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consumer unit

  1. Bobby34

    EIC Consumer unit change

    Hi guys and girls, Changed over my first CU today (didn't go bang so I'm classing it a success), with regards to the EIC do I list every circuit and fill it in as if they were new circuits, I've had a look at the best practice guide for CU's and the way i'm reading it it would suggest yes as...
  2. L

    18th edition consumer unit

    Hey all, I have just finished a rewire of a 1 bed house and just have the board left to install. I am a qualified sparky but now work as a project manger so haven’t carried out much domestic work in the last couple of years. I know that the requirements for installing consumer units has now...
  3. PJH2903

    Domestic Ashley & Rock CU no RCD

    Was called out to a job to fix some damaged sockets for a landlord between tenants. Found this old Ashley & Rock CU. Advised landlord that it is non-compliant, no RCD, mixed manufacturers etc. and that it should really be upgraded before he rents out again. Her response was that it's always...
  4. T

    Testing after a consumer unit change

    Had to change 40 consumer units the other day in a hostel/hotel/b&b and it come to the testing stage I spoke to the NICEIC who said you need to test circuits for " safety only ". He said doing a global IR test (testing each individual circuit if less than 1M), and earth fault loop, RCD and...
  5. Jbol1985

    House consumer unit to garage consumer unit

    Hi all I’m planning to install a consumer unit in my garage. The unit will eventually power a 32amp hot tub, 2 double sockets and a small lighting circuit. The distance from the house CU to garage CU will be about 10m. I plan to run single cables through 20mm steel conduit under my concrete...
  6. P

    New consumer unit, builder says upgrade supply

    Hi As part of a loft conversion to my 2 (now 3) floor flat in a Victorian Terraced house I have added about a dozen 2-gang sockets, a shaving socket, and about 16 downlights to my new floor, plus swapping four pendant lights for 16 downlights in the floor below. An electrician was installing a...
  7. J

    consumer unit smoking

    Here is a picture of the garage type cu that connects my 15kW solar to the main fuse. The brown wire was too short so two pieces were joined with a choc block. My electrician suggested that the chock block screws were too loose & caused the smouldering. He has replaced all the wires & in doing...
  8. Sparked Out

    Domestic Spur off a spur.... make safe with 16A MCB from ring?

    Just recently has some work done on a conservatory, and in the process discovered that the 2 double sockets are not part of a ring main... looks like one is a spur off the back of a ring socket in the main house, and the second is a spur off of that :eek: So, question is, if I replace the ring...
  9. M

    Domestic Consumer Unit - RCBO Upgrade??

    Hi all, Looking some electrical advise. I've been told by an electrician that I need to install 5 Nr RCBO's to this consumer unit. Is this correct or is the current set up ok? He has provided me with a condition report stating a 'C2' on the cables concealed in walls. If an upgrade is required...
  10. D

    Has this consumer unit been installed correctly?

    Hello, Had a sparky install a new consumer unit, has it been done correctly. Bare in mind the chap cut corners on other bits of work he was contracted to do.
  11. J

    Which Consumer Unit?

    Hi All. Does anyone know of a dual Rcd metal clad consumer unit which has no knockouts at the top. I’ve an existing one to replace and there will be around 10 20mm armoured glands coming out of the top of it. Size of the consumer unit is not an issue as there is plenty of room and ideally...
  12. A

    Domestic Dual consumer unit and meter move

    Hello everyone, This is my first post. I live in a semi detached timber frame type house. I am taking down a non supporting wall/ cupboard in my sitting room which will give me an extra 1mt x 3 mt of space. Unfortunately in the cupboard there is the electrical meter, fuse box and storage heater...
  13. P

    Best RCBO consumer unit

    Hi everybody. In the not too distant future I would like to get my current consumer unit replaced. I want to select the brand for my electrician as I’m a pain and like to research things. I was looking to see whether my thought process seems reasonable so would welcome and appreciate any help...
  14. M

    Critical feedback request - Consumer unit.

    Hello, Please can I have some feedback on the quality of a fuse board I installed recently. I am fairly new to consumer unit installs. Newly qualified.
  15. B

    Domestic Fitting 2nd consumer unit

    Hi All... Obviously new to site... Very interesting and informative .. Quick question... I'm installing a new garage unit and was wondering whether its advisable to 'piggy back' off the existing or would new meter tails need to be installed using a 'Henley block'... If piggy back then can I...
  16. M

    Garage consumer unit

    Fitting a garage consumer unit in a detached garage / workshop. The consumer unit in the house is a dual 30ma rcd consumer unit. An swa will feed from the house to the garage. My question is around RCD's, should the 30ma rcd at the house be used and just a 2 pole main switch at the garage, or...
  17. M

    My 1st board on site advice

    Hello, I have just competed my 1st consumer unit install on site. I would like some advice on how I may improve the quality/neatness. All constructive criticism welcome Thanks
  18. ian burnett

    electric meter issue. The grid, meter or consumer unit issue?

    Hi Guys, I've made this video (link below) to highlight an electric issue in my house. I wonder if any of you know what the issue is? I am going to call out an electrician but I would love to know your thoughts. Thank you for your time :-) Ian
  19. R

    Domestic New consumer unit on TT installation - earthing and SPD queries

    I'm going to replace the consumer unit for a customer in rural Oxfordshire. The supply comes in overhead, drops down a telegraph-type pole into the ground, and runs about 2m to a recessed box in the wall (perhaps coming up in the cavity). I can't find the earth rod - probably entirely...
  20. S

    Consumer unit change

    I’m only an apprentice and of course, I’ve curios about a lot of things. I was in my friends house recently, who is getting an electrician to upgrade there, rather old, consumer unit up to 18th edition standards. I had a look, out of curiosity and seen this (uploaded a photo) and I was curious...
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