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  1. D

    Splitting two lights on the same switch to two switches

    Hi everyone, Just bought a house and have a small electrical project I'd like to try tackling myself (photos attached). One of the bathrooms has three overhead lights hardwired onto the same switch. Two of the lights are recessed cans, and the third light is a larger ceiling-mounted fixture...
  2. Q

    Led ceiling Lights - one light Flickers when other is switched ON

    Hi, In my room 2 Led round ceiling lights are installed, week ago both were fine, but now when I turn on both lights, one starts flickering, even their emitting light is getting low... Is it switch problem or LEDs needs replacement?
  3. J

    Led lights dimming

    Evening everyone. i am an approved electrician but have come across a problem i have never seen before. been doing a private job. Off of one switch is 8 led downlights and 2led floodlights with a combined wattage of 100W. the problem is that if i turn both switches on the lights run but dim...
  4. F

    Driveway Leds - better with Parallel PIR or wireless?

    Hey All, I have 11 low voltage outside led lights in a line on the driveway , I want to PIR them at the bottom to trigger when I come home and a PIR at the back door to trigger them when I leave the house. I believe if set with enough time delay then this will allow me to come home , trigger...
  5. S

    Phillips Daytime running lights.LED 6watts

    HI all I bought this kit for my BMW. Fits to front of car, cables run into engine compartment to connect to battery. My problem is I have a BMW (Battery in the boot)So i need to extend cables positive and negative from engine compartment to boot. Could someone help, and tell me what size cable...
  6. J

    UK time clock

    Hi,I have fitted a timeclock throgh a contactor for some outside lights,and when I press the over ride on the time clock the lights only come on for a few seconds,then the contactor kicks,yet when I press from auto to over ride at the switch, they stay on, is this normal.I have read the...
  7. W

    Rewiring lights

    Rewiring lights across finished ceiling, notch the joist our or cut a hole at the joist and speed bit a hole through the joist?
  8. littlespark

    “I’ve fused the lights!”

    Was an early phone call this morning.... “ok” I said “I’ll be there soon” Turns up at the door, and the man of the house is washing his car.... wife standing on the doorstep. “go on,” he says “tell the lad what you done” Turns out Mrs is decorating the lounge, stripping wallpaper. Some was...
  9. C

    Wiring Off-road lights, need help on the wire sizes needed, going a little crazy here

    So im not terrible as electricasl but also not the greatest. I know how to wire up relays and fuses and all that stuff but the wiring sizes for these lights has me in a pickle. The Vehicle is a 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and ive already upgraded its 78A alternator to 150A, with 100A at idle so...
  10. L

    How do I wire a motion flood light prior a switch to operate the inside ceiling lights?

    Hello, i am having issues wiring my garage... i am running my lighting circuit. First, i wanted to run my power feed from the panel, to a junction box (which will split towards a motion activated flood light that is continuously powered, split to the garage door opener, and split to a switch...
  11. L

    Drilled through kitchen light cable repaired with crimps now none of my lights work up or downstairs

    My son was moving a cupboard for me & deliberately went diagonal from light switch to avoid cable. Then no bang or flash of light he just stopped & said I’ve went through a cable. After seeking advice on how to repair, we attempted to use cable crimps. Turned the power back on & not only did my...
  12. P

    Canada Rough In Pot Lights with Integrated Junction Box

    About to start a electrical in my basement, and need to do the rough in for potlights. The lights I'm using have an integrated junction box, and so there won't be a junction box to put in place until I'm at the drywall phase. So what's expected for the wiring during rough in phase, as there's...
  13. C

    Changing two wall lights that are connected to two switches.

    So I’ve took the casings of to look at the wires for one light. There are 2 of each brown blue and earth. The two earths go to the part that holds the bulb, the two blue meet in a connector with a wire coming out of that connector to the bulb component. Now one of the brown wires goes to the...
  14. J

    Clarifying adequate fire rating of lights

    Evening Just want to clarify what is adequate for providing fire rating for lighting. My understanding is that if in an apartment block but has concrete seperation between floors there is no need for fire rated fixtures. Guy currently has some low voltage halogen GU5.3 fittings with no fire...
  15. LewisM

    Vauxhall Combo 2014 Brake lights not illuminating.

    Hello somebody has just pointed out to me that none of the rear brake lights on my Vauxhall Combo are working, I will have a look tomorrow, I'm going to check the fuse and then the brake light switch, any of you guys with more experience recommend elsewhere to look? Thanks Lewis
  16. P

    bathroom down lights - notifiable?

    good afternoon. ive got a chap coming to change my db and i also want to change my bathroom lights to downlights. https://www.downlightsdirect.co.uk/integral-evofire-insulation-coverable-fire-rated-downlight.html these look like i can just drill a hole and put them in. i don't have to add a...
  17. S

    Do the cables for my outside lights need to be insulated before going under my patio slabs?

    Currently my builder is placing the cables straight under the slabs between the hard-core and cement. Should he be doing this or do they need to be insulated?
  18. C

    Mcb tripping on led lights

    Finished a refit of 7 x 200watt led lights to existing circuit. The orignal circuit had 120 watts per light,so 140 watts x 7...say 1kw. These are 1.4 kw,so not really loading the circuit. There are other lights on the circuit,it’s a 10amp b type MCb.protecting it. The lights are working, &...
  19. D

    Can I add extra lights to intermediate switch?

    I'm trying to add extra lights to my hallway. There is currently 1 light with three switches to control it. The wires from the intermidiate switch run where I want to add the new lights. Am I able to add lights to the circuit from these wires? In my first attempt I cut one of these wires and...
  20. P

    UK outside lights and sockets

    plans on garden
  21. P

    outside lights and sockets

    i have completed a wall and patio for my sister i was going to progress with the electrical work myself but been told NOT TO so taken heed to wise words i have now contracted 9 local electricians for a price not one reply as yet so my are plans are installing 8 outside lights and 5 outside...
  22. J

    Outdoor lights

    Hi all I'm in the process of finishing wiring in outdoor lights. First thing is there was already lights outside the garage so I replaced these last year and add a light sensor. Which were feed from the lights mcb on the non rcd side of the board. Which have been working. Now I'm installing 2...
  23. C

    Power injection in to addressable LED strip lights

    Hi, new member here seeking a bit of advice. I want to run 4 x 5 meter addressable RGB LED stips around my living room skirting to form a continuous 20 meter strip -don't judge me lol. The LEDS will be controlled by a NodeMCU flashed with WLED and powered by a 5V 12A 60W psu. All 4 strips will...
  24. J

    Dimmer switches for 24v LED tape lights

    Hi All Am on a job tomorrow and while there customer wants me to investigate newly installed 24v LED tape lights that keep flashing on and off. These are on a wall mounted dimmer. If tape lights and transformers are both dimmable which apparently they are this suggests problem is with the...
  25. M

    Dimmer and PIR controlled lights.

    Hi all, I hope everyone is well! I currently have 5 downlights in my soffits controlled by a dimmer switch and a PIR security light on a timer switch and the PIR also feeds a small light beside the front door, I’m wondering if I could use the SL from the PIR to turn on the down lights as well...
  26. S

    PIR sensor not switching lights on

    Hi sparks I am trying to fit a PIR sensor to a downstairs bathroom, replacing the existing pull cord As per the instructions I have wired the sensor. When switching the trip back on, the led bathroom lights (4 in total) illuminate, but are dimly lit (by about 50%). Leaving in this state, does...
  27. C

    Blowing breaker

    I have a very small circuit in my house. Probably 8 outlets 6 lights. The breaker for this circuit has a direct short somewhere. It didn't start this way. At first it would stay energized for a couple of minutes then trip. The more I reset it the shorter it would last. Now it trips immediately...
  28. T

    Power LED string lights with base socket adapter?

    Hello forums, Total novice here! I want to make sure I'm doing the right and safe thing when installing outdoor string lights. The specifications to these lights are included here: The issue I am having is how do I power them? I would like to be able to flick the backyard patio switch to turn...
  29. R

    Domestic Advice on Installing Brick Lights

    Hello all, I've recently begun building a retaining wall in my garden for a patio area, I decided to go for 6 brick lights along with other lighting for the area (not decided exactly what that will look like just yet). The brick lights I went for are these. I've been having a read up on how...
  30. M

    Daisy chain lights to a switch

    I want to add 2 lights in my garage 1 near door and 1 at far end near plugs Am i good? Daisy chaining them from a plug and a switch on the end daisy so i can turn it both on at my door? Sick of falling over stuff to turn the lights on at far end lol.. Ive got 2 light fittings and some 1mm...
  31. M

    Three lights control

    Hi All, I have a small situation, A = Outside light, B = Porch light, C = Inside Light. I would like to switch A + B together but not C, and then B + C together and not C. Is there a replay or something that would switch between two different control to achieve this ?
  32. B

    LED lights in a cold roof/loft conversion

    Hi all, im a retired sparky and a bit out of touch with the regulations. building control will allow me to put LED/downlights in my cold-roof, providing I do not cut all the way through the 125mm of loft insulation/cellotex. and leave at least 25mm insulation 'behind' the light-if this makes...
  33. Q

    USA Lights Dimming, Getting Bright and More

    What the title says plus a bit more. Ever since a few days ago our house's lights have been getting either very dim or very bright. Also my box fan will ramp up in speed. Sometimes lights will go out all together. All this happens in complete synchronization. At one point the power went out for...
  34. richy3333

    Lights for a swimming pool - ideas?

    Existing customer has swimming pool that extends 4/5 feet above ground (sits on a concrete base). It's one of those where you swim against the waves. All well done and was very expensive. Because its outside he has built a timber building over the top of it (looks like a posh workshop) -...
  35. T

    Outlets out. breaker not tripped

    So after turning on a shop vac, the lights and outlets in the room went out. No breaker or gfci have been tripped. I also am not 100% sure what breaker this string of outlets is even on. I cant trace it without making holes in the walls. Asnyone have any ideas or had a similar problem?
  36. P

    UK Can i connect garden lights to soffit

    Hi all. I'm looking to put some of them golfball style string lights around my patio area. Is there any way of connecting them to my soffit lights. All the lights I can see are plug in ones. Thanks
  37. M

    Flashing Garden Lights

    I currently have four 42W Outdoor Spotlights in my garden I have used this - HALOLITE LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMER 20-60VA to lower the voltage, this is in a box mounted to an outside wall. For some reason the lights will not stay on for longer than 5-10 mins, after which they all start...
  38. OfficialAsh

    Taken down wall lights, nothing else works

    Hey guys I was asked if I could pop a couple of wall lights off and wago em up! Well.. for some reason no other lights work since doing this.. any ideas? Attached some photos. Different angles of three different points. Cheers guys!
  39. L

    Outdoor lights and sockets

    Hi, I’ve been asked to install some outdoor sockets and lights for a decking area where a hot tub is being put in. There is a garage which has a 2.5mm armoured cable into a fused spur with the load side feed garage lights on a 3a fuse and the supply side feeding some garage sockets. I was...
  40. O

    Connecting 2 pir lights to work together

    Hi, I want to install 2 led pir floodlights directly from consumer unit and for them to work together when either sensor is set off. Can I run a cable to the first light (L,N,E) and then from the first light to the second light the same (L,N,E) and then run another cable from L1 to L1 on either...
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