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  1. J

    Domestic 24v Garden fence lights - series or parallel??

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get a little advice on a small project I plan to carry out over the next few weeks. I plan to install 10x 6w GU10 LED bulbs (fitted inside some suitable outdoor light boxes) on each fence post along a 30 metre garden fence, the lights will be powered...
  2. A

    Domestic Installing garden post lights

    So I have been asked to install 2 garden post lights in and I was going to use a 3 amp fcu from the ring using 2.5mm then into a juntionbox with 1.5mm swa burried more than 600mm deep and concrete the posts in the ground. Just wondering if this was the correct way before I start ?
  3. B

    1 new socket in garage and 2 lights - Help if possible

    Hello, I am looking at adding one new socket to my garage and two wall lights. I have a plan of attack and would like the advice of the professionals if at all possible ?. There is an existing socket in the garage which is part of the ground floor socket ring circuit. The existing ring circuit...
  4. L

    Fitting lights

    I have some light fittings to put up in a kitchen replacing the existing fluorescent lights. The new fittings are 3 light ceiling spotlights that come with a centre bracket the fitting fixes to and sits flush to the ceiling. The issue I have is that it is an old cottage with open beam ceilings...
  5. D

    Problems with Bathroom lights

    Please help! We’ve recently developed an issue with our lights in the bathroom. The ceiling is a false ceiling and there are 6 spotlights in the false ceiling. The spotlights take the lightbulbs I’ve attached as a picture (Led Gu10 5.5W Warm White 2700K). Having replaced the bulbs, we now have...
  6. Marti

    Domestic Garden lights best in "3 Plate" or at switch

    Opinions appreciated on this one. Garden in approximately a square, 20 metres pr side The board is under the stairs and I'll run a 6aRCD protected feed behind the units to the rear wall and into the garden; everything outside in Schneider boxes filled with Ray Tech Gel Cable will be either Hi...
  7. Sparky10

    LED lights in bath panel in domestic house

    Hi Gods, Bath panel lights wired in series and no longer work, how can i test each led light individually? (have been told buy a 12v battery and touch lights to battery).... sounds odd but ok.. :s I have tried coming out of the driver and connecting each light on their own as if was 1 light...
  8. J

    LED Spiral wall lights

    Hi everyone. I’m new here. If anyone can help me; I’d be very grateful. How do I fit these lamps to a ceiling rose? As you can see, the two wires coming from the lamp are the same colour.
  9. B

    Emergency lights or standard

    emergency lights not coming on when breaker is switched off, are these wired just for use as normal lights rather than emergency??? Sorry not done much emergency lights before
  10. R

    Domestic Trying to control 2 o/s lights from 2 PIRs

    I'm new here so I hope I'm posting in the right place. Is there any way to control and sync two separate lights to come on triggered from either of two PIRs? Maybe RF? I have an outside path & steps leading up from garage to house - going round a corner -- which needs lights at both ends...
  11. Gary Tollison

    Kitchen ceiling lights fire rating

    greetings :) Was curious about the ceiling lights in the kitchen if they were fire rated or not. Google was no help with model info. There’s an F in a triangle symbol on the side, but I don’t know if that means anything. Any ideas? Thanks, Gary
  12. G

    Garden ground spot installation

    Was planning on finally putting some ground spot lights around the garden this year just looking for advise on best methods of cabling, installation and termination.
  13. T

    EICR & emergency lights

    Evening all I use to have a really good booklet on EICR codes and examples but i cant seem to find it now! Can anybody recommend a helpful page/print out for this? Also can anyone point me to a good page/print out for emergency lighting regs, positions etc... Thanks
  14. A

    Domestic Oven won’t work...unsure issue.

    Hello, My cooker (LOGIK LFTC60W16 oven with grill and 4 hobs had it maybe just over 2 years) stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I found out we have no cooker switch on the kitchen wall so checked the Circuit Breaker box. Everything was on. With no other option I left the cooker MCB switch in the...
  15. B

    no discrimination in sockets & lights

    I have came across a problem where the sockets and lights are run on a same circuit and it's done in a way where the person have put probably junction boxes in the walls which are not accessible and only 1 cable is coming to sockets , light switches and lights. I can't put fcu to discriminate as...
  16. G

    Lights and indicator lights flicking

    Hi All - I was called to a customers house this morning. All their lights and switch indicators are flickering. I checked IR - all good. I had one circuit at a time e.g. sockets and indicators flickered. I had just light circuit on - turned lights on one room and lights flickered. Tried another...
  17. M

    How many lights in a burger van......

    A coach building company I do work for built a posh "burger van" for a customer. now I put 14 GU10 Downlights into this space which I and everyone thought was more than sufficient. However the customer believes this is woefully insufficient, and wants an additional 25 fittings fitted! ie 49...
  18. L

    Trainee Lights not on RCD side of board

    Hopefully a picture is attached. The lights in this house are not on the RCD side of the board, there is a spare way which they could slot into and be protected by the rcd. The lights are not split up and down so no problem between a borrowed neutral between top and bottom tripping the RCD...
  19. happyhippydad

    What code for all CPC's chopped off on lights?

    I have just completed an EICR. All the earths have been chopped off in the ceiling roses and switches on the lighting circuit. There are no class 2 fittings. Usually if there are no earths on the lights and no class 2 fittings then it will be a C3. However, the lighting circuit does have CPC's...
  20. AlmondSauce

    Bulkheads on wooden fence post

    Hi all, after some guidance about whether it's a) legal and/or b) frowned upon to install 240V bulkheads fixed to a wooden fence post? I've heard conflicting advice over the years, with some saying no problem as long as it's secured to the post, not the panel, and others saying that since a...