1. S

    Pendant lights and downlights on the same circuit

    Hi, asking for a friend in Australia. She wants to install two Pendant lights over a kitchen island and four downlights all on the same switch. The current wiring to the single light in the kitchen is earthed. The 2 new pendant lights have earth connectors but the 4 new LED downlights have...
  2. ThisWire?

    LED mirror won't turn back on

    Hi, I was having trouble connecting the bluetooth on my mirror so reset as per the manual by turning off at the fusebox. After turning it back on, there is no longer any power to the lights on the mirror, however, the charging socket still works. What could this be and how can this be...
  3. G

    Festoon lights outdoor

    Hello gents I need your help plz. Lets suppose we have 15 led lights bulbs on a 2 core cable. I chopped 5 of them coz it was too long for the job. Now 7 out of 10 work and the last 3 don't work. When I touch the two ends together the last 3 switches on and the first 7 turns off. How can I make...
  4. L

    Swapping lights on separate circuits

    Morning all, I am hoping to swap pendants and spotlights (which are on separate switches) that are above the kitchen island. Is there a way of extending the connections and putting two pendants where the three spotlights are and the three spotlights where the two pendants are WITHOUT destroying...
  5. Confusedsoconfused

    Two switches for set of lights?

    Hello I have 10 spotlights in a room. All 10 spotlights are operated by one switch. I would like to split the spotlights into two sets. First Switch to operate 5 of the spotlights. Second Switch to operate the other 5 of the spotlights. How easy or difficult is this to do? What sort of...
  6. Z

    Lights and sockets on one circuit?

    Hi guys. I had an inspection yesterday, where the lighting and sockets are in one circuit for each floor. There are 3A fused spurs for the lights. I also need to replace the consumer unit with 18th edition one. How would you code that? Any advice on the consumer unit would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. CopiamElectrical

    Pricing for replacing lights (private) cash

    What does everyone charge for replacing a light fitting? Price worked With slack on cable using existing cable there. Without slack on cable (extended w/ Wagos) Materials used FIXINGS NON SCREW COMPRESSION EXTENDERS (Wagos) 1.5mm T&E 1 Meter
  8. N

    Wiring two 2 gang switches controlling 2 lights using the 2 plate method

    Hi, I'm currently in my year of my apprenticeship looking for some help with the 2 plate method (feeding the switch). I understand it up to the point of wiring 2 way, intermediate and 2 gang with one light. But I just can't wrap my head around or think of an easier way of wiring two 2 gang 2 way...
  9. Backtoschoolelec

    Wiring single gang/usb into a FCU to external decking lights

    hello all have a couple of questions re-some decking lights. I have fitted by Electrician around 10 years ago, He’s spured off an existing single gang socket and added in an FSU to control the lights. had nothing but problems with a is a lot to do with either garden creatures, chewing through...
  10. T

    Street lights on PME?

    After conducting a recent EICR I found among other things that the Galvanised columns in the carpark area of this premises seem to be connected directly to the TNCS system. Keeping in mind the potential issues should a PEN fault occur it struck me that this was maybe not the best idea. However...
  11. J

    Pendant Lights wiring

    I recently installed these pendant lights in the kitchen. First time doing anything electrical that is house related. Upon connecting the wires, I noticed there’s too much of a bundle for the light fixture to properly secure. Secondly, do I need a junction box for each fixture or is the metal...
  12. C

    Lights over a sink - commercial bar

    I'm not trade. Q about light fittings and water. Our village hall has a bar, with a sink for glass washing. We want to put a light above the sink, and our electrician will do this together with some other work, and he asked us to choose a light fitting. Now being a committee, something might...
  13. CyzfromTaz

    Toyota hiace multiple electrical issues

    Hi, I have multiple electrical issues with the hiace I just bought (not sure if they are related). The fan (AC) is not working as well as the hazard and reverse lights and the honk. It looks like all fuses are good. Any advices on how to tackle those issues would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  14. I

    USA Flickering LED room lights in a new house my son is having built.

    My son is having a new house built. The electrical wiring is almost complete but a problem has been detected. Some of the rooms LED lights flicker when lights in other rooms on other circuits are switched on or off. His electrician has not been able to find the problem. Some lights are on...
  15. The apprentice

    Fire rated down lights ?

    Hi there fire rated down lights in a dropped false ceiling with no insulation and 2.5 watt LED lamps in cladding in kitchen with room space above not part of bs7671 but coding opinions if we do for safety ?
  16. M

    How to connect lights to one switch?

    Hi Folks, My unfinished basement has five light bulbs hanging from the ceiling with pull strings to turn each one on. I would like to add a switch somewhere so I can turn on all five with the one switch. I looked at all of the bulbs and they are all connected together, in series. Or at least a...
  17. R

    Flickering lights on separate circuits

    Evening All, Strange one so after a bit of advice. Got called to a customer this evening who had their boiler repaired after the circuit board got fried supposedly after a power cut when the supply was restored. They were told they needed a switch fused spur fitted as there was no way of...
  18. T

    Lights not turning ofg

    Hello my daughter just changed 6 high hat bulbs to LED’s and now they won’t turn off. She said it’s controlled with a single dimmer switch. Am I correct in telling her to replace with an LED compatible dimmer switch first? Aside from the bulbs nothing else has been change. Thanks!
  19. D

    UK LED Batten Lights to Mains Socket?

    Hello, I’m boarding out my loft for storage and I’d like some decent lighting up there rather than loft lights I’m currently using. I purchased some LED batten lights that my cousin, who is a qualified electrician, said he will come and wire in. He’s good at what he does, he’s sadly just lazy...
  20. B

    Is 0.75mm Flex in conduit behind tiles and tile backer sufficient for led lights (6w) or Fan (4w)?

    Hello to all. I know now that 1mm T&E would be better for lights, but legally is 0.75mm Flex in conduit behind tiles and tile backer sufficient for led lights (6w) or Extractor Fan (4w)? 1 out of 3 quoting electricians said that those need to be replaced. Is it really that bad? Looking at the...
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