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  1. H

    Domestic Electrician quote for materials

    Hello there, this is my first post, I am not an electrician but I wondered if anyone could help me out with a quote I have been given. The electrician was recommended by our builder and I just wondered if his quote was accurate. I've looked myself at the same materials and they are half the...
  2. S

    Temperature coefficient of materials

    So I’ve nearly completed my “City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations” I’ve started to study for the electrical science exam and come to a point in the level 2 book where I am stuck and struggling to understand this part. Can anyone help that isn’t going to judge me and...
  3. J

    Materials advice / help for external garden lighting

    Hello, I have 10 spike / LED spot lights to install in my garden and each comes with it's own flexi cable. I have purchased 100 metres of 3 core 1.5 armoured cable. I have been told I must purchase glands and waterproof connector boxes to join armoured cable to flexi cable for each light. I have...
  4. N

    When materials go faulty after install

    Here's a typical scenario. Not sure what I should be doing or what I'm doing wrong. Lets say your installing 10 battens with tubelights for a customer. You do the job and customer wants you to supply all parts including the battens and tubes. You go and buy the lights from your supplier...
  5. K

    Disposal of Electricians materials, tools & instruments

    Hope you don't mind me posting. My dad was an electrician (was NICEIC reg.) for just shy of 60 years but now has terminal cancer and would like to get rid of a 1/2 a garage full of materials, tools, instruments etc - mainly to save my mum having to deal with it in the future. While no doubt...
  6. R

    Vat on solar materials

    What is the vat rate when you purchase materials for solar. Is it 5% or 20%. I have been told that the rate to the customer for the job is 5%. Is this correct?? Obviously the vat is claimed back weather its 5 or 20 on materials. Any help would be great
  7. GL4Spark

    Calling all self employed! Wholesaler related

    Evening you lot Just wondering what the current idea is with different wholesalers- who's expensive, who's got the stock etc. Been subbing to a company for a while now who use CEF but their prices seem very steep... although I understand it depends how much you're buying from them? Also how...
  8. D

    Off the tools !!!

    HI Guys Im off the tools and in to design and management. I dont think my knees could take much more house bashing or my wife take another cut in the feed in tariff resulting in mad hours and destruction of loads of jobs. Im putting my old van stock on ebay just trying to shift it to people...
  9. Hawk

    Domestic Pricing

    The house in question has all carpets lifted so easy access for running cables. So here's what I've done and to do. Materials were £500. 1. 17 spotlights wired and fitted. 2. 10 additional points in kitchen (sockets, fused spurs, cooker switch) walls chased, conduit installed and wired. 3...
  10. E

    Quoting for jobs ?

    Hi folks please go easy on me ;) i've passed my elec courses, but i still lack quite a bit of knowledge. one question that is bothering me is not doing the job, but how to quote for a job. if anyone could give me some tips, etc. i'd be grateful. i guess a lot of it will come down to experience...
  11. L

    Public and Employee liability insurance and running a business from home. Help!

    Alright People, So I've been working for an installation company for the last 5 years and I've decided to go out on my own. I need some help setting up. I'm wondering who you guys use for your public and employee liability insurance, what extra cover you might have found appropriate and how...
  12. D Skelton

    Leaving jobs before completion

    As the title, anyone here got experience of leaving jobs part way through? I've a client we've been doing some major work for that is pi$$ing me right off. Making all sorts of unreasonable demands and is now saying that the work he's been really happy with up to now is a load of crap and has...
  13. B

    Positive pressure fan installation

    Evening everyone, I have just received a job through to install a positive pressure fan in a council owned tenanted property, I would be interested to see what sort of prices people are charging, only that the price I quoted was accepted but with the usual comments from the Q.S. "A little...
  14. happyhippydad

    What do you think of this quote for a builder 'aquaintance'

    Morning guys.. I recently did a job (partial rewire) with a builder, since then he has rang me and asked me to wire up his girlfriends small new extension. He is a decent chap and was very patient and helpful with my first partial rewire (he was the project manager). Because of this and also...
  15. D


    Hello, new to site. I am wondering what systems people use when pricing jobs! I mean particularly larger jobs such as an install for a three bed house new build first and second fix. I have previously worked out materials then gage how long it will take then giving me my price. Normally works...
  16. Hawk


    Wiring 4 flourecesnts lights that are already fitted and putting 2 switches on, to control 2 lights each and wiring into board. Materials supplied by me which include 30mtrs t&e cable, clips, 2 switched spurs and 4 2nd hand 5ft flourecsent fittings (as good as new) how much would you charge?
  17. S

    Domestic pricing

    hi, had an electrician do a quote and was just wondering what you guy's charge nowaday's, I will be buying the bit's so just labour, he will be cutting into the grey tail's then to fused switch, take tail's outside to an outside box, swa cable,25meters clipped to a wall to garage, consumer unit...
  18. J

    Pricing ?

    Hello, how much do yous all charge in a domestic property from changing a fitting to a full rewire ? i know prices change depending on the job I am just asking for a rough estimates as I feel as I am newly qualified when I do jobs for people my prices are all over the place. thanks
  19. B


    Hello sparks Whats best way of pricing for a job Per point. Per hour. Per day. Including 10%.
  20. K

    price quote for job

    Hello, recently qualified electrician. I’m doing a job for someone. They have a radial circuit which they want to convert to a ring. I need to run a wire from the last socket which is on the third floor back to the consumer unit. They person wants it done in conduit or trunking. I was wondering...