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  1. M

    Four black wires in ceiling socket

    A rose in my 1970s kitchen ceiling became loose (one fixing screw had been inserted right on the edge of the hole in the ceiling) and when I removed it I was faced with a jumble of wires.The green & yellow one was attached to the earth terminal in the rose, four red wires were twisted together...
  2. W

    Identifying wires on three-way switch

    FYI --- This is a U.S. installation. I'm replacing a three way switch (the UK might more sensibly call it a two way switch??) with a Kasa Smart Switch. See the picture. I'm trying to identify the line (power) and two traveler wires, and this particular switch doesn't look what I've normally...
  3. D

    I need to move a double plug forward to allow for tiles but wires are too short

    Hi all , I know that you are allowed to do like for like in your own home Ie change a wall light etc. I have an issue with one double plug thats on a ring main. The wires are very short and after tiler tiled the wall I can not get plug back on as the wires are now too short. Ive been told to...
  4. F

    Black brown and grey wires

    Hi, I'm replacing a light fitting in the bathroom but the wiring is confusing me, black brown and grey? Is black neutral and brown live in this case? Thanks!
  5. Houseman

    Problem with wires - ac external unit

    Problems with wires - these wires power the air condition external unit. Last time I switched on it tripped my main ecb. Any suggestions on how to fix these wires - i don’t have electrical background.
  6. kulkarnipb

    What kinda wires are these ? [Pics provided]

    So, my new house is being constructed and I visited it and saw these wires/cables ( orange color, pics attached) . What are these ? What is the purpose ?
  7. K

    Can anyone tell me what these extra wires are?

    Hi. I've had an electrician come in to set up sockets and lights in my loft conversion. 2 switches for the main light (one at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top) 2 bed lights with their own built in switches and some plug sockets. The plug sockets are finished and working fine. I'm...
  8. N

    how to identify old cloth wrapped wires?

    I'm working in an old house and the electrical is old cloth insulated wires. at each light box the cloth was just breaking away exposing bare wire in a metal box. we put in a junction box in the attic. getting back in the casing cutting out the old dry sections of wire. the electrical had been...
  9. arifpatelprestondubai

    Arif Patel Preston Dubai | Which Type Of Wires Uses In AC's At Office?

    Hello Folks Myself Arif Patel Preston Dubai, I Wanted To Know Which Type Of Wires Uses In AC's At Offices? If You Know Please Reply Thank You!
  10. E

    Tool used to detect all wires gauge on a circuit?

    I have a breaker that keeps popping when we turn on the Christmas lights. I know the lights don’t have much draw however they are on the same circuit as a reef tank which does have a large draw from a 4000gph pump as well as other filters and pumps. I wanted to upgrade the 15 amp to a 20 amp. I...
  11. derekmay

    Smart thermostat wires

    Trying to install a smart thermostat, I have 4 wires red, yellow, blue and earth, And this smart meter wiring diagram baffles me. 1st photo old thermostat,
  12. J

    What is the problem with the wires?

    Just bought a house where the bathroom fan is not working. Thought it was the switch but realized the black and hot are not working…. Take a look at the pics as I was thrown off. The switch that does work (switch on the right) has two blacks going to it. The switch that doesn’t work has a...
  13. djkprojects

    Running Wires in a stud wall with insulation

    Hello guys, I‘ll be building an insulated stud wall in front of a single skin brick wall (garage on the other side). There will be 2 couple mains ring sockets and media services, LAN cable etc. as I want to hang a TV on this wall, all running from the ceiling. Will it be ok to clip the 2.5mm...
  14. Vortigern

    Suspending wires on ceiling?

    I am about to start wiring two flats from scratch. The builder board the ceiling and make it fireproof my first fix will be to this ceiling. Then they suspend another ceiling under that by 150mm with accoustic/thermal so my wires will be inside that. I am planning to use metal plastic coated...
  15. T

    Where do these wires come from and go?

    We bought a house and this conduit is outside my back door of my garage. It has 3 6g wires that have been cut and left in the conduit going into the ground. Any idea where the wires originate and go?
  16. Avokado

    Too many wires on ceiling rose?

    Hi all, I stupidly unplugged all the wires from my ceiling rose to install a light instead of plugging it into the available spaces on the block. Now I'm trying to put the wires back in but there is 1 wire extra! Please see the image included. Any help will be great, thanks!
  17. E

    Paralleling 8-gauge wires to a 220V Subpanel for Tankless Water Heater

    Hello, Question is regarding a recently purchased property in Central Texas, which includes a 27KW tankless electric water heater. It is four years old and working fine. What the prior owner installed is surely not code compliant, but the county does not require permitting for "renovations...
  18. H

    9DIY spa panel connection question

    I’m running a feeder from main panel into spa panel that I’ll mount on exterior wall of house , will run through basement ceiling. Im thinking to run Romex/NB wire from main panel until spa panel but when I exit from basement it will be too low to mount the spa panel and I will need to add small...
  19. W

    Outlet Wiring Mystery: 3 hot wires...?

    Hi y'all! I am positively stumped right now. Lemme explain. I am replacing old outlets at my in-laws. Their house, built in 1970, got flooded during the horrific TX winter spell. Painters sprayed over everything and drywallers seemed to have had mud to spare. I got all but one bedroom outlet...
  20. K

    New Floodlight not powering on with live wires and switch/breaker on

    I replace two floodlight cameras with smart floodlight cameras. After replacing the second one on day 2, the first one stopped working that was replaced on day 1 (worked right before I turned power off). I swapped with an new one and even with the old floodlight and still not working. The...
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