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  1. L

    Outdoor lights and sockets

    Hi, I’ve been asked to install some outdoor sockets and lights for a decking area where a hot tub is being put in. There is a garage which has a 2.5mm armoured cable into a fused spur with the load side feed garage lights on a 3a fuse and the supply side feeding some garage sockets. I was...
  2. O

    Connecting 2 pir lights to work together

    Hi, I want to install 2 led pir floodlights directly from consumer unit and for them to work together when either sensor is set off. Can I run a cable to the first light (L,N,E) and then from the first light to the second light the same (L,N,E) and then run another cable from L1 to L1 on either...
  3. R

    Problems installing lights

    Hello, So i have this light hps 400 Watt, that i took from a selling place on a cheap price. But im facing problems installing it. Its faelluce jet1 ip55 E 40
  4. L

    LED Lights Flash and go off - not tripping

    I've put some new post lamps outside, onto existing wiring. They are setup as follows Switch > L1 > L2 > L3 > L4 > L5 > L6. Cabling was already in and is concreted in so it wasn't really viable to replace. All 230V. The new lights are LED 6W instead of the old 60W halogens, so the draw should...
  5. The_apprentice2.0

    Colour changing down lights?

    Hello Everyone, Got a small job in the pipe line (fitting 6 down lights), made the mistake of asking the client does she want warm white or cool white. To which she responded she wants them multi colored, controlled from a remote and not her phone. I've came across similar on my travels but...
  6. P

    2 double switches for 2 hallway lights

    I've got 2 double switches to wire for 2 hallway lights. Each switch has cable connecting to one light then cable between the 2 backboxes, which says strap on it. How do I wire the double switches so they can turn each light on and off?
  7. J

    Bypass Motion Sensor - Add Switch to Lights?

    Hi. I'm looking to add motion sensors to 2 or 3 floodlights. I want to be able to use a switch to bypass the sensors and leave the lights on. (Please note that I'm not interested in the ON-OFF-ON type of action.) As the attached diagram shows, I believe I'll have to run a black wire directly...
  8. dlt27

    Faulty external lights Help Needed

    Hi All, thanks for any advice. I fitted some spike lights about 12 months ago in a customers garden and also some in my own (14 in total). Last October customer phoned to say lights were tripping RCD and when I investigated it turned into a nightmare. It was my fault partly because I...
  9. M

    Outdoor pir lights

    I have one outdoor light with a pir, can I just add another pir light to the same switch and run the cable to that one ?
  10. S

    Replacing lights in a 2009 d22 navara instrument cluster

    I have no idea if its possible to replace the lights in my i strument cluster
  11. E

    Outside lights

    Hi, I’m a qualified electrician but off the tools now. I was giving a neighbour a little advice for lights in his drive. Advised to run armoured to locations for lights and PIR. He had another spark round for a look and price to connect cables up and install the lights. I advised to make...
  12. Morris19911

    No. Lights calculation?

    Hello guys after some tips, what's your methods for how many downlights or regular lights you need for a room, do you use the lumen method from osg or any other method? I found this website: LIGHTING DESIGN BY LUMEN METHOD( WITH EXAMPLES): -...
  13. L

    Emergency Lighting With Normal Lights

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. How would you go about operating normal lights with a maintained fitting ? eg, one maintained bulkhead and 4 Downlight's. A key switch with a separate 1 gang light switch next to it. The light switch to operate the bulkhead and...
  14. R

    Hi. I have an outside light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch.

    Hi. I have an outside porch light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch. I have ran 1mm cable from the switch line and neutral & earth to the new light and continued that to the 2nd new light. When I switch the...
  15. F

    Help with hall/landing lights

    Hi all, I have a 2 gang switch in the hallway and landing. The hall switch turns on/off hall and landing lights. The landing switch only turns on/off landing light. Hall switch has 2 wires, 2 core n 3 core. Landing switch has 3 wires, 2 x 2 core and a 3 core. Hall rose has one 2 core wire...
  16. G

    2 groups of light on 1 PIR

    Did a search but couldnt find any answer please forgive me if this has already been covered. So im looking to install 2 groups of outdoor lights 1. To illuminate the patio area 2. To illuminate along the path I am planning to wire each group through a centre off grid switch and would like to...
  17. littlespark

    Power consumption of emergency lights

    This question comes about through a query from my mother. Her church has been closed, rightly so, for the past 6 weeks. She pops in for cleaning etc. She has noticed that the electric meter has gone up roughly 12 units each week. Without taking a special trip over, I’ve tried asking her what...
  18. 4

    The home we own has 4 exterior light. We bought new fixtures to replace the original outside lights. It appears three of the fixtures have recessed ol

    What type of dremel oscillating blade should I use top notch out a recess in house brick, for a 31/2" electrical box?
  19. G

    LED flex Strip lights fixings?

    Hi quick question, I need to removed some LED tape lights I fitted under my kitchen cabinets a while ago in order to fit some profiles. The adhesive they originally came with is not sticky enough to reattach them. Does anyone have any suggestions what to use? Thanks in advance Graeme
  20. J

    Strip lights. Connecting sections together

    Excuse a basic question. But just wondering on people's suggestions for installing LED strip lights under cabinets attached. On both the left and right cabinets there is an existing light. Guy wants replaced with strip lights. There will be three sections, one for left side and two for right...
  21. F

    what type of armoured cable for outside sockets & lights

    hi all, i was directed to this forum by my neighbor seeking some advice and help at present, I'm having my front garden dug out so I can make a driveway for my mobility car. i was wondering, one day I will be getting an electric car, so if I have opportunity to lay cable now before they put...
  22. O

    240v DC! led strip lights

    A client asked me to fit some LED strip lights, 1m long, easy enough, they bought them, probably on Amazon, 3 pin plug with 6 inches of wire and then a very small plastic enclosure about the size of a switch, then another 6 inches of wire directly into the strip lighting. I needed to extend the...
  23. C

    I was screwing a lightswitch back into the wall when suddenly a bang and the lights tripped, I assume I hit a live wire? Can anyone shed some light?

    I was screwing a lightswitch back into the wall when suddenly a bang and the lights tripped, I assume I hit a live wire? Can anyone shed some light on what happened?
  24. D

    The breaker on the right trips after anything from 30 seconds to an hour. I have only two led lights on this circuit

    The breaker on the right trips after anything from 30 seconds to an hour. I have only two led lights on this circuit. Can anyone please help? Source URL: DIY Electrical Forum -
  25. G

    How to wire a beer pump with LED lights

    Hi, I have got my hands on some beer pumps, the come with LED lights built in but Im not sure on how to power them, wires from the LED going into what looks liske a black box with capacitors in it then another purple and orange wire coming out of that to where id supply it, is it as...
  26. G

    DIY upgrade lights to LED in room converted to office

    I rent an old property so need to minimise any changes to it. My office is a large room (6m x 7m) with a single bayonet pendant light socket which eats thru 100W bulbs and as I get older I'm finding that there is insufficient light. So I purchased some LED light panels to install over my desk...
  27. R

    How to get my ambient surround to work?

    Hi, I have a Ford Fiesta mk8. I brought some ambient surrounds 3 for my car expecting they may work as on the website it states it only works on the st fiesta. I wired the positive and negative direct to the battery as stated, I then wired the indicator cable to the right and left indicators...
  28. C

    EICR code for sockets on an upstairs lights

    Hi guys hope you’re doing ok with all this going on. Anyway recently I was doing an EICR for a family member and to my amazement came across 5 upstairs sockets that were connected to the upstairs lighting circuit. The properties wiring looked quite on the older side but there was a new amendment...
  29. V

    One side parking lights not working

    Hi! I'm new user on the forum and I own a MK3 Ford Focus estate(2013). Recently though my Focus developed a problem, which I have not yet found a solution to. I own a left hand drive car and my driver side parking lights (1 in front, 1 in the back on body and 1 on the tailgate) are not...
  30. G

    Bulkhead lights?

    Morning All, Im hoping somebody can help, I’m looking to fit some bulkhead lights (2) on my bbq area adjacent to the house. The plan is to take the power off the ring in the kitchen via a fused spur run 2.5tw cable through the wall and into plastic conduit to a knightsbridge 3 port outdoor...
  31. G

    2 way lights

    Hi, I’m a little confused, I’ve just swapped a 2 g 2 way switch in the hall which controls the hall and landing lights. I thought I’d rewired it exactly the same way but clearly not. The switch works correctly controlling the the hall and landing lights, however the upstairs switch which has not...
  32. M

    I have a lamona hja2450 this morning the lights on the hob fan blew, I have changed the bulbs and no look, the extractor fan is still working fine

    Does anybody no what else I can do to help rectify the lighting issues. I have tried moving the contacts for the bulbs but no joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  33. B

    Collingwood FL05 Lights

    Hi, I've just had two Collingwood FL05 garden lights fitted professionally by an electrician. They don't appear to be working however, or at least as I would expect. The PIR turns the light on during daylight. I would expect that they should only turn on when it is dark. Is this correct? Many...
  34. J

    Lights Blinking - 2 Lights on a single switch

    Hi there. I'm looking for some help- hopefully an easy one. I have 2 lights on a single switch. The lights are connected back to a 2 gang 2 way switch which has another set of lights that are switched to the 2nd switch. I've moved the location of one of the 2 lights by extending the cable...
  35. C

    CollinWood garden lights

    summers coming so deciding to re do the decking in the garden anyone got any pics of the colinwood GL050 and GL019 installed and working just to see what the beam spread is like etc ? ta
  36. D

    Fit a downlight into soffit but wasn't wood!

    I drilled into a soffit to fit a downlight. The soffit wasn't wood, growing a bit concerned it's asbestos. Few questions: 1. If it's not wood, what other building material could it be? It's a thin, dry almost plasterboard like sheet. 2. If it were asbestos, would sticking the downlight in the...
  37. G

    changing kitchen lights to LED's

    Hi I want to change my kitchen down-lights to LED's, I have 12 down-lights, 6 on one dimmer switch and 6 on another dimmer , I have tried dimmable LED's in 6 of the lights but they are just flickering, do I need to change the dimmer switches and the transformers to make these work. Transformer...
  38. K

    Citroen C5 2003 , Extra lights pulling current from trailerplug with ignition and lights off

    Hi, I have encountered a weird problem on my Citroen C5 2003. I have installed two reversing lights on my car which is connected to the Rear foglights on the trailer contact. I have recently been experiencing that when the car is left for 3-4 days without driving it that the battery is too low...
  39. I

    Dual Battery set up and powering lights

    Hello All, My Daughter is an apprentice carpenter and we have fit her van out with insulation, covered the walls with painted MDF and made some storage boxes, that she can put a mattress on for camping. We have run 240v LED string lights in the roof panel and now want to power those lights and...
  40. 7

    3 of 6 GX24Q-4-pin type pots lights went out together any ideas?

    3 of the 6 lights run by the same switch went out at the same time. Tried new bulbs, switching bulbs that worked no go. When the switch is off and I go to insert a new bulb it will flash on momentarily. Are these controlled by some type of ballast? Thanks
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