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  1. W

    Minor Works Cert - No CPC

    I've just installed a couple of additional 12v down lights and changed extractor fan in a bathroom. The lighting circuit is one with no CPC. How would you complete a MEW? Obviously tests are limited in this case, but where would you use LIM, X, - etc in the relevant boxes? thanks.
  2. Z

    Schedule of Items Inspected

    Hi all! Does anyone have a copy of the 'Schedule of Items Inspected' form please? Or know where i can get one.. my scanners gone bust so cant copy one but need to fill one in for tommorow! +thanks Zs-
  3. Guitarist

    So you think your electricity bill is high...

    Just been reading up (again) on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Uses about £70k in electricity per day at full power...
  4. Doomed

    How many lights?

    After a call out today I was wondering how many twin 5' flurescent fittings you all would fit on 1.0mm and a 6A MCB. I may explain more when I'm more awake and the kids are more asleep.
  5. O

    Working for free while at college...

    Hi all, after a bit of advice regarding work experience. I have been offered the chance to shadow a guy and his lads on some domestic and commercial stuff. What tools should I take if any? He didn't say much about what I would do other then working alongside his lads and learning from them. Not...
  6. H

    Troublesome Customer

    I have a customer who asked me to split labour and materials costs on quote which I did....I recieved a voicemail today saying she wants every single material itemised plus cost!!! Does she think I just sit round with all this free time? I've already done something I don't normally do because...
  7. O

    12v MR16 LED bulb question

    A (plumber) mate of mine, has changed a standard 12v downlight to a LED downlight - he tells me that the first bulb he tried flickers a few times before coming on and the 2nd bulb is worse. The original standard bulb is back in so the transformer is OK. The lamp is fitted into one of those...
  8. O

    Being lazy 2g to 1g convertor

    All, Being very lazy (long day after long day). Got a customer who wants 2 more 2 gang sockets and the first one "moved". The only way I think I can achieve their wishes would be to change an existing 2 gang socket (in the wall) to a FCU. I'd rather not take the back box out and fit a dual...

    harrogate elex...

    so...come on then...whoos going to the elex show in harrogate next week??:cheesy:
  10. VoltzElectrical

    Paul.M helped me

    cheeeeeeeeers Paul!
  11. A

    Can Anyone Help Please? G.E.T Triple Pole MCBs

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and (not yet at least) qualified however my work in Event Lighting means I have to know a fair amount of theory so one day I might find the time to get there! I have been asked to help with a small amateur venue back home who are currently improving their...
  12. W

    CU upgrade and other bits in a hair salon

    hey guys, my fiance is opening her own hair salon, now the CU is an old rewirable fuse type, so shes after a new one and also some lights changing etc n a new circuit pulled in for a sign light that shes having fitted. so im just wondering where i stand carrying out the work myself, how do i go...
  13. M

    Advice on Barn Wiring

    Hi all, I've been a long time lurker on these forums and have found it a great resource and pool of knowledge. Now I'm after a bit of advice myself on something that I don't have a lot of experience with. I've been asked to have a look at installing lighting and socket-outlets in a small barn...
  14. R

    Environment Friendly Charging

    Hello My name is Roger and I am representing Success Charging- a global leader in the field of recharging Electric Vehicles. With the kind permission of this forum author I would like to invite you to join our new Facebook page, dedicated to green Technology and the EV revolution. Our...
  15. S

    Ownership of the supply earth

    Does anyone know if there is a definitive answer on who can do what, who is expected to do what, with regards to the supply earth? I'm getting conflicting stories from two neighbouring suppliers on this, so I'm wondering if it comes down to their own policies, or they're interpreting a national...
  16. P

    No power to upstairs lights

    Hi, I've been to a job today where the upstairs lights are not working. The breaker is fine and there is power there but it's dead at all the switches and roses. I think a wire has probably come loose in a JB somewhere but I can't get access due to solid wood floor in loft conversion. Can I run...
  17. TaffyDuck

    Advice on Air to Air Heat Source System please

    I am thinking of fitting an Air to Air heat system into my house to offset the increasing cost of oil. The questions I have are that I am looking at fitting a 6kW system. Because of the layout of the house I am hoping to put the internal unit in the downstairs hall at the front of the house...
  18. steve50

    Electrical cert for motorhome

    Hi all dos a motor homeor caravan have to have a electrical cert for the 239v side thanks steve
  19. D

    Any suggestions for a shower

    Hi all, After a bit of advice, we're having a garage built with an annexe above, the plan is to have a small bathroom with a shower in it. The problem is the water pressure is rubbish so just putting a standard electric shower in would result in being attacked by warm drizzle and I guess that...
  20. S

    Oil rig electrician

    Anyone here any experiance as an oil rig electrician? Just been reading into it latly and looking for more information into what extra qualifications u need. Also be good to hear from your point of view?


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