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  1. D

    Outside light visible wires

    Hi Guys, please can you give me some advice. We are having a rewire and the electrician has installed an outside light with the wire sticking out as shown in the image below. He said that there is no way to have the wire inside as it comes from the floor which is below the fitting. Is that...
  2. M

    DIY Help! Damaged Quick Connect 2 same color wires one side, Black & White the other

    A quick connect on the bottom of my farm tractor was snagged by a limb and one side of the connectors wires were pulled free from the housing. The good side with the wires still connected has a black wire (hot?) and a white wire (neutral?) but the 2 wires that were pulled free from the other end...
  3. C

    I was screwing a lightswitch back into the wall when suddenly a bang and the lights tripped, I assume I hit a live wire? Can anyone shed some light?

    I was screwing a lightswitch back into the wall when suddenly a bang and the lights tripped, I assume I hit a live wire? Can anyone shed some light on what happened?
  4. T

    Electric wires

    Hi I have removed an old water tank and am now left with lots of live wires which I no longer need which used to feed the pump etc. I can’t remove at source as the wires go under a laminate floor so is it ok to put the wires in a Wago terminal which is accessible under the floorboards?
  5. C

    Boarding attic, wires over joists, advice needed.

    Hi there I’m boarding my attic and the wires are going over the joists, I know I can chisel a grove in the chipboard board or take the wires out of light fixture. I was just wondering would it be a bad idea just to made a grove in the top of the joist with a round rasp just big enough for the...
  6. V

    Automotive wires found in kitchen?

    Hi everyone. I'm completely new to this form and barely a novice with electrical wiring. I bought my current house a year ago, it's about 60 yrs old originally but has had numerous extensions and remodels done in the past, some of which consisted of subpar work. I was working on refinishing the...
  7. D

    Fuses blow when I put phase and ground wires in contact even when light switch is turned off

    Hello to all, I stumbled upon a strange problem this morning. I wanted to change the light bulb socket in my bathroom, when I noticed that when the ground and phase wires come in contact,the fuse-box trips even though the light switch is turned off. So I took a pen voltage tester and tested all...
  8. L

    Electrical help

    You I have 3 wires coming to my electrical pannel i have 2 hots a uncoated silver wire n another wire. None of which r hooked up to pannel yet. I know the 2 hots go to main breaker n then the silver wire goes to ground but there is no common. White wire. Now i have the box wired to where the bar...
  9. C

    UK 2 wires at light switch?

    Hi, I've only got 2 cables to my light switch, no earth. Does this mean I cant have a metal face dimmer switch in replacement for the plastic one that's already on?
  10. W

    Connecting 2 neutral wires is tripping out

    Hi guys, I posted in here the other week and thought I'd figured out my mistake but now I've landed with another problem. I'm trying to replace 2 walls lights - like for like - the 2 lights are powered by a double switch in our living room. One switch controls 2 lights on one half of the room...
  11. C

    Under ground wires to shed

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to run electricity out to my shed to run a workshop (table saw, miter saw, dust collector, some lights and some other small power tools) . There used to be a hot tub that was gone before I bought the house thst has a 100 amp double post breaker (I think that's what its...
  12. S

    Exposed wires

    Hi all, a local electrician has installed a bulkhead light, the wires go in through holes in the fitting, there is no "gland" as we have on other fittings, just 2 small open holes through which the cables pass, I have queried this as being a way for insects and potentially moisture to enter the...
  13. I

    New and old wires in socket

    Hi, I have a question about the above wiring. We have taken the so ket and box out whilst painting, and will be replacing them with new ones. As you can see in the photo, there is 2 sets of wires, one with new style brown and blue wires and one with the old red and black. When I rewire the...
  14. A

    I have bought led truck rear lights, the brake/parking light have 4 wires blue,green, black and red

    The led parking/brake light have 4 wires, black for earth, red for parking, blue for brake and green for flash light. The two lights brake and flash wont work if red wire not connected, so you must switch on park light to get brake light or flash light. What would be the solution to make brake...
  15. B

    Clarity on wires and fuses for ovens

    I’m hoping someone can help. We recently had an extension built to house a working kitchen for my new business. The original sparky wasn’t available to fit the oven when we arrived, so we hired another, who said he couldn’t install it as the wrong wire and fuse were fitted. When the wiring &...
  16. D

    3 live wires to 1 live

    Hey there, new to this forum and hoping I post this in the correct spot. Ive been doing some new lighting hookups in the basement, and after I finally finish it all, I decided I want a new fancy lightswitch. Unfortuanly I cant do a smart setup because most require a neutral wire (house is a bit...
  17. A

    Changing light, too many wires!

    Hello, We just changed the lighting of our kitchen. It was a ceiling light with two rows of spotlight. The new lighting only has one row. When we removed the old one it looked like there was too many wires - two big cables with 3-4 wires each. There’s 2x red (L), 1x blue, 1x black, 1x yellow...
  18. M

    Trainee Stripping Wires With Side Cutters

    Hi guys Have some trouble here. So I'm doing terminations at work and using side cutters, usually on 1.5mm or 2.5mm. Seems to happen more with stranded. I'm squeezing the cutters a bit and turning the side cutters around the wire and often the insulation bags up against the side cutters and...
  19. S

    Should I change for a thicker wires?

    Hello, I have a generator that generates 14V/20A DC for two ends and I use both of them for operating olive harvesting machine. I have no Idea how much wattage or Amp each one needs because it came off the label , but I know that they both need 12Volts each. The issue : operating both on...
  20. A

    Can I use the existing 1/1/4” pvc pipe to fit 200amps rated wires,

    I am doing a 100 to 200amps (underground) service upgrade. Can I use the existing 11/4” pvc pipe to run the 200amps rated wires? What is the smallest size of wire I can use for the 200amps? Is (2) #2/0awg copper & (1) #6awg neutral copper ok?
  21. D

    UK How to attach ceiling light clear wires

    How do attach this ceiling light? The wires are all identical, clear, no colours, numbers or codes. Please see pic. Thanks
  22. F

    Does anyone know what wires these are

    So I was installing something and accidentally cut the alarm wire going to the door sensor. It was two braided wires. Please see pics below. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  23. Amit Saxena

    Sweden-How do I get these wires out to attach to my ceiling light

    Hello all! Probably a noob question, but really appreciate your help with this. I am trying to fit a ceiling light and need to get out the existing electrical fitting to be able to screw in the base plate of the ceiling light I bought. Below are the pictures of the existing electrical fitting...
  24. M

    Trying To Identify Wires

    Putting in a new garage sub panel, but none of the wires pulled to the garage were marked. There are three #8 wires, 2 hot and a neutral. The hots are on a 2 pole breaker. If I turn the breaker on and test for voltage, the neutral should not be hot. My question is, can I remove one of the...
  25. N

    How would you add more wires to an RV trailer for an electric water heater?

    So, this is my situation, and I'm just wondering what a real electrician would do. I don't have any money right now and can't call anyone, so I'm just living without hot water and using the RV campground's bath house. My propane water heater broke, and I didn't like using propane anyway, so I...
  26. C

    Removed alarm, confused by wires!!

    Hi all, I’ve removed the antiquated burglar alarm from the wall in my understates toilet. It’s on the circuit marked as ‘downstairs lights’. I had expected to be able to simply joint the corresponding wires that went in and out, but they’re not the same colours! Any advice on how I should...
  27. B

    All three neutral wires needed for a smart single gang light switch?

    Hi all, I'm wiring one of those smart switches which is a single gang and I have three live wires (x2 com) (x1 L1) and three neutral wires that are currently in a block. The original switch just use live (com and L1). I've wired up the new switch with the live wires but I am trying to attach...
  28. StevenA

    Domestic Lightswitch wiring from 4 wires to 2 wires?

    Hi I am trying to wire, what I thought was a simple, light switch. The problem is there are a lot of wires from the previous fitting going into a new one. Can someone help me to sort out wiring for the new switch. I have attached two images one for the old wiring and one for the new one.
  29. O

    Need some advice on safe wires?

    Can anyone tell me whether these wires are suitable for a non experienced individual to be near or exposed too if they have no knowledge. We were told by our landlord to access the thermostat shown but the wires surrounding it are live and need insulating (nothing about insulating wires was...
  30. A

    Domestic Unable to separate wires on ring circuit

    Hi folks, I'm in the process of adding some more sockets into my "Socket" ring circuit. My plan was to open up the existing socket, cut 1 twin and earth higher up and add a socket there, leave the other twin and earth where it is then do a small ring of 4 sockets, starting at the existing socket...
  31. S

    Clear chandelier wires

    We have got a chandelier but the wires are clear it has 2 clear wires and a earth wire but one of the wires has a S on it what colour does this go to on the ceiling rose thank you for reading
  32. J

    Melting wires on kitchen lights

    hi there Looking for advice. I have string lights in my kitchen and twice now, where the wires connect to the transformer they melt! I have the transformer connected to the mains which comes from the wall switch. Any idea why the wires are melting?
  33. M

    Domestic Gauge Speaker Wires: Clueless

    Hi Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong forum I had a look on the search tool but couldn’t find a definitive answer to my query. A relative of mine has 4 speakers inbuilt into their ceiling (see pic) and 6 gauge speaker wires (see pic) coming out of a wall panel. None of us know exactly how to...
  34. N

    Help with changing a light switch...no "plate" just wires coming out of the wall....

    Hi Everyone!! As you can probably tell by the question I am definitely no electrician :) I wanted to change my light switch as I broke the old one...I purchased a new light switch but it was flat whereas the old one was more of a box. I tried to attach the wires following a youtube video but...
  35. H

    Rear lights wires came out of block

    Hi all, I have a problem with the wiring regarding the back (drivers side) light. On taking the light cluster out to change a bulb the top of the white plastic box came off and some wires fell out. I know its a long shot, but does anyone know which position these wires should be put back? I...
  36. J

    Bathroom pull switch with three sets of wires conundrum - help required!

    Hello! I’m looking to solve a problem that’s been bugging me for a few days now (and a few fuses!). So the switch broke on my bathroom pull switch and I attempted to replace it which is when the trouble began - there're three sets of wires for a start… IMG-3777 - https://ibb.co/TKs4n1c So...
  37. M

    WiFi switch won't work. Two lights two wires. One switch

    Hey guys So I tried to change my light switch today to a WiFi on When I took the switch out there were two live wires. One brown and one blue with a brown casing on it I hooked up the wires as stated and that were similar to what the origin Al switch was set up to The power came on the...
  38. S

    What to do with two additional red wires when using newer light fitting?

    I am changing a light fitting and have excess wires. I’ve matched up the three core wires for the feeds I have but have two additional red wires left (pic included). What do I do with these? Just tape them off separately? Or should they be inserted somewhere? Thanks in advance for any help! (I...
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