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  1. KimbyK

    Wiring help for Meross thermostat

    I currently have a Myson thermostat that is no longer working. I have a Meross thermostat to replace it. I have attached photos of the current wiring and of the new thermostat. Could anyone advise on where the wires would go into the new thermostat?
  2. Raptor0014

    UK Frost Thermostat wiring

    Evening all, Have been asked to wire one of these into a heating system that has no separate control (or valves) for HW & CH. Customer is going to be away and wants it wiring in to allow the heating to only come on when the temp drops to keep pipes etc from freezing...
  3. edgealex

    ESRTERFW Wireless Thermostat wiring help

    Hello, I'm trying to upgrade my mechanical thermostat to a wireless one but when I connect the wires it doesn't work. This is the old one: And this is the new one: I tried to connect the brown wire to pin (1) and blue to pin (2) but it didn work, anyone can help?
  4. O

    Replacing old heating thermostat receiver with Honeywell DT92E receiver

    Hi there, We have recently replaced our central heating programmer with a Honeywell ST9400C. We now want to replace our old wireless room thermostat with a compatible one. We've purchased Honeywell DT92E (with receiver and controller). Next to the boiler, underneath the programmer, is an...
  5. C

    Heatmiser Neo Underfloor heating zone locked at set temp despite thermostat being switched off

    m having a bit of an issue that is proving difficult to resolve. For 2 years I have been having no problems with my setup. I have a 3 zone house. 1 radiator “zone” and two underfloor heating zones. Each zone has a neo V2 thermostat. Last couple of weeks when my kitchen zone heated up - it...
  6. Q

    Wiring heater and thermostat advice please

    Hi - we have an inline heater for a vent system that appears to always be on. I believe the electrician may have wired it incorrectly with only a 2 core wire from thermostat to heater control board. Please find attached wiring diagram and photos of the heater control board and the thermostat...
  7. D

    Hello All, I have Adept TW02W wifi Thermostat - does anyone know how to reset it?

    Hello All, I have Adept TW02W wifi Thermostat - does anyone know how to reset it?
  8. J

    Thermsave Celect Programmable Room Thermostat Replacement

    I have a thermsave celect programmable battery operated room thermostat which I would like to replace with something that has a better display for elderly people with vision problems - any suggestions would be much appreciated
  9. Brittainica

    USA Upgrade From Honneywell to Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

    Hello everyone. Budding DIY enthusiast fascinated with how things work - and, to a lesser degree, fixing things that are not working. I suppose my newfound interest in DIY coincided with becoming a first-time homeowner. One of my first projects was replacing our new home's existing Honneywell...
  10. mattg4321

    Room thermostat reading high

    I recently fitted a Heatmiser Neostat for a customer in their hall- to control their radiators throughout the house (70’s 4 bed medium sized detached). Quite bizarrely the thermostat is reading 3 or so degrees above the actual temperature when the lounge/hall door is open. Ie stat shows 22...
  11. JohnNN

    Correct wiring for programmable room thermostat

    Hello, I have a regular boiler doing room heating only, with a Drayton programmer (for time) + a Drayton dial stat (for temp). I've bought a Honeywell T3 programmable stat to set diff temps at diff times. Old Drayton stat (mains powered) had 3 wires (red, blue, yellow) + E (see pic) New...
  12. N

    Smart thermostat with no external controls.

    I'm looking for a smart thermostat for use in a public building. The idea being we can schedule the temp (some users need it warmer) and the people using the building can't mess about with it, or at least can't leave is set to 30°c!!! Currently there's a basic room stat with three wires (L N...
  13. B

    Salus RT310RF thermostat

    My salus RT31RF thermostat will not turn on even with new batteries. Will I need to buy a.new one. It's 5 years old, is that how long they last
  14. A

    Central heating thermostat

    Hi all, my condenser boiler central heating has started to do strange things so I set about trying to diagnose the problem. When I got to the thermostat I found that there was no power to it, could anybody tell me where this is powered from please? It is an old system, almost 30 years old so in...
  15. J

    CH Thermostat indicator lit when turned off

    Hello I have a central heating system, with a Y plan layout. The neon indicator on the thermostat seems to be sometimes dimly lit / flickering even when the thermostat is turned off. I measure approx 50V AC across terminals 2&3 of the thermostat when it is happening. I have narrowed it down...
  16. A

    If one of the following smart TRVs will be launched, which one would you want?

    To be honest, we are a new smart thermostat and TRV manufacturer and are working hard to create our first thermostat, we want to make a product that users are loving and that is really useful to users, can you help give your feedback on these designs suggestions? Any help would be greatly...
  17. S

    Boiler failing to respond to thermostat and has to be restarted

    It has become a common occurrence that my boiler is failing to respond when the thermostat kicks in. I hear an audible click from the heatlink when thermostat is turned up but nothing else happens. Our heating programmer next to the water cylinder is set to continuous and all looks OK. The...
  18. D

    Hive mini with Remeha avanta exclusive - please help

    Hello, I'm in the process of changing my wired remeha thermostat with the wireless hive mini, I've had a look at the manual and believe I have installed this correctly however the thermostat doesn't seem to be talking to the boiler and I can't control my heating through it. Could you please...
  19. P

    Replace my ancient Honeywell mechanical thermostat with a Honeywell T3R

    I would like to replace my ancient Honeywell mechanical thermostat with a Honeywell T3R PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT I have three wires in the old thermostat. Please see the first three photos. 1 Red 3 Yellow 2 Blue are these 1 Live 3 Live return (Switched) 2 Neutral Could I configure it as in...
  20. G

    I have electric panel heaters, and I want a thermostat with wifi app control.

    So as the title says, I have 3 panel heaters in my flat, but only one really needs the fine control i'm after, the other two rarely go on even in dead winter as i'm stingy and my flat is small. The heaters are mains connected (no plug sockets) so i'm looking for something that ideally will go...
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