1. G

    USA LED bulb safety

    Hi all. We're going to be replacing some edison bulbs in our patio with LED lights. I'm not very familiar with safety when it comes to LED's. This article from LED Lights Unlimited was pretty good about checking the bulbs and wiring, but I'm interested in knowing how they'll do outside this...
  2. D

    Safety painting around overhead cables

    I need to paint the house woodwork. I have an overhead power supply which is attached to the corner of the house tied (I really hope) into the wall though the fascia and gable barge board. I think the supply cable probably dates from the 1980’s. So can I ask for any advice on how to paint...
  3. B

    Looking for safety advice regarding cooker

    Hi. I pulled out my cooker today to clean under it and i noticed what looks like a scorch mark. I've never noticed it before and just want to be sure it doesn't spell trouble. I've attached a pic. Thanks for any advice.
  4. T

    Health and safety assignment.

    Hello , I'm struggling with the "Health and safety assignment detached house refurbishment pre attendance test version 4" and need help as I am loosing my mind .... Failed online 4 times and dozens of books read most over and over wondering what and where am I going wrong as they just msg FAILED...
  5. S

    Safety Boots / Shoes

    I have some steel toe capped boots but the can be a tad cumbersome so as these where discounted down to £30 I picked up a pair today. Looks good and they seem comfortable so far and at least I don't look like a CFC Shed boy in boots coloured like Timberlands...
  6. P

    New kitchen electrical safety question

    I've just had a new kitchen fitted and the installer came out several months ago before work was due to start and checked out what needed doing and at that time he never advised me that I needed extra power plugs. He started the work last week and advised me that I would need to purchase a 5...
  7. J

    Water heater safety

    Hi. please can you tell me if i use a 45a 30ma. or 45a 300ma. for an instant water heater 9.8kw. Many thanks
  8. Moaz

    Set3/001 Safety. LOADS OF QUESTIONS??

    hi guys, i've recently got a ton of questions from a course i'm doing. Anyone willing to help?
  9. N

    Safety and part p questions

    hi I’m new to self employed domestic (having done my apprenticeship and time in industry with a utility supplier) so looking for a little guidance on the below..... Got asked to look at an Rcbo tripping issue. Called in for an initial look. Nothing seemed obviously wrong so as to cause the...
  10. G

    Health and safety and risk assessment for one man band

    Morning all I know the questions probably been asked a lot. Basically I done some work for a company last month and put my invoice in at the start of last month now there asking for health and safety policy and risk assessment. What's the score being a one man band solo trader.
  11. O

    Electrical Safety Council - Best Practice Guides

    For the use of lots of people on here who aren't aware of these: Best Practice Guides | Electrical Safety First - Look in particular at No 1 as it covers lots of useful information such as regarding changing...
  12. S

    Please advise me on safety of loose plug

    Hi, I'm not an electrician or anything of the sort but I'm hoping to just get some quick advice. In moving my bed I accidentally somehow pulled the faceplate of a plug socket loose so now it's at an angle. I won't be able to get in touch with my landlord until the morning so I'm hoping someone...
  13. bigspark17

    Generic health and safety policy

    Does any one have or know where to buy a generic h&s policy document, ideally an edidable pdf version. Its worth a “like” ;) if you do :)
  14. A

    Domestic Attaching 13A plug on 20A appliance safety

    Hello everyone, I hope this is the correct forum to post this. I am an amateur tinkerer with no formal training in electrical engineering and I’m just looking for some information and advice on how to safely wire up and use some appliances. I have recently bought a hobbyist TIG inverter welder...
  15. Iain Kay

    Is this installation considered acceptable today? (1-ring including oven and everything else)

    Looking for some advice on what I've discovered is the electrics situation in my rental property. I'll note that before I moved in here I made the Letting agents (LA) more than aware I use an absolute -----ton of power. I told them I can and will be pulling 2,000-4,000 kWh a quarter (with gas...
  16. Spoon

    Safety rules banning shorts on site during hot weather...

    I think I might try this for the office.... I already have the outfits from the weekends.... As all us men have... Ingenious brickies wear summery skirts and dresses to get around health and safety rules | Daily Mail Online -...
  17. R

    Domestic Safety advice- caught a wire drilling?

    Hi all, I drilled a hole to fit a new cooker hood and had no shock etc when drilling. When I was cleaning the hole out to put the rawl plug in I got a small tingle (no smoke, spark, bang etc). Is it possible I've nicked a wire or just come close to one? I used a metal/ voltage finder and...
  18. T

    Non-Electrician Need Safety Advice

    Hi. Yesterday I got electrocuted when getting out of one of those inflatable Lay-Z Spas and had to go to hospital. I am fine, thank goodness, but I am now trying to address this with Bestway who manufacture these products. They asked me to take photos of the set up I had (plugged directly in to...
  19. H

    Oil pressure safety switch wiring help

    Today I tried my hand at installing a fuel pump relay and oil pressure safety switch, but didn't quite get the result I'm looking for. The fuel pump isn't supposed to run until the oil pressure sensor hits 5 psi, but right now the pump turns the second I hook the ground cable up on the battery...
  20. kkkkk

    Fibreglass insulation safety

    Hi guys What do people find is the best protection against horrible fibreglass insulation - I always seem to be left coughing and itching!!!? I do wear safety gear, but nothing seems to be 100%. :)
  21. R

    City & Guilds 9848-51 Certificate in High Voltage Operational Safety

    Hi, has any one done the City & Guilds 9848-51 Certificate in High Voltage Operational Safety my boss wants me to be the site SAP, is this the course for it?
  22. T

    Electrical safety certificate and downlights

    Hi, If a house is fitted with non-fire rated downlighters between the ground and first floor back when this was common, should they need to be replaced before the property could get a safety certificate? Cheers, Tom
  23. mattg4321

    Safety Trainers - 20

    Time for some new ones. Whats everyone using? I've had 2 pairs of Dewalt Cutter trainers which are comfortable and last relatively well, but need regular glueing on the toe piece/sole to keep it peeling away from the upper! Quite frustrating as this happens within a few months of buying...
  24. Pete999

    13Amp plug check card Electrical Safety First

    Anyone want one of these FOC only got one spare, first come first served PM your address and I'll pop onee in the post,( Only 1 left ) UK plug pin gauge -
  25. louislouis

    Professional Advice needed Re. Condemned Wiring

    Hello Electricians I'm after some general but professional advice, figured this forum would be a good place to ask and would really appreciate some help. My ex-partner recently mentioned in conversation they had an electrician round to look at changing some light fittings for ascetic reasons...
  26. P

    Looking for safety advice for newbie

    hi I hope someone can help. I only know the basics of electricity so I play it safe when I am wiring something. I just hope someone can tell me if this is safe. I want to install a single socket in my loft so have decided to buy 3 core flex and wire it to a plug top with a 13 amp fuse (plugged...
  27. E

    health and safety at work

    this man was relatively unknown to me till today, from what ive seen he seems a bit on the mental side i know there is folk that ---- and moan about health and safety but can see why access equipment is all the rage nowadays i refuse to go up ladders if the building is above 2 stories...
  28. the pict

    Health and safety policy, finger wagging another BS

    I need to have one for the next assessment the GOV.UK site has one which is a joke all I have to do is repeat myself over and over basically just entering my name as i am a sole trader does anybody have a suggestion were I can download one that actually makes sense, P
  29. Wez

    Electrical safety concern notification for dummies

    Hi guys. I've recently purchased a new property and the following notice was left for me. Does anyone have the right lexicon to explain this to a complete novice? As a side note, My oven always trips the fuse box and doesn't work, yet all the other electrical circuits are fine - could this be...
  30. M

    HELLO! How to know how much you uk socket can take?

    pretty self explanatory, just need to know how many watts I can pull from each plug as I'm going to be using a fair amount on extension leads.
  31. K

    Socket added in loft to lighting circuit - unearthed

    I recently had CCTV installed and the contractor installed a plug socket in my loft, spurred from the lighting circuit - which is unearthed. He added a four-plug extension lead to take the plugs for the four cameras. Is this safe? Or should I be concerned? Many thanks for any advice and help. Karen
  32. reddwarf4ever

    Builder safety worry

    in 2003 i engaged a builder to extend my property. 1-when I asked for 3 light switches to control 1 light, it took him a week to find out how to do it....he ran multiple cables , just in case, until he found out how it should be done... 2-he fitted a consumer unit, but immediately it kept...
  33. Dave Jenkins

    Asked to provide an Electrical Installation Certificate after 2 years as a statement of safety

    Hi all, I've been asked to provide an EIC some two years after the work was completed. I did a cert at the time but the client claimed not to have received it. He now wants a guarantee of electrical safety. OK so no problem getting a copy of the cert. It was a paper version but even so, I did a...
  34. Kenny

    Looking for some safety advice please.

    As someone who knows only enough to be dangerous I have 2 questions that are linked to electrical and was hoping for "yep that's ok" or "omg are you crazy?" to my proposed solutions. I am about to decorate my bathroom and before starting need to tackle a couple of holes in walls. 1. A hole cut...
  35. Midwest

    TripActivator | RCD Fire Safety

    T'was reading this article TripActivator | RCD Fire Safety - http://Copy the content, don't like to in the latest edition of PE. Seems a novel idea, but I can sense our domestic CU's getting bigger, with them and AFDD's
  36. westward10

    Socket failed safety test mate.

    For the last six years we have tested a five pitch caravan park on a farm. First year I rewired between all the meters and switchgear because the Caravan Club rightly condemned it, see pics of my efforts. Only two of the original rcds have been replaced since. This week one of the pitched...
  37. Midwest

    Large Benjamin's health & safety

    Following on from some recent mishaps, I'm sure you've all read about the story of Big Ben being silenced for four years, and some suggesting story it's Health & Safety go mad; Big Ben's bongs to fall silent for four years for repairs | Daily Mail Online -...
  38. S

    A different world - heath and safety nuts look away.

    Last week I went to Moldova doing some work with a charity on people's houses. Nothing electrical, mainly painting, fitting false ceilings, rendering etc. But I though you might like some of the things I saw..! The local village substation. You can walk up and poke it. During high winds the...
  39. D

    Landlord - Electrical Safety Certificate

    Hi all, I am a tenant in my sister's flat. She is my landlord. She has her official 'Landlord Gas Certificate', which we get checked annually. As far as a 'Landlords Electrical Certificate' goes, she did not have one. So we decided to get a registered, reputable local electrician in, to issue...
  40. B

    BS7671 & Fire Safety Building Control Approved

    Hi, Just need some advice. bs7671 Says about cabling above head height, in ceilings etc. must be in tray above route of escape...... So if you come across cabling which isn't in tray or tied up or Round band up - would you leave it or fix it? Does it say anything about what you need to use to...
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