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need help

  1. J

    Can someone help me fix an issue with my doorbell?

    Ok so I tried to replace my door bell, but when I took it out the wires were twisted and snapped off too short to rewire. I’m a trainee electrician with little to no experience so I’m stuck. Can I get some more wire and try to extend it by wrapping it around the old wire and covering it with...
  2. I

    Lost transformer for Christmas lights and need help finding a replacement. Thanks :-)

    Hi I'm not an electrician and have no idea when it comes to electrics. I have some Christmas lights at home and have lost their transformer. Here is the information on the wire: lamp type max 6w (334 x 3v/0.048w) transformer: input 220-240v- 50-60Hz Output:24 Vdc 6VA They are the ones that...
  3. A

    UK Need help with some college questions

    Hi could anyone help with some questions for college? Possible effect of TNC-S earthing arrangement has on pfc compared to TN-S?
  4. C

    UK Need help switching out some 12v lighting

    Hi I am having a problem with my bedroom and bathroom lighting ,in my bedroom I have 2 downlighters that are switched from 2 dual pole switches at either on of the bedroom,these downlighters are 12v fed from a transformer in the loft ,I also have 1 mains light on my ceiling too,I'm wanting to...
  5. F

    Need help converting solar light to wired DC

    I purchased some solar flicker flame outdoor tiki lights which I really like. The downside to them being solar is that each light does not get equal amounts of sun in my back yard so the length of time they remain on and their brightness can vary somewhat. Also, they have a photosensor and turn...
  6. S

    Need help with outdoor speakers and amp

    Hey guys, I need your help. I bought the following 4 speakers, amp and selector switch: I had...
  7. V

    I need help to wire a light switch

    Hello guys! I need help to connect a light switch to a socket. I'll attach 2 pictures so you can see how it is supposed to be connected. I'm really sorry for my stupid question, I just have no idea how to do it. Thank you!
  8. D

    UK Need help with wiring a celing fan

    Been up since 5am trying to figure this out. Can anykne give me some advice on what colour goes where?
  9. M

    USA Need help with Reversible Motor

    Hi, I am building a motorized easel for large format paintings that do not exceed 100 lbs; average probably more like 50 lbs max. My rough 3D diagram does not show the motor or pullies, etc, but I hope you can get an idea of where these things would go. Motor mounts on the bottom. Cables will...
  10. F

    Need help wiring up hive receiver

    I have wired up my Hive receiver to the boiler and have also signed up to the app. On my app when i turn on the central heating the light on the hive receiver for central heating comes on showing green solid, however the heating does not turn on although the light for the receiver is on...
  11. lford250

    Need Help With Scissor Lift

    Hi, I have an older scissor lift that uses four 6 volt rechargeable batteries that are tied together. My scissor lift has an onboard charger that I plug up to 120 volts ac in order to charge the batteries. The scissor lift does not get used a whole lot, but there definitely are various times...
  12. L

    Connecting 2 12v fans

    Hello, I need some help with this: I have a Xbox one S where I connected 2 Fans (there is usually just 1 ) parallel to the 12v sourve from the motherboard. Fan 1 has 22mA and Fan 2 has 29mA. My Question now is, if there is any risk to burn something. I dont know how much amp is delivered by...
  13. V

    Need help identifying these!

    Any help identifying these would be appreciated, we think the small one is off a bike?? the inertia has a number other than on the plate which reads: 988074 unfortunately we cant find anything on these two units
  14. V

    Need help identifying this starter motor

    Numbers on the body read: 270300, probably a 12v but could be 6. any information would be appreciated.
  15. V

    Need help identifying this CAV Dynamo, any help would be appreciated.

    We have a CAV dynamo 24V, Type: G8A24-6, Serial No. UB133, Dispatch number 1131060, clockwise rotation, normal speed. we have had a look on the net cant find anything for it. any help would be appreciated! thank you in advance.
  16. N

    Need help with donestic outdoor light switch wiring

    Hello, I am new to this forum- is my first time posting so I'd like say hi to everyone. Im stuck with extending an outdoor socket, so I need help please. I currently have working duo ( socket and switch) outside my home. I want to extend it to a ne2 oitdoor socket few metres away I ha e...
  17. H

    Need help with diagnosing this problem

    Ok so i have no idea if this is a forum that helps with common electrical appliances so if it isn't please accept my apologies! Well my girlfriend has this paper shredder and I am at a lost. The switch has an off and a reverse and a foward position now when I switch to the reverse or foward the...
  18. I

    I could be wrong posting here but i need help

    Dear All, Newbie here, not sure if this forum is for those who specifically electricians only or if general people can join for help and advice, so im taking a shot here, if this is the wrong website then please let me know and ill just copy and paste it there or wherever is appropriate I...
  19. HVManiac

    Need help with identifying the type of connector on vintage Sears kettle

    Hello everyone, Guys I've an old Sears kettle that I still use. But recently I noticed that the power cord connector to the kettle is wiggly, but still works. Since, it looks like a removable connector I tried to pull it slightly but it doesn't seem to be removable. Anyone here has any idea...
  20. A

    Help! Am2 coming up and need help with the s plan

    Hi everyone, my am2 is fast approaching and i need help with understanding how s plan wiring works. I understand the different parts in the system and how its wired but i cant seem to figure out how the solar sustainable element fits into the system. Also can anyone let me know anything else i...
  21. V

    Need help identifying this starter motor

    Not sure what this fits, its an old thing possibly 1930s??. its a lucas and the number on the body is 270300, it has 10 teeth on the pinion. its a 12v. would appreciate any help given.
  22. J

    AM2 question, need help

    Right, so I'm in the middle of my AM2 and I need to wire FP200 from the DB to a carbon monoxide alarm via multi compartment dado trunking, I've looked in the spec and it doesn't say anything about whether the FP needs to be separated from the T&E powering lights & sockets, can anyone give me an...
  23. S

    Need help/advice, insure of what the problem is and think I’m being ripped off

    hi all, Today I had an electrician come around a rental property of mine and swap the faces of a few double sockets and light switches, he done this and everything was fine the sockets worked and light switches worked fine, as he was finishing up he was changing the lightbulb as he unscrewed...
  24. D

    new to this i need help asap

    Hi everyone i am David i need some help please ASAP i have replace a socket put everything keeps tripping has anyone got any ideas please
  25. M

    Domestic Need help with installing a DIY solar system

    Hi, I am planning to move to Hungary later this year & am looking into installing a 12v solar system for powering 12v lights in the outbuildings. I am a complete novice to solar power & have done lots of research but still a bit confused with some things. What I have planned is having a 100w...
  26. J

    bathroom halogen downlights - new to me need help

    The bathroom in my bungalow is fitted with ceiling down lights but my knowledge of these is far from good. There are three lamps in the ceiling but one lamp doesn’t last long and I don’t know why. Has each light got its own transformer or does one transformer provide all three? The lamp I have...
  27. A

    302 principles of electrical science written exam

    Need help with 302 principle of electrical science written exam 2hours
  28. JayKay70

    Need help wiring a Extractor Fan

    Hi all, Looking for some help wiring a extractor fan. At present i have a fan that is running of a 3 amp Isolator+Transformer and then going straight to the light fitting, i am looking to replace this fan with a more modern type one as the one i have right now is a eyesore and don't fancy...
  29. A

    i need help in electrical design L3 assimgnment

    I’ve recently started my level 3 course and I’m doing electrical system designs the one with the hotel extension and pool and café block but I stuck on all of question some guidance would be appreciated thanks
  30. M

    Need help wiring a Heatmiser RF Switch for heating and hot water control.

    Hi All, Im not an electrician, but i like to do things myself if possible, so i'm here to ask for some help in wiring a new RF switch for controlling my central heating. I already have a heatmiser system that controls my underfloor heating downstairs, but my upstairs rads and hot water are not...
  31. S

    Need help from a genius

    Hey thanks for checking this out, I'm not a spark but I am pretty competent in anything if someone shows me or tells me how to do it. I wasn't to hard wire 4x triangular kitchen under cabinet lights into somewhere and not sure where, My cooker hood, fridge, hob and dishwasher all have switches...
  32. Vayerr

    Domestic Need Help with Light Switch Change

    Hello, I need some help changing a straight forward light switch in a UK new build house. I have no experience or knowledge of electrics what so ever. I know there's live, neutral and earth/ground and that's it. With that said, please explain anything in most basic baby English so I can...
  33. K

    Need help finding work

    So I have city and guilds l3 in electrical installation as well as 17th edition and initial verification test and inspection all of which I achieved at college. However since I didn’t go down the apprenticeship path I’ve not had a lot of experience on the job apart from a few days helping out on...
  34. James bishop

    Spilt tea need help fast!

    Hi spilt tea on a single socket outlet with a plug in it. The fuse on the plug went off. Changed the fuse with the same amp rating. Tried it in one of the sockets in the room none of them are working. I dried the socket out abit with a towell but im assumig the liquids went further. What to do...
  35. S

    Need help pricing a job

    Hi all New to pricing and just wondered what the majority would charge then I got a ball park figure Doing a chip shop refit. Just the front. Not the kitchen 6x high level sockets for breakfast bar run in metal conduit and surface boxes 9m run 5x high level sockets for display TV screens...
  36. D

    Hello, not a DIY cowboy by any means but need help!

    Hi guys, by no means an electrian but do a bit of my own work which I then get signed off by a mate who is a full qualified electrian ( I also leave the complex stuff to him) anyhow wondering if one of you could help me! I’ve on to second fit of my garage which I’ve turned into a bit of a work...
  37. P

    Need help for achieving a fully qualified electrical qualification

    Good afternoon, My name is Patrik I am 26 and I live in London and I am an EU citizen. I have enquiries regarding qualifications that I would need to work as an electrician. I have been looking for employment as an electrician for the past 2 years and I have been struggling, I gathered that I...
  38. Moaz

    Level 3 Portfolio. Need help.

    Guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has gone through these questions?? There's about 90 underpinning questions. But here's the first page...
  39. Y

    Need Help with Breaker Sizing 3 phase

    Good day to all. Please correct me if im wrong and also want your professional inputs. I am servicing a pump motor rated at 415vac 3 phase 11kw power. The breaker is at 20amperes. The complain is everytime the motor automatically stop when the tank is full the breaker always trip during the...
  40. Pete999

    Wanted, good home, tool tart in need of help

    Hi Guys and Gals, being the tool afficianado that I am, I'm on the lookout for a Stanley Wooden handled ratched screw driver, the one I'm sure we all owned before the onset of torque, WIHA and WERA came along. They had a wooden handle it was a sort of dark red colour, if there are any about...
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