1. G

    Spot lights gu 10 240v

    I have 9 spot lights in kitchen gu10 running 240v and 4 have stopped working. I have gone in the loft and they seem to be in two loops one with 5 on and one with 4 on both comming from junction box as pictured. There are 2 wires comming in to the box as pictured. Only the 5 one has power but the...
  2. Richardcavell

    Am I buying the right lights?

    Hi. 1. I want to install a light for the tiny foyer of my apartment. I’m thinking of installing it on the wall. Does this one look good? Also, how does it install? Do I need to buy anything else? The first video is of my foyer. Cloud Satin Copper effect Ceiling light | DIY at B&Q -...
  3. RagingGinger96

    flickering lights/ burning wire smell

    Figure I'd ask here for advice. House was built in the 70s. Recently I was running the dishwasher and noticed the lights in the kitchen flicker and smelled a burning wire smell. So I stopped the dishwasher but the lights continued to flicker for a while. I've narrowed the flickering down to the...
  4. N

    Quinetic & flood lights

    Afternoon all I’ve just hooked up a couple of quinetic switches (one being the in line built-in receiver, QURS1W) to a (Vtac) 50w LED floodlight and part of the array remains dimly lit when it is switched off. Now it more than meets the minimum wattage (5w) so i’m assuming it’s a simple...
  5. B

    LED Strip Ceiling Lights

    Hi All, I am redecorating my bedroom and would like to create that LED strip lighting effect as uplighters from the coving. That is probably not the technical term, but sure you know what I mean (see attached picture as rough examples of what I am trying to re-create). And yes, I know it is a...
  6. S

    Wiring lights on exposed beam in flex

    Hi all, I'd like to replace some MR16 halogen fittings on an exposed wooden beam to new GU10 fittings which I will be fitting led lamps into. The current fittings are wired in 2 core flex as they're only 12v, can't see a problem with that. For the new lights I'm planning on using black 3 core...
  7. Mypyh4ooo

    Daisy chain garden spike lights

    Hi all, I am after some help in regards to the below. I have had my garden lights in for around 2 years now and working without any issues. There are 6 spike lights wired to a 3 pin plug each and plugged into an extension lead within a weatherproof outdoor box. The extension lead is then...
  8. J

    Two 3 way switches, 1 reg, too many "extra" wires and zero working kitchen lights. (Picture Inside)

    Hey guys. Embarrassed to say but I've been living here for almost 5 years now and I've never had my kitchen lights working properly. Can someone possibly help me with some advice to wire these in properly? The other day I switched out all my old plug in outlets and light switches for new...
  9. acursi15

    Instrument cluster lights not working

    My 2003 Toyota Echo has two back lights in the instrument cluster. One of the lights would flicker if I hit a bump or something. I swapped the lights, meaning I put the bad light in the good light's place and vice versa, to help determine if it was an issue with the bulb or something else. The...
  10. B

    Ceiling fixture has only 2 out of 3 lights working

    Hi, I have replaced my ceiling fixture. The previous one had one light bulb and now I have put one that has 3 light bulbs. The problem that I have is that only 2 light bulbs are working. It was one light previously but since I have replaced the switch I've miraculously got 2 out of 3 working...
  11. F

    Wiring lights neutral

    Hello folks I am attempting to wire some new Down-lights in my new house , I have wired a few sets up before in previous home however the cables going into my ceiling rose seem to be missing live cables and not like the standard Twin & earth i have connected before . I can see that there is a...
  12. O

    UK Correct lights to go into MDF shelving?

    Hey guys! I'm a bit curious the correct lighting to fit recessed in some MDF shelving. I've fitted normal spotlights before with relative ease, although I'm cautious as I will only have a 6cm gap and obviously the material is combustible. Anyone recommend anything? Cheers :)
  13. timhoward

    Emergency Lights are starting to really annoy me

    A slight rant. Having just finished a spate of commercial EICRs I really can't understand why we tolerate these wretched things: 1 - I now expect there not to be a continuous CPC on emergency lighting circuits. The odds of someone losing the fight with the spring-loaded twin-terminal and...
  14. Masonr15

    Cigarette port lights

    If I have two caution lights for my car that are powered by the cigarette port on my car and I leave them on when I turn my car off how long till my battery dies.
  15. LewisM

    Triangle Under cupboard lights

    Hello, can anybody recommend some triangle under cupboard lights if pre wired preferably a 2-3m flex
  16. S

    Plaster in down lights

    Hi all, I are well..? I am hoping one of you super heroes can point me to the right supplier... A customer of mine would like plaster in down lights and already has some in one room (done by another firm). The recessed bit of the baffle measures 50mm across (approx)... Would anyone...
  17. glias3

    Adding new hardwire lights

    My living room has insufficient lighting, I don't know anything about electrical stuff, and I'm just looking for advice on how to get started in planning this out: I would like to add hardwire lighting to the space at some point (ceiling light, sconces) where there is currently none... Do I ask...
  18. timhoward

    Class 2 car park lights SWA badly installed

    I’m wavering a bit on this one. RCD then B10 breaker. 1.5 sq mm 3 core SWA. That runs underground in ducting, then up and feeds about 10 LED class 2 lights, with cable cleated to the wall, then under again in ducting and about 5 more lights with cable again cleated to the wall. Now the thing...
  19. B

    Why lights are all beginning to flicker, basement now upstairs bathroom light is slowly beginning to

    Taped a cracked light socket and it worked but was dim thought tightening the tape would help but it started rapidly flickering with a buzzing noise didn't use that light again, now two more lights are flickering without the buzzing, and it's starting to flicker In the upstairs bathroom without...
  20. T

    Wiring wall lights, which is live and neutral?

    I have new two new wall light fittings to mount and have three cables coming out of the wall. Earth, live and neutral. The light fitting only has live and neutral. How do I identify which cable is live and which is neutral? Both of the cables are covered in black sheathing, so it's impossible...