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consumer unit

  1. Retroelectric

    EICR Plastic Consumer Unit

    Hi all, Been asked to do EICR on thatched property for insurance purposes, however they will want all C3 codes rectified. Haven't seen it yet but have been told it was rewired in 2012 so i assume its a plastic CU. If its in a suitable place then bpg4 suggests this would not need recording on...
  2. James

    Best Consumer unit for home

    I try to keep out of Domestic work but I have a problem at home. Currently I have a wylex fuse board with re-wire fuses. they are great because nuisance tripping never happens!! however, it is an overhead TT supply and this is covered by a 30mA non delay rcd that covers the whole house. this...
  3. Michelle22

    Consumer unit / Flood

    Hi, NAPIT report was carried out due to flood, all kitchen appliances, wall/light switches, fire/heaters etc need replacing. The electrician added on the quote that the consumer unit needed replacing as not compliant (from 2007 with plastic case). Plus the casing is damaged as a temporary...
  4. T

    EICR consumer unit advise

    Hi, I am due EICR test on my property which has 20 year old wiring. Last test on 2018 was fine with no issues. Just need to check if my consumer unit will need replacement for EICR pass or it will be ok. Attaching pictures.
  5. G

    No power to part of the consumer unit

    Hi, The `power went out throughout the house this afternoon but only to the sockets, the lighting circuits are all fine. I went to the consumer unit expecting to reset a circuit breaker but nothing had tripped. I have attached a pic of the consumer unit. Using a current detector pen I can...
  6. Adam00

    Can you feed a consumer unit from another consumer unit?

    Can you feed a consumer unit from another consumer unit, It would be supplied by a non RDC protected MCB. Is this allowed as I have always seen switched fuse disconnection units.
  7. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme SPD on old consumer unit?

    Under amendment 2 of the BS7671, there is now a requirement to fit an SPD as standard. I am due to install a new outdoor socket circuit on an old consumer unit which doesn't have an SPD. Is it ok to do this installation without the SPD?
  8. A

    What are the regulations for PV consumer unit protection?

    I had a PV system installed by a local reputable manufacturer last autumn; since then, I've received conflicting advice regarding the consumer unit protection required. I'm hoping someone may be able to clarify the protection required by the regulations in place last October. I have a Solis S6...
  9. M

    UK DIN rail transformer left loose inside consumer unit enclosure

    I have a doorbell I want to install. The issue is the 16v transformer is designed to sit on a DIN rail. I have a 10 way 17th edition BG Nexus consumer unit which is fully loaded with RCBO's. I got a guy round for a quote and he said if it won't fit on the DIN rail it would be fine to leave it...
  10. homebuyer2023

    Buying flat, Consumer Unit replaced but no notification

    Hi All, I am in the middle of purchasing a small 1 bed flat in England, and have been sent a Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate by the seller (horizontal red form with 6 pages). The certificate states work was done 4 years ago including new sockets, downlights and a 'new consumer...
  11. V

    Advice on New Consumer Unit Change Please?

    Hi Everyone, Last year arranged for my mother's and my consumer units to be changed by the same electrician who is NICEIC registered. Both jobs were not completed for various reasons, I have been trying to arrange for them to be completed over the last two months. At my home the oven began...
  12. W

    Consumer unit upgrade

    Just looking to see if anyone’s had a similar job or has any other ideas. Got a consumer unit to upgrade, the current one is fitted inside an enclosure that houses the meter head. It’s on old Mem DB, the cables are wired in conduits which are all terminated onto the the inside of the enclosure...
  13. HappyHippyDad

    Type A RCBO for this consumer unit?

    Hello all.. I'm quoting for some work and would like change the type AC RCBO to a type A. Consumer unit is a castlec which I have not come across before. I can see from their site they make them, but cannot find them for sale? Also, are they rebranded? Is there another identical breaker that...
  14. D

    EICR Wil my consumer unit need replacing?

    I've booked in an electrician to run an EICR, I have an old unit here, whilst searching for quotes one guy said it looks ok and may not need replacing. The guy I've booked in says it likely will. My question is Is there a way I can witness the unit failing tests? How do I know it will fail or is...
  15. Taylortwocities

    Replacing MK Consumer Unit. Main switch position

    Hello mates. i have an MK CU to replace. As you may know, the main switch in MKs is on the left hand side. There's no way to replace the meter tails. Is there another manufacturer that has a left-hand main switch CU, or a flexible position option? Thanks muchly!
  16. K

    Consumer unit rcbo spd price

    Evening all . Just a quick question what do you guys typically charge for an rcbo spd consumer unit change 14 way . 10/11 rcbos few spare ways . New meter tails . All certified /notified Cheers
  17. T

    Seperate test sheet for garage consumer unit on a TT system

    Hi Guys, hopefully someone will know the answer. Testing an install on a (domestic) PME system I have a garage consumer unit supplied from one of the RCBO's I have installed an earth rod to supply the earth and not connected the CPC or armouring to the garage consumer unit end. My question is...
  18. muso31

    Consumer unit extension wiring

    Hi all! I'm not a spark but know enough to be able to install off grid solar etc. I've just purchased a new house and have noticed the consumer unit was extended at some point: The additional unit is from the kitchen as they had a new kitchen fitted. My concerns are with the quality of the...
  19. L

    what its minimum height of a consumer unit..

    Hi all. Customer asking me to fix 3 phase consumer unit on a new shop . Its brand new installation . He want to use every part of shops and he asking me to go as lover as possible. Anyone know what its minimum height of bottom of consumer unit i can go in comercial installation.
  20. A

    can a consumer unit switch be replaced by an RCD?

    HI My flat just failed the EICR because there is no RCD in the consumer unit. There is no space for a new RCD as the consumer unit is full. Do I have to have a new larger consumer unit installed? Or can I have the existing on/off switch replaced by an RCD? Thanks Alan
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