consumer unit

  1. S

    Consumer unit MCB selection

    Hi , looking for some advise please . So we had new house house rewired a year ago and had foresight to ask sparky to add MCB for garage with wire terminated in enclosure on outside of house in anticipation of extending it to detached garage at a later date once the internal renovation was...
  2. S

    domestic lighting and consumer unit

    Sorry new here, just had an electrician pop round to quote for work, domestic home electrics, uk, worcestershire, when he saw that my downstairs lighting was wired in a ring (ie consumer unit has 2 lives to the RCBO, away and return - sorry not sure on the best terminology) he was unhappy as he...
  3. I

    UK Is this meter and consumer unit location safe and upto spec? (kitchen cabinet, water pipes)

    Hello, I am renovating my kitchen and looking for advice on best placement of the meter and consumer unit. I am primarily concerned with: Building regs Electrical regs Fire safety It's just a simple dwelling, not HMO or anything. Currently, the meter and consumer unit is inside of a brick...
  4. mmichael stath

    UK changing or swapping a MCB

    Hi, I have a garden studio that is fed from the main consumer unit in the house. It is wired into a B6 MCB on a radial circuit which is fine but occasionally, if I use something that draws too much power the MCB trips. I use power tools which work fine as I only use one at a time obviously, but...
  5. R

    External Consumer Unit

    Good morning guys Was looking for advice with regards to installing an outdoor consumer unit. Customer is looking for power to be installed from there property to an area in there garden. There installing a future hot tub and summer house and any future lighting and power. They currently have a...
  6. V

    Isolate consumer unit help

    Looking to do some work in the consumer unit in my home and was wondering if turning the isolation switch is sufficient as it only appears to isolate live and not neutral?
  7. N

    Consumer unit question

    I want to know if my consumer unit (together with the digital meter) which is in a special metal container let into an outside wall near the entrance door is acceptable for the 5 year house test? It has been like that from when the house was built. Thanks, Nick
  8. M

    Long extension between meter and consumer unit

    I am planning to go semi off grid with a victron and battery system. The system will be installed in an out building about 20 meters away from where my consumer unit and meter currently is. I need to run the grid power from my meter to the out building to the victron inverter, but then also...
  9. M

    consumer unit cost

    hello all...whats the typical cost for a new consumer unit fitted and the old wired fuse box removed im in a semi detached house in leicester.....i have checked previous posts on here but i cant find anything thanks in advance :)
  10. K

    2 x Main Switches in on consumer unit

    I wondered if it is OK to have 2 x Main Switches in the same consumer unit. One feeding the RCBOs in the House and one feeding the CU in a garage, so that the outbuilding stuff can be isolated from the House CU?
  11. tidytech

    Consumer unit feeding another consumer unit via Main switch

    Can a domestic consumer unit feed another consumer unit, via the Main Switch. Details are: domestic property with 100A single phase supply, TN-C-S incoming supply to Main Switch on DBU1 Output from the DBU1 Main Switch, also outputs two two wires, that connect to the input of another consumer...
  12. M

    UK Vertical Consumer Unit

    Hi. Can a horizontal 200A consumer unit be fitted vertically, or is there a vertical configuration? I have a 350mm wide space...thanks.
  13. I

    After a New Consumer Unit, now I need EICR & 100A DP Isolation Switch

    Trying to organise a CU replacement at home. It's a 1930s property. It's got a 10way CU but with no RCD protection. Was after a larger unit with full RCBOs. Every Sparky I've spoken to has varied in their suggested plans. 1) Some say do an EICR first, others happy to just go straight with a...
  14. V

    New EICR for electric radiators and consumer unit

    Hi, Hoping someone can clarify for me. I've recently moved into a rental property, the landlord had new electric radiators installed and a new consumer unit. Would this require a new EICR? I've been having issues with burning smells from the plug sockets so now I'm concerned about the safety...
  15. J

    Mains cable to consumer unit top floor flat

    Im starting a re-wire of a top floor flat, they have run an 16mm T&E with a 6mm earth from the ground floor to the 3rd floor feeding the CU, replacing this cable is practically impossible as there is no way of getting down without going through other flats. Looking for some advice of how others...
  16. S

    UK Query regarding replacing a fuse box with a new consumer unit

    Hello, Is there an actual age limit on house wiring that would prevent a traditional fuse box being replaced with a consumer unit please? Background - my elderly mother recently had an issue with the fuse wire on the lighting circuit in her 60's built house blowing, I visited and replaced the...
  17. Retroelectric

    EICR Plastic Consumer Unit

    Hi all, Been asked to do EICR on thatched property for insurance purposes, however they will want all C3 codes rectified. Haven't seen it yet but have been told it was rewired in 2012 so i assume its a plastic CU. If its in a suitable place then bpg4 suggests this would not need recording on...
  18. James

    Best Consumer unit for home

    I try to keep out of Domestic work but I have a problem at home. Currently I have a wylex fuse board with re-wire fuses. they are great because nuisance tripping never happens!! however, it is an overhead TT supply and this is covered by a 30mA non delay rcd that covers the whole house. this...
  19. Michelle22

    Consumer unit / Flood

    Hi, NAPIT report was carried out due to flood, all kitchen appliances, wall/light switches, fire/heaters etc need replacing. The electrician added on the quote that the consumer unit needed replacing as not compliant (from 2007 with plastic case). Plus the casing is damaged as a temporary...
  20. T

    EICR consumer unit advise

    Hi, I am due EICR test on my property which has 20 year old wiring. Last test on 2018 was fine with no issues. Just need to check if my consumer unit will need replacement for EICR pass or it will be ok. Attaching pictures.


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