1. A

    Can I use the existing 1/1/4” pvc pipe to fit 200amps rated wires,

    I am doing a 100 to 200amps (underground) service upgrade. Can I use the existing 11/4” pvc pipe to run the 200amps rated wires? What is the smallest size of wire I can use for the 200amps? Is (2) #2/0awg copper & (1) #6awg neutral copper ok?
  2. L

    I have wired my electric wall fire into the fcu next to it . I twised the stranded wires and secured them in the terminals .

    I've been told by a colleague I should be bending the wires over?
  3. J

    UK How to attach ceiling light clear wires

    How do attach this ceiling light? The wires are all identical, clear, no colours, numbers or codes. Please see pic. Thanks
  4. F

    Does anyone know what wires these are

    So I was installing something and accidentally cut the alarm wire going to the door sensor. It was two braided wires. Please see pics below. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Amit Saxena

    Sweden-How do I get these wires out to attach to my ceiling light

    Hello all! Probably a noob question, but really appreciate your help with this. I am trying to fit a ceiling light and need to get out the existing electrical fitting to be able to screw in the base plate of the ceiling light I bought. Below are the pictures of the existing electrical fitting...
  6. M

    Trying To Identify Wires

    Putting in a new garage sub panel, but none of the wires pulled to the garage were marked. There are three #8 wires, 2 hot and a neutral. The hots are on a 2 pole breaker. If I turn the breaker on and test for voltage, the neutral should not be hot. My question is, can I remove one of the...
  7. N

    How would you add more wires to an RV trailer for an electric water heater?

    So, this is my situation, and I'm just wondering what a real electrician would do. I don't have any money right now and can't call anyone, so I'm just living without hot water and using the RV campground's bath house. My propane water heater broke, and I didn't like using propane anyway, so I...
  8. C

    Removed alarm, confused by wires!!

    Hi all, I’ve removed the antiquated burglar alarm from the wall in my understates toilet. It’s on the circuit marked as ‘downstairs lights’. I had expected to be able to simply joint the corresponding wires that went in and out, but they’re not the same colours! Any advice on how I should...
  9. B

    All three neutral wires needed for a smart single gang light switch?

    Hi all, I'm wiring one of those smart switches which is a single gang and I have three live wires (x2 com) (x1 L1) and three neutral wires that are currently in a block. The original switch just use live (com and L1). I've wired up the new switch with the live wires but I am trying to attach...
  10. StevenA

    Domestic Lightswitch wiring from 4 wires to 2 wires?

    Hi I am trying to wire, what I thought was a simple, light switch. The problem is there are a lot of wires from the previous fitting going into a new one. Can someone help me to sort out wiring for the new switch. I have attached two images one for the old wiring and one for the new one.
  11. O

    Need some advice on safe wires?

    Can anyone tell me whether these wires are suitable for a non experienced individual to be near or exposed too if they have no knowledge. We were told by our landlord to access the thermostat shown but the wires surrounding it are live and need insulating (nothing about insulating wires was...
  12. A

    Domestic Unable to separate wires on ring circuit

    Hi folks, I'm in the process of adding some more sockets into my "Socket" ring circuit. My plan was to open up the existing socket, cut 1 twin and earth higher up and add a socket there, leave the other twin and earth where it is then do a small ring of 4 sockets, starting at the existing socket...
  13. S

    Clear chandelier wires

    We have got a chandelier but the wires are clear it has 2 clear wires and a earth wire but one of the wires has a S on it what colour does this go to on the ceiling rose thank you for reading
  14. J

    Melting wires on kitchen lights

    hi there Looking for advice. I have string lights in my kitchen and twice now, where the wires connect to the transformer they melt! I have the transformer connected to the mains which comes from the wall switch. Any idea why the wires are melting?
  15. M

    Domestic Gauge Speaker Wires: Clueless

    Hi Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong forum I had a look on the search tool but couldn’t find a definitive answer to my query. A relative of mine has 4 speakers inbuilt into their ceiling (see pic) and 6 gauge speaker wires (see pic) coming out of a wall panel. None of us know exactly how to...
  16. N

    Help with changing a light switch...no "plate" just wires coming out of the wall....

    Hi Everyone!! As you can probably tell by the question I am definitely no electrician :) I wanted to change my light switch as I broke the old one...I purchased a new light switch but it was flat whereas the old one was more of a box. I tried to attach the wires following a youtube video but...
  17. H

    Rear lights wires came out of block

    Hi all, I have a problem with the wiring regarding the back (drivers side) light. On taking the light cluster out to change a bulb the top of the white plastic box came off and some wires fell out. I know its a long shot, but does anyone know which position these wires should be put back? I...
  18. J

    Bathroom pull switch with three sets of wires conundrum - help required!

    Hello! I’m looking to solve a problem that’s been bugging me for a few days now (and a few fuses!). So the switch broke on my bathroom pull switch and I attempted to replace it which is when the trouble began - there're three sets of wires for a start… IMG-3777 - https://ibb.co/TKs4n1c So...
  19. M

    WiFi switch won't work. Two lights two wires. One switch

    Hey guys So I tried to change my light switch today to a WiFi on When I took the switch out there were two live wires. One brown and one blue with a brown casing on it I hooked up the wires as stated and that were similar to what the origin Al switch was set up to The power came on the...
  20. S

    What to do with two additional red wires when using newer light fitting?

    I am changing a light fitting and have excess wires. I’ve matched up the three core wires for the feeds I have but have two additional red wires left (pic included). What do I do with these? Just tape them off separately? Or should they be inserted somewhere? Thanks in advance for any help! (I...
  21. jonoaskew

    Domestic Air Vent Removal (Electrical wires removed or capped?)

    Hi folks, First post here and needing some help if that's ok? I'm looking to remove an electric air vent from our downstairs toilet. The previous owners stated they used to have a shower in there, but this was removed by them and we have no need for one. We are looking to renovate it though...
  22. S

    Are these wires neutral?

    I'm currently in the process of running neutral wires around my house to all the light switches so that i can install some of these new wifi smart switches to control all of my lighting. One of my light switches has a black and a blue wire connected together separately from the switch shown in...
  23. J

    Wiring for New Electric Hob - 4 wires

    Brought a new hob Russell Hobbs (RH60EH402B) because the old one was cracked. New one seems to have four wires, but the old one only had 3. I think I need to pull out the oven to get access to the box that the wires feed into. Do you think I will I be able to connect the new hobs wires easily...
  24. naylorpd

    Voltmeter on 3P CU - connecting very small wires

    I'm in Azerbaijan so UK regs don't apply but safety and common sense do. My house has a 3 phase supply to the main CU, which then feeds 6 other CUs around the house - one on each floor, one for aircon and one for garden. The incomer is 3P+N, no earth. I have two earth rods in the garden. We...
  25. E

    Advice on wires and switches

    Hi I've moved into a house recently the past owner is no longer alive to assist with my query. I have attached pics of a box of wires in one bedroom which is attached to the pic of switches and two grey boxes which also have switches on. On the white switches there is text which...
  26. M

    Advice on joining UFH wires

    Hi all, I'm attempting a repair on a comfort zone underfloor heating mat. The customer lifted a floor tile and in doing so cut through the cable. Fortunately there is enough slack to complete a join but I have one shot left at this having already tried with butt connectors and heat shrink...
  27. S

    Can I join the black wires? Need to improve some hacked French wiring to restore timer control

    So, I'm checking why the heating won't work in a little apartment in France. There are 4 wall-mounted electric heaters and there is a timer on the wall which should be controlling them all via a pilot wire. There is a note on the timer in badly scrawled French about the new heater meaning the...
  28. D

    New cooker dp switch, existing wires won't reach terminals..

    Evening all, Not a qualified spark so I thought it better to ask than make assumptions. Swapping all switches/sockets in our house to screwless ones, all going fine until I went to swap the cooker isolator switch. The old one has feed top, load bottom. The new one has load top, feed bottom. As...
  29. W

    confused by colour coded wires

    Hi all, originally posted this on new member but I am keen to get a response. I am trying to repair a tumble dryer. I ordered a part from ebay, the part being a sensor brush. The original sensor brush has a thin black wire and a white wire attached. The new sensor brush, although identical to...
  30. B

    5 Wires to go - Help required to remote fire up the boiler

    Hello all, I've found myself left with a small amount of wiring to do to complete an installation. It's a Heatmister UH8-RF unit being wired to a Drayton 2 way valve. The boiler engineer has done 95% of the wiring and has not gone sick long term. I'm left with only the remote 'fire the boiler...
  31. A

    Sonoff Alexa Motor Control Project Help

    Hi all, I have a TV lift which will go up and down using a remote. I want to add the Sonoff Mini switch so I can raise and lower the lift by commanding Alexa and google. This should be possible although I am a bit of a novice and it is unclear where this needs to be wired in In the photos you...
  32. D

    No Electrical current in one of my wires

    Hi, Please help, I have 3 LED small lights in 3 different locations in my house, running off a transformer, which then splits to 3 of the location. Recently one of the LED stopped working and then the second one, the third one still works, I changed the transformer to a new one no joy, then I...
  33. J

    Cabling / wires at new build property for TV

    I've just moved into a new build property that has a number of exposed / incomplete looking wires near the TV areas (one photo attached from the living room and one, with the single cable from the kitchen). The person I got the property on says they've deliberately left them like that as they're...
  34. D

    Domestic Triple Light Switch - So many wires???

    Hi, I decided to turn my triple switch in the middle of the wall to a double and single switch by moving them apart. A TV is to be wall mounted between them. When I opened the light switch there were more wires than I expected and I can't work out how to divide them so they work. I am tried to...
  35. Sparky_marky2

    Storage Heater with 4 wires

    My mum bought some storage heaters with in built thermostat and I noticed there were 4 wires, live, neutral, earth and a black cable. I've wired storage heaters before and they didn't have this 4th black cable. How is this 4th cable wired? She has Economy 10 in the house is it possible to wire...
  36. A

    HELP! Too many wires than I know what to deal with L!

    I went to attach my new metal light fitting with the obvious earth, neutral live attachments on it, upon taking the old one off I came across all these wires as seen in the picture, what the hell do I do with these!? Help please!
  37. Richard Sewell

    Ceiling rose wires and flush light

    Hi to all, am replacing an old ceiling light with a flush light and just want to check a few things re the wiring. Looking at L-R, am I correct here – earth (green), neutral (2 black wires), loop (3 red), switched live (single black)? Secondly, looking at the wiring diagram for the flush...
  38. J

    Wires buried in plaster vs oval conduit

    We have recently had some electrical work done in our house and the electrician simply clipped the cables to the wall which was later plastered. When I have done similar wiring myself (before the current regulations - I do have a degree in Electrical Engineering) I have always used oval PVC...
  39. E

    All the top floor lights have all gone out but the bottom floor lights and plug sockets are fine

    Hi everyone, Yesterday my sister switched on the bedroom light and all the lights o the top floor went out! there are six lights in total and none of them work at the moment. The lights on the bottom floor work and all the plug sockets on both floor's work fine too. I know next to nothing about...
  40. M

    Tricks for pulling wires

    Hello guys! I am a bit stuck with pulling wires through the wall. I am pulling new electrical cable to next room, cable are running behind ceiling plaster board, issue i am getting is that when i pull wire in the same route with other electrical wire, cable pulling rods hitting brick wall.What i...
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