1. L

    UK Exposed Live Wires Under Bedroom Floor?

    I was trying to fix a cold radiator when I came across some exposed cable and copper wire under the floor boards, a quick test with a voltage pen showed live. Not sure what kind of voltage they're putting out, wouldn't the RCD trip if they were dangerous? I covered the ends with electrical tape...
  2. V

    Which wires to use

    Hello. I have ordered two LED Strip lights from Amazon to replace two fluorescent fittings, one of which does not work. After recent electrical work being carried out i am left with wiring as shown in the attached images. My question is, which wires should i be using to connect the new fittings...
  3. S

    9 wires

    I have an outdoor light I am trying to hookup. There are two wires coming in with a white, black and ground. One is coming from the breaker and the other going on to the other outdoor lights I need to setup. My light also has a white, black and ground wire. How do I wire it?
  4. F

    Help identifying wires

    Hello, disclaimer: this is DIY and I am rather ignorant about electrical works. I just moved into a new rental apartment and i wanted to connect lamps on the ceiling. Most come out with just 2 wires and so it's easy even for me to connect a lightbulb connector. But in the living room there are...
  5. M

    Can you join 2 thin wires with a thicker one?

    Howdy, I was wiring in a couple LED lights for my trunk bar and diffuser but ran into a maybe problem. The trunk bars wire wasn't long enough for where I wanted it to go and what I purchased after turned out to be a larger gauge. Can I use a thicker wire as a link between 2 thinner ones?
  6. R

    Connect Led fixture 2 wires, to ceiling light with 4 wires.

    I have 2 lights connected to 1 switch. I installed a led light fixture on one light, it had one red wire and one black wires. It was easy to match the wires to the led light fixture. The 2nd light has 2 red and 2 black. Because the 2 lights are wired together. How do I put a led light fixture on...
  7. M

    Advice on existing Sub-Panel feeder wires terminating to breaker vs. hot lugs?

    I recently purchased a rural property in Arizona. The property receives power from APS, the local electric utility. Power arrives from the utility meter, terminating to a 200AMP Main Service Panel in a Quonset Hut (think large garage). Inside the main panel is a 60AMP breaker that feeds a...
  8. C

    Need help with red wires

    Hi, I am installing a new bathroom fan. We had an electrician who ran 14/3 into a junction box. The black feeds a led light and the red was left to feed this fan. The ceiling wiring all makes sense but when I opened the switch box the were the neutrals wire nut together, all the blacks wire...
  9. B

    What are the wires that go thru the outside box used for?

    I have 2 wires going thru outlet box outside and need to replace with a round 4". What are they for and can I cut them? The house previously had security wiring throughout. Thank you.
  10. M

    Four black wires in ceiling socket

    A rose in my 1970s kitchen ceiling became loose (one fixing screw had been inserted right on the edge of the hole in the ceiling) and when I removed it I was faced with a jumble of wires.The green & yellow one was attached to the earth terminal in the rose, four red wires were twisted together...
  11. fernsd

    Replace old ceiling light that has 3 wires

    Hi, I am trying to replace an old ceiling light with a new one. My current connection has 3 wires and not sure how I should be wiring this. Please can someone help
  12. W

    Identifying wires on three-way switch

    FYI --- This is a U.S. installation. I'm replacing a three way switch (the UK might more sensibly call it a two way switch??) with a Kasa Smart Switch. See the picture. I'm trying to identify the line (power) and two traveler wires, and this particular switch doesn't look what I've normally...
  13. D

    I need to move a double plug forward to allow for tiles but wires are too short

    Hi all , I know that you are allowed to do like for like in your own home Ie change a wall light etc. I have an issue with one double plug thats on a ring main. The wires are very short and after tiler tiled the wall I can not get plug back on as the wires are now too short. Ive been told to...
  14. tbaine01

    Diy Automatic Transfer Switch install, 194 and 23 wires

    All my life red is positive and black negative. I was under expression the 194 was 12v + and 23 was the ground to complete circuit. This switch is tagged 194 wire black and 23 red, Just like an apinion
  15. F

    Black brown and grey wires

    Hi, I'm replacing a light fitting in the bathroom but the wiring is confusing me, black brown and grey? Is black neutral and brown live in this case? Thanks!
  16. Houseman

    Problem with wires - ac external unit

    Problems with wires - these wires power the air condition external unit. Last time I switched on it tripped my main ecb. Any suggestions on how to fix these wires - i don’t have electrical background.
  17. R

    Wiring 50amp outlet, but only 3 wires run to the disconnect

    I have an existing but unused 50A disconnect on the side of the house. It had been connected to an AC unit that got replaced. It has just 3 wires run to it - hot, hot, and ground. I want to repurpose it for an RV hookup, using a Nema 14-50R receptacle. However, that receptacle requires a...
  18. kulkarnipb

    What kinda wires are these ? [Pics provided]

    So, my new house is being constructed and I visited it and saw these wires/cables ( orange color, pics attached) . What are these ? What is the purpose ?
  19. G

    fitting a PIR sensor (4 wires)

    I recently purchased a LAP PIR sensor https://www.NoLinkingToThis/p/lap-indoor-outdoor-white-pir-standalone-sensor-360-/9695v I presently have 4 wires where the old pull cord was (picture attached). Could someone please explain where the neutral wires are? The wiring is about 30 years old.
  20. K

    Can anyone tell me what these extra wires are?

    Hi. I've had an electrician come in to set up sockets and lights in my loft conversion. 2 switches for the main light (one at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top) 2 bed lights with their own built in switches and some plug sockets. The plug sockets are finished and working fine. I'm...


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