1. OnlQQker

    Live To The Lights Or Switch (Lighting Circuit)

    So an electrician on a job I was working on took the live lighting cable to the switches and then off to the lights. This was the first time I'd seen this and he said it made it much easier to add more lights to the cable plus tap into it if somebody wanted to put in a 2 gang for an outside...
  2. C

    converting 2 lights and switches to two way

    Hi, i have a kitchen to fit and the customer has asked me to fit 11 downlights. it must have been a kitchen then dining room in the past as they currently they have a one way switch at either door which controls seperate pendant lights. im not to good on two way lighting so wondering if anyone...
  3. D

    supply to brick lights from mains electric gate?

    Hi all I have only recently qualified and would appreciate some advice re wiring PIR brick lights and surface mounted PIR lights on two electric gate posts on either side of sliding gate. My question is can I break into the incoming 230V supply to the gate controller if I use a fcu for lights...
  4. I

    How to dim 4 x 72W panel lights

    Hi, I have 4 x 72W 1200x600mm brite source panel lights and want to know the best way to effectively dim them all together. (ideally by remote control and ideally cost effectively!) each panel has 2 x 36W standard drivers to drive them and I wanted to replace these with something which will...
  5. J

    2 Lights one feed

    Hi, I need a bit of advice, we have light over the front door which I assume feeds of off the porch light as they come on at the same time. My Saturday job (designated by the wife!) Is to take the outside light off and use the feed for 2 lantern style lights each side of the door. My question...
  6. littlespark

    "Can you come and look at my outside lights?"

    That was the phone call... realism was that mr customer had tried to change his light switches and got a little mixed up. Forgive the ms paint circuit drawing... In truth, the outside light was the only thing that did work.... except it turned the rest of the house on and off as well! The...
  7. buzzlightyear

    taking the down the xmas tree lights down

    Dan can you take the forum light down now and put a Easter one up, lol. before you know it ,it will be pan cake day .
  8. G

    Dimmer switch single pole, no lights

    Hi guys. Sorry for the sad post but I thought this was a simple plug and play... So I have two light switches in my basement living room controlling one light fixture each independently. They are pot lights and too bright so I decided to buy replacement dimmers for both. Again each switch is...
  9. T

    3way light switch, 1 light works 2 don’t help

    Have a 3 way light switch (three separate lights) one light works (middle switch) 2 don’t. Think that the 2 that don’t work shorted out when a multi socket plug was inserted in adjacent room. That plug still works. Anyone got any ideas?
  10. A

    I have bought led truck rear lights, the brake/parking light have 4 wires blue,green, black and red

    The led parking/brake light have 4 wires, black for earth, red for parking, blue for brake and green for flash light. The two lights brake and flash wont work if red wire not connected, so you must switch on park light to get brake light or flash light. What would be the solution to make brake...
  11. K

    USA Misfired Lights

    Hello all, first timer! So the previous owner wired my basement lighting. When I turn on the basement lights from the top of the stair both lights come on. But if I turn them off with the basement switch only one of the two lights go out. Any ideas what he did? Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. J

    Security lights help please

    Hello wondering if anyone can help me. I have 2 LED security lights, each one has their own pir and is wired in sequence. So once light 1 has detected motion, light 2 wont turn on so just a 2 core and earth used so, switched fuse spur, into first junction box with light then onto 2nd(used wiska...
  13. L

    Switching maintained emg lights

    How do i go about wiring maintained emgs that switch on with lighting controlled by a sensor ? There will also be a test kit.
  14. I

    Lost transformer for Christmas lights and need help finding a replacement. Thanks :-)

    Hi I'm not an electrician and have no idea when it comes to electrics. I have some Christmas lights at home and have lost their transformer. Here is the information on the wire: lamp type max 6w (334 x 3v/0.048w) transformer: input 220-240v- 50-60Hz Output:24 Vdc 6VA They are the ones that...
  15. J

    Emergency backup light fail

    Emergency light remained on when power reconnected. Switched to off, now not working. New battery, supply 232v, fuses ok. LED indicators not on Any suggestions, thank you
  16. A

    Dimming lights in one room makes lights in another room flicker

    Hi, I recently did a complete house refub, including entirely new electrical wiring and fuse box. Unfortunately the builders (who supplied their own electrician) turned out to be a bunch of cowboys. They left about a month ago, and today I noticed something very strange in the first floor...
  17. I

    Lights flickering

    Customer has lights on 3 circuits flickering, not all the time. Have checked all connections on the ccu. voltage 242v now at a loss, Any (sensible) suggestions? Geoff
  18. B

    Under-counter halogen lights not working

    Hi, I replaced the transformer for a set of 3 under-counter halogen lights and now they work perfectly. However, when I changed the transformer for another of the exact same set of lights, the lights still don't work. I've tried 2 transformers and I've made sure that they are the right ones for...
  19. R

    UK Please check my logic for upgrade lights project wiring!

    Hi all, I have some outdoor lights, and I want to update the circuit to add a bit more functionality. I have drawn a little picture of what I have now: When we walk past the Outdoor PIR sensor 1, all lights come on, and then go off. This works fine! Now the behaviour I want: Add another...
  20. D

    Recently changed a light switch which controlled 2 lights. Now only 1 light works. Pictures included

    There are 2 sets of lights surrounding my house outside. One set is a single light next to the door, a standard outdoor lamp. The second is a series of spot lights under the roof to the house. There was previously a single light switch in the living room which controlled both sets of lights...
  21. E

    H05RR-F/3183TRS to Outside Lights

    Good afternoon all, I’ve got to fit 2x 20w LED Floodlights this week and just wanted a sanity check before I start. There’s one light up already supplied from the upstairs RFC via a double pole SFCU. Supply goes out into the back of a wiska box which the pre-installed flex of the light glands...
  22. R

    Lap led flood lights weak

    I recently fitted 3 x lap led flood lights . I changed the original halogen flood light and continued to the second and then the third light from the same source. I wired the flood lights with 1.5 armour cable (brown black grey) Using the grey as the earth . Then the main feed had 4 wires...
  23. C

    Lights and sockets on the same circuit

    Ring mains aside, why aren't lights and sockets on the same circuit in the residential UK? And why so rare in Europe? In the US its typical for 15 and 20 amp 120 volt circuits to feed both lights and outlets. Exception is the Kitchen counter top and washing machine- those must have their own...
  24. J

    HELP, lights not functioning properly after consumer unit change

    I changed an old fuse board for a new consumer unit and the lighting for this house was connected in two separate fuses. So I swapped one for one and put them into two 6 amp breakers. Now the light at the bottom of the stairs is permanently on and the light at the top is off. Light at top...
  25. B

    Replacing Orluna lights for GU10 fittings

    Hi, I'm looking for help finding the right product to replace our existing light setup. What I have is pretty much this unit: ORLUNA Detail Mini Recessed Fixed Low Glare downlighter | eBay - I've got some Philips Hue GU10 bulbs and so looking to replace...
  26. N

    Bedroom light when on flashes when other lights in flat switch on

    Hello!! New here experienced in live entertainment engineering. Not confident in home electrics!
  27. L

    LED Lights - electric fire - where to get parts

    Hi all. I am trying to repair a wall mounted electric fire ( glass fronted type with pebbles along the bottom ) Fire itself is working, ie heating Ok and the fan works. Problem is the lights which give the flicker effect have stopped working properly, there are three lights which are on...
  28. T

    Adding LED Lights for Wardrobe

    I am wanting to add some LED lights into my wardrobe shelving. I have seen a few around but I am not sure if they will work to my needs. Basically, each shelf is quite dark and it’s hard to see things clearly, so I want to add lighting to each of them. What I am looking for is when I open the...
  29. D

    Parts for vintage service station lights..

    I have some vintage service station lights similar to the attached photo. However, they don't have any sockets, nor anyway to connect them to the conduit. I've been unable to locate these parts.
  30. littlespark

    Lights not working in fridge freezer

    My sister in law has a Zanussi intelli set fridge freezer... I can’t see the model number. No sticker inside, and I’m not moving it to look behind. She changed the lamps herself, but the lights still don’t come on when the door is opened. I’ve had a quick look, but I don’t see a switch around...
  31. S

    Panel Lights in insulation...

    Does anyone know about how much of a void in insulation is required for lights like these? Putting downlights in a loft conversion and if I install standard size ones I'll be creating some serious cold spots...
  32. C

    DIY Advice - Bathroom lights

    I have 3 LED lights in my bathroom ceiling, and when the cord is pulled these flicker and stay off, or occasionally turn on normally (10% of the time). Having spoken to an electrician I know, I replaced the lamps, however this hasn't helped. Each lamp is attached to it's own transformer - see...
  33. M

    Outside Lights trip RCD

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a recent problem I’ve had on a job. About 5 months ago I installed about 5 outdoor soffit lights from switch inside. All worked perfectly and customer was happy. I’ve recently been called back to the job as the outdoor lights have been...
  34. B

    Help needed assessing a light replacement quote for a lift

    Our building has a lift where one of the lights burned out and our building management got a £479 quote from a lift management company for fitting a led replacement.# I took a look at the light bulb and found it's a CFL Philips Master PL-C 18W/830/4P one, available for £3.80. I bought one...
  35. A

    Outlets and lights on 15 amp breaker.

    I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I bought a house. I'm mapping the electric circuits. When I got to the living room outlets I had one 20 amp breaker remaining. I turned it off, the living room outlets stayed live. Replaced the breaker, just in case, no change. I turned off each breaker, one by...
  36. P

    Security Lights Information Needed

    I'm the Security Manager on a mine site in Sierra Leone. We have to fit LED floodlights to the perimeter to light up the site, so that you will be able to at least see any intruders moving around at night, and if possible, identify them as well. The mine is an underground mine/decline, but the...
  37. B

    Lights not working

    Hi I changed out a light fixture. The breaker box was unmarked so I had to flip a few before finding the correct one. After I was done lights in another part of the house aren’t working. All the breakers are in the on position. There is one gfci breaker that I reset. I’m lost on why some...
  38. M

    UK Outside lights

    Hi. This may have been asked over and over again but just looking for a straight answer if there is one. So my plan, install 2 lights near my front door. Am pretty confident with house electrics and did a college course some years ago on the basics so my idea is. Convert a single socket to a RCD...
  39. J

    Sidelight problem

    Good morning, ive just bought a Suzuki carry, which has a problem, the side,rear and panel lights only come on when the right hand indicator is activated any thoughts would be helpful.
  40. S

    Creating a dual/double ended cord for two hanging lights

    I have two beautiful hanging lights and need to install them in new house. They have pull cord sockets but the cords are now to short. We have replaced the cords before, so that is not a problem but I would like to wire both cords into one electrical plug, like this: Collections Etc Double...
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