need help

  1. A

    I've burned two SONOFF already and I need help understanding why

    Hi everyone, after temporary removing a Sonoff that I've installed years ago to do some painting, I'm unable to get everything back to work. I've already burned two of them during my tries and I need help understanding why. On the wall I have two switches, one turns on the patio light, the...
  2. C

    Need help with red wires

    Hi, I am installing a new bathroom fan. We had an electrician who ran 14/3 into a junction box. The black feeds a led light and the red was left to feed this fan. The ceiling wiring all makes sense but when I opened the switch box the were the neutrals wire nut together, all the blacks wire...
  3. AngelLaHash

    I need Help : Cutting 152mm Hole in to Drywall

    im not sure where to post this.. and I need help [ I posted here because i guess Heating systems may need a hole this big , and this is the only only site i've had that has been positive reaction to a problem ] my Work (who dont dam help just get "JUST GET IT DONE" ) want me to drill a 152mm...
  4. Mr305worldwide

    Need help identifying parts on a DC motor

    Hi all I have a small DC motor that I pulled off from an ABS car module and need help identifying some parts in order to hopefully rebuild it. 1. Why does this motor have 3 carbon brushes instead two? 2. Why is there a large spring on the base? 3. Will replacing the carbon brushes with amazon...
  5. I

    I need help wiring up a Quinetic 2 gang receiver switch

    Hi All, I am looking to install a Quinetic double gang in line receiver switch (QURS2W) in my hallway on the ground floor to control the lights in the hallway on the ground as well as the first floor. On the first floor, I propose to pair up a 2 gang Quinetic switch. The wiring is all old and...
  6. S

    Need help finding the right fuses !

    Trying to get the daughter's old VW Beetle Cabriolet (2003 plate) back on the road and need to replace a couple of fuses. Problem is that all the modern day standard fuses appear to be different in terms of the blade shapes. The ones in the VW are shaped like "maxi" fuses and have no notches in...
  7. J

    Need help on 2016 Ram 1500 puddle light connection

    Need to replace the puddle and turn signal lights on the mirrors. The wir pin on the old light corroded and broke off inside the connector. Is the a way the get the broke off piece out or is the a place I could get replacement connectors? Thanks josh
  8. B

    Can anyone explain the situation pictured to me?

    Was going through and trying get my breaker box all sorted came across this situation. Never saw anything like this.
  9. J

    Mft1720 faulty need help

    I've recently bought a megger mft1720 second hand but when I have it to the ohms setting the reading continuously bounces up and down even with out leads in any suggestions on why this is happening. It needs calibtiation but I didnt think it would cause that to happen
  10. T

    need help with 2 ovens

    i am looking for some help with a decision i need to make. i am having a new kitchen installed but can decide between having 2 3.6kw 16amp ovens (integrated) or just 1 as not sure the 6mm cable will be able to support then both. Also would they be ok if both are on the same isolator think its...
  11. kxjays

    Need help finishing the wiring on my vanity mirror.

    I build a vanity mirror with 14 light bulb sockets that will have 5w led lights on it and need help with the electrical part. My light bulb sockets do not have a ground wire, but the dimmer/switch I bought does contain one. I have attached photos. I also am adding an outlet to the vanity mirror...
  12. JoshkVycommy

    Need help with weird electrical issues cant afford to put car in right now

    The symptoms its been having to start with was the fuel gage only working sometimes and when i play music from my phone when a loud song came on the volume would go down but the stereo would still be on the same volume and id have to turn the volume down and back up and within minutes it would...
  13. Regi Barking Mad Barker

    Need Help Separating Swiches & Receptical to work independently of each other

    As the title suggests, I need help in trying to make the switiches & receptical work independently of each other. Circuit and photos are attached. So, the fan switich wont work if the light switch is not on and neither will the GFCI receptical. But the receptical will work independently of the...
  14. HnyBear

    Battery Powered Led Strip Project - Need Help!

    I am trying to put some led light strips under the fenders of my fat tire E-bike. I’ve been looking at led light strips on Amazon, AliExpress and Alibaba for weeks. I’ve decided on, and please correct me if I’m wrong, SMD 5050 WS2812B 144 led per meter strips. I need 1 meter per fender. Many...
  15. Jakelayo8

    Need help with nvq?really struggling

    Hello guys currently doing my nvq with options skills and really struggling woundering if anyone has nvq copyed onto there computer and could send me it to have a look at, thanks
  16. saturdays

    Light switch issues need help

    Good morning, I was decorating yesterday and decided to remove switch cover to don't get it dirty. Unfortunately one of wires came loose or was loose already, because when I was unscrewing there it was sparking. Could someone please tell me where missing wire is from because I can't find it in...
  17. Jro_usa

    Need help with 3 way

    My buddy cut out an old transformer and timer that had been supplying outdoor lighting that no longer worked. This was also wired to the main. Unfortunately I think his garage lights were also spliced into it and now no longer work. They have a switch in the garage and by the front door. He...
  18. L

    Very sorry for posting here but need help

    I feel very very stupid but I started to hammer a small nail Into the wall and heard a clang when I hit with the hammer (not hard) I immediately aborted everything. However I am absolutely panicking I have hit something behind the wall and feel as though I could faint that I'm going to have a...
  19. P

    Need help to modify an electrical scheme for pumping recycled water

    Dear Forum, I recently joined this forum, and writing for the first time. I like DIY activities, both for hobbies both to fix and repair stuff in my house, but my knowledge into electrical field are very limited. Here the problem: I am doing a system for the recycle of rain water. Briefly, the...
  20. C

    I have a 1 HP Dayton motor model 5k673. It is being replaced with 31TR91. Need help with wiring.

    I have a 1 HP Dayton motor model 5k673. It is being replaced with 31TR91. Need help with wiring. I was able to confirm line (L1) abd (L2 230v) Connections, but I have 2 wires left and I am not sure where they go. This is a hangar door, and the wiring is attached to a 3 pole switch...


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