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  1. B

    Help needed assessing a light replacement quote for a lift

    Our building has a lift where one of the lights burned out and our building management got a £479 quote from a lift management company for fitting a led replacement.# I took a look at the light bulb and found it's a CFL Philips Master PL-C 18W/830/4P one, available for £3.80. I bought one...
  2. A

    Outlets and lights on 15 amp breaker.

    I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I bought a house. I'm mapping the electric circuits. When I got to the living room outlets I had one 20 amp breaker remaining. I turned it off, the living room outlets stayed live. Replaced the breaker, just in case, no change. I turned off each breaker, one by...
  3. P

    Security Lights Information Needed

    I'm the Security Manager on a mine site in Sierra Leone. We have to fit LED floodlights to the perimeter to light up the site, so that you will be able to at least see any intruders moving around at night, and if possible, identify them as well. The mine is an underground mine/decline, but the...
  4. B

    Lights not working

    Hi I changed out a light fixture. The breaker box was unmarked so I had to flip a few before finding the correct one. After I was done lights in another part of the house aren’t working. All the breakers are in the on position. There is one gfci breaker that I reset. I’m lost on why some...
  5. M

    UK Outside lights

    Hi. This may have been asked over and over again but just looking for a straight answer if there is one. So my plan, install 2 lights near my front door. Am pretty confident with house electrics and did a college course some years ago on the basics so my idea is. Convert a single socket to a RCD...
  6. J

    Sidelight problem

    Good morning, ive just bought a Suzuki carry, which has a problem, the side,rear and panel lights only come on when the right hand indicator is activated any thoughts would be helpful.
  7. S

    Creating a dual/double ended cord for two hanging lights

    I have two beautiful hanging lights and need to install them in new house. They have pull cord sockets but the cords are now to short. We have replaced the cords before, so that is not a problem but I would like to wire both cords into one electrical plug, like this: Collections Etc Double...
  8. D

    Citroen c4 Grand Picasso Drl’s

    Have a 2012 c4 Grand Picasso and noticed recently that the bright drl’s aren’t working but they work as dimmed side lights, checked configuration menu to make sure they are on which they are selected. Wondered what the problem is, could it be a faulty relay? Or is it something else? thanks in...
  9. S

    Security lights upgrade

    Hi We've just moved in to a new house and it's got 3 outdoor security lights in the back garden. I've tried to trace the wiring back inside but I cannot find where it goes other than finding the ring that it's on. The plug (if there is one) could very well could be hidden under the attic...
  10. D

    3 lights, 2 switch panel, and no clue

    I'm trying to help an older neighbor that bit off more than he can chew. It was a two switch light panel that controlled a shower light(one switch) and also a closet light and overhead light(both tied to the 2nd switch). He removed the existing switch panel in an attempt to change which lights...
  11. T

    LED Lights starting to flash

    Hi , I installed led downlights in a new build house about 3 months ago. They are not gu10 but the kind where the lamp is part of the fitting. Saxby Orbitalpro cct 1p65 9Watt to be precice. In the last month or so i have had to change 6 of them as they started flashing on and off .I replaced...
  12. T

    UK Bathroom lights not up rated or rcd protected

    Hi everyone just wondering what action everyone would take with this situation. I came to a house to look at a downlight that wasn't working above a bath it was not up rated and the circuit had no rcd protection being on an old wylex board with plug in mcb's. I told them that the fittings were...
  13. B

    No lights in two upstairs room

    Customer says the lights in two upstairs rooms have stopped working. I’ve checked the wall switches in both rooms and there is power to both but both wires in switch are showing current, operating the switches makes no difference? The rooms both have downlights so no ceiling roses to check, my...
  14. H

    Canister lights from 1985, bulbs burn out WAY too early

    I have some canister lights in our bathrooms where incandescent, CFL, and LED all burn out too quick. We used to have the problem with canisters in our living room but had them replaced many years ago and they seem good now. So I was thinking I might need to replace the canisters in the...
  15. P

    Lights in led bathroom cabinet not working. Any idea what to do

    Led Lights in bathroom cabinet not working, any idea what to do
  16. D

    Hyundai dhy12500se Generator Issues with 1000w MH Lights

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could pass on some much needed help. The local rugby club have just built a floodlit area to use for training on. It consists of 3 12m columns with 1 Philips 1000w metal halide floodlight on each column with running gear etc with in the columns. The power comes...
  17. M

    Upstairs lights out

    Hoping to get some troubleshooting advice in case this is straight forward, before calling a professional. I have googled but a bit unsure of next steps The upstairs ceiling lights in my house are out. I had went to turn on light in upstairs bedroom and i'm sure the light flashed on for a quick...
  18. N

    Why would spike lights trip an MCB as if a dead short is present ?

    Just finished installing 20 x spike lights in a customers front garden. 2.5mm SWA ran from existing junction box feeding existing fence lights. All pulling no where near 1A in total. When all connected and wiring tested, went to switch on MCB and it popped. Rendering the MCB useless as if L-N...
  19. peter le grand

    Very dim light on all lights on all breakers

    I am living in Thailand and just last night at my house, I have a little electricity on all oulets. The result is that if I switch a light on that it lights up around 5 to 10% of normal brightness. It also fluctuates. This happens on any light on any of the circuit breakers. There is one circuit...
  20. Z

    MCB trips ONLY when open in one go all lights together

    I have about 50 led spot lights + more light , all together is about 400w if I open them all in one go together, then the MCB [=6 am] trips immediately, but if I open them one by one I have no problems at all ! I tried to replace the MCB with another 6am and it did the same, but when i replace...
  21. R

    Lights Out

    During a heavy rainstorm in the evening, all lights and plugs went out in the living room, adjacent foyer and 3 outside lights (1 near the front door and 2 garage carriage lights). Everything else worked normally. Next day I did some trouble shooting. No breakers tripped. I checked voltage...
  22. S

    Ceiling grid panels which drop below the ceiling grid

    I am replacing in ceiling grid lights with LED panels, but the metal tiles drop below the grid rather than inside it, so the LED panels will be semi-recessed I don't think the client is going to be happy about this so I was wondering if there is a light which drops below the grid by 10mm to keep...
  23. B

    Outside EM lights control

    Hi can anyone do an outside lights wiring diagram for me please, Outside EM maintained lights All be on 1 circuit EM key switch for EM lights function Contactor Photocell for EM standard use Override for EM standard use Thanks
  24. O

    LED lights have stopped working in filament fitting but have not blown

    Hi there, I've had LED bulbs in a filament fitting for the last year where they've worked fine. Suddenly they've stopped working but the bulbs themselves have not blown and filament light bulbs work in the filament fitting. I would rather use LEDs so can anyone suggest what the issue might be...
  25. S

    UK Wiring emergency lights

    Hi Guys, how would you wire three gang two way switch for emergency lights so you have 3 feeds coming to the switch aswell as 3, 3 core and earth going to the light aswell as 3, 3 core and earth being strappers to the others 3 gang two way switch new to electrics so help would be appreciated cheers
  26. B

    Flickering lights - bad dimmer?

    I have an Elko 315 GLE dimmer rated for 20-300W controlling two ceiling lamps. Before they used to be lamps with fixed LEDs, but they were flickering a bit and eventually one of them broke, so I replaced both lamps with IKEA Årstid which take 3 x E27 LED bulbs each. I used some cheap 5.5 W...
  27. E

    USA Adding two lights to an existing 3-way switch?

    Current situation: Great room is greatly deprived of light in one-half of the room. Solution: Add two recessed lights to the current figuration. I'm not sure how exactly to connect the new lights to the existing lights. I have seen where some explain to connect directly to one light and not...
  28. S

    UK Ceiling lights help 😳

    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum, I was looking at a flat the other day which is beautiful, apart from these lights in the kitchen😩 , and for such a modern flat I don't understand why they were put in in the first place and also why they are not centred and why is there a lonesome pendant light...
  29. L

    UK Converting single pendant to downlights

    Hi guys, Wanting to replace single pendant for 5 downlights in dining room, there's no loop in/out at the switch or pendant so I'm guessing there a junction box somewhere for all the lighting on ground floor, i was thinking of taking pendant and using it as the first DL using robus quick fit...
  30. G

    Hardwiring under cabinet lights

    Hi all, I want to add some under cabinet LED’s to the kitchen and hardwire them to a light switch. We had our kitchen newly fitted out sometime back and the electrician has already wired to a spare switch we have and left the other end of the wire in a junction box on top of the cabinets. This...
  31. Chizzle

    Out door cable for lights

    Hey guys Would like recommendations on what type of cable you guys would run for outdoor lights which are covered by a porch ceiling. ( if that makes sense ) The cable would be clipped direct. Would you guys recommend pond wire which is water proof or SWA or even normal flex wire ?? Thanks
  32. M

    Domestic RCD trips when street lights come on, but ...

    Hello everyone, This is my first thread, and with English as a second language, I hope I can get you all trough my post without losing anybody. So, as the title states - my current problem is as follows; My neighbors just moved into their newly built house. One big house, separated into two...
  33. meisy#

    How to connect fluorescent lights?

    All fluorescent lights in this house (230V) are connected "1 switch - 1 light". So I have no where to get inspiration how to connect second fluorescent light. Could I do this?
  34. A

    LED Lights - Transformer and Lights getting very hot

    Hi All Help... I have a strip of SMD 5050 LED lights - plugged in to a 12v transformer - and both (the LEDs and Transformer) get very very hot to touch. They take about an hour to slowly get up to the high temp - and sit there at that high temperature. The strip has been cut from a 5m length -...
  35. P

    No 1st floor lights

    I had an intermittent fault where the RCD tripped, it started around 2 months ago after removing a light for decorating, however the RCD has reset for periods since. Last Friday it tripped and now won’t reset, the bulbs are all ok. We have had an electrician out today for a few hours to...
  36. Doomed

    undershelf lights activation

    Client wants a close proximity activation switch to turn on thier kitchen undershelf lights, so they just wave thier hand under one end of the cupboards to turn them on / off. As it will be surface mounted on the underside of the cupboard I would like to find something small, discrete and short...
  37. L

    Adding wall lights

    Hi chaps, I'm wanting to add a couple of wall lights in my dining room, which currently only has a single pendant which is wired through a junction box some where, now do wall lights require a neutral? If so what's the easiest way to get a neutral to switch? I know I will have to swap the...
  38. The apprentice

    ansell LED lights

    ansell high bay LED x 9 250 watt each b16 or c 16 ? breaker
  39. peter le grand

    Pulsing lights

    In my house at night some of the lights sometimes go slowly on and off and then stay dark for a while and again go on and off. Teach on off is about 1 second. They don't go on full, just a little but clear enough. The lights I have are all leds. The setup is that they are connected to a hybrid...
  40. J

    Domestic 24v Garden fence lights - series or parallel??

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get a little advice on a small project I plan to carry out over the next few weeks. I plan to install 10x 6w GU10 LED bulbs (fitted inside some suitable outdoor light boxes) on each fence post along a 30 metre garden fence, the lights will be powered...
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