1. C

    UK Can a 10mm2 Shower feed and a 1.5mm2 switched live for the lights be in the same wall chase?

    Hi, I'm installing 10mm2 cable into the wall to the loft from the downstairs consumer unit ready for an electrician to terminate both ends. Previously the shower isolator was a switch on the wall but my intentions are to change this switch to a light switch and instead put a pull cord for the...
  2. HappyHippyDad

    Why are the lights not working!!!!!

    Just popped in to a friends house on the off chance that I could quickly remedy some none working lights before heading off to work. Unfortunately it was all a bit odd! Over the past 2 years the ground floor lights have stopped working perhaps 3 times. They stop for either days or weeks then...
  3. D

    Wiring to control 2 lights independently with a dual light switch

    Hello, I am trying to understand the wiring done for an already working setup in my home by an electrician: a dual light switch (Legrand branded, if it matters) with only 2 wires connected to the switch. It really puzzles me how the switch can control two separate light fixtures, since there...
  4. C

    UK LED T8 lights

    Having done the numbers I modified my 5 x 4ft double batens in the workshop to take LED tubes T8 22W. After less than a couple of years, 50% have failed. They flash annoyingly just like the old tubes and then give up altogether. Has anyone else had the same experience. One theory is they...
  5. L

    Any led sensor lights that do not detect through glass?

    Recently fitted gamma led motion sensor ceiling lights outside my windowed front door in a shared hallway (4 flats) are being triggered from the flat inside. Are lights available that do not detect through glass (and also have emergency battery back-up)?
  6. C

    Auto electric mayhem please help!

    TITLE Auto electrical mayhem please help! 1. Left rear indicator does not flash Left front indicator flashes really fast Right indicators both work & flash at normal speed 2. When hazards signals are turned on only the Left side both front front and rear flash at normal speed RIGHT SIDE...
  7. N

    Need Help with wiring circuit for lights

    Good Morning need some advice please. Yesterday went to change a light fitting in hallway. There are two ceiling lights in the hall controlled by 2 switches at opposite ends of the hall. On removing one light there was the remains of a ceiling rose under the fitting. I noted the position of the...
  8. C

    Apartment complex lights not working or pool pump system. Novice maintenance man

    Apartment complex lights not working or pool pump system. Novice maintenance man with very little experience in electrical, and my job is on the line
  9. C

    2006 mustang tapping in to power additional lights

    Hi, I'm adding American muscle's halo fog lights to my 2006 v6 mustang and am looking for a good place to connect the positive side to power the lights. Can I tap it in to the positive post that powers the fuse box? I'll include a photo of the spot I'm talking about if I can find how to post...
  10. C

    Anything to consider replacing below-cupboard kitchen LED lights?

    We bought a house with an array of broken (some cosmetic issues, some functional) downlights under cupboards in our kitchen. The bulb seem to be integrated into long wires and tracing them back up it seems there's a bunch of what I presume LED drivers on top of the cupboards. Should I be...
  11. A

    Fitting wall lights with side cable access

    Hi all, I am planning to install wall lights such as these ones (LAP Bronx Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light Black - Screwfix - https://www.NoLinkingToThis/p/lap-bronx-outdoor-up-down-wall-light-black/8627r) off an existing wall light by connecting them with a SWA cable clipped on the wall. However, I...
  12. impish15

    Running lights across scaffolding

    Hi, I have run some outside lighting for a customer in Hi-tuff cable. He now wants 2 additional lights run across scaffolding which has been put up. Slightly hesitant running the cable across the scaffolding using the Hi-tuff as I feel it can easily get damaged with the other trades using the...
  13. K

    Spa bath with lights

    I have a spa bath, with lights, pump and lights are straight plugged into mains with 2C+E for pump, there is an additional ground wire on metal body of pump. Question I have is this ground cable required as pump is installed on plastic feet and onto block wood with no access to the pump. There...
  14. M

    Strange wiring for outdoor lights

    Hi I've been planning to fit an outdoor junction box at the front of my house to hide a large brickwork hole and properly house the wiring connections and was wondering about the wiring terminals I discovered. Two outside lights are wired in and two separate terminal blocks are used to connect...
  15. PierceOco

    DIY advice - neutral wire cut on supply to lights

    Hi, I’m new to the forum. Thanks for letting me join. Asking for some diy advicd… I’m trying to add a couple more security lights to the existing circuit but stumped at two things - - The wires travel from the switch, to the existing security lights, then loop back (creating extra cable) to...
  16. HappyHippyDad

    Lights suddenly get brighter in house

    I was at a customers house changing a socket and they asked me a question about their lights. Some of the lights in the house suddenly get brighter and then go back to normal. This happens a few times every week. Not all the lights in the house do it, only the LED downlights and only the ones...
  17. S

    Adding 12v strip lights to kitchen cabinets.

    I am currently looking to add 12v led cob strip lights to my mother's kitchen but confused what I need. There are currently mains wires under the wall units for the strip lights to connect to but when I measure the voltage with a multimeter it recording as 12v AC max, from what I can see online...
  18. J

    Christmas lights battery ..change to plug

    have a set of lights that i would like to use plug over battery. have a few plugs and old sets with cables could Frankenstein together if doable. this is the set if anyone has any suggestions on how/what min transformer plug would be required. its a 20m set and i have another 20m set so...
  19. B

    Flickering LED lights

    Hello all- I hope this is the right place to ask this question. A few weeks ago the LED lights in the kitchen started flickering intermittently, mostly when first turned on in the morning. I changed the light switches in case of dimmer compatibility problem but flickering continued and also...


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