler. currently the boiler just has LNE and...
  21. M

    Thermostat wiring

    Can anyone advice how to connect thermostat for el. Underfloor heating if the slots for wires are only : N, L and OUT? Does it mean I should put both neutrals in N and live from mains into L and live from heating mat into OUT? Thank you
  22. D

    Extra wire behind thermostat

    Hi all I have an extra wire that’s red in colour coiled up behind my thermostat and I was wondering if I can use it as a C wire for my new smart thermostat. I’ve attached a picture of what my current thermostat setup looks like. Thanks for any help
  23. MarkRibbands

    Timer and local thermostat control of 3 x heaters on 3 phases. Wiring logic help please!

    I'm fitting oil-filled panel heating into two rooms of a remote workshop, with (currently) a 20A x three phase supply. Control, for occasional use only, is needed as follows: 1. A wall-mounted and easily-adjustable mechanical timer to set all the heating to come on an hour or two before people...
  24. M

    Oven thermostat & temperature

    Hi, looking for some advice. The wife recently said the oven doesn't cook food the same way it used to (recently a chicken pie came out cold in the middle). So I bought a oven thermometer, put the oven on 200c and after about 7 minutes the light went out. I checked the oven thermometer but it...
  25. B

    Thermostat controller

    I want to replace my old Thermostat controller with a new one the old one has 2 wires neutral and live the new box is volt free I was told it will work I just have to put live wire to live switch and not use neutral is that true
  26. J

    Proximity of ditra heat thermostat to tub

    I am nearing completion of my bathroom which included installation of ditra heat. The bathroom is quite small and the thermostat (a touch screen version - Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-E-RT | Floor Warming | schluter.com -...
  27. I

    Thermostat stopped clicking/no central heating

    Hi guys, Had Baxi round to do a service, and immediately after the central heating wasn’t turning on (hot water is fine). Had them back out and they said the boiler is fine, it must be a faulty thermostat. Replaced the thermostat today, and still nothing. When I connect the live and call...
  28. P

    Ireland Thermostat wiring

    Hi, I want to install a room thermostat (Salus ERT20RF) where there was none before. I would like to leave an existing APT mechanical timer in place. My question is can I wire the switched live contacts (from both timer and thermostat) in series to turn on and off boiler ?. Both units have only...
  29. S

    Wireless room thermostat query

    Hi guys. Just bought a Honeywell CM700 series wireless room stat/programmer with BDR91 relay box/receiver to link with Worcester Bosch 28CDi combi boiler. Using a 4-core will take L/N feed from boiler to L/N in receiver and route the Ls/T1-A and Lr/T2-B. But there are 2 L terminals in the...
  30. S

    Wiring to replace old room thermostat to new digital

    I’m replacing a tatty old mechanical Drayton room thermostat with a sleek digital Flomasta 7635G. Could a wise wizard please help decipher the code known as the wiring diagram in the pictures attached. Theoretically, given the ‘standard’ wallplate, I should just remove the old and pop on the...
  31. J


    Is this old thermostat wired right I want to replace it but I’m confused to why the red wire is on no3
  32. M

    UK Nest e thermostat wiring question

    Hi just bought a nest e thermostat . Ive included a picture of the wiring for the old thermostat and the connections for the new nest thermostat. I just want to make sure it’s compatible before I get someone to install it. Which wire goes to which connector for want of a better question ?
  33. S

    Australia Adjust electric BBQ thermostat

    Is it possible to have an electrician adjust the thermostat ( Probe like a frypan ) on my 2000w electric BBQ? When it is cycling on and off the food stops cooking during the off period making for a very slow cook. I'm happy to have an electrician modify it if that's possible Cheers Sunter
  34. H

    Replacing 3 wired thermostat with 2 wired digital thermostat

    A 3 wired thermostat is being replaced with a 2 wired digital thermostat powered by batteries. Is it necessary to know how the 3 wired thermostat is connected to the boiler before replacing the thermostat? I have attached images of the 3 wired thermostat and its wiring diagram.
  35. EricMark

    Linking wall thermostat to radiator thermostat.

    I brought four MiHome Energenie TRV heads from my old home, and I decided in this house Nest was best option to control the DWH and central heating given the limits I had to work with, mainly just 2 wires between house and flat where the boiler is housed. There is an option to link Nest and...
  36. A

    Domestic Am I allowed to fit a Nest thermostat myself?

    As per title really. I’m considering buying Nest thermostats, I am confident I can install it appropriately but I don’t know if legally I’m allowed to. No formal quals but experience in wiring (for audio, not power) radio/recording studios. The current situation... I have a new build property...
  37. B

    Hot water thermostat

    I am having trouble understanding a hot water thermostat which does not behave as expected. What does the "reset" button do, and is it necessary to use it after adjusting the temperature dial ?
  38. C

    Honneywell Thermostat showing low temp and Frost Mode

    Hi My thermostat usually shows a room temp of between 18 and 20 degrees However occasionally it is displaying FROST MODE and showing low temperatures. Basically when it goes like this we can either have heating on or off with no control which is very annoying! Can anyone advise, I have...
  39. D

    Fitting a new WiFi thermostat

    Hi I'm not a plumber but a DIY'r, so wondering if any of you could help me out please. I have bought a static caravan and it has a 'Ariston E-Combi Evo - 24EU' boiler in it but this has a thermostat which is fitted to the boiler itself. I wuld like to change it for a WiFi one so I could put it...
  40. C

    What Smart Thermostat for a 2 Wire Connection? Currently Honneywell

    Hi all, new to the forum. I currently have a Honneywell c901 thermostat set up to control my combi boiler. I've been looking to buy a smart thermostat to replace the honneywell but when I removed the panel, I see it only has two wires, I hear there are usually 4 wires or more. Any advice...
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