consumer unit

  1. Pat H

    SPD in a plastic consumer unit.

    Adding an EC charger and looking at options to include an SPD. The consumer unit is plastic (but in good condition) Options seem to be to add an SPD (with isolator and MCB) before the consumer unit. Or add an isolator before the EV charger with an SPD, isolator and MCB. Or can an SPD be added...
  2. Br4v3d4v3

    Installing terminals in consumer unit

    Hello. I bought an empty consumer unit for installation in a shed project and now I have no idea how to install the neutral/earth terminals. The DIN rail won't fit the DIN terminals and there's only a space marked for the terminals. Any help appreciated
  3. timhoward

    Best looking consumer unit?

    A question asked by a customer, when I explained the logistics involved in moving the current one. My mind went to Schneider Easy 9 but I thought I'd consult the wisdom of you fine bunch!
  4. LEighLeigh

    C2 issues? Consumer Unit & Circuit forms a Figure of 8 Rather than a complete RFC?

    Please help, just had a domestic EICR undertaken, a C2 issue: Consumer Unit does not meet minimum I.P rating, what does this mean and how do I check this out? how expensive to rectify? thanks!
  5. N

    location of main switch in consumer unit

    hi there - i have a consumer unit where the main switch is located in the middle of the consumer unit. I usually see the main switch on either the right or the left and i wondered if it is acceptable from an EICR point of view having it in the middle ? I attach a picture Also i just wanted...
  6. R

    Upgrade Consumer Unit in Garage with EV Charger Capability.

    I’m looking to get my consumer unit upgraded in my Garage as it’s an old Chint board that is not very good.. My Dad is looking at EV Chargers too and I was wondering if it’s possible to get a consumer unit that would handle that. The current board has MCBs for 6A - Lighting 16A Electric Fire...
  7. T

    Secondary consumer unit from SWA cable

    All of the work described below will be completed by a qualified electrician, I am just curious and using the info for planning!! I am planning a garage conversion. While I was bringing across services for water/gas etc I laid a 16mm2 3 core SWA between the main dwelling and the garage (all at...
  8. H

    Old black box near consumer unit

    Hi, My electrics keep tripping.. this black box in the picture seems to be the culprit. Slight touch of it and it trips. The electrician suggested removing this and connecting two main cables from main switch to the consumer unit with connectors. He said this black box is very old and not...
  9. K

    Recessed consumer unit

    Hi guys A customer wants a new surface mounted consumer unit installed. Their current unit is recessed. The cables are not long enough to come out into rear of new board. Any suggestions would be great. 👍
  10. M

    Advice on safety of new Consumer Unit Install

    Hi all, new to posting but been reading for years. I inherited a house from my grandmother who passed in 2021, I intend to renovate and rent out, step by step, job by job as money allows. Getting the property ready to rent has uncovered a fair few jobs needed to bring it out of the 1970's I...
  11. K

    UK Any suggestions for feed to consumer unit?

    Hi guys. Been to look at a job today to replace old wylex board. Feed to unit seen in pictures fed from garage. It 16mm twin and earth. I’m unable to access cables entering board so would struggle to replace with swa.
  12. V

    Protecting a 2nd consumer unit

    Done this loads of times before, but this situation is quite unique so bare with me. I've been asked to cable up an out building at a country park which is about 30m from another out building which has mains supply already installed from a main building some distance away via a 10mm SWA buried...
  13. K

    Relocation of consumer unit

    Hi guys I’ve been requested to replace a consumer unit but will need relocating lower within a tight cupboard. I will be installing a box with din rail and terminals etc and running new cables to new unit. Problem I have is that the meter and isolator is mounted on a board. The only way to...
  14. S

    New circuit in plastic consumer unit. Yes or no?

    I work with someone who really isn't happy installing new circuits into plastic consumer units. Sometimes he refuses to do it if the board in question isn't in a great state or if the existing wiring is spaghetti junction. Obviously the regs state that it's fine to add if the board conforms to...
  15. S

    SWA Cable for run between switched fuse isolator and consumer unit

    Hi all, I am looking to replace an existing CU (ground floor) and put it in a new position (first floor). The existing CU is on the inside of a wall to the meter cabinet (which is on the other - external - side of the wall). The existing cabling between these two devices is not SWA/armoured...
  16. J

    New Consumer Unit Fireproof Stuffing Glands

    I recently had an electrician install a new consumer unit in my cellar. A second electrician, who is subcontracted by my bathroom fitter to carry out electrical work in the bathroom, has said that the cable entry to the fuseboard should be sealed with either fire resistant stuffing glands or...
  17. J

    joining two feeds into one consumer unit.

    I have two 40A swa cables from my main house consumer unit. This consumer unit serves the whole house and the two swa cables serve two consumer units in an extension. One is upstairs and has very little demand and one is downstairs with a higher demand. My question is: Can I add the upstairs swa...
  18. D

    Main Earthing in Consumer Unit

    I am due to carry out an electrical job in a third floor flat. Incoming supply is TN-S. Cannot locate a main earthing conductor inside the CU on the earth bar, just the individual circuits CPCs. There are two earths clamped to the bottom of the metal CU, one disappearing down some metal...
  19. V

    New consumer unit - Necessary to replace existing grey tails ?

    Hi, I'm getting conflicting stories about this, I wonder if someone could put this to bed once and for all. I'm replacing a consumer unit in the next few days, and it currently has the common grey tails going from the isolator to the existing consumer unit, one is ,marked "L" then other marked...
  20. N

    Upgrading an existing consumer unit with RCBOs

    hi there I have a plastic consumer unit that was installed about 8 years ago - inside is the standard array with RCD. Im planning to switch to RCBOs (and cost wise I actually bought a fully populated consumer unit as it works out a lot cheaper ) my question is to comply and get through a...
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