1. P

    DIY Electrical Advice: Spot Lights

    Hello, Looking for DIY electrical advice. I have 7 x spots, and each are fitted with 1 x T&E connector block fitting [see photo]. In the past I have had spot Fittings with an 'In and Out' connection as part of the fitting. I wrongly assumed they'd all be the same! These have a connector...
  2. nickyp_uk

    Multiple lights and power socket not working but no blow fuses - any ideas?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help. We have a fused switch that controls 4 LED lights next to a power socket which have both stopped working. We have tried replacing the fuse in the fused switch, but that hasn't resolved the issue. Reseting all fuses in the fusebox hasn't...
  3. D

    Power source to multiple wafer lights then to switch?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if someone can answer this question concerning a wiring scenario. I recently saw on a youtube video - a guy create a scheme where the power source first went into a light then went to the light switch. Is this safe for series of 6 wafer lights (6 in.) 75W 1140 lumens...
  4. Neptune

    Brick wall lights - SWA cable connections

    For various reasons out of my control, we have wound up in a situation where we have 1.5mm SWA cables buried in these pillars and exiting out of the plastic housing for the wall lights. There are around 5 of these lights across the 5 pillars. Daisy chained with the 3 core SWA. As you can see...
  5. Boogedy Bob

    Unusual Flickering lights

    Hello, I added a 240v insta hot water heater at the kitchen sink. When the water heater is in use the lights in the adjacent dining room flicker when the heater goes off. There is nothing common with either circuits. The dining room lighting and the heater are separate individual home runs and...
  6. D

    Up & Down lights on solid wall

    I'm looking at putting up & down lights onto a solid brick wall (1900 semi detached house) What's best way practically and aesthetically to install? Mounting each light on a junction box or making a small notch in the top of the light and running flex either clipped direct or trunking from...
  7. F

    Switch on wire to control lights

    Hi.. Newby here.. I have a couple lights holders/bulbs on the end of a flex plugged into the mains 13Amp plug. I want to put an inline switch on the cable so I don’t have to unplug/plug all the time.. WHat kind of switch do I need & how to wire earth/live/neutral? Many thanks - Dino
  8. GuilhermeIsi

    Intermittent hazard lights

    Greetings. I'm having problems with the hazard lights in my 1999 chevy Blazer. It works as expected for some time with both sides blinking and then, suddenly, all four turning signal lights stop flashing and keep lit. If I keep pressing the hazard button multiple times they get "unstuck" for...
  9. T

    Can't find dotless LED lights to fit 18mm x 5mm 5m Skirting groove - HELP!

    I'm converting my garage and have about 15m of skirting being installed which has a groove in it I wish to install a (dotless) RGB led light strip all around but it needs to be smart and controlled via Alexa. Can you tell me if anyone does something which will work for this spec of skirting...
  10. Plantman2000

    Is it ok to wire in wardrobe lights to a current switch?

    Hi all, after a bit of advise if ok please. We have a switch which currently only powers one single LED down light in our ceiling. From this switch I would like to add a feed (already installed) to provide power to three LED wardrobe lights. Max wattage is an extra 9w on top of the current 5...
  11. S

    Lights RCBO keeps tripping randomly

    I have an issue with a home lighting circuit 6A RCBO provides power to 13 bulbs which randomly keeps tripping, when I say randomly it keeps tripping with no switches or even bulbs being attached to the circuit. Even trips when other appliances that are not on that lighting circuit are not being...
  12. L

    Dim lights that gets worse as I turn on more lights in the same circuit.

    Kitchen led lights have all of a sudden dimmed by about 30% no dimmer in the system. There are 2 switches for this set of lights. Regardless of which switch I use the lights are dimmed by about 30%. The lights will not come back up to 100%. All other lights in the circuit and through out the...
  13. D

    Lights flickering on one circuit

    Hi everyone. I live in an older home that still has a few circuits with aluminum wiring. One of these is a lights-only circuit that contains 6 switches. All connections appear to be fine. Proper connectors and antioxidant were used for joining aluminum wires and pig-tailing copper to some of the...
  14. H

    replacing single pendant light with two new lights

    Hi everyone, We have bought 2 new low-hanging light fittings from Ikea to go side by side above dining room table to replace the single pendant that's there now. I enjoy DIY and learning to do any jobs i can by myself so just wondered how i would go about fitting these to replace the single...
  15. K

    Hi I have installed a new ceiling lights switch but it doesn't work

    DIY ENTHUSIAST NEW FORUM MEMBER. I took a photograph of the old wiring set up( which was working) and used it as a guide for wiring the new one. The lights themselves are housed in the loft above and I was wondering if a fuse has blown in the plug or that there is a reboot button somewhere.
  16. S

    Pendant lights and downlights on the same circuit

    Hi, asking for a friend in Australia. She wants to install two Pendant lights over a kitchen island and four downlights all on the same switch. The current wiring to the single light in the kitchen is earthed. The 2 new pendant lights have earth connectors but the 4 new LED downlights have...
  17. ThisWire?

    LED mirror won't turn back on

    Hi, I was having trouble connecting the bluetooth on my mirror so reset as per the manual by turning off at the fusebox. After turning it back on, there is no longer any power to the lights on the mirror, however, the charging socket still works. What could this be and how can this be...
  18. G

    Festoon lights outdoor

    Hello gents I need your help plz. Lets suppose we have 15 led lights bulbs on a 2 core cable. I chopped 5 of them coz it was too long for the job. Now 7 out of 10 work and the last 3 don't work. When I touch the two ends together the last 3 switches on and the first 7 turns off. How can I make...
  19. L

    Swapping lights on separate circuits

    Morning all, I am hoping to swap pendants and spotlights (which are on separate switches) that are above the kitchen island. Is there a way of extending the connections and putting two pendants where the three spotlights are and the three spotlights where the two pendants are WITHOUT destroying...
  20. Confusedsoconfused

    Two switches for set of lights?

    Hello I have 10 spotlights in a room. All 10 spotlights are operated by one switch. I would like to split the spotlights into two sets. First Switch to operate 5 of the spotlights. Second Switch to operate the other 5 of the spotlights. How easy or difficult is this to do? What sort of...
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