1. O

    Quinetic In-line Receivers stopped working - help please

    Hi - I recently installed 6 single gang Quinetic in-Line receiver switches (QURS1W) and paired them successfully with multiple Quinetic wireless switches - I have unpaired 2 of the switches and they are no longer working - the in-line switches themselves have stopped switching the circuit and I...
  2. HappyHippyDad

    Would this work - back feeding a quinetic receiver?

    I am installing some driveway lights. The customer wants to be able to switch them on from t he house, but also have a PIR at the driveway entrance. Getting a cable from the house would be extremely difficult so I would like to use a Quinetic switch. My plan was to do the following (see...
  3. E

    Replacing a Lutron system

    My son has moved into a house with an obsolete Lutron system. It has started to go wrong and I'm looking at replacing it with a wireless Quinetic system. Although I am very capable of doing this, I'm not a qualified electrician so my question is, if I did this work myself, is it legal in the...
  4. G

    UK Quinetic switch question.

    Hi everyone :) my first post here. Quick background I'm a newly qualified installer of somewhat advanced years whose just starting out in the trade. The reason I'm posting is because I've been having a puzzling issue with Quinetic light switches, I can't seem to get any sense from Quinetic...
  5. timhoward

    Quinetic Grid options / 25mm box?

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether any/all of the Quinetic grid switch modules fit in a 25mm back box? It "looks" just about ok. But if it definitely doesn't it would be nice to know!
  6. Y

    Accessories inside a distribution board.

    Is it against regs to place a Quinetic Wireless Switch controller directly inside a distribution board?
  7. I

    I need help wiring up a Quinetic 2 gang receiver switch

    Hi All, I am looking to install a Quinetic double gang in line receiver switch (QURS2W) in my hallway on the ground floor to control the lights in the hallway on the ground as well as the first floor. On the first floor, I propose to pair up a 2 gang Quinetic switch. The wiring is all old and...
  8. I

    Quinetic Switch Range

    Wondering if anyone who uses quinetic switches regularly knows whether there’s a receiver which boosts the range of them further than 25m (indoor)?
  9. timhoward

    Strange quinetic issue

    Well this is a first.... a fault with Quinetic gear. Lighting circuit running up to loft, a box with 3 Quinetic dual receivers, and then outgoing cables to all upstairs lights. When the main switch on the CU is turned on first thing in the morning, one particular switch/light doesn't work. But...
  10. timhoward

    Mixing Quinetic and Zigbee

    If I want to use some Quinetic switches in a home that already has some Zigbee automation and a Zigbee hub, does anyone see any issue with feeding the Live output from the Quinetic receiver into S2 on one of these...
  11. N

    Quinetic & flood lights

    Afternoon all I’ve just hooked up a couple of quinetic switches (one being the in line built-in receiver, QURS1W) to a (Vtac) 50w LED floodlight and part of the array remains dimly lit when it is switched off. Now it more than meets the minimum wattage (5w) so i’m assuming it’s a simple...
  12. W

    Soffit Lighting Recommendations and Question

    We are going to fit outdoor soffit lighting IP65 with top and bottom set controlled separately. Are there any light brands that are recommended and where would be the best place to purchase online? It’s a bit of a mine field with beam angle and wattage/brightness. Not sure which is the best...
  13. Rockingit

    What’s the ACTUAL range of Quinetic switches?

    Apologies if this has been covered before and I‘ve not found it, but what’s the REAL range of quinetic switches? I want to install some bog-off size LED floods around the perimeter of the garden/grounds and whilst I have power sources available for the units (with some work!) I‘ve no real...
  14. M

    LED Strip with quinetic switches

    Good morning all, Hope you’re weekend is good so far. Little question on some LED strip?? I’ve never worked with LED strip before so not really too sure on the ways it can be installed.. I’m re do our bathroom and building a little shelf within the wall and thought I’d see about putting an...
  15. M

    Fusing down for quinetic

    Evening all, Hope your doing well. After some opinions, friend of mine has recently moved into a new (for him) house and the porch lights kept tripping the RCD, checked it out and someone had added the porch light but had the N going back the the earth. I’ve said that I can fit a quinetic...
  16. mattg4321

    Quinetic Dimmer Receiver QUR301

    Anyone had much luck with these? I fitted 2x to the same circuit that had been working fine for weeks with the standard Quinetic switch QUR303. First one gave disco effect and wouldn't turn off. Button on receiver turned red led indicator on and off but no effect on output Second one never...
  17. A

    Quinetic switches breaking

    Hi, I had some Quinetic switches installed today. Most of them are fine, one of them is not. I have a light in each of my kitchen and dining room. My electrician replaced each of the one-gang switches with one-gang inline receiver switches (QURS1W). The dining room switch works fine. The...
  18. R

    Quinetic buzz noise

    Hi everyone! I'm new here but I am seeking professional advice on what to do. Installed wall lights in two rooms using Quinetic switches system on both. But there is a buzzing coming only from these 2 rooms. I assume it is from the quinetic receiver (installed in loft) or the lights itself. Is...
  19. S

    Quinetic receiver and LED strip

    Hey, I'm looking to add a quinetic switch to control a led strip for under kitchen cupboard lighting. The quinetic receiver is 6A so I'm wondering what transformer I'd need to feed the LED light strip? Many thanks in advance.
  20. N

    Quinetic switch problem questions

    Hello Please help me to understand more about the kinetic switch! i have 6 quinetic wifi wireless receiver for dimmer switch (1AMP)and 3- 2 gang switch(QU WS2W)DIMMABLE QUINETIC WIRELESS SWITCH i have some problem with the quinetic wifi wireless switch and receivers! 1.when i try to pair the...


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