1. James

    Upstairs lights blown

    About a week ago when I turned on the bedroom light (loft conversion) there was a BANG from the light fitting right up in the vaulted ceiling. All the lights in that room are now off and it also affects a second light on the stairs fed from the same 2 gang switch. we have an old rewritable...
  2. M

    Emergency lights ctu

    Hello, I have emergency lights that require a ctu. They are a mixture of non maintained and maintained. Do I need a contactor and a ctu? If so how do I go about wiring this? Thanks
  3. Paratus

    Trouble wiring outside lights

    I'm trying to replace two outside lights. This is something I've done several times but I'm losing my mind on this. I have to lights side by side in parallel. I'll refer to the first spot as #1 (it's on the right) and then #2 (on the left) is where the line ends. I had an old basic light on #2...
  4. MissingBeeGee

    UK Lights wired into central heating circuit ? Is this safe ?

    I recently moved into a flat to find that my top floor main light is wired into central heating circuit, along with bathroom towel rail . As a result the light only works if the immersion heater , boost or central heating is on ! Aside from being ridiculous and extremely inconvenient in summer...
  5. S

    Why are me ceiling lights doing this?

    Hi all, does anyone know why my living ceiling lights have started to do this? Their LED lights linked to a dimmer, and have worked for the last couple of years since I moved into the place. Is this something that I can fix myself or should I leave it to the pros?
  6. J

    Disconnecting old mirror with lights

    Hi. Recently moved into a property and want to remove this from the bathroom? Is there a safe way I can do this myself? I'm only going to fill and paint the wall so want to ideally disconnect and place back in wall and cover up. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. S

    No power to post lights

    There is no power to post lights outside. Nothing is tripped at the box. They stopped working a few weeks ago.
  8. N

    Turning 2 hallway lights into 2 spot lights, not working :( Help Please

    Hi, I have 2 hallway lights that switch on together (used to before I got my hands on them). I am trying to install 2 spot lights. I have added pics of my wiring, which does not work. Pic1 light switches on but wont switch off, Pic2 light wont switch on. Some wires have coloured tape so I have...
  9. dan231

    Kitchen Lights - adding a dimmer

    I have a kitchen light with is wired to the eat-in kitchen area. There are 3 separate switches (back door, hallway, and stairs) that control both lights. I have 2 questions. All 3 switch locations are 2-pole switches. 1. Is it easy/possible to separate these lights to separate switches? 2...
  10. S

    UK Garage Lights Is this Safe

    hi, i am just wondering if i can please ask if the set up below is okay/safe, i've recently had some low voltage led lights installed by a family friend and i just wanted to be on the safe side and ask if the set up is safe at all, (sorry overly cautious) thank you
  11. B

    Outside Column Lights not coming on

    Hi - New DIYer here. Am an engineer and an electrical hobbyist and a general handyman for my own house for all things mechanical and electrical. Last week a friend called me over to check why the lights on his driveway entry posts were not coming on when he changed the bulbs. Both fixtures...
  12. H

    Emergency Lights 30 cm away?

    Does Emergency Lights have to be 30cm away from the light, like heat alarms. These are non maintained self testing illuminators.I got to fix them tomorrow
  13. B

    12v outdoor fairy lights

    details 12v outdoor fairy lights 20m in length, coaxial socket UK 240v plug that with built in 12v 1amp transformer 220v-plug/12v-transformer has cable out with coaxial plug connects with coaxial socket on 20m fairy lights Problem is I want to plug this in far away from the house say...
  14. erkan1

    Ring Doorbell has messed up Downstairs Lights

    I have recently installed a Ring Wired Doorbell, and everything had been working perfectly, however randomly the lights downstairs stopped working. I tried turning them all on and off through the switch board, which sorted out the lights, however the Ring Doorbell is turning on and off and...
  15. bobchiba

    PIR sensors and bulkhead lights

    In my apartment block, our hallway has a mix of LED bulkhead lights (all same brand, 5 of them) some incandescent ones (x4). They are on a circuit with about 4 PIR sensors that span the length of the hallway (they all work, I hear the relays click in each one). When the timer goes, all but 2 of...
  16. S

    Downstairs lights taking very long to light up

    Hi all. My downstairs lights are taking very long to light up after I switch them on….can take 20+ secs for the light to actually light up after pressing the switch. Any idea why and how to resolve this please? Thanks
  17. C

    suggestion for LED Gimbal lights

    I'm looking for a 6" recessed, dimmable, LED bulb (not integrated) no-can ceiling lights, with gimbal, J-box, and able to be in contact with insulation. They are for a vaulted ceiling in a enclosed porch. I'd need about 1000 lumens per light and going to need 8 of them. I would really like a...
  18. sythai

    Recessed stair lights !

    Hi Guys Got new build coming up where they're wanting some low level wall lights for the staircases. Walls are : Concrete block + dot/dab finish. Not done any of these yet that have ever been an easy install ! 😫 Doing some Astro ones on job right now complete ballache with no thought for the...
  19. I

    CDA ECP62SS/2 extractor fan lights

    I've got a CDA ECP62SS/2 extractor fan, can anybody tell me how to remove the lights so I can change the bulb. Also what type of bulb is used in this model. Thank you
  20. G

    Spot lights gu 10 240v

    I have 9 spot lights in kitchen gu10 running 240v and 4 have stopped working. I have gone in the loft and they seem to be in two loops one with 5 on and one with 4 on both comming from junction box as pictured. There are 2 wires comming in to the box as pictured. Only the 5 one has power but the...
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