1. R

    Low voltage light mystery

    I have undercabinet lights that are low voltage. They work xenon pucks just fine. I want to convert to low voltage LEDS. Supposedly these are 12V DC but when I hook 12V DC LED pucks up, they don't work. There is a switch to turn these on that is 120 volts. Somewhere buried behind the wall...
  2. littlespark

    Heights of wall lights on a staircase

    I’ll see if I can describe this without making a diagram. Tomorrows job is wiring and fitting wall lights at my mother in laws, up the staircase. There’s a U shaped stair, with a half landing. So 5 or 6 steps up, turn around, another 5 or 6 up. Top landing is an L shape around the open stair…...
  3. B

    Quoizel exterior lights won't stay on, intermittent failures and flickering throughout circuit

    Hello and thank you in advance for your time in helping me troubleshoot my lights. I've added a video to show what my lights are doing. I have 4 Quoizel WVR8406EK lights on the front of my house and 2 in the back. They will intermittently go out. However I can unscrew the bulb and screw...
  4. F

    Adding additional flood / security lights - wiring options

    Hi I have an existing flood light, powered via a three core & earth (1.5mm) and it's switched. I want to add two more lights, one for the side and one for the front. I will be using PVC conduit and junction boxes to run the cables. Out of the two plans, which is the better one? One cable out...
  5. J

    LED ceiling lights - I'm baffled

    The customer has five small LED ceiling lights in their bathroom. Some of the lights stopped working. A previous electrician came and 'did some work' but could not resolve the matter. I've taken a look, and three lights have been removed. I assume these were the broken ones, and he took them to...
  6. M

    How to wire recessed lights off a previously switched outlet

    Thank you in advance for your help. I recently purchased a home and while removing some built-ins I found that they had a 14/2 wire running inside the built in between an outlet behind the built in and an outlet next to it. I assumed they ran a new switch off the hidden one when they installed...
  7. M

    Flickering Lights Issue

    Hi Guys Looking to see if anyone has had the same issues. I went to a tennanted property last year where the house lights were flickering and all circuits were playing up and tripping the Board protected by 1 very old RCD which was the cause of the issue. I changed the Board to a new RCBO...
  8. J

    2x motion sensor wall lights on one switch

    On either side of my front door is a motion sensor wall light - it looks like both lights operate from one light switch inside the house. The problem is only one of the sensor lights is responding to movement and switching on and off. The other light does not light up but clearly there is power...
  9. S

    Switch wiring for lights and extractor fan

    Hi all, I did train as an electrician but never worked as one so my experience is limited and ive not done anything for a while now. I have an extractor fan in my kitchen that comes on with the lights and its damn annoying. I did disconnect it a few years ago but on a recent inspection the...
  10. sparkydave85

    Can I install one lighting circuit for both Dali and normal switching lights?

    Can I install one lighting circuit for both Dali and normal switching lights?
  11. D

    UK No rcd on lights and cooker

    Can anyone help me with this I have a old plastic consumer unit with one rcd with lighting and cooker not on rcd The original lighting circuit has been altered over the years and 16 non fire rated spotlights put in the kitchen with all earths cut out 2 bathrooms 5 spotlights in each not iP...
  12. P

    American Christmas Lights

    Hi, I am hoping you can help me please. My wife purchased some American Christmas lights from a friend, it has a two pin American plug on them and an inbuilt 7amp fuse. I have attached a photo of the lights, did buy an adapter plugged the lights into it and then into wall socket and it blew...
  13. S

    Rewiring maintained emergency lights be non emergency!

    Hi So I'd like a maintained emergency light but without the automatic emergency function to trigger in the event of power failure. In other words I'd like a light connected to the mains that has a battery back up in the event of a power failure but I don't want it to come on automatically. Only...
  14. Y

    Xmas lights (cant source adaptor)

    I'm I right in looking for a 32v9w ac adaptor for the spec in the picture
  15. J

    Covert outdoor lights from timer to smart

    I have outdoor lights that are controlled by dusk sensor and then timer (for OFF) on the right of the picture. The switch to the left of the box powers off the entire fusbox therefore I cannot change that as I have other things I keep on). What do I need to buy (switch/plug?) to swap the old...
  16. A

    Apprentice Xmas lights question

    Good evening I’m still learning at college and curious as Xmas just approaching regarding Xmas led string lights and there power supply transformers. My questions is: For an example a set of lights we have says 4.5v dc/ 3.6va output. My question is what happens if: The voltage output on...
  17. S

    Intermittent MR16 downward lights

    Hi all. Just moved into a new home and I've got 4 of the kitchen downward lights that are out. Tried changing the filaments but it became obvious that the filaments are fine, it's the wiring into the back of the socket that's at fault. My question is how do you de-wire these MR16 GU5.3 sockets...
  18. E

    2 bell/pendant lights in 1 junction box possible?

    Hello, Currently, I have a chandelier in my dining room. I want replace the lighting with 2 pendant lights in a single 120 volts junction box. Is this possible? Your help and advice is much appreciated.
  19. H

    Flickering Lights when appliance starts/runs

    Average house in California, 1400 square feet, totally rebuilt 14 years ago. Turn on some appliance and watch all the lights in the house flicker; happens with washer, dryer, furnace, disposer, etc. Check the voltage in the plugs and instead of 120 VAC, I get 104 Volts or 136 Volts, sometimes...
  20. K

    No earth at lights, customer won't change?

    Hi guys wondering if you could help? I have just installed a new fuseboard with rcbos and spd. During the install I noticed that the lighting circuits have no earth. I have informed the customer but she doesn't want me to change lights to class 2 fittings as she is happy with her current...
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