consumer unit

  1. F

    Consumer unit change

    Hi everyone. I currently have a level 2 diploma, Part P and 18th edition. Can I carry out a consumer unit change if I work for myself privately?
  2. J

    Consumer Unit Query?

    The pic. is my friends consumer unit and what I can’t understand is: the left RCD is in tripped/off position yet he tells me the circuits 6,7,and 8 in the house are alive? I thought the mcb’s 6,7,8 were connected from the left RCD and hence although mcb’s are closed the circuits should be dead...
  3. HappyHippyDad

    How to extend cables neatly when replacing consumer unit.

    I had a consumer unit replacement today. It was a bit of a nightmare as most of the cables were too short for the new unit. I extended the ones that required extending with crimps and a bit of heat shrink, but it took forever. Are there any other options that are easier? I don't really like...
  4. J

    Is new cu required for new oven install?

    An electrician has recently quoted to replace our old oven. He says that the new oven has different power requirements and he needs to replace the consumer unit to make this lower and avoid burning out our new oven within weeks! The cu was new in 2015 so I am concerned that it now needs...
  5. K

    Alarm is Tripping New Consumer Unit

    Hello all I hope you are well. I had a new Alarm Panel installed in January and all was working well until I got a new Consumer Unit installed Last Week which has RCBOs. The previous Unit was just a Fuse Box. The Alarm Panel is on its own Circuit connected via a Fused Spur. The RCBO for the...
  6. J

    New Consumer Unit - Electrician issued an EICR not EIC?

    Hi, new member here! Thanks for any advice in advance. This week I got a new consumer unit installed. The electrician has just sent me through an EICR certificate. From what I had read I was under the impression that I needed an EIC form rather than an EICR. Is this the case? Is an EICR form...
  7. ilikemyhouse1

    UK Help identifying parts on an old Victorian house consumer unit

    Hi! I know the basics on a modern consumer unit, but I'm not sure on this old panel here. Could you help me know what I'm looking at? Seeing two big fuses there.
  8. J

    UK Running Neutral Wire from consumer unit to Ground henley block

    In the UK, It is said that the neutral wire is connected to ground/earth wire along the way back to the substation. Ive inherited a setup where the incoming SWA neutral wire is hard to join/reconnect to as the previous electrician hasn't used a henley block due to limited space... therefore the...
  9. robertl

    Consumer unit in cupboard in Shower Room

    Hi All, looking for some assistance on this as finding different information wherever i look. We have a garage external to the house, which we are turning into a small 1 bedroom flat, due to the layout the shower room will have to be located in the corner where the garage consumer unit is...
  10. Andy Hames

    Cable routing inside a consumer unit

    Hi First post and I'm a DIY-er so apologies if this is the wrong forum to start with. I have a project at the moment that involves replacing a consumer unit. I've arranged for a proper inspection and certification down the line but in the mean time I have made a start on getting the circuits...
  11. Electrical2go

    Flexible Meter Tail Kits Now Available At E2GO!

    E2GO now stocks flexible meter tail kits in a variety of lengths at low prices! Click Here to view our range, available for next working day delivery if ordered before 2 pm. Remember all Electricians Forum Members are eligible for a 5% discount on all E2GO orders.
  12. C

    How important is it that I upgrade this consumer unit, and maybe, more?

    Hello, I recently bought and moved into my first home, and I made an enquiry with an electrician about doing a like for like swap of electric shower, and discussion quickly moved to the consumer unit.. Long story short, he said it probably needs an upgrade. I did a bit of research on all of this...
  13. ancienthistory

    UK Water leak, do we need a "dryness check" before re-testing the electrics?

    Hello, you all helped me out recently when we had a water leak (mostly in kitchen ceiling), and my landlord's contractor was saying the household circuits couldn't even be tested for 28 days after the leak due to a "28 day rule". Thank you so much for educating me about that! Here is the...
  14. D

    Solar PV going in - Time to replace consumer unit?

    Hello, DIY'er here looking for some advice. In March 2023 we should be getting 5.5kW of solar PV going on the roof feeding into the current consumer unit. The current CU is a Wylex, probably about 15 years old, plastic, 100A main switch with 2 sets of RCD protected MCBs. Installation last...
  15. ancienthistory

    Turning consumer unit on after water damage

    Hello wise electricians of the world! I am in the UK. Recently we had a water leak which caused some damage in our home, we are currently trying to dry everything out. The water certainly affected at least some electrical circuits (e.g. water was coming through kitchen ceiling spot lights.) My...
  16. M

    "Pretty" or "Smart" consumer unit options.

    Disclaimer: Not a pro sparky, so i have no intention of doing this myself, but I am looking for options that I can then take to someone qualified. I am looking to replace the consumer unit in our house for a number of reasons, and its location means that it is directly visible by anyone coming...
  17. C

    Consumer unit in bathroom

    What’s your thoughts of a new renovated house that has the consumer unit in the bathroom. It’s situated above the bath in a cupboard. It was brought 2 weeks ago and have no certs. They want a Eicr done. Obviously the sockets has to go too. Thanks
  18. Pat H

    SPD in a plastic consumer unit.

    Adding an EC charger and looking at options to include an SPD. The consumer unit is plastic (but in good condition) Options seem to be to add an SPD (with isolator and MCB) before the consumer unit. Or add an isolator before the EV charger with an SPD, isolator and MCB. Or can an SPD be added...
  19. Br4v3d4v3

    Installing terminals in consumer unit

    Hello. I bought an empty consumer unit for installation in a shed project and now I have no idea how to install the neutral/earth terminals. The DIN rail won't fit the DIN terminals and there's only a space marked for the terminals. Any help appreciated
  20. timhoward

    Best looking consumer unit?

    A question asked by a customer, when I explained the logistics involved in moving the current one. My mind went to Schneider Easy 9 but I thought I'd consult the wisdom of you fine bunch!
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